The boring stuff: This is a work of fiction involving unprotected sex between individuals of high school age and interracial sex. If your not of legal age to be reading material like this than leave now. In the real world disease is everywhere so if you are going to have sex please use a condom.

Copyright 2010 Daniel Rossi

Dope Boy Magic Part 8 the block party

It was the day of the big block party and I was up at dawn to get ready and make sure that I was on pint in every way. I was alone in the apartment as my mom was at work pulling a double and my dad was out of town seeing to his brother.

I walked around the empty house naked taking advantage of the freedom that I really never had, I had made my mine up that today was going to be about me and not about guys that wants me when the time is right for them.

"Shit" I said as the knocking at the door pissed me off and ruined the good mood that I was in.

"What the hell you..." I was cut off.

"Damn Ty you answer the door like that nigga?" Marcus from across the hall asked standing looking at me hard.

I could feel his eyes burn into me as I covered my semi hard dick with my hand and back into the room. Marcus walked in closing the door behind him and keeping his eyes on me as I turned exposing my bare ass and raced to my room to put of some shorts or something.

"What's up my nigga?" I said to Marcus as I walked into the living room.

"Nigga needs to barrow some gear from you for the block," he said to me biting his bottom lip.

"What you mean by gear?" I asked confused.

Marcus and I have lived across the hall from each other and have been in the same classes at school since we were kids. In that, whole time we have maybe said three words to each other so to have him come over and more than that to barrow shit from me had me wondering what his game was. I looked into his brown eyes and realized that he was fine as hell, which was something I never really noticed before. He has dark skin, I mean very dark and his hair is in long dreads that kissed his shoulders. With his full lips and hard amazing atheltic body, he was on point.

I'm not the type that will let people barrow stuff because one thing I have learned from living in the ghetto is that people who barrow your shit never return your shit, but something about Marcus was different or it could have been that I wanted to see what he looked like without all the baggy clothes on.

"Fallow" I said to him walking towards my room and catching his reflection in the mirror fallowing me.

He stood in my room leaning against the wall looking at me as I stood looking back at him. The silence was so powerful; the tension between us was as strong as we looked at each other.

"So what you got for me?" he asked making his words have more meaning that he could let go of at that moment.

I wanted to stop with the games so I decided to make some of my own. I walked over to him and pulled him closer to me walking around him sizing him up, I ran my hands under his shirt and pulled it up a little to exposing the soft smooth flesh and his nice six-pack abs. Marcus raised his arms and let me remove his shirt. I went to my closet and pulled out a few things laying them on the bed and walking back over to him.

"Nigga if you sport my gear them boxers gotta go. Females hate those things and they ride up looking all fuck and shit." I said to him trying to match the cloths that would make him look the best.

"That's cool you got me on that also." he replied.

This nigga wanted to ware my boxer briefs and that shit made my dick go on full hard. I just nodded and went back over to him grabbing the sides of his jeans and pulling them down with one good tug. Marcus stood in his boxers that hug low showing off his full bush and the top of his round ass. His dick was semi and tenting his boxers.

"All" I finally said after staring at him for what could have been forever.

I threw a pair of my boxer briefs at him and smiled as I watch his catch them and slowly lower his boxers and kick them to the sides.

He stood naked in front of me showing no shame and giving me a small that showed he was proud of the body that he had worked hard on. His dick was at its full hardness and stick out at what looked like a good nine inches I bit my lower lip as I tried hard not to want him or to grab him and shove my mouth onto that stick of his. I knew what he wanted more than a hook up on clothes and inside I wanted that same thing but I thought of Matt and even though I had not seen him in a minute I was confused about what we were to each other.

"So you gonna make me fine nigga?" he asked biting that lower lip again.

"Nigga you already that on your own." I let the words escape my mouth and I stood frozen waiting to see how he was going to react.

Marcus walked over to me and kissed me one time of the lips and once on my neck I returned by kissing his neck and moving down trying to make my way quick to his dick but not wanting to seem like a hungry slut for his manhood.

The feel of his body was pure hard warmth, the touch of his hands against me was electricity, and the smell that poured off him drove me to another lever of insanity. I pushed him back on the bed and sucked at his nipples before running my tongue down his chest.

"Hold up Ty." he said to me breaking me away from my work.

He placed his strong hands under me and pulled me to my feet along with him. I did not know what to do or if I had done, something wrong as I stood with my body pressed against his.

"Nigga I want you and I'm gonna have you but nigga you gotta go out with me first. I don't fuck before the first date." his words kinda made me smile and feel less like the whore that I was slowing turning into.

"Cool my nigga you say when and where and I'll make sure to be there."

I picked out some gear that made him look good and handed it to him as he put back on his stuff. We walked to the door and he kissed me again before leaving as I watched him walk across the hallway and back into his apartment.

"Nigga what the fuck you doing?" Justin's voice broke my trance.

I looked up at Justin not realizing that he was their and wondering how much he had seem.

"Nigga you planning on fucking the whole hood?" he asked pushing me out the way and walking in.

"Fuck you nigga" I shot back as he sat on the couch and turned on the TV.

I sat next to Justin closer than I should have but I felt a connection to him that seem to grow the more we hung out with each other.

"I'm get with your boy Raymond tonight," he said pissing me off a little.

"Nigga do what you want but be careful that nigga on a different trip."

"Whatever I just wanna see what everyone going crazy over, but nigga what the fuck up with you and Matt or should I say Marcus?"

Justin knew how to turn a good mood bad in a second and he did it very good at that moment.

"Nigga me and Matt on hold cause that nigga to busy smoking weed and not my dick and as for Marcus we cool he just wanted to barrow some shit. I answered Justin who just raised his eyebrow knowing that there was more to the story than I was telling.

It was still early and the sun was high in the sky and blazing as bright as I hoped we would be. The block was going on already with the music from the street breaking into the apartment and the laughter and good times replacing the filth that usually hang over the area. I was not planning on headed out until later so I just kicked back and sparked one as me and Justin sat, watched TV, and just chilled.