Drew and Connor



This story is fiction. Drew, however, is a real boy. He has requested that this story be published with a link to his pic. Drew has Kallmann Syndrome, a genetic disorder that means Drew will not begin puberty and will likely remain prepubescent. He is four feet three inches tall and weighs 68 pounds. Oh, and Drew is gay and out of the closet to all who know him. He hopes that you enjoy this story as much as he does.

If there was one thing Drew hated, it was having to change schools in the middle of the school year. His mom had explained it to him many times, so he already knew what she would say. "Sweetie, when a good place to rent comes along, I have to jump on it. It's so rare to find a low-priced rental as it is, and they just don't ever seem to be available in the summer. Besides, aren't you glad we aren't living in Bronton any more, where I couldn't even let you play outside by yourself in the gated playground?"

Drew had to admit, he liked the idea they were going to be living in a house instead of the apartment complexes he had spent his whole life. So there he was, spending his Sunday morning helping his mom unload a rented U-Haul truck. He carried the smaller items and boxes that didn't weigh too much while his mother used the rented hand truck to move the larger boxes.

Connor was awakened by the sounds coming from outside. Without looking, he knew that someone was moving into the house next door. He allowed himself a burst of hope that there would be kids, and most importantly, that there would be a boy his age. There were very few kids in the neighborhood, and every one of them was either a girl - ewww! - or several years younger than he was.

Connor quickly slipped on a pair of jeans and wandered outside to see who his new neighbors would be. Even though it was a little after ten in the morning, the fall air was a bit chilly and he almost regretted not throwing on a shirt first. He stood on his driveway and watched the unloading proceedings hoping to catch a glimpse of a boy his own age.

First off, a young boy came out of the half-unloaded truck carrying a lamp. Connor was a bit disappointed, but didn't give up hope yet. After all, if there was a young boy, there could always be an older boy too, right?

Just as the boy was about to disappear into the house, a woman came out saying, "Sweetie, put that in the living room, okay?" Connor figured that she was probably the boy's mother. She went into the truck and moved a couple of boxes out of the way. The boy came back out and went up the ramp into the truck. He heard the mother's voice again, "Okay, sweetie, that top box is your clothes, so it can go in your bedroom."

After each the boy and the mother had made a few trips, Connor's heart sank as he realized it was just the two of them. With disappointment, he raised his hand in friendly greeting as the boy came back out of the house again, then dejectedly went back into his house to eat a very late breakfast.

Drew hadn't noticed the boy next door until he waved hello. At that point, there was a fluttery feeling in his stomach as he realized he was looking at one of the cutest boys in the whole world. The boy's blond hair was uncombed, but it framed the boy's cute face perfectly. And the boy's skinny waist was perfectly complemented by the ribs Drew could see when the boy's arm was raised.

Almost too late, Drew lifted his hand to return the greeting as the boy turned and went back inside his house. Any negative thoughts Drew had about moving during the school year were banished as he thought about living next door to such an Adonis.

The next morning, Drew fumed as the school counselor told his mom where his classroom was located. Why wasn't she telling him where it was located? Did she expect his mom was going to hold his hand and walk him to his classroom like a little kid? Fortunately, his mom knew him better than that. She handed him the little map and told him, "You're in 8b, sweetie".

By the time Drew had been issued his books, his backpack weighed almost as much as he did, and first period was half over. Worse, there were no lockers available for him to put his books in. He found classroom 8b and opened the door. As he had dreaded, all eyes were on him as he stepped in the door.

"Andrew Wilhelm? That's your seat over there. We're studying Geography right now. If you'd like to take your book and follow along, we're in chapter four." The teacher pointed to a desk in the back of the third row of desks.

While Drew found it rather bewildering at first, the desk was his desk. Instead of lockers, it was where he kept his books, writing tablets, pencils and anything else. Then he realized all his classes (with a couple of exceptions) were in this room, and all taught by one teacher - Mrs. Hansen.

Connor did a double-take when the boy from next door walked into his class. What was a boy so young doing in an eighth grade classroom? Was he a super-smart genius? Or was he just lost? The teacher assigned him to a desk, so Connor had to believe the boy was just a genius. He wondered if the boy, "Andrew" the teacher had called him, would be willing to help him with his homework.

The teacher had moved from Geography to Math ("ugh" thought Drew) before Drew realized that his Adonis, the cutest boy ever who just happened to live right next door, was seated one row over and three seats in front of him. Drew stared at the boy - who cared about Math anyway - and willed the boy to turn around and notice him, but he never did.

At lunch, Drew looked around but didn't see his Adonis. He had learned that the boy's name was Connor when the teacher called on him during Science class. After getting his food, he looked around and was slightly dismayed to see there were no empty tables, but quite a few tables with only one person.

"Mind if I sit here?" Drew asked the person sitting at the nearest table. The boy looked at Drew, shrugged his shoulders, but as Drew sat down, he inquired almost belligerently why Drew hadn't eaten earlier with the other kids of his class. And this, Drew thought, is why he hated switching schools in the middle of the school year.

Drew had been looking forward to walking home with Connor, but the teacher asked him to stay after school so she could go over his pending homework assignments. It only took a few minutes, but all the other kids, including Connor, were long gone by the time he left school with his heavily loaded backpack.

The following day, Drew arrived at his classroom just as the final bell rang, so he missed an opportunity to talk with Connor who didn't seem to even notice him. At lunch, Drew hurried so as to be able to sit with Connor, but by the time he got his food, Connor's table was already full, and from the chatter, it was obvious they were all old friends. Dejected, Drew found a table by himself and nibbled his food half-heartedly.

After school, however, Drew left the school building only a few steps behind Connor and quickly caught up even though the bigger boy took much longer strides. "Hi," he said as he drew abreast. "You live next door to me, don't you?"

Connor looked down. "Oh, hi. You're Andrew, aren't you? I'm Connor."

"Call me Drew, please." Drew had to skip and double step to keep up with Connor, but fortunately Connor was quick to notice and slowed his pace to accommodate the smaller boy.

"Ummm... You must be a pretty smart genius to already be in eighth grade. Is there any chance you could help me with my homework sometimes? I really suck at math."

"YOU suck at math? I suck at math too." Drew mentally kicked himself when he realized he was perhaps throwing away a perfect opportunity to spend time with Connor, but he didn't feel like lying about himself either. "I'm not a genius either. I'm just small for my age, that's all."

"Small for your age? How old are you anyway? Ten? Eleven?"

"I'm fourteen," Drew said with just a touch of defiance.

"Fourteen?" Connor echoed in disbelief. "Yeah, and my dad's the president. Come on, how old are you really?"

"I really am fourteen," Drew began. "It's just that..."

Connor snorted. "It's just that what?"

"Well, I have Kallmann Syndrome. It's a genetic disorder that prevents me from growing up."

"What? Does that mean you're going to be a little kid forever?"

"Uh huh. Pretty cool, huh?"

As it turned out, Connor wasn't allowed to have friends over after school, not even if they were classmates and Connor promised his mother they would spend the time studying. Neither was he allowed to visit his friends. Bah, Connor thought. What's the point of having two working parents if I have to spend all my time alone?

Connor was allowed to invite Drew over the next Saturday. At first, Connor's mother disapproved that Connor's friend was so young, but after she met with Drew's mother and the situation was clarified, she had no further qualms about the matter. In fact, Drew so impressed Connor's mother with his charm and proper behavior, she even relented and allowed Drew to study with Connor after school.

While Drew was perfectly happy over the following weeks to just spend time with the cutest boy in the whole world, Connor was getting fidgety. He remembered some of the "sex stuff" he had done with his older cousin when his family had visited for a week the previous year. Oh yes, he remembered it well, and they had done a whole lot more than just "show".

As Connor thought about how he could induce Drew into doing "sex stuff", he tried to think of how his cousin had gotten things started. But that was different, because he and his cousin were sleeping in the same bed. Damn, what could he do to see if Drew was interested in doing anything?

Drew loved the days when he and Connor didn't have any homework. It used to be they would spend that time wrestling and tickling and rolling around together until Drew ended up stretched out on top of Connor. Now they skipped the horseplay, Connor would lay down on the couch, and Drew would lay down on top of him, and they would just enjoy each other's closeness and talk about anything or nothing.

"Drew, I was wondering. If you can't have puberty, does that mean you don't have any interest in, ummm, you know, sex?"

Drew raised his head from Connor's chest. "What do you mean? I think about sex all the time."

Connor looked down into Drew's eyes. "But, I mean, do you ever do anything? I mean, like jack off or stuff like that?"

"You've got to promise not to tell anyone, okay?" Drew waited until Connor nodded his head. "I rub my peepee almost every day," Drew said confidentially.

Connor was delighted by Drew's words. Maybe they would be able to do sex stuff together after all. "I play with myself too," Connor admitted. "What do you think about when you're doing it?" Please, oh, please, be thinking about guys and not girls, Connor wished.

Drew didn't know how to answer the question at first. Could he really tell his only friend what he really was thinking about when he rubbed his peepee? "Ummm... I think about someone rubbing my peepee."

Connor was disappointed that Drew's answer had been too vague to know if he liked boys or girls, but it intrigued him also. "Do you think about doing anything else?"

Anything else? Drew couldn't think of anything else that he should or could be thinking of. "No, just that."

Connor suddenly felt inspired. "Have you ever kissed anyone?"

"You mean besides my mom?"

Connor nodded his head. Drew shook his.

Taking a deep breath, Connor decided to take a gamble, hoping it wouldn't backfire on him. "Would you like to practice?"

"Practice? How?" Drew was almost afraid to hope that Connor might have been suggesting that they kiss.

Connor smiled. He'd won. At least, he hoped he'd won. He grabbed Drew under his armpits and pulled the smaller boy up so that their faces were just inches apart. Then he pulled Drew's head down, and their lips touched.

Even though Connor released his head, Drew saw no reason to end the kiss. His instantly hard boner was pressing into Connor's abdomen and he didn't care if Connor could feel it or not. In fact, he wished Connor could feel it. What Drew didn't realize was that Connor also had a boner.

Connor was amazed at how sexually stimulating it was to have Drew's lips pressed against his own lips. For all of the sex stuff he had done with his cousin, they had never kissed. However, as he could feel Drew's boner poking into his stomach, he wanted to do a whole lot more than just kiss.

Connor pulled his lips away from Drew's reluctantly. "Hey, how about we go up to my bedroom?"

Once there, Drew allowed Connor to remove his clothes, then watched with interest as Connor quickly removed his own clothes. If Drew had thought Connor was an Adonis before, seeing him naked did nothing to change his opinion of the bigger boy.

The boys only spent a few seconds to admire each other's bodies, but they were second filled with lust. Drew took in Connor's thin five inch hairless boner that jutted almost straight up toward his bellybutton. Connor was skinny enough that his ribs could be seen just beneath his skin. Connor's long, slender face was lightly freckled, and his cheeks displayed dimples whenever he smiled, which was almost all the time.

While Drew was completely enamored of Connor's body, Connor was more excited at the thought of doing sex stuff with Drew. The smaller boy looked pretty much as he had imagined - a little boner just over three inches long that poked almost straight out from his this body. What excited Connor was the apparent eagerness that Drew exhibited toward engaging in sex stuff.

Because Drew was expecting they would rub each other's peepees, he was surprised when Connor dropped to his knees. Drew watched in total disbelief as Connor sucked Drew's stiff peepee into his mouth. The feelings that shot throughout Drew's groin caused him to very loudly call out, "Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Connor was amazed at how loudly Drew moaned and groaned as he sucked on the small boner. Connor was equally amazed at how quickly Drew's little body approached orgasm with its twitching and jerking as Drew's hands grasped Connor's hair as Drew struggled to remain standing while his legs turned to rubber.

With a yell, Drew held Connor's head tight as he pushed his boner deeply into Connor's mouth while the most awesome orgasm ripped through his small body. He stood there gasping for breath before remembering to release Connor. His boner remained just as rigid as ever as it yearned for a repeat.

"Wow," was all Connor could say regarding Drew's intense and loud sexual climax. He hadn't expected that a boy who wasn't even in puberty yet - and never would be - could get so sexually excited. He only hoped Drew wouldn't object to what he planned next.

Drew readily allowed himself to be guided to the bed where Connor had him lie down. Drew was a bit surprised, as he halfway expected Connor would want Drew to suck his peepee in return, a thought that didn't really appeal to Drew. While it had felt so fantastic to have Connor sucking on his peepee, Drew felt a little sick just thinking about having a peepee in his mouth.

Drew watched with interest as Connor went over to his dresser and pulled out a container. He opened it, and used a finger to get a large blob of stuff which he then spread over his peepee. He got some more of the stuff, then came over to the bed and asked Drew to lift up his legs so that his knees were hugging his chest. Drew complied more out of curiosity than anything else.

Connor knew from the experiences he had with his cousin that it would be a lot easier for Drew if everything was made nice and slippery. He rubbed the petroleum jelly around Drew's ass and then gently pushed a finger in. As he almost expected, Drew's body jerked a bit in response, but his finger went in easy enough.

As soon as Connor pushed a finger into his butt, Drew figured out what Connor was going to do. It felt so good to have Connor's finger moving around in his butt, and Drew knew that he wanted Connor's peepee in his butt. He winced in pain as Connor tried to stick a second finger into his small butthole, but followed Connor's instructions to relax and push like he was going to poop. It still hurt as the second finger pushed its way in, but Drew clenched his teeth and the pain slowly diminished.

Soon, Connor was able to push two fingers in and out of Drew's butthole with ease. He had Drew position his legs up on Connor's shoulders, then kneeling close behind Drew, he withdrew his fingers and immediately pushed his boner into the hole.

Drew screeched in pain. Connor immediately began apologizing profusely, but Drew insisted everything was all right. Drew was determined to let Connor do what he wanted. He only hoped the pain wouldn't last very long as Connor kept saying.

For the next few minutes, the boys settled into a routine. The pain would subside and Drew would tell Connor he could continue. Connor would push his boner into Drew's butt just a little farther, at which point Drew would wince with pain. Connor would patiently wait until Drew indicated he could push again.

Soon, Connor's boner was all the way inside of Drew's butt. Connor had been at the receiving end many times, but this was his first time at the giving end. He could hardly believe how fantastic it felt. It was a thousand times better than jerking off, and he hadn't even started banging Drew's butt yet.

The pain subsided, and Drew once again signalled for Connor to continue. He was surprised when, instead of pushing in further, Connor pulled his boner almost out of Drew's butt. Drew felt so empty all of a sudden, like a part of him was missing.

There was pain when Connor pushed himself slowly back in, but Drew knew he could handle it. Underneath the pain, there was an intense level of sexual pleasure, and Drew wanted it more than he had ever wanted anything else.

Drew's sexual excitement grew quickly. The sensations that shot through his groin as Connor's peepee slid in and out of his butthole were beyond anything he had ever imagined. He involuntarily lifted his back in an effort to get Connor's boner as far into his butt as possible.

Connor was only on his third stroke when Drew yelled out in pleasure as another orgasm shuddered through his body. He was used to having multiple orgasms when he rubbed his peepee, but having Connor's boner inside of him was way, way better.

Connor was surprised that Drew had another orgasm, but when Drew's butthole tightened several times around his boner, Connor's level of sexual excitement increased. Okay, he thought, Drew has had his orgasms, now it's time for me to have mine.

Connor quickly set up a steady rhythm, but his excitement was so great, there was nothing he could do to hold back his approaching orgasm. The familiar pressure built steadily each time he pushed his boner into Drew's butt. His body almost seemed to be on autopilot as he slammed into Drew's butt faster and faster.

Connor watched as Drew arched his back each time Connor thrust his boner into Drew. He could tell that Drew was bracing himself so that Connor could push himself into Drew as hard as his body would allow. He pounded his boner into Drew's butt with so much energy, the entire bed was moving. Both Connor and Drew were moaning loudly each time Connor slammed into Drew.

And then it happened. With one final thrust, Connor screamed quietly as his whole body shook in the most stupendous orgasm he ever had. He could feel his cum pouring into Drew's butt - even though he knew it was only a couple of tiny squirts, it felt like much more.

Connor was too far gone in his own sensations to notice that Drew had screamed quite a bit louder than he had, and that Drew's entire body shook and shuddered with yet another orgasm.

Connor was exhausted. He pulled his peepee out of Drew's butthole with a 'plop'. He then collapsed onto the bed beside Drew. He pulled Drew close, kissed him, and hugged him tightly as he drifted off to sleep.

Drew wasn't quite as tired, but his whole world had changed. He had never thought about having his peepee sucked before, and certainly had never even considered the possibility of having another boy's peepee inside his butt, and now both of those things had happened. Not only that, they had happened with the most cutest, most gorgeous boy in the whole world.

Drew drifted off to sleep, safe and content in the arms of his Adonis.