Eric Down Under

Chapter Fourteen: Trouble

The boys slept well and long the next morning. On the one side they were still tired from all the activities and the lack of sleep in the outback, but on the other side it just felt good to sleep in a soft cozy bed again. It had been fun to sleep in those bunk beds, but of course it was nothing compared to their own beds. Well, actually they had not used the second bed in their room for a while, they always cuddled in Danny's bed. So the second bed was practically useless, at least at the place where it stood now.

That is why Danny and Eric decided to rearrange the room a bit. After a huge weekend breakfast they went to work. They just shoved the two single beds together and created a new big playground. Now they could roll around in the bed without falling down on the floor all the time. When Danny and Eric had finished their little renovation, they even had a bit more space in the room now. Satisfied with the result Danny jumped on the bed and signaled Eric to come over.

"Hmm, I feel like inaugurating our new and improved bed!" Danny said. "What about you sweetie, wouldn't you fancy a little, uh, game?"

"Anytime dude!" Eric replied and grinned mischievously.

Of course Eric needed no second invitation and jumped on Danny, making the bed springs squeak. It was a whole new feeling, fooling around in a BIG bed, rolling over and over from one side to the other and back. But before the game could begin, Stan entered the room to check what had caused all the noise. When he saw the new order of the room he first raised an eyebrow, but then he smiled and winked at them.

"Hey boys, how comes that you never have time for such work when I ask you to put the garage in order?" Stan asked with a grin.

"Aw, dad, you know that it would take ages to clear it of lumber." Danny said. "Do you really want us to waste our precious weekend..."

"Keep cool and stop whining son. I was just joking!"

"Phew, then I'm relieved!" Danny sighed and wiped some imaginary sweat from his forehead.

Stan laughed out loud and went down again, soon followed by the boys who decided to postpone their little official opening until the evening. Now they should better call their friends to make some plans for the day. So Danny went into the kitchen, took the phone and wanted to dial Owen's number. But the phone was dead.

"Hmm, there's probably someone on the phone in the living room!" he said.

They went over to the living room, but they could not find the mobile part of the phone. But they could hear a silent voice. And really, in the corner behind the couch sat Adam with the phone.

* cough cough *

Danny cleared his throat to get his younger brother's attention.

"... yeah, I know, I saw it ... HEY, WHAT'S UP?" Adam asked. "Can't you see that I'm on the phone? ... Ok, I'm back! ... No, only my brother ..."

And Adam continued to talk as if Eric and Danny did not exist at all. But as they did not leave, Adam looked up at them again with a questioning look on his face.

" ... don't you like the ... hang on a second dude ... HEY! Can't you give me some privacy? Jordan's on the phone! Brothers! ... No dude, they are just nosy ... Now where did we stop? ..."

"Uuhhh, it's Jordan!" Danny grinned. "Now I know why he wants to be alone. C'mon Eric, let's leave our youngster alone before he blushes even deeper."

Danny and Eric got themselves some orange juice out of the fridge and waited until Adam finished his call. And from all they could say by now, this could take a while. Fifteen minutes passed, but obviously the boys were still not out of topics. That is why Eric and Danny decided to go over to their friend's house instead of waiting for the end of the call. They quickly put on some shoes and walked over to Owen.

As usual, they knocked at the back door, and some seconds later Owen opened the door with a surprised look.

"Hey, are you sort of clairvoyants? Do you have the shining or what?" Owen asked. "I wanted to call you and ask if you want to come over, but your phone was always occupied. Well, now you are here, so it doesn't matter anymore."

"Yeah, we wanted to call you too dude." Eric said and grinned. "But Adam's on the phone - with Jordan!"

"Adam and Jordan? Now do you want to tell me that they are ... C'mon, they can't be ... Am I the only one who's not ...?"

"Hahaha, calm down my friend!" Danny said. "No, you're not the only one. I'm sure there are some more straight people around the world, but at the moment they are a bit hard to find. And if you ask me about Adam and Jordan, well, I don't know. I'd say they have a crush on each other, but they are still young, so you never know what will happen. All I want is that they are happy!"

"I see." Owen replied. "Well, as long as everybody is happy, that's fine with me. But what about us? You wanna go to the mall? A bit shopping, lunch in some greasy fast food temple, some video games in the arcade? I already called the other's, they are on their way."

"Sure thing dude, let's go! Or let's drive, can't we take your dad's car?"

"Nah, he'll need it today." Owen replied. "And besides, think of the environment, you don't need to drive that short distance! And a bit of walking is good for your fitness!"

"Ok, I agree, you're right. Let's walk!"

So they waited for their friends, and when they were all together, they strolled over to the big town mall and did what most teenagers did on their weekends; they just hung around and had fun. They had lunch in McFat, they tried the newest video games in the big games palace, and then they walked from shop to shop and looked for some nice things to buy. It was still some time until Christmas, but the earlier you have an idea what to buy for your friends and family, the better it is for your nerves.

In some of the shops the first sales had already begun, and especially Trish was driven by her female urges and left a lot of money in those shops. Fortunately she had some gentlemen who could carry all her bags.

It was one of those days when teenagers never get bored. Even when they made a little rest and sat at the fountain at the center of the mall they still had fun. They splashed with the water and tried to make each other wet. This game went on until some grim looking guy from the mall security appeared on the scene. But before he could chase them away, the friends quickly left, laughing and giggling until their bellies hurt.

Slowly time passed away, and when the sun descended and the night arose they had another snack in the pizza parlor and then went back home. First the boys accompanied Trish to her house, carrying all her purchases to her room. Owen wanted to stay with his girlfriend for some more time, and thus the four other guys went home alone.

On the next crossing Chris and Jazz took one way while Eric and Danny went to the other direction. It had been a long day again, but somehow you never get really tired when you are with your friends. When Danny and Eric entered the living room, the TV was muting and Adam sat on a chair with the phone in his hand, eagerly chatting. Danny shook his head and grinned.

"Er, hey little brother, what's up? Don't tell me that you are STILL on the phone. Are you talking with Jordan again?"

" ... hehehe, that's true ... oh, wait a second ...Hi Danny, hi Eric, how was your day? Guess what, Jordan's on the phone! He just called some minutes ago. Well, about sixty minutes ago. Mom and dad are out, but I think mom left some food for you in the fridge! ... Jordan? Yeah, I'm back ..."

"Thanks dude, but we've already eaten in the mall." Eric said. "Oh, greetings to Jordan! Well, I'm tired, I think I'll go to bed. Good night Adam!"

"Yeah, I'm coming with you." Danny agreed. "Brother, say hi from me to Jordan too. And now good night!"

" ... yep, that's great ... Hey, Danny and Eric said hi! ... Yeah, they are here, but they say they are tired and want to go to bed! ... That's exactly what I think, they go to bed, but not to sleep! ... Tee hee, you saw them in the bathroom? ... Hey guys, Jordan said hi back. Oh, by the way, he'll come over tomorrow, if you don't mind! ... They were lying naked on the floor? ... Hahaha, that's funny! ..."

"Sure, he can come over whenever he wants!" Danny said. "But if you don't stop chatting and laughing about us, I will show him your baby pics, when you bathed in the mud! Good night!"

" ... oh my, I can imagine! ... NO, don't you dare to show him! ... No, not you, my brother! ... Doesn't matter, forget it! ... Yes, good night guys, but now leave us alone, you confuse me! ... Aw, big brothers can be a pain in your neck, trust me dude ..."

"Good night!" Eric and Danny said in unison and left the room.

Danny and Eric went up to the bathroom to brush their teeth and to the loo to pee. They changed to their night clothes and finally crawled under their cozy blankets.

"You know," Eric said, "somehow I'm not tired anymore. What about you, are you up for some fun?"

"What a stupid question! Of course I want you!"

Eric grinned and vanished under the blanket. He let his hands slide down Danny's chest and tummy until he touched the waist band of his boxers. Slowly he pulled them down, and Danny's stiffening cock almost jumped in his face. Eric deeply inhaled the strong scent of Danny's boyhood, so masculine yet still so sweet and young.

He removed the boxers completely and slightly stroked Danny's balls, feeling him wriggle under his touch. Danny's cock was hard as steel now, and Eric could feel the blood rushing through it. Carefully he pulled the foreskin back and revealed the sensitive head. He could not see it in the dark under the blanket, but he could feel the heat and the wetness, and he could smell the precum on the head.

Greedily Eric swallowed the head and licked away the first sweet drip of precum. Danny moaned and arched his back. He wanted more, wanted Eric to swallow his whole rod and to suck him hard. But Eric let it go slow. He knew how he could tease Danny and at the same time please him by increasing the intensity of his climax.

Inch by inch Eric licked further down Danny's cock. He played with the soft foreskin, nibbled at it, sucked it over the head and pulled it back again with his lips. Danny panted faster now and gripped his pillow tight. He had already been close to his orgasm several times now, but somehow Eric always felt it and stopped his treatment shortly before he reached the edge.

Sweat ran down Danny's face and down his chest, and it created a salty little puddle in his belly button. Eric felt that his lover's smooth chest was wet, and for a moment he ignored the throbbing cock and focused his attention completely on the hard nipples, sucking and tweaking them until Danny could take no more.

"Please, oh my god, Eric, please let me cum now, or I swear my balls will explode!"

Of course Eric could not let it come so far, and that is why he finished his interrupted blowjob. He had hardly engulfed the head again with his lips and started to suck like a vacuum cleaner when Danny fell over the edge. Danny thrust his hips up and cried out loud, his voice soften by the pillow he held across his face.

Powerful spurts of hot cum splashed against the back of Eric's throat, again and again, so much that he had to struggle to keep it all in his mouth. He almost made it, but a bit of the precious fluid ran out of his mouth and down his chin. Eric swallowed half of the load in order not to gag, but then he ripped the pillow off Danny's head and pressed his lips tight against Danny's.

Eagerly Danny opened his lips and tasted his own cum. Usually he did not like his own juice so very much, but mixed with Eric's salvia it was great. Their kiss lasted long after all the cum was gone, and when they finally broke it, they both gasped for air.

"Oh my," Danny panted, "I don't know how you do it, but somehow you manage to make it feel better and better every time you do me!"

"That's only because I love you more and more each day!" Eric answered. "I love you with all I have, with my whole body and soul, and that is why I can give you more and more back!"

"Aw, that is so sweet! I love you too, and I will never stop loving you. And now I will try to pay some of the pleasure back to you. Relax and enjoy!"

Danny folded back the blanket and quickly pulled Eric's tented boxers down. He lifted Eric's legs on his shoulders, so that he had good access to both his cock and the lovely pink hole. It was a bit hard to decide what to lick first, so Danny just stuck out his tongue as far as possible and slurped from the pulsating hole over the cum filled balls up to the slit at the very top of the head.

Then he concentrated on the purple head which made Eric shiver with anticipation. Meanwhile Danny used one hand to play with Eric's balls while he pressed the index finger of the other hand carefully against the hole. At first the sphincter refused to let the finger in, so he collected a bit of Eric's precum and made his finger slippery. Now it worked, and slowly he pushed his finger up to the third knuckle into Eric's hot insides.

Eric moaned slightly when his prostate was touched. Tenderly Danny finger fucked his boyfriend, first with one finger, but soon a second finger joined the game. Eric's whole body trembled as if he had touched a high voltage wire. He closed his eyes and saw little explosions, little blue lightning which hit him and made him pant harder.

When Eric felt how his balls contracted and were pulled close to his body he tried to hold the orgasm back for a few more seconds, but he had no chance against his own lust. In a steady stream he filled Danny's hungrily waiting mouth with his boy cream, and his cock continued jerking even after all his cum was out.

Danny did not stop sucking until Eric's dick was almost completely soft. Only then he pulled his fingers out, making a funny little sound, and let Eric's limp cock slip out of his mouth.

"Phew, that was a good one!" Eric sighed, trying to catch his breath. "If I would die right here and now, I would not mind. There can't be a better way to die than because of exhaustion after good sex."

"Don't you dare to die dude! I want to spend a lot more time with you, both in bed and outside. And I think now we should spend some time in the shower and wash all the sweat away."

So the boys took a long and hot shower, soaping and washing each other, and after some more orgasms they finally crawled back in their bed, cuddled and were sound asleep only a few seconds later.

Sunday was a lazy day. There was no exam scheduled for the next few days which had to be prepared. There was no homework to be done since they had not been in school for the last week. It was just one of those nice Sundays when you could sit there and do nothing without having a bad conscience.

Then in the afternoon, Jordan came over, and after some chit chat he and Adam vanished in Adam's room. For a while the boys did what most good friends do when they are together. They listened to some new CDs and played some video games. They liked the same kind of games, and thus it was a good competition. Neither of them could win more than two games in a row, and often the outcome was very narrow.

Above all it was fun for Adam and Jordan, and while the played and chatted and laughed they got to know each other better. It was as if they had known for ages, somehow they felt as if they could talk about everything. Obviously two soulmates had found each other.

When they were tired of playing and had a break, Adam quickly went in the kitchen, grabbed two cokes and rushed back to his room. He closed the door and without really thinking about it turned the key and locked it. Then they sat on the bed and sipped their cokes, not talking but just musing.

"Uh, Adam, can I ask you something personal?" Jordan asked after a while.


"Do you, well, play with yourself sometimes?"

"You mean if I jerk off? Yeah, I do. Everybody does. Or don't you?"

"Of course I do. I do it all the time!" Jordan grinned. "Well, that brings me to another question. Did you ever, er, I mean, did you ever do it with another guy?"

"No, at least not yet. But I'd like to try it." Adam said silently.

"Me too! So would you, er, would you allow me to rub you down there?" Jordan blushed. "I mean, we don't have to do it if you feel uncomfortable! I don't want you to do anything that you don't like."

"Nah, it's ok. I'm curious too, and I want to try it!"

But for another few minutes, neither of them moved or made the first step.

"Well," Adam said at last, "maybe we should undress if we want to do it. Could be a bit difficult with all clothes on."


Jordan hesitated some more seconds, then he got up and slowly pulled his shirt over his head. Shoes and socks followed, and then the jeans. When he was only in his underwear, Jordan looked at Adam who had not moved but only watched as Jordan stripped. Now he grinned and started to undress as well.

Finally both boys were naked and semi-hard. They sat on the bed again, facing each other, each waiting for the other to make the next step. And this time it was Adam who took the initiative. Carefully he touched Jordan's dick which immediately grew bigger and bigger until it reached its full length and the foreskin folded back.

Jordan sighed. It felt so good to be touched. Especially when it was the soft and warm hand of a handsome boy like Adam. He reached over to Adam's cock which was rock hard now too and slowly stroked up and down the shaft.

"Wait a second," Adam said, "let's turn around, so we can touch each other at the same time without knotting our arms."

So they lay on their sides, almost in a 69er position. But they only used their hands. Nothing more. Not yet. But it was enough, you can do miracles with your hands. It felt completely different from when they had done it alone, for they both were used to different techniques and used those techniques on the other hard-ons now.

Adam had Jordan's whole boner in his fist, pumped it, squeezed it, rubbed it. Jordan on the other side concentrated more on the sensitive head, stroked it and pulled the foreskin back and forth. One thing they had in common, they both played with each other's balls. They rolled them in their hands, squeezed them carefully and caressed the scrotum.

Suddenly Adam gasped surprised as his orgasm hit him completely off guard. It happened so fast that he could not even warn Jordan. He threw his head back and whimpered as four shots of milky boy cum flew out of his slit and landed on Jordan's belly and on the bed between them.

When his muscles contracted Adam's grip around Jordan's cock became firmer, and this was all Jordan needed to cross the line, he groaned and erupted. Five strong shots of hot cream splashed on Adam's body.

They went on wanking each other, but the sensation had been enough for now and their dicks became soft. A bit exhausted but happy they lay back and thought about what just had happened. It had been the first time, but both boys felt that it would not stay the only time.

Curiously Jordan collected a bit of Adam's cum from his belly and licked it from his finger. It didn't taste bad at all, not bitter, maybe a bit salty, but above all sweet. He took more of it until his belly was almost clean again. Adam looked at him, and when he saw the happy smile in Jordan's face, he had to try it too.

There was enough of Jordan's cum on his body, and he took a bit between his fingers and licked at it. Well, it was something he could get used of. They both tasted their own cum too, but they agreed that the other tasted better.

"Oh my, that was really good!" Adam said. "I would have never thought that it could be such a good feeling to be touched by another guy."

"Yeah, I liked it too. Would you like to do it again some time? Maybe some, er, other stuff too?"

"You mean like sucking each other or even a bit more? Well, yes, I think I will do it. WE will do it. But let's go slow, ok?"

"Sure, ok! I'm so happy that I've met you, I would never force you to something you don't want! I like you too much to do that!"

"I like you too. I only wish we had met earlier. But now we should clean this mess a bit and get dressed again. I don't know where the time went, but it's almost time for dinner. Do you want to stay for dinner?"

"No, sorry, I promised my mom to come home for dinner. We don't see each other very much, you know,  because she has to work and stuff, so the weekends are special for us."

Adam found some tissues and they cleaned each other, removing the last few drips of cum from their bodies and the little puddle on the bed. Then they slowly dressed again and Jordan got ready to go home. But before he could open the door, Adam held him back, pulled him close, looked into his eyes and kissed him right on the mouth.

This time it was a bit more than a quick good bye kiss. Almost simultaneously their tongues darted out and tried to get into each other's mouth. It was a very intense kiss, a kiss between two boys who were just about to discover their feelings for each other. A kiss between two boys who were slowly but steadily falling in love.

But all good things end some time, and so they finally broke their kiss. Only now Adam realized that he had locked the door, and with a big sheepish grin he turned the key again and accompanied Jordan to the front door. Jordan said good bye to Danny and Eric who where watching some TV show and to Mandy who prepared dinner.

"Good bye Jordan." Mandy said. "Greetings to your mom! And hey, tell her to come over for our barbecue next weekend, if she wants. It sure would be nice to meet her!"

"Ok, I'll tell her, thanks Mrs. Jackson!"

"Well, I'll see you in school tomorrow dude!" Adam said.

"Not if I see you first! Bye, and nice dreams!"

"I will have them, that's for sure! Bye!"

And Jordan climbed on his bike and rode home.

Of course Jordan and Adam did meet in school the next morning. In fact they spent every free minutes together. They were in different grades, so they had no classes together. But their lockers were not too far away from each other, and so they could meet and talk between classes and of course during the lunch break.

When they had finished their lunch, there was still enough time left before the afternoon classes, and so they decided to walk around the school yard. They talked and joked and laughed like old friends again, and they hardly noticed where they went. So they finally ended in the smoker's corner, one of the worst places of the whole school, where the older students hung around and smoked their cigarettes. And it was the place where the rabble hang around, the bullies and the chicks who liked such guys.

When Adam and Jordan finally realized where they were, they wanted to walk back as unobtrusive as possible. Too late! One of the chicks had already spotted them. And unfortunately this chick was Sally Hicks. She recognized Adam as Danny's brother, and now she saw her chance for a cheap pay back.

Her actual boyfriend was one of the nameless bullies which you can find at almost every school, and now she set him on the two teenagers. She did not have to tell him twice, because he was like all bullies. He liked to beat up younger and weaker kids, especially if he could outnumber them. So he took some of his friends and together they quickly followed Jordan and Adam.

Sally grinned evilly. Finally she would get her revenge. The other boys and girls in the smoker's corner grinned too. Some kids would get their asses whipped. Who cares? It happens every day. Only one girl did not want to watch and quickly walked away. Nobody cared about her.

Adam and Jordan wanted to leave this part of the school yard, but suddenly two older guys blocked their way. They turned around to walk in the other direction, but they only bumped into another guy, Sally's macho.

"Oops, sorry!" Jordan said.

"Sorry?" the bully said. "You attack me and think that I will accept a simple sorry as an apology?"

"Attacked you? He did hardly touch you!" Adam said, looking around nervously.

"I can't remember that I asked for your opinion you little brat! Are you a little queerboy who tries to protect his little boyfriend's ass? No chance, I will show you what I do with worms like you! And then you can run home to your brother and that German bastard and cry!"

"Now I see!" Adam said. "You don't want us, you want my brother. But because you can't get him, you threaten us. It won't work, you will get it back!"

"Shut up sucker!" the guy hissed.

Jordan and Adam were cornered by the three bigger guys. No chance to escape!

Trish just left the cafeteria when a girl called her name.

"Trish! Wait a second!"

"Hi Cynthia! What's up?" Trish asked.

"You are a good friend of Daniel Jackson, right? You better tell him that his little brother and his friend are in trouble! Some guys want to beat them up, over in the smoker's corner!"

"WHAT? Thanks for the info Cynthia, I owe you one now! I go and get help at once. Thanks again!"

And Trish ran away to find Danny and the other boys.

It did not look good for Adam and Jordan. It looked like there was no way out of this dangerous situation. They were pushed in a corner and surrounded by three bullies while Sally was cheering on them and laughing hysterically.

"Now say good bye to your pretty face queerboy!" the leader said to Adam. "For when I'm through with you, not even your little cock sucking friend here will recognize you!"

He grabbed Adam by the collar with one hand and just wanted to hit him with the other when there was suddenly a sharp voice from behind.


Furiously the bully turned around to check who dared to disturb him. What he saw let him lose a bit of his self confidence. It was Danny who had spoken, but he was not alone. Eric was with him, along with Chris, Jazz and Owen. But beside them, there were about eight or ten other boys who had decided to stand against the big boys this time. Suddenly the bullies were outnumbered and risked to be beaten up.

"Now take your dirty hands from my brother and fuck off!" Danny hissed. Then he turned to one of the other rowdies. "Kevin! I should have known it! Now that Kyle is in the clink you just jump on the command of another bastard. I can only pity you. And now FUCK OFF, or you will regret it!"

"No, you will regret it! One day you're gonna pay for this, I swear!" Kevin said.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that! If you or any of your so called friends should touch me or my brother or our friends, then I promise you that you will follow Kyle! I wonder what the police would say if they found drugs in your locker."

"You cannot threat me with that, I don't have any drugs!"

"Oh, I don't think it would be a problem for us to hide some in your locker. And who do you think they would believe more then, you or us? This was our last warning, never forget that!"

The bullies realized that they had lost today, and gritting their teeth they walked away. Sally was screaming and cursing everybody, but finally she ran away too. Danny thanked the guys who had supported them, and then he went over to his brother and hugged him.

Adam and Jordan were still pretty nervous and their knees were shaking, but they were relieved because the had gotten out of this without a bloody nose or something even worse.

"Thank you brother, that was really narrow!" Adam said.

"Yeah, thank you guys for saving our skins!" Jordan agreed.

"Just a pleasure guys." Danny said. "But you have to thank Trish, she called us."

"But only because Cynthia informed me what's going on!" Trish said. "You have to thank her in the first place."

The bell rang, and slowly they all went to their classes again, happy and relieved.

Later that evening Jordan sat at home and dialed Adam's number. He wanted to chat a bit with him before he went to bed. It had been an exciting day again, but the dangerous situation at school had only strengthened the new bond between them.

"Adam Jackson, hello?" the phone was answered after the second ring.

"Hi Adam, it's me, Jordan!"

"Hi buddy, it's good to hear your voice again. How are you?"

"I'm fine again, thanks to your brother and his friends. It was close dude!"

"Yeah, I know," Adam said, "almost too close. I'm glad that we got out of this."

"Yeah!" Jordan agreed. "Hmm, dude, do you remember what the bully said to us?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean about us being boyfriends and stuff."

"Oh, yeah, I remember."

"Well," Jordan said, "I would not mind to have you as my boyfriend, on the contrary!"

"Really? Oh Jordan, that's exactly what I think. I really like you a lot. More than that. Jordan, I think I love you!"

"I love you too Adam, and I ..."

There was a clattering noise behind Jordan as a cup of coffee hit the floor and shattered. Jordan spun around and looked into the eyes of his mother. He had completely forgotten that she was at home.

"My son is queer!" she murmured.

"M-mom!" Jordan stuttered. "I can explain ..."

He could not finish the sentence because she slapped him right across the face with the back of her hand...

To be continued!
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