Eric Down Under
Chapter Eleven: The Power of Love

Danny ran out of the house, hurt, frustrated, angry at Eric, angry at himself. And above all angry at Sally. Sally, the slut who tried to steal his boyfriend. If only he could wring the neck of that bitch, he would teach her to stay away from Eric.

His tears had dried, but now his eyes were filled with anger and wrath. There she was, Sally, the boyfriend stealing vamp, only a few meters ahead of him. She didn't realize that he was on her heels. She didn't seem to realize anything at all around her. She was walking on the middle of the street, looking on the ground and talking to herself. And she didn't notice the car that was quickly coming close. Too fast in this residential area.

The driver honked, but Sally didn't react. Danny's rage had suddenly vanished, for he saw that the car would hit Sally unless she jumped from the street very soon. Danny started to run, he ran as fast as he could. Meanwhile the driver of the car had hit the brakes, and the screaming sound of the brakes and slight smell of burning rubber pushed Danny to run even faster.

Less than two minutes had passed since he left the house, and only a few seconds since he saw the car for the first time. But now everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Danny shouted at Sally, but she still didn't react. It looked like she was dreaming. Danny had a quick look at the car, and he could see the horror in the face of the driver and the white in his eyes. He looked back at Sally, locked his eyes at her back and mobilized all his strength.

He was only a few feet away from her now, but the hood of the car was very close too. Danny almost flew now, closed the gap, the last few feet, and then he had reached Sally. He pushed her hard in the back, caught her completely in surprise, and sent her on the ground, but off the street.

Now Danny wanted to jump into safety too, but it was too late, the car was too close already. Danny desperately tried to dive out of the car's way, and he almost succeeded... but only almost. The left side of the hood of the car hit the left leg of the boy. The headlight splintered and Danny rolled over the hood, hit the windshield and finally landed in the gutter. He tried to lift his head again, but then the world turned black.

When Eric heard the horn and the screaming tires, he stood rooted to the ground and prayed that nothing would happen. But when he heard the impact, he took to his heels and stormed out of the house. He quickly looked around and immediately saw the scene of the accident. He saw the consternated Sally and the shocked driver standing next to a figure that lay on the ground... Danny!

Fortunately, the driver calmed down soon and called the ambulance with his cell phone. Meanwhile Eric had reached Danny and knelt down next to his unconscious boyfriend. Tears filled his eyes again when he saw the blood in Danny's face. Carefully he held Danny's head and pressed it against his chest.

Sally still stood there, completely absent minded, not able to say a word. The driver of the car stammered and tried to explain how this could happen.

"That crazy girl walked on the middle of the street... I honked, I tried to brake... it went so fast, I couldn't avoid to..."

Eric didn't hear a word, he just prayed silently, prayed that Danny would be ok again, that he could explain everything to him. He couldn't stand the thought that Danny believed that he had cheated on him with Sally. Long minutes passed without a sign of the ambulance. Eric wiped the blood out of Danny's face with his shirt while the other man tried to take care of the apathetic Sally.

Finally the howling sound of the ambulance car was to be heard in the distance. The first aid men jumped out of the car and immediately looked after Danny. Eric was pushed aside, and he waited impatiently for a positive reaction from the guys. Obviously Danny's heartbeat and breathing were ok, but nevertheless he was supplied with oxygen and at last loaded into the ambulance car.

They took Sally with them too, because she had a major shock. Of course Eric wanted to stay with Danny, and after a short discussion, he was allowed to jump on the front seat as well. Only a few minutes later, the ambulance car arrived at the hospital. Danny was immediately carried to the emergency room, and Eric stayed at his side all the time until the head nurse told him to wait outside.

Eric didn't want to leave the room, but finally he followed the orders of the determined head nurse. He waited outside, walked up and down the hallway and asked every nurse or doctor who passed about Danny. But nobody could tell him anything, and so all he could do was wait, wait and wait. At least he thought about calling the rest of the family, and thus he looked for a public phone and called Stan at work to tell him what had happened. Stan promised to inform the rest of the family, and to come to the hospital as soon as possible.

Then he had to wait again, and the waiting was worse than everything else, even worse than the hospital smell. But finally the waiting was over. A doctor came out of the emergency room, and Eric ran over to him at once.

"How is he? Will he be ok again? Please tell me that it's nothing bad!" Eric almost grabbed the poor doctor by his collar.

"Calm down young man!" the doctor replied. "First of all, are you a relative? If not, I'm not allowed to tell you a word!"

"Danny is my boyf... I mean he's my brother! Please, tell me now, please!"

"Ok, ok, I will tell you. But you really should calm down, you are too young for a heart attack. All right, I can tell you that you don't have to worry about your brother. It looked worse than it was, he was really lucky. No broken bones, no internal injuries. He has a deep cut on the eyebrow, that is where all the blood came from. Furthermore a slight concussion, a sprained ankle and a twisted knee. Nothing serious, really! We want to keep him here overnight, just to be sure. If you want, you can go to him now, he should be awake."

"Thank you very much Sir, I'll go to him at once!" Eric sighed relieved. "One more question: what about Sally, the girl who was in the ambulance car as well?"

"Oh, she just had a shock. No surprise when you imagine that she almost was hit by that car. Her parents picked her up already! Ok, I gotta go, I have some more patients!" The doc smiled and vanished in another room.

Eric hurried up to get to Danny's room, but when he reached the door, he stopped. What if Danny didn't want to see him, what if he was still angry, what if he even thought that he, Eric, was responsible for the accident? What should he do, how should he react? Well, he would never find it out unless he entered the room.

He knocked carefully and opened the door without waiting for a reply. Danny was lying in his bed and looking out of the window. His head was bandaged, and he wore one of those hospital gowns. No blood was to be seen anymore, only some slight bruises on his head and arms. Slowly Eric stepped closer when Danny turned around to face him.

"Danny, I..." Eric started to speak.

"No, let me first, please!" Danny interrupted him. "I want to apologize for what I said this afternoon. I know that I don't own you, and I can understand that you want to have a straight relationship. I will not hold you back, and I wish you all the best. I want to thank you for the great time we had together. It was the best time of my life, even if it was only a short time. The last thing I could do for you was saving your new girlfriend. That's kind of a farewell present!"

"Danny, what are you talking about? You must have hit your head worse than the doc thought! No, keep your mouth shut, now it's your time to be quiet and listen! I don't want a straight relationship, because I am not straight! The only person I want to be with is you! Did you get me? Read my lips, I only want you! And if I couldn't have you anymore, I couldn't stand to stay here in Australia any longer. So if you don't want to be together with me anymore, tell me and I'll leave this country and your life at once!"

"But... but you and Sally... she was sitting on your lap... and you kissed her..."

"I did not kiss her, she kissed me. At least she tried to. She tried to turn me on all day long, but she didn't succeed. Ok, maybe it was a mistake to go with her to the mall, but I didn't want her to get suspicious. And I swear to you, I swear by my life, I did not cheat on you, and I did not try to cheat on you. Damned, I did not even think of cheating on you. Danny, I LOVE YOU!"

Eric's eyes filled with tears again, and he started sobbing. He feared that Danny couldn't believe him, or maybe didn't want to believe him. But Danny had finally realized that he had been wrong. He looked in Eric's eyes and saw that he had said the truth. He sat up in his bed, even if it hurt, and took Eric's hands.

"I love you too Eric. I love you more than life itself. I think that I just realized how much I really love you. Obviously I needed this hit on the head. Eric, I'm sorry for what I said and thought. Why don't we just forget it, ok? Let's start again, right at the beginning! C'mon, gimme a hug, but be gentle with me!"

Eric sat down on the bed and hugged his true love carefully but tightly. They kissed passionately, playing with their tongues, a kiss to seal their love again. Then they lay their heads on each other's shoulders and just held each other for a long while. They would have sat there for hours, arm in arm, not moving, not talking, but suddenly the door was opened and Stan and Mandy came in. They both looked very concerned, but when they realized that Danny was ok, they relaxed again.

Of course they wanted to know what had happened, and how bad Danny was injured. The boys told them about the accident and how Danny had been taken to the hospital. The didn't tell them about their quarrel though. They just told them that Eric had spent the day with Sally, that Danny had been on his way home when Sally came out of the Jackson's house and how he had saved her.

Stan and Mandy were proud on their son for risking his own life to help another person. They stayed for a while, but they felt that Danny and Eric wanted to be alone again. So they promised to call the rest of the clique to tell them what had happened and said good bye. Mandy kissed her son on the forehead, and Stan told Eric to call him when he wanted to come home, he would pick him up then. Eric agreed, and then they were alone again.

Eric sat back on the bed and started to stroke Danny's hair, at least the bit that was not covered by the bandage. He caressed his cheeks and rubbed his way down to the chest.

"Hey, you really can't be injured very badly." Eric said and grinned. "On the contrary, one of the most important parts of your body seems to be better than ever!"

Danny looked down at himself. This hospital gown and the thin blanket really didn't hide anything at all. There was an impressive mountain in the middle of the sheets. Eric looked under the blanket and his smile got even bigger.

"Dude, we have to do something!" Eric said. "You can't keep lying here with such a bulge. The nurse would be shocked for life if she came in now. But don't worry, I know what to do against it!"

"Eric, you can't do that here!" Danny said nervously. "What would you say if the nurse came in while you are, er, working at my tool?"

"That's easy!" Eric replied. "I would tell her that I'm studying urology, and that I'm taking a practical lesson here. But to be serious, you're right, it would be dangerous. Hey, wait a minute, I have an idea!"

Eric got up, took a chair and jammed it under the door handle. Nobody would be able to open the door from the outside now. Slowly he went back to the bed.

"Ok, at least we can't get caught in the act now anymore!" Eric said. "Sshh, don't say a word. Just lay back, close your eyes, relax and enjoy. I'll try to blow your pains away!"

Eric crawled under the blanket, following the so well known smell of Danny's private area. There was already a wet spot on the gown, but Eric didn't lose any time with it. He pulled the cloth aside and immediately swallowed Danny's throbbing cock. It tasted divine. Every time Eric sucked Danny's dick it felt better, and yet it felt like the first time. Greedily Eric licked away the sweet precum, and with his hands he played with Danny's hot balls.

Danny panted. His whole body still hurt from the impact, and the anodynes he had got didn't really help a lot. But Eric just gave him the best possible medicine. His body was flooded with lucky hormones and adrenaline, and the sensation of Eric's tongue made him forget everything.

Eric concentrated on the sensitive head. He nibbled at the foreskin and let his tongue dance on the head of Danny's rock hard cock. Danny oozed more and more precum, every drop bigger and sweeter than the others. Eric felt how his own pants got wet, but he knew that this wasn't the time and place for his own pleasure. This moment belonged only to Danny.

Eric tried his best to delay Danny's orgasm as long as possible, in order to make it as good for Danny as possible. But finally Danny crossed the line. He thrust his hips in the air when his balls contracted and pumped his precious cum through his shaft. Seven powerful shots of cum fired down Eric's throat, and he swallowed every single drop. Eric milked Danny's cock until he was completely empty. Only then he let his softening member slip out of his mouth and crawled out of the bed.

When Danny had caught his breath again, he signaled Eric to come closer. Eric smiled, and their lips locked for another long kiss. Danny's tongue darted in his boyfriend's mouth, and he tried to get some of his cum back.

Suddenly they heard laughter, followed by a knock at the door.

"Hey guys, when you finished your little game in there, would you please be so kind and open the door for us?"

More laughter and giggling was to be heard. Danny and Eric grinned. They had recognized Trish's voice outside the room. Eric quickly placed another kiss on Danny's lips before he took the chair away and opened the door. Still laughing, Trish and Owen stepped in.

When Owen had heard about Danny's accident, he had called Trish at her aunt's birthday and together they had hurried to come to the hospital to see their friend. Danny and Eric had to tell the whole story again, and this time they told everything about Sally and their quarrel and the accident. Trish and Owen were relieved that their friends had sorted things out again, and that they didn't break up because of a misunderstanding.

Too soon a nurse came in and told them to leave, for Danny needed to sleep now if he wanted to go home tomorrow. Trish and Owen said good bye, and Eric gave his lover a good night kiss. Then they left, and Eric called Stan who would pick them up soon.

Eric didn't sleep very well that night. He felt alone, he missed Danny. He missed his presence, the warmth of his body, his smell, his soft hands, his magic tongue... Finally he fell in a dreamless sleep.

Eric had to go to school alone the next morning. Of course he didn't want to go, he wanted to go to the hospital to be with Danny. But Mandy convinced him to go to school, and finally he agreed. Actually, he wouldn't be able to be together with Danny anyhow, for he probably had some final examinations this morning.

So he met with Trish and the boys at school, and tried to get through the day as good as possible. Of course time seemed to flow like sticky oil again. Every second seemed like an hour, and every period lasted for an eternity. Eric couldn't concentrate on his classes, his thoughts went over to Danny all the time, and he thought how he could surprise him this afternoon.

Then he had an idea, and he smiled when he imagined how it would be. Now that he had a plan in his head, time went back to its normal speed. During their lunch break, he talked about it with the others, and they loved the idea and promised to help him with the preparations.

The afternoon classes went over, and as soon as the bell rang, five teenagers stormed out of the high school building and ran to the mall to get everything they would need. Eric was happy to have such great friends, for he wouldn't have been able to do everything by himself.

About an hour later, they all arrived at the Jackson's house. Stan was already waiting for Eric. Danny was really allowed to go home again, and they would pick him up together. The others would stay here and make sure that everything would be prepared for their return.

When Stan and Eric came into Danny's room in the hospital, he was already dressed and ready to go. The doctor talked to Stan again and told him that everything would be ok, he didn't expect any problems with the healing. Danny had been really lucky because it hadn't been a frontal hit. His head and leg would probably hurt for a while, and he would have to walk on crutches for some days, but it could have been worse.

Eric helped Danny out of the hospital and into the car, and he sat next to him on the back seat. During the drive home, they didn't speak much. They just held hands and were happy that they were still alive and together. Stan smiled as he looked in the rear view mirror and saw the expressions on the boys faces. He swore to himself that he would always support them, no matter what other people should think, say or do.

After a short drive, they were at home. Eric helped Danny out of the car again and led him to the front door. There the first surprise waited for Danny. Over the door, there was a huge sign which said: 'WELCOME HOME DANNY-BOY!'.

"Aw, you guys are crazy!" Danny said. "I've only been away for one day, and you act as if it had been a year. But whatever, thank you very much!"

"Brother," Eric replied, "this one day was already too long for me. I never want to be separated from you again. I love you!"

"I love you too!" Danny said and placed a quick kiss on Eric's lips.

They opened the door, and immediately were greeted by the whole family as well as the clique.


Everybody hugged Danny and welcomed him home. Mandy had tears in her eyes, and Adam and Lin were glad that their brother had come back in one piece too. Owen, Chris and Jazz gave their friend a high five, and Trish hugged him tight with wet eyes. It was a very emotional moment.

But soon they all calmed down again, and Danny noticed that the house was prepared for a party. It really looked like at a little kid's birthday party. Balloons and confetti everywhere in the living room. Music was playing, and food and drinks were ready. Eric and Owen lifted Danny on their shoulders and carried him to a chair in the living room where he could sit like a king on his throne. Then the party could begin.

It got a very funny and happy afternoon. They all laughed a lot. Eric sat on the arm of Danny's chair all the time, always ready to get him something to eat or drink. And above all to be close to him. Eric still had to think about how close it was, how easily he could have lost his one and only real love. Every now and then he looked at Danny and gave him an angel kiss on the forehead, on the nose, on the cheek or one the eyes.

Danny enjoyed his party. All this told him that he had been wrong. But had he really thought that Eric and Sally... that they had started something. At the bottom of his heart, he had always been sure that Eric would never cheat on him. But his emotions had played a trick on him, and he had almost ruined everything. Maybe this accident had been a sign from somewhere above. At least the hit on his head had cleared his mind.

The party went on until the early evening. Then they started to clear up the house again and the friends got ready to go home. Danny would be excused from school for one more day, but the others would have to get up early and go to the slave mines. But before they went, Trish and Owen vanished upstairs for a moment. When they came back, Trish whispered something in Eric's ear. Eric smiled broadly, thanked her and kissed her on the cheek.

When they were all gone, Eric and Danny said good night and Eric led Danny up the stairs and into their room. When he opened the door, another surprise waited for Danny. The curtains were closed, but the room was lit by dozens of candles which made a romantic atmosphere. Soft rock ballads came out of the speaker. Danny was speechless. Tears shimmered in his eyes, and he had to gulp.

"I... I don't know... I don't know what to say!" Danny stammered.

"Then you should just be quiet and let me speak!" Eric said.

Eric looked deep in the eyes of his boyfriend, and then he went on his knees. Danny was shocked at first and wanted to drag him up again, but Eric just held Danny's hands and started to speak again.

"Daniel Jackson, I love you! I love you with my mind, I love you with my soul and above all I love you with my heart. Here and now I promise you that I will never knowingly hurt you, and that I will do everything I can to prevent you from pain. You are my soul mate, you are the part of my life that was missing until I met you. I will never leave you, and I will do my very best to make you happy every single day!"

Eric kissed Danny's hands and looked up to him. Danny was crying. He was so touched, he just couldn't hold the tears back. Slowly and carefully, Danny went down on his knees too. Again their eyes met and an invisible connection was made.

"Eric Philips, I love you too! I promise you that I will never ever distrust you again. I realized how strong our love really is, and I feel how it gets stronger with every heartbeat. I'm sorry for everything I said yesterday. Please forgive me!"

Instead of answering, Eric pressed his lips against Danny's. Their tongues met again, and when their tips touched, little bolts of electricity went through their bodies. They didn't want to break the kiss anymore, for it should seal the promises they made some seconds ago. But soon, passion overwhelmed them, and they wanted more than just kissing. So their lips parted again and Eric helped Danny up, leading him to the bed.

"I don't want you to do anything tonight!" Eric said. "Just lay down and enjoy! Let me show you how much I love you!"

Slowly Eric started to undress himself. He took off his shirt, jeans and socks, and finally he stood there only in his precum soaked underwear. Then he focused his attention to Danny's clothes. Tenderly he stripped his boyfriend down, taking care that he didn't hurt his injured head or leg. Soon Danny was completely naked, his rock hard member pointing up to the ceiling. Now Eric threw his last piece of cloth away as well, and with his boner dancing up and down in front of him, he crept on the bed.

"Close your eyes loverboy!" Eric said, and Danny did as he was told.

Eric approached Danny's waiting cock. At first he only puffed at the purple head, but his hot breath was enough to make Danny whimper with anticipated joy. Eric stuck out his tongue and touched the piss slit. Danny shivered. On the one side, he wanted more, wanted to feel his cock deep in Eric's hot and wet mouth. But on the other side, he enjoyed this slow treatment.

Now Eric gave him a bit more and let his tongue swirl around the head of Danny's cock. A new drip of precum waited for him after every round, but Eric didn't lick it away. Instead he let it slowly flow down the head and shaft, down into the fluff of pubic hair and to the balls. Only then he swallowed the precum covered balls and massaged them with his lips.

Danny moaned louder, he needed to cum very badly now, but Eric didn't allow him yet. He knew that every second Danny had to wait more would increase the pleasure. Thus he focused his attention to Danny's inner thighs, kissed them, licked them, sucked at them. He could feel that every muscle in Danny's body tensed, and he knew that Danny wouldn't be able to hold it back for long anymore.

Suddenly Eric swallowed Danny's cock again, swallowed it hard and fast, taking Danny in surprise. He pressed his lips around the shaft and created a vacuum, sucking all air out. Danny cried out silently when he felt that he had reached the ultimate edge. There was no way back anymore. His balls started to boil, and his hot cum shot through his shaft like a fireball.

Eric kept on sucking, and then his mouth was filled with the semen of his lover. He almost gagged because it was so much. He did his best to keep it all in his mouth, but the flow didn't seem to end. Cum dribbled out of Eric's mouth, but still he did not stop sucking. He did only stop when he felt that Danny's balls were empty for now, and when his dick got a bit softer again.

Smiling seductively, Eric crept up to Danny's head and shared his delicious juice with him. They mixed their salvia with the cum and enjoyed the taste. Finally Eric broke the kiss and smiled.

"Ready for the next round?" Eric asked.

"I'm always ready for another round with you!" Danny replied. "It's my time to please you now!"

"I told you that you are not allowed to do anything tonight! Your only job is to enjoy! And you will enjoy what comes next, trust me!"

Eric dived between Danny's legs again. Slowly he spread them to get better access to his gorgeous ass. Danny's pulsating pink hole lay directly in front of him. Eric's tongue darted out and touched the hole. Danny breathed sharply when he felt the gentle touch. Tenderly Eric licked around the hole and coated it with his salvia. Then he pushed hard forward and his tongue easily slid inside Danny. He let his tongue slip in and out, making Danny really slippery.

Then Eric knelt in front of Danny and lifted his legs on his shoulders. Inch by inch, Eric's rock hard cock approached the private entrance of his boyfriend. He collected some of the salvia in the crack on his head and positioned it at the hole. Eric looked at Danny again to make sure that he was ready. Danny just smiled and nodded.

Only a little bit of pressure was necessary and the head of Eric's cock vanished inside Danny's body. He stopped for a moment to let Danny get used to the feeling. Then he pushed a bit more, stopped again, pushed again until he was completely in. Oh, Danny's ass was so tight. Eric didn't move, and yet he felt like he could cum every second. But he held it back, and after a few seconds he moved with a slow but steady rhythm.

At the same time, he pumped Danny's cock which was hard again. He fucked and wanked Danny with the same rhythm, and soon both guys groaned and sweat like wild animals. Eric panted with every push. He pushed harder and faster and came closer and closer to the edge. He closed his eyes, and then it happened, Eric filled Danny's inside with his hot semen. This sensation in his body and around his prostate was too much for Danny. For the second time within a few moments he came to an orgasm.

Danny's cum splashed on his own chest and belly, and Eric collapsed on that puddle, completely exhausted. He did not pull his cock out of Danny at once, because he did not want that Danny felt suddenly empty. Thus he waited until he was soft and slipped out by himself.

Then he licked up all the cum at Danny's butt, chest and stomach before he cleaned his own body.

"Thank you Eric!" Danny whispered. "Thank you for everything. You were great! C'mon and kiss me!"

Eric didn't need to be asked twice. He lay close to Danny and held him tight, and their lips met again with passion. Finally Eric blew out all the candles and lay belly to back with Danny, his now soft dick touching Danny's cheeks. He stroke Danny's smooth chest and pulled him close to himself.

Both boys were very tired now, and soon they drifted into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Thus ends chapter eleven, this time without a cliffhanger. But that doesn't mean that there won't be more cliffhangers in the future ;)
I hope you liked what happened this time. Credits go to Gene aka Flipper aka S'Hawk for some ideas.
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