Eric Down Under

Chapter Sixteen: On the Beach

"So, what shall we do with the long weekend?" Owen asked and looked around.

The clique, extended by Adam and Jordan, sat together in the cafeteria of the school and had their lunch. It was Wednesday, and they were looking forward to a nice long weekend away from school. On Friday there would be an extraordinary faculty conference, and the following Monday was a public holiday. Thus they could do something together from Thursday afternoon until Monday evening.

"Hey, what's up guys, I'm waiting for your suggestions!" Owen said again.

"Beach!" Chris replied shortly.

"Yeah, the beach!" Danny agreed. "Swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing ... hotdogs, ice cream ... cute, barely dressed guys ... let's go to the beach!"

"Cool idea!" Trish was excited too. "Hey Eric, have you ever been at the Pacific before?"

"Nope, I only saw it from the distance." Eric said. "But I'm sure that I will like it."

"You won't only like it honey, you will LOVE it!" Danny said. "Ok, if nobody has a better idea, we'll camp on the beach."

"Uh, does 'WE' include us too?" Adam asked. "Or do you prefer to be alone?"

"Don't worry little brother!" Danny said. "We really like to have you around, so if you want to join us, you're welcome! The more the merrier. We'll need a second car anyway."

"Shall we?" Adam asked and looked at Jordan.

"Hell yeah!" Jordan replied. "What a stupid question, of course we will! Thank you guys, that will be great. Well, I don't have a driver's license, let alone a car, but I'll pay for the gas."

"No you won't! You'll be our guest!" Owen said. "Well, I'm sure that I can have my dad's car for the weekend. So we only need another one."

"I'll ask my mom." Jazz said. "Should be no problem, there's still dad's car if they need one over the weekend. And they'll be glad to have me out of the house for a while, so they can have some fun too. Oh my, parents and sex, what a thought. Yikes!"

"Oh yeah, I don't want to think about that!" Chris laughed. "So it is set, Thursday afternoon, right after school, we'll grab our camping stuff and drive over to the beach. What about this free campsite right on the ocean, about 80 miles south?"

"You mean the one with the nude beach area?" Danny asked.

"Exactly!" Chris grinned broadly. "Well, we don't have to go skinny dipping. Hehehe, but I'm sure there will be some nice boys to check out."

"Hey, don't you dare to flirt with other guys. Don't even look after them!" Jazz said. "You're all mine!"

"Aw, don't worry sweetheart, I will only look at you. You have enough to offer. But I thought that maybe Trish could be interested to see some nice..."

"Wow, hold on, wait a minute, Trish has her own private eye candy!" Owen pouted.

They joked and fooled around for a while until the afternoon classes began. Now that they had plans for the weekend, plans they could look forward to, the time went by much faster than usual. Well, at least for our friends.

After a short discussion with his parents, Jazz got the keys for his mom's car, along with many good advice and even some money for the gas. Owen could talk his dad into giving him his car too, and so the friends had all they needed for a cool weekend. On Wednesday evening they all got their camping stuff ready, like tents, sleeping bags, ghettoblaster, flashlights, sun lotion and so on.

And as soon as the school bell rang on Thursday afternoon, they stormed out of the school and packed the cars. They even had some CB walkie-talkies for their little two car convoy. Since Jazz didn't know the way, Chris drove this car with the two of them, Jordan and Adam inside. In the other car Owen played the chauffeur for Trish, Danny and Eric.

As soon as they were on the road, they turned on the radios and looked for a good rock'n'roll station, and some moments later Steppenwolf boomed out of the speakers with their famous 'Born to be wild'.

"Woohoo, that's so cool!" Jazz shouted in his walkie-talkie. "This is Love Machine, calling Rubber Duck, do you hear me? Over!"

"Loud and clear Love Machine!" Danny called back. "Yeah, we are born to be wild! Pacific Ocean, we are on our way. All you mothers out there, call your daughters in the house and send your pretty boys on the street! Quack quack, Rubber Duck, over and out!"

The streets were still pretty empty, thus they made a good speed. All they way to their destination, they fooled around on the CB, passing the walkie-talkies from one to another. They even talked with some truckers when the passed them.

Only Adam and Jordan didn't take part in those chats. They were too busy holding hands, looking at each other, smiling and kissing occasionally. Soon the kissing got more passionate, and instead of angel kisses on the cheek or forehead they locked their lips for long passionate French kisses.

When the moaning on the back seats got louder and louder, Jazz turned around and grinned. Jordan and Adam were really getting into it, they completely forgot their surroundings. Adam lay on his back on the bench and Jordan was on top of him, grinding his hips into his boyfriend. His hands wandered under Adam's shirt and he tenderly played with Adam's hard nipples.

Jordan lifted Adam's T-shirt and started to suck at the cute nipples. He carefully nibbled at them and Adam moaned with delight.  Then he licked his way down to Adam's belly button and let his soft tongue dart in and out. He stroked Adam's thighs through his shorts, getting closer and closer to the impressive bulge at the crotch.

"Ah...," Jazz coughed, "could you guys do me a favor? Please don't make a mess on the seats, it takes ages to remove those cum stains. My mom would kill me."

Jordan lifted his head and looked at Jazz. Then he looked back at Adam and grinned.

"Uh, don't worry dude." Jordan said. "We won't make a mess. I wouldn't waste Adam's sweet cream on your seats."

Adam blushed in a deep red, but he grinned from ear to ear.

"Hey Jason, you could do us a favor too!" Adam said. "Turn around and look at the street. There's nothing to see back here."

Jazz laughed out loud, but he turned around and gave the young boys some privacy. But from time to time he looked in the back mirror to see two horny teens in action, though the show did not end in a climax. Adam and Jordan knew that they would have plenty of time alone this weekend, where they could live their love without nosy observers.

Nevertheless they had pretty red heads and were soaked with sweat when they finally reached their destination. Danny lifted an eyebrow when he got out of the other car and saw his slightly deranged younger brother, but he could not hide his smile. He was happy for his brother, happy that he had found such a great soulmate and boyfriend.

The campsite was relatively small, but it was very nice. Yet most people preferred the bigger ones where they had shops and clubs, thus it was not crowded here. They parked the cars and carried their stuff to a quiet corner of the campsite. Now they had to set up the four tents. This turned out to be a little adventure for itself, and more than once one of the tents collapsed before they finally were all set up and safe to use.

When they were finished, the sun was just about to set. Unfortunately they were on the east coast, so they could not see a beautiful sunset over the ocean. But they could be looking forward to a just as beautiful sunrise the next morning. At least if they would manage to crawl out of their sleeping bags in time.

It was still pretty warm outside, and they decided to take a little walk on the beach, over to the small town where they could buy a snack and something to drink. Hand in hand, arm in arm, the four couples walked along the coast, feet in the water, and they enjoyed the slight breeze which came from the ocean. They didn't speak much on their way but just enjoyed the peaceful silence.

They found a small grocery shop and bought some supplies for the weekend. Then they went to a snack bar and had some greasy yummy hotdogs with lots of onions and hot peppers, along with some cold cokes. On their way back to the campsite, they made some plans for the time they would spend here. This wasn't really a tourist place, so there were no special attractions or entertainment. But it was the right place to be lazy for a while, and that was what they wanted.

Back at the campsite they stowed their supplies in the tents and sat together in the soft sand. It was a cloudless night, and thousands and thousands of stars, as well as an almost full moon, diffused a romantic light. For a while nobody spoke, until Chris suddenly started to grin.

"Ok guys," he said, "let's do it. Let's go skinny dipping. It actually is allowed here!"

"You're crazy Chris!" Owen replied. "The water is too cold now."

"Aw c'mon, you're such a chicken!" Jazz laughed. "Or are you ashamed to take your clothes off?"

"I'm not!" Owen protested. "I have nothing to hide. I just thought that Trish would feel a bit uncomfortable if ..."

"Why should I?" Trish interrupted him. "I have no problem with it. If you guys do it, I'll do it too!"

"You see!" Chris said and grinned. "Then what are we waiting for?"

They all looked at each other, but nobody wanted to be the first. So it took a few minutes until Jordan finally got up and dragged Adam on his feet too.

"C'mon Adam, those guys have a big mouth, but nothing else. We'll show them how it works. At least we won't be the lame ducks this time!"

Then he quickly stripped naked, threw his clothes in the sand and ran to the water, shortly followed by Adam. This was like a starting shot for the rest of them because they did not want to chicken out, and a moment later they were all stripping, running and jumping into the water with naked butts.

The water was pretty shallow at this part of the beach, just right for some water games in the dark. They chased each other around for a while, pinching the naked buttocks, pulling at the legs and between. Trish was not shy around her friends, though she preferred to chase her boyfriend instead of the other guys.

From time to time people walked along the beach and saw them fooling around. But beside an elder lady who complained to her husband about the lack of moral of today's youth, none of the people cared about them. They were used to see nudes on a nude beach.

After a while they started to get cold in the fresh air and left the water. The collected their scattered clothes, wrapped in some towels and sat together for a few more minutes before they finally said their good nights and crawled in their tents.

Danny had hardly pulled down the zipper of their tent when Eric attacked him from behind. Eric grabbed the waist of his boyfriend and pulled him on the ground, removing the towel with a quick move. Now Eric lay on his back, belly to back with Danny, and stroked his front. Danny did not try to struggle free. On the contrary, he made himself really comfortable on top of Eric, enjoying his soft hands all over his body.

Eric caressed Danny's hairless chest, played with the nipples until they were fully erect. Then he worked his way down to the firm stomach and the first trace of black hair which led down to the pubics. Slowly Danny rubbed his butt against Eric's crotch, and he managed to remove Eric's towel from between their bodies. Now hot naked flesh rubbed against hot naked flesh, and the friction made them both sweat.

"Hey sweetheart," Eric whispered in Danny's ear, "guess what I have in my backpack. A big tube of vaseline! And I don't want to carry it back home again!"

"Then let's think of a nice way to use it!" Danny whispered back. "We never did it doggy style so far. Or let's say like two wild wolves. What do you say?"

"I say get down on all fours, my wild wolf, and let me jump on you!"

Danny did as he was told and went down on his hands and knees, presenting Eric his cute bubble butt. Eric fumbled the vaseline out of his bag and then focused his full attention on his lover's buttocks. He kissed and licked both cheeks and kneaded them until they had a nice red color.

Eric spread the buttocks a bit so he had easy access to the pink rosebud. He stuck out his tongue and carefully touched the hole with the tip. Danny giggled silently and shivered when he felt the tickling sensation on his sphincter as Eric started to lick harder and push his tongue against it.

He lubed Danny's warm hole with his salvia, every now and then trying to push his tongue in. And finally his tongue slit in with very little resistance. Danny gasped when he felt the wet muscle sliding in his body, and his own cock jumped to full attention.

When he had eased Danny's hole enough, Eric opened the tube with the vaseline and oozed a big dollop of the fluid on his hand. He warmed it a bit and rubbed it in and around Danny's rear entry. He let his finger slip in and out, brushing the prostate every time and sending little electric shocks through Danny's body.

Eric took some more of the vaseline and spread it over his own rock hard cock. When he was finally satisfied with his work, he threw the tube in a corner and grabbed Danny's firm buttocks. He positioned his pulsating tool at Danny's waiting hole and carefully pushed the head in. The tight grip at the head of his cock made Eric moan with pleasure, and as he pushed his cock in further the pleasure even increased.

While he slowly pulled back, only to push forward in the next second, Eric grabbed Danny's swollen member from behind and started to pump it in the same slow rhythm. Danny's body shook uncontrollably every time Eric's cock touched his sensitive prostate. He almost collapsed, but with Eric's helping hands he stayed in his doggy position.

Finally Danny could take no more. His balls were pulled up to his body and he shot his load on the towel that lay under his body. Four, five, six hot shots of boy cum erupted out of his cock, and the rest ran  down Eric's hand. Danny arched his back, and his ass muscles contracted around Eric's dick, bringing him to ultimate ecstasy. Eric hugged his lover tight when he felt his climax coming, and he closed his eyes when he exploded and filled Danny's boy pussy with his semen.

There was a silent plop when Eric's softening cock slipped out of Danny's body. Now Danny could let go and he fell on the ground, rolled on his back and opened his arms wide to hug his boyfriend. Eric happily accepted the invitation and lay down in Danny's arms, resting his head on his smooth chest.

For a while they just tried to restore their powers, almost falling asleep in each others arms. But before they finally drifted into dreamscape, they changed positions and played some more exciting games.

The next morning, they all crawled out of their tents when it was still dark. They were pretty tired because none of them had gotten much sleep that night, but they really wanted to see the sunrise. Especially Eric, who had never before seen a sunrise at the ocean, wanted to see and feel this special moment together with his boyfriend.

The soft rush of the waves was the only noise which was to be heard in the peaceful silence of the young day. Cuddled together the friends sat in the sand and waited for the first ray of light at the horizon. And when it finally broke through, it was as if the world was reborn.

Eric was amazed. He had never seen such an awesome scenery. Slowly the yellow sun ball rose out of the ocean, bathing the world in a magic light. A light which was reflected in the eyes of his boyfriend, making them glow like the eyes of a crying vampire. Eric could not take his eyes from Danny anymore. In this first light of the new day he looked like an angel. His angel!

He took Danny's head in his hands on moved his own head close to him. Their lips locked for a passionate kiss which sealed their love again, and which treasured this special moment in their hearts. And they were not the only ones who felt the magic of the moment, their friends felt just the same. So they did not only grow closer as couples, but as a group as well.

As the sun was climbing higher on the sky, Trish fired the gas cooker and boiled water for some coffee, and after that she made a huge pan of ham and eggs for breakfast. They ate every bit of it, and it tasted better than it possibly could taste in any gourmet restaurant.

There was an extra sanitary area on the campsite which was pretty clean, and they all took a cold shower to get the sleep out of their eyes. When they wanted to go back to their tents, a bunch of six girls who camped at the other side of the place just arrived at the showers. They were chitting and chatting, like girls usually do when they are together, and when they saw the surplus of cute guys they put on their most seductive smiles and spontaneously invited the clique to a beach party this evening.

Of course Eric and the others accepted this invitation. Not to make closer contact to these girlies, but beach parties are always lots of fun. And the girls seemed to be quite nice, no conceited chicks.

They spent most of the day in the water, this time with their swimming clothes on. The ghettoblaster was booming all day long, powered by a small solar energy generator Chris had brought along. The local radio station played a great mixture of actual top hits and oldies, rock and pop, soul and blues.

Some of the most pleasant moments were the mutual creaming with sun lotion, when they creamed every square inch of each others bodies. At least those parts which were not covered by clothes.

When it started to get dark again, they had another shower and got ready for the party. The girls had prepared everything, just a bit further down the beach. They had some sea food and salads, some bottles of wine and soft drinks. Music was playing again and big torches lit the beach.

It was quite obvious that the girls wanted to flirt with Danny and the other boys. They could easily see that Owen and Trish were a couple, but there were still six cute guys left who seemed to be single. For the girls the equation was simple: six cute single boys plus six horny single girls results in lots of fun. How should they know that they were dancing with gay guys?

As it got later and most of the wine bottles were empty, the girls got more and more obtrusive. Especially Adam had problems to keep his new 'girlfriend' out of his pants, and more than once she grabbed his buttocks and pulled him close when they danced. It was actually pretty funny to see how the poor boy had to struggle to keep her on distance, even if it wasn't very funny for Adam himself.

But at some point the girls realized that they had no chances. They didn't show whether they suspected that they boys were slightly different or just shy or whatever, but they shifted their gears from 'I will get you in my sleeping bag' to 'we have a nice evening together'. Even Adam's admirer calmed down a bit, though she never completely gave up to try to be close to him.

When the torches had burned down and only the moon and the stars lit the beach, they all together removed the remainders of the party and said their good nights. The girls would leave the campsite early the next morning, so they probably wouldn't meet again since they lived in different cities.

"Phew, I'm glad this is over!" Adam sighed when they were back at their tents. "I swear, that girl wanted to eat me alive!"

"Aw, you looked sooooooooo cute when you danced with her!" Danny teased his younger brother. "You really matched great, like an old couple."

"Shut up!" Adam said. "It was hard enough to keep her on distance. I think she even had an orgasm when she rubbed her body on me!"

"HARD work indeed!" Jordan laughed. "I watched you for a while, you had a nice bulge in your pants."

"Hey, that's not true!" Adam said and blushed. "Well, not really, only a bit, I just .... ah, forget it! You should better be quiet now Jordy, or you'll be sleeping alone tonight!"

"Ok, my lips are locked!" Jordan quickly replied and ginned.

They laughed for a while about the poor girls and her fruitless efforts before they finally called it a day and vanished in their tents. Jordan could not help but tease Adam a bit more about his encounter with the obtrusive girl.

"Sorry bud," Jordan said between two giggles, "I really wanted to come over and help you out, but what could I do? Tell her to keep her hands from you because only I am allowed to play with your toy? Speaking of which, I wonder if I can get you as hard as she could!"

"She did not make me hard!" Adam insisted. "Well, ok, I admit that I got a bit hard. But that was only a natural reaction to her rubbing, I could not control it!"

"You're so darn cute when you blush buddy. But you don't have to apologize. What do you say, are you ready for some fun?"

Adam did not reply, at least not with words. Instead he crawled over to Jordan and started to undress him. Soon only his socks were left, but when Jordan wanted to take them off by himself, Adam stopped him.

"No, please let them on dude!" he said. "I heard from a special guy that it is more fun when you do it with your socks on. Don't ask me why, but if he says so, there must be a reason. Maybe we'll find out tonight."

Jordan looked a bit puzzled, but he did not take his socks off. And when he took off Adam's clothes, he let the socks untouched as well. Whether or not there really was something special about having sex with socks, they would find it out soon.

Adam lay on his back now and Jordan leaned down to him. He kissed his boyfriend on the forehead, then on each eye, on the tip of the nose and finally on his full pink lips. He nearly sucked Adam's tongue in his own mouth and worked on it as if he could bring it to an orgasm too.

Jordan worked his way down Adam's soft and hairless body, paying special attention to his chest, especially the hard little nipples. Down he traveled to the belly button, licking around and around and in and out and around again. Adam's body wriggled under the waves of joy which flooded through him, and he looked forward to the moment when Jordan's tongue would reach his hard member.

Yet Jordan didn't do him this favor but ignored the pulsating cock. Instead he licked and sucked at his left thigh and down the leg to the toes. He sucked every single one of them, changing to the right foot and up the leg again. Finally he was back at Jordan's boyhood, and this time he didn't let the poor boy suffer.

He hungrily swallowed Adam's uncut cock, so that the soft pubics tickled his nose. Carefully, in order not to hurt him with his teeth, he licked up and down the whole length of the shaft. Then he focused all his attention on the sensitive head and let his tongue circle around it. Adam got more and more aroused, but Jordan stopped before he fell over the edge and pulled away from his lollipop.

"Adam," Jordan whispered, "I want to make love to you. Yes, I want to fuck your adorable ass! But only if you want it too. I could understand if you don't ..."

"I do!" Adam interrupted him. "Oh yes Jordy, I do!"

"Oh Adam, I hoped that you would say that!" Jordan grinned widely and quickly pulled some KY jelly out of his bag. "Now pull your knees to your chest, so I can make you ready!"

So Adam pulled his knees to his chest and presented Jordan his lovely butt and his tight hole. Jordan took some of the KY and started to grease his young lovers crack and sphincter. Carefully he worked one finger in and waited for a moment, so Adam could get used to the feeling. Adam tried to relax as much as he could, and soon Jordan's finger danced in his rectum. When Jordan brushed over his prostate for then first time, Adam yelped like a pup because of the sensation.

After a while, Jordan added a second and then a third finger to ease Adam's muscles as much as he could. At last he was satisfied with the result and pulled his fingers out again. He took some more of the jelly, pulled his own foreskin back and coated his boner with it. Then he took one deep breath and moved himself into position.

Jordan looked in Adam's eyes all the time, looking for the smallest sign of doubt. But there was none, Adam wanted to do it just as much as Jordan. He wanted to feel this ultimate and most intimate connection, the act of love. Adam nodded again to show Jordan that he was ready, and then he closed his eyes and bit on his lip, just in case that there should be some pain.

And when Jordan pushed the head of his cock in Adam's butt, there really was some pain. But only for a millisecond, then it faded and gave way to pleasure. Jordan waited until Adam opened his eyes again, and when he saw the sparkling, he slowly pushed forward until his whole cock was caught in the tight grip of Adam's now no longer virgin hole. He had never felt such a hard grip, not even when he had beaten his meat real hard. It was a whole new feeling, and it was great.

He did not want to move at all, wanted to enjoy this moment forever. But on the other side he wanted to give Adam as much pleasure as possible too. Thus he carefully pulled back until only his head remained in Adam's body, then moved forward again, a bit harder this time. Every time Jordan's cock touched his prostate, Adam let out a silent moan. He was oozing precum, even if his own dick was not touched.

Yet this changed when Jordan grabbed it and stroked it tenderly, trying to do it in unison with his other movements. Sweat was running down his face and chest, and small drips formed on the tip of his nose before they fell down on Adam's body. They panted and sweat, and their moaning got louder the closer they both came to the edge.

"Ah, oh my god, oh my god, yes, I'm ... I'm ... argh, I'm cumming!" Jordan moaned.

He rolled his eyes and arches his back when his balls contracted and pumped their hot load through his shaft and deep in Adam's body. Almost simultaneously Adam reached his climax and shot his boy cream all over their two bodies. It took a while before they were able to move again and Jordan could roll next to Adam, letting out a long sigh.

"Oh Adam, that was so, so ... I cannot describe it. Thank you for letting me do that, thank you thank you thank you. I can't thank you enough. I love you so much Adam, really, honestly, seriously, I love you! I want to be with you forever!"

He kissed Adam on the lips again, not with pure lust or passion, but with love.

"I love you too Jordy! And if you cannot describe the feeling, then I will have to feel it by myself. I hope you have enough strength left!"

"Don't worry, I do! By the way, do you know now what's so special about sex with socks?"

"Not yet, but maybe I'll find out now. Or we'll have to ask this special guy again!"

And so the game went on and it became another hot night.

The fun went on during the next days. They wanted to do some scuba diving, but the rent for the gear was pretty expensive, so they just snorkeled a bit. One day they rented some surfboards, and there was a great laughter since none of them really could surf and they fell in the water all the time.

All too soon it was Monday morning again. Time to pack and head home. Even a long weekend is usually too short. But they had no choice, and so they got all their stuff in the cars again, cleaned the place where their tents had been and began the journey back home.

Of course they joked around on the CB again, fooling some truckers and once even a cop on a motorbike. This guy was not really amused when he realized what was going on, but fortunately he decided not to stop them and give them a 'don't mess with the cop ticket'. So they reached their home in the late Monday afternoon and dropped everybody at his or her house.

The Jacksons already waited for their boys. And they had some surprises for them, bad surprises and good surprises. There were always many letters to the editor in the Saturday edition of the largest local newspaper, and this time there had been many letters about the events at the highschool. The decision of the principal had caused a huge discussion about homosexuality and how to deal with this 'problem' at school.

Some parents were quite homophobic, and they demanded to kick all 'perverted fags who infect innocent kids with AIDS' out of the school. But those people were clearly in the minority. Most of the people who had written supported the attitude of the principal, and they condemned all kinds of violence and restrictions against minorities.

Eric, Danny and Adam were relieved that the majority had this liberal opinion, but nevertheless they were a bit worried about some nasty homophobic outbursts. Later that evening, they talked with their friends on the phone about it, and they agreed that they should just wait and see what would happen next.

And indeed, something did happen the next day. When they came to school, they first found out what the extraordinary faculty conference had been about: the foundation of a gay-straight association to promote understanding for homosexuals and to combat discrimination, not only against homosexuals but against all minorities.

Many students and teachers were standing together outside of the school building and discussed the whole affair. A large majority thought very positive about this new association. The were some smaller scribbles one the walls, like 'god hates fags' or 'kill all queers' or other stupid and childish sayings. But on the other side there was a big rainbow flag waving on the flagpole in front of the main building.

Eric and his friends had just entered the school when a guy came running towards them. He was wearing a rainbow colored bandana and a jacket full with stickers, saying things like 'god loves fags', 'make love, not war' and lots of that flower power stuff.

"Hi guys, I was already looking for you!" the guy said. "Do you want to sign in the new gay-straight association?"

"Yeah, sure we do!" Eric replied.

"Ok," he said, "rainbow club or sympathizers?"

"What do you mean?" Danny asked.

"I mean which side do you belong too, gay or sympathizing?"

They all looked at each other, not knowing how to react.

"Well," Danny said after a while, "I think I'll join the..."

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