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Dublin Delights
Chapter 12

   I woke up in the middle of the night.  The moon shone brightly though the curtains.  I could feel Aaron's body near mine.  I smiled in happiness.  I felt him breath near me.  I smiled in pure delight.  I was, for once in a lifetime of loneliness, happy.  No, this was not just plain happiness; this was an entirely new level of contentment. 
   I closed my eyes with the intent of falling back asleep next to the boy I love.  My eyes shot open in realization.  Then I heard it.  Breathing.  Not my own, not Aaron's, no. . . .my roommates.  They were back.  `Holy Shit.  Oh, My, God.  They know, they know I'm gay, they know everything.'  Tears started to form in my eyes, soon sliding down my cheeks onto Aaron's beautiful face.

   "Sean," He mumbled.
   "Aaron," I said as I stroked his cheek, "listen."

   He listened.  Tears too started to form in his eyes and slide onto my chest.  "Sean."
   "Shhhh. . . . . .everything going to be alright," I prayed.  I knew it wouldn't.  There would be problems.  I just knew it.  I held him tightly against me until he fell back asleep.  I saw the worry and concern drift from his face.
   I watched him dream.  Watched as his head rose and fell with my breathing.  Watched the corners of his mouth draw into a smile.  He must be having a good dream.  I, on the other hand, could not fall back asleep.  I know that Tim knows, but now my entire room knows.  They probably told the entire place.  I'm. . . . . . .we're screwed.  I laid there for another hour, with Aaron on my chest, worrying over what I was going to defend with.  Sleep eventually claimed me.  My final thought being, `The dream will come true.'

   (From Tim's perspective)

   The party was fucking fantastic.  The dancing, the drinks, the countdown.  It was wild.  In fact at one point Justin stripped and danced in his underwear.  I just cracked up laughing.  I had a great time.  I guess everybody else did too because when the chaperones said, "Party over," almost everybody was still there. 

   `I did notice Sean was gone.'  I gathered with my roommates and walked back to the hostel.  `Aaron was gone too.'   Everyone filed into the building and climbed the steps to their respective rooms.  `They must be getting freaky.'  Of course I didn't realize this until it was too late.  The door to my room swung open.  The light from the hall spilled into the room.  It washed across the floor, our bags, and Aaron and Sean sleeping in the same bed.  I froze in realization.  Everybody else slipped past me, only to stand in shock at the scene before them. 
   At this age the slightest implication will label you as gay.  This scene is definitely implicating.

   "Guys," I whispered, "guys, come on out of there.  I need to tell you something."

   Mortified each person stepped out and I closed the door, returning the room to darkness once more.

   "What the hell was that!?!" John said.

   "Shhhh," I whispered.

   "What the hell was that?" he repeated a little quieter.

   "Umm," I stammered, what could I say, that wasn't already obvious.  `They're gay and are lovers.'

   Everyone sat  pondering this.

   "I knew something was up," Megan blurted, almost to herself.

   "What?" I said.

   "Huh?  Oh, I knew something was up between them."

   "What are you talking about?" john questioned.

   "You have to be blind. . . . .," Megan said.

   "Sean and Aaron are gay and have fallen in love," I said quickly, interrupting Megan.

   "Oh," John said, a bit too calmly for my comfort.  "Well at least somebody's gettin' some on this trip."

   "John!"  Nicole said as she slapped his shoulder.

   "Well?" he responded.

   "It seems that we have more than one couple on this trip," I said.  Both John and Jessica blushed. 

   "Hold on, don't change the subject." John nearly yelled.

   "What?" I questioned.

   "Just that my friends are now fucking each other up the butt."

   "Do you have a problem with that?"

   "I guess, wouldn't you?"


   He hesitantly said, "Just give me some time.   Come on, I'm tired.  Lets get some sleep."

   We all agreed and once again slipped into the room, making sure not to wake up the two lovers.  `Aww, how sweet I thought.  Oh, how loving.  Hummmm.'

   (From Sean's perspective)

   The sun peaked over the window sill, spilling through the curtains, across my face, and onto the floor.  I woke with a jolt, and immediately blinked my eyes shut.  I sat up, of course this bent Aaron's body to an unnatural position and he woke up.  Realizing the events of last night, I gently stroked his hair. 

   "Thanks," he said.

   "For what?"
   "Last night.  It was indescribable, just beautiful."

   "Come on, lets get up.  Not to put a damper on this wonderful moment, but remember later that night. . . . . . . .they know."

   "Of course."

   We quickly got dressed and sneaked out of the room.   The door creaked and I cringed.  The last thing that I want is for any of them to wake up right now.  We ascended the stairs to one of the upper levels.  I sat on the top step and pulled him down with me. 

   "What time is it?" I asked.

   "About seven."

   "What time are we all to get up."

   "About seven."

   "Good morning boys.  Felling better Aaron?" I heard from behind me.   We both turned around to see who it was.

   "Yes much better Ms. Kensington."

   "Good.  Look, there is something that we want to talk to you two about."           

   "What is it Miss Kensington," I said.            

   "Well, we have been noticing some unusual behavior between you two.  For example, I have seen you two hold hands.  I have also seen you two gave fleeting glances at each other.  Do you have an explanation for this."           

   I looked at Aaron for support but found only a blank stare.  It seemed that he is now contribute to this conversation.  I was on my own.  "Well, it seems you have us caught.  I don't know what explanation to give you other than, I guess that, we're just friends.  What did you think we are, lovers?"           

   "Yes, maybe, it was merely an observation.  Some of your classmates could easily deduce that you are."           

   "I guess, we will lay off the public display of affection," I said jokingly.  Defeated, Miss Kensington and Miss Beecher marched off.            

   The entire place woke up within a few minutes.  Aaron and myself remained at the top of the steps and observe each of the players getting up and out of bed.  I rested my elbows on my knees and my chin in my hands and waited for doom come.  Aaron looks relatively the same way.  I lazily up on to my feet and pulled Aaron to his.  We proceeded into our room, and went to prepare our bags for travel.  John gave us this really cold stare and Tim had a smile drawn upon his lips.  Everyone else was tending to pack his or her bags, so that's what we did as well.  There was a great void of silence, almost uncomfortable.  After enough side-glances, all of which I saw, I had to confront the situation.           

   In the strongest voice that I could muster, I said, "Alright, I know you all know about Aaron and I, so let's have it.  Anything you want to say to me, to us.  C'mon, faggot this, faggot that, I can take it," tears began to form in my eyes.  I sat down on the bed and collapsed under all this pressure.  Aaron immediately came to my side, and held me close.  Tim also came and sat on the other side of me.  The others stared in shock.  "I'm still the same person," I said in a softer voice, "I'm still the same person."           

    "I know," Tim said.  After the show emotions, the room made the pact. They would not mention our relationship to anyone and we would keep a low profile.  They would be there for us whenever we needed them, and likewise, we would be there for them.  John was the only one who didn't like this agreement, but under Nicole's guidance he joined in.            

   The Cliffs of Moher were absolutely fantastic.  Indescribable in human terms.  Not to mention having Aaron and they're right next to me.  The fog was light enough that you could see for a mile, but not beyond that.  Small towers dotted the landscape.  Preserved to forever battle off the ghosts of the Vikings.  Moss grew up the sides, only enhancing the appearance.  It was breathtaking.  I took as many pictures as the camera would allow.  With people and without.  I took a deep breath of the ocean air, and with Aaron at my side, I could not be happier.

   This was not lived long as we were to be in the bus and on our way to Galway, in a matter of minutes.  Slightly depressed from leaving so soon, I sat on the bus, and Aaron leaned his head against my shoulder.  I got a weird look as Mrs.Kensington, but I shrugged it off.  The bus started to ramble on down the narrow Irish streets.  Aaron was out like a lamp.  It has been a stressful morning.

   "So what's it like?"  John Asked.

   "What?" I replied.

   You know what I mean."

   "No, No, I really don't"

   "It hushed tones he said in my ear, "Sex"  My head turned in a sharp movement and I stared blankly at him.  "What, I just want to know," he continued.

   "Isn't this a little personal, you know, just between him and me?"

   "I am having a little trouble accepting this."  I came up with another confused look.  "Ok, a lot of trouble."  He said.  So It would help if I understood it better."

   "Ok," I paused, unsure what to say, where to start, even if here is the best place.  But I figured that anyplace is as good as any.  "It is the most incredible feeling." I sunk in my chair, remembering it all so clearly.

   "Continue," he stated, "I want to know what it is like to have a dick in your mouth?"

   hesitating I said, "I feels intense.  Not so comfortable at first, but knowing that you are driving your lover over the edge makes it all worth it.  And on the flipside.  Having something warm and wet sorund your dick.  Well lets just say it is a jack off session times ten.  No, a hundred.

   "Wow, How about the ass?"

   "Come on."  He looked at me, with pleading eyes.  He really was curious.  This brought up a red flag, but I knew that he wasn't gay.  There is no chance.  My look must have spelled out my thoughts.

   "I'm not gay, and I know that as a fact, I just want to know what makes it so appealing."

   "Oh, well you have it all wrong.  Yea the sex is great, but what makes it all worth it is the love.  Same as in a het relationship.  Just because it is two guys makes no difference in my mind, and now hopefully in yours."


   "By the way," And I felt that I could really trust him, "I never had anal sex, I just gave it.  And it felt amazing."  I turned to face the front, and rested my eyes.  This signaled the end of the conversation and he sunk back to his seat.  I soon was asleep.


   The bus pulled to a halt, jolting me awake.  I looked out of the window to see a very square looking building butting up against the one next to it.  "This is it?" I said in a rather sarcastic rhetorical voice.  Aaron laughed at my small joke. 

   Like clockwork, we retrieved our bags and steeped into the building.  All we found was a cold room with a wide set of stairs.  Unknowing where to go we did the only logical thing, we went up, and up, and up.  Three half flights.  Opening the door we encountered a rather nice looking common room and two doorways that undoubtedly led to the rooms.  Retrieving our key cards, we proceeded to find our room.  It was the same six of us.  Once inside, things seemed to be a bit less stressful about Aaron's and my secret.

   Megan bluntly stated, "I want to see you guys kiss."  I turned a couple shades of red, when I found the same request in all of my roommate's eyes.  I looked and Aaron and thought, `Fuck it.'  I grabbed hold of him and pressed my lips to his.  He was hesitant at first, but too must have started to feel what I did.  The rest of the world melted away.  The kiss became more passionate, definitely including some tongue action.  I suddenly became aware of my audience, standing, jaw dropped.  "WOW!!" Megan finished.

   "Yea, wow," Aaron whispered into my ear.  I giggled as his breath ticked my ear.  I returned to sorting my stuff.  Tim looked blankly at us for a while as did the rest of them.  "What?" Aaron asked.

   "That was intense," John said, "I haven't seen anything that….like that…..well….ever!!"

   "Can I try?" Tim said as he seductively approached John.

   "No, what do I look like, a fag…um"

   "Do I??" I butted in.

   "Do you what?" John asked me.

   "Do I look like a faggot?"

   "Well, no…but…God damn t.  Stop giving me a mind fuck!!  Tim, I won't kiss you," John said.  He directed his attention to me, "I didn't mean to say that `f' word, it just slipped.  And no you don't look gay.  Which personally surprised.  I thought gays were fruity, prancing, tight clothes flamers.  Or, Sex craved, male slut, child molesters.  I was wrong, I'm sorry."

   "No harm done, you just learned something today."  I said.  I pulled Aaron for another kiss, then finished sorting through my things.  This whole scene must have inspired Nicole, because she jumped off her bunk and kissed John outright.  It was almost comical. 

   We were called down to a meeting in the common, and then were shushed out of the building to get our complimentary tour.  To say the least, I wasn't much interested.  I did, however take a number of good pictures.  We walked into one of those old Catholic churches, Each step echoed a hundred fold though the interior of the building.  It was majestic.  The beauty of the Stained glass pieces and statues just blew me away.  We sat in the back for a moment, (being from a Catholic school and all) said a few prayers.  We all sat in the pews very slowly, the sound echoed a hundred fold.  I sat next to Aaron and put my hand over his on the pew.  The prayer were short, Irish in nature.  In the middle of one, Mrs. Kensington poked her head between ours, and looked at our hands.  Incriminatingly we quickly separated.  However, in her hushed tones she said, "I want to talk to you boys at the hostel.  We slunk back into our seats, caught. 

   On the way to our temporary home my stomach grumbled with nervousness.  Once inside we were led, almost by our ears, into Mrs. Kensinton's room.  "All right boys, I want the truth." 

   "Umm, I don't know what you're talking about," I started.

   "Bull shit," She interrupted.  Taken aback by this foul mouth I was at a loss for words.  "I know that there is something going on between you, I am not blind.  I want you to say it."

   Suddenly the floor became really interesting, as I studied the carpet follicles.  "umm," was the only thing that would escape my lips.  I looked over at Aaron and his face must have been just as contorted as mine is.  But then I saw something.  His face became sharper, more bold even.  His attitude was changing.  He looked up, straight into Mrs. Kensington's eyes.  I followed his gaze.  He wasn't afraid.  I didn't know what to feel.

   "Your right," He started, "there is something between us." He grabbed my hand and put into a comfortable grip with his.  I didn't resist, almost feeling the aura of his bravery.  "We are in love.  That's right, but these four words cannot describe all of it.  I won't tell you about it all, just know that it is serious and there is nothing that you can do to stop of even hinder this relationship."

   There was an uneasy silence.

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