Dream Comes True

We all dream of what could be, what we want to be. But what do we do when our dreams start becoming reality?


A. Richard Hunter

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Romance and love amidst a compelling murder mystery in a picturesque seaside community. (Caution: subject matter involves graphic violence integral to the mystery and may not be to everyone’s taste).

Love blossoms when a sexy young male model is stranded, in his underwear, at a lonely man’s cabin, and relationships are uncertain when more than one love comes knocking.

A man finds lust and romance with an exotic dancer at his favorite gay club

Finally, love is found with a younger man, after so much uncertainty

A beautiful friendship grows as love and lust make heads spin

Don’t kid yourself....adolescent boys know exactly what they’re doing. And they play the game better than their adult friends.

Chapter Three

Trent had seemed to be avoiding me for the past couple of weeks since our ‘kidnap’ and I could only surmise that he had decided I enjoyed it too much and that made me undesirable. It was certainly possible, of course, that he was just immensely embarrassed over the whole thing and couldn’t show his face around me right now, but somehow I thought it went deeper than that - but didn’t know exactly what.

In the absence of Trent in my life, I had been bored and listless until the cute boy next to me in my World History class - his name was Peter - had seemed to be increasing the amount of time he devoted to talking to me rather than the girls in class. He had even sought me out at lunch and sat with me throughout the lunch hour. We talked about nothing of great importance but I discovered he had a wicked sense of humor that kept me laughing without stop.

I noticed Trent a couple of tables away sitting with the normal group. I had chosen to sit elsewhere since it obviously made Trent uncomfortable and that had raised a lot of questions among our friends, but we just passed it off as nothing. Trent saw me sitting with Peter and I almost thought his expression was one of jealousy. And that completely confused me.

As my friendship with Peter seemed to grow, I found my self spending more and more time with him. Since he didn’t have a car, I picked him up in the morning and took him home every afternoon after school. With all this time that we were spending together, I found myself looking at him more closely, noticing things I hadn’t noticed before, and beginning to fantasize about him in bed at night.

There was no question about it, he was drop-dead cute. He had soft brown eyes with almost white blonde hair and a pale complexion that looked as though he still retained his baby skin. It made me want to touch his face, just to feel how soft and smooth it was. His upper lip was thin while his lower lip was more full and they were the perfect shade of red to complement his pale skin.

I knew I was taking chances with the way I would go off in a daze, staring at Peter, without really being conscious of it. But I couldn’t help myself. He had captured my fancy one Saturday when he came over to my house to swim and had changed into a very small swim suit - much like what the European men wear - and I had been given the opportunity to see his bulge and the shape of his ass for the first time. To be honest, neither were comparable on my lust factor scare to Trent but they provided me a couple of hours of pure, fascinating entertainment. Since then, it seemed that I was constantly trying to get another glimpse and, as a result, drifting off.

“Like I was saying, Michael.......Michael?”

“Wha...? Oh, sorry. Guess I was off in some distant place.” I grinned, trying to cover my embarrassment and hoping Peter hadn’t noticed that my eyes were glued between his spread thighs.

“You do that a lot. Anywayyyyyy.......I was saying that we should write a story. I used to do it with a cousin when I was younger and it was a lot of fun. One of us starts a story and writes the first chapter, then the other picks up where the first left off and writes the second chapter, and so on.....back and forth. But whatever the story, we have to be the characters in the story. And, we’re supposed to try and embarrass each other.”

I caught myself just in time. I was actually about to giggle because the idea was so funny and appealing. Man! That would have been a real giveaway. Imagine a sixteen year old boy....giggling! “I like it! Who goes first?”

“Since it was my idea, I will.” Peter gave me the most evil smile I’ve ever seen and I knew he had something wicked planned.

“Oh....okay. When?”

“I’ll start on it tonight and have my first chapter finished by the weekend. If you want, I’ll come over and swim on Saturday and you can read it and then start on your own chapter.”

“What are the rules?”

“No rules other than that the story has to have us as the characters - or at least as the main characters - we can add a few others if we need to. And whatever the theme of the story starts out as has to be continued throughout the story.”


The bell rang and class was over so Peter and I quickly left class and headed in different directions. “I’ll see you after school at my car,” I called out as I rushed off. I heard Peter distantly yell ‘okay’ as I continued down the hall.

I was just putting books in my locker when I was aware of somewhat at my left elbow moving closer. I turned to look and saw Lee standing there, smiling his best Trent-lookalike grin and making my heart jump.

“Hi, Mikey. What’s up?”

“Just heading off to my next class. What’s up with you?”

“Not much. Sure miss seeing you each morning....and getting a ride to school.” He gave me another grin as though to let me know it wasn’t just the ride that he missed.

“Yea. Sorry about that. It’s just a little uncomfortable right now.”

“Yea! What’s with that? All of a sudden you guys just stop being friends? I know my brother can be a bit of a dweeb at times but you can’t let that break up a friendship. What’s going on?”

“You’ll have to ask Trent that question. He just started avoiding me - and making it pretty obvious he was - so I just backed off to give him some space. Didn’t want to make things too uncomfortable for either one of us. But the reason why.....that you’d have to ask him because I haven’t a clue.” Well, actually I had several clues but I wasn’t about to tell anyone about any of them.

“Well, anyway. That wasn’t what I wanted to talk to you about. I was wondering if you could do me a favor.”

“Sure. Whatcha need?”

Lee shifted from one foot to the other for half a minute. I could see the look of concentration on his face as he worked through whatever dilemma he was having. Finally, his features relaxed - he had apparently come to a decision - and he looked at me. Trent mentioned about a year ago that when you were a freshman, you had gone to that Bergmann Institute place and taken some classes in how to give a massage. Is that true?”

My stomach leaped into my throat. I had taken one two-hour class but had let everyone believe I took the whole course and graduated. That was back when I was trying to find an excuse - any excuse - to be able to touch Trent’s body and had mentioned it and kind of hinted that if he ever got any sore muscles from running or anything that I could help him out. “Um, yea, it’s true,” I mumbled. “Why?”

“I’ve been having a lot of sore muscles lately and thought maybe you could help me out?”

My stomach dropped back into place but now my dick jumped and I was certain that if Lee had been looking in that direction he would have seen the twitch in my pants. “Uh....well....I guess I could. When did you have in mind?”

“How about today after school. We’re doing time trials in PhysEd tomorrow for the swim team and it would really help if I could get rid of some of the tension in my muscles.”

My dick jumped again. Harder. Something about the way he said ‘tension’ hit me as if it was some kind of code word. My mind was spinning, making it hard to focus. I quickly calculated. Dad never got home from work before seven, mom usually came home with him, and Timmy usually got home before me and went out again with his friends and didn’t return until almost dark. Yea, it just might work. “Sure. Meet me at my car after school. I have to give my friend Peter a ride home but then we can go over to my house and I’ll try to help you out.”

Lee smiled a huge smile. “Great. I’ll see ya later.” He took off down the hall and my eyes settled on that cute Trent-lookalike butt. I wondered if I might get the chance to see it in the flesh later. The thought made my dick twitch again and I pushed it out of my mind before I got myself into a mess walking down the hall brandishing an erection.

It was a pleasant surprise to arrive at my car and see two such cute guys there waiting for me. I was nervous and my dick was at least half-hard in hopeful anticipation of what was to come. Peter seemed almost hesitant to get out of the car at his house - as if he didn’t want to leave Lee and I alone together. But finally, he climbed out, leaned in the window and reminded me about getting together on Saturday to work on our story, and then jogged up the driveway to his house.

Lee asked me about the ‘story’ and I explained the game to him. He thought for a moment and then looked over at me with a strange look. “I’ll bet I could write a chapter that would be interesting and very embarrassing.”

“Guess it’s a good thing you’re not part of our story-writing group then.” I tried to maintain a straight face as I said it because the way he made the statement and the look he gave me was almost like a challenge.

We pulled up at my house and went in. After making a quick check of the house to be certain we were alone, I sat down in the family room across from Lee. “So, tell me about your sore muscles. Where do they hurt and what is the pain like?” I was trying to act how I thought a real professional would act.

“The pain is in my lower back with a little soreness - tightness really - running up my spine to about even with my shoulder blades. And then I’m really sore in my legs. The fronts and backs of my thighs. Probably from all the swimming I’ve been doing.”

I had to think. What he described actually sound very legitimate and might really be just what he was saying it was. Maybe I misread the whole situation. Maybe my past suspicions about Lee were incorrectly influencing my judgment. I needed to be very careful that I didn’t assume too much and wind up tipping my hand.

“Where did the pain start?”

“I think I first felt it in the backs of my thighs. Then it moved into my back and seemed to spread up my spine. The soreness in the front thigh muscles only started in the last couple of days.”

I wasn’t certain but I thought it might have been more believable if it had started in his lower back and spread to his legs, but what did I know after a single two-hour class. I would just have to bluff and sound as professional as possible.

“Do you get any pains or discomfort in your shoulders?”

“Only once in awhile.”

“How about your chest?”

“Well, yesterday I felt really tight in the shoulders and it seemed to spread down to my chest a little. But it eased up when I did some rolling of my shoulders like the coach taught us to do.”

“Do you ever feel the pain in your butt? You know, like the sore muscles in your back and legs are connected?” I was holding my breath hoping he would say yes.

“Not much. I get a flash once in awhile if I move a certain way that gives me a short ache.....like a..... I dunno........a toothache in my right cheek. But just for a moment.”

I nodded with a serious look. “Sounds about right. All of your muscles are tight and sore and the muscles in your back are pulling one way and the muscles in your legs are pulling another. They’re all connected at the butt - it’s just a mass of muscle there - and you’re not going to get any relief without working on the whole problem.” My heart was beating at about 200 miles per hour hoping it sounded believable to a fifteen year old and that he wouldn’t suspect I was just trying to get a look at his ass.

“Can you help, then?”

“Well, yea. But are you sure you want me to?”

“Why not?”

“Don’t you think you would be embarrassed?” I wanted it to seem that I was the one holding back and that he would have to convince me, rather than the other way around.

“Why would I be embarrassed?”

“You do realize that you would be naked? I would be massaging your butt?”

“Oh. Hadn’t thought about that.” He got a serious look on his face but it didn’t seem that the thought was embarrassing to him. “Gotta do what I gotta do. I need the massage if I want to have a chance at good times tomorrow. So, I guess, let’s do it.”

My stomach was turning over now. This was too easy and so very exciting. Just a few weeks ago I made love to Trent. Now I was going to see Lee naked and get to rub my hands on his body.

“Let’s go to my room. I don’t have a massage table so we’ll have to use my bed.”

Lee gave me his evil grin again and it made me feel more like the fly and a lot less like the spider. “Hmmm......first time I’ve ever been invited to get naked and lay on a guy’s bed.”

I gave him a shocked look and he flushed with embarrassment. I think, in retrospect, he realized that what sounded like an embarrassing innuendo directed at me kind of boomeranged on him.

“Guess that was a lame joke, huh?” Lee was definitely trying to get out of that one.

I let him off the hook. “Nah. Actually it was pretty clever, just shocked me that you would say such a thing.”

His confidence restored, Lee smirked at me and gave me another grin.

I ushered Lee into my room and closed the door. I locked it also, explaining to Lee that if my little brother came home early I wouldn’t want him to come charging into the room and see him laying naked on my bed. Then I told Lee to get undressed and lay face down on my bed and I would feel around his muscles to find the tight cords and work on them first.

Lee was a little bit hesitant but soon had removed his shirt. He had a great upper body, actually more defined that Trent’s, because of all the swimming he did. But he was still very slim and was only old enough to have started getting some dusky blonde hairs under his arms in probably the past few months. But it gave me a problem in my pants because he definitely had a very attractive body.

He turned his back when he started unbuckling his trousers and I watched intently as he slipped them down his legs, his cute ass barely covered by the tight, white cotton briefs he was wearing. As he lifted each leg to pull the trousers over his feet, I gazed at how firm and round each of his cheeks were, and noted the very respectable bulge that was revealed between his legs. That I could see such a bulge from behind him was a dead giveaway that he was either quite well hung or that he was a bit turned on. I was holding my breath, waiting for Lee to remove his briefs.

Lee paused. He seemed to be weighing some issues, like how he could get the briefs off and be laying on the bed without my seeing anything that he didn’t want me to see. He apparently either devised a solution or determined there wasn’t one and slipped his briefs down, while keeping his thighs tightly together. But, when he turned ever so slightly to lay on the bed, I saw the shiny tip of his dick sticking just past the edge of his hip and I knew that he was at least almost erect.

I moved over beside him and began squeezing at his thighs, purportedly looking for tight muscles. I forced his legs apart several inches in order to move my hands freely and walked my fingers up to his ass. Pressing my index and forefingers from both hands down on his ass, I moved them about, commenting that there was definitely a tight cord between the sets of muscles that was probably keeping both of them tight and sore. Then I moved up to his lower back.

In all of my explorations, I couldn’t really say that I had found any muscles that I felt were tight, but then I was no expert. But it did make me wonder if this had just been a ploy. And, I couldn’t help wondering if Trent had said anything about our kidnap experience that had been the impetus for Lee’s sudden need for a massage.

I started at the top of Lee’s spine using my fingers and the heels of my hands to rub his back with small circular motions, occasionally pressing in hard with my fingers on a muscle. My dad had rubbed my shoulders this way once when I had a stiff neck. I worked down to Lee’s waist and then back up again.

When I placed my hands over the two cheeks of Lee’s ass, he squirmed a little and I was sure he was enjoying being touched so intimately, even if he had no plans for it to go beyond just the touching. He was at the curious age - the age when teenage boys go through their ‘experimental’ phase - and might just be curious enough to let things go further.

I rubbed his ass in circular motions, making sure to go in opposite directions so that my hands were actually parting his cheeks and revealing his small, hairless anus to my view. I let my fingers work a little into the crevice but was certain to keep them from getting too close to his asshole in case things were not as I assumed and he took offense at having me rub my fingers over that sensitive hole.

Making my way down his legs, I rubbed, squeezed, and pressed, trying to give as good a massage as I was capable of in case a legitimate massage was what he really wanted. Then, stricken with a spark of desire, I stopped. I had to clear my throat a couple of times for fear that my voice would either crack or seem husky and give away the arousal I was feeling.

“You’re going to have to roll over, Lee, for me to get to the fronts of your thighs.”

“I can’t.”

Well, of course he could. What he meant was that he didn’t dare because I would see that his cock was rock hard and probably leaking all over my bed. “I understand. Look, Lee. If I don’t finish the massage completely, it’s not going to do you any long term good. By morning you’ll be all tight and sore again because the muscles in front will have pulled on the muscles in back and undid all the relaxing that I accomplished. Don’t worry about having a hardon. It happens to every guy that gets a massage. It’s only natural. Besides, you don’t have anything that I haven’t see a million times before.” I only wished that part was true.

Slowly, Lee started to turn over and I felt faint when I saw the front of him. He was spectacular. His body had been created by a sculptor far superior to Michelangelo. He was lean, tight and flat-bellied, absolutely smooth except for the smallest patch of dark blonde hair at the base of his cock. His balls were still smooth, just like Trent’s, but they were substantial, and in spite of the hardness of Lee’s erection, they hung loosely between his thighs. But Lee’s cock. How to describe it. It was straight as a piece of pipe, and equally round. It was fairly thick - about as thick as mine I suspected which made it thicker than Trent’s. The skin was pale and shiny from being stretched so impossibly tight and extended - I was certain - at least six and a half inches from base to tip. That made it a very impressive cock for a fifteen year old in my limited experience. And all of this was on a boy not more than five feet six inches tall which only made it look that much bigger.

I was suddenly aware that I was standing staring and Lee was giving me a funny look so I set to work on his thighs, my eyes still glued on his cock and balls. As I rubbed his legs, I watched as a small tear appeared at the tip of that large cock and let itself down on an expanding string to connect to his belly and begin to form a small pool in his navel. As I continued rubbing, and watching, more and more of Lee’s pre-seminal discharge was released until the forming pool became quite substantial, and I watched as his cock seemed to twitch and bounce.

Lee had closed his eyes and put his hands behind his head, posing in a relaxed, open and inviting way that had my senses aflame. What fifteen year old boy could lay like this, so peacefully, under the hands of another boy - a boy that was his brother’s friend - without wanting something more than just a massage. But, I was also concerned that I could be reading him wrong. Maybe this was just a facade he was presenting to hide his intense embarrassment.

I decided to take a small risk and moved my hands up from his thighs to where I was rubbing at the crease of his legs and hips, directly on level with the base of his cock. I could always say I was working on the connective muscle and could probably get away with that. But my prepared explanation was unnecessary. Lee never opened his eyes or made any movement. I did note that his cock jerked strongly each time I rubbed my fingers along the crease and came close to his balls which I believed signalled his enjoyment of the massage.

Deciding to try another ploy, I grabbed an old towel that I kept under my bed. “I’m going to uh...wipe up a little here Lee, so that this stuff doesn’t run down your sides and get all over my bed.”

Lee’s eyes opened and he looked at me standing with the towel in my hand. He just closed his eyes again without saying anything or making any movement. I took that as his consent and reached toward his middle. I placed the towel directly over the puddle, which of course placed it also directly over his cock. Lee’s body shivered and gave a slight spasm as I pressed the towel down to absorb the small puddle. I wiped from side to side and the material dragged over the sensitive head of his cock and an involuntary moan escaped from his throat. It was a kind of ragged, husky, gutteral moan that almost seemed to contain a sob.

Since his cock was still leaking copiously, I took his cock in my free hand and lifted it slightly to place the towel on his stomach and let his cock lay atop it where it could continue to leak. At the touch of my fingers on Lee’s cock, his hips jerked forward and pumped quickly two or three times. It seemed he was trying to use my brief hold on his shaft so that he could pump his hips and get himself off. If he was willing, I was determined to find out.

I lifted his cock again, this time holding it straight up in the air and pointing at the ceiling, and used the towel to wipe up and down the shaft and over the head. Lee’s hips almost went spastic, lifting off the bed and pumping up and down in short, quick movements. I responded by moving my hand up and down slowly on his hard cock, testing his reactions. I was not disappointed.

Lee’s hips began a regular and consistent fucking motion, pumping up and down in my hand. I sat down on the edge of the bed to ease the strain of leaning over him and began pumping his cock with my hand in earnest. My eyes were glued to his beautiful cock and I was enthralled at watching my hand slowly masturbating his very mature looking erection. I changed hands so that the hand closest to him could be put to use feeling Lee’s magnificent balls in their loose sac, testing their weight. This exploration pushed me closer to the edge of my limited self control and my mouth was beginning to water with a desire to do much more than just stroke him. But, there was still some strong reservations about going too far, revealing too much.

Lee solved my problem. I felt his hand on my thigh and then he groped at the junction of my legs, causing me to jump from surprise and delight. No matter how many times I touched my own dick, it was always so much better when someone else did it for you, and it had been weeks now since my first and only such experience with someone else.

I looked at Lee in surprise and he just gave me a half-smile. I slid myself a few inches closer to him and he groped and rubbed more freely, finally tugging at the waist of my pants and popping the button fly of my 501's. He sat up and reached inside the waistband of my underwear to grasp my hard cock and pull at it until it came free of it’s position tucked between my legs and stuck out over the top of my briefs where Lee started stroking it and running his fingers over the sensitive head. It felt like heaven.

I felt inexorably drawn to the virginal, pristine pole that rose from the small dark blonde patch of wavy curls at the base of Lee’s flat stomach. Ever since that night with Trent and the introduction to the joys of lovemaking, I had craved an opportunity to enjoy a repeat, to taste the bland, satiny smooth texture of a cock in my mouth. And now, here before me, was a perfect specimen, just waiting for me, and I leaned toward it.


The sound of the front door slamming startled me and I sat up straight and looked around me. I was alone in my room, laying on my bed. Shit! It had all been a dream. The cobwebs began to clear from my head and I remembered that I had stayed home from school today, claiming not to feel well, because I was afraid to face Trent after what had happened last Friday night. When I awoke, alone, Saturday morning and didn’t hear from Trent all weekend, I panicked. What if he outed me at school. What if he told everyone what I had done without mentioning what he had done or that neither of us really had a choice. Of course, I was willing, but did he know that? Could he tell that I gladly went along with that man’s demands? Was that why he had bailed on me and hadn’t called?

It was too much to face for a Monday morning so I stayed home and stayed in bed. And I really had a doozy of a dream that involved a lot of people. And seemed so real. Hopefully, it wouldn’t come true - or at least as true - as my last dream.

Chapter Four

The dream stayed with me and kept intruding on my life for the next few days. It was hard to distinguish what was real from what wasn’t because of that dream. I had expected Peter to be all friendly at school on Tuesday, but he wasn’t. I was expecting Trent to be stand-offish toward me, but he wasn’t. It seemed my whole world was out of whack because I had lived the past few weeks in a dream that was completely different from the reality I now faced.

“Sorry I bugged out without waking you Saturday morning.” Trent was being all contrite, which was nice. I was glad we weren’t at odds as we had been in my dream but it was taking some getting used to. “I felt a little embarrassed about....you know.....and I just wanted to get away without having to face you or anyone. But I really do appreciate how you helped me.”

“No problem, Trent. That’s what friends are for. And neither one of us have any reason to be embarrassed. We were abducted and forced to do what we did,” it was a small lie meant to make things easier for Trent, “ so we have nothing to be ashamed of. The fact that we’re alive and not hurt or something means we did the right thing.” I almost said that it wasn’t so bad but stopped myself just in time. Honesty could wait for another time.

“You handle things so well. I wish I was as well grounded as you.”

“Yea, I’m really grounded,” I muttered sarcastically. “That’s why I stayed home yesterday so I wouldn’t have to face you.”

“Wow! You are human after all. You handled everything so calmly Friday night that I thought you were a machine. Even when that man made us do....things.....it seemed like you didn’t mind at all. So maybe you’re not grounded, but you sure have a lot of self control.”

I smiled inwardly. “Ahhh....it wasn’t so bad. What’s a friend for if he can’t help out a friend?” I paused a moment and then gave Trent my biggest smile to convey that I was joking. The shocked look on his face was priceless.

“Well, the next time I go on a date and nothing happens and I get blue balls, at least I’ll know who to come to.” Trent punched me in the arm to punctuate his point and then started laughing. “Because you did a good job.”

I looked at Trent with a sense of curiosity. Was he trying to hint that he actually enjoyed it - after the fact of course - and might want a repeat? I tried to play along. “Well, you know I’m always here for you, buddy. You know my motto...” I accidentally on purpose reversed the old saying, “if you’re near enough I’m queer enough.” Then, right on cue, I opened my eyes wide in surprise as though I had just realized what I said. “I mean...you know what I mean!” I stammered out my retraction making it appear that I was stunned and embarrassed by what had just come out of my mouth, but inside I was celebrating that I had the nerve to drop such a little hint to let it play on Trent’s mind.

“We better stop this joking around before someone hears us and thinks we’re lovers or something.” Trent’s rebuttal seemed only half-hearted.

“You’re right. So, you want a ride home after school?”

“Only if you can hang around for awhile. Lee has swim practice after school building up toward time trials and I promised I’d come and watch and root him on.”

My stomach turned as the dream came rushing back in a flood of memories and I felt my dick jerk in my pants. “Oh....umm....sure. I’ll come and watch also and then give both of you a ride home. How’s Lee doing, anyway.”

“He’s getting really good. Great times. Coach tells him if he keeps on target he’ll definitely be first team when the competition starts.”

“Great. Good for him.”

“He’s worried though because his back has been a little sore the last few days and he’s afraid it will affect his times.”

Again, the dream hit me full in the gut. What was going on? Was I some kind of psychic or something. How was it that I could have a dream and then it would pretty much come true? Not that my second dream had come true....yet. But the time trials for Lee coming up, his back hurting, his worrying about it affecting his times....that had all been a major part of my dream. And what I really didn’t understand was why I was dreaming about Lee in the first place. I mean, I knew him well enough but it wasn’t like we were close or anything and other than admiring his but and thinking he was cute, I had never before dreamt or day-dreamed about him or anything. Maybe it was just because he was Trent’s brother and I was worried about losing Trent’s friendship after the way he bailed on Saturday morning. Sure, that had to be it. My mind was just compensating.

“Tell him to go to a chiropractor. The doctor can fix him right up.”

“Actually, he says he’s thinking of getting a massage the night before the time trials to loosen him up. But that’s probably just talk because there aren’t any massage parlors around here and besides he’s too young to go into one of those places. I think he just fantasizes about going to one of those parlors for a massage and getting something else....if you know what I mean.” The implication was almost unbearable, made even more unsettling by Trent’s conspiratorial tone of voice.

I made no reply. I was actually afraid to, fearing that my voice might crack and give away the extreme nervous excitement I was feeling. I both wanted and didn’t want my dream to come true and I was filled with both a sense of dread as well as a feeling of anticipation.

We seemed to be talked out and just sat quietly, each in our own thoughts for a few moments until the bell rang and we had to go off in different directions for our classes. It was one of my big disappointments that I didn’t have any classes with Trent but then we seemed to be doing well enough without.

I showed up at the indoor pool after school and took a seat on the third row from the bottom at the end of the pool. This was where the swimmer would congregate as this end had the starting platforms. I sat and waited, looking around from time to time for Trent. I hoped that the practice hadn’t been cancelled. I’d look like a right fool sitting here all alone if no one showed up.

After about ten minutes, people starting coming in, some continuing on into the locker room and others taking seats in the bleachers. Finally, Trent came in through the side door and looked around and made a beeline toward me after spotting where I sat.

“I almost forgot about the practice. Lee would have killed me.”

“What reminded you?”

“The fact that after waiting at your car forever that you didn’t show up.” He grinned sheepishly, obviously annoyed at himself for being so forgetful.

“Your memory is failing. That’s so gay!” It just came out. I didn’t mean it and didn’t think anything of it until I saw the panic in Trent’s eyes. It was just an expression that I’d heard a hundred times. It didn’t really mean anything. I tried to cover by making it into a joke, using my most comical voice. “Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone and it’s not like it’s written on your forehead. No one will ever know.”

Trent slugged my arm again, for the second time today. “You are sooo bad!”

We turned our attention to the boys just coming out of the locker room, following along behind their coach. I immediately wondered why, in three years of high school, I had not paid more attention to the swim team. These guys were truly eye candy. Especially in their Speedo swim suits that fit like a second skin. Then my eyes fell on the little blonde....Lee....omigod! He looked every bit as sexy as he had in my dream and the bulge in his Speedos was giving me a real ache...down there! He had a fantastic body just as I had dreamed it and the way his great little ass seemed to wiggle as he walked just made him all the more desirable. I even noticed that he seemed to be checking out the ass of the boy walking in front of him. How hot was that?

Lee noticed Trent and I sitting in the bleachers and gave us a little wave as he gathered around the coach with the other boys to get instructions. Then they all jumped in the pool to get wet and did some minor warmup exercises for about five minutes before climbing out to get set up for their practice trials.

Apparently, Lee had a few minutes before his turn because he headed over toward Trent and I. He stood directly in front of me, his crotch at eye level, engaging in small talk that I had trouble even paying any attention to. The water had made the Speedo even more clingy and, if that wasn’t bad enough, I would swear that Lee’s dick was a bit chubbier than it had been before. There was so little left to the imagination in terms of size. He was very well hung for fifteen and very obviously circumcised. I had to force myself to look away before it became obvious what I was looking at.

As Lee returned to the edge of the pool, Trent punched me in the arm again. It was getting to be an annoying habit and one that I suspected was an attempt to reinforce his masculinity that he felt had been damaged Friday night.

“I saw you ogling my little brother’s crotch. Are you going gay on me because of....you know?”

I thought I came back with a pretty good rejoinder to allay suspicions. “No. I just happened to notice and was making a mental comparison. Your little brother is hung a heck of a lot better than you. That must be sooo embarrassing.”

“He is NOT! It’s an optical illusion because of the way those little swimsuits fit!” Trent was almost fuming at this insult and I felt a little guilty but at least his attention was now off of the fact that I had been mentally undressing Lee. I couldn’t resist another little tease though, just to see what kind of reaction I got. “I’m just kidding, Trent. You know you’re tops in my book. And I can honestly say that you have the biggest and the best dick I ever sucked.”

First reaction was a bright red blush that seemed to set Trent’s face on fire. Then he started to smile with satisfaction until he realized exactly what I had said. “But....mine is the only one you’ve......isn’t it? How many.........?” He was clearly exasperated and having trouble putting together complete sentences. That, and the fear of being overheard.

I just gave him my big grin and he sighed. It was becoming too easy to yank his cord because last Friday had given me so much to work with.

The swim practice was interesting, to say the least, and Lee did quite well judging from all the slaps on the back that he got from his coach and teammates. What did I know about swimming, however. Trent went to the locker room with his brother while I waited in the bleachers, wishing I could be in there looking at all the boys....and Lee.

Finally we were on our way home. Trent wanted to stop at the store to pick up a few things on the way and Lee and I waited in the car while he ran into the store. I was just leaning back in my seat, resting, and feeling very peaceful when it happened.

“Since you know how to give a massage, how about giving me one and helping me out. My back and shoulders and legs are all so tight and sore that it’s hurting my times. Coach said that I was about five percent off my times from the last two weeks. That’s the difference between first place and fourth place.”

“How do you know I can give a massage?” I was concentrating on breathing very slowly and regularly even though my lungs were screaming for air.

“I remember hearing Trent talking about it last year when you went to that college and got a diploma in it.”

“Actually, I didn’t go to a college. It’s just one of those free standing technical schools that advertise on the television. And all I got was a certificate.” That was a lie. I’d only taken the one class and you didn’t get a certificate for that.

“Well, that’s better than anything anyone else I know has. You wouldn’t want me to go to one of those massage parlors and have some old skanky lady rubbing my body and making me fuck her, would you? My poor innocent dick would get all diseased and shrivel up and fall off.”

“Oh, that would be a shame. Because it’s such a nice dick.” Seemed like a safe thing to say to test the waters.

“Yes, it is. I know because it’s my best friend every night.” There was that typical devil may care attitude that I so admired about Lee and Pauley. And it sounded like a tease to me.

“Well, I’ve never done anything professionally since I took the courses. I’m probably out of practice. Besides, it would be really embarrassing. For both of us.”

“It’s probably like riding a bike. It will come back to you. And why would it be embarrassing?”

“Well, first of all you’d be naked. Second of all I’d be rubbing my hands on your body. Besides, where would I give you this massage?”

“I know I’d have to be naked. It’s not like I haven’t been naked in front of guys before. I just finished running around naked in front of my brother and fifty other guys a few minutes ago. And why would it bother you to rub my muscles if it doesn’t bother me?”

“Well, you’re my best friends little brother. It’s one thing to massage a stranger, but someone like you. It just seems a little gay.” Well, I’d thrown that word out and now I would wait and see what came back.

“Gay? Pleeeeaaase! You’re doing a job. Besides, what’s wrong with gay, anyway. Three of the guys on the swim team are gay and they’re great guys. One of them has a boyfriend and the other one asked me to be his boyfriend. I’m not threatened by gay.”

“What did you say?”

“To what?”

“To the guy that wanted you to be his boyfriend.”

“I told him I was already taken.”

“So now he thinks you’re gay? Doesn’t that bother you?”

“No. What other people think doesn’t matter. Besides, how do you know I’m not?”

That shut me up. That was a direct, in-your-face challenge that I had no quick and witty comeback for, and I was afraid to try for fear of saying something that would get me in hot water. But after a few moments contemplation, I saw an opportunity.

“You should talk to your brother. He’s always so panicked about stuff like that. I think sometimes he’s afraid that people will think he’s gay and that he and I are more than just friends because we spend so much time together. I’ve been trying to tease him with little comments to try and get him to loosen up but it’s not working. Maybe you could help him relax.”

“Maybe.” The look I saw on Lee’s face in my rear view mirror however was one of secrecy. He was holding back and it made my mind go into overdrive trying to analyze it.

A. Richard Hunter is the pseudonym of a Los Angeles based writer of business books and journals. An attorney and President of a financial services firm, Hunter has helped to create employment opportunities for less fortunate young people in Southern California and has been an unofficial foster parent to several homeless, runaway and cast off young men over a 25 year period; has contributed to AIDS Awareness Projects; and been a co-founder of a gay community social organization. While many of his stories claim or infer a real life connection and are written in first person for effect, such is done only to increase the enjoyment of the reader. The stories have no real world foundations from the author’s life nor any person known to the author. Any resemblance to persons, places, events or organizations is purely coincidental. These stories are for entertainment only. All persons are encouraged to practice safe sex at all times and remain aware of the threat of AIDS and the fact that this threat is once again increasing after some years of decline. Young persons choosing to read this story should not use this story as an example nor should they seek to find relationships on the internet without taking the strongest precautions possible and knowing with certainty who they are communicating with. BE SAFE, BE LOVED, BE ALIVE!