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"How now, spirit! Wither wander you?"

The stage was softlit hazy blue across a gossamer darkened forest. It was a midsummer's night and faeries roamed. The house hushed with upturned faces that caught the dusky light across three hundred faces. The two actors, the Fairy and Puck himself, moved lithely against the set, clad in soft fabrics that molded to their forms. As he prepared to speak, Puck stood forward on the orchestra pit, and leaned into the audience. His face was bright with vivid eye makeup and an expression of contained laughter, sharing his jokes with those in attendance. Slender and graceful, his face first delicate and dreamy, then sharply sensual as he called out his lines to the audience in what seemed only an intimate tone. He had their attention; the spell was complete. The boy was beautiful.

" I am that merry wanderer of the night,

I jest to Oberon,and make him smile,

When I a fat and bean-fed horse beguile,

Neighing in likeness of a filly foal,

And sometime lurk I in a gossip's bowl,

In very likeness a roasted crab,

And when she drinks, against her lips I bob,

And on her wither'd dewlap pour the ale.

The wisest aunt, telling the saddest tale,

Sometime for three-foot stoll mistaketh me;

Then slip I from her bum, down topples she,

And `tailor' cries, and falls into a cough,

And then the whole quire hold their hips and loff,

And waxen in their mirth, and neeze, and swear

A merrier hour was never wasted there---

But room, fairy! Here comes Oberon."

Dress rehearsal was always a bitch, thought Angel. Ms. Robi said that a lousy dress rehearsal was a sure sign of a perfect opening, though, and he believed her. He'd seen it often enough. It really didn't make it any easier to get through the mishaps, like when his guywire slipped as he sailed, or was supposed to sail, across the staged forest. Or when his costume split open as he knelt before the front row. Good thing he'd worn something under his tights, it could have been embarrassing. Angel frowned into the mirrors against two walls of the Green Room and rubbed cold cream into his face, smearing the pancake and rouge. The show needed to be perfect. The first show of the year always sets the tone and this one promised to be incredible. A Midsummer's Night Dream! The sets were dramatic, dreamy and all that he could wish for. He'd put in enough time on them himself to know. Perfect sets and the lighting crew really outdid themselves, even though tonight they missed his spot four times and he had to improvise to stay in the light. Still, that's what theatre was, improvising when things went wrong, playing with the company as things happened and not all of them scripted.

He was secretly elated when Ms. Robi, the drama coach, cast him as the wild sprite Puck. He was only a sophomore but had been one of her pets since eighth grade. Which isn't to say he wasn't good; he was one of the best and would make a wonderful Puck. It just caused a little grousing among the seniors when an underclassman was cast in such a stellar role. Still, who would be a more perfect Puck than Angel? He was built for the part and had energy to spare for all the gymnastics the role required. Most of the other drama kids liked him, some quite a lot; he was more popular than most sophomores. He was hardworking and driven to excel, which didn't go unnoticed. Angel had a good role in every play they'd produced since he'd arrived.

Outside the drama building, though, it was another story. Everyone knew who he was but not always because of his acting roles. He wore makeup to school, sometimes quite a lot, and walked the halls alone to class, ignoring all comments. That he was gay was understood. Since it was true, he never denied it. He usually said, when asked, that he'd been `out' since he was two. Now and then, jerks would shove him in the halls, push books out of his hands or make remarks that he pretended to ignore. More often, his haughty demeanor kept people at a distance. It was easier that way. Outside the drama building, he was just marking time until he could get back, taking required classes and ignoring them as much as he was able.

Being gay wasn't something he spent a lot of time thinking about, it just was. That people didn't like it was obvious but, for a drama kid, it was almost expected. The straight kids in theatre had to defend their sexuality, if they cared to, against the assumption that all drama students were fags. After all, who but a fag would want to wear makeup and dress up? Morons, thought Angel to himself as he wiped the last of the pancake from his face. He took most of his classes in the theatre building, a half-day with Ms. Robi and John, who taught Tech and Theatrical Dance. He knew he was lucky to be at a school that took drama seriously and offered so many classes. Ms. Robi, as her students called her, short for Mrs. Madeline Robinson, had fought and managed to win the funds to build an entire new theatre in a building devoted to Performing Arts. The principal often bragged to visitors that it looked better than most community colleges and he wasn't wrong. It was awesome, Angel often thought. It just sucked that he had to take regular classes, too.

The other kids crowded around the mirrors in the Green Room, wiping off makeup and brushing out hairspray while laughing and talking. The energy was palpable; the rehearsal had been long and tiring but had charged them all up until they seemed to give off sparks in their excitement. All of them had worked hard on the sets, costumes, lighting and sound as well as learning their lines and blocking. Ms. Robi kept them up late in rehearsal most nights as the opening got closer and John had them choreographed to perfection. The whole show was surreal, a dreamy Dream that seduced the audience and only let them wake when the houselights were raised at the end. They were all so proud and happy. The response of the audience tonight, mostly parents and friends of the theatre crews, showed them that tomorrow night would be worth it. Ms. Robi had done it again. They all had.

Jaye pulled off his costume, bedsheets that draped his muscled body, and sat down hard in a chair next to Angel. His blonde hair was slicked back with hairspray and his face was caked with makeup. Jaye was medium height and built like a swimmer with a slender waist and broad shoulders; right now he smelled of sweat and backstage, always a subtly sensual combination for drama kids. Watching him, Angel felt his groin tighten. He and Jaye had spent many afternoons with each others' dicks in their mouths both at their homes and, much more quietly, in the boys' dressing rooms and backstage. Jaye was hot but had never seemed like boyfriend material to Angel. Somehow no one ever did.

"You were wonderful, Angel! I got chills watching you tonight and I've seen every damn rehearsal. It's so much different with the lights down and no stopping to be yelled at by Ms. Robi.", he breathed with a tired smile, "Hand me the cold cream?"

Angel handed him the jar and watched while he worked the stuff into his smooth skin. Jenny snapped her fingers twice in front of his face with a laugh. She knew what he was thinking, she'd caught them playing together more than once. One of the many fun things about theatre kids was the easy sexuality and friendship they all shared. Building D, the Performing Arts building, was an oasis of happy insanity for most of them, a place to just be themselves without real grownup supervision. Ms. Robi and John didn't count, as they never cared what the kids got up to as long as they knew their lines and hit their marks. Most of the kids fooled around when they could with sex or skipping non-drama classes or just snuggling up with friends. It was part of being in the drama club and it rocked.

Across the room, Doug sat brushing out his girlfriend Camille's hair. She was tiny, ninety pounds soaking wet, and was a real ballerina. She danced in professional productions every summer and was trim, elegant. Doug and Camille had been inseparable since the beginning of ninth grade and were usually to be found in close contact. Doug was gorgeous, almost Errol Flynn-dashing, he sometimes came to school in costumes that he put together: the Black Shadow, a Gangster, a Cowboy. He had dimples, dark hair and was always smiling. Camille tended towards acerbic humor that always seemed surprising coming from her delicate face. Most of the guys would have loved to have fun with Doug but he was completely Camille's. Their beautiful two-some was a popular one in the drama club. Not everyone was gay or bisexual despite what the general student body thought.

Angel leaned back in his chair to pull off his slippers. Time to get cleaned up. He picked up his slippers and went into the boys' dressing room to shower, closely followed by Jaye. Their Green Room opened into the theatre shop, a huge space full of saws and other tech machines with a huge loading bay to one side, and two dressing rooms off to either side, all of which was open against the theatre backstage itself. The heavy, black velvet curtains that backed the stage could be seen as Jaye and Angel walked left into their dressing rooms.

Girls in white robes, fairy costumes and full makeup clustered around the other dressing area. Boys were already inside on the left as Angel entered. He dropped his slippers and backpack under the counter and stripped off his tights, pulling out a towel from his pack. Bobby was leaning close to the counter mirror with tweezers, examining his perfect features with a frown. Bobby always managed to find fault with what he saw in the mirror despite having the most perfect face and body in Drama. His hair was a soft brown that formed gentle curls around his angular features with deep brown eyes that were now focused on his errant reflection.

"Angel, does this look like a zit or a bite?" he asked. Angel sighed. He shrugged out of his Puck tunic and carefully pushed a red-ribboned safety pin through the tear from rehearsal, alerting the costume crew of the need to repair.

"Bobby, you're gorgeous, get over it, honey. Damn, you spend more time looking in the mirror than I do. Have you showered yet?" Bobby nodded absently.

Angel went into the showers with his towel and turned on one of the open stalls' showerheads. He held his hand under to feel as the temperature rose to a comfortable degree. His naked body chilled in the air as he waited, goosebumps rising across his olive skin. He was slender and lightly muscled from previous summers spent skateboarding. His dark hair was a shiny black and soft to the touch, a little long for a boy, but then no one expected Angel to conform to stereotypes. He had a skaterpunk theatrical look that tended to catch the eye of both males and females. The water finally felt warm enough and he stepped under, dropping his towel on one of the hooks. He picked up the bar of soap from the tray and began to lather up his smooth chest with his eyes closed. The warm water felt good, relaxing. Angel sighed.

"Angel Eyes...", came the whisper as he soaped himself slowly. He smiled. When he opened his eyes, he saw Jaye standing there nude, towel in hand, with a devilish grin on his face.

"God, you look good right now, Angel.", Jaye whispered, looking back towards the mirrored counter where Bobby, Carston and Joey sat and stood in various states of undress.

No one was looking towards the showers. Jaye raised his eyebrows at Angel in a question. Angel smiled again and stepped back under the spray, making room. Jaye gave a Cheshire Cat grin and moved under the water, beside the other boy, then reached for the soap. He soaped Angel gently, moving hands across his chest, then stomach and slowly downwards. Angel watched him intently; their faces close together, while standing very still for his ministrations. Angel closed his eyes again, long lashes stroking against his cheeks. Jaye stopped just short of Angel's erection and reached around to soap his back, sliding downwards in the slippery, soapy water with his strong fingers. Angel leaned into him slightly but said nothing, eyes shut.

Jaye's hands stroked his buttocks, cupping each cheek firmly, soap slickened fingers sliding between them. Angel sighed softly and then started as he felt wet warmth that wasn't the steamy water. He opened his eyes and Jaye's face wasn't in front of his anymore. He looked down to see Jaye on his knees, mouth engulfing him. Angel groaned almost inaudibly. Jaye looked up, his mouth half covering Angel, and winked slyly. He pushed into Angel, taking most of him into his mouth. He ran his tongue up and down the shaft while he held it there, stroking against the soft underside and sucking gently. Angel leaned harder into his face, placing one hand on the back of Jaye's head, fingers through the blonde boy's thick hair.

Jaye began sliding up and down with his mouth, tongue sliding against it as he moved. His knees were apart and between Angel's feet on the tiles, his bare bottom resting on his heels as water cascaded around them both. The soft murmur of voices from the dressing area was an undertone that kept them quiet and nearly motionless. Jaye's hands stroked Angel's buttocks, moving up and down and between the two firm cheeks. He slid one finger against the tender center, causing them both to moan softly. He pushed gently against it as he took more of Angel down his throat, sucking harder as he did.

Both boys were breathing hard but as silently as they could. Jaye's finger pushed against the soft hole, insisting, and, as Angel groaned, pushed inside just as he felt the soft hairs against his nose and lips. Jaye stroked his finger in and out of that smooth hole, knuckle deep, Angel deep in his mouth. Jaye slid his free hand down to grasp himself .

Jaye moved his hand along his own organ, moving in rhythm as he sucked, the finger of his other hand sliding soapily in and out of that tight opening. He could vividly recall the last time they had played in the shower. It was at Angel's house, in his bedroom shower stall. He had bent Angel over and stuck his tongue deep in that same warm crevice. The memory was tactile and intense, causing his stroking to quicken as he suckled harder, moving up and down the length of Angel with his mouth, finger probing deeper. Angel moaned louder and pushed into Jaye, pressing the back of his head onto him. The feelings were overwhelming him; his legs were shaking slightly as he rocked back and forth.

Jaye's movements doubled in speed and intensity as he groaned into Angel, causing a vibration that finally sent Angel over the edge. With Jaye's finger shoving suddenly deeper, he groaned louder, mouth open now, eyes still closed against the spray of the shower and the overwhelming sensation in his groin. He felt himself tense and then release in Jaye's throat as he grasped the boy's hair, pulling his head closer, wanting more somehow even as he exploded.

He felt himself contract again, his knees almost giving way in the sudden, second release. He reached out with his other hand to steady himself against the smooth tiles. Jaye's mouth stayed tight around him as he finished, swallowing repeatedly. Angel leaned into the tile wall, opening his eyes to look down at Jaye stroking himself faster as he started to spurt between the standing boy's legs, mouth still on Angel and eyes closed tight.

Finally, it was over and Jaye fell away from the other boy somewhat, hands against the floor tiles for support. He opened his eyes and looked up at Angel. Jaye smiled and ran his tongue across his lips seductively, almost sleepily. Angel smirked and reached for the soap. Jaye grinned, shook his head and stood. They shared the soap, passing it back and forth between them, smiling when their hands touched, then rinsing off one at a time under the now cooling water.

Angel stepped out of the shower stall and reached for his towel. Rubbing his slim body dry, he moved towards the counter where his backpack held his street clothes. He pulled on shorts, faded jeans, socks and a Hedwig tee shirt, then sat down to slip on his sneakers and tie them. Jaye was dressing at another chair, his blonde hair still wet. Joey and Carston had finished and left the dressing area but Bobby was still intent on his reflection, looking for nonexistent flaws.

Angel ran his hands down Bobby's sides in a light tickle, causing the boy to flinch and look up, then reached for his backpack, hoisting it over his right shoulder. He petted Bobby across the neck and left the dressing room, walking into the Green Room, hair still damp, skin glowing from sex and hot water and happiness.

This was going to be a stellar year in the Drama Club.


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