The story, "Envious of Extra Inches," may contain descriptions of sexual encounters and contact between consenting young people. Although my story is a work of fiction it is loosely based upon facts and experiences that my friends and I have discussed openly or personally experienced. Many of the facts are drawn from actual life experiences and life experiences of people that I care deeply about; therefore, specific names, places, times, and dates have been altered to protect all innocent parties. I'm a baby boomer who grew into maturity during the 1950s and 1960s. What a great time to be a kid and grow up in America. The first chapter contains almost five thousand words, but I think that it's worth the read. Maybe some readers can relate.


If you are not of legal age to read stories of this nature or you are offended by the subject matter contained herein do not read any further



Envious of Extra Inches



"Phil, you know you're drawin a lot of attention in the locker room," Donnie said.

"How's that?" Phil asked.

"I guess I should say your Wang is drawin the attention," Donnie replied.

"Why?" Phil questioned as the boys continued walking home from school.

"The size of the damn thing!" Donnie exclaimed, "There's been a buzz around school about the size of your schlong since the first day we dressed out and then showered after gym class."

"Do you think it's that big, that noticeable?" Phil questioned his friend.

"Come on, you mean you haven't noticed any change in size over the past few months?" Donnie asked.

"Yeah, but I thought all guy's dicks grew and developed soon or later after we hit puberty," Phil replied.

"Come on buddy, surely you've noticed that you've got a bigger dick than me, maybe the biggest fuckin dick in our gym class," Donnie said, somewhat annoyed by his friend's naivete.

That was a conversation between two best friends, high school students almost forty years ago. Donnie had been consumed with awe at the burgeoning size of his best friend's penis during the summer vacation months of 1969 and as the new semester at school began. You see, his best friend's hooded hound had developed into a sizeable schlong since their summer vacation began. Donnie began to notice his friend's crotch monster's growth over the summer vacation, and now the size of Phil schlong was more noticeable as they were around fifty or sixty other freshman and sophomores showering together after gym class and football practice.

The two boys had never been embarrassed when naked around each other or ashamed of showing their stuff. Neither of the two considered themselves small individuals in stature or penis size; however, over the past months Donnie had developed a serious case of penis envy when it came to his best friend's phallus. Over the past six months Phil's penis had developed into a much more noticeable piece of man meat that emerged from his dark forest floor; more so than other boys his age.

Once Phillip entered high school and started taking gym class the size of his flaccid penis was fast becoming the envy and gossip of the locker room as well as the school. In fact, there were bets being wagered on the exact size of the monster flaccid and when fully erect. Donnie refrained from engaging in any of the wagering as he had an unfair advantage -- he had seen it many times soft and hard.


Yes, Donnie and Phillip had seen each all boned up many times during their friendship; in fact, they, like many young boys, had compared, measured and jacked each other off since the fifth grade. Donnie and Phillip had been best friends since they were tykes. Their mothers had bathed them together while the women drank coffee and visited during the heat of summers; thus, they had seen each other naked many times during those early years and later on during prepubescent days. It was during these bathing sessions that the boys discovered each other's Achilles heel.


The boys succumbed to their weakness -- tactile pleasure. When it came to touching each other's penis during the bathing sessions nothing was more pleasurable for the two. They would squeal with delight as they touched and gently tugged on each other's hard little dickey. When they were caught by their mothers they would be chastised, but that never seemed to put the brakes on the mutual gratification the boys found touching each other's dicks. Of course, these sexual antics continued as the two grew into prepubescent boys and then sexually active teenagers. Both boys seemed to grow and develop equally during those years. Lately, however, their friendship had been somewhat strained as Donnie became more and more aware of the burgeoning size of Phillip's flaccid phallus, almost to a point of obsession with his pal's penis.


Because of the way their birthdays fell there was a grade difference between the two. The boys hadn't been around each other and other boys at school for a year. When Phillip entered high school the two teenagers took gym class at the same time as well as playing on the school's football team, so they had ample opportunity to view each other nude as did others in the locker room and showers as well as their occasional mutual masturbation meetings. The boys had always been competitive in all aspects of their lives, but now there appeared to be competition in the locker room too -- and Phil was winning hands down.

Although there was a little less than a year difference in the boy's ages and they were a grade apart in school, penis size had never been an issue between the two teens, until the current school year. However, as Phillip started his freshman year and the two began taking gym class together and playing school sports together, Donnie became more aware that Phillip's pecker had grown rapidly since the end of the eight grade. Phillip possessed the larger flaccid phallus of the two as well as many other boys in high school.


Phillip's flaccid fuck stick was currently better than twice the length of his best friend, and Donnie was becoming painfully envious of those extra inches. Since puberty set in both boys had been beset by raging hormones whereby their thought processes were constantly consumed with sex and spontaneous erections. The two always tried to best each other bragging about their sexual prowess as well as their sexual exploits and conquests; however, neither boy was getting any real sexual action except occasionally at the hand of the other.


With Phillip now in high school he was gaining a well-deserved locker room reputation as one of the larger swinging dicks on campus. Donnie was feeling somewhat inadequate and overshadowed by his younger best friend's fame and fortune in the dick department.

You see, it seems as though high school locker rooms are often times where reputations about one's sexual prowess are born and flourish. Boys more amply endowed attempt to intimidate their peers with the size of their cocks. Of course, these boys further attempt to enhance the size of their flaccid penis before strutting naked around the locker room and in the showers after physical education classes or team sports.


Before the more well-endowed boys swagger through the locker rooms they tend to fluff up their flaccid penis to a certain point, but not to the point of a full erection. Then they strut proudly around the locker room with their man meat swinging from side to side in plain view of others. However, for boys who could not control their erections and became fully erect while showering there was gossip about them being faggots. So, there was a fine line between an enhanced fullness of the flaccid penis and a fully erect one. On the other hand late bloomers, boys with smaller yet underdeveloped penises and less or no body hair in high school, many times faced another form of ridicule from peers.


Smaller endowed boys were often ostracized by their fellow students. Many times these boys were the butt of jokes and songs ridiculing their diminutive size. Neither Donnie nor Phillip had experienced any of this type razzing from other boys. Phillip was not intentionally show-offish because of his larger flaccid size, but Donnie considered it bigger than his average size penis as well as many of the other older boys in school.

Donnie was curious as to why Phillip, although almost a year younger, might be better endowed than him. He had always assumed that older meant bigger, but in this case that was not true. Phillip had entered puberty early at eleven; it also appeared that he had inherited family genes contributing to a larger than average size schlong. Donnie had accidentally seen Phil's father naked one day and got a real eye full. Phil's dad's uncut limp dick must have hung at least eight inches long soft. He had also seen his father naked on occasion; although his dad's penis was good size there was no comparison to Phil's dad's huge cock.


Donnie had only been blessed with genes that produced an average size penis much like his father's. Puberty for Donnie began at twelve. Both boys entered puberty within days of each other three summers earlier and confided in each other somewhat excitedly when each one found the first hair and first produced that whitish translucent sticky fluid which smelled similar to ammonia. But again it was Phillip who had the first signs of pubic hair and ejaculatory experience.

For a boy to bust his first nut is akin to a gold miner discovering his first gold nugget. The ability to ejaculate for the first time is a pivotal moment in a young boy's life and usually a moment that needs to be shared with another trusted friend or maybe a brother. The experience changes a boy's life forever. >From that point on in a boy's life his libido kicks into overdrive spurring rapid development of sexual organs, his voice changes, and he begins to gain height and muscle mass. This is the time in a boy's life when he goes through rapid emotional changes as well as physical changes. These are also the boastful years when young boys tend to brag to others about their sexual prowess.

The two teens not only bragged to each other, but to any of their peers who would listen to them about their sexual exploits and conquests. Of course, these sexual exploits and conquests were largely in the minds of the creators. Most teenage males fantasized more about having sexual intercourse with girlfriends rather than actually doing it; however, fantasies are something for boys to masturbate to, thus the tails of sexual conquests are born. So, many times the tails of sexual triumphs were more plentiful in the minds of creators than physical in nature, but it sure seems to teenage boy as if it's the real thing. Donnie and Phillip found themselves constantly fantasizing about having intercourse with different girl friends.

Although the two teens bragged to each other and their friends about their sexual scores neither teen had yet to achieve the actual act of sexual intercourse with a girl. Technically they were virgins. About the only thing the two had managed to accomplish on many occasions were a couple of rather red and swollen peckers from too much dry humping and masturbation. You see, masturbation and dry humping seemed to be the two favorite forms of sexual gratification and release among teenage boys of the day. Typically, teenage girls of the day, at least, in Donnie and Phillip's community didn't want to commit to sexual intercourse until they married. So, for boys of that era in that region of the country to cop a feel and engage in some serious titty play was considered a heavy sexual relationship.

Furthermore, most girls of that era didn't engage in masturbating a boy to completion, and oral sex had yet to catch on. So, if a boy managed to get a girl worked up and hot to trot he would cop a feel, playing stink finger. After some serious finger fucking the two lovers would usually dry hump until the boy reached orgasm -- about two minutes of dry humping. That was considered quite a sexual accomplishment for young teenagers back in the day. Thus, teenage boys at times would rub their penises raw from dry humping with their girl friends, and if they didn't get a nut they would beat the pig into submission after the two broke off their date. The next day they walked around like wounded warriors; however, if they scored with the middle finger they would make sure that their friends got a whiff of the victorious digit that had done the deed.

Boys would not wash the triumphant hand holding the digit that had breeched a girl's vagina. They would gather in groups before classes began on Monday to brag about their sexual conquest from the weekend. Then before the bell rang the victorious would pass the diddle digit that supposedly did the deed and still had the scent of the girl's snatch on it under the noses of envious friends. This ritual played out numerous times throughout the school year, and was one of the ways a guy built his reputation as a cockhound.


Of course, young teenage boys would greatly enhance stories of vaginal victories, sometimes to a point of unbelievablity. Enhancing the story was a way to assure one's reputation as a cockhound. Most red-blooded boys of the day aspired to be known as the biggest cockhound with the biggest cock in the hood; thus, the thing that enhanced a boy's reputation was the rumor mill circulating stories about the enormous size of his phallus, those who had it flaunted it and those who didn't hid it.


The younger freshman Phillip just weeks into his first year of high school was fast becoming somewhat of a legend at school as cockhound; whereas Donnie was just another average male face in the campus crowd. Phillip, although a year younger, appeared more mature for his age, so he blended well with older boys in high school and in the hood. In fact, due to his height and striking good looks Phillip stood out more in the crowd than Donnie, of late. Neither of the boys yet had a driver's license and they had given up their bicycles as somewhat of an embarrassment, so their social life was limited to friends who did have a license and car. Both boys were at a stage in their lives where they were experimenting with anything and everything, especially alcohol, pot, and sex.

The boys had discovered alcohol and pot a summer earlier; pot with the assistance of Phillip's older brother, and alcohol by way of the parental liquor cabinets. Phillip had developed a taste for vodka and Wink. Wink was a grapefruit-based soft drink produced by Canada Dry. Donnie preferred beer and Jack Daniels. Earlier, during summer vacation the two best buds had spent a private weekend together on a Saturday night sleep over. The boys had consumed alcohol and smoked some pot that Saturday night, thus all inhibitions had been cast away. With no one else present and all inhibitions thrown to the wind curiosity got the better of the two, so the boys decided it was time for something more serious than their usual mutual masturbation.


That Saturday night the two best friends would take sex between them to a new level. Sexual curiosity had gotten the best of Donnie and turned into one of those secret blood brother rituals that would change their lives forever. The two teens made a pact of secrecy before baring it all and then taking each other orally.


After their showers prior to getting ready for bed Donnie jumped on the bed in between Phil's splayed legs. As he sat there on the bed rocking back and forth on his heels Donnie admired Phil all boned up to the max. Of course, Donnie was hard and the inevitable measuring of man meat followed to see who was endowed with the biggest erect cock. Prior to that night they had measuring contests as well as contests to see who could shoot the most spooge, and who could shoot it the farthest. When it was all said and done Phillip won the erect measure off by a full inch. The boys equaled each other with amounts of semen shot and distance. Donnie knew Phillip had the larger flaccid penis of the two before that Saturday night, but he never expected that his best friend would best him with the bigger erect penis, thus he became more mesmerized than ever by its size.


Phillip topped out at exactly seven and half inches, whereas Donnie could barely muster up six and half inches of schlong. All in all very respectable size schlongs for two young teenagers; however, since the contest Donnie had been envious of Phillip's extra inch of erect penis length. On the other hand Phillip was green with envy over the larger circumcised cockhead of Donnie's dick. Both boys envied each other's hard cocks. As Donnie sat there eying Phillips cock he couldn't contain himself any longer. He wanted more than anything to take Phil's cock into his mouth and give him a blowjob.


Both boys had heard about BJs from friends, but to that point neither had approached the other about trying oral sex. They had satisfied their sexual desires by way of mutual masturbation. Donnie had fantasized for years about sucking Phil's cock, but never had the courage to approach his friend about engaging in the sport. That night Donnie had enough of a buzz to try just about anything. As he sat between Phil's legs holding his hard dick in his right hand he unceremoniously lowered his head to begin wolfing down the sheathed cock.


At first the uncircumcised cock was bitter and a little salty tasting. Phil's foreskin would not retract; it would only pull back uncovering about a third of the glans. Donnie wanted to see the glans of his best friend's cock; he wanted to lick the cockhead and suck on it like a lollipop. Phil had told Donnie before that not to try to pull the foreskin back further as that was painful, so they never tried to fully unsheat his cock. Phil lay back on the bed moaning and swooning with pleasure as Donnie worked on the first few inches of his hard cock. He tried to take all of it, but it was too long to take the full length of it. Within moments Phil felt as though he was on the verge of cumming. He gave his friend a courtesy warning to pull his mouth off his hard dick. Donnie removed his mouth but continued jacking it. Finally, Phil bucked his hips up as ropes of spooge shot from the opening in the glans.


Phil shot five good white ropes of semen. The rest dribbled and ran down the back of Donnie's closed fist as he continued pumping Phil's still plump penis. Eventually, Phil pushed Donnie's hand away. He had become too sensitive to let Donnie pump it any longer. Phil was lying back on the bed in a somewhat delirious state with post ejaculatory feelings swimming in his head. Donnie moved up to lie beside his friend and began playing with his nipples. After a short refractory period Phil asked his friend if he wanted to try sixty-nining.


The rest of that weekend was a sexual blur for the boys. The boys six-nined numerous times and during refractory periods they would drink alcohol and smoke the pot. Donnie was cognitive enough to realize that he had strong desires to fuck his best friend, but decided not to go that far with their relationship. Phil told Donnie over and over that weekend how much he enjoyed polishing the beautiful knob on his fuck stick.

Donnie did have a handsome cockhead. His dickhead was much larger in diameter than the shaft, especially the coronal band at base of the bell. The cockhead was the crowning jewel of Donnie's dick. The attractively sculpted pink cockhead was like the angel that should adorn the top of a Christmas tree. Donnie's dickhead flared back out from the tip wide into a deep crimson coronal band at the base of the bell. The bulbous cockhead appeared much like a beautiful pointed mushroom supported by a stout stem with visible blue veins running up and down the length of the stalk. Phil may have had the larger phallus of the two, but there was no doubt that Donnie had the more beautiful looking penis of the two.


Little did Donnie know that Phillip secretly longed for his cock to be cut. He wished he was circumcised so it would appear more like Donnie's marvelous looking manhood, but he knew he would never have the beautiful glans that Donnie had. Although, only six and half inches in erect length Donnie's dick was by far more beautiful than his best bud's bone. But still Donnie secretly wished for extra inches of length to equal his friend: erect and flaccid. He wondered how long Phil's cock might be if he was circumcised. To him it appeared that if the glans could be freed from the confines of the foreskin that Phil might well gain another inch or so of cock. That was just one of Donnie's curiosities when it came to sex and the human body.

Both boys' sexual curiosity had been sparked years earlier when they began pubescent development and was now peaking during those teenage high school years. Donnie found himself constantly fantasizing about sex, and even dreaming about experimenting sexually with his best friend more and more. That dream had come to fruition that Saturday night. Although nothing sexual had transpired since that initial sixty-nine weekend, many times Donnie would daydream and then fall asleep at night thinking about sucking and cornholing his best friend and in return Phillip would suck and fuck him.

Unknown to Donnie, since the measure off and sixty-nine session a few weeks earlier, Phillip had secretly been beset by a desire to take Donnie's bulbous red cockhead into his mouth and then finish it off much like a tasty cherry Popsicle, swallowing Donnie's juice. Phillip and Donnie both had spent far too much time since that weekend individually speculating as what it would be like to experiment further doing different sexual activities with each other.

Phillip yearned to know what a circumcised penis would be like and also was curious about the taste of semen. Neither one of the boys had yet ventured that far too even taste their own spooge. There were certain taboos and fears associated with sex, even during masturbation, and tasting cum was one of those taboos. To taste spooge or kiss another boy on the lips were considered a big time no-no among boys. Of course, there were all the negative connotations associated with men and women engaging in oral and anal sex with each other. These doings were considered kind of gross, faggoty, and perverted among most teenage boys of the day.

You see, the mental images teens conjured up of one boy sucking another boy's dick, or going down on a girl's vagina, an organ from which one urinated, or of a boy penetrating another boy or girl's asshole, an orifice from which one took a shit, made most teenagers shudder in utter disgust. Plus there were the offensive odors associated with oral and anal sex, not to mention the humiliation if one was caught engaging in those activities.


The boy's fears stemmed from all the fag stories circulating around school as well as the horrible homo stories they had heard from their older brothers and their friends about guys who engaged in oral and anal sex with each other. These guys were labeled as fags, fairies, perverts, or queers, and thereby ostracized by the straight crowds. So, no All American red-blooded boy of that era wanted to be labeled as a fag or homo, but it was an era of new found freedoms and experimentations.

The time was the turbulent era of the sixties; the antiwar and counterculture revolution decade of the sixties was fast coming to an end as were the carefree days of the two boy's youth. The Vietnam War had reached critical mass. In April 1969, U.S. troop levels in Vietnam peaked at over half million with more than 33,000 young men killed in the most unpopular war in American history. Richard Nixon had been sworn into office as the 37th president of the United States, and the Paris Peace Talks were under way. By mid summer Neil Armstrong would become the first human to walk on the moon's surface. Yes, America was on the brink of a new decade, and as Phillip's older brother was fond of saying, "The country is in a deep cesspool of doo doo." That was Phillip's brother's favorite saying since he had started attending college two years earlier, becoming somewhat of an activist and antiwar philosopher.

Phillip's older brother attended college on a draft deferment while Donnie's older brother was part of the unpopular war machine fighting as an infantryman with the 101st Airborne in the jungles of South Vietnam. The two families had been extremely close neighbors over the years and the boy's best of friends. Of course, for Phillip and Donnie growing up during the sixties came with secrets and baggage; it was a time that tore families and friends apart as well as a time of free thinking and potent pot. Even though one family supported the war, because their son was involved in it, and the other did not, both families continued to put on a cohesive front for the sake of their children. The two teenagers continued doing everything together even though they were a grade apart in school and there was almost a year's difference in their ages.

For quite a while Donnie had been having secret sexual desires about experimenting with anal sex. He had been finger fucking himself of a night while he jacked off or while jerking off in the shower of a morning. He had also used a candle with a condom covering it on occasion. He had found that like his nipples his asshole was super sensitive. He had also found that certain spot inside his anal cavity, where if not careful, could cause real premature ejaculation if touched in a certain way. Cornholing was high on his list of sexual adventures that he wanted to explore. In fact, he had been researching how best to do it and what might be needed to engage in anal sex with another boy or a girl for that matter.

Donnie would steal away to the library whenever possible attempting to find books on the subject, but this type book was very limited in the area where he lived. The books he had found did not go into much detail. Finally, Donnie found a well-illustrated book on the subject of gay male sex at a bookstore a few weeks earlier while visiting his uncle in San Francisco. He had been visiting his uncle while on spring break and ventured into a gay adult book store where he found the book. The book was well-illustrated and very descriptive on the ins and outs of gay male sex.

The older teen spent his entire two months allowance to purchase the book and then secretly packed it away deeply in his suit case to make sure it would not be discovered before he could get it home to covertly read it in detail. After Donnie returned home he spent many nights secretly pouring over the book using a flashlight to illuminate the pages while he read; all the while keeping it well hidden from his parent's prying eyes.

After Donnie read through the chapters and studied the illustrations he would masturbate to fruition fantasizing about him and Phillip cornholing each other. Donnie had not even told his best friend about the book, because he wasn't sure how Phillip would react. But that was about to change. Donnie had decided to take a chance and introduce the book to Phillip during the winter break sleep over they had planned.

Secretly, the two teens couldn't wait for that weekend; they would be left alone for three days and nights while their parents and younger siblings were off to Disney World together. They had a cache of pot and alcohol squirreled away for that special weekend and Donnie hoped that would pave the way for him to introduce the book to his best friend. Both families were taking the two girls from each family who celebrated birthdays two days apart to Disney World for a fun filled weekend. The boys didn't want to go, so they would be left behind. Besides, what self respecting teenager wanted to be seen with parents and younger siblings back then.

Only a few more days of school and they would be out for Christmas vacation, and hopefully a weekend sexual fun. Both boys settled into their respective bedrooms, slipping away into slumber thinking about what the weekend would hold for them.




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