Chapter 12

I walk out into the crowd.  The people of Atlantis are sitting around the tables.  The communal dinner is a little different today.  We have fresh lobster from the mermaid hunters that went out earlier in the day.   Music is playing.  There are singers singing.  People are celebrating.

When I walk out I realize that they are celebrating me.

"You sit here today," Amphitrite says.

"That's your seat," I state.

"Not anymore.  You are the god Krill now.  Atlantis is yours," my grandmother says.

My grandmother stepping down is big.   She is basically saying that from now on I am responsible for Atlantis.  I feel different.   There is literally a glow coming off of my skin.  I feel like I am brighter somehow. Now that I am fully a god, I have no need for food or nourishment.  I sit there and even though I haven't eaten all day I feel no need to eat.

"How does it feel?"  Sebastian asks me.

He walks up to me.  He leans over to me.  I grab him by the back of his neck and pull him close.  I kiss him.  My tongue goes down his throat.   As I touch him I notice his body drenched with moisture.  Every pore seems to be dripping almost as though I washed him with oil.  My kiss is literally making Sebastian wet.  He pulls away, stumbles and just stares seeming mesmerized and star struck all at the same time.  All around the dome of Atlantis there are tropical looking fish swarming around.  It's almost as though they felt the kiss too.  It's almost as though they were here celebrating with me.

"I can almost...feel the ocean..." I state.

"You are part of the water now.  You can control it.  You can control the animals in the ocean.  You are a god of the sea.  You won't bleed.  You won't die.  You won't age.  You have become fully who you were always intended to be."

The others are looking at me.  Sebastian is smiling.  Even though I'm not hungry he insists on feeding me.  He is literally pulling a chair up and treating me like some sort of king.  I'm loving every moment of it.  Who wouldn't?   A sexy ass guy like Sebastian was tending to my every need.

Marina is sitting far away looking depressed and honestly quite jealous.  I smile at the thought of it.  Reign is sitting closer to Sebastian.  He seems concerned.  I wonder if it is Reign's idea or Marina's to sit so far away from each other.  At this point I can't really tell and I honestly I don't care.

Reign raises an eyebrow, "Will you remember this time?"

"I remember now what happened Reign.  Stop beating yourself up about it," I explain to him, "We fucked...didn't you enjoy it?"

Reign seems shocked that I'm speaking at the table where Marina is like this.  I don't give a fuck though.  Marina made my life hell because of what she assumed was going on between me and Reign.  My life on the dry land was miserable specifically because of her and Blue.  Now I was going to give her a reason to really hate me.  What could she really do to the god of the sea?

Marina gets up off the table.  It's clear she can't take this.

I stop her.

"Where do you think you're going?" I ask her.

Marina looks around.  She's surprised that I am addressing her.

"I lost my appetite.  I'd like to leave if that's OK with you..."

"It's not," I respond.

Reign shakes his head, "Krill let her go..."

"No.  We were just having a very interesting conversation," I explain shaking my head, "Sit Marina..."

I don't even give the order but the guards surround her.  They have their spears pointed at her.  They'll kill her if she doesn't do what I say.  I know that is going to happen and I'm a little amused by it.  I wasn't Marina's victim anymore.  I was the bully now.

"Do what he says," Reign tells Marina.

He's smart.  Marina seems reluctant.  For a moment I think she is going to have to die today but for some reason Reign's warning seems to put some things into perspective for her.

Marina sits back down.  When she does, I turn back to her ex-boyfriend.

"As I was saying.  Reign.  Did you enjoy having sex with me or not?"

Reign looks over at Marina.  I should have put this whole situation on blast a long time ago.  There was no beating around the bush or hiding now.  I was going to shove this shit right in Marina's face.

I got her man and there was nothing she could do to get him back.

Reign nods, "Of course..."

"Good because I want to do it again."

I get up off the table walk over to Reign and lift him single-handedly onto the table.  It hardly takes any effort at all.  He is as light as a feather.  The nymphs clear the food away from him.  All of Atlantis looks as I climb up on one of the huge communal tables full of food with Reign.  People are cheering and laughing when they see what I'm about to do.
I'm noticing the people of Atlantis enjoy things like this.  They seem to like sharing in so many ways.  They were cheering on the idea that I was going to share with them a very intimate moment.

Reign looks embarrassed.  His face gets red.  He looks back at Marina.

"What are you doing, Krill?"

"I told you.  I'm having sex with you."

"Krill no...not now..."

"Isn't this what you wanted?" I ask him.

Krill looks at me.  He looks back at Marina.  Marina is forced to sit in her seat but she's crying.  She's looking anywhere but at me.  This is killing her seeing that this is happening.  I can tell Reign doesn't want to hurt her but I know the truth that Marina always knew.

Reign was in love with me.  He always was.  He always will be.

"Of course this is what I want," Reign admits attempting to whisper so as not to further embarrass Marina, "You know this is what I want.  We had this conversation---in private.  I just assumed it would be kept more...private..."

"Reign.  I keep telling you what you need to do," Atlas tells his little brother, "You don't say not to a god."

Just at that moment I realize Atlas is kissing my grandmother's neck.  His wife is right there.  His wife seems to be getting pleasure out of it honestly.  As Atlas starts kissing my grandmother's neck he lowers his hands and starts to play with her.  My grandmother moans in excitement.  I'm amused.  There was such power there.  All these memories came back about what Atlantis really was like even if these weren't my memories.  I knew this was the real Atlantis.

We shared.  Everything.  We shared our baths.  We shared our food.  We shared our lovers.

This was the way of Atlantis.

"I can't..." Reign says looking at me.

"You told me you cared."

"You have no idea how much I care about you."

"Then prove it.  Or leave..."

Reign looks confused.


"Prove you care about me or leave Atlantis forever," I give Reign an ultimatum.

I look dead in his eyes.  He's emotional.  Still he doesn't stop me when I lift his kilt and his dick is already hard and ready for me.  A crowd of excited people from Atlantis gather around to see the show.

I mount him.  Slowly.

The warmth of his dick fills me up.  He looks up at me.  This voyeurism is turning me on so much for some reason.  He still seems shy and nervous as I begin to ride him, pressing my hands down on his chest and pushing my ass down on his dick. I feel his hard chest and his tighter abs.  I feel so powerful as I put all of it in on my very first try.

Reign exhales, "Fuck..."

Maybe he thought I was just trying to prove a point.  Maybe he really didn't believe that I would mount him the way I'm doing.  He had no idea how horny I was.  He had no idea how much I wanted this right now.

"Your mine," I tell him.

Sebastian looks at me.  I can tell he's jealous.  Maybe that is why he climbs up on the table in the next moment.  He doesn't hesitate to pull his dick out.

"Does a god suck dick?" Sebastian asks me.

He stands over Reign almost attempting to prove a point.  I grab his dick out of his kilt and begin sucking it putting it deep into the back of my throat and deep-throating it.  Sebastian fucks my mouth as I ride Reign.

Reign has forgotten where he is.  He's stopped crying.  All I hear is moans of pleasure from him as I bounce up and down on his shaft.  He's gotten excited about it even to the point that he's disregarded the fact that Sebastian has his dick in my mouth.  Reign is squeezing on my ass cheeks grinding hard into me and shuttering each moment to stop an oncoming orgasm.

"I'm nutting..."

"You'll keep going..."



Reign's body tremors underneath me.  I push down on his nipples, squeezing them.  As Reign nuts inside of me Sebastian nuts in my mouth.

Sebastian nuts so much that it overflows out of my mouth.  His cum empties all over Reign's chest and body, shocking Reign at that moment.  Sebastian laughs when he sees the kind of mess he made.  I don't think Reign is anywhere near amused.

"What the fuck?" Reign says.

I look down on Reign.  I'm still on his dick.  He's getting soft in me but I won't allow that to happen.  I run my fingers through Sebastian's nut that is covered all over Reign's chest.  I look over at the people in Atlantis.

An orgy has started.  A huge bisexual orgy where everyone was fucking everyone else.  Sebastian is staring at me with this look that is telling me that he's finally getting everything he ever wanted from me.  I wish I could say the same about Reign.  Reign looks confused.  I'm not sure why he isn't enjoying himself.  Everyone is enjoying one another.  Everyone except Marina.  She sits there with tears drenching her face.  All those years of her attempting to victimize me were thrown back in her face.

I look over at Reign.  I scratch his hard abs and his pecs.  I run my fingers through his nut.

"I told you," I tell him, "Keep going..."


The orgy lasts for 3 days and 3 nights.   I can keep on going.  Soon not even Sebastian can keep up with me but it's OK because I invite some of my grandmother's fine guards into the room and take turns with them.

"Where are you going?" I ask Reign.

We are in bed.  I'd just got done having these two muscular men feed me grapes.  There names were Tenny and Rio.  They had 12 inch dicks and I refused to let them wear clothes.  Honestly I think Reign was feeling some type of way about how big their dicks were.  Reign was probably used to being the guy with the biggest dick.  Maybe he was jealous.  Right now he just has a long face and he's making his way out of the room.

"I was going to go to the baths..." Reign says.

"That's an amazing idea," I respond, "We should move the party to the baths."

To my right there are three or four guys in Atlantis that seem ready to go.  Sebastian is ready as well.  He's walking around butt naked with his hairy chest and tight butt.  He's drinking and being usual Sebastian.  His dick has been drained to the max and yet it still leaks like some broken faucet oozing cum.  He's definitely messy but I love every moment of it.

"I was actually going to go myself," Reign says, "I didn't want the company."

"What's your fucking problem?" Sebastian asks, "You seem like you have an attitude."

Reign shrugs, "Maybe because I have a fucking attitude."

"You do realize you're talking a god don't you?" Sebastian asks him.

"Clearly.  You never seem to let me forget."

They are getting heated.  I can tell.  Sebastian hasn't left my side in quite a while.    I notice he's very defensive when it comes to me now that I'm a god.

"Reign are we good?" I ask him.

"You tell me."

"I'm confused.  Isn't this what you wanted?"

"No.  I wanted you."

"You have me everyday...three times a day..."

"That's not what I meant," Reign whines shaking his head and heading towards the door, "I wanted you alone.  I wanted you without all these fucking people.  I want the old Krill back.  This new thing that you've become.  This god.  I don't like him."

Reign is being dramatic.  I'm kind of shocked by it.  Just a few hours ago he was making love to me shaking with emotion as he penetrated me.  Now he was acting like he didn't want me?  This was the kind of person Reign was though.  He just couldn't seem to make up his mind.  Right now he is in his feelings  and it's clear as he walks out of the room slamming the door behind him.

I roll my eyes.  I'm so confused.  What the fuck was that even about?

Sebastian climbs into the bed with me.

"Ignore him," Sebastian says.

"I don't get it.  The old Krill?"

"You are a god now.  You are more yourself than ever," Sebastian says, "I love it.  Reign is just trying to have you to himself.  He's a little bitch if you ask me.  Just like Blue..."


I hadn't thought about Blue in the longest time.

"Where is Blue?" I ask Sebastian.

I've almost forgotten about him.  All of a sudden all these memories of Blue start coming back.  He's gone to the back of my mind within the last few days.  It's almost like for some reason I didn't even remember him.  The more I think about it though the more I realize that Blue and I had some sort of real emotion between us before all of this happened.

There is a slight vulnerability I feel just thinking about him.

I wasn't sure god's felt vulnerable.

"He came to see you a few times.  I told him to go away," Sebastian asks, "You were busy having fun..."

I'm confused.

"Excuse me?"

"I told him you didn't want to see him."

I grab Sebastian.  I lift him up.  I'm so powerful that he is like a feather underneath me.  I don't know why I'm so pissed that he did that.  My trident flies to my hand without me even reaching for it.  In the next moment I have the three pronged pitchfork at his throat.  I'm so pissed at him that he would do something like that.

"Who the fuck told you to do that Sebastian?" I ask him.

Sebastian shakes his head, "Your grandmother..."

Just at that moment the doors open.  Someone walks in.  It's Amphitrite.  My grandmother is back to her old self.  She looks like the goddess she was before.  Her long hair trails the floor.  The color water sprites swarm around her in this grand entrance.  The nymphs literally sing her into the room.

I drop Sebastian.  There is no point in being mad at him.  I just had no idea he was doing what my grandmother told him to do now.  Since when was my grandmother even talking to Sebastian.
And why the fuck did she love to get so involved in my sex life?

"Everyone out," my grandmother announces.

They don't hesitate to follow her instructions, not even Sebastian who has refused to leave my side since I became a full blown god.  The entrance of my grandmother is a little dramatic but I wouldn't expect anything less from her.  I don't even bother to wear clothes when I see her.  Hell she's seen me do worse things and she was OK with it.

"You're ruining my party," I let her know.

My grandmother walks over to me, sighs, take a piece of cloth and throws it over my junk to cover me up.  She looks at the trident that is sitting next to my bed and touches the points.

"You've had your fun.  It's time you get a little more serious."

"How so?"

"You became a god for a reason Krill.  It's time you raised Atlantis out of the ocean."

I'm confused.

"Why would I want to do that?"  I ask her, "It's amazing down here..."

This was everything I wanted.  I was living a carefree life.  I could have sex with Reign when I wanted and Marina finally couldn't do anything about it.  I had people tending to my every need.  I had sexy ass Sebastian who followed me around eating my ass, giving me head and cumming like a fire hose every time I asked him to.  What else could I really need?

Why the hell would I want to return to the surface?

"You are happy here aren't you?" she asked me.

"Of course."

"Then why wouldn't you want everywhere to be like here?" she asks me, "Raise Atlantis back to the surface.  It's time this city became the capital of the world like we once were before we were sunk to the bottom of the ocean."

I think about it for a moment.



My grandmother is surprised that I'm denying her.  Honestly I don't care if she was surprised or not.  She needed me.  If my grandmother had the power to raise Atlantis out of the ocean she would have done it by now.  If she had the power to defeat the sisters she would have done that by now as well.  She needed me.  It was clear she needed me and it was also clear that she was using me for whatever she needed.

"I am a god down here," I state, "Do you know what I was on the dry land?  I was a slut on the surface.  A slut.  People took their boyfriends across the street when I walked past.  I was made fun of because of my sexuality.  I was hated.  Down here I am loved.  Blue..."

Blue hated me up there.  Blue loved me down here.

Why would I ever want to return to the surface?

"You are the god of Atlantis but you can be the god of the world," she tells me, "The old gods have gone into hiding.  The world is yours Krill.  I don't get why you don't raise Atlantis."

"I don't want to return to the surface.  End of story."

"Remember how they treated you?  Remember how Blue treated you.  Remember how Marina treated you.  I saw those things from afar," my grandmother explains, "The surface was a horrible place but you can recreate it.  You can make it better."

I'm confused.

"I don't know.  I don't know..."

For some reason my grandmother wanting to return to the surface just seems almost like a power grab at this point.  I was happy down here.  Why the hell was she so pressed to get back to the surface with humans?

"At least think about it," my grandmother asks me.

I look at her.  I don't know if I fully trust her.  This whole time she was lying to me.  This whole time she was leading me on to believe things.  She wanted me to find the conch.  She wanted me to find the trident.  She wanted me to become a god.

But was that such a bad thing?

I'm so confused as my grandmother leaves the room.  I'm not sure what I need to do.


It's late at night and I can't sleep.  Sebastian is snoring next to me.  There are others around me as well.  I can't stop thinking about what my grandmother wants to me to do.  She wants me to raise Atlantis.  The weird thing is that as a god I feel like I would be able to do it.  I felt this connection to the water that I couldn't understand.  It would be nothing to raise something out of the ocean, even if it was an entire city.

But how would the humans react to some ancient city resurfacing.  What would they say?

Why would it matter?

I'm a god.  That's what my grandmother would say.  It wasn't like there were a whole bunch of gods walking around either.  I would be powerful up there.  I didn't have to be the victim anymore.  I remember how I made Marina feel.  I made her feel lower than me.  I made her pay.  I took her man right in front of her face and there was nothing she could do about it.

I could be powerful up there just like I am down here...


Someone is standing at the door.  I get out of bed.  I'm confused.  It's Reign.  I figured he would bring his ass back sooner or later regardless of how mad he was.

I get out of the bed and make my way over to him.

"It's the middle of the night Reign," I state.

"I wanted to go on a walk with you."

"Maybe I should tell Sebastian so he won't be upset."

"Are you and Sebastian together?"

I look back over at Sebastian.  He is lying still there.

"No.  Of course not."

"Exactly, then I want you to come with me.  Don't tell Sebastian.  I want to show you something."

It's weird that Reign doesn't want me to tell Sebastian.  He definitely doesn't seem like he trusts Sebastian at this moment but I can't figure out exactly why.


Reign grabs my hand.


I follow Reign out into the hallway.  He is holding my hand. Reign takes me through the palace.

"Listen you didn't have to do all this to get me alone," I tell Reign, "All you had to do is ask."

"Krill this is serious."

We walk through the corridors at that moment.   Reign goes to the ends of a wall and presses on a trigger.   A hidden door slides up in the palace.  I've walked past this corridor a million times and I've never noticed it.  I'm shocked when I see the sliding door.

Reign doesn't hesitate to lead me down this secret hallway.  At the end of the hallway we come to a room.  The room has a large statue in it.  It's a statue of a man but it's almost...lifelike.  The long beard was there.  There was a crown on the man's head.  As I get closer I can't help but to touch the statue.

I scream and jump back


The statue was real.  The person was stuck in time but it wasn't some painted stone replica.  This was an actual person just stuck there.

"It's your father," a voice says.

I turn at that moment and see that Blue has been in the room the whole time.  He is standing off away from us.


I haven't seen him in what feels like forever.  There is so much emotion.  I want to hug him.  I want to touch him.  I want to at least be close to him but I don't know how to react.  There is so much that I've done.  There is no way Blue wants to even be near me at this point.

Blue and I look at one another for what feels like forever.  The tension is so real there.   I look back at Reign.  I'm shocked Reign would bring me out here late at night to meet Blue.  Why the hell would he want me around Blue knowing how I felt about Blue?

"I should wait outside, watch to make sure that no one is coming..." Reign says.

Reign leaves and goes back to the trap door.  Its almost like he knows I want to be alone.  Blue and I continue to stare at each other.  He breaks first.

He comes towards me and he hugs me.  For a moment I don't know what comes over me but I don't feel like much a god when Blue hugs me.  I feel so vulnerable.  I feel so stupid.  I feel so weak.

But it's OK...because Blue is strong for me.

"You hate me," I state.

It's the only thing I can think of.

"No.  I don't hate you.  I love you."

It's so weird.

"You have no idea what I've done," I explain to him.

"I know.  I love you."

"Blue.  I've been sleeping with everyone..."

"I know.  I love you."

He hugs me tighter and tighter.  It feels real.  It feels like this is someone that is going to care about me regardless.  He misses me just as much as I miss him.  I start crying on his shoulder for a few minutes and Blue just lets me.  He brushes through my long blonde hair with his fingers letting his fingers fall through each and every strand.  When I finally calm down Blue takes a step back and looks at me.  His eyes are so beautiful.  They break through all my defenses.

"How do you not hate me?" I ask him.

"Your grandmother did all of this," he explains, "She did this to your father."

I look at the man standing frozen in the room.


"Ocean's tears.  The same thing she used to knock me out," Blue explains, "Everyday your grandmother comes in this room and she gives moreOcean's tears to your father to keep him in this trance.  This is what happens when a god uses them.  He's alive deep inside there but he won't wake back up.  She is poisoning him."

"She wouldn't do that to her own son," I state.

"You don't know your grandmother.  She would.  She wanted your father to raise Atlantis and he didn't.  She told you that the sisters attacked your father.  That wasn't the case.  Your grandmother killed your mother and did this to your father.  The sisters attacked her for what she did."

I'm so confused.

"The sisters want to kill me," I explain, "They want to destroy me."

"Atlantis was sunk for a reason," Blue explains, "The orgies.  The sin.  The power hungriness of their people.   The people are Atlantis are evil, Krill."

I can't believe Blue.

"You are a child of Atlantis."

"The sisters aren't the bad guys.  We are.  All of us.  Including me.  Including you.  What do you think will happen when you raise Atlantis out of the ocean.  Do you understand you'd shift the entire ocean doing something like that?  The tidal waves would destroy the rest of the world."

"The prophecy..." I realize.

He nods, "The prophecy.  You raise Atlantis and you drown everyone else out.  The prophecy is real Krill. And it's celebrated in Atlantis.  They want you to do this.  They want their revenge for living at the bottom of the ocean for so long."

"How do you know..."

"Your grandmother told me."

"Recently?  I don't get it.  She's been using Sebastian to keep you away from me."

"No.  Recently she wanted us apart but this wasn't recent."

I'm confused even more at this point.  How long did Blue know about the prophecy?  How long did he know about all of this.

"Um...Blue.  How do you know about my father?   Is it Yara?"

"It's not Yara.  I shared it with Reign when he expressed concerns about you changing but none of our friends know.  Just me."

"How'd you find this place?"

Blue hesitates, "There is something I need to tell you Krill."

He's scaring me.


"Remember when we came to Atlantis.  Remember how I came a little later than you?  Well I didn't get signs like the rest of you."

"Then how did you know where to go?"

"Remember all those times I got adopted.  Well I really wasn't adopted.  I was returning to Atlantis.  This isn't my first time here.  I was chosen a long time ago by your Grandmother.  She wanted me to make you hate the dry land.  She wanted me to make your life a living hell up there.  So that when it came to drowning the world you wouldn't hesitate.  She wanted me to make you hate the surface but love Atlantis."

I take a step away from Blue.

Him dying and being brought back to life.

Him saying how much he hated me because of Wade.

Him making me feel like Atlantis was this magical place that brought us back together.

It was all a lie.

"It was you all along wasn't it?"  I state, "I knew my grandmother wasn't out there doing those things by herself.  She needed someone to do it for her."

I remember how he was keeping an eye on Yara.  He was "helping " her.  That wasn't the case.  Blue had been spying on Yara.  When I was talking to Reign he'd followed her and came back just in time to let me know that she wanted to meet me.

Blue is crying, "Sorry...look at me...I'm sorry..."

"You killed Yara.  You faked your own death. You were the one who hit me over the head.   You've been working for my grandmother this entire time."


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