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Emo Boi Finds Love

Chapter Thirty Five

Luke borrowed Kevin's toothbrush while Kevin returned to the kitchen to start breakfast. He considered that some might think this a little gross, but after all, they had been swapping bodily fluids into the wee hours of the morning, so he decided that it didn't really make that much difference. That afternoon he would run by his house to pick up a few things for the weekend. He would bring his own back with him then.

After breakfast, Kevin and Luke did return to enjoy the large shower enclosure together. They took turns washing each other under the warm spray, and not just each other's backs. The sensual nature of the act soon had them both erect. Kevin dropped to his knees and took Luke into his mouth. Luke rested his hands gently on Kevin's shoulders. He did not however attempt to influence Kevin's rhythm. Luke felt his knees wanting to buckle beneath him, and his toes start to curl when Kevin began tickling and teasing with the tips of his fingers beneath his scrotum and along his perineum.

Luke lowered himself carefully but quickly to the tile floor of the shower. Kevin assisted, cupping Luke's ass cheeks in his hands while he made his descent. Once seated on the warm tile, Luke lay back, stretched his arms out above his head and wrapped his legs around Kevin's torso. His butt lifted slightly from the shower floor as he did so. Kevin ceased his teasing; thinking that Luke was inviting him to begin using his fingers for another endeavor. When the tips of Kevin's fingers brushed across his pucker, Luke let out an involuntary gasp. The other involuntary reaction which occurred was that he thrust up into Kevin's mouth.

That happened just as Kevin was on his down-stroke. The tip of Luke's shaft entered his throat. Kevin thought he was going to gag, but somehow he managed to open his throat and that didn't happen. His nose fell into the soft downiness of Luke's blonde pubic bush. Though Luke kept himself trimmed down there, enough hair still remained to tickle Kevin's nose, and he had to withdraw, giggling a little once he had pulled his mouth away from Luke's cock.

Kevin grasped Luke's shaft and stroked it as he recovered, not wanting to lose the momentum they had built up. His other hand did not leave Luke's bottom -- he didn't want to lose track of what was getting started there either.

Luke's breathing was becoming more ragged; he was getting obviously close to reaching orgasm. Kevin once again closed his lips around the tip of Luke's penis just in time to catch the first squirt fully in his mouth. Kevin swallowed as fast as he could as Luke continued to fill his mouth. Luke's hands seemed drawn to Kevin's head, urging him to go farther down once again. Kevin did manage to get Luke all the way into his throat once more without having to pull away, and that was where the last shot of his orgasm was deposited.

* * *

Andy wondered what the content of the flash drive Tyler had tossed at him could be. To say that it gnawed at him during his first few classes would have been a gross understatement. By the time his lunch period rolled around, his anxiety was worrying at him so badly that he decided to use one of the library computers to examine the contents of the drive. Andy selected one of the computers farthest back toward the rear of the library. He had no idea what he would find on the drive, but Tyler and Chris both seemed to think it would keep him quiet about their relationship.

Andy had made sure to corrupt the copy of the video that had been left on Chris' computer so it couldn't be opened and he hadn't left a copy on the camera after he downloaded it, so it couldn't possibly be anything from that. When he pulled up the drive's contents on the library computer screen he saw that it was in fact a video clip, but he didn't recognize the file name: RED.AVI

Andy stopped and considered whether or not he should chance opening the file there or not. He looked around behind him. There was no one there -- just shelves of books. He got up and checked the stacks immediately behind him. The area was deserted. He returned to the carrel he had been using and double-clicked on the file to open it.

What he saw first was a boy's stomach -- the skin was alabaster white, much like his own. The camera panned down until a set of genitals came into view. The pubic patch was a reddish color. That explained the file name. Suddenly it occurred to him -- he was looking at himself in the video. The realization hit him just before the camera panned back up his body and showed his face. Then his feet came into view on either side of his head. Andy wanted to close the video, knowing what was coming next, yet he was strangely compelled to continue watching.

"You disgusting child, stop that filth this instant!" The exclamation came from behind him. He turned to see Sister Mary-Elizabeth, the head librarian behind him. All the students at the school regarded her as an old crone, not entirely unlike the old bitch teacher from Hogwart's in the Harry Potter movies. The resemblance was actually quite uncanny. Andy was transfixed by the old woman's glare; as much as he wanted to do otherwise, Andy found himself unable to move -- not even to turn back to the computer monitor.

Other students heard the commotion and started gathering around. "Oh my GOD!!!" one girl exclaimed. "Look what he's doing! He's watching a porn movie of himself!"

The video ended abruptly when Sister Mary-Elizabeth reached around him and snatched the flash drive from the front USB port of the computer, yet the last frame that had played remained frozen on the screen. Then with her other hand she grabbed his earlobe and twisted, immediately raising him out of his chair. For Andy, the short march she led him on to the school's office seemed to take forever. The pain she was inflicting as she held onto his ear didn't help his situation in the least. "Turn that computer off!" she called back over her shoulder to the groups of students gathered there as she led Andy away. One stepped forward quickly to do as she instructed.

The school's receptionist was away from the office on her lunch break when the old nun pushed Andy Miller into the office in front of her. "Is Father Robert in his office?" she demanded, only stopping for a moment at the reception desk. The student aide behind the counter only nodded, indicating that he was, and the old woman charged on through the office, still leading the boy by the grip she had on his ear.

The school's headmaster looked up from the papers on his desk as the nun pushed Andy Miller down onto the leather sofa situated along the back wall in his office and slammed the door behind her. "What's wrong Sister?" he asked. "It is customary that you be announced you know." That she had violated this protocol only this once in all the years she had been at the school made it evident that something was seriously wrong. His first thought was that she had caught him with drugs on the school grounds -- that being the most serious offense he normally had to deal with, and not very often at that.

- - -

News spread quickly amongst the students at St. Ignatius that Andy Miller was in serious trouble. Chris and Tyler first heard about it when one of the girls who had been present in the library rushed into the cafeteria and sat with some of her friends at the table behind them. "You won't believe what just happened in the library!" she exclaimed as she sat down.

Chris and Tyler glanced at each other. "You don't think he was really stupid enough to open that video at school do you?" Tyler whispered.

"Sounds like he was," Chris mouthed back at him, afraid to actually vocalize his thoughts.

"What are you two gossiping about?" Amanda Peterson asked as she set the tray with her lunch down on the table across from them. It was apparent that she hadn't yet heard the rapidly spreading news about what had just happened in the school library.

Chris swallowed the last bite of the burger he'd gotten for his lunch and nervously pushed a couple remaining fries around his plate. "Sounds like Andy did something in the library that's got him in trouble."

"We haven't heard exactly what it was," Tyler added.

Neither of them wanted to admit that they had more than a pretty good idea exactly what Andy had been caught doing.

The girl behind them overheard their remarks, and trying her best to be helpful, turned and commented on what she had witnessed. "He was watching a video of himself having sex -- with another boy. I never would have thought that he was gay! That would be like finding out that someone like..." the girl paused, looking for an example, " finding out that Chris here was gay. It's just so... unlikely." She emphasized several words as she made that statement, indicating her dismay at what she had witnessed.

"Yeah, that would be pretty... odd." Chris muttered. He'd just said the first thing that came into his mind. Tyler and Amanda both glanced at him, but neither said anything. Amanda was reflecting back to their odd behavior the morning after Chris' party -- `queer' as she now recalled describing it at the time.

- - -

Chris and Tyler were lying on Tyler's bed later that afternoon. Tyler had changed into a t-shirt and shorts, but Chris was still in his school uniform, minus the coat and tie. His shoes were on the floor next to the bed. Tyler had unbuttoned Chris' shirt, and was lightly rubbing a hand over Chris' chest and stomach. "I think he'll tell," Chris commented idly.

"What?" Tyler asked, unsure what Chris was talking about. It was the first words either had spoken for some time.

"I think Andy will tell; you know... about us."

"Would it really be all that bad?" Tyler mused.

"It would for me. I told you, I'm not anywhere near ready to come out. It would probably mean having to leave the baseball team, and that's like the one thing at school I enjoy more than anything else." The tone in Chris' voice made it clear that he was grim about the prospect of that happening.

Tyler sympathized with his boyfriend, but at the same time he would have preferred that they didn't have to keep their relationship a secret. His parents both knew he was gay, and they hadn't treated him any differently since he'd come out to them. If anything, his relationship with them was probably stronger. He did realize that this wasn't the case for all gay kids and their parents. He didn't know Chris' parents well enough to gauge how they might take the news -- but he did imagine that it might be a real problem between Chris and his father, especially if it were to cause Chris to have to leave the school's baseball team. Chris' father was fiercely proud of his son's sports stardom. Tyler knew his friend's father would be extremely disappointed if his son had to quit the team.

Tyler's mother had returned from work unbeknownst to either of the boys. They hadn't heard her come into the house when she got back. Their first realization that she was home was when she pushed open Tyler's bedroom door. Chris jumped, startled at her sudden appearance in the doorway. Even though what he and Tyler were doing was (at least so far) completely innocent, he still felt as if they had been caught at something inappropriate. Tyler on the other hand was completely unfazed by his mother's appearance in the doorway.

For her part, Claire Johnston didn't seem bothered by catching the boys in a semi-intimate moment. "Did you boys have a good day at school?" she asked.

Chris started trying to button his shirt. He was clearly embarrassed at being caught in a somewhat compromising position. Tyler's hand, still on his chest prevented him from completing that task, but Tyler made no move to withdraw it.

"Eh, school was okay," Tyler answered his mother. "Not anything special."

`At least he isn't telling her about what happened with Andy,' Chris thought, amazed at how casually Tyler and his mother were treating the present situation.

"Well, I'll fix you boys a snack, come on down in a few minutes." Tyler's mother pulled the door completely shut behind her as she left the room.

Tyler slapped away Chris' hands, which were still trying to re-button his shirt. He started to undo the buttons once more.

"Dude, what are you doing?" Chris asked. "You and your mother are both acting like nothing just happened."

"What happened?" Tyler asked. "Were we doing something wrong?"

"Your mom walked in on us while you were feeling me up!" Chris answered.

"That wasn't feeling you up," Tyler responded as he rubbed his hand slowly across Chris' stomach again. Then suddenly he plunged his hand lower, pushing it below Chris' beltline. "Now this is feeling you up!"

Chris jumped again, shocked at what Tyler had done, but still he could not help chuckling; despite his feeling the situation was anything but comical. Tyler let Chris off easy. After a few brief gropes of his genitals, Tyler withdrew his hand and allowed him to re-button his shirt. Tyler did note that the reaction to what he had just done had created an apparent bulge in the front of Chris' trousers.

Tyler gave Chris a quick kiss on the lips. "Come on lover boy, snack time!" he said with a grin as he took Chris' hand, pulling him off the bed.

- - -

Chris' mind was still swimming with the day's events as he drove home from Tyler's house. First everything that had happened at school that day with Andy, then the casual reaction of Tyler and his mother to catching them on the bed in what he would have considered a very compromising position. He was certain that both his own parents would have been horrified at such a situation if the tables were turned.

When Chris pulled into his driveway, there was a very unexpected visitor waiting for him on the steps that led up to his front porch. Rather than pulling his car into its stall in the garage, Chris parked in the driveway and strode up the front walk to meet the boy he had until recently considered his best friend. "What do you want?" he hissed, clearly not happy to see Andy waiting for him.

Andy hung his head. "Look, I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I know what I did was wrong." The words sounded sincere, but Chris wasn't convinced.

"Wrong?" he spat back. "Wrong doesn't even begin to cover it."

"I said I'm sorry! What more do you want from me?"

"Just fuck off," was all Chris managed to reply. He couldn't fathom that Andy would show up at his home, especially considering what he had tried to do to him and Tyler.

Chris tried to brush past him and go into the house, but Andy wasn't finished. He grabbed Chris' arm to stop him, wanting to plead his case for forgiveness further. This did not sit well with Chris. He dropped the backpack that held his books and homework assignments for the night, turned and swung.

Chris struck Andy squarely in the center of his face with an arm that was capable of pitching a fast ball at nearly ninety miles per hour. Blood gushed immediately from his nose, quickly covering the lower part of his face and shirt. Andy staggered back from the blow, stunned that Chris had punched him.

Holding his nose, trying to stop the flow of blood, Andy did his best to recover. He knew Chris was the better athlete, and he was already at a disadvantage if he wanted to continue the physical confrontation -- so he chose the psychological approach. "Well since it seems everyone already knows about me, thanks to you and your boyfriend, so I guess I might as well let everyone see the rest of that video." The way Andy had emphasized `boyfriend' in that statement made it sound dirty. That angered Chris even further. He took a step toward Andy, with every intention of landing several more blows, but Andy backed away.

Andy looked back over his shoulder as he slunk away across Chris' front yard... and there was no mistaking the resentment and menace in his parting shot. "Fine, we'll just see how you like the rest of that video coming out."

- - -

Andy had not been home since leaving for his family's cabin the previous Friday. He was surprised to find that his computer's screen saver was frozen when he went to log in. Neither the mouse nor keyboard would bring it out of sleep mode. Finally he turned the power off, then back on.

The result surprised him even more: "NTLDR: Kernel not found" was all that displayed on the monitor. He tried rebooting the machine several more times, each with the same result. His computer had apparently chosen this of all moments to crash. How could he fake making the video of Chris and Tyler public? Was this why those assholes had been so confident at school? Did they know he wasn't going to be able to do that? Their self-assurance at school that morning suggested to him that they were already aware he wasn't going to be able to make good on his threat. And where had they obtained the clip on the flash drive? It could have only come from his computer. Yet there was no way either of them could have gotten into his room.

He cleaned himself up and changed his shirt. All there was for him to do now was to wait for the inevitable parental punishment that would result from his two week suspension from school. He just hoped his parents would not find out the true content of the video he'd been watching.

* * *

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