Dream Comes True

We all dream of what could be, what we want to be. But what do we do when our dreams start becoming reality?


A. Richard Hunter

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Romance and love amidst a compelling murder mystery in a picturesque seaside community. (Caution: subject matter involves graphic violence integral to the mystery and may not be to everyone’s taste).

Love blossoms when a sexy young male model is stranded, in his underwear, at a lonely man’s cabin, and relationships are uncertain when more than one love comes knocking.

A man finds lust and romance with an exotic dancer at his favorite gay club

Finally, love is found with a younger man, after so much uncertainty

A beautiful friendship grows as love and lust make heads spin

Don’t kid yourself....adolescent boys know exactly what they’re doing. And they play the game better than their adult friends.

Chapter One

I was really worked up tonight. School had been so much torture today that I could hardly stand it. Everything today had conspired to keep me hard as a rock from the moment I arrived at school this morning.

It was always like this to some extent just from being around my best friend, Trent, but it was so much more today. I was driving to school and there was Trent and his two younger brothers walking along, headed for school. Picture a sixteen year old adonis, with a nice summer tan, golden blonde hair, blue eyes, and wearing tight pants that show off the curves and dimples of his perfectly sculpted ass with a tight, athletic runner’s physique, and that’s my friend Trent. But add to that a fifteen year old, just as cute as Trent, the same perfect ass, blonde hair, and summer tan, and then a fourteen year old with all of the same characteristics, and you’ve got the making of a serious problem in your shorts.

Of course, I gave them a ride to school. I had actually been trying to time my journey to school to coincide with when Trent - and now his brothers - would be walking along, just for the privilege of feasting my eyes on them to start my day, for the past three years. Trent was very masculine without being macho, but he was so gorgeous I couldn’t ever give up hope. His brother Lee, the fifteen year old, was also very boyish but I sensed a certain something in his attitude that made me wonder if he harbored the same secret desires as me. Then, of course, there was Pauley, the fourteen year old, that seemed as open and free as anyone I had ever met and wasn’t afraid or embarrassed to say anything that popped into his head or to act or do whatever he wanted. How wonderful it must be to be like him.

Had that been all that happened, it would have been a wonderful day. But the torture was taken up a notch when a really cute guy in my World History class started getting really friendly with me. We’d been sitting across from each other for five months and would speak but he always seemed to be more interested in talking to the girls on the other side of him. Today, he was ignoring the girls and completely focused on talking to me. And when I saw him trying to secretly scratch at an itch on his balls, my own dick came to full alert.

In last period, one of the cutest Asian boys I had ever seen got real chatty with me and was laughing so hard he practically fell over, and I caught him in my arms. He was a small guy, not more than five feet five inches tall, with that creamy skin color, those so sexy almond eyes and black hair. And, when I caught him, I discovered he was really thin under his baggy clothes but very solid. I figured he had a tremendous six pack on him.

This would have been more than enough to have me horned up, especially in addition to all the other cute guys in my classes throughout the day that I just stared at and lusted after, while surreptitiously sneaking quick peeks at butts and crotches and trying to discern bulges. But as I emerged from last period, Trent was waiting for me.

“I’m running a two-mile cross country today, in about twenty minutes, across the street in the fields. Can you come and watch. I need someone to cheer for me when I cross the finish line.” He paused a moment, looking sheepish. “And, I’m going to be tired so I could really use a ride home afterwards?” He gave me his standard puppy-dog pleading look that I couldn’t resist. Actually, I was ecstatic to be asked.

“Sure. I’d love to.”

“Okay. I’ve got to run to the gym lockers to get into my track suit. I’ll see you across the street in a few.” Trent ran off toward the gym complex and I gradually made my way to my locker to unload my books and then meander across the street to the field where a starting line had been set up. It wasn’t a competition, really, just the members of our own school’s team working out and competing against each other for the coach’s praise and eventual selection for choice events later in the year.

I stood around the starting line, surprised that there were so few people coming out to observe all these boys in their little shorts that were split at the sides all the way up to the waistband. When team members started showing up, my eyes were so busy flashing from one boy to the next that I was almost dizzy. They all were very tanned from the time spent out of doors, all very slim and trim, solid runners legs with upside down heart-shaped calf muscles and corded thighs, small waists and spectacular chests. But they all paled when Trent showed up and whipped off his T-shirt, standing there smiling and waving at me wearing nothing but those little shorts, white socks and running shoes. If not for the nervousness that swept over me, I’m sure my dick would have ripped out of my denims.

It was boring standing around after all the guys took off, because it was dead time waiting for them to return. I’m sure it seemed much longer than it was, after all how long does it take boys to run a mile out and a mile back when you’re in such terrific shape as they were. But soon enough they were back and I whole heartedly cheered and clapped as loudly as possible when Trent came along the path, third out of about eighteen boys. He bent over, resting and propping his hands on his knees, catching his breath. Facing away from me, bent over as he was, the shorts were pulled tight across that dreamy butt and I could see the white lower strap of his athletic supporter appearing just below the edge of his shorts. Oh, how I wished it could be me that was supporting all that he had.

Finally, after talking with his coach and getting a drink of water, Trent came over to me. “Thanks for the cheering. You drowned out everyone else. Even the coach remarked that I seemed to have a cheering section.” He took a few exhausted breaths. “No sense in you standing around here. Come on over to the locker room and get out of this heat. I’ve got to shower and change and then we can get out of here.”

There’s no question where my mind immediately went or the elation I felt as Trent’s word went through my mind. But I quickly realized that Trent was being considerate in taking me along to get out of the heat. That didn’t mean he was going to take me to his locker where I would see him strip down. Hope springs eternal, naturally, but I was preparing myself to be disappointed.

As we entered the locker room, my eyes were drawn in a dozen different directions at once. There were naked boys all around me, some completely so, others with towels around their waists, while still more were in some stage of either dressing or undressing. I was conscious of the fact that I was acting somewhat obvious and tried to reign in my horns and not be gaping at the many naked runners, and in trying to focus on controlling myself, I blindly followed Trent until we had arrived at his locker.

Now I was feeling uncomfortable. We were at Trent’s locker. How was I going to justify standing here while he stripped for the showers. More importantly, how was I ever going to be able to control myself and not stare at his naked body. I knew I should walk away. Go somewhere else to wait for him and I was struggling with this impulse. Risk exposing my secret or abandon the first chance - and maybe the last - of ever seeing Trent naked. In three years of trying and looking for opportunities, I had failed in all attempts.

Trent and I had ditched school several times and gone out to the rivers or the lakes for the day. We had no swim suits and I had planned that we would skinny dip and I would see Trent in the nude. He chose to swim in his denims the first couple of times and then became braver and swam in his briefs or boxers. In all cases, I had failed in my ploy to get him naked and gaze upon his beautiful body.

I had invited Trent to spend the night a couple of different times and he had chosen to sleep in his clothes. Somehow, he must have suspected that I wanted to try checking him out while he was sleeping. When we went camping, he always zipped his sleeping bag up around his neck. It had quite simply been three years of frustration and failure. But now, my time had finally come.

Trent had removed his shoes and socks, his T-shirt having been stripped off before the race and never put back on, so all that was left were the tiny runners shorts and that elastic supporter that was in the enviable position of cupping his genitals. He seemed to be hesitating, rummaging in his locker as though trying to delay the inevitable. I turned my back to him for a moment so as not to be so patently obvious, and when I turned back around he had already stripped off his shorts and supporter and was halfway along the aisle toward the showers. I had no opportunity to see the family jewels but I did gasp and go weak in the knees at the site of his creamy white ass, two perfect and solid mounds of flesh divided by a deep chasm, undulating, rising and falling, as he walked away from me.

I sat down weakly on the concrete base on which the row of lockers was mounted and discreetly looked around, taking in all the sights as Trent moved behind the half wall at the center of the room in which the showers were running. I reveled in the experience of being here. I saw two of the cute boys that I salivated over in my classes and occasionally dreamed about at night, imagining a situation in which we were naked together, and became overly excited at seeing their naked bodies. I never really believed that I would ever see either of them without their clothes on because I didn’t even know them other than by name because they were in one of my classes. Yet, here they were. Here I was. And they were naked and their flaccid cocks dangled over their balls and looked even better than I had imagined.

My attention was suddenly drawn to my left as my peripheral vision caught movement along the aisle toward me. Trent had finished his shower and was approaching, a towel held around his waist. I looked at him quickly then looked away. Nothing really to see with the towel in the way and I didn’t want to be caught staring.

We both chatted somewhat nervously as he quickly pulled on his briefs under the towel before loosening it at his waist and casting it aside to finish dressing. I had a few too brief opportunities to look at the very nice bulge at the front of the snowy white cotton covering and silently sighed with the knowledge of another missed opportunity.

Thus it was, that tonight I was extremely horny and desperately needed some relief but hadn’t had a moment’s peace since I got home or the chance to get off by myself. I hated just going into the bathroom and sitting on the toilet. It was such a cold act that allowed no quarter for my imagination to kick in. I much preferred jerking off laying on my bed where I could relax, close my eyes, let the day’s events course through my mind and imagine Trent dropping his towel in front of me and wagging his eyes at me in invitation. That would guarantee a very enjoyable and productive release and probably cool my jets for an hour.

Finally, in desperation, as the hour grew later and I knew it would soon be bedtime and my brother and I would both retire to the bedroom we shared, I made the sacrifice and went into the bathroom and administered a quick, barely satisfying release to my terribly overheated body.

I slept soundly that night, having one of the most realistic dreams I had ever had in my entire sixteen years of life. Trent and I were at a party - whose party I had no idea - and we were both just slightly drunk. Nothing major, just enough to be silly and a little unsteady on our feet. As we left the party and were walking home, a van pulled up beside us and someone offered us a ride. Trent, being the bolder of the two of us, accepted and we climbed in the side and settled on the open floor space, leaning against the inside ‘walls’ of the van. We had only driven for what seemed like a few blocks when the van stopped. When I looked out the window, I could see that we were in what looked like the inside of a garage. Then the doors were pulled open and the guy that had given us the ride told us to get out. He was holding something in his hand that I took as threatening but had no idea what it was.

Trent and I climbed out of the van and followed the guy into his house and into a spacious room with a soft vinyl mat covering the floor.

“You boys are going to put on a little show for me. If you do a good job, no one gets hurt and everyone goes home happy.”

Ever the bold one, Trent spoke up first. “What do you mean a show? What if we don’t want to?”

“Well,” the guy replied, “the sooner you do the show for me, the sooner you get out of here. If you give me trouble, you’ll suffer for it.” He motioned to a bull whip on the wall and a lot of other things around the room that I had no idea what they were for, but they were intimidating looking.

“Whadda ya want?” I had finally found my voice, and it squeaked.

“This here’s a wrestling mat. You’re going to wrestle for me.” The guy nudged the vinyl mat with the toe of a silver tipped boot.

“That’s it. You just want us to wrestle for you?” Trent was clearly okay with this, being an athlete and all. There was no question who would win. Even though I was five inches taller than his five feet ten inches and about twenty five pounds heavier, I was no athlete by any stretch of the imagination.

“Yep. That’s it. Just wrestle.” He paused ominously. “Oh, yes. I want you to wrestle while you’re both naked.” He gave us a lecherous smile that also seemed very threatening. I could tell that even Trent felt a little intimidated this time and was clearly very nervous. We had no way of knowing if the man would actually let us go even if we did everything he said.

“Look, kids. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t intend to hurt you. You’re both cute guys and I just want you to get naked and entertain me for maybe an hour. After that, I’ll drop you off back where I picked you up and you can go on home. No harm, no foul. You have my word on that.”

For some reason, that made me feel more at ease. Or maybe it was just the idea that I was not only going to finally see Trent naked, but I was going to be naked with him and we were going to be wrestling - rubbing our bodies all over one another. That might be worth anything that the guy would do to us - or not.

Trying to be brave, I started unbuttoning my shirt. I glanced nervously at Trent and he had looked over at me. Seeing that I was starting to undress, he began to follow suit. I was already naked and waiting as Trent began sliding his briefs down. I was watching with rapt attention and great anticipation but my attention was diverted by someone calling my name. Suddenly the room faded from my sight and was replaced by my brother’s face looking down on me.

“It’s about time you woke up. You’re going to be late for school. Mom’s been calling for almost an hour!”

I stumbled out of bed, still groggy and the remnants of my dream still pounding in my head but gradually fading away as I hopped into the shower. The dream had seemed so real it was almost as if Trent and I had really been there. I felt a genuine disappointment that the dream had ended before I could see Trent naked. Just one more to add to the growing list of failed opportunities. I tried to put it out of my mind as I rushed to get ready and get out the door before I was really late.

“What happened to you. We had to walk all the way to school this morning?” Trent was trying to sound annoyed but the smile gave him away. We were sitting in the school cafeteria eating lunch, our group of friends gathered around us.

“I overslept. Had the weirdest dream last night and I guess it dragged me really deep. My little brother said he tried for fifteen minutes to wake me up.”

“What was the dream about?”

Panic. What could I say? No way could I tell him that I was dreaming about nude wrestling with him. “Not really too clear on it. It sort of all started fading away after I woke up. But I seem to remember this woman with a bullwhip telling me to get naked.”

Trent gave me a big smile and let out a loud wolf-whistle. “I was starting to think you had no sex drive at all and here you’re dreaming about kinky sex with an older woman. You’re my hero!”

I’m sure I blushed a deep crimson, in part because of the praise from Trent but also because I was lying through my teeth. “Yea, well.....don’t get too worked up. It was just a dream. That kind of thing would never happen in a million years. Especially not to me.”

“Never say never, dude. I’ll bet you had to do some extra time in the shower this morning.” He grinned lasciviously at me as he circled his thumb and forefinger and made a discreet stroking motion with his hand.

“TRENT!” I was completely embarrassed. Trent and I had never talked anywhere near a sex subject before and neither of us had ever admitted or even mentioned jerking off. That just wasn’t done. But seeing him making a motion like that with his hand was getting me all bothered and I could feel the sudden tightness in my pants as the available space became less available and entirely too cramped.

Trent just laughed and then got serious. “You know, Melissa Brandt is having a party tomorrow night at her house. Word is that her parents are out of town. You wanna go?”

This was the first time Trent had ever asked me to go along with him to anything. He was a few months older than me and it seemed he usually hung around with his older brother’s friends. I had many times felt that I was just a friend of convenience, one that he knew was always available for him if no one else was around. But I always hated myself for thinking so negatively of him. So this invitation, coming out of the blue, shocked and excited me.

“Who all’s gonna be there?”

“I dunno. Melissa just mentioned it to me in my Geography class as we were leaving to come to lunch. Haven’t even had a chance to mention it to anyone else yet. But she made it sound like it would be a lot of fun. Whadda ya say?”

So, I guess I was the first person Trent had asked. How could I say no? “Okay. What time?”

She says to come at around 7pm but it has to be over by eleven at the latest because her neighbors will call the police if it goes too late. I’m thinking we go for an hour, maybe two at most, just to see what’s happening. If it’s lame, we’ll bail as soon as we can without seeming rude. But if she’s got a keg we might hang for awhile at least. But I really don’t want to stay until eleven. Is that okay?”

I nodded. That was absolutely okay with me. I didn’t care a bit about the party. My only motivation for going was to spend time with Trent.

Chapter Two

There were only a few people at Melissa Brandt’s house when Trent and I arrived. We didn’t know anyone who was there, except for Melissa, although I recognized a few of the faces from around school and even from one of my classes.

We made our way through the house and out to the back yard where a boy was manning the keg and filling plastic cups with Coors. Trent and I both grabbed a cup and stood quietly as the boy pressed the lever and filled each of our cups with about eight ounces of beer. Neither the taste nor the smell of beer had ever appealed to me, and I suspected that Trent felt the same judging from his expression when he sipped at the amber colored liquid, but he bravely smacked his lips and made like it was manna from heaven.

We wandered around the yard, mostly just to keep moving and hoping to recognize someone we knew well enough to talk to. It seemed the party was starting off pretty slow and not a lot of people had arrived yet, even though it was getting on to eight o’clock. I had already had three beers and was feeling a bit woozy, while Trent had partaken of at least six by my best count, and was acting very happy.

By a quarter past eight, with the crowd still very small and no one that either of us knew having shown up, Trent suggested we head home. Being the responsible one, I figured we should walk rather than drive since I was definitely not completely sober. Having lost a good friend to an accident because he had been drinking, I was very sensitive to the subject of driving drunk. So we started toward Trent’s house, since it was both closest and his parents were out until after midnight which would give us time to sober up.

Trent was definitely unsteady on his feet and had to lean on me a few times as we walked along, to keep from toppling over. I loved having Trent lean on me, being able to circle my arm around his back with my hand pressing against his chest in an effort to keep him upright. It was like paradise being so close and touching him.

A man pulled alongside us in a panel van, rolling down the window on the passenger side, and called us each by name. He identified himself as Jamie’s father and asked us if we needed a ride, indicating it looked like we had been partying and wouldn’t want the police to come along and see us staggering home. I couldn’t really see him since he was on the other side of the van and it was dark inside and I didn’t really know who Jamie was - but figured it might be because my mind was a bit disabled at the moment - but he seemed friendly enough and knew our names so I figured we must know him. I looked at Trent and he nodded his head while still keeping that crazy grin plastered across his cute face. So we climbed in.

It wasn’t until we stopped several minutes later, inside a garage, that I began feeling a sense of deja vu and a growing feeling of panic. The man ushered us into the house, into a large room. Even though it was brighter now, the lights were still quite dim and it appeared the man was wearing some manner of disguise such that I had no idea who he was. Trent was still smiling but looking as though he was terribly confused about where we were and why we were here.

“Okay boys. Take your clothes off!” His voice was strong and mean sounding.

“WHAT?!” Trent was suddenly realizing that something was amiss.

“You boys are going to entertain me for a little while before I let you go home. Now get your clothes off. If you’re not naked within two minutes, I’m going to punish you.”

Remembering pieces of my dream, I quickly began unbuttoning and removing my shirt. Trent just stood dumbfounded, almost dazed, not knowing what to do. “C’mon Trent. Get undressed before he gets mad.” I nodded my head toward the large rectangular paddle that had appeared in his hand.

I continued undressing, finally taking a deep breath to steady my nerves before pushing my briefs over my hips and allowing them to fall around my ankles. I knew that my dick was lifting a little and it frightened me that Trent might think I was enjoying this, but just the thought, the anticipation of seeing Trent in the nude was having a profound effect on me.

Trent was still working on his shirt buttons, his fingers not as nimble as they normally were, and time was running out. I quickly reached over and started unbuttoning his shirt and breathed in the scent of him as I pulled his shirt off and tossed it aside. Then I unbuckled his belt, popped the snap at the fly and lowered his zipper and pulled his denims down over his thighs. I wasn’t certain but it looked like Trent was filling a bit in the crotch, as well.

Holding my breath to prevent myself from gasping with joy or shouting ‘hallelujah’ I hooked my fingers in the waistband of Trent’s briefs and began pushing them down over his hips. As his smooth belly appeared more and more, I could feel my dick beginning to rise but there was no time to worry about it now. We were down to about fifteen seconds time left. Then Trent’s sandy colored pubic hair began to appear, finally revealing a nice, neat little patch of curly hair perfectly centered above the base of his dick, just below the edge of his tan line which wrapped all the way around, low on his hips.

I was not breathing now and my heart was racing, leaving me feeling somewhat light headed from lack of oxygen. I pushed the briefs lower, and gradually more and more of the tubular shaft of Trent’s dick came into view, finally passing over the plump, pink, circumcised head and giving me, for the first time, a look at my friend’s naked body. Although nowhere near as embarrassing as my own condition, with my dick now pointing at Trent and pretty much parallel to the floor, as the briefs passed beyond his arrow-tipped glans, Trent’s dick jumped from the release from the confining briefs to point at my knees, probably about a quarter of the way to being hard.

Trent had to sit on the floor so I could pull off his shoes, socks and then pull his denims and briefs off his feet. In sitting down, his semi-hard dick flopped backward giving me a perfectly clear view of his smooth balls. I was surprised, since my balls had some degree of black hair growth and a kind of pebble-grained texture. Trent’s balls were not only completely hairless, they also seemed to be lacking the rough skin texture that I was familiar with from examining my own genitals so frequently.

When we were both finally naked, we sat side by side, almost huddled together. Were it not for the fear of what was going to happen to us, I would have relished the moments sitting naked with Trent, my arm around his shoulders, my eyes scanning over his nudity and trying to take mental snapshots of his smooth balls and hardening cock.

“Okay, boys. Here’s what you’re going to do. Mainly, anything and everything I tell you to do and immediately when I tell you. Disobey, and this paddle is going to make mincemeat of your naked asses. Do what I tell you and you’ll get a reward when this is all over.”

We looked at each other and then at the man. Trent and I were both going soft again from the sense of fear. The punishment was not really what we were worried about. We were both thinking about the man killing us when it was all over, although I suspected that wasn’t too likely or he wouldn’t have bothered with the disguise.

“We’ll start out over on that sofa. Sit next to each other and put your arms around one another. Then I want you to start kissing and make me believe that you like it and like each other. None of this fake stuff. Kiss with some real passion.”

“On the lips?” Trent seemed a bit shocked. For myself, this wasn’t a problem. I would not be faking any passion.

“Of course on the lips!” the man roared.

We moved to the sofa and sat down slowly, our naked hips touching. I twisted my upper body toward Trent and reached out, wrapping my arms around my friend and pulling him to me. Trent reciprocated by wrapping his own arms around my waist. Our faces moved toward each other and I could see the hesitancy and panic in Trent’s eyes and felt bad that something I was so looking forward to and would enjoy so much, was causing such trepidation for him.

When our lips touched, it was electric - for me at least. I had kept my eyes open so I could enjoy every millisecond of this experience, while Trent’s eyes were tightly closed to block out the image of my face and, I assumed, allow him to pretend he was kissing some girl that he liked. I pressed against Trent, our lips mashing between us, and enjoyed the soft fullness of his lips and the experience of kissing him. It was something I had never anticipated or even dreamed of because it was so off-the-scale of possibilities.

I allowed my lips to open slightly and sucked gently on Trent’s lower lip. As he, in turn, allowed his lips to part slightly, I gradually inserted my tongue into his mouth and began a blissful exploration of this entirely new world. My tongue ran across his teeth, even and straight, brushed over his tongue causing it to reflexively withdraw and I pressed tighter, almost trying to get my tongue down his throat.

At some point, of their own volition, my hands began an exploration of their own. My left hand was gently caressing up and down Trent’s back, from his neck - when I would pull his head closer in to me - down to where the crack of his perfect ass started before being blocked from further exploration by the sofa. My right hand, rubbed over Trent’s chest, over his hard, flat stomach, encountered his pubic hair before I panicked and forced my hand back up to his chest. Whether Trent was finally beginning to imagine that I was a girl or was getting turned on by my caresses, he had started kissing me back, with at least some degree of what passed for passion, and our tongues would occasionally duel as we continued our unending kiss.

It was the experience of Trent’s response to the kiss that emboldened me and I let my hand graze down once again, over his stomach, through his pubic hair, and touch his half hard cock. At first, I just let the back of my hand bump against it, then the back of my fingers caressing up and down the top of the shaft as my hand moved over his smooth belly. When I could stand it no longer, I turned my hand around and began tickling up and down the shaft with the tips of my fingers, over the sensitive head, and finally took his now rock hard cock in my hand and began a slow, gentle stroke.

I knew that I had probably betrayed my long and closely guarded secret by so willingly taking this action but I was so overcome with passion at this moment that it didn’t seem to matter to me. I could feel Trent’s heartbeat both in his cock and from his chest which was now pressed against my own, and I let my hand drop lower and gently feel the fullness of his balls between my fingers. Completely immersed in the joys of exploration, my hand caressed his smooth thighs, stroking down the tops of his thigh and then stroking up the inside until my hand encountered his plump balls and I again felt them and rolled them in my fingers.

Just as I was closing my hand around Trent’s upright shaft once again, I felt Trent’s hand glide over my stomach and encounter my erection and, with little hesitancy, take hold and begin a gentle stroking. Kissing Trent, caressing his body, feeling his balls and stroking his hard cock had me on such a high plane of joy and pleasure that the additional sensation of his hand on my cock almost pushed me over the edge and I had to push his hand away. Trent opened his eyes and looked at me, a look of curiosity playing across those baby blues, as if trying to figure me out.

We finally broke our kiss and sat quietly looking intently at each other for a couple of moments, breathing hard, still wrapped in each other’s arms and my hand still gently pumping Trent’s hard cock. We glanced over at the man who sat in a chair, smiling, nodding his approval at us, his own pants around his ankles and his hand wrapped around his hard, though smaller than average, cock.

I looked back at Trent and feeling the rush of three years of desires wash over me, I pulled him toward me until he raised up and moved over, sitting on my lap at a side angle. I leaned back against the sofa and cradled him against my chest and leaned in to kiss him again. He offered no resistance or hesitation to kissing this time and we were quickly and deeply in the throes of passion that only two teenaged boys can accomplish with each other. I continued stroking Trent’s cock, though speeding up the movement of my fist, and I could feel the twitching and movement that signaled Trent’s approaching climax. I quickly released his cock and pulled back from the kiss so that he would be able to regain control and not ruin this beautiful moment by climaxing too soon.

The man instructed us to lay on the floor next to each other and make out like real lovers and I exulted in the opportunity. Even if the man did something really bad to me afterward, it would all be worth it for what I had gotten.

Laying side by side, facing one another, our cocks were mashed together and the reflexive movement of our hips plowed the sensitive heads of our two cocks through the other’s pubic hair, the shafts slapping together like a medieval sword fight. My hand was now able to continue exploring and I took the opportunity to caress over Trent’s magnificent ass, so perfectly rounded, each cheek custom designed to fit perfectly in the palm of my hand, the smooth skin overlaying firm muscle that I couldn’t resist squeezing and tweaking before allowing my fingers to dive into the crevice and graze over Trent’s most private portal - the entrance to his most personal place that would only ever be accessed by someone he deeply loved and treasured.

This was a moment of pure heavenly bliss, the culmination of years of nocturnal fantasies and mid-day daydreams. For this moment, Trent was mine and I was free to look upon his nakedness, to hold him, to kiss him, to caress his body and handle his sex. But still, I wanted more yet feared making any bold moves that would forever label me and disrupt or terminate my friendship with my beloved friend. Our captor stepped in once more to solve my dilemma.

“Time for you boys to start making some real man’s love.” The man was staring at us, his face flushed with lust, his fist racing over his own engorged flesh.

Trent and I looked at one another, our faces a mask of conflicting emotions. Trent was showing a nervousness that seemed to be infused with a measure of desire while, I am certain, mine displayed only the emotions of desire and the anxiousness to move to the next level in this journey of discovery and fulfillment. With a few brief words of instruction from the man to guide us in what we were about to do, we adjusted our positions on the floor to accommodate his demands.

I took the lead which was only proper since I was doing only what I wanted - had wanted - since almost the first day I laid eyes on Trent. I kissed his lips lightly and moved down, kissing his neck, sucking on his collarbone, kissing his chest and licking and suckling the two small nipples that punctuated his lightly defined pectorals. I let my tongue trace over the ridge of muscle that started at his throat and divided his chest and continued down to his navel.

Trent’s erection was poking at my chin as I continued lower, kissing his patch of curly pubes, then dragging my tongue up the shaft of his cock to swab and circle the sensitive head. He was moaning, his hips writhing in that combination of pleasure-agony that befalls every overly sexed teenage male when they first experience real sex and feel their bodies on the climb to a sexual peak that is being stalled or slowed just enough to deny them the quick relief their body demands.

Then it was Trent’s turn and he followed my example, duplicating what I had just done to him and leaving me breathless and panting, not so much with a need for release as the need to postpone that release and let this moment of bliss last beyond these few fleeting moments. But Trent continued beyond the point at which I had paused and I felt his lips close over my cock, the warmth, the wetness, the tender caress of his tongue on my swollen glans, and his mouth pressing forward to engulf more of me.

Spurred by Trent’s actions, I twisted my body around, my sexual parts now directly in front of Trent, while his were directly in front of my face, his throbbing erection bouncing and tapping at my lips with the beat of his heart, as I felt him delivering the most sublime pleasure to my body that had ever been conceived.

I closed my lips over Trent’s tube of flesh, moving my tongue frantically over the swollen head, almost drilling at the small hole at it’s tip, then descending on his flesh until my nose was buried in his small pubic bush. I withdrew slowly, swabbing the fleshy pipe with my tongue and then plunged forward again, repeating this movement several times slowly until my passion became so uncontrollable that my head was moving like a piston in a race car.

Trent’s hips were bucking, rising and falling with increasing rapidity, and I was now entirely focused on delivering the most sublime pleasure imaginable to him and ignoring my own needs. It was never about getting off, anyway. It was about touching, loving, and giving to one that was special to you; of satisfying their needs and satiating their desires; of making them feel as special as you felt they were.

With a gutteral moan that came from deep within, Trent’s hips froze in midair, his body stiffened like granite, and I felt the beginning of the pumping sensation that seemed to begin in his balls and pulse along the underside of his hard cock. Then, with another moan that seemed almost like a sob, Trent’s cock began to spew sixteen years worth of desire, lust, need and release into my mouth in hard volleys that hit the back of my mouth and slid easily down my throat. More than anything else, this delivered a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment to me and I savored this special moment, knowing that I had truly given Trent something he would never again have. His first experience. And, without realizing it, Trent had given something of himself to me. His essence had become a part of me, his DNA now mingled - at least temporarily - with mine and I could forever claim a small part of him belonged exclusively to me.

The man was not yet satisfied. He barked instructions that scared me but terrorized Trent. Having achieved his release, his passions temporarily cooled, Trent was not as willing to continue with our sexual coupling, especially one that involved complying with the man’s directions. I was afraid only of hurting or offending my friend, yet simultaneously excited and curious.

After the man had issued a few threats, and I had almost tearfully apologized profusively to Trent, the man handed me a tube of a jelly-like substance that I applied generously around the small brown opening between Trent’s ass cheeks. Carefully, I inserted my forefinger in the tight hole a few times, adding more and more of the jelly. The way that Trent’s ass gripped at my finger was exciting, and felt so right, and I moved one, then two and finally three fingers in and out, inserting them as far as I could.

Trent had resisted at first. Had fought against the violation of this most private part of his body, motivated by fear of injury and the teenage boy’s long held belief that this would somehow transform him, make him less of a man. But as I continued, he began to relax, to move his ass back toward my hand as though trying for more, and I could see that he was already becoming erect once more, his long, slender cock stiffening and hanging between his wide-spread thighs.

Finally, the moment had arrived and I positioned myself directly behind Trent, on my knees, my cock level with his ass, my hard flesh liberally coated with the slick jelly. I placed my spongy cockhead against his small portal and slowly moved my hips forward. There was some resistance, a battle against the large invader. I reached around and grasped Trent’s cock and began slowly stroking, trying to relax him. It finally worked, the resistance decreased, and the head of my cock moved in and popped through the outer ring of muscle.

It was so warm inside his body, like a raging heat. I was anxious to experience more and slowly pressed on, sliding gradually further into his bowels until I was as far as I could go, my belly tight against Trent’s ass. It was the most amazing sensation, the heat, the tightness and the way in which Trent’s ass muscles flexed, almost milking me.

I fell forward on his back, the perspiration on our two bodies almost gluing us together as I began a slow but increasing thrust and withdrawal, moving my harder-than-ever-before cock in and out of Trent’s ass. I didn’t know what it felt like for Trent but I suspected he must be receiving some degree of pleasure as his hips were bucking, his cock was still rock hard, and he was moaning like an alley cat in heat.

When it started, it was like feeling the rise of the sun in the morning, the heat starting at a centerpoint and spreading gradually out and in all directions. It rose, white hot, a burning in my ass and my balls and a feeling that some change was taking place in my body. Then, the sensation of hot liquid steel coursing through me, racing through my cock, burning as it pumped endlessly in forceful shots from my dick, filling Trent’s bowels. The emotional realization of what was happening impacted Trent, and pushed him over the top, and his cock again fired ropey strings on the carpet beneath him, his ass gripping, milking my cock for everything I had to give and then wanting more.

Trent collapsed forward, face down, with me laying atop of him, my wilting cock still embedded in his ass but gradually shrinking and withdrawing. We were both too exhausted to move and I had no real desire to move off or away from Trent in any event. Feeling his naked body beneath me was the consummate pleasure and I reveled in the experience.

After what seemed to be more than ten minutes, I rolled off of Trent when I felt him squirm and lay supine beside him. Trent rolled over, his eyes glassy but looking at me with curiosity, perhaps a new sense of wonder. The man had apparently achieved his own release and was dressed and sitting patiently just staring at us. We felt a renewed sense of vulnerability and each of us moved our hands to shield our private parts from his lustful gaze.

Tossing us each a moist towel, the man told us to clean ourselves and get dressed, which we did in amazing time. We were herded back into the panel van in the garage and driven to within a block of Melissa’s house. As the man opened the door to let us out, he handed each of us two crisp one hundred dollar bills, winked at us and told us we were worth every penny and more.

I stood dumbfounded, staring at the departing van, my mind so awash with confusion that I didn’t even think to try and get the license number or to memorize a description of the van. Trent was staring at the money in his hand, and then at me, and then back at the money.

I smiled slightly as Trent looked up again. “Two hundred dollars an hour is pretty decent wages, I guess.” I was trying to lighten the mood but I could see from the glazed look that Trent wasn’t getting the joke.

Realizing that Trent was not currently capable of making decisions, I took him by the arm and led him to my car. I was certainly sober enough to drive now. After, getting Trent into the passenger seat and myself behind the wheel, I slowly drove Trent home and helped him to the door of his house. He just stood there, as though not knowing what to do next. I reached into his front pocket for his house key and he jerked, settling down as he realized I was going for the key and not for his dick.

I sat him in his father’s overstuffed leather chair and got a glass of Coke from his refrigerator for him, then sat across from him waiting for some kind of human response. He seemed almost zombie like and I realized he must be suffering some manner of emotional trauma at what had been forced upon him. Eventually, he started to shake, staring off into space and only seemed to calm down when I squeezed into the chair with him and put my arms around him. He lay his head on my shoulder, the shaking subsided, and I felt his hot tears wetting my shirt. I stroked his back and just stayed with him until the crisis seemed to have passed.

“Are you okay, Trent?”

“Yea. I don’t know what came over me. It’s just like all these feelings and emotions were crowding in on me all at once and I couldn’t even think and it just seemed to crush me. But I feel a bit better now. Thanks for being such a good friend.”

“You’re my best friend. You know I’ll always be here for you.”

“What time is it, anyway?”

I looked around at the clock. “Almost ten.”

Trent jerked upright. “Crap! My brothers will be home any moment and if they see me like this they’ll be giving me a hard time about being so wussy for the next year.”

“I should go, then.”

“No! I mean, I don’t think you need to leave. I just need to pull myself together.”

I noticed he started to shake a bit, again, and took him by the shoulders and looked him square in the eye. “I don’t think this thing is past yet. You’re still shaking. I’ll take you to my place where you can get over this at your own pace without the pressure of your brothers. Okay?”

Trent simply nodded and then scribbled a note for his parents that he was spending the night at my house. After grabbing a change of underwear, a clean pair of denims and a clean shirt from his bedroom, we headed out to my car and to my house.

I was happy to find out that my little brother was spending the weekend at a cousin’s house across town. I hadn’t considered that he could be as insensitive as Trent’s brothers if he saw Trent in this condition. But the relief washed over me and I led Trent to my bedroom, giving him a clean towel and showing him the connected bathroom. When he entered the bathroom, I pulled the door closed to give him privacy. Within two minutes, the door opened and Trent sheepishly poked his head out the door.

“Can I leave the door open. I dunno....it just gave me the creeps to be in here alone with the door closed and......” his voice trailed off. I understood and smiled in agreement.

Trent showered quickly and emerged in a steam cloud about ten minutes later, barechested and wearing the pair of denims he had been wearing earlier that night. He stood in the middle of the room, apparently not knowing what to do, until I directed him to my brother’s bed. He lay down on the bed, looking at the ceiling. He seemed more relaxed and at peace now so I took the opportunity to shower.

I left the door open just in case Trent still needed it and caught him staring at me as I undressed and stepped into the shower. I carefully washed everywhere, wishing that somehow I could get clean without removing the traces of Trent from my body. When I came out of the bathroom, I was wearing only my briefs and quickly crossed the room and got into my bed, pulling the sheet up to my chest. A few moments later, Trent pulled the covers over himself and, completely exhausted, we both fell soundly asleep.

It was somewhere around three in the morning that I felt someone shaking my shoulder and awoke to look into Trent’s panicked eyes. “What’s wrong.”

“I dunno. I think I had a nightmare or something. Can I lay on your bed. I think I just need to be close to someone else until all this passes.”

I was delighted to accommodate his need and threw back the covers to let him get into my bed. He had slipped off his denims and climbed under the covers, moving close to me until I could feel his breath on my shoulder and could see his baby blues looking at me through the pitch black of the night.

“Thanks. I hope I’m not being too much of a wuss.”

“Don’t worry about it. We went through a pretty scary thing tonight and you just need some time to get over it.”

“But it’s sure not affecting you the way it did me.”

“Everyone reacts to things differently.” I couldn’t tell him that it was not traumatic for me because it was a dream come true. If he knew that, he would somehow blame me for making it happen and our friendship would be over.

What happened next completely caught me by surprise. Trent leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine and gave me a genuine but quick kiss. “Thanks for being my friend.” With that, he closed his eyes and was soon asleep.

When I awoke in the morning, I was laying on my back, Trent was pressed tight against me, his head on my shoulder, an arm draped over my waist and one leg thrown over my nearest leg and slightly crooked, his knee just slightly pressed against my balls. His lower body was pressed against my hips and I could feel the bulge of his morning erection. I lay perfectly still, not wanting to disturb this perfect tableau by awakening him. My only concession to the moment was to place my free arm across my waist, resting atop Trent’s arm, my hand on his elbow. With that, I drifted back to sleep.

(To Be Continued)

A. Richard Hunter is the pseudonym of a Los Angeles based writer of business books and journals. An attorney and President of a financial services firm, Hunter has had a fulfilling life in which he has helped to create opportunities for the less fortunate and has been an unofficial foster parent to several homeless, runaway and cast off young men, has contributed to AIDS Awareness Projects, been a co-founder of a gay community social organization, and acted to defend the rights of our community. While many of his stories claim or infer a real life foundation, such is made only to increase the enjoyment of the reader and his stories have no real world foundations. Any resemblance to persons, places, events or organizations is purely coincidental. All persons are encouraged to practice safe sex at all times and remain aware of the threat of AIDS and the fact that this threat is once again increasing after some years of decline. BE SAFE, BE LOVED, BE HAPPY.