Eric Down Under
Chapter Twelve: Outback Shacks

The days passed and Danny's pains faded, as well as his bruises. Soon he could throw his crutches away, and he was as active as ever. There was only one small disadvantage. Danny had to go to school again! But hey, being in school with your friends is better than sitting home alone, bored to death.

One morning, Mr. Allen, their form master, had some interesting news for the class.

"Ok boys and girls, guess what! It's time for our annual outback week again! Most of you know what that means, but I think I should shortly explain it for our two new students. Every year, some weeks after the holidays, we spend one week in the outback. We live in shacks and do sort of boy scout stuff. Call it 'Back to nature', if you like. I can guarantee that you will like it, just ask your friends how much fun we have every time!"

Eric raised his eyebrow and looked at Danny, who put both thumbs up to show that it was true. Eric had never done any camping back home in Germany, but as long as he would be together with Danny, everything would be fun. Mr. Allen continued to give them more details about the trip, where they would go this year, what equipment they would get and so on. Then he started to put the groups together.

"As usually, there will be shacks for six persons, either six boys OR six girls, no mixed groups! At least not at night!"

General grumbling was the answer to this remark.

"Aw, c'mon, it's just one week! You'll survive it. Hey, just see it as a part of the survival training!"

Four guys had to smile about it, because they had no problems at all with a pure boy group. At least as long as they were together in one group.

"Now let's see who will team up." Mr. Allen said. "I know that it would be almost impossible to separate your clique, Daniel, Owen and Chris. I'm not tired of life, thus I won't even try to do it. And I guess that includes our two newcomers as well. But I fear that you will have to accept a sixth person. Your group will be completed by Jordan Evans."

"Jordan who? Never heard that name!" Chris said.

"Well, he's a year younger than you, thus he's one grade below." Mr. Allen explained. "I think you'll get along well, he's a good boy. At least that's what I've heard from the other teachers. I trust you that you won't let him feel like an outsider."

"Hmm, ok, we'll take him!" they agreed.

Mr. Allen made the other groups, and there was little surprise for one of the friends. Trish would share a shack with Sally Hicks, the girl who had tried to seduce Eric. Naturally, she wasn't really excited about it, but the other four girls were ok, so she didn't complain. And besides, maybe the shock of the accident had changed her, at least a bit.

The following days were mainly used to prepare the trip. The whole equipment which they would take with them had to be cleaned, sometimes repaired, and above all it had to be found in the doubtful order of Barley's basement. But surprisingly, almost every piece of the cooking gears, the fishing stuff, the lamps and so on emerged again. They distributed it to the different groups, packed it together and finally brought it to the airport where it would be loaded into some cross-country airplanes which should fly them in the outback.

Of course Danny and Eric, as well as the other couples, used every free second before their trip to be together alone, for they feared that they wouldn't have many opportunities to do it in the outback. They did not have sex every time. A gentle touch, a tight hug or just a look in the eyes were enough most time to show their love to each other. But of course they also had some wild hours of pure lust and unrestrained sex.

It was the same scenery as every time when teens go on a school trip. The airport was crowded with many different sorts of parents. Some cried because they would be separated from their kids for a whole long week. Others gave many good, but often pretty useless advice. And there were those who looked forward to a peaceful week without their brats.

It took some time before they could board the small airplanes, but finally the doors were closed and the fun could begin. Ready for take off! It was a hot sunny day, not a single cloud disturbed the view on the steel blue sky. Great weather for a flight. They could see for miles and miles to the horizon, and below was the awesome beauty of Australia.

Eric was silent. He just looked out of the small window and tried to absorb all impressions. He didn't even notice that he was holding Danny's hand. Danny had to smile. He knew how overwhelming the view was, and he was happy that his boyfriend already loved this country as much as he did. Tenderly he squeezed Eric's hand, and he had to try hard to resist the impulse to kiss him.

After a slightly bumpy flight they reached their destination. It almost looked like the set of 'Crocodile Dundee'. Some wooden shacks, a small lake, sort of a wood in one direction and the wide open country on the other side. Now only a tribe of Aborigines was missing to make it perfect.

They unloaded the planes and dragged all their stuff to the shacks. For the first time since the trip began, Jordan joined his shack-mates. He was a very cute boy, with long, almost golden hair and hazel eyes. He was slim, but not too meager. Eric caught himself by staring at this gorgeous heartthrob, and he would have continued staring at him unless Danny had put a hand on his shoulder.

"Now look at this cutie!" Danny whispered. "How comes that I've never noticed him in school so far? If he were a bit older, he could be a rival for you dude! I hope I can let my fingers away from him."

"Hey!" Eric said. "Don't even think of it! You're all mine! But on the other side you're right, he really is yummy!"

"Eh, hi, I'm Jordan. Looks like we'll be a team for the next week." Jordan said silently and smiled shyly.

He seemed to be nice, but maybe a bit too shy. He probably liked to stay in the background, that is why they never noticed him in school before. At least he was no jerk.

"Uh, yeah, hi buddy!" Eric said. "My name's Eric, and this is Danny. Here we have Owen, and that's Jason, but he prefers to be called Jazz. Oh, and that crazy guy over there is Chris. Welcome in our team, I think we will have fun together!"

They all shook hands with Jordan, and the warm welcome helped to transform his weak smile to a broad grin. Soon he talked to them like an old friend, and he looked in their faces instead on the ground.

There were three bunk beds in the shack, some closets and a table with some chairs around. Furthermore there was a small bathroom with a toilet and a shower, even with a hot water boiler. So at least the first one would be able to have a warm shower. But it was hot out there, so they probably wouldn't need much warm water, on the contrary.

They spread their stuff across the shack and everybody tried to get the best bed. Eric and Danny would share one bunk bed, Chris and Jazz the second and Owen and Jordan the third one. Surprisingly the beds were quite comfortable, not too hard, not too soft. But they squeaked, so it would be impossible to have some secret fun together without waking everybody up.

As soon as they had stowed the equipment, they went out again to prepare a nice campfire. But before they could light it, they got a long instruction from ranger Silvo about open fires in the outback and other important rules for the life out here. He was a cool guy, and he tried to scare them with tales about alligators, snakes and giant mosquitos. He would be around the whole week to help if help was needed.

Finally they could light the fire, and as the sun slowly vanished behind the horizon, the fire shed a very romantic atmosphere. Shadows danced around and the smell of grilled sausages filled the air. The ranger played on his guitar, and soon they all more or less sang some old Australian folk songs. Eric didn't know most of those songs, but he loved to listen to them with his shoulder leaned against his boyfriend.

When they had finished their meal, Danny seductively licked his lips, put his hand on Eric's knee and whispered: "Now I'm hungry for a German sausage! That would be just the right dessert!"

Eric swallowed the wrong way when he heard it and started to cough. He looked around, but beside a broadly grinning Jazz nobody had heard it. Danny slapped Eric on the back until he could breath again. He still licked his lips, and this was enough to let Eric's cock grow hard in his pants.

"What's up Eric?" Danny asked. "C'mon, you know that we won't get many opportunities out here. Let's go for a quick walk in the dark!"

"But won't they miss us? And what if there are wild beasts out there in the dark?" Eric said, horny but hesitating.

"Don't worry dude, there are no wild animals. And nobody will miss us! Look over there, the first people go to their shacks, so they will think we went there too. Don't be a frog!"

Danny grabbed Eric's arm and dragged him with himself, out of the light and into the shadows of the first trees. At once he embraced Eric and started to kiss him, long and wet. That was enough to make Eric forget everything around him, and he returned the kiss with the same intensity. Their tongues darted out and the tongue dance started again.

At the same time, Danny pulled down the zipper of Eric's jeans and rubbed his boner through the boxers. Eric groaned with pleasure and nibbled at Danny's lower lip. Danny had fumbled Eric's cock out of the boxers now, and slowly he stroked it with his soft hand, spreading the precum all over the shaft.

Eric dragged Danny down on the ground and hurried up to reveal Danny's hard-on as well. He couldn't see it very well in the dark, moonless night, but he could smell it. The well known scent of Danny's boyhood guided Eric's hungry mouth, and he swallowed it raw.

They could still hear the singing at the campfire, the laughter and the voices of the other kids. But the threat of being discovered was the ultimate kick, a thrill that really turned them on. Eric turned around to a 69 position and presented Danny his throbbing cock. Danny happily accepted the offer and let his tongue swirl around Eric's head and under the sensitive foreskin. Every time he licked over the slit he was rewarded with a fresh drip of sweet precum.

Danny shoved his hands under Eric's T-shirt and massaged his chest and twisted his nipples. Eric sucked at Danny's cock like a vacuum cleaner, long and hard. He squeezed Danny's buttocks, pulled them apart and pressed his index finger against the hot hole.

Both boys came closer and closer to the edge, and finally they crossed the bridge together. They filled each other's mouth with their hot salty cum, shot after shot, and neither of them stopped sucking before they were completely milked empty.

Their lips met for another long and passionate kiss, and they mixed their cum and salvia to a delicious cocktail. They almost got drunk by their own juice.

At last they broke their hug, rearranged their clothes and strolled back to their friends at the campfire. Of course their friends had noticed their absence, and they greeted them with suggestive gestures. Jordan was sitting there with them as well, but he looked a bit puzzled because he didn't quite understand the inside jokes. But he was either too polite or too shy to ask what was going on.

After a while, Mr. Allen and his female colleague sent the boys and girls back to their shacks. The next day would be packed with action. They would have to get up early and thus they should better go to sleep now.

Owen gave Trish a quick good night kiss as the teachers looked in another direction. Then the six boys walked to their shack and got ready for bed. One after another, they washed and brushed their teeth in the little bathroom. While Jordan was in there, Chris and Jazz quickly kissed good night, and Eric and Danny did the same.

Finally they all lay in their beds, but somehow they were in too high spirits to sleep. So they put out the gas lamp, took a flashlight and told some scary horror tales, like the one from the murderer with the hook or the other with the one-legged ripper. It was already after midnight when they decided to call it a day. They snuggled up in their blankets and slowly fell asleep.

Eric still lay awake for a while and looked up to the stars through the window. He heard the deep breathing of his friends as they slept peacefully. Well, one of the breathings was a bit faster. And there was yet another noise, the typical noise of a game under the blanket. Eric tried to find out who played that game, but whoever it was, he did it silently enough. It didn't take long and there was one long final breath, followed by a silent moan. The game was over, and obviously the player had won. Eric drifted into dreamscape.

The next morning began with a dipper that was struck against a pan. A big dipper and big pan. Right at the doorstep. A pretty harsh way to wake up. But Mr. Allen had no mercy with them, he kept on striking until they all had crawled out of their beds. With and evil grin on his face, the teacher left their shack again to attack the next group.

"There should be a law against such a treatment!" Chris complained. "You wanna know how I call that? Child abuse! My head is still humming!"

They quickly rushed through their morning toilet and got ready for a big breakfast. It was at the time Jordan was in the bathroom when Owen stumbled over a magazines that was lying on the floor. He skimmed through it and sighed.

"Ok guys, who brought this magazine along? Do you have to let it lie here openly? What if the wrong person finds it?" he asked.

"What are you talking about?" Danny asked.

"I'm talking about this magazine with all those, uh, hot pics of slightly dressed guys. C'mon, it must belong to one of you guys!"

"Nope! Not mine! Never seen it!" the four agreed.

"Well, if none of us brought this mag here, then it has to be Jordan's!" Eric said.

"But that would mean that..."

"...that Jordan likes boys!" Danny finished the thought. "So what? I don't have..."

At that moment, a loud sob reminded them that they were not alone anymore. They jumped around and saw Jordan. The boy stood in the open bathroom door, an expression of despair on his face, tears running down his cheeks. He leaned against the wall and slowly slid down on the floor, curled up to a little shaking ball and started to cry.

"Pl-l-lea-ease, don't hurt me now!" he said between his sobs. "Don't hate me, please. I'm in your hands now, you can ruin my life by telling everybody that I'm a fag. But please, don't..."

The rest of his words was lost in his whimpers. The friends could see that this boy was scared to death. He feared to be surrounded by a bunch of bloody homophobes who wanted to beat the shit out of him now. He couldn't know how lucky he was that he had come right in this group.

Eric sat down next to Jordan and put his arm around the crying boy. He pulled Jordan's head on his own chest and tried to calm him down.

"Sshh, it's ok dude! Nobody will hurt you here, I promise! And none of us will tell a living soul about your secret. On the contrary, we would like to share a secret with you too!"

"Yeah," Jazz said and sat down at the other side, "you are not alone buddy! Somehow sweet lady destiny brought you together with the right people."

"What do you mean?" Jordan asked, still sobbing.

"That means that you are not the only gay person in this shack!" Danny said and dragged Jordan on his feet.

"What? You wanna tell me that you are all gay? I cannot..."

"Well, not all!" Owen interrupted him.

"Yeah, just the four of us are gay, or at least bisexual." Chris said. "Well, five of us, welcome in the club. Only Owen is a bit strange, he likes girls!"

That little joke made them all laugh, and Jordan relaxed visibly. Eric wiped his tears away and gave him another tight hug. Jordan returned the hug, he felt that this was meant honestly, it was neither a fake nor a trick nor a dream. He had found some friends who understood him, friends who felt like he felt.

"Ok, now you should wash your face again dude, and then let's go out before they come to look for us!" Danny said.

Jordan went back in the bathroom while Eric had a closer look at the boy magazine. There were some pretty nice and hot pics in it. Eric was not surprised that Jordan had been so horny last night. He didn't doubt anymore that it had been Jordan whom he had heard.

"By the way, did you have a good one last night?" Eric asked when Jordan came back.

"Uh, I don't know what you mean." Jordan answered cautiously and blushed.

"Hehehe, c'mon, you don't have to be shy anymore, you are among friends now! I was not asleep, I heard everything!" Eric said with a sheepish grin.

"Hmm, yeah, then I have to admit it! I read a bit in that magazine, under the blanket with a tiny flashlight. Oh my, I can tell you, those boys turned me on, I just had to jerk off. I wanted to hide the mag in my bed, but obviously I did not quite succeed. Well, maybe I should say fortunately!"

"Yeah, you should! But you still did not answer my question!"

"Oops, you're right, sorry. Yes, it was a good one. A very good one!"

"That's all I wanted to know!" Eric said and grinned. "Now let's go!"

They left their shack and queued for breakfast. A supply airplane had brought fresh milk, rolls, jam and cold meat. Moreover there was hot fresh coffee and some orange juice. Soon they all munched, and at the same time they chit-chatted and joked and laughed. Jordan had not been that happy for a long time.

Ranger Silvo stepped on a soapbox and cleared his throat:
"Good morning boys and girls, I hope you had a good night out here in the very heart of mother nature! Now let's talk about our program for today. There will be an orientation hike! Every team will have a map and a compass, and you will have to find different places where there will be further instructions. On your way, you'll have to solve little puzzles and collect some special items. In the end, there will be a prize for the first team which returns here. Good luck!"

He stepped down from his soapbox and distributed the maps and compasses. Then he handed every team a piece of paper with the coordinates of their first destination. Owen took their instructions and came back to his friends.

"Hmm, let's see ... ok, we will have to go about one and a half mile to the southwest. Should be no problem to find that place. Let's waste no time!"

They took their backpacks with some supplies and headed for their first target. They did not run, but they made a good speed. It was another wonderful day, the sky was blue and cloudless, and it was warm, but not too hot yet. On their way, they told Jordan a lot about themselves and how they had discovered their feelings for each other. They tried to explain to the boy that there was nothing wrong with being gay, and that he did not have to be ashamed, let alone to feel guilty for his sexuality.

The more they talked, the more questions Jordan asked. He was really curious, and he even dared to ask some questions about sex, if they did it, how they did it, how often they did it and so on. Owen rolled his eyes and walked some steps ahead while the others afforded Jordan a little insight. Of course they did not tell everything, but it was enough to make the younger boy  blush.

Without problems they reached point one of their journey and immediately saw the next piece of paper pinned on a tree, along with the pennant they had to collect. They got new coordinates, found them on the map and continued their hike. This little competition was supposed to be fun for the students, thus the puzzles and problems were not too difficult. Some word plays told them where to find their pennants, and some simple mathematical problems encoded the new coordinates.

On the third stopover, a nice message waited for the boys: 'Find your lunch and have a break!' And indeed, there were some sandwiches and a bottle with ice tea hid behind a dead tree. Since they were not in a hurry and did not want to win at any price, they took some time to eat before walking on.

In the early afternoon, they collected their last pennant and got the order to return to the camp. They had covered about 15 miles as the wolf runs, and they looked forward to reach the finish line. Although they were not the first group which returned, they had made their way in a good time, and thus they had the rest of the afternoon off.

Well, there was no doubt about what to do with the free time. The lake looked just too inviting to be ignored. So they ran in their shack to put on their speedos or swim shorts. In no time, they all were naked. Jordan could not help but have some looks at the other boys, and he was checked out too. When they realized that they were looking at each other, they burst out laughing. Then they hurried up to get dressed and to jump in the water before their cocks decided to grow.

"So, who was the lame Ed, er, duck this time?" Chris asked. "Quack, quack?"

This remark resulted in another long laughter. When they had calmed down a bit, they played some water polo, occasionally dipped each other and did all the other stuff teens do in the water. From time to time, Eric and Danny shared some secret touches under the water. Chris and Jazz even went a bit further.

"Yo Chris," Jazz whispered, "how long do you think you can hold your breath?"

"Hmm, about two minutes, maybe longer, why do you ask?" Chris replied.

"Well, I think we should try who can hold it longer!" Jazz said. "I'll try it first!"

Jazz took a deep breath and dived down to Chris crotch. Quickly he pulled Chris' shorts down to his knees and swallowed his half hard piece of meat. Chris let out a surprised cry, but fortunately nobody cared about him. His cock grew to its full length at once, and he almost sank because he forgot to move his legs. Jazz did a good job, and when he surfaced again after about two minutes, Chris had already oozed a good amount of precum.

"Your turn dude!"

Chris grinned and dived. Half a second later Jazz' boner was out of his shorts and in Chris' hungry mouth. He nibbled at the soft foreskin while he kneaded Jazz' scrotum in his hands. The water gave Jazz' boyhood a slightly metallic taste, and this turned Chris on even more. He stayed almost three minutes under water before his burning lungs forced him to surface again.

At once Jazz was down again and continued his blowjob. He sucked hard and pressed his index finger against Chris' puckering hole. It went in without resistance, and Jazz massaged the prostate with tender strokes. Soon another finger joined the game, but before Chris reached his climax, Jazz went out of air again.

Now it was Chris' turn again, and he did a good job. He swallowed the whole shaft, licked back to the head and down to the base, again and again. Then without a warning, Jazz fired his hot load down the throat of his boyfriend. Chris swallowed it all, and even if he felt the need to surface, he kept on sucking until no more cum came out. Then he shot out of the water and gasped for air.

Soon he had to gasp again, because the combination of Jazz' soft lips around his head and his fingers in his ass were too much for him. He exploded in Jazz' mouth and fed him with gallons of his delicious boy cream. Jazz came up again, and after a quick look around, they hugged and kissed and shared Chris' cum.

For a while, they just stayed in this position, embracing each other, heads on each other's shoulder. They forgot everything around them, at least until they suddenly had to swallow water. Danny and Eric had been sneaking close to their hugging friends, and they had dived to pull them under water. This was the beginning of another round of the old dipping game.

One by one, the other groups arrived, and soon the lake filled with more boys and girls. All of a sudden, Owen felt a hand squeezing his buttocks. He spun around and was greeted with the seductive smile of his girlfriend Trish. At once he hugged her and welcomed her with a long kiss, full of love and passion. They did not care about the 'o-là-là' whistles which came from all sides, and they did not even care about the grim looks of their teachers.

Trish and Owen joined their friends, and Jordan and Trish were introduced to each other. Then they continued fooling around and  teamed up to dip other kids. It got really wild, especially when some super soakers appeared in the game. Every now and then, Owen and Trish swam a bit aside to share another kiss and gentle touch, until they finally decided to get out of the lake.

"C'mon baby, let's get out and look for something to eat. I'm starving!" Trish said.

"Uh, you can go, I'll follow in a minute!" Owen replied.

"Why can't we go together? Don't you want to be seen with me?"

"Of course I want to show everybody that we are together! But right now, my speedos are a bit too narrow, if you know what I mean. And I fear it won't get better as long as you are so close to me."

"Hahaha, oh boy, I take it as a compliment that my mere presence makes you that horny. Ok, I'll see you later!"

Trish breathed a last kiss on his lips, quickly squeezed his boner in his speedos, blinked and ran out of the lake and back to her shack. After some minutes, Owen had calmed down enough to follow.

Back in her shack, Trish found Sally sitting alone on the table and reading a magazine. They had hardly talked ten words so far on this trip, and Trish decided that it was a good time to talk now. She sat down on a chair and waited until Sally looked up to her.

"What are you doing here alone? Why aren't you out there with the others and have some fun?"

"I don't think that many of them want me to be around." Sally asked.

"Hmm, maybe that's true, but don't you think that's partly your own fault?"

"My fault? Is it my fault that I'm good looking and that the boys like me? I don't think so! They are just jealous!"

"Now you make me laugh! They shall be jealous because you change your boys more often than your underwear? C'mon, be serious! You should just be a bit nicer and a bit less arrogant, than you'd have more friends. Just try it, it's not that hard. You could make a first step by going to Danny and saying thank you."

"Why? He shouted at me because I had fun with that German boy. He was jealous because he could not have me. He threw me out of the house and made me so angry that I didn't see anything around me. It was his fault that I almost got killed!"

Trish could only shake her head. "You should beware that you never bite on your tongue. Your own poison would kill you!"

Sally was Sally, and she would probably never change. Trish gave up trying to be nice, it was not worth it. She just got up without any further word and went into the bathroom to step under the shower. When she came out again later, the other girls where there too, but Sally was still sitting on the same chair, reading her magazine. Trish didn't care anymore, she sat to the other girls and chatted with them.
Later she went out and joined her boyfriend and the other guys at the campfire, and once again they had much fun till the middle of the night.

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