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Chapter 11


Back to Joey: (don't you just love getting into the characters' heads)

I woke up but I didn't want to open my eyes. I was living the most beautiful moment of my life...after an amazing night of love-making I slept whole night in the arms of my lover, woke up still in his arms, feeling the warmth of his body and his intoxicating scent. Last night we committed ourselves to each other in every sense of the word and consummated our relationship. If only there was a word that could explain all these emotions, but then again that word would probably be, "Josh".

I broke myself out of my reverie and went to the bathroom to relieve myself. I returned and found the mess of a room that we created last night. Clothes were thrown all over the place...it looked like a hurricane hit the place. I saw the hurricane...I mean Josh still in bed with the sheet just slightly covering his genitals and the sunlight pouring in over his chest. He was the most beautiful creature on this side of the universe. I knew Josh wouldn't be up for quite some time so I took a shower and started making breakfast for both of us. It was the least I could do after wearing him out like I did.

I was going to flip the omelet over when I was grabbed by a strong yet gentle pair of hands from behind. Josh pulled me against his naked body and started necking me. I elbowed him and told him to get dressed.

"Dressed? I thought you preferred me this way." he said with an innocent face

"Oh I do, but I don't want any of the neighbors sharing it with me."

"Well, I wouldn't mind a threesome."

"Say it and kiss your dick goodbye." I said picking up a kitchen knife 

"Ouch! Touchy, touchy!"

"Seriously though, you're really not considering a threesome, are you?"

"What? And share you with someone else, over my naked dead body."

I walked up to him and gave him a peck on the cheek. Then slapped his butt and told him to go and take a shower, who knew I'd be into spanking ;) I finished the breakfast and set it on the table and waited for Josh to join me. Josh came out after some time drying his hair with a towel and dressed simply in pair of briefs. He was definitely giving me some serious eye candy this morning. I sat down opposite me and looked up at me.

"Better?" he asked


"So what happened last night?"

"Before or after the undies came off?"

"With your parents you faun! Why'd you come back, didn't you wanna go back with them?"

"Of course I did, but then I`d be missing something even greater, you."

"But they're your family."

"And you're the one who gave them back to me! Wait, is my living here bothering you."

"Hell no, but I just wanted you to be happy."

"And who says I'm not. I'm happiest when I have you in the same room with me."

"What about in the same bed?"


We both finished breakfast and looked up our appointments, well just his. Since I had no college for another couple of days I`d be home but Josh had to spend his day showing off his body to complete strangers. He kissed me and left in a hurry. I turned the TV on and sat down on the couch. While picking up the remote I saw the ring on my finger and all the images of last night flashed before my eyes. I smiled to myself and looked carefully at the ring. This was going to be the ring I'd be wearing for the rest of my life. It, unlike a normal engagement ring it didn't have a stone. No offence but diamonds are for girls. It was simply a golden band, sort of like the ring in Lord Of The Rings, but it was much beautiful.

What made it all the more amazing is that Josh and I both picked up the same ring for each other, which is weird because we're not exactly quite alike. We're both very different people actually and have different tastes in things. I guess relationships aren't about how alike or similar two people are but how much are they willing to tolerate each other's differences just to be with them. In other words, keep up with their shit and Josh definitely did that. He always tolerated me no matter how frivolous I got but still stood up for himself, that's probably I why I love him. But things like these always feel trivial when compared to the object of your affection. And well, besides the ring we only agreed on one thing, we loved each other.

I watched some Will and Grace on television, don't tell Josh but I'm totally gaga over Will (too bad he's actually straight in reality). And don't you just love Karen? After that I basically spent some time lounging on different pieces of furniture getting bored out of my skull. I couldn't wait for Josh to get back home, wait; it's only been 55 minutes since he left. Shit! What do I do with the rest 4 hours and 5 minutes? I decided to get out of the apartment and catch up with my walking. I got out of the apartment and locked it. I saw my neighbor was trying to open up his door. He had a black helmet on and wore a black leather jacket. He looked like a biker and was having trouble with the door. Who ever he was I looked at him, smiled at myself and turned and started walking away.

"Hey Buddy! A little help here!" he called out.

"Sure, what's the problem?" I said as I stared at him through his helmet glass.

"I think it's stuck, can you just help me push it a bit."

"Alright, not like I have anything better to do."

We both positioned ourselves sideways with our shoulders and arms to the door and pushed. For a second or two it didn't budge but suddenly it popped open and what we saw inside made the helmet guy shriek. Everything in the room was a mess. That's right, worse than our room after last night. Things were thrown around and some things seemed to be missing giving the room a sort of `just-been-robbed' look.

"Holy Shhh...what the hell happened here?" he almost shouted

"I'm guessing this isn't how you usually keep it?"

"Good guess, I've just been robbed." He said nonchalantly.

"For a guy who's just been robbed you seem just too calm."

"Well, everything was insured so..." he said as he sat down gathered up the papers that were scattered around.

"Ah, you need help cleaning up here?"

"No I don't wanna be any trouble," he said looking up

"It'll give me something to do, I'm bored like hell here." I sat down and helped him out too.

"In that case, I guess it's okay."

"Hmm, By the way I'm Joey and I hope your name isn't helmet guy"

"Oh! I'm so sorry I'm Daemon, Daemon Ripley." He said as he took off his helmet.

When he took off his helmet I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The guy was really cute. Had dark hair with blonde ends...exactly like Brad Pitt's do in "Meet Joe Black" only younger, about 23 or so. When he smiled while introducing himself I swear he had dimple the size of coconuts. I tried hard not to stare but couldn't help it. I thought of Josh and bang! I was right back on track. I guess to be honest he did look somewhat better than Josh but there was no way he was replacing him in my fantasies. It took about an hour or so to get the place back to normal. Well, that certainly cut some time for me, now lets figure out what to do for the next 3 hours.

"Thanks Joe, the place actually looks better than the way I left it."

"Don't mention it, anything to stay away from boredom. Well, I'll be seeing you..."

"Hey, if you don't have anything better to do, we can hang out together?"

"Are you sure? I can be a pretty boring person to hang out with."

"I'll take my chances, plus you're the only person I know in this entire town so..."

"Beggars can't be choosers, huh?"

"No, I didn't mean it in that..."

"It's fine really. So what do we do?"

"I've got some movies here...seen `The Cell'?"

"Once, would love to see it again though."

"Great then, I'll just put it on."

We both slouched on the couch. He got to the TV and turned it on. The VCR was right below the TV so he had to bend down to put the tape in. He had a really nice ass...too bad he was beyond limits, but I guess see-don't-touch wasn't bad, I mean I wasn't expecting Josh to not admire other guys, it's natural (or so I tried to tell myself) We both sat down and watched he movie. Nobody spoke for some time, but I knew we were both skipping through topics to talk about.

"So isn't J. Lo hot?" he said to break the ice. Nice try.

"I guess she is, though not exactly my type."

"Really? I thought J Lo was everyone's type..."

"Trust me, she's not my 'type'." I said smiling, "Hey wait, how come you were robbed and most of your stuff is still here. TV, VCR, CD player...everything."

"Well she only left with her stuff."

"She? What, you know the person who did this?"

"Pissed off girlfriend, right after we broke up I left town and forgot to ask the keys back from her."

"Oh, whose fault was it?"

"Mine, well not exactly mine. We just weren't `made' for each other. She must've did this last night...didn't you hear anything?"

"Umm" guilty! "Well, I'm a heavy sleeper. And you can't hear anything over my snores" I lied.

"Really?" he giggled, "shouldn't sleep with you then, should I?"

I laughed trying to ward off the thought from my head. We watched the movie while making small talk. I guess sexuality came up a lot in the conversation but I successfully avoided it every time. I didn't know why I kept doing it but I never told him.

"Hey, you said you worked in fast food place before, didn't you?" he asked out of the blue

"Yeah I did, why?"

"Well, the restaurant I own, or should I say manage on behalf of my dad, is a bit short staffed. And you are free and bored for the next week or so, right? How about you help me out, it pays good plus you won't go insane looking for apartments to clean up for the next few days."

"True, when do I start?"

"Tomorrow, it's closed today as most of my staff are with family. I spend most of my day there and well I don't mind a little company at work. What do you say?"

"I guess, sure!" I looked down at my watch, "God, time sure flies when you're having fun. I have to be getting home."

"Alright, how about you come over here tomorrow at around 9:00 am and I'll drive you there."

"Ok, fine and thanks for letting me hang out here. Bye Daemon."

"No problem buddy! See you tomorrow Joe."

Chapter 12

I got back home and waited for Josh to get back. Didn't take long before he was home. I had decided to take Daemon up on his offer and wanted to tell Josh about it. I mean Josh has to work and I can't go insane every time he leaves. I needed something to fill my time. God! Listen to me I sound like a middle-aged housewife.

"Honey I'm home." Josh said in his best `husband' voice (LOL)

"So how was your day?"

"Great! I got a lot more offers from my agency today...meaning I will be kept busy. I hope you don't mind me being away all this time."

"About that Josh, well I'm thinking of working for a restaurant again. I mean only till college is closed. It'll give me something to do and..."

"Sure! I mean at least you won't be hustling. Go on sure, anything you want to do." He leaned in for a kiss.

"Thanks Josh...so about hustling."

"Don't even think about it."

I loved Josh, like I said he knew how to keep me happy. Hopefully, I was doing a good job too. Josh had brought take out, after we finished eating we decided to go out and have some fun. I had never gone clubbing before, was too scared to. But now that I had Josh with me only think I'd have to worry about would be other fags trying to jump his bones. We headed out for a night of serious partying.

"Joey, I want you to be by my side the whole time, ok?"

"Why? Worried you might get hit on too much?"

"Me, I'm not worried about. Guys there will be all over you like vulture on fresh meat."

"Hardly! Ok, you watch my back and I'll watch yours."

"You know that's one thing I'll love to do."


"...And you love me for it."

The club wasn't exactly a gay club but Josh said that most of the gay community hung out there. I'm not sure I completely agreed with the idea of going there but I hoped I would like it. Being my introverted self I didn't know how to dance or even move to the beat as a matter of fact. I decided that I would let Josh have fun and sit back and watch. We got to the club and went inside. I was sure Josh went there a lot because everyone there seemed to know him, even the cute leather clad bartender.

We sat down near the bar and watched the dance floor. For a non-gay bar it certainly had some major guy on guy action. The number of straight couples didn't go anywhere even above 10. It was as if Josh knew almost everyone there, because he pointed out every next person and told me some funny story about him or her. And he certainly was popular there. It seemed I had actually avoided the inevitable but my joy was short lived.

"Come on lets go dance, this is my favorite track." he said

"I don't know Josh. I can't do it Josh, please."

"Fine, we'll both sit it out then."

"No Josh, you go and enjoy yourself, really just go. Plus, I need to know if you do anything other than strip teases."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah just go."

"Alright, and don't you dare move while I'm gone. I'll be right back after this song."

With that Josh headed to the dance floor. I had no idea he could move like that. Josh was really burning up the floor to Britney Spears' `Toxic'. Within 15 seconds of his starting to dance every gay guy moved towards or around Josh like bees to honey. I couldn't help but feel jealous when some guy joined in with Josh. I know he was trying to hit on Josh but I also knew Josh was keeping his distance. But you can't blame the poor guy, with someone like, Josh in front of you; it's too damn hard to try to not feel attracted. I was really reconsidering my decision to not dance, when out of the corner of my eye I saw Daemon heading towards me.

"Hey Joe!"

"Oh hi Daemon. What're you doing here?"

"Looking for Roger rabbit, what do you think?"

"Dumb question I guess. So you come here often? It doesn't look like your kind of place"

"No actually it's just my first time and no, this is not my kind of place. I can't dance...I just heard that the music here was great. So why are you sitting here all alone?"

"Well, I can't dance either. I just came with Josh..."


"Oh, see that guy there, who's making those other guys drool. That's him."

"Wow, he certainly knows how to move, and he just left you here?"

"Of course not, I sent him there. I didn't want to ruin his fun just `cause I'm too scared to."

"Hmm, well I got to go. So are you still available for that job tomorrow?"

"Yeah definitely. I'll see you at 9."

Daemon smiled and turned around leave. He was the kind of person that you love to see walk out of a room, if you know what I mean. I watched Josh leave and then returned to look at the floor. I looked around but didn't see Josh anywhere when I suddenly realized he was standing right behind me.

"Who was that?" he said with a concerned but calm voice.

"Daemon, a friend. Don't worry he's straight." I felt him ease up with the latter part of the sentence.

"Oh, ok. And really I don't want you to limit yourself, as long as there's nothing going on I don't mind you having some close friends."

"I know, but really Josh, Daemon is just a friend. I just met him today. By the way, that dance was awesome."

"You think so?"

"Did you even look at the faces of the other dancers when you started dancing?"

"I don't care about them, did YOU like it?"

"I loved it!"

"Come on lets go. We have to catch up on our very own love dance back home."

"And you call me a faun."

We got out of the club and headed home. I couldn't believe Daemon was all that was on my mind as I got home, I felt...I felt like I was cheating on Josh even though I wasn't...Was what I feeling legitimate? And what the hell was it that I was feeling???

Chapter 13

The next morning was a rush. Josh hadn't been kidding about the `love-dance' last night. Josh had to worry to go to work and so did I. We did everything in a rush and got ready to leave. Josh picked up his bag and ran out the door, just when I turned around he came running back in. He said he forgot something and picked me up in an embrace and kissed me. He wished me luck on my first day and left after another kiss. I just fell in love with him again; I have no idea what I was thinking last night. Daemon could never measure up to Josh.

I looked at the clock and it was just around 9. I was just about to leave when I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and saw Daemon standing leaning against the doorframe. Well, he's still cute to have as a FRIEND.

"Ready to go?" he said with his best smile

"Yeah, lets go." We started heading for the stairs.

"So, I saw you left early last night..."


"I came back to the club after some 5 minutes, you left pretty soon."

"Yeah, my party-mode is broken. I'd rather just lounge around and talk."

"I'm hoping not at work. I'm still your boss you know."

"Yeah boss, NOT at work. I'm not really a party person."

"Me neither. Oh, but your friend last night sure loves it."

"Josh? Yeah, he's really something. I'm so glad I found him. He's really versatile (in so many ways) he can be wild and shy...sometimes both at the same time too." I said smiling thinking of Josh.

"You really like him huh?"

"Like him? I absolutely love him."

We were already out of the building and were walking towards Daemon's car. I wished he had asked what I meant by `love' in the last line, but he just ended the conversation. Another opportunity of coming out was just ruined. I didn't know why I wanted him to know that I was gay and taken. It's not like I thought he'd care. He wasn't gay and nor did he seem like a homophobe, but it felt like this friendship had on the wrong step.

The restaurant was amazing. It wasn't exactly grandiose but seemed like an awfully cool and respectable place. Daemon wanted me to wear a uniform; all waiters wore one. Actually, I didn't mind it one bit...the uniform was a white shirt and a pair of tight black pants. It could make anyone look good, even me. I went into the changing room and changed into my uniform and came out. Daemon just stared at me for some time. And then just nodded his head and went into his office.

The job was quite enjoyable. I made quite good friends with the other guys and gals working there. Daemon would come out more than required to check if everything was okay. By the end of the day I had about 100 bucks of tips and one really cute guys phone number. But I knew that was one number I wouldn't be calling anytime in this lifetime. I dropped the number in the trash and went to see Daemon. He was in his office looking over some papers.

"Hey Joe!" he said looking up to me.

"Hey boss!"

"You know can stop calling me that, you're off duty now."

"Uh, I guess..."

"What are you doing here? Everyone's already left..." he said going through the papers

"Except you..."

"Well, I'm looking up some applicants for the chef's job. I'm almost done with this and then I also have to close down this place."

"Need help?"

"You really don't have to, your job doesn't require you to..."

"No Sweat, really. What can I do?"

"Well, you can go clear out the place for closing. You know, cover up the tables and chairs and turn of the lights and all- the drill. Oh and there's a package in the kitchen that came in today, can you just bring it out into the dining area."

I gave him a smile and headed out. I covered up all the furniture after removing the tablecloths and then cleaned the place up a bit. I turned out the lights and then headed towards the kitchen to take care of the package. I entered the kitchen and saw the package. It was more of a crate actually; only it was made from cardboard. I knew it was going to be heavy. I bent down and tried picking it up but it wouldn't budge. When I finally picked it up I lost my balance and fell backwards.

Unfortunately, I didn't fall down on the floor; instead I ended up in Daemon's arms. He had caught me from falling down and held the sides of my chest from behind. He slowly helped me up but his hands still didn't leave me. I tried moving his hands but instead he turned me around and started kissing me. I couldn't help but kiss back. He pushed me against the kitchen counter and started kissing me passionately. I suddenly realized what I was doing; I pushed him back and ran out of the kitchen with Daemon running after me screaming.

I wanted to leave, but I couldn't. I had to talk to Daemon and figure this out...I couldn't leave, not like this. Daemon came running out right after me. He stopped right in front of me; I could see he was really sorry. He apologized a couple of times before I told him to follow me to his office. He went into his office and sat down and I sat down across from him.

"Joe, I'm really sorry. I really am...I should've asked you if you were gay. I'm really sorry, please, I'm sorry."

"First of all, stop apologizing...I AM gay. Secondly, we were just in the moment that's all; trust me tomorrow morning you'll be back to your straight self and laughing at this."

"I'm not straight..."

"But what about the whole girlfriend thing?"

"That WAS the reason why we broke up. She couldn't handle the fact that I was gay. I thought if I tried I could turn straight. Boy was I ever wrong! I really started liking you after that first time I saw you. Guess, I should've asked you if you liked me before assaulting you like that."

"But I do like you...you're a great guy..."

"But? I'm not good enough, right?"

"There is no way you're not good enough. You're every gay guy's fantasy come to life."

"So what's wrong with me? What is it that you don't like about me?"

"I love everything about you but...but I'm in love... with Josh."

"Oh" he said with a face like I'd just stabbed him.

"Daemon really, if I'd met you before Josh I would've attacked you that first day. You're a great guy Daemon."

"Thanks" he said with a mixture of blushing and disappointment.

"I'm sorry Daemon. I hope we can still be friends."

"I'd be crazy if I'd let go of you." He said still looking at me.

"Thanks, come on let's get out of here."

We both went home. We decided to walk home instead of taking his car. That night I learnt a lot about Daemon. Anyone who gets to be with him would be the luckiest guy in the world, but only next to me `cause I already owned the title thanks to, Josh. Daemon was just like Josh in many ways and yet so different. They were both hot, sweet and all round great guys. Thank god I've got self-control.

That night when I was cuddled up in Josh's arms while watching TV I knew what he must have felt when he slept with Britney. He had been honest with me about it and I decided that so should I. I told him everything since that first day with Daemon to today's encounter. I noticed a bit of jealousy at first but in the end he just kissed my forehead and hugged me tightly. He called Daemon over and he got himself acquainted. This definitely meant the start of a great friendship, and all you perverts waiting for a threesome, sorry, I'm monogamous!!!

We all had dinner together and talked till bedtime. Josh and Daemon got along pretty well. After Daemon left Josh carried me to our room and we made love. Oh, and we also had hot wild passionate sex but let's just leave it at that. In the morning I woke up in Josh's arms and he was awake. He leaned into a kiss and stared into my eyes for a while.

"Joe," he said, "you just made me the happiest man last night. I don't even fear god as much as I fear losing you and last night...I can't tell you how lucky I feel for having you. Even if I tried looking up thousands of romance novels I wouldn't be able to tell you how much I love you"

"Then don't. You're not the only one with those feelings you know. I love you Josh."

He kissed me again and cuddled up to me. He whispered a weak `I love you too' in my ear and we both drifted off to sleep again. We knew we would be together, forever. COME WHAT MAY!!! (Its a hint)

NOT The End

Hi again,

Sorry if it felt like the end was hurried in. Since I lost my connection things have been going to hell. This is not the end btw, Daemon will be coming back in a new story as the lead with Josh and Joe as well. Hopefully, the story will defy anything and everything that you thought about Daemon. 

Also, expect quite some delay with 'Him' 'cause things with 'A' have been quite hectic, and am not sure as to when will he give me a break to go back to writing. But, as promised I will be writing more. The new Daemon story will take more time to post 'cause well I haven't started putting it down on (digital) paper yet. 

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I entered my room after an utterly disastrous day. Joey has already found someone and I'm dead sure this is not going to make my job any easier. I looked up at my window and slowly watched it morph into a giant screen. Prodius was already staring back at me with an anxious face. 

"Daemon, did you get him?" he asked me 

"He's already found someone. I'm late...the search took longer than I expected." I said

"You are one of our best salvuses. You disappoint me...do you know why we chose you?"

"I'm one of the few only gay salvuses there are. I'm good-looking and single...and so is Joey."

"Good point...but also because you're one of the best and we need Joey. Get him...or kill him."

The screen faded and I found myself staring out the window at a brilliant sunset. 'Kill him..." the sound resonated in my mind. I'd been looking over Joe for the past decade since I tuned in. Killing him...is that something I'm capable of?