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* * *


Emo Boi Finds Love

Chapter Thirty Nine


Luke hurried back to rejoin Kevin at Thomas' house. There was no answer when he knocked on the door, so he opened the door and went inside. This time however he was ready for the dog; instead of getting slammed back on his ass again, he knelt when he entered the kitchen. The huge puppy came over to nuzzle him. Luke rubbed the dog's head and scratched behind his ears. Shakespeare licked the blonde boy's face appreciatively. Seeming to have satisfied the dog for the time being, Luke then stood and went to look for Kevin. The oversized puppy trotted along by his side.


Luke tossed his backpack down onto one of the sofas in the great room, then looked out into the backyard through the massive windows that made up the exterior wall. Kevin was lying face down on a float in the middle of the pool, his arms folded under his head. He appeared to be napping -- and he was naked.


Luke thought of the perfect way to announce his return to the house... Quickly he stripped off his clothes while Shakespeare watched with a quizzical look. As quietly as he could, Luke slid open one of the glass doors and stole out onto the deck, closing the door behind him as the curious dog looked on. He padded his way silently across the deck until he reached the concrete that bordered the pool. Once on the concrete be began to run and leapt out into the pool toward where Kevin was resting on the float.


Luke tucked in his legs and balled up just before he landed in the pool right beside where Kevin lay napping on the float. The impact of Luke's cannonball into the water was close enough that it caused Kevin to be dumped off the raft and into the water. Kevin surfaced next to Luke, sputtering and cursing when all of a sudden there was another splash. Kevin's first thought was that Luke must have brought someone with him when he had returned to the house even though he had been warned not to. He was about to get mad instead of just annoyed when a big, sloppy tongue licked the side of his face. The dog had joined them in the pool. Kevin and Luke both couldn't help but laugh.


* * *


Tyler expected a call from Chris in the morning, but it never came. When he tried to call Chris, his phone went to voice mail. Tyler finally went down to the kitchen, poured some Cheerios into a bowl and doused them with milk. As he slowly munched on the cereal he wondered why Chris wasn't answering his phone. It was ringing first; not going directly to voice mail, so Tyler knew it wasn't switched off.


Tyler had gotten his driver's license, but did not have his own car, so he asked his mother if he could borrow hers to go to Chris' house to see what was wrong and why he wasn't answering his phone. His mother was sympathetic. It was obvious that her son was very worried about his boyfriend, so she readily agreed.


Tyler was just starting to back out of the driveway when Chris' mother pulled up in front of his house. Tyler parked the car, shut off the engine and got out to meet her. "Hey Mrs. Reynolds," he called out and waved to her as she got out of her car. There was an anxious look on her face as she approached him.


"Tyler, I know you were about to go somewhere, but I really have to talk to you for a few minutes if you have time." Tyler could swear the woman had been crying.


"Actually, I was headed to your house," Tyler told her. "I've been trying to get ahold of Chris and haven't been able to, so I was starting to get worried."


"That's actually what I wanted to talk to you about, Tyler. Do you mind if we go inside and sit down for a few minutes?" the lady asked.


"Sure, no problem," Tyler replied. Now he was becoming even more concerned for what may have happened to his boyfriend. He also had to make sure his mother didn't say anything that would give their secret away to Chris' mother if she hadn't already found out -- and Tyler suspected she probably had not; otherwise she would not be here now.


Tyler led her inside and into the living room where he offered her a chair. "Would you like some tea or some water or anything Mrs. Reynolds?" he asked politely. Though Tyler was indeed a polite boy, his offer was of course self-serving. He knew his mother was in the kitchen and he wanted to warn her not to say anything about his and Chris' relationship to Chris' mother. Fortunately for him, she asked for a glass of water.


"Tyler, what are you still doing here?" his mother asked when he came into the kitchen. "I thought you were on your way to see Chris."


"Chris' mom pulled up as I was backing out of the driveway and wants to talk to me about something," Tyler explained. "She looks like she's been crying, so I'm more worried about what's going on now than ever. Listen, Mom, so far as she's concerned, we're just best friends, okay? Don't say anything about, well, you know... He doesn't want his parents to know about that just yet. He's afraid of how they'll react."


"Don't worry darling, I won't say anything that will cause him any problems with his parents," she assured him.


When Tyler walked back into the living room he handed the glass of water to Mrs. Reynolds and set a coaster on the table in front of her. She took a couple sips to help compose herself before setting the glass down. By this time Tyler's mother hand also joined them, sitting near Chris' mother on the sofa, ready to help if need be.


Tyler introduced them, then asked Chris' mother what she wanted to talk to him about.


Lorraine Reynolds came to tears again, prompting Claire to slide over and put a reassuring arm around her shoulder. "Bob," she started, then looked over at Claire Johnston, "that's my husband... He used to drink... a lot. And whenever he did he'd get crazy and out of control, sometimes violent. But that was a long time ago. Then suddenly last night he started again. He's never hurt Chris before, but they got into a terrible argument, and that's when it started. Then he sat in his study for hours, and I just know he was drinking the entire time."


Her comment `never hurt Chris before' hit Tyler like a brick. That meant something had to have happened to Chris, and it couldn't be good the way this was starting. He held his tongue and waited impatiently for Lorraine Reynolds to continue.


She paused to take a sip of water and dab at her eyes with a tissue Claire offered. Once she had recomposed herself, she continued the tale. Lorraine told them about the fight she had overheard between the Chris and his father in the study -- though because the doors were closed she was unable to make out what the argument was about, all she had heard were the muffled raised voices and shouting. Then later, after she had gone to bed she was awakened by a piercing scream from Chris. She came out of her bedroom just in time to see her husband storm out of Chris' bedroom and return to his study. When she had gone to check on her son, his right arm was clearly broken, so she helped him get dressed and took him to the hospital.


Tyler and his mother listened silently as Lorraine Reynolds described what had happened at the hospital. When she and Chris had returned home in the morning, the front door had been kicked in and a police officer was there waiting for them. He explained that Chris' father had been taken into custody after resisting arrest and they had been forced to break down the door to get him out of the house. There were signs of a scuffle, so it was apparent that her husband had put up a fight.


Lorraine finished the story by telling them that she had left a neighbor lady friend of hers sitting with Chris and come to see Tyler in the hope that he could shed some light on what had happened. "I just know that you two are so close and spend so much time together... I was just hoping that maybe you may have some idea what may have happened between Chris and his father."


Tyler was in a quandary. He knew he couldn't tell Chris' mother about the true nature of their relationship, but he finally decided that there was nothing to keep him from sharing the picture he had taken of Chris' father and his mistress at the mountain cabin. "Well, Chris took me up to see your cabin in the mountains," he started explaining. He went on to tell her how while they had been there, Chris' father had showed up with the blonde woman. He pulled out his iPhone and showed her the picture he had taken as he and Chris drove away. Lorraine seemed to recognize the woman and asked Tyler if she could have a copy of the picture. She gave him her e-mail address and he sent a copy of the picture to her. I was very obvious to Tyler and his mother that Lorraine Reynolds was far more upset now than when she had arrived. Claire didn't think it was a good idea for her to try to drive home by herself, so she offered to drive her, while Tyler followed in her car to bring her home later.


Lorraine gratefully accepted the offer, adding that even though Chris had been given a sedative and was sleeping following the surgery to repair his broken arm when she had left, that if he was awake when they got there that it might be good for him to see his closest friend. When they arrived at the Reynolds home there were two workmen replacing the front door that the police had kicked in. Tyler ran up to Chris' room, eager to see and comfort his boyfriend. Chris lay in his bed sleeping. His right arm was in a cast from his wrist nearly to his shoulder. At least he was sleeping peacefully -- `no doubt from the sedative and the pain killers the doctors had given him,' Tyler thought.


Tyler couldn't resist reaching out and stroking Chris' hair. His back to the door, Tyler had no way of knowing that Chris' mother was standing in the doorway watching, a tear slowly creeping down her cheek. Watching the way Tyler gently ran his fingers through her son's hair and whispered into his ear, she realized that they were more than just best friends.


When Tyler came downstairs a little while later, his and Chris' mothers were sitting in the living room with the neighbor who had stayed with Chris while Lorraine had come to their house. Lorraine was still sobbing quietly. Claire Johnston stood when her son came into the room. "Come on, Tyler. It's time for us to go home. You can come back to see Chris later," she told him.


On the way home, Tyler's mother looked over at him and said, "She knows."


Tyler was confused. "Who knows what?" he asked.


"Chris' mother, honey. She knows that there's something special between the two of you -- that you're more than just friends."


"You promised you wouldn't tell her!" Tyler exclaimed.


"I didn't baby, she told me when she came back from checking on you two. She asked me if I knew."


"She came to check on us?" Tyler asked. He thought about how he had been sitting by the bed, stroking Chris' hair and whispering sweet nothings to him. He hadn't even realized Chris' mother was there. Then it hit him that he was the one who had given away their secret -- he hadn't meant to, but none the less it was he who had done it.


"Oh my God," he gasped. "I gave it away. It was all my fault! I should have kept my fucking distance; I just wanted to try to comfort him."


"Tyler, language!" his mother scolded.


"Sorry," Tyler sighed out. "So what did she say?" he asked after a moment. "Was she mad?"


"No honey, actually she said you looked very cute together. She also said she could tell you care for him very much." Tyler noticed that suddenly his mother's voice had a very calm, soothing quality to it.


"His dad sure doesn't think so," Tyler admitted.


"His father?" Claire asked, surprised. "Did that have anything to do with what happened between the two of them?"


"Yeah, when we went to their cabin and caught his dad with... that woman... his dad sort of caught us too... We were, well, um, making out." Tyler knew that his mother knew he was sexually active, but he still didn't think it best to tell her exactly what he and Chris had been caught -- or almost caught doing. "I really don't know what they were fighting about, but that probably had something to do with it."


Claire placed her hand lightly on her son's thigh. She patted it gently and reassured him that everything would be fine. She continued to tell him that Chris' mother was filing for divorce on the grounds of infidelity and the abuse Chris had suffered the previous night at his hand.


"So," she concluded, "you see, it really isn't going to matter what his father thinks. He's going to be out of the picture entirely. Lorraine isn't going to let him back into the house. She having the locks and the alarm code changed this afternoon."


This was a relief to Tyler. He had been afraid that if Chris' father came home, he would hurt him again.


- - -


The following morning Tyler went to visit Chris to see how he was feeling. Chris was downstairs when Tyler arrived. He was wearing a pair of pajama pants, but due to the cast on his right arm and the sling to keep his arm in place, the top was only draped over his shoulders leaving his smooth, slender chest mostly exposed. Tyler thought it made him look cute. Chris' mother had answered the door and let Tyler into the house. She directed him into the family room where Chris was slouched on an overstuffed sofa watching TV. Tyler did not get the warm reception he anticipated.


When he walked into the room to see Chris, Tyler got a black scowl in reply to his cheery greeting. Tyler had no clue why he'd received that reaction; but he sat down on the sofa next to Chris anyway. He sat close, so close that they were almost touching. When Chris slid away from him, Tyler asked what was wrong. The only immediate answer he got was another glare. Again Tyler asked Chris what was wrong.


"You told!" Chris spat out angrily. "You told everything! You told about us, my father at the cabin, everything! You've destroyed my family!" Chris got up and walked to the doorway. Once there he turned and quietly said, "Get out. I never want to see you again." Then Chris walked slowly out of the room.


Chris' mother was coming out of the kitchen as Tyler ran out the front door, not even bothering to close it behind him. She walked to the doorway of the den where she had sent Tyler to join Chris only moments before. The room was empty.


She was confused. Of course when she had mentioned to Chris that she knew of their relationship, he had denied it. She had of course reassured him that she saw nothing wrong with it, but still he denied. He'd even stuck up for his father when she told him that she was filing for divorce, urging her to reconsider. After the cruelty his father had shown to him, this came as a complete surprise to her.


Lorraine went to her son's room and knocked gently on the door. "Go away," was the reply from inside. Lorraine pushed the door open. Her son was lying on his bed, a scowl still on his face.


"Why did Tyler leave so soon?" she asked.


"I didn't want to see him. I never want to see him again."


"But honey, why? He loves you, you know. And I really do believe you love him." Lorraine was trying to be compassionate and caring, but her son was having none of it.


"I hate him! Our family's been ripped apart, and he's the cause of it!" Chris spat back at his mother. "If it weren't for him, none of this would have happened."


"Christian Reynolds, you know that is not true. This was all your father's doing. Tyler had nothing to do with any of it."


Chris hung his head on his chest, as if a little ashamed; as if he knew what his mother said was true. But he was not yet ready to admit that, not to his mother and certainly not to himself. Then suddenly he looked up. "If it weren't for him, no one would know about any of this! We'd all still be happy!" Chris retorted, venom in his voice. She saw the look in her son's eyes -- he did indeed hold Tyler responsible for the recent strife in their family's lives. She just wondered if there was anything she could do to convince him he was wrong.


She sat down on her son's bed and placed her hand on his leg. "Now Chris, you know that simply isn't true. It was your father who was cheating on me. It was your father who broke your arm in a drunken rage. Tyler wasn't responsible for that."


"But if it weren't for him we wouldn't know and we'd still be happy," Chris repeated.


Lorraine Reynolds knew that her son wasn't thinking about this rationally -- it was all emotion, and his anger was certainly misdirected. She just hoped that he would come to his senses before it was too late.


Chris looked up at his mother. "Listen Mom, I'm feeling kind of tired. I think I need to rest, okay?"


Lorraine nodded. She ruffled her son's hair, got up and shut the door behind her on the way out of her son's room.


Once she was gone, Chris rolled over, buried his head in a pillow and silently wept. But the tears were for his family that was being ripped apart from its very center, not for his foundering relationship with Tyler.


- - -


Tyler was devastated at what Chris had said to him. When he ran from the house he jumped into the car and tore home, driving far too fast. Fortunately luck was with him and he made it home safely. As he ran through the kitchen on the way to his room he tossed the keys to his mother's car in the basket on the kitchen counter where she normally kept them.


Claire Johnston was surprised her son was home so soon. He couldn't have spent hardly any time at all with Chris. She heard him running through the house on his way to his room, then the door slamming behind him. Something must have been wrong -- there didn't seem to be any other explanation for him being home so soon.


Claire went to check on her son. It wasn't until the third time she knocked on the door before she got an answer. "Go away," was the response.


She ignored Tyler's wishes and opened the door. She could tell from her son's voice that he was upset. She pushed the door open and went into Tyler's bedroom. He was lying on his bed, face down. It was obvious to her that he was crying.


She sat next to him on the bed. "What's wrong, baby?" she asked as she stroked his hair.


"He said I'm responsible for his family getting torn apart," Tyler sobbed, not looking up. "He said he never wants to see me again."


"I'm sure that isn't what he meant..." Claire started to say.


Tyler rolled over suddenly. "That's exactly what he said! It was pretty fucking clear exactly what he meant!"


This time Claire didn't rebuke her son for his language. Instead she pulled him into a hug. "I'm sure he's just upset over everything that's happened. He'll get over it and everything will be back to normal."


Tyler didn't buy his mother's argument and pulled away from her hug. "It won't be back to normal for him. His parents are getting a divorce, and that probably wouldn't be happening if I hadn't showed that picture to his mother. So you see, he's right; it is my fault."


Claire reached out and put her hands on Tyler's shoulders. "No baby, she would have found out one way or another. What's happened was inevitable."


Claire finally convinced Tyler to come downstairs with her. She sat him down in the kitchen and fixed them both a cup of tea. They talked through three more cups and finally Tyler was feeling a little better. Claire suggested that he go hang out with some of his other friends. Tyler wasn't sure about that. He did think he knew of someone who he wanted to see though -- if he could find them.


In the meantime, Tyler returned to his room. He was hoping that his confidante, Thomas would be online. He wasn't, so Tyler sent an e-mail telling him all of what had happened over the last couple days and the plans he had for that evening.


After dinner Tyler changed his clothes. He thought he needed something more appropriate to wear for what he had planned for the evening. He studied himself in the mirror as he dressed, nodding his approval to himself as he went. `Yep, you look good,' he thought to himself.


Thirty minutes later, Tyler parked his mother's car at a place he once thought he would never visit again -- The Cavern. He hoped he would see Jesse and Trevor. There weren't many others that he thought he could trust with the things that were on his mind, especially since he hadn't been able to talk to Thomas in chat that afternoon.


When Tyler got to the door, there was something he hadn't been used to before -- a counter set up with a man checking IDs and collecting a cover charge to get in. As Tyler stood in line waiting, he spotted a familiar face just inside the door -- Trevor. The older boy had also spotted him and came over immediately, waving Tyler to the front of the line. The bouncer who was collecting the cover charges gave Trevor a sideways look, but Trevor waved him off. "He's going to be one of the dancers," Trevor shouted to him above the din at the front of the bar. He then grabbed Tyler's hand and pulled him into the bar.


Trevor had already stripped down to a pair of bikini briefs and running shoes before Tyler had arrived. Tyler did consider that this was unusually early compared to what he remembered of the place when he'd come here to dance with Ollie. As he pulled Tyler deeper into the bar he turned and asked, "You are here to dance aren't you? I haven't seen you for so long, but I just assumed..."


Tyler nodded. "Yeah, I'll dance, I suppose. I really didn't mean to, but what the fuck, why not?"


Trevor dragged him up onto the stage and back to the dressing rooms beyond. Little if anything had changed here. Jesse was helping a new boy try to pick out what to wear that evening, but he immediately abandoned his charge when he saw Tyler. He came over to give Tyler a hug and kiss. "Whoa, look who turned up again finally! How have you been?" He also gave Tyler's crotch a squeeze as he backed away, unabashedly eyeing Tyler's body from head to toe.


Tyler grinned at his old friend. "I've been doing okay," he said. "I went back to live with my `rents," he explained.


Jesse grabbed his hand and led Tyler back to where the other boy was waiting, seeming nervous. The boy looked young, appearing to be no more than about fourteen or fifteen to Tyler. He had longish dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. There wasn't a single hair on the boy's legs. He stood with his arms crossed over his chest, naked save for a pair of light blue boxers. Jesse returned to his charge. "Oh, Ty -- this is Chandler," he said looking over his shoulder. "This is going to be his first night dancing here."


Tyler offered his hand, and a little reluctantly the boy reached out and took it. "Wow, you look young," Tyler commented. "How old are you?"


Chandler withdrew his hand quickly. "Eighteen," he said rather defensively. "How old are you?"


"Seventeen," Tyler answered, crossing his arms over his chest in return and running his eyes over the boy's body. Jesse and Trevor both laughed. Tyler glanced back and forth between the other three boys. "What's so funny?" he asked?


"He's just turned fourteen," Trevor finally answered. "Don't tell anyone though; he needs the money, so we don't want him to get booted. He's got a pretty decent fake ID in case the cops show up."


Jesse pulled a tiny, bright green G-string out of one of the drawers where he was looking for something appropriate for Chandler to wear. "God, this is perfect!" he exclaimed. "You'll rake the tips in with this one!"


Chandler looked at him skeptically. "There's almost nothing there!" he protested. And he was right; the pouch was a very tiny triangle of cloth that would cover very little.


"And that's what's going to get you the good tips," Jesse laughed.


"Just don't agree to go home with anyone," Trevor cautioned. Tyler nodded his agreement with that sentiment.


Chandler took the tiny piece of cloth from Jesse and held it up, studying it. "I... I don't know..." he said, the uncertainty in his voice obvious to them all.


"Put it on," Jesse encouraged.


With some reluctance, Chandler shyly turned away from the other boys, slid off his boxers and pulled the tiny little G-string on. He took a moment to adjust the pouch before turning around. "This is never going to work," he said. "It doesn't even cover my pubes!"


Tyler, Jesse and Trevor studied the situation. Chandler was quite correct; his small patch of just barely pubescent hair was showing slightly at the top and sides of the miniscule garment. "You're right," Jesse said as he turned to rummage through another drawer. "That's never going to work. Take them off."


Chandler turned to face away from the boys again and stepped out of the G-string. When he began to pull his boxers back on, Jesse stopped him. "Oh no you don't, I'm going to fix this. Leave the shorts and turn around.


Chandler straightened up and turned, his hands covering his groin. A stunned look came across his face when he saw what Jesse had in his hand. "Oh no, you aren't doing that!" he exclaimed.


Jesse was holding up an electric hair trimmer. "This is the only way we're going to make this work. Anybody that sees that little patch of pubes is never going to believe you're more than fourteen. Now, get your hands out of the way." Jesse made his point by slapping the boy's hands away. "You can quit acting so damn shy too; it isn't like we haven't seen you naked already. Hell, we even saw you and that other kid screwing in our living room last night."


Tyler noticed that the boy's face immediately flushed bright red. He had apparently not been aware of that little tidbit of information.


"Dude, if you do that to me, I'm going to look like I'm fucking ten!" Chandler protested.


"No, it will make it look like you shave them. Now stand still," Jesse commanded as he flipped the switch on the trimmer. He looked over his shoulder to Tyler and Trevor. "You guys get me a bowl of warm water, a wash rag, a razor and that can of shaving gel from the dressing table," he instructed. And with that, Jesse started the removal of Chandler's pubic hair. By the time Tyler and Trevor brought the other items he'd requested, there was nothing left but a small triangle of stubble.


Jesse shot a small amount of shaving gel onto his fingers and began spreading it across that tiny bit of remaining hair. When Jesse's fingers moved down and began to spread the gel over his scrotum, Chandler let out a gasp and quickly began to erect. Because of Chandler's now aroused state, Jesse began the shaving process with his balls. Jesse took care to be gentle, but there really hadn't been a need to shave Chandler's nuts -- there hadn't been any hair growing there yet. Jesse was only doing that because he wanted an excuse to fondle him further. When Jesse finished shaving Chandler's balls, he wiped the remnants of the foam from them and rolled them about between his fingers to admire his handiwork.


"Now for the top," Jesse quipped as he grasped the younger boy's throbbing hard shaft and pulled it down and out of the way. It seemed to Tyler and Trevor that Jesse was intentionally taking his time with the shaving, and was gently and slowly stroking Chandler's shaft in very small, slow, almost imperceptible movements. They exchanged a glance and a grin as they watched what Jesse was doing.


"C'mon," Trevor said to Tyler as he took his hand to lead him over to the chest of drawers. "Let's find you something to wear tonight."


They were digging through the items of clothing in the drawers looking for the perfect costume for Tyler when they heard Chandler's breathing become heavy and ragged behind them. Tyler and Trevor both turned to look. Jesse had just finished wiping away the last of Chandler's little triangle of hair and the shaving foam he'd used to take it off. The boy was now completely smooth. `He was right,' Tyler thought, `He does look about ten now.'


Chandler's body had become very tense. It seemed Jesse had managed to tease him right to the verge of orgasm. Tyler was pretty sure Jesse was going to give him a few long, quick strokes to finish him off -- Tyler had seen Jesse do this to others before. He thought back to one night when Jesse and Trevor had done this exact thing to Ollie and him. The thought of Ollie brought a smile to his face. Even though Tyler still missed Ollie terribly, his memories of his old boyfriend were nearly all very good ones.


Just then, Jesse did something neither Tyler nor Chandler expected. He shifted his grip on Chandler's shaft to allow it a slight upward angle and dove down on it, plunging the entire 5 inches into his mouth in one swift movement. Jesse was a master at oral sex and Chandler was very inexperienced sexually. It only took about 30 seconds before it was obvious that Chandler was shooting his load into Jesse's mouth and throat. Jesse's hands were now tightly grasping his ass cheeks to keep Chandler from pulling away, not that it seemed that he was really going to try. Jesse finally pulled his mouth away from the shaft that was starting to deflate and licked his lips. "Very tasty," he commented.


Chandler's body finally relaxed. Jesse held him up until he could be maneuvered to a chair to sit down. Chandler continued to sit limply as Jesse spread his legs wide apart, lifted his smooth ball-sack out of the way and ran a finger over his perineum. Jesse dabbed the razor in the still warm water and took a couple quick swipes. This was completely unnecessary, but it was Jesse's way of making an excuse to examine close up the hole that up until the previous night had been quite virginal.


Tyler and Trevor resumed looking for something for Tyler to wear. Tyler pulled out a tiny white bikini swimsuit. One side was missing, instead of cloth there were two crisscrossed studded leather straps about four inches in length. These were attached to the cloth by little silver rings. It looked like it would be about a size too small for him, but Tyler decided to try it anyway.


Tyler stripped down and donned the little piece of cloth. He adjusted himself so that the head of his cock was pointed straight down over his balls. It was tight enough that it was plain to see through the material that he was circumcised.


Chandler just stared, his mouth hanging open. He was still slightly in a daze from what Jesse had done to him a few minutes before, Tyler thought. Jesse and Trevor nodded their approval at his choice. "You're going to need a little trim too," Jesse observed.


Tyler examined himself in a mirror. Jesse was right. "Yeah, but I'll take care of it myself if you don't mind."


"Suit yourself," Jesse replied with a hint of disappointment as he sat back to watch.


Jesse and Trevor were already both shirtless, but now they stripped off their jeans. They wore matching white mesh thongs. The mesh was a tight weave, but there was still literally nothing left to the imagination. "They're going to let you get away with wearing those?" Tyler questioned as he put the finishing touches on his trim with the razor. He had not shaved himself completely bald as Jesse had done to Chandler; he had just removed enough hair so that none would stick out from the top or sides of the swimsuit he was going to wear to dance in.


Chandler was still slumped naked in the chair where Jesse had sat him down. Trevor slapped his thigh lightly. "C'mon kid, get your costume on. It's almost time for the music to start, and the pervs out there will buy us a few shots before we get started."


Chandler slowly stood and pulled the G-string back on. He started to adjust himself in it, but Trevor brushed his hand away. "Here, let me help," he said. Instead of angling the boy's dick up and to the side as Chandler had been trying to do, he pushed the head down so it was curved down over his balls in the same manner the others had prepared themselves.


He stepped back to admire his handiwork. "Perfect," he commented. "That shows you off better, makes it look bigger too."


It also left a slight gap between the fabric and Chandler's skin on either side. Tyler had to admit the kid was cute. He just wondered what his story was and how he had come to be here at such a young age. Then again, when he had first started coming here he hadn't been all that much older. Whatever it was, Tyler felt sorry for the kid. `At least Trevor and Jesse are looking out for him,' Tyler thought.


Chandler complained that he didn't feel comfortable going out into the bar-room dressed as he was. Tyler came up with the solution. He pulled a long sleeved, white dress shirt down from a peg on the wall. "Here, put this on," he instructed. "Roll the sleeves up to just below your elbows and don't button the front." The shirt was a couple sizes too large for Chandler and the shirttail hung a down to a few inches below his butt, but the effect was magnificent. "There's just one more thing you need," Tyler observed.


He looked around for something he had seen earlier. He had intended to use it himself, but he thought it would look better on the younger boy. He grabbed a bright red necktie and looped it around Chandler's neck, but inside the collar of the shirt. Tyler tied the tie loosely so that the knot hit him square in the middle of his chest. "Now, when you start getting comfortable, you can just slip the shirt off," Tyler instructed.


Trevor and Jesse agreed that the look Tyler had just created for Chandler was perfect.


Tyler found a bright white necktie and tied it around his neck in a similar fashion to what he had just done for Chandler. The four boys were ready. They headed out to the bar, Jesse and Trevor in the lead, flowed by Tyler and Chandler bringing up the rear.


The amateur twink-dancing at The Cavern had become very popular and had completely replaced the drag shows they used to have on the weekends. There were four or five other boys in various forms of provocative dress already socializing with the bar patrons when Jesse, Trevor, Tyler and Chandler came into the room, but none were as seductive as any of these four. All eyes turned to them as they made their way to the bar.


Tyler was pretty buzzed as he drove home later that night. In addition to the hundred plus dollars in tips he'd made that night he had been bought several drinks as well. Little Chandler had been a big hit and made quite a killing in tips. He'd also gotten quite tipsy, so he'd ended up having to go back to the dressing room early to pass out. He apparently wasn't used to drinking and had little tolerance. `At least he hadn't thrown up,' Tyler thought.


The lights were all out in the house when Tyler got home. He was as quiet as possible as he went to his room and got ready for bed. That night Tyler slept very well. He hoped that the next day Chris would have changed his mind and things could get back to normal between them.


- - -


Chris did not change his mind. He would not take Tyler's calls and he avoided him at school. This drove Tyler into a severe depression. Tyler had frequent chats with Thomas about the situation between him and Chris. Thomas continually urged him to move on and accept that the relationship with Chris was finished. Tyler did not want to accept that as a fact.


About two months after the break up, Tyler arrived home from school to find his mother's car in the driveway. This was unusual; she should still have been at work. Odder still was the police car parked by the curb in front of the house. Tyler went in through the front door and found his mother sitting in the front room with two policemen. She was crying.


Tyler went immediately to her to find out what was wrong. He sat next to her on the sofa and she hugged him to her. After a few minutes she composed herself enough to tell him what had happened. His father, who was a lineman for the power company had been killed in an accident at work. They had been using a crane to erect a new power pole and a line had snapped. The pole had swung and struck his father in the back of the head, killing him instantly. He'd never even seen it coming.


Tyler's depression deepened after the death of his father. While he and his father had never been especially close in terms of going out and doing things together, they certainly did love each other. Tyler became more and more withdrawn and his grades, which had always been quite exemplary, began to suffer. Fortunately Tyler's grades didn't drop too far, but the fact that they did drop caused concern for his mother. She understood that it was the recent losses in his life that had caused the drop, so while she did speak to Tyler about his grades, she didn't get on his case too badly about it.


Chris had refused to talk to him since the day he asked Tyler to leave his house. But finally one day soon after his father had been killed in the accident, Chris sought Tyler out in the school cafeteria. Chris had only one thing to say; "Now you've lost your father too. Now you know how you made me feel." That comment ripped Tyler's heart apart. He never would have believed Chris capable of such cruelty until it was proven to him. There was no way Tyler could stay at school through the rest of that day after that had happened to him. His mother was unable to get off from work to pick him up, so he called for a taxi and went home.


When Tyler got home, he went to his room. He'd never felt such despair before in his life. He hoped that Thomas would be online; this time he was:


Ty1600: U there?


Thomas: Yeah, taking the day off...


Ty1600: I need to come 4 a visit


Thomas: You 18 yet?


Ty1600: In a few months


Thomas: Then you can -- after your birthday.


Ty1600: Y not now?


Thomas: Legal things -- not until you're 18 little babe, I told you that before. I can't let a minor come stay with me, what if your mother raises Hell? Not good, buddy.


Ty1600: But I really need to get out of here


Thomas: After your birthday, that's the rule. You know that.


The discussion between them went on for a while. It was finally decided that Tyler could come visit after his birthday. If he were to enroll in college, he would be allowed to stay rent-free while he was going to school. Tyler immediately began looking for universities that he would like to attend that were located in the area where Thomas lived.


Tyler continued to mope. He didn't think he could ever be happy again now that Chris had turned against him so drastically. He was only marginally excited about his approaching birthday. This was only due to the fact that he was finally going to get to meet Thomas in person. That thought did also make him a bit nervous as well, but he was determined to do it. Despite that, he had also found a college in the area where Thomas lived and submitted his application for admission. Tyler really felt he needed to somehow make a complete break with his current life and begin anew -- and this was the best way he could think of to do it.


His mother wasn't particularly happy about the idea of him going off to school in another country and less so about him staying with someone he'd only met online and that she knew nothing about. His whole plan just had her plain worried. She did agree that he needed to do something to snap out of his depression, but she wasn't sure this was the right way for him to go about it. She also realized that once he turned eighteen there was nothing she would be able to do about it.


For his birthday, his mother made him his favorite cake -- chocolate with German chocolate icing. Tyler hadn't really wanted anything for his birthday, but his mother had gotten him a few things anyway. Among these were several pairs of shorts and t-shirts that would serve him well in the southeast United States, where the weather was far warmer than what he was used to in Thunder Bay. Tyler took this as a gesture of his mother finally approving of his plan, when all it really indicated was her resignation that there was nothing she could do to stop him.


On the day Tyler was due to leave, Claire drove him to the airport. She pulled her car up in front of the departure gates. Tyler pulled his bags out of the trunk and checked his pockets one more time to make sure he had his passport -- he had already checked several times while getting ready and on the trip to the airport. "Don't take it out to check it too often," his mother cautioned. "You don't want to lose it."


Tyler gave his mother a sheepish grin, tucked the passport back into his pocket and gave her a goodbye hug and kiss.


"Call me when you get in," she reminded him.


Tyler told her that he would, even though his flight was due in late. Then he gathered his bags and went into the airport.


Tyler checked in for his flight and turned over his large suitcase as checked luggage, keeping his backpack with him as a carry-on.


- - -


The airport's announcing system finally called Tyler's flight at 3:45 that afternoon. It was over half an hour past the scheduled departure time.


"Air Canada is happy to announce boarding for flight 8538 from Thunder Bay to Toronto at gate three. All passengers for flight 8538 are requested to proceed to gate three at this time for immediate boarding." Tyler turned to look out the window of the lounge where he had been waiting and saw that a small airplane had arrived on the tarmac outside the gate. It wasn't even a regular Air Canada plane, but rather a small turbo-prop model that belonged to a contract carrier. Tyler was nervous. He hadn't ever flown before. He had heard of people getting air sick, and he hoped he wouldn't embarrass himself by becoming nauseous when the plane was in the air.


He got up and joined the short line of people waiting to board the flight. This was his last chance to back out, and he continued to have some reservations about flying 1100 miles to meet someone he only knew from the internet. Still, he felt that he knew Thomas so well, he'd always been able to trust the advice he'd gotten from the man. His flight from Toronto to Atlanta was supposed to be in at quarter to eleven that evening, and even with this delay he would have plenty of time to catch his connection. He wondered if Thomas would be on his way from Savannah to Atlanta to meet him by now. He didn't have any idea how long the drive would take. `I should have looked it up on Mapquest,' he thought.


Tyler's thoughts were interrupted by an elderly lady behind him asking if he was in line to board. He hadn't been paying attention, and the line had moved forward several feet. Tyler excused himself for his daydreaming and moved forward. He was next in line for boarding. It was now or never -- he could chicken out and stay here in Thunder Bay, or he could take this giant leap of faith and board the plane.


The gate attendant reached out to take Tyler's boarding pass. Tyler handed it to her almost in a daze, and moved forward to the steps that led down to the tarmac, he was fully committed now. There was no turning back. As he climbed the stairs leading up into the plane, Tyler said a silent prayer that everything would work out; that Thomas would be there to meet him when he got to Atlanta and that Thomas would indeed like him when they finally met in person. Once again, his self-doubt bothered him. Thomas had told him time and again not to doubt himself, but Tyler often found he couldn't help it.


* * *


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