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This story is romance between two consenting teens. This is not a jerk off story so if that's what you're looking for, then look elsewhere. I do apologize about the the chapters being so short, but as you know this is my first attempt at writing, I also write in real time. So the first few chapters will be short until I get more settled. Thank you for you're pateince.


By James

Chapter: 02 'Night of fun'

After Kailan and I hung up, I finished drying off from my shower and then went to the closet to find something to ware for the night. Now the weather in L.A. (Woodland Hill's to exact) at the end of August is usually still very warm if not down right hot at times, but down on the beach it can get pretty chilly at night, so with that in mind, I grab some boxers and a pair of black cargos and set out to find just the right shirt. After several failed attempts, I found just the right one, a cream colored sleavless T. Then I set out to tame the mess ontop of my head. 'Golddie locks aint got nothin' on me' I think to myself as I look in the mirror.

Once I get the mop some what under control, I slip on my shoes and head on down stairs. As I turn on the T.V. and flop down on the couch flippin through channels, I start daydreamin' about kailan again. Not really payin attention to whats on as I channel surf, rather how it feels like my skin is on fire where ever he touches me and the way his full almost blood red lips feel on my neck, the feel of his hot silky skin under my finger tips as I run them up and down his back. And I'm suddenly brought back to reality by the ringing of the phone. After readjusting my erection, cursing under my breath, I get up to answer the phone thining it might be Kailan.

“Hello?” I said just a little to excitedly.

“Hello Jonathan.” 'Oh great, it's my dad'. Rolling my eyes. As my erection suddenly deflates upon hearing his voice on the other end of the receiver.

“ Oh, hi dad, what's up?” George Colter, my dad, probly one of the most influential and intimidating men in Woodland Hill's being the Assistant D.A. He's a gruff late 40's kind of guy, about 6'3” very well built, about 225 pounds with black as cole hair and the same eyes as mine, piercing steel blue, only his always seem along with his facial expressions to be angery. The man scares me.

“I just wanted to call and let you know that your mother and I will not be home till late. We have a dinner engagment to attend. So your on your own for supper.” Seffani Ann, my mom. 5'4”, about 105 pounds. Now she's beautifull, with a glorious cream colored skin, stunning crystal blue eyes and long luxurious blond hair, (everyone tells me it's easy to see where I get my looks, and I guess their right.) And she's very petite. She's the head nurse at St. Vincent Memorial. So I'm guessing that they'll come home to change as soon as her shift is done and head out as usual.

“Oh ok, no problem dad, me and some of the guys were going to go out to Sea Side tonight anyway so I'll just grab something then ok?” Yea I know I lied to him about being with the guys. But he don't know about me, in fact neither one of them do, though, I think my mom has a suspicion, but she's never said anything as of yet and I'm not about to either.

“Ok, you just be sure to stay out of trouble, I mean it, you hear me?”

“Yes sir, I will, I promise.”

“Ok, see you tomorrow then. And don't forget to cut the lawn sometime tomorrow. I have to go.” Click. And that's that. He almost never says goodbye, or see yea. Just a click and you know he's done. Sigh. Don't get me wrong I love my parents. And I love my dad, very much, but he's hard to deal with because he's so damn abrasive. And he's one of those, 'Men don't cry' kind of guy's, so if you cry, you better have been run over by a truck.

As I hang up the phone, I heard a car pull into the dive. Looking up at the clock, I noticed it was just before six. Looking out entryway window I see that it's Kailan, and I open the door before he even has a chance to knock, starttling him.

Grabbing him by the arm, I pull him into the entryway. Shutting the front door, I attack his full lips, needing to taste him. Wraping my arms around his neck, pulling him into me. I run my tongue over his lips as my way of asking permission into his mouth. He opens his mouth and our tongues battle for supremacy. His scent and taste driving me wild, I can never get enough of him. After braking our liplock, staring into his eyes. I whisper breatlessly.

“I've missed you so much baby.” And I bury my face in his neck.

“I've missed you too my love.” As he kisses me behind the left ear. The vibration of his voice resonating against me, filling me with peace and desire. Pulling away slightly from our embrace. Kailan asks.

“You ready to go babe?”

“Mmm, yea I'm ready anytime you are sexy.” I reply in a seductive voice.

Raising an eyebrow. He says. “I'll just bet you are.” Laughing, opening the front door.

“Come on let's go before we end up not going at all.”

After driving about twenty minutes, we reach Charlies. Kailan pulls into a parking spot, shutting off the car, he turns to me, takes my hand in his. Slowly stroking the palm of my hand and wrist, kissing my fingures one by one. He says to me in his sexiest voice.

“Oh my god JC,” Kiss. “You are.” Kiss. “So, easy.” And he bails out of the car laughing.

'Oh my god, no he didn't!' I bail out as well, chasing him to the door of the restaurant, yelling after him, trying not to laugh and failing miserably.

“No you didn't! You are so cut off.” Laughing as I catch him at the doors.

We get inside and sit down at one of the booth's and order our food after getting our drinks. About fifteen minuies later, the food arrives and all conversation stops as we feed our faces. (Hey, we're teenage boys, nothing gets in the way of food.) Once the bill is paid, and we're back on our way to the park. The banter start's up again.

About twenty minutes later, we pull up to the entrance of the park. After paying at the gate, kail and I walk around the midway for a while checkin' out the rides and the games to see what there is. All the while checkin out other hot guys, and to see if there is anyone around that we know from school. After walking arounde a couple hours, we decide to hit a few rides, starting with the ferris wheel so we can hold hands and enjoy the veiw.

A little after eleven thirty, we started walking around, looking at the verious different games, playing one here and there. We both won our share of stuffed animals for each other. After takeing our winnings to the car and safely locking them up, we head back to walk around and look at all the lights from the rides. The whole time just chatting about anything and everything unimportant.

Bumping shoulders with kail, I look at him with a smirk on my face. “Lets go out to the beach.”

After a short walk we get to the beach and I start taking off my shoes and socks. I love the feel of the sand between my toes. The warm, spongy dampness, spreading out under each step, tickeling my feet as it comes up between my toes. Kailan removes his as well. Looking around to make sure no one is around, and under cover of the night, I take kailans hand as we start walking. We walk in silence, just enjoying the closeness together. Before long kailan lets go of my hand. I look up at him with a confussed look, and he just smiles, and slides his arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him, kissing me on the temple. Sighing happily, I lay my head on his shoulder as we walk on.

Before long we reach a fairly secluded spot of the beach and sit. The music from the amusment park, wafting over us on the gentle breeze. I lay back and look up at the night sky, filled with stars. Thinking about how unfair it is, that we have to hide the way we feel about each other. I look over at kail while he's looking up at the stars, and I'm awestruck, as every star is reflected in his eyes. Takeing my very breath away, as a single tear rolls down my cheek.

Kailan sees the tear and in an instant, he's got me wrapped in his strong arms, holding me tight. “What's the matter baby?” he says, as he whips the tear from my cheek.

Emotions welling up inside me so strong, unable to sort them out and make sence of everything, I sigh, snuggling up closer to kails side, feeling his warmth.

“Just thinking, at how unfair it is that I can't even hold your hand like I want, when I want, because people don't like or understand us. Or because some asshole might try to hurt one of us because they don't like us.” I say, as other fears and insecurities creep into my mind. Kailan just sighs and tightens his arms around me.

After a moment of silence. “Kail?” I say. “How do you feel about us? About me?”

He looks at me with concern in his eyes before he answers. “I love you with all my heart Jonathan. I ache everyday when I'm away from you, and I ache everyday that I'm with you, because I really have no way to truly express how much I love you.” kissing me on the forehead, he manuvers me so that we're both on our side faceing one another. Our heads proped up on our hands, on our elbows.

“My biggest fear, is that you'll one day feel that I'm not enough for you, and that you'll tell me to get lost.” Stroking the side of my face, the raw emotions evident in his eyes, he continues. “I dont think I could handle that, you're such a big part of me, that I would die inside if you ever did. So, do I love you? More than anything Jonathan, more than anything.” And he leans in and gently kisses me.

I kiss him back as the tears run down my face. I whisper against his lips. “I love you too kailan.” And I deepen the kiss. Soon the passion is at a fever pitch. And before I know it, I'm ontop of him. Our bodies pressing together in a tight embrace, from our lips to our toes. My 7” straining against my confining pants. I can feel his 7 1/4” cock rubbing against mine through his pants. Moaning into each others mouths, as we increase the pressure of our rubbing groins. I can feel my orgasm begin to rise, that familier tingly feeling starting in the pit of my gut, spreading throughout my body. My precum soaking my boxers and my abdomen, making the head of my cock even more sensitive.

Suddenly, we hear voices, close voices. We freeze, wondering where they came from, how long have they been there? Slowly, we seperate and crawl up to our hands and knees, to see how close they are. There, about twenty feet from us, is a large group high school age kids, laying out blankets and coolers. Kailan and I look at each other, I'm wondering what to do. As I start to whisper to him, three more kids, come running up from behind us over the side of the sand dune about ten feet from us, to join their friends.

Slowly we crawl back to where we were, erections a thing of the past with the fear of being seen. After a few moments we stand up behind the sand dune so they can't see us, we brush off as much sand from each other as we can. And start on our way back the the car, unfortunetly, to do so means that we have to walk right past their little party. As we walk by, everyone becomes quiet. Watching us go by, once we've past, the chatter quietly starts up again, but I can still feel eyes upon us.

We walk in nervous silence all the way back to the car. Once there, kailan unlocks the doors and we climb in. Turning to me, taking my hand in his. He kisses the back of my hand and chuckling, he says.

“That was close.”

“To close.” I say.

Starting the car, he says. “Ok, well, it's like one in the morning, so, I better take you home.” Leaning over and kissing me. He puts the car in gear and we head out.

Once we pull into the driveway, we get out and he walks me up to my front door. Looking into his eyes on my front step, I take his hands in mine, bringing them up to my lips, kissing them, I ask.

“Stay the night, please?”

“Anything you want my love.” he says as he pulls his hands from mine and cradles my face in his, kissing me softly.

I open the door and we walk in and I shut the door quietly, not knowing if the rents are home yet or not. As we make our way up the stairs to my room. Thoughts of kailan in bed with me again, naked, skin to skin, has me standing at attention once again. His hot lips burning my flesh with every kiss places on my body. The warmth of his body, chasing away the cold lonely darkness from my heart once again. The thought of wakeing up next to him in the morning, brings to me, a peace of mind that can't be found anywhere, except in the arms of the one you love.

As these thoughts are running through my brain, we reach my bedroom. Closing the door, kailan wraps his strong arms around my waist from behind. I lean my forhead against the door as he starts kissing my neck. His hot breath sending goose bumps over my body, and his kisses making me moan in pleasure.

I turn in his arms and press my lips to his, running my hands through his hair pulling him into me. After several hot moments of tonsil hockey, kailan reaches down and starts pulling my shirt up over my head, breaking the kiss only long enough to remove it completely. Slowly we undress each other, kissing and caressing each and every bit of exposed skin. Moments or maybe hours later, we're crawing into bed naked, pressed to one another. Kailan laying ontop of me, breaks the kiss, looking into my eyes, he whispers.

“I love you jonathan. More than you'll ever know.”

“I love you to Kail.” kissing him again. “Make love to me.” I breath against his ear. And I wrap my legs around his waist pulling him against me.

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