Eric Down Under

Chapter Seventeen: Sail Away, Dream Your Dream

"Hahaha, no sweat dude, I don't wanna know it!" the guy laughed. "It doesn't matter if you are gay or bi or straight or confused or sympathizing or whatever, as long as you join the club and show your support! We won't divide in a gay and a straight section. We need to set a sign against all the intolerance and hatred! Ok, here's the list mates! And please, don't sign with XXX!"

Danny took the pen and wrote his name on the list, then passed it on to Eric. All eight friends signed on the new alliance. Of course they did not have to come out at once, that was not the intention of a gay-straight alliance. But maybe it would be a good opportunity for a public coming out soon. Or at least half public, to the other members of the club. Danny decided to wait and see how this thing would grow, which people would join, and above all, who else might come out. And he would wait until Eric was ready to do it too, for he wanted to have his coming out together with his boyfriend.

"Cool, eight more signatures," the guy said, "two more and I'll win a coffee maker. See ya later alligators! Hey you, over there, wait a second!"

And then he ran towards his next 'victims'. On the back of his jacket, he had a big sparrow trail, the international peace sign. Only that his sign was rainbow colored. This guy really could be a remainder of the hippie and flower power movement in the USA back in the sixties.

Eric and Danny went to their classroom and took their places next to each other. Their first class on Monday mornings was history, usually pretty boring, especially as the first class after the weekend. But today it was different, for Mr. Stubbart spoke about homosexuality in different epochs, and about the prosecution of homosexuals. Pretty soon it became obvious how he thought about it. He didn't like gays at all!

He didn't actually say it, but the way he talked about it told its own tale. He was not very far from approving the persecution of homosexuals during the second world war in certain countries. If only he knew that there were at least four of those 'subversive individuals' in his own classroom right now!

All students were glad as this class was over. Some of them shook their heads, and none of them said good bye to Mr. Stubbart when they left the room. Hopefully he would realize that he was on his own with his opinion, at least in this class.

"Geez, this guy should wear a 'God Hates Fags' sticker!" Danny hissed. "And he should change his name from Stubbart to Stubborn! I can't believe that a history teacher did not learn from the past. Well, let's hope that he's the only asshole here!"

The rest of the morning was uneventful, almost a normal Monday morning. Then after the lunch break, the first meeting of the new association was scheduled in the cafeteria. The principal was there, some members of the faculty and a few dozen students.

They shoved some tables together, sat around, and Mr. Shaw began to speak. He thanked all students who had joined the association, and he assured them of the support of the school. Some of the teachers would be their contacts to the faculty, but mainly it should be in the hands of the students what they would make out of their possibilities now.

And thus the principal and the teachers left again after a while and the real meeting could begin. Now the whole thing wasn't so official anymore and the atmosphere became a bit more relaxed. Eric looked around, looked at the other students who had joined the club. Adam was probably the youngest guy, but most people were about Eric's age or older.

Two girls were sitting there, holding hands, one stroking the hair of the other. Could they be girlfriends? At least it looked very much like they were. And then there were those two guys. They were older than Eric and Danny, probably in their last year at school. They had their arms around each other and were sitting really close.

Obviously they were not the only gays at this school! Who would have thought that? But ok, if you believe in statistics, about 10 percent of all people are not straight. Without even thinking about it, Eric took Danny's hand and held it tight, not trying to hide it under the table. Danny smiled at him, just like some of the others who noticed it.

The hippie with the rainbow colored bandana was there too, and it looked like he would be one of the leaders of the association, along with the lesbian couple and the older gay couple. They had some info material from similar groups which would help them to get their own thing going. The most important task would be to enlighten the other students, to show them that homosexuals were no thread for the society.

And unfortunately it was still important to make this clear, because there were still too many homophobes and gay haters. This became soon pretty obvious. The meeting was roughly interrupted when a window of the cafeteria was shattered by a stone. Nobody was hurt because they were sitting on the other side of the room, but of course they were shocked. A piece of paper was wrapped around the stone, and it said the same dumb things which those homophobes say all the time. Somehow they never have new ideas.

Nevertheless they continued their meeting, and in the end they were all very satisfied. No important decisions had been made today, but they had met, and they had realized that they were not alone. Now the first step had been made, and many more would follow. Hopefully the support would grow and the hate would be erased!

One of the first thing they wanted to do was creating an internet site. It should become a part of the school's homepage, and Danny and Eric had agreed to design it, together with Adam and Jordan. Now, on their way home, they discussed the design, the content and the links they wanted to add.

"Above all we need a guestbook!" Adam said.

"But then we'll get lots of negative entries too." Danny objected. "And that could discourage other kids who want to try to get out of the closet!"

"Yeah, but what if we get one of those moderated things?" Adam asked. "You know, where we have to approve before an entry finally appears online. Furthermore, we could find out the IP address of those who made nasty posts and mailbomb them. Send them viruses or something like that!"

"Hey, I didn't know that my little brother is so radical!" Danny laughed. "But the moderated thing is a good idea, we should at least try it. And what about a message board? We could start discussions there, make polls, give new information and so on."

"Sounds good to me!" Eric said. "I have an online friend who has lots of experience with the programming stuff. I'll ask him, I'm sure that he can help us if we have problems."

"Cool," Danny replied, "then let's start at once. What's up Jordy, do you have time to help us this afternoon?"

"Sure thing mate!" Jordan said. "You can count on me!"

When they reached the Jackson's house, they made themselves a little snack, got some drinks and then got to work. Fortunately they had built a little private network with their computers, so they could be online at the same time. Adam and Jordan surfed from Adam's room, and they looked for nice pictures and backgrounds they could use, and for interesting links they could add.

They found many useful pages, above all through the links of some private homepages. Pages about coming out, infos for gay teenagers and for the parents of gay kids, as well as serious material about rape and violence. Some of this material would be shocking for the readers, and they would have to add warning messages. But sometimes a healthy shock can be very helpful to open the eyes of someone.

And they found lots of cool graphics which would make their site a real eye candy. Jordan was surprised to see how big this gay online community was. There were so many people who had their own pages, and even more who had no own pages but were hanging around on the various message boards. Jordan could only guess how many lurkers there had to be.

Eric and Danny worked on Stan's PC in the meantime. Eric logged on ICQ and saw that Gary was online. That was good, because Gary really was a crack. He could program almost everything, and thus he could give Eric good tips for their project. And when Eric told him what they wanted to do, Gary promised to help him, even if he was pretty busy most time.

Now they could do the fundamental design, write an introduction and just play around with the html editor to learn how it worked. Soon they knew the basics, and the more they learned, the more fun they had.

But then they got distracted a bit. Eric found a nice picture gallery with cute, slightly dressed guys. Danny quickly stepped behind him when Eric whistled and grinned. It was really a nice sight, and pretty stimulating. Danny started to tenderly rub Eric's neck while they looked through the pics. First he used only his thumbs to massage his lover's neck, then he continued with his shoulders.

Eric closed his eyes and enjoyed the caressing hands on his body. Danny stroked Eric's chest and tenderly nibbled on his earlobe. Quickly he pulled his boyfriend's T-shirt over his head and continued stroking the bare soft skin. Danny could feel that Eric really liked this treatment, for his nipples were hard and erect. And they were not the only hard things on Eric's body. His shorts could not hide the impressive bulge on his crotch!

Danny touched the erection of his horny boyfriend through the denim of his shorts, causing Eric to moan. Then he slipped his hands in the shorts to find his prize. There was already a bit precum, and Danny spread it over the head with his thumb and index finger.

"Wait a second sweetie, let me get in a better position!" Danny whispered in Eric's ear.

He quickly locked the door, just to be sure that nobody would disturb them. Then he went down on his hands and knees and crawled under the computer desk, looking directly at Eric's crotch. Eric lifted his butt a bit from the chair, so that Danny could pull his shorts and boxers down.

Now Eric's throbbing hardon was only inches away from his face. Danny grabbed the shaft and pumped it slowly while he let the balls roll through his other hand. Then, when the next drip of precum flowed out of the head, he put his soft lips around the head, making sure that he did not bite too hard.

Eric spread his legs as wide as possible, so Danny had easy access to his hot boyhood. Despite of the nice pics on the screen, Eric closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Danny's dancing tongue. This was all he needed to be in heaven! Danny continued licking around the sensitive head, nibbling at the foreskin every now and then, and sending waves of pleasure through Eric's body.

Eric's hips began to jerk as he come closer and closer to his climax. Danny felt that his boyfriend was close to the edge, but he didn't want him to fall over it yet. Thus he stopped licking and sucking and just stroked Eric's inner thighs for a while. Only when Eric's breathing had slowed down, Danny let his tongue circle around the head again.

This time he wouldn't stop before the edge, no way, now he wanted to taste his lover's sweet cream. Eric groaned and grabbed the arms of the chair. He let himself go and fired his load deep down Danny's throat, six big shots of boy cum. Danny swallowed it all, not a single drip escaped his mouth.

Now Danny wanted to crawl out and get up, but he had no chance. As soon as Eric had caught his breath again, he went down and pinned Danny under the desk. With a quick move, he unbuttoned Danny's shorts and let his rock hard cock jump out. Danny rolled his eyes and panted when his cock was enclosed by Eric's wet lips. Eric tried to take the whole thing in his mouth, and he licked down the shaft until Danny's pubics tickled in his nose.

He just loved this scent. This masculine, yet still boyish scent. A bit sweat and lots of sexual fragrances. This scent made Eric really wild and horny, and it made him suck Danny's boyhood hard and fast. Danny grabbed Eric's head, ruffled his hair, and thrust his hips against his face. He almost fucked Eric's mouth.

Danny couldn't hold it back very long. Suddenly he arched his back, and his body started to shake uncontrollably when his orgasm flowed over him like a tidal wave. He cried out loud, partly of pain because he hit his head on the desk, but mostly of pure lust and joy.

Then Eric's mouth was filled with Danny's semen, and once again Eric thought that it tasted better every time he drank it. Eric didn't stop sucking before Danny's cock became limb in his mouth. He licked his lips and hugged Danny tight, still under the desk. The boys shared a long kiss, trying to collect the last left-overs of cum in each other's mouth.

For a while, they just lay on the floor, cuddled together. Eventually they got up again. Eric collected his scattered clothes and got dressed, while Danny just had to rearrange his pants.

"Aw, there's nothing like a little creamy snack in the afternoon!" Eric sighed and smiled. "I love you Danny!"

"Luv ya too matey!" Danny replied. "You're the most precious thing in my life, I don't know what I would do if you hadn't decided for Australia when you had the chance for this exchange."

"You'd probably say the same words to another guy right now. A cutie like you could not stay alone for long!"

"No way! Without you, I would have never had the courage to come out. I'm not even sure if I would have had the courage to admit to myself that I am gay. Maybe I would have a girlfriend right now, and I'm sure that I would hate it. No, without you, I wouldn't be the guy I am today! You're my one and only!"

"I could listen to you for hours when you say so sweet things! Oh my, christmas isn't far away anymore. My first christmas away from home. And I don't even miss my home. Well, sometimes I miss my family a bit, but most time I feel like you all are my family now. I may not even think what will happen in a few months, when I have to go home again."

"Don't worry about it now." Danny said and hugged Eric again. "We will find a way to stay together even after the exchange. And I'm absolutely sure that this year's christmas will be the best of our lives. At least I have some pretty good ideas for it!"

"Oh, tell me tell me tell me!" Eric begged. "What do you have for me? Or what do you want to get for me? Please, tell me, I wanna know. I have no ideas what to get for you yet!"

"Hehe, my lips are sealed! You will have to wait!"

"But I will need a good idea for a present for you!" Eric complained.

"Then use your brain mate. If you weren't so horny all the time, you would have more blood in your brain instead of your dick. Then you would be able to think." Danny laughed.

"Git!" Eric said, but could not suppress a giggle. "I'm not that horny. Well, at least not all the time. But speaking of horny guys, let's go and see what Adam and Jordy are doing. I hope they found some good things for our web project!"

Eric and Danny went to Adam's room. The door was closed, so they waited for a second to listen, but they didn't hear a thing. Danny slightly knocked at the door. No answer. So he tried to open the door, and surprisingly it was not locked. They went in, but there was nobody in the room. At least on the first sight. But then they saw that there was a movement on the bed, under the blanket. And they noticed that there were clothes scattered all over the room.

Danny grinned at Eric and coughed. The movement on the bed stopped immediately, and two pairs of eyes in two red heads peeked out from under the blanket. Danny could not help but laugh about the shocked expression on his brother's face.

"Geez, Adam, you should see your face right now!" Danny said. "You look like you were caught from candid camera with your pants down. Hmm, actually we did catch you with your pants down, hehehe. C'mon Eric, let's leave them alone. We'll see you downstairs guys. Take your time!"

Still laughing, Danny and Eric left the younger guys alone again and went into the living room. They turned on the TV and zapped through the channels while they waited for Jordan and Adam. And a few minutes later, they came down too.

"Hey, that was quick!" Eric said. "I hope we didn't interrupt you guys before you could, er, finish your job."

"Don't worry mate." Jordan replied and blushed slightly. "Actually you only saw a bit of the after-fun."

"Oh, and Adam," Danny added, "remember what you told Eric and me when you found us in bed a while ago? You told us to lock the door. You should follow your own advice next time!"

"Yeah yeah, I know." Adam sighed. "Well, we didn't plan it, it just happened. We just had not the time to lock the door."

"I know what you mean little bro!" Danny said. "Sometimes it just happens from one second to the other. Nevertheless, it's better to take a few seconds to lock the door. Or do you want mom to come in while you are sucking at ..."

"Of course not!" Adam shouted. "Oh my, I would die instantly!"

"Hey, can there be a better way to die than in the arms or in the mouth of your lover?" Eric tried to sound serious, but then he burst out laughing, shortly followed by the rest of the guys.

Eventually they calmed down again and talked about the results of their research. Adam and Jordan had found some interesting pages with useful information. Now they had a good foundation to start with their project. At least they could make the first offline version of the new website, like a beta version. So they worked on the page for the rest of the afternoon, until it was time for dinner, and in the end, they were all quite happy with the result.

Jordan stayed for dinner with the Jacksons, but then Stan drove him home. His mom would be happy to have him around for a while too. So poor Adam had to sleep alone again, while his brother had somebody to cuddle with. But Adam knew that he would have plenty of time to spend with his boyfriend, thus he could sleep and dream well.

During the next few days, there were several meetings of the new association. They were still on the beginning and had many things to do, that is why they met almost every day for about half an hour or so. The other members were pretty impressed when they saw the new website.

'Here we are, mighty, glorious, at the end of the rainbow, with gold in our hands'. This line from a song from one of Eric's favorite bands was on the main page, and it said it all. They were proud to wear or at least to support the rainbow colors!

And obviously the understanding and the acceptance was growing, for the page had lots of visitors in the first few days. There were many nice comments in the guestbook. Most of them were anonymous because many people were just too shy or even scared to show their support publicly. But nevertheless, they had signed it.

Surprisingly there were only very few nasty comments, which were deleted at once. Maybe the jerks were just too stupid to use the internet.

And when the page was online for some days, the visitors came from all over the world. They had joined some international campaigns against hate, intolerance, violence and homophobia, and now they got congratulations and support from many people from many different countries. Furthermore, they made contact with other gay-straight associations, and they could profit from their experiences.

The principal was satisfied too. His students had shown that they were very tolerant, at least a huge majority of them. And even some of the parents who had been against it had calmed down or changed their opinion. All in all, it had been a huge success!

The next few days and weeks were pretty uneventful. But now christmas time was coming closer and closer, and Eric had to think a lot. First off all, he had no idea yet what he should get for Danny. How could he show him how much he loved him? Well, there was no material thing that could express his love. So he would have to think of something more symbolic.

But moreover, Eric had to think about the time. Time was passing far too fast. On christmas, he would be in Australia for half a year, so half of the exchange would be over. What would be after it? Would he be able to leave Danny and go back to his old life in Germany? So many questions, and no answers!

One day, Eric was sitting on the couch again, lost in his thoughts, when Danny entered the room. He realized at once that his boyfriend was sad. Silently he sat close to Eric on the couch and put his arm around his shoulder. Only then Eric noticed that he wasn't alone anymore, and he let out a long sigh.

"Hey, Eric, what's wrong?" Danny asked concerned and looked deep in Eric's eyes. "Do you have any problems? Did somebody hurt you? Or is it me? Did I do or say anything wrong? Please tell me, you have always been so happy, why are you so depressed suddenly?"

"No, of course you didn't do anything wrong, on the contrary!" Eric said. "It's not because of you. No, that's not true, somehow this is because of you. I was just thinking about the time after. You know, almost half of my time here is over now. I don't want to think about what will happen when I have to go back, but somehow those thoughts always come back. Maybe it's because christmas time is close. I don't know."

"Well, I know one thing, we have to cheer you up again! We just have to get out of here again for a while, so you will forget those sad thoughts. And I think I have a good idea! Have you ever been sailing?"

"Sailing? Nope! I haven't lived at the coast in Germany, and I've never tried it when we were on holidays. Why do you ask?"

"Because we guys from Oz really love to sail. It's so much fun! You will see. I'll call the others and ask them if they would like to go on a sailing trip next weekend. We can rent a boat and spend the weekend on the ocean. Don't worry, we know how to handle such a sailing ship. Owen, Chris and I, we did it quite often last year. I don't know why we never did it since you are here. I guess we have just been too busy."

"Ok, this sounds like fun. You can count me in!" Eric said and smiled again.

"Cool mate!" Danny was happy too. "Then I have to make some phone calls now!"

So Danny called Chris and Owen and told them about his idea. They were excited too, and they were sure that Jazz and Trish would want to join in as well. Danny had just hung the phone up when Adam peeked in the room.

"Did I get that right?" he asked. "You wanna go sailing? What about Jordy and me? Would you mind if we come with you? We'll pay our share of the rent for the boat! Please!"

"Aw, stop looking at me with that puppy dog look!" Danny laughed. "Of course I would have asked you too. I know that you are a sailing freak. And I already told you that you guys are part of the clique, we love to have you around!"

"Cool! Yeah!" Adam jumped around. "Gimme the phone, I'll call Jordan at once. When will we go? Where will we go? Oh man, this is exciting!"

Two hours later, it was a deal. All friends were excited about the idea. Danny had already called a guy at the harbor who had sailing boats for rent. Next Saturday, in the early morning, they would sail out and cruise along the coast until Sunday afternoon. The weather forecast was good, there should be no problems for the amateur sailors. At least if you trusted those forecasts.

And so the weekend came, and the eight friends stood at the harbor. Their backpacks were full with food and beverage, a few clothes and sun lotion. Eric was looking forward to his first ever sailing trip. He was really happy again, the sad thoughts of the last week were out of his mind again.

They rented a nice ship, big enough for all of them, but not too big, so that they should have no problems to handle it. There was one cabin with a double bed for Trish and Owen, plus two bigger cabins with four beds in each. Danny and Eric would share one of them with Adam and Jordan, but since the night should be warm, Danny wanted to sleep on deck. Of course Eric would join him there.

Carefully they maneuvered the ship out of the harbor, using the engine, and towards the open see where they finally set sails. There were a few tiny islands here, but no dangerous shallows or reefs, so they did not have to worry. And besides, Danny, Chris and Owen had spent their whole life here, they knew the sea quite good.

Eric was amazed. He hadn't thought that sailing would be so much fun. The sun, the fresh air, the salt on the lips - it was just awesome. And the best of it all was the company, because he could share this all with his friends.

When it was time for a little lunch, they dropped the anchor, lay on the deck and basked in the sun. Their mom's had given them many good things to eat, above all two yummy self-made cakes, plus salads in tupperware and heaps of sandwiches. Somehow mom's always fear that their kids could starve.

In the small storeroom of the ship, there were two fishing rods, and of course they wanted to try to catch some fish for dinner. Fishing was something Eric had done at home in Germany, on a small lake together with his father. Thus he took one of the rods and challenged the Australian guys to find out who could catch the biggest fish.

Eric managed to catch some smaller fish. At first Danny laughed about them, but then Eric used them as bait, and soon he pulled a bigger fish out of the ocean. Now it was his turn to laugh, because the others didn't catch anything at all. On the other side, Eric got two more, so they would have enough to eat this evening.

Trish gutted the fish and fried it in the small galley of the ship. They enjoyed it together with two bottles of good Australian red whine. In a good restaurant, they would have had to pay lots of money for such a dinner, and out here, it was almost for free, and it tasted much better.

The sunset was another highlight of the day. When the sun touched the ocean, the water seemed to transform into liquid gold, and it made the atmosphere really romantic. Soon the couples were cuddled together, hugging and kissing. And as soon as the sun had vanished completely, three of those couples vanished in their cabins.

Danny dropped the anchor again and turned on the position lights, so they would be safe for the night. There was a big air mattress on the sun deck, and here they spread their blankets for the night. Thousands of stars where shining on them, like candles in the sky. Eric and Danny lay on their backs and looked up to the sky for a while, counting the stars, trying to name the constellations.

Eric leaned over to Danny and placed sweet angel kisses all over his face. Slowly they undressed each other, never breaking their kisses for more than a few seconds. They had another tube of vaseline, and eventually Eric started to lube Danny's pink hole. Carefully he pushed one finger in and let it dance around, brushing over Danny's prostate, and making his muscles relax. Soon a second and then a third finger followed.

Danny's breathing became faster, and Eric knew that he was ready. More than just ready, Danny wanted to feel him inside his body, he wanted to feel the heat, the passion, the love! Slowly Eric pulled his fingers out again and put a bit of the lube on his rock hard cock. He lifted Danny's legs on his shoulders and moved into position.

Danny held his breath when he felt the head of Eric's cock on his sphincter, and he let it out again with a long sigh when Eric slowly pushed forward until his balls touched Danny's buttocks. Danny was still pretty tight, but that was just what Eric loved so much. Now he started to move in a nice rhythm, pulling out and pushing back in, out and in, out and in.

He made love to his boyfriend very slow this night, and when his orgasm finally hit him, he was surprised by the intensity. Eric rolled his eyes and arched his back, and every single muscle in his body seemed to contract when he filled Danny with his hot cum. For a few minutes, Eric was not able to move, he just lay on top of Danny, his head on Danny's chest, and enjoyed the long afterglow of his orgasm.

But the love making was not over yet. When Eric had recovered again, he went down on his hands and knees and lifted his butt in the air, shaking it in front of Danny's hungry eyes. And Danny took the invitation. First he pleasured Eric's pulsating hole with his soft tongue, and when he had loosened him enough, he made love to Eric too, soft and gentle.

Eventually, after another round of fun in a 69er position, Danny and Eric covered with their blankets, cuddled, kissed good night, and soon they were fast asleep.

The other friends had been tired too, for of course they all had experienced the fascination and the wonders of love this night. And now they were all sleeping peacefully in their bunks.

If Danny and Eric had not fallen asleep so fast, they would have noticed that one star after another vanished as dark clouds covered the sky. And if they had not turned off the radio, they would have heard the warning in the news. But they didn't see it, and they did not hear it. They were sleeping as the danger drew near.

WRS-News --- Weather Update
The low-pressure area Jon has turned into a storm and is now approaching the coast!
Strong winds and heavy rain are to be expected!
All boats off the coast of Wollongong should come back to the harbor immediately!
The storm Jon is approaching from the east!
All boats should come back to the harbor immediately!
End of Weather Update --- WRS-News

Oops! A storm!
Are our friends in danger? Or will they wake up early enough and sail home before it starts?
If you want to find, you have to stay tuned!

Copyright 2000 by The Wolf