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Dublin delights
Chapter 7

 "Holy Shit," I said to my self as I stepped into the Friersgate theater in Kilfinin.  This theater had everything.  Elegant carpet and chandeliers, padded seats and a vast array of technical utilities.  I lead Emily and Nicole up the stairs into a meeting hall above the lobby.  In a corner door was the subject of little venture.  Opening the door, I almost said another `holy shit'
This place had a computer screen to help with the planning of the lights.  This amazed me, I have never dealt with something like that.

 "Good luck, Emily," I said

 "Shut up."

 I walked down the stairs into the house and met with the orator of the theater.  He showed me where the ladder and the tools were located.  I didn't expect much help from him, he was about seventy or so.  I pulled the extension ladder up to just about its full extension and leaned against the lighting pole from which we hang the lights.  Needless to say this theater was high.  Thank God that the lights were pretty much where I needed them.  Finished I put the ladder away and went to go see how Emily was doing.  I was surprised to find that she almost had the system down pat.  Nicole on the other had could not get the sound to work.  They had a CD player that would not read burned CDs.  Freaked she expressed her problem to the entire theater.  One of those extras that came on the trip conveniently brought his portable CD player with him.  He ran up and gave it to her.  The portable would play the CD, but they had two male ends of the cords.  They couldn't connect it up the theater sound system.  With a stroke of genius they spliced the wires and connected it up.  It worked and cheers were heard from the tech booth.

 With my job done, Emily figuring out the play on the board and the sound working I sat down in the front row of the house and watched the actors practice.  I looked at the emotional scene from a new perspective.  `God he was so perfect.  His body so small but sculpted, not overly so, but just perfect, just angelic.  That's it, angelic.  His silky hair fell across his head looking so perfect.  He looked over as if sensing my stare and gave me a smile.  My heart almost skipped a beat, as I saw his perfect lips stretch across his face into a wide grin.  I gave him a crooked smile of warm contentment.

 I sat in quite contemplation, everyone else was busy with their own work and the "extras" were wrapped up in their cesspool of guilt for not becoming involved.  I laughed inside at them, yet felt sorry for them at the same time.  Wrapped up in thought I came to a conclusion, I was happy.  No really, this sounds so usual to most people, but I have been depressed most of my life.  Well, not really depressed, just shallow, empty, deprived of some vital part.  I used to dream of somebody to hold and be close to, I never though it would be a guy.  But, I feel full, complete with the knowledge that we love each other.  I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, this type of happiness comes only once and a while and this is ten times better than that.

 "Hey Sean," Derek said.  Apparently practice was over and the actors were given a break before the show.  "What was all that yelling up their for."

 "We got the sound system to work."  `That's right short and too the point.'

 "Oh, well, what was wrong with it?"

 `Course have to go into the specifics.'  "The system won't read burned disks so they got it to work by splicing some wires.  It is delicate but it should work."

 "I hope so."

 "Yea."  I closed my eyes and felt a bit drowsy.

 "Anyway, I'll see you later."

 "K," I barely remember him getting off of the seat.  My eyes closed and I let out a deep breath.  I was quickly drifting off into sleep.


 "What?" I said out loud fluttering my eyes open.  I looked around nervously, like I had been exposed or something, and saw that Aaron was sitting next to me.  I sighed out of relief. "Hey Aaron."

 "You're fallin asleep already."

 "Yep, preparing myself to dream of you."  I smiled as I saw him blush a little.

 "Hey, none of that around others."

 "Relax, there is nobody around."

 "Yea, but I don't want to take any risks."

 "Alright, but I have to say, I am a little disappointed," I joked.

 "It's just this is so new and I don't . . . Well . . ."

 "Shhhh, I understand, I just can't wait until I can hold you without fear, without regret."  I closed my eyes imagining that moment.

 "I know this may sound really corny, but I want to give you a hug."

 "So, what is the big deal."  I stood up, and he followed my lead, I leaned in and gave him a quick hug.  Coming out of it I said, "good luck tonight."  I gave him a wink and then turned and walked away.  `Ha, got him.'  I turned around and he was still standing there.  Almost dumbfounded.  As soon as he saw me look at him, he snapped back into reality and went backstage.  I walked out of the auditorium and up into the tech booth.  There was not a lot of room, so I didn't plan on staying long.  I saw out the small window that the house was begining to fill,

 "Good luck you two."  I said to Nicole and Emily.

 "Thanks," they said in unison.

 I walked out and found myself a small corner of the conference room above the lobby and went in for a few winks.  Curled up, I felt the sensation.  It was a jittering in my left arm.  I could feel it twitch and I knew exactly what was coming.  I sat up as quickly as possible and leaned against the wall.  I grabbed my left hand with my right and braced for impact.  The seizure hit me like a ton of bricks.  My vision blurred and My head flew back and forth, I hit the wall a couple times.  My left arm didn't move much because it was under the restraint of my right hand.  I bent over and thought of a blank mind, it helped.  I could feel the shaking dissipate.  And soon it was a twitch once in a while.  I sat up against the wall, totally beat.  I couldn't move nor feel my left arm.  This was usual and subsided within a few minutes.  I tried desperately to think of what dose of my medicine I forgot to take. `What Ever,' I thought.  I grabbed my pill box and tossed a dose into my mouth and swallowed, HARD.  You aren't supposed to take pills dry.  I shivered at the taste.  I laid back down and fell asleep.


 I awoke just as the play was finishing.  I heard the emotional scene but didn't see it.  I heard the clapping and I knew that we had all done a terrific job once again.  I smiled.  Goodness, I seem to be doing that more and more, these days.  I walked down the stairs to see the audience leaving.  I walked back up and knocked on the tech booth door.

 "Hello," Emily said, as she peaked her head out of the door.


 "Soooo, What?"

 "The show?"

 "Oh, yea, great.  Where were you?"

 "Sleeping."  She looked amazed.  "What?  I was tired"  She looked at me as if I were the stupidest person on earth.  I walked out, and down the stairs.  By now the auditorium was empty, except for what I think is a fan club, made of Irish teenage boys, which by the way looked awfully cute.  I lagged around a bit, I was still groggy.  I congratulated actors as they went by.  Mr. Shofield came up to me and clasped me on the arm showing his gratitude.  The play must have gone really well.

 In record time we were out of there, and into the bus.  Most of us had a long day and were ready for bed, me being one of them.  God was I ready, I could feel my eyes dropping already.  I sat heavily into one of the seats on the bus.  The heat must have not been on, because I was freezing.  I pulled my hands into the sleeves and closed my eyes.  The next thing I felt was a blanket draped across me.  I opened my eyes and looked down.  A plaid wool blanket, obviously bought here, was thrown onto me.  Sitting next to me was Aaron with his eyes closed, also under the blanket. I smiled a great big smile and settled in.

 My hand slid from my lap into the space between us where it landed on his.  Instinctively I reached under and grabbed his hand.   The feel of his fair skin against my sensitive palm sent shivers shooting up my arm.  He made no resistance and throughout the trip, I held on tight, never wanting to let go.

 I had to let go.  The bus pulled to a halt in front of the "Deer Park Inn."  I woke up as soon as the bus stopped, I was still covered by the blanket.  I let go and roused Aaron

 "We are here."

 "Where is here?" he asked.

 "The . . Deer Park Inn."

 He opened his eyes and studied the face of the building.  "Looks like a comfy little place."

 "I know what would make it better."

 "We are not going there," he paused, "at least not yet."

 The entire group retrieved their bags from the bus and headed to their respective rooms.  And gee well, wouldn't you know it, I was put in the same room with Aaron.  Ya, I didn't have a role to play in that.  A few choice words about the sleeping conditions, with Mark and Derek in the room, and the chaperones were more than pleased to switch rooms.  Aaron and I were put into a room with Tim.

 Dropping my bags on the floor I collapsed onto the bed.  I didn't care about anything else except for sleeping.

 "Sean, are you ok."

 "Yea, I'm fine, I'm just tired."  I turned over and looked into his eyes, I could tell lust was in his eyes.  I just smiled at him, "What are you planning."

 "I donno, maybe a shower."

 I looked at him, curiously.  "Are you serious?"

 "What. . . . . . . am I moving too fast for you..."

 "No, no, I was just making sure I wasn't moving too fast for you"

 He smiled, "then were agreed."

 "What about Tim?"

 "He went into April's room, he is not coming out," He said seductively.

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