Dreamy Eyes

By: Jaden


Disclaimer: This story involves love, relationship, and "adult" subject matter between teenage boys... so I guess that means your not supposed to read this if your under 18, but really if you are younger than that, I can't stop you.  Just Don't Get Caught :)  If homosexuality offends you, then leave, or join the 21st century, and open up to it.

This Is FICTION.... any character resembling a real life person is by coincidence, and in the rare event a character is based on someone in real life their name has been changed due to legal and personal protection.  You never know who's lurking around reading this. So now the little spiel is over so hopefully you'll enjoy this.  Do Not Reproduce this story, and if you would like to have it on your web site, email me & get my permission.  Thanks.  Copyright © Jaded Edge Productions

Chapter 4
The Day We Fell Apart


Sometimes our minds can't comprehend what's going on in the world around us.  Usually there's a bigger a picture that we aren't meant to understand even though we long to do so.  If all of the answers are given, then we can make sure the paths that lead there are devoid of pain or danger.  Unfortunately, life isn't designed that way.

Noah rummaged through his back pack searching for a pencil.  Mid term exams had arrived and they couldn't have come at a worse time for the students.  Everyone hates taking standardized tests, but Noah was having a hard time getting his mind focused on the task at hand.  His mind was full of questions that needed answers, not only to satisfy his curiosity, but to help Matéo move on with his life.

Since the night they spent at the mall, Matéo had been on a high.  One fueled by his apparent undying love for his "boyfriend" that he felt was being returned.  Noah tried to be there for Matéo as much as he could, but there was still a huge gap between them.  No matter how hard he tried to keep Matéo occupied with other things, it always came back to one thing.  And he just walked into the room with Matéo in tow.

Tobey walked into the first period Trigonometry class with a smile on his face as always.  Even though half of the people in class were still partly asleep or jittery over the impending examination, they seemed to brighten up a bit when the long haired boy acknowledged them.  Tobey's smile seemed like it became airborne, infecting everyone around him.  It was something to behold and to some be envied.  Tobey stopped at his seat and put his bag down on the desk.  Matéo stopped mid step behind him, even giving a few hellos to the other students himself.  Not exactly in character for the normally shy boy.  Noah observed from afar, uneasy by the whole situation.  Tobey's comments at the mall rattled him.  There was no other way to put it.  Something was off and only one person knew what that was.  The object of his best friend's affection.  As if on cue, Tobey glanced over at Noah and gave him a kind smile.  Noah tried to return the smile the best he could.  Tobey nodded and then turned his attention back to his desk.

A half frown appeared on Noah's face, but he quickly forced it away when Matéo started approaching.  The smile on Matéo's face couldn't be any bigger than at that moment.  He was beaming with a light within that could only be brought on by pure bliss.  Seeing his friend so happy made Noah's uneasiness subside briefly.  Something that could make Matéo that happy had to be good for him at least a little bit.  Matéo sat down in his seat beside Noah, then turned to look at his friend.  The smile was still there and Noah refrained from laughing out loud at him, "Hi."

"Hey, Téo."  The two boys matched each other's grins for a moment, "You seem happy this morning."

Matéo sighed and reached into his book bag, "I am.  Me.. happy.  Crazy concept."

"Yeah.  Not crazy in a bad way.  I like that you're happy lately.  Just..."

Matéo stopped searching through his bag and turned his attention to Noah, "Just?"

Noah battled with himself, keeping the word Tobey from emitting out of his mouth, "Nothing."

Matéo gave him a weird look, "Okay.."  He paused and furrowed his brow, "I can't find a penci--"  Matéo stopped mid sentence, a hand extended in front out him holding two pencils.  Tobey stood between Noah and Matéo's desks, "One for you," He handed a pencil to Matéo then turned toward Noah, "And one for you."

Noah raised his eyebrow, "How did you.."

Tobey just grinned and winked, "Good luck guys."  Without another word, he turned on his heels and went back to his desk.

Matéo watched on dreamily, "He's perfect."

Noah too kept his eyes on Tobey, once again consumed by questions.  Yeah, Tobey was perfect.  A little too perfect.

After school, Kicks Diner...

The volume level contained in the small diner was at a maximum, the voices of rowdy and chattering teenagers bouncing from wall to wall for everyone to hear.  Luckily for the owner of Kicks, it was just after school and the dinner rush hadn't headed in yet.  The high school kids liked to kick back and take a breather after their studies at the diner.  It was a popular place, but even more popular due to it being an exam day.  It meant that school holiday was just around the corner and that was reason for celebration.

Matéo sat in a booth by himself, sipping a soft drink through a straw.  He watched the people around him interact with each other, taking in the different details of each person's personality.  Some were wild, doing whatever the could to keep the attention centered on themselves, while others just chatted away with a non stop flow of conversation.  Then there were the ones that seemed to sit to the side and quietly observe the rest of their group.  Maybe they didn't fit in as well as the others, but they still served their purpose in the circle.

Matéo felt like he related to that type of person the most.  Sitting just on the cusp of the social circle, not ready to quite break in, yet not ready to fall out either.  He toyed with the straw in his glass unconsciously, chewing the end of it until it had become marred by small teeth marks.  His mind wandered to Tobey, whom more often than not was the main subject of his thoughts.

Running into him at the mall gave Matéo hope that he wasn't crazy.  That it wasn't all in his head.. that the boy that took care of him so well while he recovered wasn't just another face in the crowd.  He didn't broach the subject specifically with Tobey, instead deciding to take a wait and see approach.  The two got the chance to talk in school, but hadn't had the chance to spend time together in a social setting.  Until today.

"Hmm, you know if you keep chewing that straw what's going to happen right?"  Matéo's eyes darted up and over his shoulder.  Tobey leaned against the side of the booth, dressed in a black, long sleeve, V-neck tee and jeans.  He casually pushed the hair over his forehead toward his ears before taking a seat across from Matéo.

"What's going to happen?"  Matéo smiled widely, the straw still firmly planted between the two rows of a dentist's dream.

Tobey leaned over the table and grasped the straw just under the bendable neck of it, "It's going to spray all over the place."

Matéo looked down at Tobey's fingers just inches from his lips, "And you holding it is going to fix it?"

"No, but this is," Tobey slowly moved his hand up and covered Matéo's mouth with it.  Matéo's heart rate sped up, his eyes meeting Tobey's who stared intently, a sly smile playing over his lips.  In one swift move it was over and Tobey's hand was back to his side.  Matéo gulped, before giving Tobey a strange look.

"What was.."  Before Matéo could even finish his sentence, Tobey brought the hand that had covered Matéo's mouth back into view.  A mangled straw protruded between the grip of his fingers.  Matéo quickly looked to his glass and saw a straw in his glass.  Untouched, the bendable neck not even extended yet.  "How..?"

Tobey laughed, "It's amazing what you can do when someone's mind is focused on something else."

"I didn't even feel the straw move from my teeth."

"Slight of hand."

Matéo's brow furrowed, "You're a magician?"

Tobey's laugh came out loudly, "No, definitely not a magician.  Magic's not real.  Just an illusion."

"Then how do you know how to do that?"

"My dad got me a magic set when I was five.  I guess I learned a few things.  I just took your focus off of the straw and onto me.  I could've shoved a bird in your glass if I wanted to, but I don't think you would've appreciated that."

Matéo laughed himself, noticing the twinkle in Tobey's eyes, "Probably not.  I know the manager would appreciate it even less."  Both boys giggled with each other before a silence fell over their booth.  Even the sounds of all the other teenagers there seemed to fade out and left them with only each other to focus on.

Tobey's eyes stared directly into Matéo's not flinching a bit, even to blink.  "So, how are you, Matéo?"

"I-I'm okay.  How are you?"

Tobey's smile appeared once again, "I'm great.  Thanks for inviting me today."

Matéo's face heated up with a flush, "Welcome."

"You know, you're really cute when you get embarrassed."

Matéo's eyes widened at the comment and he swallowed hard, "Am not."

"Are too.  I'm sure that look has made plenty of people want to just walk up and wrap their arms around you."  Tobey's smile never faltered and Matéo melted more and more with each second that he looked at it.

"So, um.."

"Don't be afraid."

"Afraid..?  Matéo's confusion played over his face.

Tobey stood up and took a seat next to Matéo.  He turned to the boy and brought a hand to his face, gently sliding his thumb over the soft skin.  Matéo's eyes darted around nervously, looking for some kind of reaction from the people around them.  "Stop.  No one matters right now except you.."  The only sound Matéo could hear was the pounding of his heart in his chest.  Nerves bundled up with hope, fear and sadness.


Tobey leaned in and put his mouth next to Matéo's ear, "I know that you're scared, Matéo."

"I'm--I'm not scared."

"Not of me, no.  You're scared of this not being real."

"This is real.. you're right here."

"Am I?"  Matéo's eyes flooded with questioning.


"And where are you, Matéo?"

"I--I don't know what you mean."

"Yes you do,"  Tobey brought his free hand to the center of Matéo's chest and let it rest there, "Where are you, Matéo?"

Matéo's uncertainly seemed to slip away for that one single moment, "With you."

Tobey smiled widely, "That's right and no matter what, you'll always have what we share."

"But.. the doctors.. they said that I.."

"Dreamed it all up?"  Matéo nodded, "Maybe.  Then again, who's to say you're not dreaming right now?  Is this real?  Is me sitting here touching you real, Matéo?"

Tobey's hand ran gently through Matéo's dark hair, "Yes.  I can feel it.  It has to be real."

Tobey's eyes dropped for the first time, "You're a great person, Matéo.  There's nothing that I wouldn't do for you.  I love seeing that smile on your face and I love that I can put it there."

"Tobey, please don't confuse me anymore..."  Tobey put a finger to Matéo's lips.

"Shhhh.  Don't worry.  Soon, you'll understand everything."

"What does that mean?"

"It means, that no matter what happens, I'll always be with you."

"With me.. like.. together?"

"That my boy, is the question now isn't it?" Tobey leaned over and kissed Matéo gently on the cheek.  "I'll take care of you as long as I can.  For now though, I have to go.  I'll see you tomorrow."

Matéo wanted to object, but felt himself at a loss for words as Tobey stood up from the booth, gave one last wink at him and walked out of sight.  The sounds of the crowded establishment came back into ear shot quickly, hitting Matéo like someone had screamed into his face.  Matéo sat in the booth, dazed and confused wondering what just happened.

Marissa's house..

"What do you mean he knows everything?"  Marissa's tone came off as skeptical at best.  Hearing Noah's recounting of his recent experiences with Tobey left her puzzled.

"I mean he knows everything, 'Rissa,"  Noah sighed, exasperated with the whole situation.  "When Matéo saw him at the mall, Tobey didn't flinch.  Not when Matéo hugged him, not when he cried on his shoulder, not anything.  Don't you think that's kind of weird for someone who only knew Matéo for a day before he wound up in the hospital?"

"I think that you're overreacting," Noah shot a glare at his girlfriend.  "Noah, Tobey's just a nice guy..  He probably didn't want Matéo to feel awkward.  I mean have you actually taken the time to actually talk to Tobey?  He's.."

"Enchanting?  Amazing?  All around perfect guy?  Yeah, Marissa, I've seen how he affects people around him, and yes, actually I have talked to him.  And you know what?  He knows way more about Matéo than he's letting on.  I don't know how, or why, but he knows about Matéo's feelings for him.  He knows about that other life that Matéo dreamt up.  Where they were together and.."

Marissa walked up to her boyfriend and laid a hand on his shoulder, "Noah, calm down.  How do you know that he knows about all of that?  Did he come out and say it?"

"Well, no, but.."

"Exactly, Sweety.  You're making assumptions based off a few vague remarks."

The frustration boiled inside of Noah, "I'm not assuming anything!  I'm tired of this.  There's something off about that kid.  In the real world, he's not anything to Matéo and he's DEFINITELY not his boyfriend."

Marissa studied Noah for a moment.  The stress played all over his young face, showing in the form of a glint in his eyes and his brow furrowing into lines.  "If I wasn't your girlfriend, Noah, I'd almost think that that's what's bothering you most."

Noah's face went into a state of confusion, "What?"

"In a word-- Jealousy."

"What?  I'm not jealous, I just..."

"Noah, I get that you and Matéo have been joined at the hip since you were toddlers, but you had to know at some point someone was going to come into his life and things would change a bit between you.  The fact that it's another boy is probably getting to you more than you let yourself believe."

Noah stood up abruptly, "I'm sick of you implying that I have a problem with Matéo being gay.  I don't fucking care, Marissa.  Get it through your head."  Marissa tried to interject, but Noah cut her off, "I care about Matéo's well being and Tobey's not helping him.  He's hurting him by indulging this fantasy."

Just then the doorbell rang, cutting the tension that was quickly evolving in the room.  Marissa took a deep breath and walked out the room to answer the door.  Noah slumped against the wall, feeling like he wanted to cry, but swallowed it down.  He steadied his breathing to try and regain his composure.  Soon thereafter, Marissa reemerged with another girl.  Noah recognized her immediately.

"Hey, Noah, right?"  The dark layered hair framed her face, accentuating the deep green of her emerald eyes.

"Yeah.  You're Ariana.  We have Trig..."

"Yeah, I remember.  Mr. Hubba Hubba wasn't it?"  Ariana teased with a gleam in her eye.

Noah blushed lightly, "Um, yeah.  Sorry about that."

"It's fine.  I'm just teasing you."

"So, what brings you here?  You and 'Rissa are friends?"

Marissa spoke up, "Yeah, we've got Key Club together.  We've got to brainstorm about some activities.  Which means.."

"That it's my cue to leave, got it," Noah stated.

"You don't have to, but I know you'll be bored in about 12 seconds if you stay."

"Yeah," Noah didn't have a problem with leaving.  He had enough on his plate and didn't need any more reasons to let his mind wander off.  "I'll head out then.  You two have fun with your.." Noah struggled with the concept, "School work."

Marissa and Ariana laughed, before Marissa walked up and planted a light peck on Noah's lips, "You should practice what you preach.  You do have to do your school work sometime."

"Curse the notion."  Noah smiled, gave Ariana a wave goodbye and left the room..  He barely heard the door close behind him when a voice startled him.

"You're a lucky guy to have a girl like Marissa,"  Noah held a hand over his heart and turned toward the source of the voice.  "It's not really fair that you get to have Ariana too."  Derek stood leaning against his car parked at the curb with a slight grin dancing over his lips.

Noah walked over to him and punched him in the shoulder, "You jerk.  You could've gave me a heart attack."

Derek put his hands up in surrender, "Haha, I didn't mean to.  You were off in la la land."

"No, I just wasn't expecting anyone to be waiting out here to scare me," Noah stuck his tongue out at Derek.

"You wish I would spend my time waiting on your ass."

"Actually, that thought has never crossed my mind, but what are you doing here exactly?"

"I, uh..."

Noah raised an eyebrow, "Are you stalking, Ariana?"  Derek's face flushed under the street light.  "Oh my god, you are!"  Noah exploded into a fit of giggles.

"I'm not stalking her.  I just um, saw her get dropped off here and.."

"Decided to camp out in front of the house until she inevitably came out and you could go in for the kill?"  Noah's grin was full of mischief, enjoying the discomfort of his friend greatly.

"Shut up,"  Derek pouted.  "For your information I was going to visit Marissa and.."

"Lucky for you Ariana just happens to be here as well..  Okay, got it."

Derek narrowed his eyes, "Stop finishing my sentences.  I have my own thoughts that you're not privy too."

"Like what?"


"Thought so.  Stick to football, speaking isn't your forte."  Derek swatted at Noah playfully.  "I'll let you get to it then."  Noah started turning away, but was stopped by a grasp on his arm.

"Wait.  I know we haven't been close in a long time, Noah, but I still care about you."

Noah gave Derek a strange look, "Thanks.  I, um, still care about you too."

Derek smiled widely, "I wasn't looking for a return response.  I was thinking maybe you'd tell me how you're doing."

Noah gave his patented smile frown, "I'm hanging in, I guess.  This isn't exactly how I imagined this year going."

"I bet.  I wish there was something that could've been done to prevent what happened, but none of us knew what Matéo was going through."

Noah ran a hand through his hair, "Maybe.  I mean, I don't know.  I feel like I should've known.  I saw how depressed Matéo had gotten and I never pushed him for an answer until it was too late."

"Bro, you saved his life.  He would've bled to death if you hadn't found him."

"Yeah, but he doesn't know that."

"What do you mean?"

Noah sighed, "It's hard to explain.  He thinks Tobey is the one that found him."

"Tobey?  What's the deal with that anyway?  Matéo seems to be all about Tobey these days."

"Yeah.. It's not really my place to say.  But I hear that you know, you're Téo's best friend now, so I'm sure he'll tell you if you ask,"  Noah tried to keep contempt from his voice.

Derek walked over and put an arm around Noah's shoulders, "Noah, I can't pretend to begin to know what you're going through, but I mean it when I say I'm here for you.  Matéo's always been your other half and one day he'll remember that.  Just remember me when it happens, because maybe I'll be the one in your shoes."

Noah turned his head to face Derek, "Derek, we never meant to push you out.  I guess it was just an unconscious thing.  If I had known that we hurt you, I would've changed it."

"It's okay, really.  I mean, I think things worked out pretty good for me.  I'm not trying to lay a guilt trip, I just wouldn't mind being included with you guys once in awhile.  I know Matéo thinks that we're bffs right now and I intend to take full advantage of that," Derek made a funny face to try and make Noah smile, "But, if he gets his memories of you back, I know it'll change.  I'm just asking that every once in awhile, you send an invite my way."

"Will do.  Maybe you can do me a favor as well?"  Noah questioned.

"What favor would that be?"

"Every once in awhile include me with you and Matéo.  Even if it's just mentioning me or something.  I just want him to remember," Noah's eyes shined with the look of glass, the feelings he pushed away inside trying to bubble to the surface.

"You got it."  Derek hugged Noah tightly, trying to let his friend know that he was there for him no matter what.  Noah, took the moment to just let himself go.  Tears fell down his soft skin, dripping onto the shoulder of his friend.  Derek rubbed Noah's back, trying to help Noah let the pain out.  No words were needed, just two friends sharing what they both needed for different reasons.  Each other.

Friday Night, Downtown Minneapolis..

The frosty nip of the air brought a slight tinge of red to the noses and cheeks that filled the streets.  Scarves, parkas, winter hats and gloves were abundant in hopes of not letting the winter put a damper on a holiday tradition.  Parents held their children close, some of them valiantly trying wander away as children do, but with the amount of people around for the Holidazzle Parade, no one could blame the overprotective nature of some.

The parade was a spectacle, bringing a life to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area that spread a holiday cheer between Thanksgiving and Christmas. There was something for everyone, kids, teens and adults a like.  While the little ones were entertained by the various characters that littered the streets during and after the parade, the teens and adults were offered a variety of shops to browse through, restaurants to indulge in or movie theaters to catch the latest blockbuster films.  On this night though, the goal was to have fun in another way.  Gaming.

Matéo walked casually along the sidewalk, his hands in his pockets pulling his coat around himself as tight as possible to try and keep warm.  He weaved in and out of the crowd as quick as possible, trying to avoid any interaction with them whatsoever.   Crowds were not his favorite thing and the quicker he could get to his destination the better.

His phone rang and he pulled it out of his pocket to check the caller id.  He looked down at the phone and saw Tobey's name lit up on the screen.  He smiled a bit, bringing the phone to his ear to hear the voice of his love, "Hi."

"Hey you.  How's my favorite little Mexican doing?"

Matéo snickered, "You know I'm not Mexican, Tobey."

"So you say, so you say.  Do you have a foot fetish Matéo?"

A puzzled look took over Matéo's face, "No, why?"

Matéo was stopped dead in his track when his body met another head on.  He stumbled back a bit, but an arm reached out and steadied him, "Because the way you were staring down, you were bound to run into somebody."  The voice on the receiver was now in front of him.  Matéo glanced up at Tobey with a sheepish smile.

"Um, sorry."

Tobey smiled warmly and gently pulled the boy to him, "Nothing to be sorry about.  Just try and keep your head up when you walk."

Matéo relished in the feel of of Tobey's embrace, "O-Ok."

"Ready to get over to GameWorks?"  Tobey let go of Matéo while speaking to him.  Matéo felt his high coming down as soon as the arms pulled away.

"Hmm, I suppose so."

"Aww, come on, show a little enthusiasm.  You're in for a treat.  It's not everyday that people get to witness the art form that is my game play," Tobey grinned widely, nudging Matéo with his shoulder

"Don't be cocky."

"I'm not cocky.  Just you wait and see.  Now lets walk and talk, I don't want your guard dog to hunt me down for being late."  Tobey teased, putting an arm around Matéo's back, just under his shoulder blades while they walked.

Matéo laughed, "Noah means well.  I guess he's just protective of me.  I guess I would be too if.." Matéo trailed off feeling guilty.

"If he was your best friend?"  Matéo frowned, "Matéo, he is your best friend.  Having a bit of a memory lapse doesn't change something like that."

"Bit of a memory lapse?  That's putting it mildly."

"Is it easier to make a big deal out of it?"  Matéo shook his head, "Exactly."

Matéo sighed, "Why are you so smart and perfect?"

Tobey stopped their stride a few meters away from the GameWorks entrance.  Noah, Marissa, Derek, and Ariana stood gathered in a huddle by the doors.  Noah caught sight of Matéo and Tobey, his first instinct was to go up and greet them, but something kept him frozen in place, holding his gaze on the two..  Tobey laid his head gently against Matéo's, "No one is perfect.  If someone was perfect then they'd have no reason to live.  Life without anything left to accomplish is meaningless.  So I'll pass on perfect."

"You'd still have me," The words slipped out of Matéo's mouth before he could think about them.  He blushed furiously, the heat from his own body mixing with the frigid cold trying to penetrate it.

Tobey didn't falter, turning his head slightly and planting a kiss on the top of Matéo's head, "Who's the smart one?"  Both boys smiled at each other, then decided to make their presence known to the rest of the group.  Noah frowned to himself, feeling an awful mix of sadness and anger inside.  He quickly pushed it away when Tobey and Matéo got to them.

Marissa was the first to greet them, "It's about time!  It's freezing out here, you know?"  She sounded annoyed, but her playful smile showed her true meaning.

"We're not that late and you guys could've waited inside," Matéo spoke softly.

"Matéo, I was joking.  You know, the ha ha, kind of thing."

"I know.  Sorry."

Tobey put a hand around Matéo's wrist, "He just needs a little fun, he'll be smiling in no time.  Oh, and hey everyone."  Everybody said a friendly hello, then the group made their way inside.

The wave of noise hit them right away, a mash up of arcade games, prize games and over excited people.  The place was packed, as expected because of the outdoor activities around it.  Derek took care of the reservation earlier in the day just to be on the safe side, figuring having a table for all of them to meet up at was a lot easier than playing phone tag all night trying to keep track of each other if they went in separate directions to play different games.  The group of friends made their way to the table, setting their winter armor of coats and accessories on the back of their chairs before taking their seats.

"So, should we get some food first, then hit the games?"  Derek questioned.

"Yeah, I think that's the best idea.  I know Noah here gets hyper when he gets into his video games, so there'll be no getting him back into his seat for food once he gets going,"  Marissa picked on her boyfriend.

Noah put on a happy face, "Yeah, that's me. Hyper boy."  Matéo eyed Noah curiously.  Even without knowing Noah as well as he should, he could see through the facade that was being put up before him.  Noah's eyes wandered, landing on Matéo, catching the boy's look.  He held eye contact for a moment before becoming uncomfortable and turning his attention down to the table.  Matéo felt uneasy himself, but he couldn't pinpoint why exactly.

The table ordered their meals and chatted away about various things going on in their lives.  Noah kept to himself unless spoken to, something that did not go unnoticed by everyone else.  It was completely out of character for him to be so shut off, but no one pushed on the issue.  They had come to GameWorks to spend time with each other and have fun after all.

Noah watched Matéo and Tobey sitting across from him every few minutes.  They sat awfully close and stole sly little glances at each other when they thought no one else was looking.  Noah stood up from his seat, feeling tight in his chest, "I'm going to go buy a game card.  If the food comes just start without me."  He didn't wait for a reply from anyone, just walked off toward the counter up front.  A line of about 7 people was already waiting to purchase their cards  He waited patiently, making himself take in the sights around him to try and keep his mind off of Matéo and Tobey.  The feelings inside of him were overwhelming and he just didn't want to deal with them anymore.  He wanted his life to go back to normal.

The line dwindled slowly, two people remained in front of Noah and it had been 15 minutes already since he joined the line.  He was bout to move up in line after someone left when he spotted Ariana standing in a dark corner of the small hall leading to the bathrooms.  Someone was standing just out of view talking to her.  Noah moved out of the line without thinking and made his way discreetly into a better line of sight.  Ariana looked a bit upset, in the way of anger.  She moved her arms in an exaggerated manner apparently trying to get her point across.  Noah moved over even more to see who she was having the argument with.  Slowly with each step the shadows seemed to fade away and Tobey's unsmiling face came into view.  Noah furrowed his brow, having no choice, but to watch the altercation.  As much as he wanted to know what was going on, if he moved any closer they would spot him for sure.  Tobey shook his head and gave Ariana a stern look which caused her stop whatever tirade she was on.  Tobey leaned over next to one of her ears, said something then gave her a light hug.  Tobey pulled away, causing Noah to start back peddling toward the counter again, but he couldn't take his eyes off of the two.  Ariana stood on her tip toes and kissed Tobey on the cheek before they left the hallway area.  Noah turned quickly to give the appearance that he had been in line the entire time.  Tobey and Ariana didn't seem to spot him, walking back in the direction of the table.  Confusion washed over Noah, then quickly replaced with anger.  What was going on over there?  And more importantly what was with the kiss and make up at the end of it?  Noah bought two game cards and headed back to the table himself, seething under his skin, but keeping a lid on it.

Upon arriving at the table, his eyes immediately fell on Matéo and Tobey.  Tobey had an arm around Matéo's shoulders and was holding him close against his body.  The two of them stared into each others' eyes without blinking.  Everyone else at the table seemed to have shrugged it off readily accepting the two of them being so close.  Not Noah.

"What the fuck?"  Everyone stopped their talking and turned their attention to Noah's sudden outburst.

"Noah?"  Derek questioned.  He could see a fire in Noah's eyes and it scared a him a little bit.  Noah was always the fun loving easy going guy.  He rarely got genuinely angry, but when he did, it meant it was time to back off.

"What are you two doing?"  Noah ignored Derek, keeping his focus on Matéo and Tobey.

Matéo looked at Noah, startled by his tone, "What do you mean?"

"You and HIM.  What are you doing?  Sitting there like you're together or something."

Matéo swallowed hard, feeling his heart speed up, "You know how I feel about Tob--"

Noah cut Matéo off, "It wasn't REAL, Matéo!  You dreamt it all up!  And you," Noah pointed at Tobey, "I don't know what kind of sick game you're playing with him, but I won't stand by and watch it happen."

The look of hurt on Matéo's face was like someone had stabbed him through the heart.  Marissa put a hand on Noah's wrist, but he angrily pulled away, "Noah, you're making a scene."

"I don't care Marissa.  I'm tired of all of this.  This,"  Pointing at Matéo and Tobey, "Isn't right.  He's not Matéo's boyfriend.  Tobey's not the one that played on the swing set when we were little with Matéo.  He's not the one that sold his bike to get Matéo the video game he wanted for his 10th birthday.  Tobey's not the one who saved him.. who saw Matéo lying on the ground in a puddle of blood with a hole in the back of his head.  Tobey's not the one that sat in the hospital every single day and night waiting for his best friend to come back.  Tobey's not the one who was there when Matéo woke up," Noah's voice cracked with emotion, "Tobey's not the one who was forgotten."

The table was dead silent, taken back by the outburst.  Tears flowed freely down Noah's face, his breaking point breached.  Tobey was the only person that dared to speak, "Things have to get worse before they get better, Noah."

Noah's eyes flared, "Stop with your fucking, riddles!  I don't want to hear them anymore.  This isn't right.  Everything is fucked up and I want my life back."  Noah threw two game cards on the table, "He was MINE first and YOU took him from me.  You've taken everything from me."  Noah stormed off without another word, grabbing his coat and leaving GameWorks.

Tears slipped out of Matéo's eyes in silence as he picked up the two game cards.  They both had names on them.

Noah & Matéo

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