Dreamy Eyes

By: Jaden

Disclaimer: This story involves love, relationship, and "adult" subject matter between teenage boys... so I guess that means your not supposed to read this if your under 18, but really if you are younger than that, I can't stop you.  Just Don't Get Caught :)  If homosexuality offends you, then leave, or join the 21st century, and open up to it.

This Is FICTION... any character resembling a real life person is by coincidence, and in the rare event a character is based on someone in real life their name has been changed due to legal and personal protection.  You never know who's lurking around reading this. So now the little spiel is over so hopefully you'll enjoy this.  Do Not Reproduce this story, and if you would like to have it on your web site, email me & get my permission.  Thanks.  Copyright © Jaden & Jaded Edge Productions (TM)

Chapter 1
Veil Of Tears

The sun was shining, it's ever reaching rays beaming through the thin crevices of the crooked old blinds attempting to shield the darkness.  The light touched the form lying on a queen sized bed, causing a stirring from the sleeping slumber that had been put upon him from endless amounts of work and stress.  Behind his fluttering eye lashes, his midnight dark colored eyes slowly opened to the world.  Silky smooth caramel colored skin came into view, as the satin sheets adorning his body drifted to the floor from his motions.  The taught muscles billowing under his tender flesh contracted while he brought himself into a seated position.

He pulled himself to his feet and stretched, causing him to gasp as he did so.  His eyes looked down to his right side, where a large bruise framed his obliques.  The boy's head just shook in disappointment before walking to his bathroom. Matéo turned the knobs overlooking the oval sized tub, letting the water warm up to just the right temperature.  The boxers dropped down his hairless legs and he stepped out of them and into the oncoming hot rain of the shower head.

Seventeen year old Matéo Consuelos stared off into space, trying to shake the cob webs out of his head.  He brought a hand up and ran it through the dark spiky mess crowning the top of his head.  The water poured down through his black locks, pasting it down to the edge of his forehead.  His beauty was one that was matched by few, and envied by many.  Girls fawned over him, guys wanted to be him.  And Matéo detested it.

He grabbed the shampoo bottle and generously started to lather up his hair.  When the gooey liquid started to penetrate the back of his head, a strong burning sensation shot through Matéo's senses causing him to cringe in pain.  He brought his hand to the front where his eyes caught sight of the red liquid staining his fingertips.  Tears shimmered at the brim of his eyes, but he would not let them fall.  Weakness was not an option.  This is the reason why he detested people so much.

Would the girls really want to be with him when they found out his beautiful looks were marred by battle scars?  Would any guy really want to be him and have to take the beatings he takes on a regular basis.. from his own father none the less?  Ever since Matéo could remember he had been a human punching bag to his father.  His mother left when he was 2 years old, so Matéo could not know what her reasons were for that, but he assumed it was to escape the same abuse that he himself was subjected to; And he hated her for leaving him to in his own private version of hell.

A loud banging came from the wall facing Matéo.  He knew the sound of that fist all too well.  It was his father's way of telling him he had used too much of his "precious water" that would run the utilities bill up a whole 5 cents.  Matéo sighed to himself and against his better judgment, ignored the warning of his father.  The blood slowly, but surely dissipated from the apparent cut on the back of his head, then Matéo turned the water off and stepped out of the shower.

A towel wiped the fog from the vanity mirror above the bathroom sink and soon Matéo stared himself in the eyes.  It was a morning ritual of his to stand in front of the mirror and stare down himself.  Thoughts that plagued his mind would be communicated to himself without words.  The biggest trouble plaguing his young mind was, why?  What did he do to deserve his father's hatred?  He did everything he was told, for the fear of the consequences of disobeying was paralyzing, but somehow he always received those consequences no matter what he did.  Matéo spread polmade onto his hands then ran his fingertips through his moist hair.  The spikes shot out all over his head, about an inch and a half long, just how he liked it.  He smiled a little to himself in the mirror as he put a pair of diamond laced, platinum hoop earrings into his bag beside the sink.  If his father saw him wearing earrings he would kill him.  It was a sign of being feminine to his father, "Only women wear earrings.  What are you some kind of fag?"  Was what his father said to him when Matéo suggested the idea of him getting his ears pierced.

Matéo grabbed his bag and brought it into his bedroom where he proceeded to double check that his books and CD player were in there.  He walked to his dresser and pulled out a pair of red boxers and white socks, then headed to his closet to pick out his outfit for the day. Living in St. Paul, Minnesota during the fall season didn't give much choice but to wear warm clothes.  Matéo grabbed a white sweater with a black and beige stripe going across the chest area and a semi baggy pair of blue jeans.  After he put all of his clothes on, he went back to the mirror and put a thin silver necklace around his neck that his best friend had given him.  If Matéo was proud of one thing in his life, it was his friendship with the one person that he knew genuinely cared about him.  Not for his looks, not for his money, not for what he could give him.  No strings attached.

*Ding Dong*

The doorbell could be heard throughout the house, putting a small smile upon Matéo's face.  He put some deodorant on, spritzed his clothes with cologne, grabbed his bag and ran down the stairs.  His smile dropped when he saw his father had already opened the door.  His father turned to him with rage in his eyes, "What did I tell you about running in my house?"

Matéo's eyes shot downward, "I'm sorry, sir."

"I'm sure Noah doesn't run around in his house.  Why can't you grow up and act your age?  You're just like your bitch of a mother, I swear."  His father grumbled and cursed for all to hear as he walked out of the living room area and into the kitchen.  Matéo's face flushed from embarrassment, as he brought his eyes back up to see his best friend Noah standing on the front steps.

The sun shimmered through his light brown hair, showering it with golden highlights.  The cold Minnesota wind whipped through his bed head styled hair.  The crystal blue of his eyes flashed a look of happiness and sympathy, while his ghost white teeth flashed a smile through his small pink lips.  His dimples made his smile even more inviting, as he motioned for Matéo to come outside so they could head to school.  Matéo walked out of his house and closed the door behind him.

Noah and Matéo walked along the side walk toward their highschool a few blocks away.  Matéo reached into his bag and pulled out his earrings, "Will you hold my bag for me, bro?"

Noah smiled, "Don't I always?  How else would you pull off your secret earring scheme?"  Matéo snapped one earring into each ear, then took his bag back from Noah.

"Well, you know how my dad is..."

Noah frowned, "Yeah, I know.  Asshole extraordinaire.  What's the big deal anyway?  Everyone has earrings.  Oh and, 'I bet Noah doesn't run in his house.'  How asinine.  I mean, does he even know me at all?  I have been your friend since first grade.  He should know I'm a hyper little bastard and run around everywhere."

Matéo snickered, "He just overlooks everything anyone else does.  If your name's not Matéo, you're perfect in comparison."   Noah looked at his friend sympathetically.  He knew Matéo had a rough home life.  Nearly every time he had been in that household, Mr. Consuelos would find something or another to scream at Matéo for.  If only he knew how much worse it really was for his best friend.

The large brick building known as Conway Senior High came into view as the boys turned onto the main drive.  They walk together to school rather than drive as a way to spend more time together.  Everyone that knew them called them brothers, because of how inseparable they were.  Where Noah was, Matéo wasn't far behind and vice versa.  As they walked up the steps to the main entrance, people waved and yelled hello to them.  Popularity was never a problem for either of them.  Matéo could do without it, while Noah on the other hand, loved the attention.  They arrived at their lockers without breaking stride and took their time depositing the books they didn't need.

"So, Téo, anyone caught your eye this year?"  Noah loved to tease Matéo about the ladies.  He found it utterly amusing how the girls would throw themselves at him, yet Matéo would never even give them a second glance.

"No.  Everyone around here is fake.  They don't know me, they just want me because of what I look like," Matéo scowled.

"Well stop being so damn sexy and you wouldn't have that problem," Noah flashed a sly smile at Matéo as his face flushed a deep crimson red.

"You're an ass."

"I have a nice one, want to see?"  Noah snickered.  Matéo was about to answer when another voice cut into the atmosphere around them.

"Already have, and I don't think you should be showing it off, it's not all that."  A pair of arms wrapped around Noah's waist as the person spoke behind him.

"You know you love my ass, Marissa," Noah cocked his head to the side so his eyes could meet hers.

"Not really.  I prefer things with less cellulite."  A crooked smile appeared on her face.  Noah smirked, knowing how much she loved to bust his balls.  That's what attracted him to her in the first place.  Their sense of humors matched perfectly.  Noah leaned in and let his lips slide over Marissa's silky cherry lips.

Matéo looked on with a pang of jealousy in his gut.  He longed for what they had.  A love that could only be felt between two lovers.  He could have almost any girl in school that he wanted, but his views on the world hindered him from doing so.  The distrust in the human race that had been instilled in him due to his father's constant mental and physical abuse wouldn't allow him to get close enough to anyone to experience a love like Noah and Marissa shared with each other.  "Okay guys, let's try not to swallow each others' heads before lunch."

Noah and Marissa broke apart, smiling at each other.  Matéo rolled his eyes, shut his locker and started down the hallway towards class.  "Matéo wait up!"  Noah yelled.  He grabbed Marissa's hand and pulled her along as they ran up the hall to catch Matéo.  Once they caught up to him, Noah grabbed him in a headlock.  "Dude, why do you always try to run away, you know I'm going to catch you every time.  Now be a good little doggie and stay by master's side," Noah patted him on the head.

"Well, I do have class and I didn't feel the need to watch porn in the hallway this morning," Matéo said snottily.

"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning."  Matéo just frowned and walked into the classroom.  Marissa gave Noah a 'what the hell is up his ass' kind of look to which he just shrugged.  He kissed her goodbye then headed into the classroom himself.  He high fived and greeted his peers as he made his way to the seat beside Matéo at the back of the room.

Noah sat down and studied his friend for a moment.  He looked like the same old Matéo.  The guy that everyone loved, whether it be for his personality or looks.  But there was something hidden behind his eyes and Noah could see it.  The spark of light that lit up Matéo's personality seemed to be vanquished even more lately than usual.  He had always been one to go in and out of depressing moods.  Matéo glanced Noah's way, his eyes meeting the light blue pools of Noah's.

"What?"  Matéo questioned.

"We need to talk after school," Noah's voice was stern, and Matéo knew when Noah held that tone of voice he meant business and there was no getting out of it.  Matéo just sighed and turned his attention back to his desk.  Their first period professor stepped into the room and introduced himself.

"Hello, class.  I'm Mr. Podeño and I will be teaching Trig 101 this semester."  The class groaned in disappointment.  Mr. Podeño smiled, "Now, I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I'll do my best to make this class as painless as possible.  First off, I was told to introduce the class to two new students that just transferred here for the remainder of their Junior year.  I expect everyone to be polite and welcome them.  Starting at a new school is never an easy thing for anyone, so I want to see some character from all of you by helping them around if they need anything."  Mr. Podeño stopped to check his roll call sheet then continued, "First up, we have Ariana.  She has just transferred here from Miami.  Would you like to say anything about yourself to the class, Ariana?"  She blushed slightly and stood up next to Mr. Podeño.  Her hair was dark and shoulder length, cut in layers at the ends.  Her tan skin brought out the green of her eyes beautifully.  In one word she was stunning.

"Hi, my name is Ariana Busana.  I'm 17 years old and I moved here this past summer from Miami, Florida.  Um, I don't really know what else to say.

Noah spoke up, "I do.. hubba hubba!"  The class erupted in laughter causing Ariana to blush deeply.

Mr. Podeño looked down at his roll call sheet once again, "Mr. Ackerley, would you keep the hormones down to a minimum until you get home please?"

"But I'm a virile young man, Mr. Podeño," Noah grinned.

"I'm sure you are, next time make sure you take care of that problem before you come to class."  Noah blushed as the rest of the class giggled at his expense.  Matéo grinned, knowing that not many people could get the best of Noah.  "Ariana, we welcome you to Minnesota and hope you enjoy your stay here."  She sat back down, then turned her head slightly and shot a smile at Matéo.  Matéo smiled back to be friendly, while Noah jabbed him in the side.

"Dude, she so wants you."

"And your point is?"

"Go for it!  She's hot," Noah started rambling about the reasons Matéo should make a play for Ariana when Mr. Podeño introduced the other new student.

"This here is Tobey Michaels.  He just transferred in from... umm.. it doesn't say here on the sheet," Mr. Podeño looked at Tobey to answer his unspoken question.

"I'm from Vancouver, Canada."

"Ah, I see.  Well, why don't you go ahead and say a few words about yourself and then we'll get started on the course outline."

"Well, my name is Tobey Michaels, I moved here a couple of weeks ago with my family from Vancouver and I am 16 years old.  If there's anything else anyone wants to know about me, I'd rather you just come up and ask me.  So.. yeah,  I'm done now,"  Tobey winked at a group of girls who were oogling him with their eyes, causing them to all sigh out loud.

Matéo eyed the boy curiously.  How could someone so new to his surroundings act like they had been there forever?  He was a good looking guy, his hair was brown and long, combed over the top of his ears to give him that look that a lot of male models use.  A natural wavy look.  His eyes were a very soft almond color, giving off a welcoming vibe and his smile seemed to make the girls wet their panties with a single flash of it. Tobey turned and flashed a smile at Matéo just like Ariana had.

"Looks like you've got some competition, Téo.  Well, or from that smile another admirer," Noah whispered.

"He can have them, and he can admire all he wants.."

"You're crazy.  I swear you're asexual or something.  Don't you ever just want a good lay?"

"I haven't found anyone to share something like that with," Matéo's voice became somber and depressing, as he stared a hole into his desk.  Noah sighed then turned his attention to Mr. Podeño for the rest of the lesson.  Sometimes Noah felt like Matéo didn't trust him completely.  He knew there were secrets that Matéo kept from him, but he has been holding out hope that his friend would come to him about them, so he just lets it slide.

Once Trig class ended, Noah and Matéo went their separate ways.  Noah had World History and Matéo had Spanish 3, which was a bore for him, but he was required to take it anyway.  Matéo entered the Spanish room and took a seat at the back once again.  He felt more out of the public eye if he sat further away, so that's exactly what he did in every class.  The professor was a short, older woman with black and gray hair.  She babbled on and on about the language, causing Matéo to lay his head down and get lost in his own thoughts.

Lately the depression had been setting in deeper and deeper.  Some days he felt as if he would be better off not even bothering to get out of bed.  Self esteem was not his strong point, even though most people would compliment him constantly over one thing or another.  Nothing seemed to matter anymore and he could feel himself pulling away from everyone and everything.. including Noah.

Matéo was pulled from his reverie when he heard the professor introduce a new student, who once again turned out to be Tobey from the class before.  Matéo wondered what it was with teachers and having to put the new guy under the microscope on their first day.  Once Tobey was done introducing himself for the second time in as many classes, the professor directed him to a seat at the back of the class.. next to Matéo.  Tobey casually strolled down the aisle and dropped his bag in a heap next to his desk as he sat down.  He brought his hand up and brushed a stray strand of hair that had fallen loose, out of his eyes, giving Matéo a warm smile in the process.  "Hey, I'm Tobey.  You were in my last class weren't you?"  Tobey extended his hand to Matéo as he spoke.

"Yeah, this class is for me to catch up on some sleep.  I'm Matéo," Matéo reached out and shook Tobey's hand.  A twinkle in Tobey's eyes sent a surge of warmth running through Matéo as he pulled his hand away.  Something about him gave a very welcoming feeling.

"Well, I'm not fluent in Español.  Maybe you could help me?"  Tobey asked hopefully.

"Um, sure.  I guess I can spare a few naps if you have trouble."  Tobey smiled happily.

"Thanks, man.  Maybe we could hang out sometime.. I don't really know anyone here yet, so no friends for Tobey,"  Matéo had to laugh at the way the words emitted from Tobey's mouth.  He sounded like a little kid who had lost his puppy.

"Aww.  Well, I'm not much fun to hang out with, but okay.  I think you'll get along with my friend Noah better than you will with me."

"He's the guy who needs to jack off in the morning before school right?"  Tobey grinned.

Matéo's cheeks reddened ever so slightly at the forwardness of the boy, "Yeah.  He's a clown."

"Well, I don't know how I'll get along with him, but you're nice and I think we'll get along just fine.  Just, try not to be so shy.  I promise I'm not going to bite you."

Matéo blushed even further, "I hope not.  There's enough people around here looking to get their mouth on me."

"Yeah, I see the way the girls look at you.  Looks like I'll have to give you some competition."

"You can have them bro, I'm not interested."  Tobey looked at Matéo curiously.

"Why not?  Are you  gay or something?"  To say Matéo looked shocked would be an understatement.  His mouth moved, but no words came out.  "I mean, it's cool if you are.  I was just wondering.  Most guys would love to have all the girls in school after them."

Matéo finally regained his composure, "I-I'm not gay."

"Calm down, bro.. I didn't mean anything by it."

"I just.. I don't know.  It's too complicated to go into.  I'm pretty messed up inside when it comes to emotions.  I mean, no one knows half of what I deal with."

"So then tell me.  I'm a good listener," Matéo looked at Tobey and studied his face.  There seemed to be no outside motives to his statement.  He just wanted to be a friend.

"Maybe some other time.."

"Suit yourself.  But if we're going to be friends then you need to trust me, that's all I require.  Oh, and smile once in awhile," Tobey poked Matéo in the side jokingly, but withdrew his hand like he had touched fire when Matéo winced in pain.  "Shit, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to hurt you."

"Trust me, Tobey.. it wasn't you."  Matéo frowned, then turned his head and laid it down on the desk looking away from his new friend.  Tobey just looked at Matéo strangely, not quite sure what to make of the boy.  He shrugged, then turned his attention to the professor.  What he nor anyone else saw was the single tear slide down Matéo's smooth cheek, and the only thought running through his mind.   No one can ever know.

The final bell of the day rang and the students of Conway High bolted out the doors of their confinement.  No one wanted to be stuck in that place for longer than they had to.  Matéo, unlike the other students, walked slowly down the hallway in no hurry to get home.  He would much rather stay in school than go home to his father.  Matéo slipped the headphones attached to his CD player over his ears.  He hummed along to the song "Perfect" by Simple Plan.  It caused his eyes to water as the words hit him deeply.  About a son that could do nothing to make his father proud.  Matéo's hopelessness grew and grew until the tears slipped from his eyes, much to his own dismay.

He barged through the doors of the school and out into the chilly September air.  The tears wouldn't stop falling, so he put his head down, doing his best to avoid any eye contact with anyone.  He couldn't show weakness.  His dad had told him crying was for sissies, not for men.  Any man who would stand around crying was not worthy of being called a man, but a child.  Matéo darted through the students hanging around campus as quickly as possible and thought he had cleared them all when he reached the sidewalk.  When he felt a hand on his shoulder, he knew that he wasn't going to get away easily this time.

Matéo turned around and nearly came nose to nose with Noah.  Matéo's eyes met Noah's, and he knew he was in for a world of interrogation.  Noah had only seen Matéo cry once and that was when he was little.  Instead of attacking Matéo with questions, Noah put his arm around his best friend's shoulders and pulled him close as they both walked down the street.  Noah spoke softly, "Talk to me, Téo."

Matéo swallowed hard trying to think up an excuse to defer his friend from the truth, "I'm just stressed about school.."

"The truth, Téo.  I want to know what's going on with you.  It's like.. you don't trust me anymore.  I mean, we're best friends aren't we?"  Matéo felt a pang of guilt and hurt shoot through him as Noah spoke.

"You know we are..."

"Then tell me what's breaking you!  Something is tearing you apart inside and you won't let me in to help fix it."

"I can't."  Matéo's lip quivered as the dam threatened to burst, "I can't let anyone in.."

"Why?  Please, dude.  I don't want to see you like this."

"Noah..."  Noah pulled Matéo behind some thick brush off to the side of their street.  He wrapped his arms around Matéo's waist and hugged Matéo tightly against his body.  Noah put his forehead against Mateo's, their noses touching as their eyes bored into each other.

"Let me help you."  Noah whispered to his friend.  Matéo had never been this close to his friend before, and could feel himself getting lost in the sea of blue that was Noah's eyes.

"Please don't make this any harder than it already is..."  Noah's eyes brimmed with tears as he could literally feel the pain emitting from the boy that he had grown up with.

"Téo, I love you.. You mean more to me than anybody in the world.  You can trust me with anything, I'll never turn my back on you.  I don't know what to do to make you believe me."

"I believe you, Noah."  Matéo gulped as he felt a feeling run through his body.  Not one of hurt, not one of pain.  But one that he had closed himself off to long ago.  He needed Noah.  Matéo separated from Noah's grasp and slowly pulled up his sweater, exposing his bare skin to the nippy air.  Noah gasped at the bruise decorating Matéo's obliques.

"Dude, what happened.."  Matéo put a finger to Noah's lips, then took Noah's hand and brought it to the back of his head.  Noah felt the laceration under the silky jet black hair, "Téo.."

Before Noah could ask his question Matéo's cell phone rang.  Matéo looked at the caller id and visibly winced.  He hit the send button and was greeted by the voice of his father, "Matéo, get your ass home right now!!!  You will not be out running the streets while I'm out of town.  I want you hear in 5 minutes or you will wish you never came home at all!"  Matéo heard a click, then hung up his cell.  "I-I have to go.  I'll call you later or something.  I'm sorry, Noah."  Before Noah could respond, Matéo took off sprinting down the street toward his house.  Noah just stood there, the wheels churning in his head.

Matéo swallowed hard as he entered the front door of his home.  It was eerily quiet, but he was thankful that he had made it home in less than five minutes.  He started to walk down the hall to his room when his father's voice bellowed throughout the house.  "Matéo, come to the den now."  The calmness in his father's voice sent a chill down Matéo's spine.  He walked dejectedly through the living room and into his father's den.  Mr. Consuelos sat at his desk writing something down on a paper.  "I don't have time to sit here and explain how a young man should act when he's given the responsibility of watching over his family's house.  So, I'm writing the number down where I can be reached, and that's it.  You know how to take care of yourself, so I don't need to sit here and explain things to you like the invalid you act like at times."

"I understand, sir.  I know the rules."

"That's right, you do.  And if you should break..."  Mr. Consuelos looked up from his desk at his son for the first time.  His eyes filled up with anger and his nostrils flared as his gaze focused on one thing.  "WHAT THE FUCK ARE THOSE?!?!"  Matéo looked at his father confused.


"Don't play stupid with me you no good sissified son of a bitch!"  Mr. Consuelos literally hopped over his desk to grab Matéo by the collar.  "THiS!"  In one sudden motion, Mr. Consuelos reached up and ripped the earring out of Matéo's right ear.

"AHHH!!"  Matéo screamed out in pain.  He had forgotten to remove his earrings before he came home and he knew he was going to pay for it.  He backed away from his father, the blood dripping from his ear onto the shoulder of his once white sweater.  "D-Dad, please..I'm sorry.  I'll never wear them again, I swear."

"You're god damn right you won't!"  Mr. Consuelos slammed Matéo up against the wall of the den.  Matéo tried to turn the corner to get out of the room, but he wasn't quick enough as he felt his father's hand grab the back of his shirt and pull him backwards into the arms of the man that helped give him life.  "How dare you disobey me like this!!  You ungrateful little faggot.  Wearing earrings like a woman!  You probably like cock like one too, don't you?!?!"  Matéo struggled for air as his father squeezed his arm around the boy's neck, choking him in the process.  "Answer me!!"  Matéo had no other choice than to do something to break free from his father's grasp.  He brought his arm forward and drove his elbow back hard into his father's abdomen.

Mr. Consuelos stumbled back, not expecting Matéo to fight back.  Matéo fell to the ground gasping for air.  His lungs couldn't get enough oxygen and he started coughing uncontrollably.  Matéo could feel the world disappearing around him, when he looked at the mirror against the wall.  His eyes did a double take when he saw Tobey standing there, plain as day apparently in his dad's study.  "You must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. You will face your fear. You will permit it to pass over and through you. And when it has past you will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only you will remain."  Tobey's words echoed through Matéo's ears.  Matéo blinked his eyes and looked into the mirror again, with no sign of Tobey in sight.

Mr. Consuelos pulled Matéo up by his hair and drove his fist into the lower back of his son, dropping him to the ground.  Matéo cringed at the impact, but could not shake Tobey's words.  He slowly used the side of the desk to pull himself up and face his father.  "Does this make you feel like a man, dad?  Beating on your only son?  Does it?  What did I ever do to you to deserve this?"  Tears fell from Matéo's eyes as he finally asked the questions that had been burning inside of him for his entire life.  Mr. Consuelos grunted in anger and swung his fist at Matéo's face.  Matéo ducked and swung his own fist, and it connected with his father's jaw, sending him spinning and down to one knee.  Matéo reacted on instinct and ran over to his father and put a hand on his shoulder, "D-Dad, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to..."


Matéo was cut off mid sentence as his father's fist connected with an uppercut under Matéo's jaw.  Matéo stumbled backward, losing his legs out from under him.  A sickening smack echoed throughout the room as Matéo's head smashed against the sharp corner of his father's large mahogany desk.  His body fell to the ground, limp, yet somehow still barely conscious.  Mr. Consuelos looked down at his son, not an ounce of remorse in his eyes, "Clean this place up before I get home on Monday."   With that Mr. Consuelos left his own son laying in a pool of blood and walked out the door.

Matéo couldn't even speak let alone move.  The unbearable pain shooting through his body was moments from taking his consciousness away.  Matéo's eyes fought to stay open, when he felt a hand touch his face.  Matéo's eyes opened one more time to see Tobey once again.  "No more fighting, Matéo.  The pain will never get you again."  Matéo's eyes fluttered once, and Tobey had vanished once again.  Moments later, Matéo's will to fight gave in, and the world around him, the one filled with hurt, anger, and pain, drifted out of mind; out of sight.  His world would never be the same again.

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