Eric Down Under
Chapter Thirteen: New Love?

Since they all knew about each other now, life in the shack was much more easier. Danny and Eric could kiss each other in their shack whenever they wanted, and they did not have to hide their feelings while Jordan was around. Of course Chris and Jazz could do the same, and they did it. And Jordan did not have to read his boy magazines under the blanket anymore, but he could do it publicly without having to be ashamed. He had a whole bundle of those hot magazines in his bag, and beside Owen they all had much fun looking at all those cute, slightly dressed guys.

Later at night, Eric and Danny, as well as Jazz and Chris, could snuggle up together and cuddle in one bed, feeling the heat of the other body, feeling their hearts beating in unison, feeling their love. They only had to set their alarm clocks, so they could all get in their own beds before Mr. Allen came in to check if they were awake.

Jordan looked like a whole new person now. The shy boy who had looked on the ground most time and who had been insecure and ashamed about himself and his feelings had vanished. Instead there was a cheerful young boy now, always a smile on the face, laughing, joking and proud of himself. Even Trish had noticed this transformation, and when she asked him about it Jordan had told her about his secret without hesitating.

At the first moment, Trish had been shocked a bit because of Jordan's openness. Then she had thought that they wanted to fool her. But a look in Jordan's bright hazel eyes told her that it was not a joke but the truth. She felt a bit honored because the boy shared his secret with her, and she gave him a big hug and such a wet kiss that Jordan blushed and the others laughed their asses off.

The following days were packed with fun and action. They played many ball games, both in the lake and outside. Volleyball, football (that's soccer for some of you), rugby, water polo and so on. They sat at the campfire where ranger Silvo told them many stories about life in the outback, about the animals and the plants and the rocks and the Aborigines and so on. Even the teachers were kind of cool now. They didn't complain anymore when Trish and Owen, or one of the other few straight couples, were holding hands or kissing publicly.

Later at night in their shack, the boys had long and hot discussions about who were the cutest boys in school, who had the cutest ass or the nicest cock. They shared their experiences of showering with other boys ... cute boys ... naked cute boys, and what tricks they had to avoid popping a boner in the shower or the dressing room of the gym. You know, something like thinking of a nun or Roseanne or Michael Jackson.

Another nice side effect of the new openness was the fact that they could use the bathroom in couples. Ok, it was pretty small, not much bigger than a closet. They had to stand very close and there was no chance to avoid touching with arms, legs, butts or other parts of the body which were jutting out. But of course that was just what they liked the most about it.

Showering in the narrow shower was another little problem though. A real little adventure, just right for the 'survival camp'. They could hardly move, and if they both wanted to get some of the hot water from above, they had to snuggle up real close.

So did Danny and Eric when they stood under the shower, on their last evening in the outback, after a last long swim in the lake. They were first in the bathroom tonight,  thus the water was pretty hot. Almost as hot as the two boys who had done nothing more than a bit of sucking and licking and a lot of kissing for over one week now. And that's an eternity for two young and horny boys whose love and passion was stronger than ever. They both needed to show their love physically to each other.

Eric stood behind Danny, his chest firmly pressed against Danny's back. He was soaping his boyfriend's chest from behind, paying special attention to the hard nipples. He let his hands run up and down Danny's front, but always stopping when he reached the first soft pubics. Then he tried to step a bit backwards and tenderly soaped Danny's back, followed by the arms and legs. Danny moaned with pleasure when Eric made close contact again.

"Hmm, oh my, dude, is that a piece of soap or are you as horny as me?" Danny asked seductively.

"Hehe, there must be something in the air out here!" Eric replied. "I'm almost losing control over my hormones. Too bad that there's not enough space to push you on the floor, or I would eat you alive, right here and now!"

"So what are you waiting for? Let's do it here and now! C'mon, I wanna feel you inside me! Please!"

"Aw, how cute, he's begging! How could I ever resist you? Your wish is my command!" Eric said.

Danny leaned against the wall and spread his legs, like a criminal who was searched by a police officer. Of course Eric was already rock hard, and now he guided his cock to Danny's waiting hole. The water was still running down their bodies. Eric could hardly control himself anymore, he was so horny that he almost shot his load by the pure thought of sex with his lover. But he forced himself to stay cool, at least for some more minutes, at least until he was inside Danny.

Slowly Eric let his cock slide down Danny's crack, until his head finally made contact with the sphincter. He grabbed Danny's waist and started to push, easy at first, then a bit harder. They both groaned, Eric because of the tight grip at his cock, Danny because of the feeling of being filled with Eric's boyhood.

The water was a wonderful lubricant, and Eric easily slid into Danny's ass. When his balls touched Danny's buttocks, Eric stopped for a moment, enjoying the heat which engulfed his cock. Then he started to thrust his hips forward, pulled back and pushed forward again. At the same time he stroked Danny's boner, hard and fast.

It only took a few moments and Eric exploded. He shot his cum deep inside Danny's ass, and the flow didn't seem to stop anymore. And before Eric's orgasm was over, Danny reached his climax as well and trembled because of its intensity.

"Wow, I really needed that!" Eric sighed and kissed and nibbled at Danny's neck. "One more day and I would have shot a hole in my pants. So, are you ready for another round? Let's change positions!"

It was a bit tricky for them to reverse, but then Danny stood behind Eric and nibbled at his earlobe. This second round was a bit longer because both guys already had their first orgasm. But soon they whimpered and groaned and erupted again, even more intense than before.

They still floated on a wave of ecstasy when they left the shower, and then the floating changed to flying. Eric stepped on a piece of wet soap, and both guys landed on their butts. Of course this made a hell of a noise, and some seconds later the bathroom door was yanked open and the other boys looked in. The concerned looks on their faces vanished pretty soon when they saw Danny and Eric, knotted together on the ground. They burst out into laughter, and Eric and Danny could not help but laugh with them, even if their position was a bit embarrassing.

Owen grabbed some towels and threw them to the boys on the ground. Still laughing their asses off, the four guys left the bathroom again and gave Danny and Eric a chance to get up. They quickly rubbed each other dry, put on their boxers and went out. Of course they were greeted with a new tirade of giggles and laughter and suggestive remarks from their friends.

"Aw, shut up!" Danny laughed. "It was really slippery in there."

"I bet," Jazz replied, "very slippery because of the special white lotion you used!"

A new burst of laughter shook the walls of the shack.

"Yeah," Chris added, " and they were so blind of love that they could not aim anymore. That is why the whole bathroom is slippery now!"

"Hey, that's gross!" Owen said. "I wanted to take a shower too, but now I don't know if the creamy stuff is soap or something worse. Sigh, can you tell me what I have done to deserve such friends?"

"Oh, poor boy." Eric said and ruffled through Owen's hair. "I know, it must be really hard for you to live with so many sexy boys, and with no chance to get one of them. C'mon, let me hug you! I could make you feel better again."

Eric hugged Owen from behind, and the other boys joined them and covered poor Owen with their bodies, tickling him all over his body and trying to strip him down.

"Help!" Owen shouted. "Mr. Allen! Help, I'm being raped! Trish! Help! Murder! Rape! Mom!"

Somehow he managed to struggle free, and only dressed in his boxers anymore, he escaped into the bathroom.

"Hey Owen," Danny shouted, "if you're not sure what kind of stains you find there, you just have to taste them. If it's bitter, it's soap. If it's sweet, it's..."

"SHUT UP, I don't want to hear it!" Owen shouted back through the door. And some moments later: "Arrgh, they wasted all the hot water!"

It really was a very funny last evening and night in the outback.

The next morning, they had to clean their shacks and the whole area around. They had to find and pack all their stuff together again and then to stow it away in the waiting airplanes. And when they thought that everything was finished, the ranger came to check it, and of course he found here a piece of paper and there an empty can, and thus they could keep on cleaning up for another hour.

But finally everything was in order, all students were together and they were ready to go home. They didn't really want to, the week in the outback had been great again. But unfortunately they had no chance. So they boarded the small planes and left ranger Silvo, the clear lake and the shacks in the heart of nature.

Nevertheless the flight was very funny. Only Jordan was a bit sad, because he feared that he wouldn't see his new friends very often as soon as they were back to business as usual. The friends noticed that Jordan was slowly crawling back into the shell where he had been one week ago, but they would not allow it.

"Yo Jordan," Danny said, "there will be a little barbecue at our house next weekend, and it would be nice if you would come over too. Are you interested?"

"Hmm, I don't know." Jordan replied. "I'm not sure if I have time and..."

"Don't you dare to say no!" Eric interrupted him. "You'll come, or we'll have to put you in a bag and drag you over!"

"Ok, if you insist, I'll be there!" Jordan sighed. "Thanks for the invitation guys!"

"Cool! I'll call you next week to give you the details!" Danny said and smiled.

Eric and Danny high fived behind Jordan's back. They had the same thoughts. They would do their best to help Jordan to keep and strengthen his happiness and his new self confidence, not only to help Jordan but also because the liked him and wanted to be his friend.

Fasten your seat belts!

The flight was over, and so was the adventure in the outback. When they arrived at the terminal, they first stowed the equipment which belonged to the school in a small truck, and then they collected their own stuff and went inside to meet their parents.

"Hey Jordan," Eric asked, "are your folks already here?"

"No, and there won't come anyone." Jordan answered quietly. "My mom has to work, and my father doesn't live with us. He left us when I was a little baby. Not a big loss for me though. We're doing pretty fine without him."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Eric said. "So is there nobody who will pick you up now?"

"Nope, but that's no problem, I'll take the bus. It's not so far to our apartment."

"No way dude!" Danny said. "You can't drag all your stuff to the bus. You'll come with us, our car is big enough. And you can have dinner with us, I'm sure my mom made more than enough."

"That's very nice, but I don't want to be a burden for you or your family. Don't worry, I'll be fine, I'll ..."

"Now I'm getting angry young man!" Danny said. "You will come with us, and later that evening, my dad will drive you home! No discussion, that's the bottom line!"

"Sigh, ok, I give up!" Jordan said. "But I'll have to call at home to tell my mom where I am, or she'll worry about me!"

"But you just said that your mom is not home." Eric asked confused.

"Ever heard of an answering machine? Maybe you don't have them in Germany, but we use them to leave a message when nobody is at home to answer the call!"

Jordan grinned broadly again, and finally they spotted Stan and Mandy who were waiting for their boys. They started a little hugging orgy, and Danny introduced Jordan to their parents and informed them that he would be their guest for dinner.

"I hope that is ok for you." Jordan asked shyly.

"Sure, the more the merrier!" Mandy smiled. "Nice to meet you Jordan!"

Trish, Owen, Jazz and Chris were picked up by their parents too, and so the friends said good-bye after they had made an appointment for the weekend.

After stowing all the baggage in the family car, Danny, Eric and Jordan squeezed together at the back seat and they drove home. For the whole time until they reached the Jackson's residence, they chatted about the past week and all the stuff they had done in the outback. Even Jordan got infected and talked to Stan and Mandy. The boys fooled around on the back seat, nudging each other, joking and tickling and giggling.

Stan was relieved when they finally drove in the driveway of their house. Three hyper boys in one car can wreck your nerves. He honked to show the rest of the family that they were back, and some seconds later the front door opened and Adam and Lin came out to greet them. The boys crawled out of the car, said hello and introduced Jordan to Lin and Adam.

When Adam and Jordan shook hands, they didn't seem to stop at all anymore. They just looked at each other, shook hands, grinned, still shook hands, smiled, and continued shaking hands. Danny knocked on Eric's shoulder and pointed at the two boys who were still shaking hands, grinning sort of stupidly now.

"Dude, do you think what I think?" Danny whispered. "All I miss right now is this theme from 'Gone with the Wind', you know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I know!" Eric replied silently. "But I think we should separate their hands now, or else they will never stop."

"GUYS, HAVE A BREAK!" Danny shouted and slapped Adam and Jordan on the back. "C'mon, let's go in before the first snow falls."

They walked in the house, and Jordan phoned home to leave his mom a message about where he was, why he was there and that he would be driven home later. Then he joined the others on the living room couch, and they told some more about their adventures in the wilderness while they waited for the dinner to be ready.

Finally Mandy called them in the kitchen, and the whole family plus Jordan sat around the table and ate a huge bowl of spaghetti with a hot and spicy tomato sauce. During the whole dinner, Jordan and Adam smiled at each other. Eric and Danny nudged each other a few times and grinned. Obviously the just witnessed the birth of a new good friendship.

After dinner, Adam showed Jordan his room before Stan would be ready to drive Jordan home. They sat on the bed and looked through Adam's CDs and video games. They found out that they had almost the same taste in music, and that they had many different video games to share.

"I'm not sure if I ever saw you at school dude." Adam said. "You're one year older than me, right?"

"Yeah, I'm fifteen." Jordan replied and grinned. "And I know you. But I think I know the faces of all the cute boys at school!"

"Wait a minute, do you want to say that you are, er, I mean, that you are, like, gay?"

"Oops, I think I should be more careful again now. I got used to be honest and open during the last week. But well, yes, it's true, I like boys. I hope that's no problem for you. If it is, I can go."

"NO, don't go!" Adam said a bit to loud and quick. "That's fine with me. I have two gay brothers, or one brother and one brother-in-law or whatever. You know that, don't you?"

Jordan nodded. Of course he knew it.

"Well," Adam continued, "you have to know that I caught them with their pants down some time ago. At first I was really shocked, even a bit disgusted. But that feeling changed pretty fast, and the more I thought about it, the surer I was that I have some strong feelings for boys too. I mean, I didn't want to admit it at first, but when I saw the cool reaction of my parents, I came to the conclusion that I should be honest to myself. And when I see Danny and Eric together, I'm even a bit jealous."

For a while neither of them spoke, they just looked at each other. Adam looked in those hazel eyes in the cute face which was framed by the long golden hair. Hair that looked like it should be ruffled. And Jordan looked back in Adam's brown eyes, then at the dark blond hair, neither too short nor too long, the pink lips, the chest and belly which, unfortunately, were covered by a t-shirt, and down to the crotch where he was sure to see a little bulge.

Suddenly Stan called from downstairs. He was ready to drive Jordan home. When they realized that they had both been staring at each other, they blushed and grinned.

"I think I have to go now." Jordan said. "It was nice to talk to you!"

"I hope we can talk some more some time!" Adam replied.

"We will, 'cause your brothers invited me for a barbecue next weekend. So I'll be back! Now bye!"

"That's great! Hey, wait a minute, I'll take you home with dad!"


"Uh, and Jordan!"


"I think I should do that now and not later at your house!"

Adam walked to Jordan and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Jordan was very surprised, but it felt good, no, it felt great! He smiled broadly, and unless Stan had called them again, he would have returned the kiss. But so they hurried up to get downstairs and in the car.

Jordan's mom waited at the door of their apartment, and when Jordan climbed out of the car, she hugged him and kissed him again and again. She was a nice small woman, but her tired face showed that she had to work hard to earn a living for her son and herself. She thanked Stan very much for his hospitality, and while the two adults chatted, Adam helped Jordan to carry the baggage inside.

Everything was a bit smaller than in the Jackson's house, but it was very nice and cozy. Since their parents still talked outside, Jordan could show his own room to Adam. It was packed with all kinds of stuff that a boy of this age needs, a TV, a playstation, a computer, a stereo set, posters, CDs and so on. Surprisingly there was even enough space for a bed.

When Adam finally had to go again, Jordan held him back for a moment and returned the angel kiss. Adam blushed and smiled. A friendship was made.

"Good night Mrs. Evans!" Adam said politely as he walked out of the door.

"Good night!" she replied. "And thank you!"

"For what?" Adam asked.

"For everything! I haven't seen Jordan that happy for quite a while. You and your brothers must have had a very good influence on my little boy. Will you meet again?"

"Sure thing!"

"That's good to hear! Good night!" Mrs. Evans said and closed the door.

"Aw, isn't it great to sleep in a real bed?" Danny said as they lay in their bed at night, snuggled up close to each other.

"I don't care, I could sleep everywhere with you!" Eric replied suggestively.

"You don't have to do it everywhere dude, at the moment it will be enough if you do it here!"

"As you command, my master!"

Eric just wanted to roll on top of Danny when there was a knock on the door. Two seconds later Adam slowly opened the door and peered in. Danny signaled him to come in, and Adam sat on the other bed, the same place he had sat some weeks ago. Eric and Danny sat up too and waited for Adam to speak.

"Er, guys, I want to ask you something." Adam started.

"Let me guess!" Danny said. "When you met Jordan this afternoon, you had a strange feeling in your stomach, like millions of butterflies. And now you want to know if it's love."

"How do you know?" Adam asked surprised. "Was it that obvious?"

"Well, if you know the feeling, it was obvious. It's not too long ago that Eric and I felt the same for the first time, and we still feel it. But don't worry, I don't think that mom or dad noticed something."

"Phew, that's good. I don't want them to know, not yet. Not before I know myself for sure. You know, I felt so happy when Jordan was here. Although I saw him for the first time, I felt like I knew him forever. And when he kissed me..."

"KISSED YOU?" Danny and Eric asked in unison.

"SShh, you wake the whole house! Yeah, he kissed me, and I kissed him. Only an innocent good-bye kiss, but nevertheless, it was a kiss. And it felt so ... so ..."

"So right?" Eric helped him.

"Yeah, that's it. It felt like the right thing to do! What shall I do now?"

"Do whatever you want. What both of you want! Listen to your inner voice and let your feelings guide you! And above all: help ever, hurt never! That's what a quacking friend would say."

"Thank you bros, thanks for listening and thanks for inviting Jordan for next week! Now I should better go and let you have some fun! Sleep well, if you find time to sleep."

"Good night buddy!" Eric said as Adam left the room and closed the door. "So, where did we stop before this interruption?"

"As far as I remember, I was your master and you were my slave!" Danny grinned. "And now I could need a massage! Be a good slave, and you shall be rewarded!"

Danny lay on his belly and Eric knelt next to him. He rubbed his palms a bit to warm them, and then he started to massage Danny's shoulders. He felt how the muscles relaxed under his grip, and he could say from the purring noise that Danny enjoyed the treatment. Firm, almost a bit brutal, Eric kneaded the muscles on Danny's neck and shoulders and down his back, then the thighs and lower legs.

He grabbed the waistband of Danny's boxers and slowly pulled them down. Danny's cute bubble butt lay in front of him, and Eric tenderly rubbed every cheek until they were red and warm. Then he rolled Danny on his back and continued his tender massage on the front, first rubbing the tummy and then moving up to the chest.

At last Danny whispered the words Eric had been waiting for all the time: 'Ride me!'. Eric smiled happily and stepped out off his own boxers, kicking them to the other side of the room. Then he took the big bottle of baby oil out of the drawer and slowly opened the lid. He squeezed a bit of the cold fluid directly on Danny's hard cock and made him shiver. 'Tease me, Please me!' This old Scorpions song said it all.

Eric spread the oil all over Danny's hard-on until he was really slippery and glittering. Then he took some more of the oil and let it dribble on Danny's chest and belly. Danny held his cock with his hand while Eric pulled his buttocks apart and slowly sat down. When his hot hole was touched by the head of Danny's cock, Eric closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then he lowered his body farther down and waited for the short pain in his ass.

The pain came, but it quickly faded away again. The connection was made, they had become a unit again, one living being with two heart that beat in unison. When Eric was used to the feeling again, he carefully started to ride his boyfriend. He moved very slowly, for he wanted this one to last as long as possible. The feeling was incredibly good, and he wanted to feel Danny's boyhood inside himself for ever.

Now he continued to massage Danny's chest, and he rubbed the baby oil all over him, rubbed it in the chest, the sides, the belly. Danny collected some of the oil and spread it over Eric's front, and finally he grabbed his cock and started to pump it fast and hard. Eric was surprised of how tempestuous Danny was wanking him, but still he kept his own slow pace.

Soon Eric felt that he came close to the point of no return, and before he had a chance to warn Danny, he had already crossed it. His cum flew all over Danny's body, even in his face and hair, and every shot seemed to be stronger and more powerful than the one before. The excitement forced him to move a bit faster, but not much. He wanted to delay Danny's orgasm as long as possible, to make it one of the best he ever had.

Danny tried to collect some of the cum in his face with his tongue, and he took some more from his chest and fed Eric with it. Eric licked and sucked at Danny's finger as if it were his cock. Danny tried to sit up, and with a little help of Eric he succeeded without pulling his hard-on out of Eric's ass. They hugged and ground their chests into each other, skin to skin with a thin film of cum and oil in between.

Their lips met for a kiss, and they opened them to let each other's tongue in. While Eric still moved with a slow but steady rhythm, they kissed passionately with their tongues deep in the mouth of the other boy. Eric's cock had softened after his orgasm, but now it was rock hard again. Squeezed in between their bodies, he was wanked by the belly-to-belly movement. Two developing six-packs, slippery with the baby oil and Eric's own cum, rubbed his boner and drove him to a second incredible climax while Danny's first one was still building up.

They swung back and forth, cuddling, kissing, stroking their backs. And then it happened! The sensation in Danny's balls spread to his shaft, to his solar plexus, and to every single nerve in his body. He gasped for air with Eric's tongue still in his mouth, and as if it happened in slow motion, he felt his cum rushing out of his balls and through the shaft, until it finally shot out of his slit and into Eric's ass.

Danny panted as the orgasm overwhelmed him with its full power. Four, five, six, seven loads of hot cream filled Eric's inside and warmed his sensitive prostate, and with a silent whimper he shot a second load between their already slippery bodies. During the whole time of their orgasms, they never stopped hugging and kissing but even kissed wilder.

When the feelings wore off, they were completely exhausted and collapsed on the bed, with Danny's slowly softening cock still inside Eric's butt. He didn't want to pull it out, didn't want Eric to feel suddenly empty. But when he was soft, he slid out without even moving, and some drips off Danny's cum flowed out of Eric's hole.

The boys were tired, but there was one last job to do before they could sleep: they had to clean the mess they had made on each other's body. And they did it like most creatures did it since the beginning of time, they just licked it away. They licked and sucked the cum from their chests, Danny licked it from Eric's butt and Eric licked it from Danny's face and out of his hair. Then they checked the result and found it ok, no more sweet cum was left.

Now they could kiss good night, and body to body, arm in arm, hand in hand, they drifted into dreamscape.

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