The boring stuff: This is a work of fiction involving unprotected sex between individuals of high school age and interracial sex. If your not of legal age to be reading material like this than leave now. In the real world disease is everywhere so if you are going to have sex please use a condom.

Copyright 2010 Daniel Rossi

Dope Boy Magic Part 7

I walked the streets keeping a good distance and a good eye out for Raymond who for the past thirty minutes followed behind me. Since getting out of jail Raymond had become a lose cannon doing what he wanted to however he wanted with no care for what might happen.

Raymond keep in step with me trying to play off following, but wanting me to know that he was paying attention to me. I had managed to escape him at ever turn and this night by the look that he gave he had in mind that he was finally no matter what going to get a taste of what he wanted most he just had to plan his move right.

"Sup bitch" a voice from the shadows called out which made me jump.

I looked over to see Justin rushing out from behind some bushes laughing at the scare that he had given me.

"What the fuck wrong with you?" I shouted shoving me backing causing him to stumble.

"Damn, calm down nigga. What the hell is you problem?" he shouted back at me.

"Raymond been following my ass for a bit and it's just getting to me." I answered looking back over my shoulder to see him standing against a fence.

"That's Raymond?" Justin asked turning around and taking a few steps backwards to get a better look at him.

"Damn that nigga is fine as hell and you don't wanna get in it."

Justin had opened up for a second showing a side that I had never seen. It was strange hearing him talking about guys looking fine and checking out dudes but I liked it and smiled as he continued to look Raymond up and down. Justin had only heard about Raymond from the streets and from what I had told him and by the looking in his eyes after his first almost face to face, I knew that no good was going to come out of this.

Ty and Justin started to walk and so did Raymond until he looked over toward the park and found something that would ease his growing dick and help him dust a nut.

Tim was the kid that got Raymond locked up and for a while, after he had been out Raymond looked around for the kid but he never found him. Tim was laying low and on this night, he was rushing to get home and away from the hood. The cut through the park was the easiest and fastest way to get their so looking around him and seeing nobody out he started walking through the field.

Raymond made his move cutting around the fence ducking low in the shadows moving fast to make it in front of the kid before he got away.

"Damn ain't seen you in a bit." Raymond said finally reaching Tim and grabbing him by the shoulders.

"Ray man what's been going with you." he said becoming afraid and knowing at the same time what was going to happen.

I looked at the kid think for a second weather I should play along with him for a moment or just go in for the kill. The time wasted behind bars, the loss of my status on the streets, and the knowledge that everyone now knew my secrets and thought they could play me boiled up in me and all because this kid could keep his shit on the low.

I rushed him, took him in my arms pulled him closer to the trees, and away from anyone that might give a shit about what was fixing to happen. He begged me to let him go but I didn't care I wanted him to know how I felt in any way possible and the only way I could think of was to slide my long thick dick up his tight hole.

"Two ways bitch you can take your shit off and take it like a man or I can rip your shit off and give it to you like the bitch you are?" I told him, as he looked down at the ground silent.

"Well bitch?" I yelled at him causing him to jump a little.

Tim started to take off his shit and jeans as I groped my hardening dick. I liked the feeling of being in control of this kid and I couldn't wait to get him naked. I looked at the naked boy standing in front of me and I wasn't in need of love of romance I just wanted to fuck his tight little ass hard.

"Bend over" I ordered him as he turned around and leaned over placing his hands on his knees for support.

I moved closer behind him aiming my raging hard dick at his hole and pressed him. He tighten up as I continued to force my inches into him.

"Stop making all that noise or else I'll fuck your little ass up." I said to him getting pissed off and driving my dick deep into his hole.

I placed my hands over his mouth to muffle his cries as I continued to slide in and out of his ass that not opened and accepted my full dick. I went faster moving in and out, taking my full length out and watching his whole close up to only have my rush back in. Time Relaxed and let me have him as I drove deep rocking my hips and pulling out.

"You like this want my dick...I'm a give it to you hard." I moaned as I fucked him hard and deep. He cried out and moaned back at me digging his fingers into the cool ground.

"Don't run nigga" I commanded as I turned him on his back and continued to fuck him.

I placed my arms under his legs and pulled them up grabbing his hands and holding him down as I increased my pace.

"O son...yeah nigga...yeah son...fuck nigga." I was close as my dick started to thicken and I shot load after load of my hot cum deep inside the kid.

I laid on top of him out of breath grinding the last remains of my seed into him. I stood and pulled up my jeans and fixed my clothes as Tim jacked his dick out to a force shooting his load up onto his bare chest and face. I smiled down at him happy about the job I had done and started to walk away leaving him lying on the ground.

"You my bitch remember that nigga." I called out to him heading back across the filed in hopes that Ty would still be around.

Author's Note: Sorry for the delay I've been in Israel with my mom and haven't had a lot of time to write. Thanks for all the comments and I hope you enjoy this as I enjoy all of you reading. Like always hit me up.