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Dublin Delights
chapter 9

 I could feel the blood completely drain from my face.  There was an eerie silence.  Then Aaron started to talk a mile a minute.

 "I can explain, see we were just talking while he was in the shower, it was a good talk, we talked about the trip and the people and everything, including frogs.  Anyway, he finished the shower and got dressed, then you came in and asked for me, we thought it might look weird, just like it does now, so Sean lied, and told you about the café and stuff."

 Tim just nodded his head in that sarcastic I believe you' way.  I felt completely naked.  I felt totally open, and I didn't like it.  This is not how your supposed to tell your friends.  I just stood there and gulped.

 "So it wasn't Emily after all that you were staring at, huh?" Tim finally said.

 I shook my head out of the trance, "What?"

 "On the plane, you were staring behind you, I though you were staring at Emily, well, I see that you were staring further back . . . . . . . to him," he said as he pointed to Aaron.

 Aaron looked at me with the what is he talking about' face.  I tuned to him and shrugged, "I couldn't help it.  You are just so damn hot."  If he was as pale as a dove a few seconds ago, he was as red as a tomato.

 "Dudes, I'm cool with it, alright, so don't worry."  Tim broke the silence.

 "Your not going to tell anybody are you?"  I asked.

 "No, I promise."


 "Alright, I'm going to April's room, maybe, I'll get a little action myself.  Don't do anything that I wouldn't do,"

 "And what would that be?" I asked, jokingly.

 "Funny," he retorted, and left.

 Aaron got up and locked the door.  He turned around and leaned up agenst it with that devilish grin he had.  My heart jumped.  Not yet though.  "FROGS?  Where the hell did you get that from," I said laughing.

 "Ohh, you are going to get it."  He ran and took a flying leap on the bed and me.  We wrestled around for a bit until I had him pinned under me.

 I just looked, his face so smooth, jaw-line so defined, eyes so deep, so affectionate, so loving.  His smile is perfect.  I lowered myself onto him and brushed his lips with mine.  The kiss became passionate, loving.  Simultaneously, nobody taking control, we opened our mouths and our tongues began to slide over each other.  I broke off and leaned in close to his ear and whispered, "Will you be my boyfriend."

 He slid back and looked at me, "I though I already was."

 "Now its official."  He looked at me and our lips meet again.  This time with the passion that only a couple can have.  I smiled inward.  That kiss seemed to last an eternity.  I broke rolled off of him.

 "Why do you always do that?" He asked.

 Avoiding the question, "What did I ever do to deserve you?"

 "Being yourself.  That sounds corny, but it is the truth."

 I smiled. "Do you think that this relationship is worth it, I won't kid you or anything, but it is going to be hard. Especially on us."

 "What does that mean."

 "I mean, when we tell people.  What if we broke up, you know would it be worth it."

 "Fuck man, you're the optimist aren't you." Aaron said angrily.

 "Don't swear at me, and I am just saying, It is going to be hard."

 "Ok, I'm sorry, and I'll tell you now that I am in this for the long run."

 "Please Aaron, don't be angry at me, I'm just saying that its going to be hard, I mean, look at us back there, we freaked when Tim found out."

 Aaron wrapped his arms around me leaning his face against the side of mine. Kissing my cheek softly, he whispered "Sean. The only way we will ever break up, is if you dump me. And if you ever plan on doing that, remember to kill me before you do. It'll be much less painful."

 "Don't start, your going to make me cry," I whimpered.

 "It's true," He whispered back.

 "You had to go and say it didn't you," I said wiping my eyes.  I leaned into him and whispered, "would you hold me?"

 "You don't even have to ask."

 We la on the bed, I lay on top of him, resting my head on his heart. I pulled the blanket over us, we were just holding each other. I just needed to be with him, I couldn't let him go now. I don't think I could have handled him going away and leaving me. I snuggled up to him, holding him close. I listened to the sound of his heart beating, and knew that he loved me. If peace and contentment had a moment, this was it. Tomorrow would be the first day of the rest of our lives together.

 (From Tim's Perspective..........)

 "So it wasn't Emily after all that you were staring at, huh?" I said.

 Sean shook his head, "What?"

 I clarified, "On the plane, you were staring behind you, I though you were staring at Emily, well, I see that you were staring further back . . . . . to him."

 I laughed inside when I saw the face Aaron gave Sean.  He was staring at him in disbelief.  Sean tried to explain.  "I couldn't help it.  You are just so damn hot."  I saw Aaron's face turn ten shades or red.

 "Dudes, I'm cool with it, alright, so don't worry."  I said, but I was worried.

 "Your not going to tell anybody are you?" Sean asked.  He had this pleading face.

 "No, I promise."


 "Alright, I'm going to April's room, maybe, I'll get a little action myself.  Don't do anything that I wouldn't do,"

 "And what would that be?" Sean asked.

 "Funny," I retorted.  I quickly excused myself form the room.  After closing the door, I heard it lock.  "Hmmmm."  I started a slow walk down the hall.  What the Fuck was that,' I thought, My two best friends are gay and, furthermore, they are boyfriends.  How is any straight person supposed to deal with this?  It is disgusting, revolting.'  I shook my head; this produces some bad mental pictures.  "What the Fuck?" I said under my breath.  I started to stalk away, almost fuming, but I wasn't mad at them.  Then what are you mad at?'  I asked myself.  The fact of what they are doing.  Why does that bug you?' I thought in my own little question and answer session.  Because I can't have it.'  That last thought, surprised me.  God what I would not give for somebody to talk to.'

 I knocked on April's door.  Nothing.  I knocked again and I heard movement within.  The door slowly opened.  There was the hottest girl that I have ever seen.  I stepped into her room, unsure as to what to think, what to do.  I was clueless.  She laid in her bed and patted the wide space next to her.  I surprised myself in how hesitant I was.  Why am I afraid?'  As I emotionally beat myself up I cautiously entered the bed.  As soon as I was under the blankets, I felt relaxed, comfortable.  She slid over to me and put her head on my chest, her arm around me.

 "Tim what's wrong?" she asked.

 "What, no nothing is wrong."  When in reality my mind was moving a million miles per second.  What am I to make of this entire night.  I am so confused.'

 "Yes there is, your heart beat, it's way to fast."

 Shit, there's a problem,' "April, I have thought a lot tonight, and I think we have to talk.'

 (From Doug's Perspective..........)

 "God damn it, son of a Bitch, Fuckin piece of worm ridden shit."  I said as I stepped into the room.  "Why am I cursed to be in a room with psycho and psycho's sidekick."  I dropped off my bags and sat on the bed.  Cursing this damn hotel for no televisions.  I heard the door open. Fuckin ah!!!  This is where it starts.'

 "Hey Doug, Looks like were roommates for the night."  Mark said as he walked in,  Derek in behind him.  They dropped off their bags and sat on the bed.  I tuned away.  This is going to be hell.'  It was late and I quickly got ready for bed.  I wanted to fall asleep as fast as possible.

 I heard a muffled "Ohhhhhh,"

 "Was that you guys?" I asked Mark and Derek.


 It wasn't them.  It had to have come from the room next door.  "Yeaaaaaa."  There it is again.  Who is over there?  Let me think. . . . . . . . . .  Tim, that's right, Tim is over there.  He must be getting it on,' I thought as a smile crossed my face.  I quickly got ready for bed.  Mark and Derek were talking, about every fucking little episode on the trip so far.

 "You guys," They turned to me, "Shut the fuck up, I'm going to bed."  I had no real intention of sleeping, I wanted to listen in.  Seeing the anger in my voice they quickly got ready for bed and. . . . . . . they sleep in the same fucking bed.'

 "What the hell," I told them, "are you guys fags or something."

 "No, I just don't feel like sleeping on the floor and neither does he," Derek said.

 I listened it, I heard the shower stop, I didn't even know it was running.  (By the way that might not be a bad idea soon.)  Then I heard two voices, couldn't tell anything about them, just that there were two.  I heard the door close, and sombody walk down the hall.  I wanted to see who it is, but I was so God damn, tired.

 "You know, speaking of gays," I had to stay up,

 "What is that," Mark said tiredly.

 "They should all be shot."


 "You know, they are really getting close," Ms.Kensington

 "So?" Ms. Becher retorted.

 "Well maybe a little too close."

 "What is two close?"

 "Come on, Sean and Aaron."

 "Oh, I know, but what do you catagorize as being too close?"

 "Well, they are always together, giving each other looks and stuff.  I think I saw them hold hands once.  Well not exactly hold hand, Sean's was on top of Aaron's."

 "So, what are you saying?"

 "I don't know, maybe a relationship of some kind."

 "Or maybe your just over reacting."

 "Maybe we should separate them."

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