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This story contains sexual thoughts and actions among consenting male high school students under 18.  All of the sex in this story is between consenting males.  One or more of the scenes may involve sex on school property, which in real life, is illegal in most states, and the author specifically urges all readers NOT TO TRY THIS IN ANY WAY OR DO ANYTHING SEXUAL ON PUBLIC PROPERTY. Sex acts should be in complete privacy on your own private property.

chapter 1

 The last tones from the bagpipes resounded through the auditorium.  The same auditorium, not less than a month ago, had 1,500 people in a standing ovation for five nights.  I guess the play went over well.  And for five nights my lights worked just as they should, no problems.  It was luck I guess.  Well, now we take this show on the road, and not just any road.  The roads of Ireland.

 The plan was to take forty-two students and four chaperons on a two week trip around Ireland.  Not only to perform the show, but also to be a tourist.  There were thirty-two actors, it was a big Thorton Weilder play, three technicians, and seven other people we would use if we needed them.  I am Sean Patterson, the head stage light technician.  This was going to be a very cool trip.

 I guess that I would describe myself as a fit individual, now I know that sounds conceited but as the saying goes, truth shall tell.  I am 5'7' and 146 pounds. I work out, and have a generic all over tan.  The girls paw all over me because "I am so cute".  When truth be told, it is my stark blond hair and soul piercing blue eyes that sets them off.

 Yea so the girls paw me, I literally have to fight them off with a stick.  I guess I could have any one of them, but I wasn't into that.  That rush of teenage hormones has left me a little confused.  I would personally like to paw at a few boys in my class, but none more than Aaron.  God he was cute.  He was also 5'7' and had a defined body, I saw in the changing room for the play.  Before the show I kinda hang out there wishing everyone a great play, I think break a leg is a load of bull shit.  Anyway, as I talk with them I have an ulterior motive.  I like to see them change.  All of you, I know what your thinking, so shut up, yea I can't see much but in the flesh is better than dreaming or looking at pictures.

 Anyway, Aaron, He looked a lot like me, we were both small except he has jungle forest green eyes and dirty blond hair.  He wore it short too.  (I would wear it long and parted in the middle.)  He was white too, well, not totally, he had a slight tan.  He was a sophomore and I was a junior, I just thought that would be important to some people.

 So anyway, this trip is going to be so cool because, not only is it Ireland and we get a week off of school, but Aaron is going along, he has a star role in the play.  I am kinda worried though, because he is as straight as an arrow.  He has girls pawing him too, but he does something about it, he goes out with them.  We will be bunking together some of the nights and I am afraid I might disclose information that might lead to disaster.  Our friendship is not so good, he avoids me and I avoid him, a head nod is all I get out of him sometimes, it is frustrating, because I want to be as close as possible to him.  Like I said he has girls hanging all over him and I wasn't exaggerating.  For those who don't know the entire group will be bunking at what is called a hoslte.  It is a building specially designed to fit as many people into a room with out sharing beds.  Good point: it provides opportunities to cultivate friendships, bad point: it provides opportunities to destroy friendships.  This sleeping thing is going to be rough.

 The chaperones lead us out of the school building into the brisk winter evening and instruct us to put our bags into the bus, It was a large coach bus, so at least we will be riding in style.  After throwing my bag into the cargo hold I tuck myself into the second to last row silently looking out the window.  I was expected to sit at the back of the bus it is where all of my friends sat.  Across from me sat this other kid who almost looked like my twin, his name was Doug.  I knew him from grade school.  He just entered highschool this year, so he was a little rough around the edges, and he didn't have the greatest attitude in the world.

 Aaron sat a few rows ahead of me, I couldn't help but stare.  He is just godly, there is no other way to put it.  Suddenly, Derek, plopped his fat ass right next to me.  As I drew in my last breath, he moved towards me filling both his seat and half of mine.  This calm bus trip has now become a fight for my life, timing my breaths just right so my lungs would not collapse, God he was huge.

 As the bus pulled out of the lot, I tried to turn my head to look out the window, but I couldn't, I was too squished to move.  Instead I looked inward at myself and what I was feeling.

The two hour trip to the airport seemed to last an eternity, as I sat in my seat thinking, My thoughts dwelled on Aaron and what I would like to do to him.  During the trip I couldn't help but spring a boner, but I did a good job concealing it.

 We pulled into the airport and got into line to get our bags tagged and loaded.  The line seemed to move as slow as possible.  I took my stuff up to the desk hopping this would go quickly.

 "Please show me your ticket," the lady behind the counter said.

 "What..Ohh," I stated back. I gave her the ticket, "I guess my mind sorta wondered."  Aaron was at the clerk next to me, God he looked so hot.

 She smiled and gave the ticket back, "put your bag on the scale please"

 I did so, and she tagged it and put it onto the conveyor belt behind her, she also tagged my carry on.

 "Alright sir, have a nice flight.....Sir, is there something else." I was staring again.  My mind snapped to attention and I moved out of the way.  I waited a few benches along with my classmates for the rest of the group to be checked in.


 "Yea, what,

 "You seemed a million miles from here, what is on your mind," Derek said.

 `I was staring at Aaron, because I want him so bad and I wish that your lard butt didn't interrupt me so leave me the hell alone,' God I wish I could say that.  I smiled to the little devil inside me that would love to call him a lard butt.

 "Nothing I guess, just a little excited, that's all."

 "Yea, I can't wait.  This is going to be so much fun"

 "Yea it is," this was the polite me, I really wanted to say, `get the hell away from me, you sack of dildos.'  I smiled to myself, a sense of contentment, washed over me.

 I looked back over to where Aaron was, but he was gone.  I quickly got up, and regretted it immediately after.  Everyone turned their heads at me catching my rapid ascension in the corners of their eyes.  I recovered quickly though, and walked calmly to the bathroom.  As I entered I slapped my hand across my face.

 "Oh well," this seemed a logical course of action anyway, I was going on a 10 hour flight.  I surveyed the scene when I exited, looking for him.  I found him staring a million miles away on one of the benches.  He had about ten girls sitting next to him, and he wasn't paying attention to any of them.  As soon as he saw me look his way, I think I saw him look away, either that or he wasn't looking at me, maybe the pillar next to me, I turned and saw Julie walking out of the woman's bathroom. "Oh," I said out loud.  I remembered a phrase I always used to tell myself.

"Any thing that seems to good to be true, usually is."

 I sat down hard on the bench, feeling more depressed than I ever have.  I just let my head roll off the pivot of my neck and it fell back, a sigh gruffly slipped from my mouth.

 "Hey, man.  What's wrong," Derek said with concern.

 `Are you talking again?, do you ever shut up?,' "Nothing"

 "I don't believe you."

 "Fine, don't believe me, it really doesn't make a difference to me," yea I was getting a little pissed.

 He looked away.  `Good,' I thought.  Apparently the group has finished tagging in and we all made a dash to the terminal for about half a second, before the adults stopped us.  Conveniently we turned around as a group.

 "Alright, the terminal number is C-28.  Make sure and check your bag in the medal detectors, (this was a given, but as adults, they have to say it.) and have something to eat," Mr. O'mally said.  Ah, we need and Irish man to come along with us to Ireland.  Besides he was the school enrolment administrator.

 All of us stood right were we were, because, as is the custom for adults there is always a little bit more.  The photographer/nurse chaperon (Ms. Kensington) decided not to break custom.

 "Make sure all of you are there by 6:01," we were all well aware of this fact because they have told us about three million times.

 "If I had a quarter for every time they said that, I would be a millionaire," Mark said to no one in particular.  Mark is a very strange person.  He wanted to go to the prom with this girl  named Ann, she accepted and he just stood in the same spot for at least an hour, just staring out.  When I asking him what he was doing he said that she accepted.  He wouldn't look down or away.  I don't know what else he expected out of that date, but I don't think he got much.  He has been in love with her ever since.  She on the other had takes him for a nuisance.  He likes to sit alone and get very psychotic when he is angry.  He just becomes scary.  To tell the truth, now everybody thinks he is a nuisance, they just wont say it to his face.

 Passing through the medal detectors went by effortlessly, why wouldn't it, right.  Everybody started talking at the food court about how exciting this trip was going to be and how annoying some people are, and how boring the flight will be.  Everyone picked out their liking, paid, and sat down.  There were definitive cliques in this group.  The cool ones, the dorks, Mark, the in between people, and the technical people.  ME.  I sat with Emily and Nicole and talked about the battle plan for every theater that we performed in.  I sat quiet like and stared at the cool table.  `That's were I belong, this is no time for battle plans.' I tried to seem polite and listen and stare at the same time, when I caught his glance.  Eyes locked for a fraction of a second, but I could read volumes in that time.  He was in pain about something, but I couldn't determine what.  This was becoming frustrating.  I looked over at the Mark table and chuckled to myself.  `He really is a loser, God he doesn't even want to join in.'

 "Sean, are you listening." Nicole said.

 "Yea, what's up with you, you have been staring over our shoulders the entire time." Emily added.

 "Sorry, I am a little preoccupied with something, that's all."

 "Your not scared of flying are you."

 "No, well this would be the first time, but I am not afraid."

 "So what is it?" Emily piped in.

 "Nothing," I quickly changed the subject, "so you were saying that we should focus most of the lights onto stage left and right, were most of the action takes place."

 "Yea, that's right."Emily said.  Nicole stayed quite, this was out of her field, she was the sound techie.

 "Alright, I will focus the lights and you learn their light board.  Each theater will have a different system and we have to figure it out, in about an hour's time, so we must work quickly."

 "O.K. you guys do that and I will configure the sound system, I had this special CD burned with all of the sound cues on it." Nicole said.

 "Agreed?" I asked.

 "Agreed." they both said in unison.

 "Good, let eat," at that moment I sorta delved into my food.  I quickly extinguished any remains of edible material on my plate.  Wiping myself with a napkin, I looked up.  Both the girls were finished too, which amazed me.  I looked over their shoulders and say Mark shoveling food into his mouth, quietly sulking over who knows what.

 "What is his problem now?" I asked.

 Emily quickly chimed in, "oh, its got to be his own pity party over the fact that nobody wants to sit with him."

 "He really needs to join the teem." Nicole said.

 "Hey guys its, 5:40, we should probably get going."

 We all got up, and dumped our garbage and headed for the terminal.  Yes we were early, but better safe than sorry, besides we aren't the first ones to go.  On the way out of the food court, I subconsciously bumped into Aaron's chair and Aaron himself.  Even by his touch I get turned on.

 "Excuse me," I said turning around.

 "That's alright," he said looking up to me.

 Right there my stomach did a somersault and blood rushed to my face.  `I must look as red as a tomato.'  I quickly turned around, not wanting to leave any sign of well, whatever it is that is drawing me near him.  But I knew it was to late.  Maybe he just thought I was embarrassed. With that thought, I moved into the terminal, and sat at one of the benches waiting.  `God, I am embarrassed.'

 Soon the entire group was waiting in the terminal.  The chaperones did a head count, making sure that everyone was present.  I was looking out the window, when I felt someone sit next to me.

 "Hey, are you Ok, you looked a little flushed back there"

 I knew it was him.  Aaron was sitting right next to me.  `I guess our friendship did still last, but what do I say, I can't turn around, he will see me like this, all horny for something I couldn't have, and not only that, the object of my obsession was sitting right next to me.  If I turned around, there would be "I want you" written all over my face.'

 "Hey, did you hear me, I said are you ok."

 `I had to respond,' "yea, I'm ok, I just felt a little light headed back there, I'm fine though.  Thanks." `Oh...my....God, that was the lamest excuse I could invent.  He is sure to see through it.'

 "Now boarding flight 98 Airlingus to Dublin Ireland, Now boarding."

 `Saved by the bell.'

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