Dream Comes True

We all dream of what could be, what we want to be. But what do we do when our dreams start becoming reality?


A. Richard Hunter

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Chapter Five

I was extremely nervous and seemed to stop about every third step to look around and over my shoulder to see if anyone was following me or watching me. There was never anyone in sight but that didn’t stop me from checking again three steps later, or again after even three more steps. I’m not sure I ever felt so paranoid in my life.

Lee had convinced me that I just had to give him a massage today in order to relieve his sore muscles before time trials tomorrow. I had done everything I could to discourage him which, to both my surprise and secret delight, had failed to dissuade him. But the location had seemed to be the best defense I had since there was no way I would have him spread out naked on my bed and I wasn’t about to put my hands on his naked body at his house, either.

At first Lee insisted that I could administer the massage at his house as he could lock the bedroom door and keep Pauley out. That, however, was not an option for me and I simply would not budge on that issue. It seemed I had won the battle, which had made me feel a lot better in one respect and disappointed in another. The battle may have been won. The war was lost.

Lee arranged to have the training room just off the locker room available for his use after school today. He had simply explained to the coach about his sore muscles and back and that he had a private masseur who could come and work him over but he needed a place to work. Surprisingly enough, the coach thought it was a good idea and handed over a key. What a coach won’t do for a winning season. But, I suspect Lee also poured on a good dose of his charm.

So, here I was, entering the locker room as stealthily as possible, and looking around hoping there was no one here. It was quiet enough and it didn’t seem there was anyone around until I heard the tinny sound of a locker door slamming shut and a boy came around the corner. My breath caught in my throat and then expelled in a rush of relief as I saw that it was Lee.

“I was beginning to wonder if you were going to show up.” Lee had his perpetual smile plastered on his face and looked especially appealing, dressed as he was in a bright red Speedo swimsuit that seemed even more revealing than the one he had been wearing at practice yesterday.

“I...uh...got held up.”

“Yea, yea. You were just making sure no one else would be around. Why so scared?”

“Do you have any idea what would happen to my rep if someone saw you laying naked on a table and I was standing over you and rubbing you?”

“You’re funny. You’ll be rubbing my muscles, not my...”

“Don’t you dare say it.”


I gritted my teeth. I wasn’t really sure what Lee really had in mind because he was so sexual about everything. Mostly, though, it was the damn dream that had me on edge. It had been so real, just like the one last week about Trent. And that one had come true with such surprising accuracy to the details in the dream that I was afraid.

“C’mon, Michael. No one’s going to see us and even if they did, it’s just a massage.”

“It may seem like just a massage but rumors have been started with far less. You know that your brother would avoid me like the plague if he got wind of it. After pummeling me about the head for putting my hands on your naked body. I don’t want to lose my best friend.”

“Never happen. He likes you too much!”

It wasn’t what Lee said but how he said it that made my scalp tingle and an excitement run up and back down my spine. And I knew Lee felt he had given something away because he blushed and turned away as soon as he said it.

“Okay, then. Let’s get this over with. How much time do we have?”

“As much as we want. Everyone is gone and the custodians don’t clean up in here for...” Lee looked up at the wall clock, “...about three hours or so.”

Lee unlocked the door to the training room and held it open, ushering me in. It was a large room with weight training equipment, three large stainless steel vats of water that, judging from the rising steam, was hot, a trainers table, and a host of other equipment that I didn’t even recognize.

“See? It’s an official training room.” Lee turned and shut the door and locked the deadbolt and, in a surprising concession to the privacy that he claimed not to care about, threw a slide bolt to secure the door which could not be unlocked from the outside. “I’m going to get into the hot water to relax my muscles a bit for five or ten minutes and then you can do your magic.”

The fact that Lee had thrown that extra bolt made me much more comfortable and relaxed and somewhat more excited and suspicious of his real motives. Now all I had to worry about was Lee telling someone about this and that was probably unlikely except by accident.

“The grey cabinet over there,” he motioned to a vertical metal cabinet in a far corner, “contains all kinds of trainers supplies. They probably have some of those lotions or oils that trainers use on athletes since the Coach always seems to have anything that’s needed.”

“Hey. If you’ve got a trainer, why didn’t you have him work on your sore muscles.”

“We don’t have a permanent trainer. Once the season officially begins, we have an old man that retired from the university - the football team - that donates time and is here as needed - mostly just during our meets in case someone is injured.”

“Oh.” Shot down again.

Lee had turned a dial that started the water in one of the big vats to bubbling from the jets beneath the surface. He lowered himself slowly into the hot water and lay his head back against the side, looking very peaceful and relaxed. I wandered over to the grey cabinet and reviewed its contents, choosing not to take anything, at least for now.

I sat and waited until Lee was finished soaking in the swirling hot water. When he climbed out, after about ten minutes, he moved toward a small enclosure that I hadn’t noticed before. I heard water running and walked over to see that it was just a 4x4 foot indentation in the wall that housed a shower head and Lee was rinsing off under what was apparently cool or cold water, judging by the way he was dancing around under the spray.

As Lee turned off the water and emerged from the small area, he quickly shucked his Speedo’s down his legs and kicked them at me. I darted out of the way and they sailed past me to land on the concrete floor near the entry door.

Lee stood there naked; gloriously nude. Everything was on display. I guess I stared a little too long as he spread his arms and did a slow turn for me. “Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m beautiful. I’ll take it by the look on your face that you like what you see?” Where would a fifteen year old get such confidence.

I looked away quickly and I heard Lee chuckle under his breath. He moved to the table and raised himself up and spread out, face down, placing his head in the small, padded, donut shaped frame at one end that cradled his head. I had to stop and just look at him.

God! Trent and his brothers - well, Trent and Lee anyway - had such perfect asses. You couldn’t get any more perfect. Lee’s body was just as beautiful as I had dreamed it would be. He was lean and tight, lightly muscled, tiny waisted that swelled out as you moved your eyes higher on his torso. He was so smooth except for a light dusting of blonde hairs on his lower legs that were almost invisible. His ass was pale, in sharp contrast to his excellent tan that covered all of his body except the swath around his middle that looked to be all of three or four inches in height. Even his ass was smooth, just like Trent’s, and I didn’t see any sign of hair in the wide crevice that divided those magnificently sculpted cheeks.

“Let’s go. Stop ogling my naked body. You’re here to work!” The tone of voice was humorous but the fact was I had been ogling him and he knew it. There was little chance - unless Lee was completely demented - that he couldn’t tell that I was attracted to boy’s bodies. The question was, should I enjoy this opportunity if I wasn’t going to be letting him in on a secret that he already knew, or should I still play the part and try to convince him that he was wrong.

As I moved toward Lee, he spread his legs apart displaying his very loose and plump balls that were pushed out in the V of his thighs. They, too, were smooth and the skin seemed very thin and supple and wrapped around each egg in the same way his Speedo’s had hugged and outlined his cock at the practice yesterday. I hadn’t realized it before but I absolutely loved the look of low hangers in a loose and pliable sac that showed all the contours of the treasure it held.

I started at Lee’s shoulders, squeezing the muscle that ran across his shoulders from neck to arms. He did actually seem a bit tight so I concentrated on kneading his muscles as effectively as I possibly could. I would enjoy giving this massage. I figured the least I could do would be to give him a massage that he could also enjoy - meaning loosening his muscles so he would be prepared for tomorrow.

I spent about ten minutes on his shoulders and then ran my hands down his spine, pressing my thumbs firmly into the muscles on each side of the bony column until I reached his ass. Moving back up the spine in the same fashion, I then spread out applying pressure to the muscles around his shoulder blades and then down each side to his waist. I heard Lee moan pleasurably and grunt from time to time as I worked and, after another fifteen minutes, I was ready to move on.

“Don’t freak on me, Michael, but I could really use a massage on my butt. I’m going to be doing some major kicking tomorrow and I sure don’t want to tighten up and lose the push that I’ll need.” Lee’s voice seemed very relaxed without a hint of any nervousness so I took him at his word.

I placed my hands on his left cheek and squeezed hard to try and find any cord of tight muscle that I could focus on but found none. Not having a specific muscle to work on, I just pressed down and throughly massaged each cheek from top to bottom, taking care to part his cheeks for a quick glimpse of his private treasure.

As I started massaging his upper thighs, I noticed that his balls were not as loose as before and I smiled knowingly. The only thing I could think of that would cause his balls to draw up in that manner was if he had sprouted a hardon. That was a good thing, since I certainly had one of my own and wouldn’t want to be discovered to be the only one getting hard from this experience.

Lee’s legs were utterly fantastic. They were slim but solid, with layers of muscle that dimpled here and there. They were also quite smooth which made it easier to massage without fear of causing discomfort from pulled hairs. I worked on his legs for a good ten minutes and then spent another couple of minutes massaging his feet, which produced some genuine groans of pleasure.

“Okay. I think we’re done.”

“Not yet, you’re not. You need to work on the fronts of my thighs as well as my chest and arms. Can you hand me a towel?”

I was relieved that Lee was going to cover his hardon before turning over but also tremendously disappointed that I wouldn’t get to see it. I reached for a towel on a stack against the far wall and shook it open, handing it to Lee. He held it in place about midway on his body as he slowly rolled over on his back. Unfortunately, when he lay it across his middle, it settled down nicely and did nothing to conceal the tubular shape beneath it. I was surprised at the size of the shape which seemed about seven inches long and pretty thick. But, the thickness could be an optical illusion if his dick was not pressed flat against his belly. At that moment, I determined that one way or another, I was going to get to see Lee’s dick as payment for my work.

I started at Lee’s knees and worked up and down each leg in turn. I worked my hands under the edges of the towel and made certain to move high enough that the backs of my fingers came in contact with his balls. They seemed warm and soft and I made no effort to conceal the fact that I was purposely making contact. I decided Lee had started this and was not stupid enough to not have me figured out so I wasn’t going to waste any effort on subterfuge.

Having moved my hands under the edges of the towel over each leg had moved the towel up to the tops of his thighs such that Lee’s balls were now somewhat visible. They were tight but still slightly hanging between his legs, each orb clearly defined, and perfectly smooth. For some reason, I just wanted to lean over and kiss them and then take them in my mouth one at a time. I resisted the urge by telling myself that the opportunity may yet arise, but all things in good time.

In order to massage Lee’s hips, I folded one side of the towel over to the other, just barely leaving it enough in place to cover his raging erection. I could see the edges of his small, dark blonde patch of pubic hairs and was entranced enough to spend a little too long looking, flushing red when Lee noticeably cleared his throat. I began massaging his hip, running my fingers right over into the beginnings of his bush and then down between his legs beside his balls. I massaged the entire area slowly and carefully and spent extra time on this area before moving to the opposite hip.

As I reached across to fold the towel from the other side toward me, to reveal the opposite hip, a task which I would have more appropriately have done while standing on the other side of his body where I would perform the massage, I allowed myself to accidentally tug at the towel, away from me, causing it to slip and slide off Lee’s body to the floor.

I just stared. With his erection pointing toward his chin and reaching to his naval, it was indeed an impressive cock for a fifteen year old. I was certain that it was a full seven inches, and if so it was less than a quarter of an inch shorter than my own and a full half inch longer than Trent’s. It was straight and pale, with a neatly capped head that was a soft pink and, while truly thick, was not as thick as my own nor as much as I had thought from the bulge in the towel. More importantly, there was a small puddle in Lee’s naval from the pre-seminal flow that was leaking from the small slit at the tip of his cockhead. He was in desperate need. Just the way I would hope him to be.

I pretended to apologize as I walked around to the other side of the table to pick up the towel. As I raised it, instead of laying it out over Lee’s middle, I used it to wipe at the pool of fluids collecting in his naval, pushing his hard cock from one side to the other as I did so. Finally, I took his cock in my hand and lifted it away from his belly to complete the task of drying him off and then gently wiped the head of his cock.

Lee’s body spasmed as the texture of the towel passed over the sensitive head of his cock and his hips jerked upward, his cock seeming to grow harder and fatter in my hand. I released his cock and it slapped down against his belly and I struggled to hold back the smile that was trying to break out on my face. I glanced quickly at Lee’s face and saw that he had his eyes closed, his face contorted in an expression that clearly showed how he was struggling for control.

Without a word, I went back to work, this time not wasting my time lingering in any particular place, anxious now to complete the task and see what kind of reward might await me. As I finished massaging Lee’s arms and chest, I stood for a moment contemplating my next move.

“Well, I guess that’s it. You’ve only got one more muscle and I’d say it’s the most tense of all your muscles. Do you want me to work on it also?”

Lee swallowed hard, staring at me with glassy, red rimmed eyes for a moment, then gave an almost imperceptible nod. I wasn’t letting him get away with that. I wanted him to tell me what he wanted.

“You’re going to have to tell me what you want me to do.”

Lee’s eyes grew wide but I could also see the beginnings of a smirk on his lush lips. I thought I was the cat and he was the mouse but it just might be that he was in control all along and was turning the tables on me at this particular juncture.

Without a word, Lee’s hand moved out away from his side and his fingers groped the front of my pants and gently squeezed and stroked at my impossibly hard cock. “Okay,” Lee said. “What I want is for you to take off your clothes. Then I want you to suck my cock. And then I want to suck your cock. After that, we can just play it by ear for a couple of hours.” The seductive grin he gave me was all the evidence I needed. He really had been in control all the time. I was stupid to think that I was leading.

I was quick to undress, keeping my eyes glued on Lee’s body the whole time just as I could feel the heat of his gaze on my body as it was incrementally exposed to his view. It pleased me to hear him suck in his breath loudly as I dropped my briefs at my feet and stood before him, naked, hard and pulsing with desire.

“Oh, shit! You’re huge. We’re going to have a lot of fun.” He gave me that big, cute smile that had always made my heart flutter, and I was suddenly aware that I would not be the first to make love to this gorgeous sophomore.

“So I guess the massage was just a line so that you could seduce me?”

“Oh, Michael. If only you knew the trouble I’ve gone to.” He had a very silly but serious look on his face and in his eyes that caused me to stop and stand rooted to the spot as his curious comment meandered through my mind.

“What’s that mean?”

“I’ll tell you the whole long story as soon as you finish your chores.” He grasped his hard cock in his hand and waved it at me.

The bluntness caught me off guard and I’m sure my eyes betrayed my surprise. He just continued to sit, legs spread, waving his cock at me like a flag and I finally succumbed to his very direct approach and moved toward him.


Chapter Six

The training room suddenly felt very hot to me as I watched Lee bent over in front of me to spread a mat on the floor. I hadn’t really ever considered him as a sexual partner before my dream because I had been entirely focused on Trent. Not that I hadn’t noted how cute he was or even how sexy he was, but my mind had just never quite made the trip to this natural conclusion. Now, watching him, looking at his naked body and the tight ass just a few feet from me, I couldn’t believe it was happening or that I had never fantasized about him before that eventful dream.

Lee turned to look at me. He suddenly seemed to have become very shy and just looked at me without saying anything, his hands clasped in front to cover the tumescent pole jutting from his groin and continuing to leak the proof of his extreme arousal. I took the initiative and moved toward him and watched as his eyes grew wider and his tongue darted over his dry lips.

“It’s too late to start being bashful now.” I reached out and pushed his hands aside and stared very pointedly at his hard cock. “It’s really beautiful, Lee. It must be one of the biggest cocks in the sophomore class.”

Lee merely blushed and then stepped toward me a quickly kissed me. “Not just one of the biggest.”

I slapped his bare ass lightly. “Nobody likes a braggart.” I leaned forward and kissed him back, circling my arms around him quickly and pulling him tightly against me. It took only seconds and we were engaged in a passionate, soul-reaching kiss, our legs becoming unsteady, and we gradually sank to the mat on the floor and stretched out beside one another, never breaking the kiss.

My hands were exploring Lee’s ass, his hips and working around to feel and stroke his magnificent cock. I felt a gnawing hunger in my gut as my hand stroked up and down his long pole and I could no longer deny the need. I broke the kiss and moved quickly toward the center of his body, toward his hard cock held in my hand. I looked at it up close for scant seconds before leaning forward and closing my lips over the large head, slowly allowing my mouth to descend as far as I could go.

Lacking the experience, I was unable to take this large cock all the way to the root but had to content myself with taking only half of it into my mouth before it hit the back of my throat and began to encourage my gag reflex. Gradually, my head moved with increasing speed up and down over Lee’s pole, my lips pressed tightly around his flesh and my tongue dancing rapidly along its length and over its head.

Lee’s hands were balled into two fists, his legs quivering, his hips thrusting but almost imperceptibly. He was close. Too close. It was too soon. I needed more time to enjoy this before he shot his load and lost interest. I pulled back, releasing his hard cock from between my lips, allowing the cool air to strike his overheated flesh as it slapped back against his belly. Lee’s eyes shot open, looking at me in dismay and panic, pleading with me to continue, to not leave him hanging on the precipice of such pleasure.

“I don’t want you cumming so soon. We’ve still got so much time.” I had heard the expression “if looks could kill” before, but this was the first time I believe I had ever witnessed such a look. But it passed almost as quickly as it arrived as Lee realized there was something else he could be doing.

Sitting up, he pushed me onto my back, leaned forward and took me into his mouth. He was seemingly quite experienced and I made a mental note to ask him how much experience he really had. But for now, I just lay back and enjoyed only the second blow job I’d ever had.

We continued trading blow jobs, back and forth, for almost forty five minutes until we were both so uncontrollably horny that we could no longer deny each other the ultimate pleasure of release that our bodies were clamoring for. We got into classic position and set to work on each other, our hands exploring, our mouths busily sucking and our hips gyrating as a testament of burning desire. It was mere minutes before we were reaching the mountaintop, our volcanoes exploding, and our lava flooding out to fill one another’s mouths with the nectar of our passion. When we finally rolled apart, we were breathing hard and it seemed long minutes before we had finally recovered from our intense experience.

“Okay, tell me what you meant about all the trouble you’ve gone to.”

Lee rolled over on his side, facing me, as I twisted around so that he was looking at my face instead of my cock. He propped his head on one hand and gave me a big smile. “Are you sure you really want to hear this? Because things will never be quite the same for you again if I tell you this.”

“I want to know.” But I was the littlest bit hesitant. Not that I’d admit that to Lee.

“Okay, Here goes.” Lee took a deep breath, as if for dramatic effect. “I’ve kinda had the hots for you for two years. You remember that community dance that you and Trent went to, the one where you snuck me in the back door because I was only thirteen?”


“That’s when it started. I kinda was starting to notice guys and realize that they were where it was at for me but it was that dance where it all struck home.”

“Why. I don’t remember anything special about the dance.”

“You wouldn’t. You spent the whole night giving googly-eyes to Trent so I’m not surprised you didn’t notice anything. But I saw the way you looked at my brother and it was so obvious that you were feeling the same things I was. I got all excited thinking that maybe we would be able to experiment together and find out what ‘ it ’ was all about. Don’t you remember me staring at you at that one point and you asked me why I was staring at you?”

“Oh, yea. I do remember something like that.”

“Do you remember what I said in response to your question?”

“Uh.....no.” I felt a little bad that I didn’t remember, that it hadn’t been as eventful for me as it had for Lee.

“I said I was just admiring your facial features.”

“That’s right! I remember thinking it was a little odd but at the same time it was very flattering because I’ve always thought of myself as very plain, if even that.”

“But, that night I remember thinking how great looking you were and I was so excited and hopeful that the two of us would somehow find each other. But then, I didn’t really see you again, except in passing, for about a year until I started high school. But this year, when you got your license and your car, I started seeing you almost every day because you always came by at the right time to give us a ride to school and it brought back all those old memories.”

“How come you never said anything?”

“I wasn’t sure for awhile that you had the same....needs. But then I started noticing how you were just as crazy as ever about my brother as you’d been at the dance that night and I was sure you liked guys just like I did.”

“So, you cooked up this massage idea to prove it?”

“Not exactly. I was running around with a group of friends at school that....let’s say we had certain interests in common.”

“You mean you and your group of friends are all gay?”

“Yea. And one of them told me that he had noticed the way I was always looking at you and asked me about it. I told him I’d had a crush on you for two years and he told me he was sorry. When I asked what he meant by that, he said something to the effect that it was rough having a crush on your older brother’s boyfriend.”

I held my tongue although I wanted to snort with pleasure that someone thought I was Trent’s boyfriend....or that I was boyfriend material at all.

“I told him you weren’t my brother’s boyfriend and he just laughed. He had seen the way you hang on Trent’s every word and the way you look at him like you’re completely smitten. But he surprised me when he told me he had observed Trent doing the same thing toward you. I’d never noticed it before, but when I really started paying attention, it was so obvious. The way he looks at you - he constantly stares at your crotch when you’re not looking - and the way he listens when you talk. And I noticed how much happier he’s been since he started spending more time with you and less with those older guys he used to hang around with all the time.”

I was dumbfounded. This was totally news to me but I was excited to hear it.

“Finally, I confronted Trent at home a few months ago and forced him to admit that he’s gay and totally in love with you. But he’s so uptight, and you’re so shy, that I knew nothing would ever happen between the two of you. So I prepared a plan.”

My stomach was turning over as I listened to Lee tell me about his plan.

“I’ve always been fascinated with my dad’s old books on hypnotism, and post hypnotic suggestions. But I found that one of the books talked about how to create the same kind of condition in a sleeping person through the use of repetitive phrases and soft white noise when they are in a state of REM sleep - the deepest and most restful sleep state. So I started practicing on Pauley at night after he went to sleep and within a week, he crawled in bed with me and started feeling me up.”

“Wow!” My mind was bouncing off walls with disbelief and with the sudden realization that yet another of these sexy brothers was gay.

“With hypnotism, they say you can’t make someone do anything they really don’t want to do so I knew that Pauley was genuinely interested in messing around and we started having sex every night when we went to bed and experimenting with things I read in books. But then, I thought, why not use it to create a situation with you and Trent. But I just couldn’t come up with a really good plan. Then Pauley - the tramp - turns out that he’s been messing around a few times a week after school with one of our neighbors that he discovered was gay. Pauley mows his lawn every week and usually in real short, tight cutoffs and no shirt. He noticed how the guy watched him constantly and finally found a way to make the guy horny enough that he made a move on Pauley. So, from then on, Pauley goes to his place a few times a week and they mess around. So, anyway, Pauley says that his friend has mentioned how hot looking Trent is and he says that he could get his friend to help us with a plan. Between the two of us, we came up with the plan of arranging to have you and Trent kidnaped and forced to do things with each other to try and break down the barriers. But, I still wanted a shot at you myself, so I came up with the idea of the sleep hypnotism thing. I snuck into your bedroom and put my small recorded under your bed on which I had recorded the suggestions. And it worked. Trent told me you’d had a dream that night so I knew you were ready. It was a lucky break that you guys went to that party. It all worked out so perfectly. Best part was that Pauley’s friend let us in and we hid in his house and watched everything that happened. It was so obvious that the two of you wanted each other from the way you guys acted. Especially you. I knew the dream had played a big part in preparing you and getting you so horny that when this opportunity presented itself you couldn’t resist.”

“Man, you’re right. That was the most real dream I’ve ever had.”

“I did the same thing to Trent so he basically had the same dream, in reverse. You won’t believe how long he was in the shower that next morning. He must have jerked off three times.”

“I can’t believe you set this all up. But how did that help you?”

“I figured if it worked on you, and you started believing in these dreams coming true, that I could do it again and give you a dream about me and it would make you more susceptible when I approached you with my request.”

“It worked. And I’m glad it did because you’re really hot. But I am still in love with Trent.”

“I know. And that’s okay because I think I’m in love with that friend on the swim team - you know the one that asked me to be his boyfriend. But I just needed to have one night with you so I could fulfill the fantasy that I’ve carried around for two years now.”

“And did you?”

“Not yet. Not until you get that big dick hard again and shove it up my butt.”

“Not a problem, Lee.”

We spent almost another two hours rutting about the floor, doing everything we could conceive of to give ourselves pleasure before finally retiring to the shower to clean up and get dressed. We made certain to put everything in the room in order so that no one would be the wiser, and even checked the floor to see if there was any tell-tale evidence of our multiple orgasms.

“There’s one thing you have to do, Michael, as payment for the help we gave you.” He was smiling.

“What’s that?”

“Pauley wants his turn with you. Seems you’re the object of fantasy for every brother in our family.”

I smiled happily. “Not a problem. He’s a cutie. But....does he even have pubic hair yet?”

“Of course. He started getting pubes at twelve, like the rest of us. And he’s got a nice dick and a cute ass. You’ll enjoy it because he’s got a lot of energy.”

“If I do, will you guys help me have a repeat performance with Trent? I’ve dropped hints and innuendoes but he’s not getting them.”

“You bet. We already have a plan that is guaranteed to finally - once and for all - break down that wall so he’ll admit to you that he’s gay and in love with you.”

“Great.” I could see another look on his face that I recognized as hiding something. “What?”

“If you want to mess around with some other really cute guys, everyone in my group, including some of the members of my swim team that I noticed you paying a lot of attention to, have expressed an interest in you.”

“I’ll have to think about it. After all, I may be taken.” Images of the faces and bodies of the swimmers and the boys that I had seen Lee running around with at school were swimming in front of my eyes. It was entirely possible that, in my last two years of high school, I would make up for the complete dearth of social interaction during my first two years. This could be very interesting!

- Fini -

A. Richard Hunter is the pseudonym of a Los Angeles based writer of business books and journals. An attorney and President of a financial services firm, Hunter has helped to create employment opportunities for less fortunate young people in Southern California and has been an unofficial foster parent to several homeless, runaway and cast off young men over a 25 year period; has contributed to AIDS Awareness Projects; and been a co-founder of a gay community social organization. While many of his stories claim or infer a real life connection and are written in first person for effect, such is done only to increase the enjoyment of the reader. The stories have no real world foundations from the author’s life nor any person known to the author. Any resemblance to persons, places, events or organizations is purely coincidental. These stories are for entertainment only. All persons are encouraged to practice safe sex at all times and remain aware of the threat of AIDS and the fact that this threat is once again increasing after some years of decline. Young persons choosing to read this story should not use this story as an example nor should they seek to find relationships on the internet without taking the strongest precautions possible and knowing with certainty who they are communicating with. BE SAFE, BE LOVED, BE ALIVE!

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