* * *

Okay, so here's what happened that one fateful afternoon that I decided I simply had to suck Doug's dick... Yeah, okay I admit it. I'm a fag. Now everyone in my school is probably going to know it too, just because I decided to suck Doug's dick. I knew I wanted to do it from the moment I first saw him, but it took me a long time to get up the courage. Doug had naturally dark skin as if he always had a tan, deep, dark brown eyes and jet black hair that he kept just less than shoulder length. He parted his hair in the middle and he had bangs that nearly covered his eyes.

Today wasn't the first time I saw it, although no one at the high school I went to ever worked up a sweat during gym class, so no one ever needed to take a shower. That wasn't necessarily a bad thing, because I know I would have gotten all boned up showering with a room full of guys, some of whom were even cute. All the gym classes I ever took were things like volley ball or golf. We took a field trip to a miniature golf course once but that's a completely different story. Anyway, back to seeing Doug naked for the first time...

It was a few months ago when we went to Andrea's party. She was in the grade ahead of us in our high school. She has this party every year, but this was the first time I went to it. I wasn't invited specifically, but neither was Doug. In fact, most of the people who were there hadn't been. It was just a free-for-all basically, but what high school keg party isn't?

Anyway, Doug lived right down the street from me, so we rode to the party together. He drove us in his car. I was okay with that, it was better riding with him is his little Honda Civic than driving my mother's land-yacht, which would have been my only other choice. It was definitely better riding with Doug for other reasons too. Like I said, I had a crush on Doug from the moment I first saw him and did everything I could to become friends with him. This wasn't hard to accomplish because Doug loved to smoke pot and I always had it.

Okay, I need to get to the point, don't I? Doug got really fucked up at Andrea's party. He was having a hard time walking by the time we decided to leave, so I helped him out to the car and basically poured him into the front passenger seat. I took his keys from him and started to drive us home. I wasn't really very good shifting gears, and even in his stupor Doug recognized this. He kept telling me when to shift.

When we got to Doug's house, I managed to get the car up the rather steep driveway and parked next to his father's car outside the garage without making too much noise. I was certainly thankful for that. I didn't want to have to explain to any of our parents why we were so fucked up. Yeah, okay I was drunk too. I just wasn't nearly as drunk as Doug and my adrenaline had kicked in, so I drove okay. I also saw an opportunity here.

When we got to Doug's house, I got him out of the car with some difficulty. I helped him over to the front door and propped him against the wall next to the door as I worked his key in the lock. A few moments later we were inside and I was half carrying him to his room. Amazingly, we got to the top of the stairs and down the hall to Doug's room without waking anyone up. Aside from his parents, there was an older sister and a younger brother to worry about.

When we got to his room, I closed the door behind us as quietly as I could. Doug was still hanging onto me; though now that we were in his room with the door shut it was with both his arms around my neck in an attempt to remain upright. I loved this. It was almost like Doug was hugging me, holding onto me like that. Yeah, I know better, but a guy can dream, can't he? After I closed the door, I held him with both arms for a moment too, pulling him into me so that our dicks were pressed up against each other through our jeans. Even with the two layers of denim between us, that was still enough to make me so hard I that could have cut diamonds with the tip of my dick.

I had to move him to the bed before he got suspicious though. Yeah, I had to get him to bed. I can't tell you all the lascivious thoughts that were going through my head with that phrase, but I had to put him to bed and then I had to get home myself. Damn, I really wanted to do so much more, but there was no way I could. I just knew better.

I maneuvered Doug around and sat him down on his bed. As soon as I did that, he lay back and passed out. Okay, I can do what I want, right? Damn! No, I can't. I didn't dare. I was just going to put him to bed and then get home myself.

There was just enough light coming in through the window from the streetlamp outside to allow me to see what I was doing. I untied the laces on his shoes and pulled them off his feet. Then I pulled off his socks. Now was time for truth or dare as it were... I had to dare to get him up enough to get the rest of his clothes off him, but in truth, could I manage it? I pushed his shirt up as far as I could. Damn, what a chest! He was naturally dark skinned and his nipples were almost the size of quarters. They were several shades darker than the olive color of the skin on his chest a very deep brown. There wasn't a hint of hair on his chest; there was just the tiniest of little `happy trails' on his stomach leading down into his jeans.

Doug was completely limp as I lifted his shoulders one at a time to get his t-shirt off. Once I was done, I dropped it on the floor next to his bed and stood for just a moment, admiring the sight before me. `Beautiful,' I thought. Now for his pants...

Doug hadn't offered any resistance thus far, and I was pretty sure by now he wouldn't even if I continued to strip him completely. I still went slowly; this was completely uncharted territory for me. In my neighborhood back in 1980 you just didn't have sexual feelings for another guy at least not openly. It simply wasn't done. With that in mind, I unbuckled his belt and pulled it through the loops on his jeans. He never stirred at all when I did that. `Cool. He's out, I can keep going,' I thought.

Now it was time for the boldest move yet... I undid the button on his jeans and slowly lowered the zipper. Wow. Here I was in the bedroom of the boy I had the biggest crush on, both of us sixteen years old, him passed out and me stripping his clothes off of him. What more could a guy want? I'll tell you that, it isn't a hard answer to come up with, I wanted to see him stark raving naked! Okay, I wanted a lot more than that too, but I would settle for just seeing him naked.

I decided to throw caution to the wind. `Fuck it,' I thought. I reached out and grabbed the waistband of both his jeans and his tighty-whitey underwear and started pulling them down. It was tough getting them off his butt, but somehow I managed and then, there he was, naked before me in all his glory!

His dick was soft, but hey, he was passed out, what do you expect? It looked perfect to me though. Doug had a tan line where the shorts he normally wore during the warm summer months would cover him, but his dick was a little darker than even the tanned portions of his body. It was cut, and flaccid was only probably about two inches long. There was a small bush of curly, jet black pubic hair above it, and it was draped over two of the most beautifully sculpted balls I have ever seen. They were perfect not a hair on them, each about the size of a walnut and hanging low between his legs.

I somehow managed to bring myself out of the trance I found myself in and finished pulling Doug's pants and underwear down his legs and off his feet. Now, there he was my dream-boy totally, completely naked on his bed in front of me. I can't tell you how much I wanted to take more advantage of this situation, but I knew I couldn't, so I lifted his legs up onto the bed, turning him as I did, and then pulled the covers up over him. `Will he wonder how he got home, or how he got undressed?' I thought as I slipped out of his house and made my way home.

Okay, that was the first time I ever saw Doug naked. The next time was an entirely different story. You think you're ready for this? I did. Little did I know what would eventually happen.

* * *

It was a few months later. I was at home and Doug came over to my house. He wanted to get high, and since I always had a stash of pot and was only half a block away, naturally he came to see me. Neither of my parents smoked, cigarettes or anything else, so doing it in the house was out of the question. There was a very large wooded area behind my house though, so that's where we went. I had been playing in these woods since I was a little kid, so I knew all the cool places you could go. I led him around through a couple trails and we soon found ourselves in a secluded little clearing.

This was so cool, I thought to myself, having Doug here alone with me in the woods, away from anyone else. Both of us were wearing cut-off blue jean shorts, t-shirts and tennis shoes. Both our shorts were cut pretty short, and since they were cut from old jeans were also pretty tight. Then I remembered... Doug is straight. That was okay though, I still had a very good view. He would have too, if he cared to look.

I rolled up a rather large joint of some particularly good red bud and we sat, cross-legged smoking it. We were both pretty high about halfway through it, and Doug put it out. I could tell that his inhibitions were way down, when suddenly he brought up the night of Andrea's party.

"How did I get home?" he asked.

"I drove you," I told him.

"I was pretty fucked, up wasn't I?" he asked.

"Yeah, you were," I told him. "I had to help you get up to your room."

"So, you put me to bed?"

I wasn't sure I liked where this was going, but I answered anyway, "Yeah, you're my bud, right? Of course I did. What did you want me to do, leave you on the front lawn or something?"

"No, but I was just wondering how I got undressed that night," he told me.

Now how was I going to deal with this? I figured what the hell... How can he remember? He was passed out. So I lied. "I helped a little; I got your shoes and socks off. While I was doing that you pulled off your shirt."

"You know, when I woke up the next morning, I was naked?" Doug said then.

`Shit... I think he knows,' I thought. I have to cover this up though as best I can. "You don't say?"

"Yeah, I was." Doug's hand was rubbing his crotch, and I was watching it. His shorts, as mine were cut short enough that I could see his balls bulging in the tight, white briefs beneath. When I looked back up at his face I saw that he had been watching me watching him. I felt my face flush. I knew I was beet-red.

"So did you like what you saw?" he asked.

"What? What do you mean?" I stammered.

"That night; did you like what you saw?" he asked.

I was floored. He knew everything I had done that night?

"You like what you're seeing now too, don't you?" he continued. I felt almost as if I was being interrogated.

But he had me. I was hard from sitting there with him, watching him rub himself through his shorts. As tight as my shorts were, there was absolutely no hiding it, and it was becoming more than a little uncomfortable. Well, he already knew I was hard, so I reached down into my shorts to adjust myself into a more comfortable position. His legs were so sexy to me too lean, but naturally muscular with just a scattering of hair on his calves. I could tell that he was hard too; God only knows what was going through his mind.

`Fuck it,' I thought. He's led me on this far. Maybe I can get away with this... So I reached my hand out and put in on Doug's leg. We were looking right at each other and I swear his expression didn't change a bit, nothing at all. Not even a blink. My inhibitions were way down from the pot, so I decided to go a little farther. I slid my hand up and down his thigh, rubbing gently. After only a few moments of this, Doug laid back in the soft pine straw that covered the little clearing we were in and spread his legs apart. I took this as a signal that I was welcome to go farther.

I reached up and popped open the button that held his shorts together at the waist, then opened his zipper. Once again he was wearing tight, white briefs. I already knew that though, because I could see the bottom part of them through the leg holes of his short cut-off shorts, you know, the part that was bulging just absolutely full of his balls. Doug lifted his butt up off the ground just a little and I figured he wanted me to strip his shorts off from him, so that's exactly what I did. That and those cute little white briefs in one pull.

So, there we were in the clearing, me still completely clothed in my tennis shoes, t-shirt, shorts and briefs, and Doug wearing only his tennis shoes and a t-shirt. His dick wasn't soft this time though. It wasn't quite totally hard yet either, but it was getting there. I lit the joint back up and took a deep, long hit before passing it over to Doug.

He took an equally deep hit from what remained of the joint and passed it back to me. There wasn't much left, so I tamped it out and looked back to Doug. He was so damn cute. I slid my hands underneath his shirt and pushed it up. Doug sat up and raised his arms to allow me to pull it up and off, over his head. So now here he was, naked except for his tennis shoes and I still had all my clothes on. I felt like I ought to remedy that situation, so I pulled my shirt up over my head and dropped it on the ground next to me.

I got up and started to open my pants, but Doug stopped me. "Dude, I really don't want to see another guy's dick. You can cop a feel if you want or even blow me; just keep your pants on, okay?"

If I want to I can cop a feel, or blow him? Damn right I wanted to. I was going to suck that dick for all it was worth. I had never done anything at all with a guy before, and I was a little nervous about sucking him off, but I knew that this was something I really wanted to do and he had given me permission to go ahead. I wasn't going to be able to keep my straining dick inside my pants though the shorts I was wearing were just way too tight, so I told him "Don't look then. I'm way too hard to keep these on, and if you really want a blow job, they're coming off."

Doug just dropped his head back into the pine straw that covered the little clearing where we'd gone to get high, and about a half a second later I had kicked off my shoes, dropped my shorts and underwear and stepped out of them. When I pulled my pants down, my dick caught a little in the elastic of my underwear and slapped hard back up against my stomach. The noise it made caused Doug to look up at me and he said, "Damn dude, you really are horned up about doing this aren't you?"

He was right, I was. I didn't answer him though. I just dropped to my knees between his outstretched legs and cupped his balls in my hand. He flinched just a little as I made contact with his nuts, but it must have felt good to him, because a moment later he was pressing himself into me, obviously wanting more contact from my hand. I was only too happy to oblige. I took his dick in my other hand and started stroking him slowly while I massaged those beautiful balls. He propped up on his elbows watching me work on him, and occasionally he would tip his head back and moan a little. I guess he was enjoying what I was doing to him.

Doug was starting to leak pre-cum, and I knew it was now or never, so I leaned in, pulling his ever-so-hard dick back away from his body as I did and took him into my mouth. I had no idea what it would feel like to put another guy's dick in my mouth, but the moment it slid between my lips, I knew I loved it. The feeling of that warm, slightly salty skin sliding into my mouth, and the almost sweet taste of his pre-cum was intoxicating. I knew right away that I was going to have to get more of this.

Hard, Doug's dick was about the same size as mine, just a little less than six inches. I was almost able to take the entire length of it into my mouth before I started to hit my gag reflex, and as I did this, the pubes that were growing above his dick tickled my nose just slightly. I sucked on him, moving up and down the shaft, pausing regularly to lick around the mushroom shaped head. It was about three minutes before the first of Doug's semen shot into my mouth.

He didn't think to warn me that it was coming, and I really don't know what I would have done if he had. Since I didn't have a choice at that point though, at least as I saw it, I swallowed. And I kept swallowing the entire time he continued to release his spunk into my mouth.

When he was done, Doug got up, pulled his shorts and shirt back on and started back through the woods toward his home, leaving me laying there naked. He also left his underwear.

I still have them.