Earth, As it is in Heaven
By:  Roman Genesis

Chapter 10
The Best Night of Our Lives
-Part 2-

      I took a deep breath, adjusted my bow tie, and stepped through the doorway.  The first thing I noticed about the ballroom was the size.  The place was huge, with a giant vaulted ceiling and it stretched out for what must have been a hundred yards.  I turned around and looked at Sebastian.  I didn't know if it was him making his place took all the more incredible, or this place making him look like an angel sent from heaven.

     He caught my eye and smiled.  "Trevor," someone yelled from behind me.  I turned around and saw Mike and a few of the other guys coming up to me.  "What's up man?  We never thought you'd make it."

     Mike threw his arm around me and I looked back to see Shannon and Sebastian disappearing into the crowd.  So much for our special night.  "You've been drinking haven't you Mike?" Vanessa asked, coming up and putting her arm into mine affectionately.

     "Hell yeah," he whispered.  "I was waiting on the tequila for you."  He grinned and I looked at the other guys with him.  They were all pretty messed up.

     "Vanessa," I said, "let's go with Sebastian and Shannon and get a table."

     "Come sit at ours," Mike insisted.  I was about to protest, but I looked back and found that Shannon and Sebastian were no where in site.

     "Okay," I said, feeling a little down.  He led us through the crowd and everyone shouted to me as I passed.  I put on my fake smile and greeted everyone the same, calling people by name when I actually knew what it was.  I sat down in the seat and Vanessa took the one next to me, getting really close to make sure everyone knew we were together.

     "Did you see where Sebastian went?" I asked her over the crowd noise.  I wasn't that surprised that the football player's table was located in the busiest part of the ballroom.

     "Who knows," Vanessa said.  "Oh look."  She sat up and I thought she had seen Sebastian, but it was just one of her friends.  "Rebecca, you look wonderful," she cried.  She got up and left me and I found myself strangely alone in the middle of the crowd.

     I leaned back and sighed.  I probably wouldn't see Sebastian the rest of the night.  Shannon and he were probably off in the corner somewhere talking about god-knows-what like they always did.

     Mike came over once in a while to offer his condolences for the current state of me and Vanessa's relationship.  Bless his heart.  The drunk bastard had no idea what was bothering me.  The longer I sat there the more upset I became.  Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and I got up to go look for Sebastian.

     People began calling my name and wishing me luck at the next game almost immediately.  I smiled and waved and continued walking.  I continued walking around the perimeter of the dance floor, looking in for any sign of Sebastian or Shannon.

     "Trevor," I heard someone else yell.  I turned and was about to wave back absently before continuing on my way when I stopped.  It was Sebastian standing about ten yards away.  I smiled when I saw him and walked over.  I was only a few away when I realized it was the same group I had seen at Nathan's party.  That wasn't Sebastian.  It was Eric.

     "Hey Eric," I said, shaking his hand.  I pulled him aside so no one from his group could hear and I asked, "Do you know where your brother is?"

     "No," he said, looking at me curiously.  "I haven't seen him all night.  I thought he came with you."

     I immediately began scanning the crowd again.  "Yeah, I thought so too."  I looked and saw that Eric was looking around too.  I had to laugh to myself when I saw that he was helping me.  Eric really looked good tonight, but that was just because he looked just like Sebastian...

     "Sorry man," he said.  "I don't see him."

     "It's no problem," I said, putting my hand on his shoulder.  "I'll keep looking."  Eric looked down at my hand and it looked like he was becoming uncomfortable, so I let go of him.  "Have a nice night," I said.  I walked away from him and moved over to the side of the ballroom.  If I was Sebastian, where would I be?

     I stopped in my tracks.  There, off to the side, in the darkness, was Sebastian and Shannon sitting at an empty table far away from the crowd.  They were talking and laughing and just enjoying each other's company like they must have done a million times before.  I was about to go over, but I decided to just stand and watch them for a while.

     Shannon would say something and Sebastian would respond with a huge grin or a controlled laugh.  He was so happy, I could have just stood and watched all night long.  To see Sebastian this happy made everything in my world seem right.  He was so young and handsome and it suddenly hit me how lucky I was.  Sebastian and I were together!

     I walked over and took a seat at the table, the conversation between them quickly dying off.  "Where's Vanessa?" Shannon asked.  Sebastian looked down at his hands which were resting on the table in front of him.  He couldn't bring his gaze to meet mine and I couldn't figure out why.

     "She's off with her friend somewhere," I said, not taking my eyes off Sebastian.  "Shannon, could I have a moment alone with Sebastian?"

     "Sure," she said, getting up.  "I'll be back."  She walked off toward the bathrooms and Sebastian and I just sat there in silence for a while.

     "Is something wrong?" I asked finally.  Once again it felt like I was walking on thin ice with Sebastian.  He could take anything I said the wrong way and I would just leave him feeling more alone and depressed than if I had said nothing at all.

     "No," he said quickly.  "This is really great."  He looked around the room, again unable to look me in the eyes.

     We were silent for a while.  Something was wrong and I didn't know how to get him to tell me what it was.  "I saw your brother," I said to break the silence what was deafening my ears.

     "Oh really?"  The silence fell upon us again and we both just stared down at our hands.  I didn't know how much more of this I could take.

     "Sebastian, you really can tell me if something is bothering you.  Is it Vanessa?"

     He didn't respond.  He just continued staring out at the crowd.  My stomach began to tighten with anxiety and my eyes began to tear up.  I never knew how much of myself I had put into the non-relationship that Sebastian and I shared.  For some reason, I could no longer imagine living my life without him.  A single tear ran down the length of my face and I stood up.  "I have to go," I said.

     I walked off towards the bathrooms and ran into Shannon.  "What's wrong?" she asked when she realized I was about to cry.  I shook my head and walked past her.  I couldn't tell her what was wrong because I didn't know what it was.  I walked into the hallway entrance and kept walking until I was completely alone down one of the corridors.

     I sat down next to the wall and tried to get myself under control.  All I wanted was for Sebastian to be happy and I felt that it was my responsibility to make him happy.  It killed me that I couldn't do that for him.  I wiped a tear away and reached into my pocket and fished out the ring I had bought for Sebastian.

     It was a plain silver ring with the word "love" imprinted on the inside.  I stared at it while I got myself under control and finally put it back in my pocket.  I went back out into the ballroom and went straight for the football table.  Me and Vanessa danced a few times, but I mostly hung out with Mike and the other guys, trying desperately to get Sebastian out of my thoughts.

     The DJ finally announced that this would be the last dance so Vanessa took my hand and led me out onto the dance floor for the hundredth time that night.  She turned to me and everything in the room became quiet.  She wrapped her arms around my waist and laid her head upon my shoulder gently as the music filled the ballroom.

     "I'm really sorry about how I've been acting tonight," I whispered into Vanessa's ear.  I don't know why, but I wanted this relationship to work and I knew it could if we both put our hearts into it.

     "It's okay," she replied and continued swaying to the music.  "I know you've had a lot on your mind.  I'm sure next week you'll start winning again."  And I suddenly I remembered that was the only thing that mattered to Vanessa.  I looked around the room at all the happy couples that were hugging and making out and began to feel very alone and out of place.

     My eyes continued to scan the crowd when I stopped.  Dancing not ten feet from us were Shannon and Sebastian.  Neither of them saw me.  They were just dancing and letting the music move their bodies.  His arms were around her neck.  God, I would have given anything for that to be me there with my arms around his waist.

     His eyes suddenly opened and he looked directly at me and he mouthed, 'I'm sorry.'  I smiled when it registered what he was saying and he smiled back weakly.  I hugged Vanessa tighter, imagining she was Sebastian, my prince of hearts.

     "You can go on with the team," I said.  "I promised Sebastian and Shannon I would hang out with them after the dance."

     "Trevor McClain," Vanessa shouted.  "I really don't understand you.  You said we could hang out with the team after the dance.  You promised me!"  We were outside Sebastian's house and Vanessa didn't like the idea that I was staying here one bit.

     "You can go with the team.  Just tell them I couldn't make it."

     Vanessa stormed away from me and went straight for her car and slammed the door.  I couldn't even remember the last time I had seen her this mad.  She started the car and sped off down the street towards Nathan's house to get drunk off tequila no doubt.

     I went back inside and saw Shannon and Sebastian sitting on the sofa in the living room.  "How did it go?" Sebastian asked.

     "As well as can be expected," I said.  Shannon got up went over to the stairs.

     "You all coming up?" she asked.

     "We'll be right there," I said.  She ran up the steps and Sebastian got up and walked over to me.  He was still in his tuxedo and looked just as dashing as he had earlier.  "Where are your parents?" I asked him.

     "Asleep," he replied.  No more words were needed.  I leaned over and planted my lips on his and kissed him hard, stepping right up to him and putting my arms around his waist.

     Our lips finally separated and I looked deep into his eyes.  "I was waiting all night to do that," I said.  He smiled so I leaned in and kissed him again.  This tiny act made the entire confusing night finally make sense.

     "We better go upstairs.  Shannon is waiting for us."  He took my hand and led me up the steps to his bedroom.  Shannon was sitting at Sebastian's desk just staring out the window.  She turned around when we came in and stood up.

     "I just saw what time it was," she said.  "I guess I'll get out of here now."

     Sebastian and I both smiled ear to ear.  We knew exactly what she was doing.  "No, you don't have to go yet," I said.

     "No, I really do.  I told my mom I'd be home at 12:30."  I looked over at the clock and saw that she was already ten minutes late.  She went over and kissed Sebastian on the cheek.  "I had fun tonight.  I'll call you tomorrow."

     She walked out of the room and closed the door behind her.  I turned to Sebastian and he looked at me and smiled.  I suddenly remembered the ring I had bought him.  "I got you something," I said, digging into my pocket.

     "Oh really?" he said, coming right up next to me.  I handed him the ring and his face absolutely lit up when he saw what it was.  "It's beautiful," he said, turning it in his hand to read the tiny inscription on the inside.  For a second I thought he was going to cry.  He threw his arms around me and once again planted a kiss on my lips.  "Thank you," he whispered.  He walked over to his closet and began to hang up his tuxedo jacket as I sat down in the seat Shannon had just been sitting in.

     "The ballroom looked fabulous, didn't it?" I asked as I looked around the room.

     "Yeah, they did a really great job."  He pulled his shirt over his head and turned to look at me.  It hit me that I had never seen him without his shirt on.  His muscles were quite defined on his slender build.  I looked away instinctively and he must have thought I was looking at his cello that was on the ground next to me.

     "Ever try playing it?" he asked as he kicked off his shoes.

     "No," I answered.  I found that I was getting kind of nervous for some reason.  We were the only two people in the house who were awake.  His brother was staying over at his friend's house and I had no idea what was going to happen tonight or if anything should happen tonight.

     I grabbed the instrument clumsily and stood it up next to me.  I ran my fingers up the polished surface as I stole glances at Sebastian's bare chest.  "You can play it if you want," he said.  I reached down and grabbed the stick and ran it over one of the strings.  It made the most horrible noise imaginable and Sebastian began laughing.  "You don't have to press down so hard," Sebastian said, coming up beside me.

     He reached around me held the top of the cello with his left hand and took my other hand in his.  "Just run it over smoothly."  He pulled my hand that was holding the stick across the strings of the cello and a single solemn note filled the air.  I could feel his bare chest against my back and he brought his head forward until it was resting on my shoulder.

     He moved my hand back and forth across the string as he began to play individual notes one at a time.  I could feel his breath on my neck and it was driving me crazy.  My heart began to pound in my chest as he leaned in further.  His face was right next to mine now.

     I slowly became aware that the notes were making some sort of tune that I had heard before somewhere.  I closed my eyes and leaned my head back until my cheek was right against his as he continued controlling my hands on his cello.  Despite my pointless efforts to control myself, I let out a soft sigh as my cheek ran across his.

     I twisted my body around slowly until I could put my lips directly on his and kiss him passionately.  Just as I did, I remembered where I had heard the tune before.  It was the same one he had hummed in my ear on the street.  It was the same one he had been playing when I had first walked into the room.  Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring by Sebastian Bach.

     I turned around further as I slipped my tongue into his mouth.  I let go of the cello and Sebastian did as well.  It fell against the chair with a thud, but neither of us cared.  My hands ran over his naked chest as we moved over to his bed, our lips not letting go.  His breathing was becoming heavier and it seemed that my heart was going to explode.

     I laid down on top of him and he untucked my shirt so he could reach up and feel my stomach.  His cold hands on my warm body sent chills all the way up my spine.  Sebastian lifted his head up in ecstasy as my hands slid down his chest to his stomach.  I began kissing and licking down his chin and neck.  I sat up and he pulled my shirt over my head.  Almost the instant it was off he brought his lips to my chest and began rubbing and licking any skin that was exposed.

     I laid back against the wall as the sensation of his swirling tongue drove me wild with anticipation.  I don't think either of us could stop even if we wanted to.  His hands were diving down and grabbing my thighs and butt through my tuxedo pants.  I felt I was going to explode right there.

     Before I knew it, Sebastian was unbuttoning my pants and pulling them down as hard as he could.  I reached down with my foot and felt the bulge in the front of his pants.  He pulled my pants completely off and came back up and kissed me as hard as be could, grinding his hips against me.  I was practically popping out of my boxers as I frantically undid his pants and pulled them down his legs.

     One of his hands dove down into my pants and he took hold of my erection as I licked and kissed his lips.  I could taste the sweat that was dripping down his forehead.  I looked deep into his eyes and saw them burning with desire.  "Sebastian," I whispered.  He went down and pulled my boxers completely off, my dick straining straight up.  He took a hold of it and without a moment's hesitation began licking the side and the base and the tip before putting the whole thing in his mouth.  My whole body began to tingle and I closed my eyes tight and I shivered with delight.

     He came back up and I sat up and pulled his boxers down and threw them on the floor.  I couldn't believe how big he was.  His balls were hugged tightly against his body and his manhood stretched straight out.  I took it in my hand and he instantly began moving his hips.  I couldn't believe how hot and hard it was as he continued to fuck my hand.  He brought his mouth down to mine and stuck his tongue in my mouth as me moaned with pleasure.  I was about to cum all over the place and nothing was even touching my tool.  I spun him around and pressed my dick against his thigh and began grinding as hard as I could.  I was wiping my precum all over the surface when he finally pulled me up so my dick was resting right against his.

     I was on top so I began running my erection past his, every pass sending a new wonderful sensation through me.  He lifted his hips into the air so I reached down and pulled him to me.  I knew I was going to blow any second.  "Sebastian," I muttered again.  "I'm going to..."

     He put him mouth on mine to cut me off and in that instant, by whole body exploded with pleasure.  I pressed my dick down on his as hard as I could as wave after wave of bliss washed over me, shooting load after load onto him.  "Oh god," I muttered.  I felt him pressing harder too and biting his lower lip and I knew he was blowing up too.

     We both collapsed when we were done, panting for breath.  "That was... That was..." I didn't know what to say.  I was on cloud nine from the experience.  I had never been with another guy before and I didn't want to be.  I wanted to be with Sebastian the rest of my life.

     Sebastian began running his fingers through my hair gently.  "I know," he said.  I don't know how long I laid there against him, feeling his tiny heart pounding in his chest just for me.  We were both slowly drifting off to sleep so Sebastian reached over and turned the light off.

     My mind was slowly recuperating and I just listened to Sebastian's heart beating, smelled his fresh, youthful aroma, and felt his smooth, naked body next to me for what must have been an hour.  He continued running his hand through my hair.  I never wanted to let him go.  "I love you," I whispered.

     "I love you too," he whispered back.