By: James

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This story is a work of fiction, although some attributes are from personal experience, no similarity to person's, living or dead are intended.  So on with the story.......

DREAM's Chapter 1

    " You know what? You can be a real asshole sometimes." Said Jas, my best friend, as we walked to our locker's. Jason Alexander Kirsch. 15, about 5' 11" and around 160 pounds, solid muscle, he's got the most beautiful brown eyes' I've ever seen and they show every single emotion, and his hair, `Oh My God' he's got the most gorgeous brown hair, when the sun hits' it just right, it's like he's got a halo around him, but no one seems to see besides me the horn's holding up that halo, I just love him with all my heart.   We been best friends since we were five, went to grade school together but then ended up going to a different middle school and I was so lost without him by my side, you'd think we were attached at the hip growing up.  We did everything together, he was my partner in crime as they say.  We tell each other everything, we don't have any secret's from each other as far as he know's, There's only one thing I haven't told him about me and that's that I'm gay, and how do I tell him about Kailan?

    Ah, Kailan, my boyfriend. He's also 15, long shoulder length blond hair that shine's like gold when the sun hits' it, and when he wraps his 6' frame around me, I feel safe, he goes to another high school in the area, and he's on the swim team for his school so he's in with the popular crowd, unlike me. Just thinking of his green eyes' and how I could stare into them all day long, really get's my heart to racing, I'm sure he'd be all right with it, but how do you tell someone something like that.         " JC?"

    " Huh? , Sorry."

    " You spaced off on me there buddy."

    " Yeah, well you know I don't like English Lit Jas, and if it weren't for the powers that be, that make it a requirement  I wouldn't be in that class, so bite me."  "Besides, you know that bitch McKenzie hates me, and there's no love lost on my side either." I said     " Yeah well you could at least try to ignore her or pretend it doesn't bother you like it does, it sure as hell would save you from detention a lot more." Jas said laughing.  

    Oh by the way my name is Jonathan but everyone calls me JC, I'm just your average kid I guess, I'm 5' 10" about 150 pound soaking wet. I have the worst hair in the world, it's a curly, can't do anything with it dark blond.  I have these steel blue eyes' that seem to change with whatever I'm feeling, and everyone tells me that they just love my eye's, me on the other hand hate them, well I don't hate them I just don't like them all that much cause they always give me away.

    " Humph, whatever, she's still a bitch in my book." I said with a sarcastic laugh.

    " But I'll try to stay out of her line of fire."

    Mrs. McKenzie is our English Lit. teacher and man the worst part about it is we have it first period, right after home room.  Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind Eng. Lit though it's not my best subject, I guess I do ok in it.  At least I'm passing, I guess that's all that matters, but it's the bitch they call a teacher that really grates my nerves.  Ever since school started last week, she's been on my case, and I don't know why, it's like she just had to single out one kid in the class to be her little punching bag so to speak, and you guessed it, I'm the one she picked. Lucky me.

    I'm on my way to Algebra II when the bell rings to let me know I'm late, ` Yay, this day just keeps getting better ' I say to myself.  I run in the door to class and see that the teacher hasn't come in yet which is a relief, maybe the day won't be shot all to hell like I thought.  Thank god it's Friday, that all I can say.

    The rest of the day goes ok, until gym class.  It's the last class of the day and it's my favorite class, for many reasons, but it's also one of the worst, cause I have to be very careful not to get a hard on. All that eye candy prancing around naked, it's enough to drive one mad.       Ever since they started to make us shower after gym back in junior high, I've learned to stare just long enough to get a good eye full and not get caught, and I've learned when to stop before I end up with a growing problem that could get me caught.  Damn but there's some hot lookin' boys' in my class.  ` Ok Jonathan, stop ogling, you've got a boyfriend '. Oops that did it, thought's of Kailan usually get me hard, but with all these naked boys' running around, wet from the shower's, I'm surprised I didn't faint from the lose of blood flow to the brain I got hard so fast.  Quickly dressing, I say goodbye to Jas and out the door I run.

    After arriving home I run up the stairs to my room slam the door shut and start ripping off clothes.  Standing there in front of the full length mirror in the corner of my room, I grab my hard 7" cock and slowly start to stroke it as thoughts and images of Kailan pop into my mind, his strong slender arm's wrapping around me, holding me close, and those deep, deep green pools shining like emerald's in the sun light, and the way his long beautiful blond hair tickles my face, it's not long before I reach the pinnacle of orgasm and with a final stroke, my body goes rigid, I scream out in pleasure, and I erupt, five blasts of hot cum splatter against the mirror and I crumple to the floor as my knee's buckle, panting, I lay there in the after glow of my orgasm with Image's of Kailan still in my head.

    After a few minutes, I'm able to get up, I walk into my bathroom, thankfully I have my own private bathroom, I turn on the shower and hop in, still trembling slightly from my jack off section, I stand under the hot spray and let the jet's relax my body.

    Once I'm calmed down enough I wash up, getting out I grab a towel and start drying off when my cell rings in the bedroom, wrapping the towel round my waist I run in to answer the phone, looking at the caller ID, seeing it's Kail, I answer.

    " Hey sexy, was just thinkin' bout you."

    " Oh really?" He giggles "And did you clean up the mess?" Lookin' back toward the mirror, giggling, I reply "Not yet."

    " You're so bad" he laughs, "Anyway, I just called to make sure we're still on for tonight."

    " Oh yea, definitely," We're planning on going to the amusement park tonight just the two of us and spend some quality time and have fun doing it.

     " What time did you want to go to Sea Side?"     " I figured I'd come by and get you about six, that way we can get something to eat before we hit the rides."  The lucky shit already has his drivers licence, I still have three months before I can get mine, I have to go through Drivers Ed. First.  Stupid insurance rules say you have to take Drivers Ed. before you can get you licence other wise, you can't get insured, unless you're eighteen, and I'm not waiting till I turn eighteen to get my licence.  God I can't wait.

    " Ok babe, sounds good to me.  Where did you want to eat?"

    " Don't matter to me, if you want we can be quick and hit McDick's or we can go to Charlie's and get some real food."  He said.

    " Let's go to Charlie's."

    " Ok, see yea in about an hour then."

    " Ok.  Love you." Now for the hard part, saying goodbye and hanging up, even though I'll see him soon, I still hate it.

     " Bye babe."

    " Love you too, bye."     Neither one of us wants to be the first to hang up so there's a short span of time just listening to each other's breathing.  After a few agonizing moments, he say's.

    " Ok I'll see you in a bit.  I love you."  He pauses, "bye."

    " I love you too."  And he hangs up.

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