Eric Down Under
Chapter Ten: Beware of the Bitch

Eric yawned. It was Monday morning, first period, History class. Can there be anything more boring? Eric couldn't think of anything. And to make things worse, the teacher, Mr. Stubbart, held an endless monologue about... well, to be true, Eric didn't even know what he was talking about.

He looked around the other students and saw that most of them had similar expressions on their faces. Beside some swots in the first row who sat upright in their chairs and listened interested, most people just looked out of the window, scribbled on their pads or tried to make up for some sleep they had missed over the weekend.

Suddenly a small piece of paper landed on Eric's desk. One of those messages that went around in probably every high school class. He unfolded the paper and read the message. 'You are sooooooo cute Eric!' was written there, along with a big red heart and some kissing lips.

Eric immediately suspected Danny to be the writer, but Danny just looked out of the window with an absent mind. And besides, the message had come from the other side of the room. Eric carefully checked the other students to see if there were any signs of the author. And in fact, one of the girls looked in his direction and smiled.

As far as Eric remembered, her name was Sally. She was pretty cute, at least for a girl. Long fair hair, full pink lips and a beautiful smile. If Eric had been straight, he would have been very happy and honored because of her message. But he wasn't straight, and furthermore, he was already taken. Nevertheless, he wanted to keep up appearances, at least until he and Danny were ready to come out publicly. So he smiled back towards Sally and quickly looked back at the teacher.

It seemed to take hours until this torture class was finally over. But then, the students were suddenly awake again and hurried out of the class room. When Eric stood at his locker to get his stuff for the next hour, Sally slowly walked past him and 'accidentally' let her books fall. Of course Eric played 'German Gentleman' and bent down to pick them up.

He gave the books back to Sally and was rewarded with a seductive smile. This girl was really trying to give him the come-on, no doubt about it.

"Thank you, you are really a nice guy!" Sally whispered in Eric's ear and walked away, shaking her hips.

Eric shook his head and wanted to turn around to his locker again, but instead he looked in Danny's grinning face.

"Dude, looks like you already have some worshippers here!" Danny said. "But I should warn you, Sally is known as the slut of the school. Ok, she doesn't look bad, and she probably could have every guy she want. But that's the problem, she does want to have each and every guy."

"Don't worry, I'm not interested in her. Not at all. I already found my love!"

"Ah, how sweet, thanks for the compliment. But I'm sure Sally won't give up so fast, she wants to get in your pants. And by the way, me too! Here and now!"

Eric blushed and quickly looked around if anybody had heard Danny's comments. Fortunately, nobody had been close enough to hear it. Eric couldn't believe that Danny was flirting with him, here, among all those people. Danny really seemed to be horny, Eric just had to look in his eyes to see it. And the way he licked his lips now, plus that irresistible smile, didn't help Eric to stay cool. On the contrary.

"Danny, you're crazy! We cannot talk like that in school. Not yet. And unfortunately, we can't even kiss here, let alone have sex. I don't dare to think about what would happen if they caught us with our pants down. They'd expel us, they'd send me back to Germany, they'd..."

"Ah, shut up you coward!" Danny laughed. "Sometimes you just have to risk something. But hey, this is not really risky, believe me. Well, we still have some time before the next class starts. I think it's time to introduce you to the basement of this school!"

Danny grabbed Eric's arm and pulled the boy with him, giving him hardly enough time to close his locker. They went down the corridor, fought their way through the crowd of other students, and finally walked down the stairs to the basement. Now they stood in a dim corridor, walls and ceiling covered with mains and pipes.

"Well," Danny said, "this is the realm of Barley, the janitor. But don't worry, you will hardly ever meet him down here, he is not quite what we call a workaholic! C'mon, there's a comfy corner in the boiler room!"

Danny led Eric to the boiler room and opened the door with the key that lay on the door frame. Surprisingly, this room was not dark and uncomfortable like one expects a boiler room to be. In one corner, there lay some old but soft mats from the gym, a nice place for a little lover's hour.

Danny closed the door again and dragged Eric over to the mats. The two boys hugged tightly, and their lips joined for a long and passionate French kiss. Their tongues explored each other's mouth as if they had never done it before. Danny let his hands slide down Eric's back to his round cheeks and massaged them through the jeans.

Eric felt his cock grow big and hard, and he pushed his hips against Danny. He groaned in delight when he felt his own boner pressing against Danny's erection, and he forgot all his objections against this little school sex session. Who cared if they came a bit late to their next class. He didn't even remember what class they had next, his head was filled only with the desire for his boyfriend.

But nevertheless, he knew that they could not stay here for the whole morning, and thus he took the initiative and increased the pace. He pushed Danny down on the mats, unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. He pulled Danny's jeans and boxers down to his ankles, then he stripped down his own pants and underwear and jumped on the mats, diving between Danny's legs.

Every time Eric took Danny's lovely lollipop in his mouth, it felt better than ever. Greedily he sucked at the sensitive head and was rewarded with the first drips of delicious precum. Without interrupting his blowjob, Eric moved his body around, so Danny had something to lick at too.

Danny swallowed the whole six inches of his lover's hot boy meat and sucked hard and fast. At the same time, he licked at his own finger and then pushed it gently against Eric's tight hole. It went in easily and sent bolts of electricity through Eric's body, almost sending him over the edge at once.

But Eric could hold it back, and now he did the same with Danny. His finger ran through Danny's crack, and finally it entered with his full length. Danny groaned loud as he felt the sensation on his prostate, and this sensation even increased as a second finger went in.

Now Danny and Eric were a unit, they were one being of pure lust and passion and desire. They wanted each other, they needed each other, and above all they needed to cum so badly that it almost hurt. Then the pressure was to big, and Eric couldn't hold it back any longer. He whimpered as he felt a mighty orgasm rolling through his body like a thunder, and he filled Danny's mouth with his hot semen.

Danny tried his best not to let any drip escape, but it was too much. And the feeling of this hot juice in his mouth was too much as well, and so he let himself go. He arched his back, bent his spine and would have cried out loud if his mouth hadn't been filled with Eric's cock and cum. One seemingly endless stream of cum shot out of Danny's penis and down Eric's throat, almost making him gag.

Both boys kept on sucking until their cocks were already halfway soft, and they licked each other clean, trying to remove every sign of this little secret game. Then they kissed again, and Eric licked away the last few vestiges of cum from Danny's face.

"Wow, what a great interlude!" Danny said. "Sigh... but now let's get back to the slave mines!"

"I love you!" Eric whispered.

"I love you more!" Danny replied.

They quickly rearranged their clothes, checked each other for any signs which could arise suspicion, and finally left the boiler room again. Both boys smiled happily, but their hearts almost missed a beat when they bumped into two other persons. In the dim corridor, it took some seconds before they saw who it was. At last they realized that it were only Chris and Jazz, and they had the same looks on their faces. A mixture of pleasure and horror, joy and shock.

"What the hell are you doing down here?" Danny asked.

"Well, " Chris replied, "it's Jason's first day in this school, and I just wanted to show him everything! But what about you?"

"Hey, remember, I'm only here for one week now." Eric said. "There are still some places I don't know! At least now I know where the boiler room is!"

"Yeah, and I know the big distributor box!" Jazz giggled.

They all burst out laughing and hurried to get to their class. Of course they came some minutes too late, but fortunately Mr. Dooley, the French teacher, was a good-natured and humorous man.

"Ah, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Cafkas, Mr., er, Philips, if I remember correctly. I feel honored that you decided to join my classes. And Mr. ..."

"Bowers!" Jazz helped him.

"... Mr. Bowers, bienvenue and welcome. Now, would you like to learn some French?"

The four boys quickly sat down, but Chris couldn't resist to give a last comment.

"Well Mr. Dooley, to be honest, we were late because we had a private French lesson!"

Mr. Dooley looked a bit puzzled, but soon he got back to his grammar and vocabulary. Danny, Jazz and Eric looked a bit shocked because of Chris' comment, but obviously nobody else had understood the deeper meaning. Only Trish and Owen grinned knowingly.

During their lunch break, the friends sat together at their 'private' table in the cafeteria. They still laughed about Chris' comment earlier that day, and the guys grinned sheepishly when they looked back to their 'private French lesson' in the basement.

In another corner of the cafeteria, Sally sat with some other chicks and constantly stared at Eric. She liked that new kid, this blonde cutie from Germany. It would be a challenge for her to get him in her bed, but she was sure that she would get him soon. Sally knew that she looked good, and she knew how to use her female charm. She was young, but until today, she had got every guy she wanted.

Somehow Eric felt the stares in his back, and when he turned around, he saw that Sally was blinking at him. He carefully smiled back and thought about how he could keep her on distance without rousing the suspicion that he was not quite attracted by girls. Maybe he just should be nice, but definitely not too nice.

"So, what do we do this afternoon?" Chris asked. "Any plans or ideas?"

"Well, it's my aunt's birthday today, and I'll have to go over to her." Trish said. "So I won't be around, sorry."

"I fear I'll have to mow the lawn, my dad's been a pain in my neck about that for the last week." Owen said.

"And unfortunately, I have a date with my dentist!" Danny sighed. "Just a routine check, but I don't like it anyway. I hate it to have strange things in my mouth. Ok, not always, some things I like."

"Looks like you two dudes must have some fun without us today." Eric said. "I wanted to use this afternoon to write some letters to my friends in Germany."

"Well," Jazz smiled, "I think we'll find a way to enjoy ourselves alone! Right Chris?"

"Yeah, you can bet on that dude!" Chris replied and grinned broadly.

They chit-chatted for some more minutes, but as always, the lunch break was over too soon. Why do breaks always seem to be so short, and boring history classes like an eternity. This secret will probably never be revealed.

Jazz and Chris decided to ditch the last two hours and went to Jazz' house. Once again, his parents weren't at home, but this time, he had a key. The boys stormed in the kitchen and Jazz took two cokes out of the fridge, throwing one of them to Chris.

"You know, you have a very bad influence on me!" Jazz said. "It's my first day at this school, and I already ditched."

"Bad influence? ME? You must be kidding!" Chris said with a big grin on his face. "I'm an innocent and pure young man!"

"Innocent and pure?" Jazz almost spilled his coke all over the kitchen table. "YOU? Well, if you are really that innocent, I wonder what you will do now."

Jazz stepped on his chair and then on the table. Slowly he started to dance on the table, whistling a small melody and following his own rhythm. Very slowly, he unbuttoned his shirt, one button after another, revealing more and more of his hairless and well developed chest. He took the shirt off completely, swung it through the air and at last threw it over Chris' head.

Chris' smile grew bigger when Jazz massaged his own chest, played with his nipples and rubbed his belly. He felt that his own pants got too narrow, and he wanted to jump on the table, wanted to strip his new boyfriend down, and he wanted to take him right here on the table, right now, no matter if his parents could be home anytime.

But he was able to stay cool, and he pretended that this strip didn't interest him at all, let alone turn him on. Jazz continued to dance, and now he unbuckled his belt, opened the button of his jeans on slowly pulled the zipper down. There already was an impressive bulge in his boxers, and Chris almost started to drool when he saw the big wet spot on the front. Jazz turned around and presented his gorgeous butt to Chris, those small and firm cheeks that were still covered by some clothes. But not for long.

Inch by inch, Jazz pulled he jeans down, and finally he stepped out of them and threw them away. Now he was only wearing his socks and boxers, and those boxers didn't hide anything at all, above all not the six and a half inch rock hard boner. Jazz pushed his hips forward towards Chris, and Chris almost creamed his pants.

Now he couldn't hold back anymore. He jumped up and carefully pulled Jazz down until he lay on the kitchen table. For a long moment, they just looked in each other's eyes. Chris didn't know what he should kiss first, those pink lips, the hard and erect nipples or the precum covered cock. Finally he decided to start on the top. He angel kissed Jazz' forehead, his eyes, his nose, his neck.

Then he locked his lips with Jazz' for a passionate French kiss, and their tongues danced around together like they had never done anything else before. The kiss seemed to last for an eternity, but finally they were out of air and had to break the kiss to breath again. Chris continued his journey over Jazz' body, still placing angel kisses on every square inch.

He took special care of the cute little nipples, and he sucked each of them with such a passion that Jazz filled his pants with more precum. Chris' next target was the belly button, but the closer he got to the object of his true desire and horniness, the shorter got the kissing breaks.

Finally he reached his personal paradise for the moment. He grabbed the waist band of the boxers and yanked them down. This time he wanted to get the pure taste of Jazz' boyhood, without anything in between. And he didn't wait, but immediately swallowed the whole shaft until his nose touched the balls.

His tongue circled around the head, and every time he licked over the small piss slit, he was rewarded with another drip of precum. Jazz had closed his eyes, and he groaned and whimpered with pleasure and delight. Never before in his entire life he had felt such lust, combined with even more love. The emotions almost overwhelmed him, but he tried to control his body in order to make this special moment last as long as possible.

Jazz thrust his hips against Chris' face, and he fucked his face, steadily increasing the speed. And Chris sucked as hard as he could, because he wanted to swallow it all now. He wanted his mouth to be filled with Jazz' lovely juice.

Then it happened. Jazz opened his mouth for a cry, but only a whimper escaped. His balls felt like they were on fire, but it was a heavenly fire. He felt the heat collect at the base of his shaft, and like the liquid stone in a volcano, his cum shot out of his cock and down Chris' greedily waiting throat. He erupted seven big waves of cum and even some more smaller shots, before he was empty for the moment. Chris swallowed most of it, but he kept a bit in his mouth to feed his lover with it.

When they had cooled down a bit, they realized that Jazz' parents could come home anytime, and thus they quickly collected the scattered clothes, cleaned the table and rushed to Jazz' room for the second half-time. As soon as the door was closed, Chris stripped down his clothes and dragged Jazz on the mattress which served as his bed at the moment.

The air was filled with the scent of lust and passion. Hormones and adrenaline rushed through their veins. This was the power of young and unrestrained love.

Jazz rummaged in some boxes until he finally found what he had been looking for, a bottle of baby oil. He threw the bottle to Chris and looked into his eyes. No words were necessary, they both knew what would happen now.

Jazz went down on his hands and knees, and Chris knelt behind him. He opened the bottle and squeezed some of the cool oil on his hands. He rubbed it a bit to make it warm, and then he carefully massaged Jazz' cheeks, turning closer and closer to his waiting hole. Chris squeezed out more oil and made Jazz' crack slippery and wet, rubbing him like he was giving him some kind of massage. Well, actually it was an erotic massage.

Then Chris put some of the oil on his own cock, but he did not rub it in because he feared to cum at once. Instead he tenderly hugged Jazz from behind and maneuvered his hot rod to that lovely pink hole. When his head made contact, Jazz moaned with anticipated joy, and he grabbed his pillow tight, just in case it would hurt a bit.

But it didn't hurt. There was enough lubricant, and Chris was as careful as possible. He pushed only a little bit, but Jazz' waiting hole almost sucked his cock in. He had hardly moved and half of his cock was already inside Jazz. Both guys were surprised how easy it had gone.

Now Chris started to move in and out, trying to find a good rhythm that would give them the most possible joy. He leaned his body against Jazz to have his hands free for more caressing. With one hand, he stroked Jazz' smooth chest and belly, and with the other he wanked his once again rock hard cock with the same rhythm he fucked him.

Jazz pushed his butt back, and he called Chris' name again and again. This feeling of being filled with this symbol of love almost drove him crazy. Chris panted and increased his speed. He squeezed Jazz' balls, kissed his neck and whispered in his ears how much he loved him.

Finally they fell over the edge. Jazz felt how his insides were filled with hot semen, and this sensation plus the stimulation of his prostate overwhelmed him. His own orgasm built up, and he shot another big load of cum on his sheets. Two bodies became one, and they collapsed on the mattress, completely exhausted. None of them was able to move, until Chris pulled his now soft penis out.

The boys hugged tightly and just lay motionless for a while. They almost fell asleep, but fortunately they heard the car coming up the driveway. Quickly they dressed again, hid the cum stains on the sheets and started some video game.

When Jazz' parents came in, they sat on the floor like two innocent friends, playing a video game. Chris politely introduced himself, and Mr. and Mrs. Bowers were happy that their son had found a new good friend so soon. If they knew how deep their friendship really went!

Later that afternoon, Eric sat in the living room, MTV playing in the background, and wrote his letters. He had to rewrite them again and again, because he always was a bit too enthusiastic about Danny. Danny, his gorgeous sweetheart. Danny, this Australian angel. Danny, his first and only real love. Danny, the...

Eric's thoughts were roughly interrupted when the doorbell rang. Since he was home alone, he went to the door and opened it.

It was Sally, smiling her most seductive smile again, which would let any straight guy melt away in an instant. Well, Eric was not a straight guy, but he had to admit to himself that she looked hot. She wore a very tight, belly free top, obviously without a bra underneath, and some cut-off jeans that showed more than they hid.

"Hi Eric!" Sally whispered. "I was just passing and thought I should say hi!"

"Uh, yeah, hi Sally!"

"So did you already get accustomed to our nice little town here, or are you still homesick?"

"Homesick? No, I already feel like home here, with so many cool people around. But why don't you come in, or do you want to stand at the doorstep all day?"

"Actually I wanted to ask you if you like to come to the mall with me. Or do you have other plans?"

Eric thought for a moment about what he should do. He didn't want to rise false hopes in Sally, but on the other side, sitting home alone was quite boring. It sure wouldn't do any harm if he spent some time with Sally in the mall. Damn, they just would to go to a public place, not in her bed.

"Ok, that's fine with me." Eric said. "Just gimme some minutes to get changed, ok?"

"Sure, I'll wait. But don't let me wait too long, you look great just like you are!"

Eric blushed and quickly went to his room to change his clothes. Some minutes later, Sally and Eric walked down the street towards the center of the town where the mall was. Once again, Eric had to tell about himself and his life in Germany, why he had come here, what he thought about the school, the people, the country, and so on and so on.

Eric started to feel slightly uneasy when Sally's questions became more and more personal. She wanted to know if he had a girlfriend in Germany, or even already one in Australia. Eric tried to carefully change the subject of their conversation, and he was glad when they reached the mall and he could ask Sally about the shops and other stuff they could do here.

For a while, they walked through various stores and Sally looked for some clothes. She wanted to buy a new bikini and showed Eric some models to ask for his opinion. Finally she took one and went to the fitting room. Eric walked up and down while he waited for her, until Sally suddenly called him.

"Eric, could you please help me, I can't close the top!"

Eric hesitated for a moment, then he walked in the fitting room. The color of his face changed to a pale white and then to a deep red when he saw that Sally was only wearing the slip. She stood with her back to him, but of course he could see everything in the big mirror. Sally smiled sheepishly when she put on the top, and Eric hurried to close it with shaking fingers. Then she turned around and looked at Eric.

"Thank you Eric, that was very nice of you! Now what do you say, how does this thing look on me?"

"Uh, yeah, looks fine, I think." Eric stammered.

"Only fine?" Sally asked.

"Well, no, I mean, it looks great, really." Eric's face turned into an even deeper red.

"Ok, I'll take this one. Hey, now that we are here, maybe we should get you a pair of bathing shorts too!"

"Er, no, I don't need one, I have enough!"

"Too bad. Ok, I'll change again and pay for this one."

Sally started to undress again, and Eric hurried to get out of the fitting room. Some minutes later, she came out again and paid for her bikini. Far too much money for too less clothes, Eric thought. When they came out of the shop, none of them saw Danny who had just left the dentist's practice. He secretly followed them as they continued their tour through the mall.

"Hey Eric," Sally said, "what about having some ice-cream over there?"

"Yeah, why not." Eric replied. "And of course you are invited, sort of a reward for being my tourist guide today!"

"Aw, you're so sweet!" she said and grabbed his hand as they entered the ice-cream parlor.

Danny's smile froze on his face when he saw it from the distance.

Eric and Sally ordered their ice-cream, and while they waited, Sally never took her eyes from Eric. This guy had something that fascinated her, some aura that made him special. She couldn't yet say if he was just shy, of if he played hard to get, or if it was something more. Every other guy she knew would at least have tried to seize the opportunity in the fitting room. But Eric's behavior made her only more determined. She wanted that guy!

They ate their ice-cream in silence, but under the table, Sally's feet stroke Eric's legs. He felt more and more uneasy, and now he was sure that she did this all to somehow get in his pants. Maybe Danny had been right and Sally was just a slut. He deeply regretted that he had come with her, and he cursed himself for not being able to keep her on distance.

Eric ate faster now, and when they both had finished, he quickly paid and they went home. On the way he tried his best not to walk too close to Sally, but she always succeeded to catch a touch of his arm or hand on hers. An accidental observer would have thought to see a playing couple, and that was just what Danny had to think too.

When they arrived at the Jackson's doorstep, Eric thanked Sally for the nice afternoon and wanted to say good bye, but Sally didn't give up yet.

"Don't you want to offer me something to drink?" Sally asked. "It's quite hot today."

"Uh, yeah, sorry, come in!" Eric stammered.

He went to the kitchen to get some ice tea while Sally sat on the couch in the living room. Eric sat on a chair on the other side of the table to keep some distance, but after sipping at her tea, Sally came over to him and sat on the arm of the chair. Eric wanted to jump up, but he couldn't because Sally crawled on his lap.

"I want you Eric!" Sally said. "And don't tell me that you don't want me too!"

"Sally, please, I don't..."

He couldn't speak any further because Sally attacked his lips. Eric waved his hands and tried to stop Sally, but at that moment, the door opened and Danny stepped in. Sally sighed and got up.

"Ah Daniel, couldn't you have waited some more..."

"Get out of here Sally!" Danny said.

"Hey, don't you think you overreact a bit..."

"Shut up and fuck off you bitch!"

This time Sally understood. She felt the tension in the room and she hurried to leave the house. But her eyes said the she would be back. When the door was closed, Eric came over to Danny and lay his hand on Danny's shoulder.

"Phew, thank you buddy, you came in just in time, that crazy girl really wanted to..."

"Shut up and don't look for any weak excuses."

"What the hell do you mean?" Eric said, pretty shocked by Danny's harsh words. "We were in the mall together, ok, but you have to believe me that I don't want anything from Sally."

"I know what I saw in the mall, and I know what I saw here!" Danny said with tears filling his eyes. "You always told me that you love me, but you only wanted to have your fun. Now you found a girl and you drop me. YOU SCREWED ME!!!"

Danny turned around and ran away. Eric wanted to follow him, but he couldn't see anything, his tears blinded him.

So he only heard the door slam...
...the horn of the car...
...the screaming brakes...
...the impact...

Copyright 1999 by The Wolf