The story, "Envious of Extra Inches," may contain descriptions of sexual encounters and contact between consenting young people. Although my story is a work of fiction it is loosely based upon facts and experiences that my friends and I have discussed openly or personally experienced. Many of the facts are drawn from actual life experiences and life experiences of people that I care deeply about; therefore, specific names, places, times, and dates have been altered to protect all innocent parties. I'm a baby boomer who grew into maturity during the 1950s and 1960s. What a great time to be a kid and grow up in America. The second chapter contains over three thousand words, but I think that it's worth the read. Maybe some readers can relate.


If you are not of legal age to read stories of this nature or you are offended by the subject matter contained herein do not read any further



Envious of Extra Inches


Chapter 2: Winter Break


Only a few more days of school before Donnie and Phil would be out for Christmas break, and hopefully a long weekend of sexual exploration and fun. The two teens couldn't wait for that four day weekend; they would be left alone for four days and nights while their parents and younger siblings were off visiting Disney World together. The boys had scored some pot and alcohol for that special occasion; it was hidden away in secret places in their respective homes.


Normally, because the boys participated in high school sports neither teen consumed alcohol or drugs; however, this was a special occasion for the boys. Donnie hoped that the alcohol and pot would loosen all inhibitions, paving the way for him to introduce the illustrated book about male on male sexual activities to his best friend. Then, hopefully, the two boys would get down to the serious business of more advanced sexual experimentation. As Donnie lay in bed drifting out to sleep his mind was filled with thoughts of seducing Phil and his friend giving him another blow job.


Donnie was also beset by feelings insecurity of late. He felt insecure about his sense of sexual identity. He was spending more time thinking about having sex with his best friend rather than pursuing girls. In fact, Donnie hadn't been on a date with a girl in months; he had lost interest in pursuing pussy. However, was not sixteen yet, didn't have a driver's license, or a car. He was at that point and time in a boys life when hormones were running wild. He was no longer considered a boy and not yet a man. In junior high school he had enjoyed something of big man on campus status, but as a sophomore in high school he was just another kid on campus.


Freshman and sophomore years are tough on teens, unless they excel at something or get noticed in some way. Donnie was a mediocre athlete and same status academically. He was what could be called an average looking teenager size wise. He wasn't a bully and didn't torment others. In fact, he had gained a reputation, no matter how big the other guys were, to come to the defense of those being ridiculed or picked on by the bullies. He had already had a couple of fights since he started high school and won both of them, so the bullies gave Donnie a wide berth. He knew instinctively that if his sexual feelings for boys ever surfaced and he were to be found out he would be in deep shit, so he didn't seek out other teenage boys at school to fool around with.


Phil was the one and only other boy that Donnie had done anything with sexually. Since the two teens had experimented earlier with oral sex Donnie had become enamored and consumed with the blow job. He felt there was nothing more sensuous than a BJ. The stimulating sensation of a warm wet mouth engulfing the head of his penis along with a tongue manipulating the super sensitive glans was a most unbelievable sensation he had ever experienced. There was no comparison between the sweet sensations a warm wet mouth versus the hand doing masturbation. Using one's hand to stimulate one's penis to fruition seemed so cold and mechanical to Donnie since he discovered oral sex.


To masturbate sensuously one had to use some type of lubricant to make the process feel more pleasing, even if the lubricant was just spit. Saliva was an okay lube in a pinch, but Donnie and Phil had found their mother's fragrant lotions to be much better lubricants. The two teens had tried a variety of different lotions and lubricants since they started seriously jerking off back in grade school. The early lubricants used by the duo were Crisco, olive oil, and on one occasion they used 30W motor oil. Of course, Ivory soap or shampoo were lubricants used while taking a bath or shower.


Of a night while Donnie lay in his bed fantasizing about sex; he would wet his fingers, first lightly rubbing his supersensitive nipples to erection, and then he wet his fingers again whereby he began rubbing the finger tips over the dome and around the coronal band of his cockhead while he dreamed about his best friend giving him a blowjob. Sometimes he would play with one nipple suing his wet finger tips while he used his other wet fingers to rub the head of his penis. But lately, Donnie had been inserting his saliva wet finger into his poopchute so he could fantasize about Phil fucking him.


Donnie had discovered that his asshole was supersensitive to touch. As he touched his asshole and fingered it he would get a warm tingly felling throughout his body. Donnie had everything laid out mentally as to how he would approach that task of cornholing if and when he ever got Phil in a position to butt fuck him. He had memorized the basic steps to painless anal sex from the book he bought earlier in the year. Donnie knew from reading the book that both parties needed to be clean, especially the receiver's rectal cavity, inside and out.


There needed to be a lot of foreplay to relax prior to penetration, including a rim job if possible. Then there was introduction of the lubricant into the asshole to begin finger fucking thus expanding the anal opening. Once the anus was expanded and relaxed the receiver was ready to perform the next thing on the list: roll a condom on one's partner penis. According to the book this was an important part of foreplay if performed correctly.


The book stated that the best position for the beginner was to straddle his partner who would be lying on his back, and then slowly lower your well-lubricated ass onto your partner's erect, sheathed, well-lubricated penis. This position gave the beginner total control over entry; speed of entry, depth of entry and then speed of fucking after initial entry.


In his mind Donnie had visualized the process many times over. The fantasy of Phil fucking him had played many times during his nighttime dreams. He visualized that once the initial pain of complete entry subsided Donnie would lean forward giving his lover a soulful kiss. Then he would whisper into Phil's ear how hot and full his ass felt impaled on his friend's big dick. The two would kiss passionately as Donnie slowly raised and lowered his hips up and down to the point of disconnect, pumping the full length of Phil's hard cock in and out of his asshole. Donnie would try to maintain moderate speed pumping Phil's seven inches of cock in and out his asshole. Donnie wanted to the butt fucking experience to last as long as possible.


That night the fantasy played out in Donnie's mind as it had so many times previous while he continued finger fucking himself. He began to pant and sweat profusely as his finger tip grazed his prostate creating feelings of a pending orgasm. Suddenly, Donnie's dick exploded in a powerful orgasm. Thick ropes of whitish semen that had been stored up in his balls shot out the urethral opening of his penis. The spunk with an ammonia odor to it flew through the air, landing everywhere. There were pools of thick spooge all over the front of Donnie's body and in his hair.


He removed the finger from his asshole, sniffing it; it smelled of shit, a little repulsive. As his once robust dick began to wither his other hand explored the front of his body, scooping up semen with his finger. His finger found its way to his lips where Donnie hesitatingly tasted the gooey substance and found that it didn't taste bad. He continued scooping up more of the thick semen eagerly licking it from his fingers. He knew that night that the next time he gave Phil a blowjob he would suck all his man juice from his nuts, instead of jacking him to fruition.


Donnie didn't even bother to clean up after the night's erotic fantasy and self indulgent sexual exercise; he fell asleep almost immediately. The next morning he awoke to find that his sheets were stuck to parts of his body. He carefully pulled the sheets off, got out of bed and quietly walked to the bathroom. He knew from previous experiences once he got to the bathroom before taking a whiz he would have to pry open the piss slit at the tip of his dick; otherwise, the stream of urine might go in any direction except into the toilet bowel. Donnie peed and then stepped into the shower. Once the shower was over he got out and dried off. He brushed his teeth, combed his hair and went to his room to get dressed for school.


That day in his classes Donnie daydreamed about the previous night's experience. The day came and went as a big blur. Normally, Donnie would confide in his best friend about his fantasies, but not this one. The mere thought of such could well get him labeled a fag or queer by his best friend and peers. So, for the time being he would let the fantasy lay dormant; it would be his secret until he felt the time was right to discuss it with Phil.


The December days and weeks drug on as Donnie kept his secret buried inside as he waited for the last day of school prior to winter break. That day finally arrived and the two boys were excited about the fact that there was no more school until after the New Year as they walked home. As usual they stopped by the local drug store for a drink at the soda fountain.


Phil's older brother worked as a "soda jerk" at the local drug store; a part-time job in the afternoon while he attended the local college. Sometimes of things were slow so Bradley wouldn't charge them for the cherry cokes or frosted root beers they consumed. He welcomed the two as company while he cleaned and polished the soda fountain. Phil didn't do anything to piss his older brother off as he was the key to Phil scoring little baggies of cannabis. Cannabis was an illegal substance that neither of the boys wanted to get caught in possession of but enjoyed smoking on special occasions.


Bradley had given Phil two baggies for the upcoming four day sleepover at Donnie's house during winter break. The teens were excited about the pending four day weekend and all possibilities therein. There was much to do prior to the parents and siblings departing for Disney World. Finally, the Thursday came for both families to head to the airport. Both sets of parents cautioned the boys about not having any other boys or girls over to the house; to lock the doors when they left, turn out the lights when not needed, and in general be good citizens while they were gone.


With all that said and the final good-byes the boys were at last alone. No sooner had the families departed than Phil produced a pre-rolled joint. The boys went out back and sparked it up and then another whereby they proceeded to get buzzed. The smoking of pot and consumption of alcohol went on throughout the rest of the day. Finally, the two teens had a bad case of the munchies, so they ordered two large pizzas. Once the food arrived they settled down for some pizza and beer. After eating the conversation turned to sex.


Donnie asked Phil if he had ever done anything sexually with anyone other than him. Phil admitted that he and his brother had compared cock size and touched each other's cock a couple years earlier, but that was the extent of his experimentation.


"So, how big is your brother's dick?" Donnie asked.


"He measured in at eight inches long and six inches in diameter. One hell of a big dick," Phil said holding his hands about eight inches apart.


"Wow! That is a whopper," Donnie exclaimed.


"So, you ever seen your brother boned up?" Phil asked


"Yeah, one time. Just before he left for Vietnam I accidentally walked in on him and caught him jacking off," Donnie said.


"So, how big is he?" Phil asked.


"About the same size as me. Not huge like your brother," Donnie replied.


"Any other guys you've fooled around with?" Phil asked.


"My cousin in California. He and I jerked each other off," Donnie replied.


"So how big was he?" Phil asked.


"Smaller than me. He was five inches, but about as thick," Donnie said.


Hesitatingly, Donnie began to broach the subject about sex between the two. He wanted to feel his friend out to see if Phil had really enjoyed the sex the two had together earlier in the year. Phil confided that he had been having dreams and fantasies about the two of them doing it again. Donnie felt a sense of relief. He moved to his secret hiding place to retrieve the book. He got it and asked his friend to lie on the bed next to him so they might review the book.


The two kicked off their shoes and took their places on Donnie's bed. As the two teenage best friends continued paging through Donnie's book Phil's eyes got big. He seemed mesmerized by what he was reading and viewing finally saying, "Can guys really do that stuff to each other," pointing to the illustrations and photos of guys with rather large dicks engaging in anal intercourse.


"I guess. I've never done it, but would like to try. How `bout you?" Donnie asked.


"I don't know if I could take a dick up my ass," Phil replied.


"Would you like to try cornholing me?" Donnie asked.


"Yeah, I guess, but no one can ever find out about it," Phil said.


Donnie went onto explain to his friend about the recurring dreams and fantasies he was having about Phil fucking him. How he had been finger fucking himself for some time and the really erotic feelings he had enjoyed while fingering banging his ass. Phil related similar fantasies about oral sex; furthermore, admitted that he too had finger fucked himself, and wanted to experiment with kissing. Phil also asked about finger fucking while sucking each other off. The two lay on the bed exchanging fantasies. Donnie said, "If we do anything this weekend such as depicted in this book we'll have to swear a blood oath that we'll never tell anyone what happens here this weekend, `cause I don't want anything to leak out that'll get us busted as fags."


"My lips are sealed," Phil said, as he leaned in kissing his friend on the lips.


Donnie rolled over onto his back with Phil following on top of him. Donnie was somewhat taken aback by his friend's action; however, he accepted Phil's exploring tongue. The two friends continued to make out. Neither boy had kissed another boy sexually before, but making out with girls had set the stage for the make out session. In no time both boys were becoming hot, panting and thrashing around their arms and legs entwined in each other's arms. Finally, the two broke there passionate make out session. Donnie said, "Wow!"


Phil whispered into his friend's ear, "I want to suck your dick. I want to taste you when you cum too."


Donnie whispered back that he wanted his friend to fill his ass with his enormous cock and fuck him silly before the weekend was over. The two boys resumed kissing. They were still dressed in T-shirts, underwear, Levis and socks as they lay on the bed. Donnie told Phil that his nipples were super sensitive and got hard when he was sexually excited. He wanted Phil to rub them, so Phil began rubbing and tweaking Donnie's nipples through the fabric of the T-shirt. He licked and nibble on them through the fabric saying, "Sure enough them little tits get hard."


"Oh God, take my shirt off and suck on them and nibble on them," Donnie moaned.


Phil began removing Donnie's T-shirt. He pulled it over his friend's head and threw it across the room. He them unbuttoned Donnie's Levis, pushing them down over his ample buns. Finally, Phil pulled Donnie's underwear off releasing a robust cock that snapped back hitting his stomach. Phil removed his clothing too. Both boys were now totally nude except for their socks. Phil began licking and kissing Donnie's erect nipples; first one then the other. The nipples stood out hard from Donnie's chest appearing like two pink erasers on a number two pencil.


"Oh God that feels so good, don't stop," Donnie said, "You could probably make me cum just playing with or sucking on my nipples."


"They taste so sweet and full," Phil replied.


"Do your nipples get hard and sensitive?" Donnie asked.


"Naw, never noticed that they do," Phil replied, as he continued nibbling on the little pink tits.


"Don't bite down too hard," Donnie requested.


Phil finally ceased nibbling on the hard nipples slowly moving down Donnie's torso towards the pot of gold at the end of his treasure trail. Phil took Donnie's cock in his hand and lowered his head towards it, taking the circumcised cockhead into his mouth. Before he did he sniffed at his friend's dark bush. Then he took the cockhead into his mouth and began suckling it. As Phil's mouth and tongue worked on the pink cockhead as Donnie moaned and groaned with pleasure. Donnie tapped on Phil's buttock that was raised in the air, coaxing him to move around into a sixty-nine position so he could suck his friend's dick.


In the infamous sixty-nine position both boys continued to orally pleasure each other. They both knew that when the time came for ejaculation they would remain attached to each other's cocks, suckling all the man juice from their balls. It wasn't long before Donnie felt and explosive orgasm building. He pulled off his partner to give him a courtesy warning, "I'm about to cum."


Phil's head was buried in Donnie's crotch. As he continued bobbing up and down on Donnie's dick he was kneading his friend's buns, pulling him closer so he could get all of Donnie's tasty cock in his mouth. Up and down his head bobbed while Donnie groaned and moaned loudly, "I'm cummin, ah I'm cummin," as he exploded in his friend's mouth.


Phil continued sucking all the thick man juice he could. Donnie was trying to push him away as his cock was becoming sensitive. Phil pulled off his friend's withering dick whereby he began licking his friend's dick and balls cleaning up all the leftover cum. Donnie returned to his friend's dick and began nursing on it. After a few more minutes Phil began moaning and panting saying the he was about ready to cum. Phil exploded; Donnie drank all of his friend's juice. Once both boys ejaculated they turned facing each other on the bed whereby Donnie asked, "How did I taste?"


"A little bland, not too bad," Phil answered, "What about me?


"At first you are a little bitter and salty tasting, but your cum tasted good," Donnie said.


The two boys lay on the bed tracing their fingers over each other's body in silence. Niether knew what to say next, so they remained silent. Eventually both boys fell asleep holding each other after their explosive orgasms.







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