Eric Down Under

Chapter Fifteen: Clear Words

"Oh my God!" Mrs. Evans murmured with a terrified look on her face.

"Please, mom," Jordan said, holding his burning cheek, "please, let me explain..."

"Oh my God, oh my God," she repeated again, "oh my God, what have I done? Oh Jordan, I'm so sorry, I did not want to slap you, please Jordan, please forgive me. Oh Jordan, I'm so sorry!"

Tears were running down her cheeks when she grabbed her son and pulled him close to her chest. She could hardly talk because she was sobbing and kissing his face and stroking his red cheek, all at the same time.

"Oh Jordan, I'm so very sorry. I really did not want to hurt you! Please, you have to believe me. Tell me that you don't hate me now. Please!"

"Mom, why should I hate you?" Jordan asked confused. "I thought that YOU would hate ME now after you found out about me. Because it's true, yes, I like boys more than girls. Much more. But I would prefer if you don't call me queer, that sounds so disparaging."

"I'm sorry son, really. Since your father left us, I promised to myself that I would always support you, no matter what you do. I love you Jordan, I love you more than my own life, and I will always be there for you. It was just, well, I don't know. I had some stress at work today, and I think I had to let out this anger. Unfortunately it was you who had to suffer. That was unpardonable."

"Does that mean that you still love me, even if I am gay, or at least bisexual?"

"Oh Jordan, of course I love you! But I will have to get used to this new situation. You'll have to give me some time!"

Now Jordan was crying too. "Oh mom, thank you, I love you so much! Thank you for understanding me! And..."

* Jordan? Jordan, what happened? Dude, talk to me, are you ok? *

When Jordan heard the faint voice, he realized that Adam was still on the phone. Quickly he picked up the receiver to talk to his friend.

"Adam? Sorry dude, I completely forgot you ... Yes, my mom ... at first, but I think she is alright now, or at least she will be alright ... are you sure ... well, you're right, that could be a good idea ... ok, I'll ask her ... see you in school tomorrow ... I love you too! Good night!"

"Uh, mom," Jordan said, turning back to his mother, "that was Adam, my boyfr..., uh, well, yes, my boyfriend. You already know him, his dad brought me home after our outback week. Now they invited me to come over to their house for a barbecue this Saturday, and you are invited too. You could talk to Mr. and Mrs. Jackson then, you know, about that gay thing. They already had to get used to it, because Danny, Adam's older brother, is gay too. And Eric, his boyfriend, is an exchange student from Germany, and lives in their house. So what do you say, will you go?"

"Well, yes, I think I will. You probably will be there pretty often in the next time, so I should get to know those people. Ok, tell your friend that I accept the invitation. There will be much to talk about. And many things to get used to. But I will get used to this new situation, I promise you. Now give me a kiss!"

"Oh mom, I love you!"

Jordan hugged his mother again and gave her a big kiss on the cheek. Then they cleaned the mess which the broken coffee cup had made. Finally they kissed good night and went to bed.

It took a while before Jordan could sleep. Too much had happened that day, the trouble at school, the shock with his mother and finally her understanding, or at least her promise to try to understand him. But Jordan was sure that she would. She was his mother, and even if she had hit him, he knew that she would do everything if she could undo it again.

And with a thought of his boyfriend he drifted to sleep.

When Jordan got up the next morning, his mother had already left for work. But she had left a note for him on the kitchen table:

Dear Jordan!
I just have to apologize again for what I did last night. I can't forgive myself.
You know that I love you, you will always be my little boy!
And if you really love this other boy, I will support you. Both of you!
See you tonight!
Love, mom

Jordan had to smile about the note, but at the same time his eyes filled with tears again. He had to tell his mom that she should stop worrying about the slap. And he had to do it now or she would think of nothing else the whole day long, and maybe get more stress at work.

So he looked for the phone number on the refrigerator door, dialed and waited until she was called on the phone.

"Hello?" Mrs. Evans asked.

"Mom? It's me, Jordan." he said.

"Jordan? What happened? Are you..."

"Calm down mom, everything's ok. Really. And that's the reason why I call you, to tell you that everything is ok. I'm not mad because of what happened last night. Not at all! So stop worrying, will you?"

"*sniff* Thank you honey, that really means a lot to me! I love you!"

"I love you too mom! But now I have to hang up, or I'll be late for school. Bye!"

Jordan poured some cereals and milk in a bowl and had a quick breakfast before he ran out to catch the school bus. He looked forward to school today, on the one side because he would see Adam again, but above all because he knew that his mom would be fine with him and Adam. He could hardly wait to tell Adam the whole story, and not only a quick abstract on the phone.

He ran through the corridors to his locker, threw his stuff in and then went to Adam's locker to wait for him. He did not have to wait long, soon he saw the dark blonde hair which framed Adam's beautiful face. Adam smiled broadly when he saw Jordan. He wished that he could just hug and kiss him, right there, in front of all the other kids. But that was not an option, not yet. So they high-fived instead, but looked deeply in each other's eyes.

Since they were in different grades, Jordan and Adam had different classes. But the room for their first period classes were close to each other, thus they could walk there together and chat about what had happened last night.

"Wow, that must have been tough!" Adam said after Jordan had given him a detailed report. "And you are sure that your mom will be fine about you, ... about us?"

"Yes, I am!" Jordan replied. "But what about your folks? I mean, my mom will come to your barbecue, and she will talk with your parents. Then they will know about you too, and about us! Is that a problem for you?"

"Well, I don't think so. I would have had to talk with them anyway, sooner or later. Now it's a bit sooner than I planned, but that's ok. Above all, I don't want to hide my gorgeous boyfriend and my love for him from my family."

"Oh Adam, you deserve a big kiss for that! Please remind me to give you one when we are alone!"

"Don't worry, I will make sure that you won't forget it!" Adam said and grinned. "And one kiss won't be enough, I want many many more!"

"You'll get all the kisses you want, as soon as we have some time alone! I promise! Ok, I'll see you in the cafeteria. Have fun in your classes."

And they went to their respective classroom for the first period.

At about the same time, Danny and Eric stood at Danny's locker and looked at some nasty graffiti. Scribbled across the door, in big red letters, was the word 'FAG'. Danny shook his head. He had a pretty good idea of who had done it. Either Kevin or one of his bully friends. And he had probably not done it because he knew something, but only to put one over him.

Most of the students who passed and saw the smearing just shook their heads or didn't pay any attention at all. Some others grinned or made stupid remarks. But nobody seemed to believe that it was the truth, that Danny really was gay.

Danny and Eric tried to wash the paint away, but it didn't work. They would need some solvent to remove it. Danny just wanted to go to Mr. Barley to ask him when suddenly Mr. Shaw, the principal, stood behind him. He was a man in his early sixties, strict but fair. He was known to be a good catholic and very conservative.

"That's disgusting!" Mr. Shaw only said, looked at Danny and walked away.

Danny gulped. Now he feared that there would be consequences for him, and maybe for Eric too. This old man would not accept gays at his school, even if it was only a rumor. He told his worries to Eric, but Eric tried to comfort him.

"Dude, keep cool!" Eric said. "What can he do? Do you really think he would suspend you only because some idiot smeared something over your locker? He can't do that! He has no right to do that, even if he should think that it is the truth. C'mon, let's get some stuff to remove the paint!"

It took them half of the first period to clean the locker door. Their teacher looked at them when they came into class far too late, but he didn't say anything. Maybe he already knew the reason.

Danny could not concentrate on his classes today, he felt as if something would happen today. And he should be right. During the second hour, the principal's voice came out of the speakers.

"Attention! All students shall come together in the auditorium for the third period! There has been an incident which has to be clarified!"

"That's it!" Danny whispered to Eric. "He will kick my ass out of school!"

"Don't be silly," Eric replied, "that won't happen. He couldn't do that, even if he wanted. There are laws!"

"Sigh, I hope you are right!"

At the beginning of the third hour, the school's auditorium was filled with students and teachers. There was a loud murmur as everybody seemed to talk to someone else. Such a spontaneous meeting was very unusual, and of course they all were very curious. Only some bullies in the back rows grinned knowingly.

When Mr. Shaw stepped on the podium, the auditorium went silent in a second. For a while the principal did not speak but just looked at the students. When he saw Danny their eyes met for a second, but then Mr. Shaw looked at someone else again. Finally he started to speak.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the faculty, dear students. As some of you may have noticed, a case of damage of property happened this morning when the locker of one of our students was smeared with graffiti. But that alone would not be a reason for such a come together. Furthermore there has been the severe accusation that this student is homosexual. That can not be tolerated. Therefore I ..."

He was roughly interrupted when some student in the back of the room stood up and yelled: "Yeah, kick that ass fucker out of here!"

Incredulous mutter. Some whistles. Some words of protest. Mr. Shaw waited until it was silent again before he went on.

"That's an interesting opinion. May I ask who else of our dear students thinks this way?"

The bully gang and some of their chicks, among them Kevin and Sally, stood up and laughed. But they were alone. No other student joined them.

"We want no fucking faggots here!" Kevin said. "Right?"

The laughter of his friends was the only reaction.

"Very interesting indeed." Mr. Shaw continued. "Well, you should have let me continue my thought before you interrupted me so rudely. For I wanted to say that such homophobic behavior and wild rumors cannot be tolerated! Even if it should not be a rumor, which I can't and don't want to know, why should a student be banished from this school only because he or she is homosexual? There is NO reason! Homosexuality is no illness, and it is not infectious. If we would banish all minorities, than the school would be empty soon."

Applause! The whole auditorium, except for the few in the back, cheered their principal.

"Did you know," the principal went on, "that in the city of San Francisco in the United States of America, over 20% of the population is gay? And Castro, the center of the gay community, is an important and essential part of the city! That should be an example for how it can be!"

More applause. The students just saw a whole new side of their principal.

"I am glad that most of you agree with me. That is why I ordered this meeting, to make clear, once and for all, that this school is open for everybody, no matter what color, religion or sexual preferences!"

Then he looked at Kevin. "Now to you and your friends over there. It is quite obvious for me that you are responsible for the nasty graffiti. Therefore all of you are suspended from this school for two weeks. I hope you will use this time and think about your actions! Thank you for your attention!"

Now the crowd almost wrecked the auditorium with their cheering. Mr. Shaw smiled when he left the podium and the students cheered him with speaking choruses.

Danny could smile again too. Eric had his arm around the shoulder of his boyfriend and vied with him in smiling. Trish, Owen, Chris and Jason stood around them, and finally Adam and Jordan joined them as well. They made a big group hug, almost like a football or rugby team before the kick off.

There was some time now before the next period would begin, thus the friends went to a quiet corner to celebrate this little victory.

"See, I told you!" Eric said. "I knew that it would turn out this way. Kevin was stupid enough to disqualify himself and his foolish friends. And since everybody knows now where the graffiti came from, nobody believes that it's true. They all think that it's just one of the usual insults from those idiots."

"I can tell you, I'm really relieved!" Danny replied. "And I have to thank you buddy! If you hadn't been there in the last few hours, I would have run away. I was so sure that Mr. Shaw is a homophobe!"

"Some people never cease to surprise you." Trish said. "Mr. Shaw surprised us with his openness, and Kevin because he was stupid enough to dig his own grave and then jump in it."

So the rest of the day passed quietly. Some people congratulated Danny as if he himself had kicked the bullies out of the school. And the girls smiled at him even more than they usually did. Obviously nobody seemed to believe that Danny really was gay.

Later that afternoon, when they came back home, Danny fell flat on his bed. He turned on his back, smiled and seductively winked to Eric.

"Hey sweetheart!" Danny said. "What do you think, shouldn't we celebrate this little victory and that everything turned out ok?"

"Sure thing baby!" Eric replied happily. "You know that I'm always ready to have some fun. You name it, I love it!"

"Cool, that's what I wanted to hear! So lock the door, strip for me and then help me out of my clothes. I'm too lazy to move now."

"Lazy? Don't worry, I will make you hyper again! Believe me!"

Eric locked the door and double checked if it was really closed. It was! Then he put a CD with some soft rock ballads in the player, put the volume down and started to dance for his lover. Slowly he moved his hips, let them circle and pushed them back and forth.

Then the clothes started to fly. One piece of cloth after another landed on the floor, and more and more of Eric's smooth skin appeared until he stood there only in his slightly tented boxers. Danny watched the show and licked his lips. He wanted Eric, wanted to hug him, cuddle with him, stroke him, caress him, feel him, kiss him, smell him, lick him, taste him.

Eric went down on his hands and knees and slowly crept to the bed. He climbed on top of it and over to Danny. Their lips met for a long and passionate kiss while the CD started to play Bon Jovi's 'Bed of Roses'. They kissed during the whole song, tongues wrapped around each other, eyes closed.

At last their lips parted again and Eric continued his work and tenderly undressed Danny. Only when Danny was completely naked and lying on his back with a throbbing hard-on, Eric pulled his own boxers down. In the meantime his own little tent had been replaced by a huge tower.

"Ride me baby!" Danny whispered. "Please, you are such a great rider, now be my personal rodeo star!"

"Your wish is my command, as always!" Eric smiled. "And you know what, I was the bull riding champion on our town fair back home in Germany. So get ready for the ride of your young life!"

Eric found the bottle of baby oil in the dresser drawer. They would need a new one soon, but it would be enough for today, and maybe for the night too. Eric squeezed some of the cold oil directly on Danny's hot cock and made him shiver. Then he quickly took his lover's meat in his hands and spread the oil, rubbing it warm.

A look in Danny's eyes told Eric that he was ready. So he positioned his butt directly over Danny's crotch and spread his buttocks while Danny held his boymeat and aimed for the bull's eye. Slowly Eric lowered his body, and when he felt the hot head touching his likewise hot hole he paused for a second, but only to push his body down in the next moment.

Smoothly the most intimate connection was made and Eric was filled with the hottest and hardest part of his lover. The feeling on his prostate was fantastic, the pressure made him almost shoot at once. And it got even better when Eric started to move his hips in the rhythm of the music, in the meantime 'I'd do anything for love' from Meat Loaf.

Faster ... faster ... like a piston in the engine of a sports car Danny's rock hard cock moved in and out of Eric, preparing the ultimate ignition. It didn't take long and the spark flashed over. Danny rolled his eyes when the full force of the orgasm rushed through his nerves and into every part of his body. He cried out and shot his load deep inside Eric, filling him with his heat.

Eric had not touched his own cock while he was riding Danny, but the stimulation of his prostate was more than enough. His cum sprayed all over Danny's chest and into his face, and the first shot even landed in his hair.

The boys were pretty exhausted after this ride, but after some minutes their horniness got the upper hand again and they changed positions and played the same game again.

They needed a long shower, both to cool down and wash away all the remaining cum from their bodies, before they could go downstairs where the rest of the family just got together for supper.

Adam was quiet during supper. He knew that he had to talk to his parents, and he wanted to do it. But somehow he feared their reaction. They had reacted very good to Danny's coming out, but they had already suspected it and thus they had been prepared. This one was different. Adam had never given the slightest hint that he could be gay too.

He decided to wait until later that evening, so he could talk with his brothers again before he came out to his mom and dad. That is why he followed Danny and Eric to their room and asked them for their help. Of course they promised to support Adam, and they discussed it for a while to plan their strategy.

When the three boys came in the living room together, Adam in the middle, with Eric's and Danny's arms around his shoulders, Stan and Mandy knew that something was going on. Stan turned off the TV and looked at them.

"Ok," he said, "what happened and how much will it cost me?"

"It will cost you nothing dad!" Danny replied. He could not help but laugh about this reaction. "Adam wants to tell you something which is very important for him, and we want you to listen!"

"We will listen! Let it out!"

Adam decided to make it short and clear: "Mom, dad, I fell in love ..."

"Oh honey, that's wonderful!" Mandy said.

"... with a boy!" Adam finished his sentence.

Silence. For some seconds nobody said a word.

"Please talk to me!" Adam said. "Shout if you want, but say something."

"Well," Stan said, "I surely will not shout!" He cleared his throat. "You know, in this book about homosexuality which your mother and I read, they said that often not only one of your kids is gay but one or more of his brothers too. That means unless he's a single child."

"Yes," Mandy continued, "and in the back of my head I already thought about what we would do in just that situation. Well, now we are in this situation. I can't deny that it came a bit surprising for us. But as far as I ... as we are concerned, this will change nothing on our relationship to you. You deserve the same respect and support which we give to Danny and Eric. Well, and if I want grandchildren, there still is Lin."

"Thank you mom!" Adam said and jumped on the couch to hug his parents. "Thank you dad!"

"You're welcome honey!" Mandy replied. "By the way, do we know this other boy?"

"Yes you do!" Adam said. "It's Jordan, Jordan Evans."

"This nice boy who we brought home from the airport last week? Well, you can say about my boys whatever you want, but they have a good taste!"

"Hehehe, we probably have it from our dad." Adam grinned. "Oh, and by the way, we invited Jordan's mom to our barbecue too. I think she'd like to talk a bit with you."

"So I reckon she already knows about you?" Stan asked.

"Yes, she found out yesterday." Adam said and told what had happened last night in the kitchen of the Evans' apartment.

Danny and Eric also told them about the incident at school and the great reaction of their principal.

"Well," Stan said, "I'd say the last 24 hours were pretty exciting for you. But all's good that ends good!"

In the early Saturday afternoon, Stan, Danny and Eric started the preparations for the barbecue. They brought tables and chairs in the backyard, made lots of ice to cool the drinks, cleaned the grill, got new charcoal and so on. The usual stuff which you know you should do some days before but always do in the last second.

Mandy prepared some salads, and Mrs. Evans as well as Trish would bring some more. And they had lots of meat to put on the grill, like burgers, steaks, ribs, as well as some fish and vegetables.

The weather was just perfect. The sun was shining, but it was not too hot because a nice wind was blowing from the east, bringing fresh air from the ocean. It wouldn't take long until the summer would hit the southern hemisphere with its full power, making it too hot to move. But today it was just right.

Owen had his dad's car today, and therefore he had to do the errands. After he had brought Trish and her salad, he left again, together with Eric and Stan's credit card, to buy the drinks. Coke, beer, a few bottles of wine, some water - the usual stuff. On their way back to the Jackson's house they picked up Jordan and his mom.

Mrs. Evans was kindly welcomed when they arrived. Jordan and Adam fell in each other's arms, looked around for a second when they realized that everybody was looking at them, but they didn't release their hug. They were so happy that there was nothing to hide anymore, at least not in the privacy of this house.

Mandy liked Mrs. Evans at once. They were about the same age, even if all the work had made Jordan's mom look older than she actually was. But her eyes and her smile showed her real age and her real nature.

"It's nice to meet you Mrs. Evans!" Mandy said. "I'm glad that you could come to our little barbecue today!"

"Thank you. But please, call me Alice!"

"Ok, Alice. I'm Mandy, and this is my husband Stan!"

"Hello Alice, pleased to meet you." Stan said. "Well, ladies, why don't we have a seat? The boys told me that they won't need me to lit the fire, so we have time for a chat."

They sat under the sunshade in the backyard, got some cake and coffee and talked. Of course their main subject were their boys and their feelings for each other. Stan and Mandy told Alice what they had learned about homosexuality so far, and they all agreed that they would not try to take any influence on their sons' relationship.

Alice learned a lot from the Jacksons. They were so busy chatting that they did not even notice when Eric lit the charcoal fire, Danny put the meat on the grill and Trish laid the table. Only when the smell of grilled fish and steaks filled the backyard they left their place and strolled to the grill.

"Hmm, that smells good!" Stan said. "Obviously you learned a lot from your old dad. But wait a second, something is missing!"

Stan went into the kitchen and soon came back with an apron. 'Kiss the cook' was printed on it. Danny had hardly put it on when Eric saw the inviting words. Of course Eric didn't need a second invitation. With a huge grin on his face he came over and stood in front of Danny who at first did not know what he wanted. But when Eric pointed at the apron he grinned too and closed his eyes, waiting for his kiss.

And he got it, a long and passionate kiss which provoked some whistles and 'o là là' calls from the others.

"Ah, guys," Stan said, "I don't want to be a spoilsport, but if you don't stop now we will have burned steaks for supper!"

"Oops, sorry!" Danny laughed and quickly turned the steaks.

Soon everything was ready and they came together on the table. Stan got the drinks, Mandy distributed the salads, and Danny and Eric served the grilled meat and fish. They had a lot to eat, but when they were finished, almost all plates and bowls were empty.

"That was really good!" Jordan said. "Thank you again for the invitation!"

"You're always welcome here Jordan!" Mandy smiled.

"Ask them dude!" Adam whispered and punched his friend in the ribs.

"Ask what?" Stan and Alice said almost in unison.

"Well, we wanted to ask you if I could stay overnight. Of course only if that doesn't cause any problems!"

"It wouldn't cause any problems at all!" Mandy said. "We're used to have friends from our kids sleeping over here. So you're welcome, if your mom doesn't mind."

Jordan looked at his mom, his eyes saying 'please'.

"Ok ok, how could I resist if you look at me like that. But be polite, you hear me!" Alice said.

"Mom, you know me, I'm a good boy!"

"I know honey, and of course you can stay!"

"Thank you mom!" Jordan said and hugged her again.

"Yes, thank you!" Adam said and smiled broadly.

Some time later Alice decided that it was time for her to go home. She thanked the Jacksons for the invitation, and Stan offered to drive her home what she readily accepted. The kids cleaned to table and put out the fire, and then Trish, Owen, Jazz and Chris said their good byes too and Owen drove everybody home.

Danny and Eric went to their room, not without wishing Adam and Jordan a very good night. Then the young boys were finally alone.

When Adam and Jordan were in Adam's room, the door locked behind them, Adam turned on his computer and connected to the internet.

"Let's surf a bit dude!" Adam said. "I wanna show you some nice sites."

First he went to the Shack and showed Jordan the place which had helped Danny and Eric to come together. After reading some of the new postings he surfed to some of the many good private homepages where all the great stories were published, and to some story archives where even more good stuff could be read.

"Wow, that's cool!" Jordan said. "I didn't know that all those places exist. How do you know about them?"

"Actually I found them when I looked in Danny's bookmarks. He stumbled over one of those pages some time ago, and since then he's a regular. Well, me too!"

"Cool! I'm sure you can learn a lot from those pages and stories!" Jordan said and grinned.

"Hehe, yeah." Adam smiled back. "But I prefer learning by doing! What do you think, are you ready for some fun?"

"Sure thing. I think we want to try the same!"

"Then what are we waiting for?" Adam asked and quickly turned of the computer.

He grabbed Jordan's hand and pulled him over to the bed, pushing him down. Slowly he started to undress his boyfriend, started with shirt, button by button, followed by the socks and at last his jeans. Jordan shivered with anticipated joy. He couldn't hide how excited he was, the bulge in his boxers said it all. And then the boxers were gone too.

Adam wanted to start to undress himself, but Jordan help him back. He wanted to do that job. And he did it fast and good, and finally the boys were lying next to each other on the bed, naked, horny, hard and excited. They touched each other's bodies, carefully at first, but then with more and more passion.

"You want to try the blowjob thing?" Jordan whispered.

"Yes, I want to!" Adam replied. "But let's turn and around so we can do it together."

So they arranged themselves in a 69er position, facing each other's pulsating hard-ons. Jordan took the initiative and touched Adam's red head with the tip of his tongue, licking away a small drip of precum. Then he let his tongue swirl around the whole head and under the soft foreskin.

Adam moaned slightly. This felt so good, and of course he wanted to give this feeling back. Thus he took as much of Jordan's dick in his mouth as he could without gagging and started to suck. Now Jordan shifted in the next gear too and sucked harder.

It was the first time for both boys that they tasted the cock of another guy, but they surely could get used to it. The feeling was just indescribable, awesome, wonderful. Both giving and receiving the blowjob felt great.

They managed to hold their orgasms back for quite a while, driving each other to the edge, but always stopping before they actually crossed the line. That game went on for a while, but finally they couldn't hold it back any longer. Almost simultaneously they reached the climax and filled each other's mouth with hot and sweet cum. They sucked until they both were completely empty and already halfway soft.

With their mouths full with cum they kissed, used their tongues to mix it to a lovely cocktail and shared it. Soon the cum was swallowed, but the kiss went on for a while. For several minutes they played with their tongues and nibbled at their lips.

At last they cuddled in the bed, naked as they were, and holding each other tight they fell asleep.

All's good that ends good!
Or is it too good? I know that this story is very optimistic, but what the hell, I like happy ends :)

Copyright 2000 by The Wolf