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Chapter 8

"Who was he? What just happened? And what's the matter?" I asked
"One at a time please...I've got enough to deal with already."
"Alright...let's start with...who was he?"
"Remember my uncle? That's his son, he's basically my brother."
"Ah...now, what happened?"
"Sit down...Ok, I'm not out to my uncle yet. Kam overheard him discussing my marriage details with a friend's daughter. And he's coming over to tell me about it, tomorrow!"
"Where does he live anyway and how did Kam get here?"
"It's really not that far...you can catch a bus. And well he had to come tell me his fate depends on it."
"His fate?"
"See he's gay too. Thing is if I get through then he's gonna bust the closet as well."
"Ah!" that explained the wink, "So why don't you just tell him when he gets here tomorrow."
"Well, see that's the problem. He's a very religious man...he used to make 'fag' jokes, you know the nasty kind?"
"Another one huh?"
"I need your help here! Please you have to help me through this."
"Of course I will. Now, hide all the belts and get ready with double padding."

"Kidding! If he took you in he can't be that a bad person. You just have to give him a chance."

Ok, I accept that I wasn't the best person to ask on this topic. I never told anyone but I used magazines to come out. I put a "Gay-World" on the table and let them pick it up. Well back to the drawing board! The next few hours we started making up mental scripts for the whole 'coming out' event. Everything either ended in a sitcom or a horror. We even got close to a murder mystery but never a QAF. Josh and I finally made up a good speech and kept it.

"You think this will work. Maybe we should have a plan B or something?" Josh asked me.
"Plan B? Hmm, I'll just come over to you and French kiss you in front of him and bang! He knows..."
"This is serious Joe!"
"Who was joking?" I pulled him up by the arms, "Come on off to bed. I'm sure everything will just go as planned, don't worry. Now, get in bed...you have to look good for your show, don't you?"

He gave me an awkward look as if saying, "What the..." We both went to bed. Needless to say we now sleep in the same bed. I hugged him to sleep and soon we were in dreamland. Ok, maybe just me. He kept squirming a lot in his sleep; he was probably in 'gay nightmare-land.' Morning came pretty soon and very panicky too. Josh was shaking me in bed trying to get me up.

"Joe! Get up he's gonna be here anytime now."
"So? You're in bed with me! Up...now!"
"If he sees this you won't have to use that speech."
"Funny! Come on get up...now!"

The whole morning was a rush though that wasn't as bad as the nervousness in the air. Amazingly, we spent the whole morning and part of the noon just waiting. Kam didn't tell us when he was going to come, if at all he was. And just as we were losing hop he doorbell rang. I went up to the door and opened it. A 40ish guy and Kam were standing at the door. Josh soon came up behind me and welcomed them both in.

"Ah Josh it's been quite a while since I saw you though it seems just like yesterday when you last left."
"Yea Dad, it seems just like yesterday since I saw you, Josh." He gave us that wink again.
"Uh please sit. Umm, this is my..." Josh said looking at me, "my neighbor, friend...Joe-e, Joey. He hangs out with me sometimes."
"Hi" I said as Kam gave Josh a 'tell him now' look.
"Why don't we all go out for lunch?" Just suggested, "Wanna come Joe?"
"Hmm I don't know if my MOM would allow it. Umm, ok, sure!"
"Ok then. Lets go."

We did go out for lunch but we basically spent the whole day out. I think I got what Josh was trying to do. He planned on distracting his uncle from the main reason that he was really there for. I think maybe his uncle did too because he avoided all further plans and suggested we all went home. When we finally did get home his uncle didn't waste much time in getting to the point.

"Josh I've been thinking and well, remember Jessica?"
"Yeah I do...but..."
"Well she said that she really likes you and I think you like her too..."
"I do like her but I..."
"If you like her then I really this is going to work. You really should marry her. I mean you're both perfect for each other. And she's beautiful too..."
"Well that's kind of what wanted to talk to you about. See I am not really...I mean I'm... it's just that I'm"
"Josh son, you're not making sense. What is it that you want to say?"
"Do you remember that time when you...I mean when I...Oh Shit!" 
"Are you okay Josh"
"I am...but..." Josh looked me with pleading eyes and said, "Go to plan B"
"What?" Did he just say Plan B...I didn't know what to do.
"Do it Joe...please."

I was sitting right beside Josh. I didn't know my own joke would turn on me. I looked at his uncle and then at Josh closed my eyes and leaned in. The next few seconds seemed to have not existed at all because when we broke the kiss...Kam was gaping like he just saw a ghost and his dad...oh we were still trying to make sure if he was alive when we were satisfied that he was, Josh took the plunge.

"I'm gay"
"I think I got that part 15 seconds ago. Why didn't you just tell me?"
"I was scared that you might hate me."
"I will never hate you. You are like my own son Josh. I mean even if Kam was gay..."
"I think there's something that he wants to tell you" Josh's uncle looked over at Kam and he said it too.
"Dad, I'm gay too." 
"Oh by the way...I'm gay too." I decided to join in too.
"Yeah Joey I think I got that when you were on my nephews face."
"Uncle, I also want you to know I'm in love with Joey." That was big...I didn't think he'd say that.
"As long as you're happy, Josh..."

It all ended in a giant bear hug. We enjoyed an amazing dinner though I think his uncle felt a bit uncomfortable...I mean it was a 3 against 1 situation. They all left after dinner and before leaving Kam asked for another Plan B performance, we gladly helped him out as his Dad pulled him out of the apartment laughing. I had never been happier and I could see so was Josh. 

Chapter 9

"Rise and shine pumpkin" It's already been 2 weeks since Josh came out and he just gets gayer everyday, or should I say happier.
"Pumpkin? Are we married already?"
"Get up...breakfast's ready. And really we should be out shopping. This whole coming out thing really had us forgetting and falling behind."
"Falling behind...for what?" I said but Josh was already out of the room.

Falling behind for what? Oh right Monday morning, college, damn. I went through my normal morning routine and got ready to go to college. I double-checked that I had everything but for some reason I kept feeling like I forgot something, but what? I was just heading out the door when...

"And where do you think you're going?"
"College...where am I supposed to be going?"
"Since when do you go to college on Christmas holidays or you just like college. Wait, you don't have a crush on the teacher do you?"
"Christmas is here already? Hmm, that was sudden..."
"Sudden? Honey are you okay...didn't you see any decorations around?"
"I guess I didn't cared enough to notice..."
"Is everything okay? Did I do something wrong?"
"Of course not! You're the best thing that's ever happened to me..."
"Then what is it?"
"Just that Christmas always reminds me of...never mind!" 
"...Your family?"
"Yeah, I've never spent a Christmas without them. It's ok Josh, you're all that I need, you're my only family now."
"Thanks Joe, I'm really sorry." He came over and hugged me.
"Thanks Josh. Josh why don't you go shopping without me, I don't feel very well. I'll do my shopping later, you go on ahead."
"Are you sure?"
"Dead sure...now go."

Josh left after a while and I was alone at home. I tried to distract myself by watching TV but every damn network had those 'feel good' family Christmas movies. I had no alternative but to brood it out and try not to ruin Josh's Christmas with my sodden life. Our Christmas tree arrived some hours after Josh left, I signed for it and had it placed in the living room. I decided to go out and do my shopping, I had to get Josh something really good. I left a note for Josh and went out. 

Luckily, I had already saved some money from my job before Josh made me stop working. I had enough to buy everyone I knew a present, but I could do so only for 2 persons. Josh and Bryan. But for some reason I bought presents for 'everyone', even my father. I guess it made me feel good that there might just be some hope and pigs may fly. I returned home with 2 bags full of presents. I knew it will be hard explaining all of this to Josh but when I returned home I found I didn't have to worry. Josh wasn't back yet. I found a place to hide the presents and sat down and relaxed till Josh got home.

"Hey, what took you so long?"
"Me, umm nothing just, uh just really hard for me to make up my mind over buying things."
"Oh, ok." 
"What's this note for?" he said as he found my note on the refrigerator. 
"Oh that, I left that when I went out to buy my presents if you came back."
"Oh, you went out...what did you get me?"
"Wouldn't you like to know? You'll just have to wait for Christmas morning." 
"Aww, can't I see them now?" he asked pouting. I loved that he still was a kid at heart (and a man in bed)
"No you can't...and don't even TRY to find them mister!"
"All right miss, I won't." he said darting out his tongue at me. 

We moved to the couch and watched a movie together. I think Josh knew how I felt because he passed over all the Christmas movies and finally found, 'Pretty Woman' we watched the movie sitting together. I slowly rested my head on his shoulder and tried to relax but Josh told me to take my head of his shoulders. When I asked him what's wrong he ordered me stand up and then pulled me directly into his lap. 

I sat down on the couch in between his legs, my head resting on his chest, his arms around my waist and his face nuzzled against the side of my head. It was probably the most comfortable position I've ever been in because I felt so relaxed that I didn't even finish seeing the movie and just dozed of right there in his arms. I soon woke up to a slight movement and found that Josh had me in his arms and carried me to bed. He tucked me in and then joined me in bed. He placed his arm around me and hugged me to sleep.

It was just 2 days before Christmas. We spent every moment together in those following days. Josh was busy shooting some ads a month back but he didn't tell me what they were about. We sat in front of the TV and watched the airing of his ads they were about Christmas. I felt so proud to see my...my...I didn't know what to call him since he so much more than a 'boyfriend' and I got jealous seeing some female model kissing him but it was okay because I knew how much he really loved me.

We decorated the tree together, which almost took the whole day since Josh tends to be a perfectionist at times. We decided that we weren't going to have or go to any sort of Christmas bash but instead spend the whole evening by ourselves and I loved the idea. There was nothing more I wanted than to be with him alone...or was there?

Christmas Day:

I had already sneaked out at midnight and put my present under the tree. I was hoping that Josh would like the present that I got for him. I got up in the morning expecting to find a Christmassy Josh but didn't see Josh at all. I looked around the apartment but didn't find him anywhere. I was really getting worried but had no idea what might've happened. I was just about to call him when the doorbell rang. I went over to the door and saw Josh standing there.

"Where the hell were you? You had me worried sick, do you..."

I was taken aback when my sister and mom came up from behind Josh. "Merry Christmas Joe" Josh said as he smiled at me. I lunged forward and gave both my mom and sister a giant hug. I was just about to give one to Josh too when I saw Dad there too. He suddenly broke down crying when Josh went over and hugged my dad. I was furious at Josh for doing this to me. I turned around and walked away when Josh came up to me and held me. He looked me in the eye and nodded at me. He invited my dad in and signaled me hear him out. My dad came in and stood in front of me. I thought he was going to say something but he just broke down again and hugged me. 

"Son, I'm so sorry. I...I shouldn't have...can you ever forgive your father. Joey I'm really sorry. I acted just like my father. I'm so sorry!"

Once I had sworn o myself that I was never going to forgive my father for the way he treated me but here I was looking into his tearful eyes, hugging him back.

"It's ok dad. It's ok."
"No it's NOT. I'm not worthy to be called your father. Please forgive me Joey."
"I forgive you Dad, I really do."

I didn't think I'd see the day but here it was. I was with a person who loved me more each day, my family and most importantly my dad who I thought I would never ever see again. I was crying again, only this time I'm the happiest man on earth. Jeez, I felt like I was in a soppy movie, again. My family stayed with us for the whole day. I knew I'd be slaving for Josh my whole life for giving me this Christmas. Before leaving my parents asked me to come back with them. As soon as these words escaped their mouths I could see Josh worried. He smiled at me...

"Joe, it's okay. Your family wants you back. You should go with them, really. I mean we'll still see each other, right?"
"Are you sure Josh? Are you sure you'll be okay."
"I'm not a baby Joe. I lived here alone before didn't I? Go on...it's fine."

I reached over and kissed Josh and this time I knew my Dad wouldn't freak out. I whispered good-bye to him and kissed him again. I got up to leave with my family. I turned around and looked at my family and we walked out the door. I took one last look at Josh but he wasn't facing me, I knew this was hard on him too. I looked at my family and walked out of the building.

Chapter 10

Josh's point of view:

He left...he just, left. Sure I'm glad that the love of my life is happy but...Josh! Get a hold of yourself. I have to look at the bright side of things, but without Joe...? I had done a good thing for Joey but instead of feeling proud for it I was already feeling sorry for myself. He barely stayed with me for over a month but it seems like we never were apart in the first place. He grows on you like skin, or even closer if that's possible. 

I had dated before, most of them even claimed they loved me, that is, till I found them in the shower with someone else but Joey, he was different. Hell, he was unique...I'm the luckiest man on earth to have found him. I wanted to keep him with me forever and even got him...Damn! I didn't give him my Christmas present. But would it even matter anymore. I had gotten him a ring...I know it was a bit presumptuous of me but I wanted to us to commit our lives to each other, at least mine to him. I wonder if he...my thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell. I cleared my eyes and went over to open the door. I opened the door to see...Joey! 

"What're you doing here?"
"Oh, I forgot something..."
"Oh! Don't worry, I'll bring your stuff to your house tomorrow."
"Ok then let me rephrase that, I forgot 'someone'."
"Would you mind if I moved in here, permanently?"
"I'd be an ass if I refused."
"Thanks Josh..."
"Oh no, no, thank YOU!"

With that Joey leapt right up at me and threw his arms around me. He kissed me like it's been years since he left. I guess this was my chance...it was now or never. I decided that I would propose to Joey tonight...once I find my courage. Ok, then here it goes...

"Joey, I forgot to give you your present." I said nervously
"No you didn't, you gave it me this morning. There's nothing more I want from you..." 
"Well, let's just say you accepting my present would make MY Christmas wish come true."
"O...K... Hey I forgot to give you yours too, you go get mine while I get yours." He said a bit nervously too

With that I went running into the kitchen while Joey went into the bedroom. I know, awkward place to hide a present but since I did most of the cooking, chances of him running into the surprise were less. I returned with my present and saw Joey standing there with an almost identically sized box. I went over to him and handed him my present while he did the same to me. We both anxiously opened our boxes and what I found really knocked me for a loop. He had gotten me he exact same ring that I got for him.

He opened his present and looked up at me. Firstly, we just stared at each other with an incredulous look on our faces but then broke out into a full laughter.

"I can't believe you got me this..." I said
"I can't believe you did!"
"Actually I was going to pro..."
"Propose? Me too...Oh God, I can't believe this."
"You can't believe it...I'm waiting for my alarm to ring and find myself still in my bed."
"You know what, just in case it does ring...do it now Josh." He pleaded

I didn't need to be told twice. I looked into his eyes and took his hand and went down on my knees. I just realized I hadn't prepared a damn proposition. I was afraid to even talk 'cause if I said anything stupid I'll ruin one of the best moments in both our lives. 

"Joey, that night when I saw you the first time you took my breath away. That night I only saw how beautiful your body was but when I first met you I realized how beautiful you are as a person. When we talked you showed me what a great friend means, when we first kissed you showed me what real love means, while you stayed with me you showed me a new world each day and made me a happier man each time you looked at me and smiled. Every time you held me I knew what being loved meant and every time I saw you I knew how to love. Everyday you opened up these feelings to me, ones I never knew even existed and today, I ask you to promise me to share these feelings with me forever...each day, each hour, each minute and each second of both our lives. Joey with this ring I commit my mind, body and soul...to you."

There! I said it. I looked in his eyes for any sort of reaction what so ever. I was scared that I might have messed up something but I knew I was safe when I saw that beautiful smile appear on his face. There couldn't have been a better reward for me other than that smile; at that moment that smile meant the universe to me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me back to my feet, he took his ring and stared at my finger. He looked alternately between my face and the ring a few times before speaking.

"Josh, I'm not good with words, I never was. I won't even try to say something because I'm scared that if I mess up I might ruin this and lose you forever and you're something I can't live without. I can't believe these things that you just said to me...probably because you make feel like the most important person in the world and I know for me that person is YOU. Every time I look at you I can't help but wonder what the hell was it that I did to deserve you, even now. And there's something I want you to know...I love you with everything that I have and more. You mean the world to me, no, that's not right, you ARE my world. And with this ring, I promise my endless love to you for eternity and beyond. I promise to be by your side whenever you need me. I promise to love you more each fleeting moment. I promise to be yours and yours alone. I love you."

"I love you too..." I added
"I'm sorry I couldn't put it as beautifully as you did..." he nervously said
"Oh but you did honey, you did!"

I looked at him as he leaned forward and held me, there were no inhibitions this time he knew I was his and so did I. We kissed and for some odd reason it felt like the first time, maybe in some way, it was. We both headed for our room, our lips still attached. He pushed his hand in from under my Tee and stroked my chest. He moved away from my lips down to my neck. I remembered the strip tease that I gave him some days ago, I knew he enjoyed it but there weren't going to be any games this time, we were going all the way. 

He finished on my neck and lifted his head and looked at me with a cute grin on his face. He moved his hand out of my shirt and pulled it off my body and threw it down. He placed his hand on my chest and pushed me back till I fell on the bed on my back. I had never seen Joey so turned on before and quite frankly I loved it. He kneeled down on top of me with his knees on either side of my groin. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt. I don't how he did this to me but every time he snapped open a button on his shirt my cock automatically twitched. He took his shirt completely off and threw it down. 

He crouched down with his hands on my shoulders and we came together in a kiss. The whole time his hands kept massaging my chest and abs. I definitely knew he was going to take me for the ride of my life and I sure wasn't going to just sit it out. I reached my hand down and started unbuckling his pants. He decided to help me out and did it for me. He lay down beside me and kicked them off. I saw my chance and removed my pants too and climbed on top of him this time. We were only in a pair of boxers right now with our cocks straining through the material begging for release. I leaned down and started on his nipples slightly biting them in between sucks and licks. The look of sheer pleasure on his face was the only thing I needed to continue and I was damn right going to continue.

I moved down leading a trail of kisses from his chest to his naval and then down to his bush. I kissed the head of his cock through the briefs and stuck my thumbs in the waistband and slowly pulled them down. The moment his cock was released it snapped back hitting his stomach with an audible thump and sprayed a generous amount of precum around. I wrapped my tongue around the head and looked at him for reactions. He looked down at me and gave me a sexy smile that turned me on even more, if that was possible. 

I deep throated him for sometime but when I knew he was going to climax I quickly stopped. I moved back up to kiss him and then grabbed him by the waist. I pulled him on top of me and kept moving my hands down his back. I grabbed his ass with both my hands and started caressing them. I swear he had the cutest butt I'd ever seen, with exception to Mel Gibson's of course. He looked at me with a sort of pensive and expectant look and asked me something that made me feel like I'd died and gone to heaven.

"Josh, I want to fell you inside me. I want you to make love to me."
"Are you sure about this? Have you done it before?"
"No, but it might as well be now and with you. Please Josh...Have you ever..."
"Once!" I said, "but never with someone I was so much in love with. Are you sure...?"
"I am, Josh, as sure as I'll ever be."

I quickly went into the bathroom and picked up a jar of KY. I'm so glad I picked it up right after I bought the ring, wishful thinking or whim whatever it was, thank god I did. I returned as quickly as I left. I had to open Joe up before I did anything, this was his first and I wanted him to remember it as one of best things he ever did. I kissed him and flipped him onto his back and admired those amazing globes of muscles. I coated some jelly on my finger and slightly pushed it in. After I checked if he was ok I started massaging his insides. After a couple of minutes I introduced another finger and then another till I thought he was loose enough. I had to say seeing him squirm in pleasure had it's bonuses.

I reached into my nightstand and grabbed a condom. I put it on slowly sliding it over my dick. I turned him over and put his shoulders over my shoulders. I wanted to see him smile while I did this. I placed the head of my cock on his hole and pushed in slowly. He let out a small sigh but I knew he wasn't in pain. I slowly slid in the rest of my cock into his ass inch by inch. Just when I was all the way in his cock released a lot of precum that's when I knew I had hit his spot. I slowly started pistoning my cock in and out of his ass. I couldn't believe I was doing this, he felt so damn good. I took hold of his cock and started slowly jerking him off. I leaned on top of him and started kissing him while still making love to him.

He was so damn awesome that within 2 minutes of entering him I exploded in the most amazing orgasm I've ever had and amazingly so did he. We came at exactly the same time and my cock shrunk and popped right out of him. We laid side-by-side, adrenaline still pumping through our veins. I held him and whispered my love to him, he smiled and we both fell asleep.

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