Eric Down Under

Chapter Eighteen: Robinson's Descendants

Slowly his mind rose out of the darkness.

The numbness faded away, and he could feel again.

He could feel his arms and legs, the wetness, the pain.

He could feel the sand under his body and the salt in his face.

And he could remember his name: Eric. Eric Philips!

Then suddenly the full memory came back!
They had been sleeping on the boat when ...


... the rain had started. Not a few drops, but a mighty cloud-burst!

Eric and Danny were sleeping on the sun deck of their small ship when the storm started. From one second to the next, their blankets were completely wet. Then a lightning broke the darkness, and the thunder rolled only a second after it.

"Holy shit!" Danny shouted against the wind. "Where the hell did that come from? Shit! Eric, hurry up, wake the others. We have to put our life-jackets on!"

Quickly Danny put on his boxers and ran to the rudder while Eric, now also in his boxers and shorts, ran under deck to wake his friends. But the loud thunder and the rocking ship had already woken them, and they were on their way on deck, barely dressed. They all looked pretty worried, even frightened, but fortunately they did not panic.

They put on their life-jackets, and Eric brought one to Danny on the rudder. In the meantime, Danny had started the engine and tried to steer away from the storm. But there was no chance, the wind was far too strong, and they were at the mercy of the waves.

Suddenly another mighty lightning illuminated the night, and Eric noticed that the waves had carried them close to one of the small islands. He could see the reefs in the water, and it was only a question of minutes before their ship would hit the first reef. Eric could already hear the scratching noises on the hull.

"The engine is not strong enough, we have no chance against the wind and the waves!" Owen shouted. "We have to get off this ship!"

"NO!" Trish yelled back. "We would lose each other in the water. We have to stay on board, then we are safe!"

"On the contrary!" Owen opposed. "If this ship sinks, it will pull us under water too. We'll have to try to reach the island over there!"

"Owen's right!" Danny said. "I will try to send a SOS radio message. You guys go and get a rope, so we can all tie together."

Danny fought his way against the wind to the radio. He switched to the emergency channel and sent the SOS. At least he tried to, but he could not be sure if anybody had heard it at all.

Another huge wave hit the boat and almost overturned it. It was really high time now, they had to get off as soon as possible. Meanwhile Chris had found a rope, and they tied their life-jackets together. The island was pretty close now. If they wanted to jump into the water, they had to do it now or never. Thus they took each other's hand and jumped into the dark, tossed up ocean.

Eric gasped for air when he surfaced out of the cold water again. He could feel the power of the water and the waves which seemed to pull at him from all sides. Two times he was thrown against the hull of the boat, and he almost lost consciousness. And his legs hit the reefs again and again.

Those reefs were really dangerous, because they were pretty sharp and did not only scratch their skin, but the rope as well. And suddenly it happened! The rope was torn and slipped out of the loops of Eric's life-jacket. When Eric realized it, he tried to grab Danny's arm, but it was too late. He was pushed under water and separated from his friends. He swallowed gallons of salt water, and the last thing he heard before the world turned black was Danny's voice desperately shouting his name.

End of Flashback

And now Eric was lying on the beach. Fortunately the Gods of the ocean had been merciful with him, for the waves had carried him to the island and not out to the open sea. Slowly Eric opened his eyes and raised his head. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and there was no evidence of the storm. It seemed like it had only been a nightmare, but Eric knew that it was reality.

Eric managed to get up on his knees. He looked at himself and saw some scratches and bruises, but obviously there were no bigger injuries. Now he wondered where his friends were. They had to be on this island too. They just HAD to! Eric did not know what he would do if something bad had happened to Danny. 'He is ok, they all are ok!' Eric repeated to himself.

But the beach was empty. As far as Eric could look, he did not see another person. He only saw some pieces of wood, probably the remains of their ship. Though he could not see very far, because there were large rocks and reefs on the beach. Eric took his life-jacket off and threw it away. It had saved his life, but now he didn't need it anymore.

He stumbled through the sand along the water, looking for his friends, trying to call their names with a croaking voice, again and again. But there was no answer. As he climbed on one of the rocks, Eric could see the wreck of the ship on the reefs. The mast was broken in half, and a piece of the ripped sail was fluttering in the light wind like a white flag. There were some big holes in the hull. This ship would never ever sail again!

Eric stared at the wreck for a long while. He tried not to imagine what would have happened to them if they had not left the ship, but the pictures came always back to his mind. They had saved their lives by jumping into the water. At least Eric's life had been saved. He still had to find the others!

After climbing down from the rock, Eric turned left and continued calling Danny's name. And suddenly he heard another voice in the distance. A familiar voice. A very familiar voice! Eric started to run towards the next rocks which blocked his view, but before he had reached them, someone came running around those rocks. It was Danny!

The two boys fell in each other's arms, and Danny started to cry.

"Oh my God, I thought I had lost you!" Danny stammered between his sobs. "I really thought I had lost you! Oh Eric, I'm so happy that you are alive. I could not live without you anymore!"

"It's ok Danny," Eric tried to calm his boyfriend, "now you found me, everything will be fine again! We are together, nothing can happen now anymore. We will find the others, and then we will think of a way to call for help!"

"The others, yeah. After the rope was torn, we were separated into two groups. Adam and Jordan were with me in the water, and right behind me now when I was looking for you. They should be here any second. The others were able to stay together too, I think, and I'm sure that they are safe as well, somewhere on this island. Oh Eric, I love you so much, I'm so glad that you are here with me!"

They hugged tight again and kissed until Adam and Jordan had reached them. The younger boys were happy to see that Eric was ok too, and for a while they just stood together, arms around each other's shoulders, happy to be still alive. Eventually Eric noticed that Jordan was wearing a T-shirt, but no shorts or boxers.

"Well, I lost my boxers in the water." Jordan replied after Eric had asked him about it. "There was a strong suction, and suddenly, I was butt naked."

"Your boxers got sucked off?" Eric said and grinned. "Hehehe, maybe it was a gay shark which wanted a piece of your ass. But anyway, you can have my shorts. I still have my boxers then."

And thus Eric gave his shorts to Jordan, so the poor guy did not have to walk around naked.

"Too bad," Adam giggled, "I liked the look."

"Geez, can't you think of anything else?" Danny rolled his eyes. "I did not know that my little brother is so horny! But on the other side, you really have a cute butt Jordy!"

Eventually they walked into the direction from where Eric had come, looking and calling for the rest of the clique. Eric showed them the wreck, and they agreed that they should try to get to the ship in order to look for some supplies and tools. Maybe the radio was still working. And perhaps they could find some signal cartridges. After all, someone would be looking for them if they would not bring the ship back to the harbor this afternoon.

And finally they saw four people on the beach, only a few hundred feet away. Trish, Owen, Chris and Jason! It was a wonderful reunion! They all ran as fast as they could and met in the half of the way, screaming, smooching, hugging, kissing. The last night could have ended much worse, and they all were very happy to be alive and together again. You only realize how much your friends mean to you when you almost lost them.

After this first round of emotions, they sat in the sand and held hands in a big circle. Suddenly Jordan blushed, took off his T-shirt and threw it over to Trish, because she was not wearing any shirt.

"Looks like you had the same problem as I had." Jordan said. "I'm sure you'll feel better with a shirt on. Not that any of us guys, except your boyfriend, would be much interested to stare at your, well, you know."

"Aw, thank you, you're such a sweetheart Jordy!" Trish smiled and gave Jordan a kiss on the cheek, making him blush even deeper.

They sat together for a while, talking about the storm and their fears in the water, and making plans for the time they had to stay on this small island. Owen and the others had seen a trough filled with rain-water, so they would have drinking water for a while. But there was no vegetation here, no trees, no plants, nothing. They could only hope that there were still some supplies on the wreck, and maybe they could find the fishing rods.

So they walked back to the place where the wreck of their ship was stranded on the reefs. The five older boys would try to climb over the rocks to reach it. It was a dangerous way, for the rocks were covered with seaweed and thus pretty slippery. More then once one of them almost fell in the water or on the sharp edges, but somehow they always managed to hold each other.

Finally they had reached the wreck. Fortunately the small ladder on the stern was still there, so they could climb up on the deck. The ship was lying in a 30 degree angle, that is why it was not easy to walk. But this minor problem could not stop the guys anymore. They split in two groups, looking for everything which could be useful.

Danny and Eric went to the radio. Danny turned it on, but nothing happened. Not even the slightest interference came out of the speaker, the radio was dead. But there were some other things here which could be really helpful. First of all, there were signal cartridges in various colors, along with the signal flags. Danny took the cartridges and the flag which meant 'shipwreck, help needed'. Furthermore they found a flashlight with batteries, a jackknife and some matches in a waterproof bag.

Back on the deck, Danny tied the flag on the mast, that means on the part of the mast which was still standing. Maybe someone would notice it from the distance. Then he used the jackknife to cut a piece of the sail off. It could help them to built sort of a roof which could provide some shadow.

"We should collect some wood!" Eric said. "I don't think that we will find any wood on this island, that is why we need to take some boards from the ship. The sun will dry it, and we can make a fire."

"Good idea matey!" Danny agreed. "There should be an ax in the toolbox. Hmm, but where is this bloody toolbox?"

"Probably somewhere around the engine." Eric said. "I mean, where else do you need tools in the first place?"

"Duh, you're right! Let's check the engine, over there, under the trapdoor."

They opened the trapdoor and looked down in the dark hollow space, using the flashlight to see anything at all. The room was a mess. The engine, or the thing formerly known as an engine, was only scrap anymore. Parts of the engine were shattered all over the place. But among those pieces of scrap, they saw the tools. Eric crawled down to get some things which they could need, like the ax, a hammer, a saw and some other things.

In the meantime, Owen, Jazz and Chris had not been idle either. They had found their backpacks, and some of the supplies were still ok, especially those in cans. Furthermore they contained their spare clothes, still wet, but the sun would dry them soon. Then there was the first-aid box, and last but not least, one of the fishing rods was still usable.

They wrapped as much of the stuff as possible in the piece of the sail and tied it together with some ropes. That way they could drag the package over to the shore together without losing the balance on the slippery rocks. And while Trish and Adam began to dry the clothes and look through the supplies, Jordan took the fishing rod and climbed on one of the bigger rocks in the water. Using mussels as bait, he hoped to catch something big enough to eat.

The other boys took the sail and went back to the wreck. As Eric had suggested, they ripped some boards and planks off the ship, made another package and carried it over to the beach. It wouldn't take long before the wood would be dry enough to light a fire, because the sun was shining bright again today. On the other side, Eric put some of the boards back in the water to keep them wet. So they could make the fire smoke, and hopefully someone would see it.

When their clothes were dry, they all put on shorts and T-shirts again, protecting their backs and shoulders from being sunburned. Jordan had not caught any fish yet, but they still had the supplies from their backpacks, and along with the water from the trough, it was enough to appease their hunger and quench their thirst. Jason had the idea to cover the trough with the sail, so the water could not evaporate under the burning afternoon sun.

They all felt quite refreshed after this little lunch, and thus they decided to explore the island a bit. They didn't expect to find something spectacular, no cannibals or a cute Friday like Robinson Crusoe did once. But you can never know, maybe there was a ship in sight from the other side of the island. So they made four groups again (it's not too hard to guess who went together) and started their exploration.

Danny and Eric took one way along the coast. Hand in hand they strolled, the waves flooding around their bare feet. It was another wonderful day, and there was not a single sign of the stormy weather during the previous night. Well, except all the seaweed and other stuff which was lying around.

"What a wonderful day!" Eric reveled. "And within a hair's breadth, I would be lying on the ground of the ocean instead of being with you. Someone up there seems to love me!"

"Well, I don't know who's living up there, and if he or she is loving you." Danny said. "But sure as hell there's someone down here who loves you! I don't want to live without you anymore. Geez, I CANNOT live without you anymore!"

"I love you too, Danny from Oz! Now c'mon, show me that I'm alive. Kiss me!"

Danny smiled broadly, hugged his boyfriend and kissed him passionately. Their tongues explored each other's mouth, which was so well-known in the meantime, but at the same time it was a new experience each time they did it. This time it tasted kind of salty, which was no surprise because of the close ocean.

Now Eric wanted to find out if every part of Danny tasted a bit salty, or if there were still some sweet places. Within three seconds, Danny was naked, lying in the sand, and Eric was on top of him. Starting on Danny's forehead, he angel kissed him one time around his face, and then all the way down to his belly button. For a moment, he stopped at the trail of soft hair, nuzzling it, caressing it with his tongue.

Eric paid special attention to Danny's inner thighs before he finally sucked his balls into his mouth. He rolled them around and around, from one side to the other, carefully nibbling at the scrotum. Danny let out little moans and dug his hands deep in the sand.

After this little billiard game in his mouth, Eric stopped sucking at Danny's balls and licked up the shaft to the bright red head. Danny was completely hard, and his head wasn't covered by the foreskin anymore. Though Eric tried to suck the foreskin back over the head, so he could tenderly gnaw at it and let his tongue slip between the head and the foreskin.

Danny spread his legs and lifted his butt a bit, signaling Eric what part of his body he wanted to be caressed. And Eric did him this favor. His finger found Danny's crack and slightly pressed against it, but the sweat was not enough lube yet, he could not push it in. But Danny wanted to feel him inside, and thus he pushed his butt against Eric's finger until he could feel it at his prostate. That was exactly the place where he wanted him!

Eric felt Danny's cock twitching in his mouth, and he knew that his lover was close now, very close. A little more pressure against the prostate and Danny fell over the edge. He let out a long cute moan, and five spurts of hot cum filled Eric's mouth. Eric swallowed every bitter-sweet drop and kept on sucking until he felt Danny's boyhood deflate between his lips.

Still enjoying the little snack he had just had, Eric rolled on his back, spreading his arms and legs wide, and sighed. Danny gave him a few minutes to enjoy the afterglow, but then he playfully poked him in the side.

"Hey, c'mon, don't be so lazy." Danny said. "I want to feel you inside me now! Please!"

"But we don't have any lube!" Eric replied. "And I don't want to hurt you!"

"I know that baby, don't worry about it. But we do have lube, we have gallons of salvia! And it's much more fun to use it than any vaseline or baby oil!"

"You're such a clever boy!" Eric grinned. "And far too cute as if I could resist you, even if I wanted to."

Quickly Eric got naked as well and knelt between Danny's legs again. Danny pulled his knees up to his chest, lifting his cute bubble butt in the air, so Eric could see the entrance to his secret treasury. Eric massaged the firm buttocks for a while, spreading them, before he finally touched Danny's pucker with his tongue.

First he only touched it with the tip of his tongue, just to check how it tasted. It was a bit salty, like the rest of Danny's body, but it didn't taste bad at all. He let his tongue push a bit harder, and Danny wriggled in the sand. Eric could feel how the sphincter relaxed while he licked it, and suddenly the tip of his tongue slid in the tight hole. He was a bit surprised about how easy it had been, but he did not stop or even pull back.

Instead he pushed harder and rolled his tongue around and around. Danny groaned and panted, he was rock hard again. But neither Danny himself nor Eric touched his boyhood, because he had already had his relief. Now it was Eric's turn to get off. And when the muscles on Danny's butt had relaxed and loosened enough, Eric stopped the licking and moved his rock hard cock into position. The head was coated with precum, the best lube they could have.

Danny took a deep breath when the head of Eric's cock touched his waiting hole, and he let out a long and pleased sigh when Eric slowly entered him, inch by inch, until the pubes tickled on his crack. Both boys had closed their eyes, and for a moment neither of them moved. They both enjoyed their feelings, Danny the feeling of being filled with love, and Eric the feeling of the tight muscles around his cock.

Eric leaned forward to kiss Danny's chest, and he licked and sucked at his nipples while he made love to his lover in a slow and steady rhythm. Danny wrapped his legs around Eric's waist like a wrestler, and he pulled Eric as close as he could. The two boys had become one again, one human being with four arms and four legs, connected in the most intimate connection possible.

When he felt that he was close to his orgasm, Eric started to move faster, and he fucked his boyfriend almost like a wild animal. They were full of lust and passion, and even if this act seemed to be wild and unrestrained, it nevertheless was an act of love.

"Ooooohhhhhh ja, ich komme, ich halt's nicht aus, das ist so geeeeeiiiiillllllllllll!" Eric fell back in his mother language when he climaxed.

One long stream of hot cum flowed, no, SHOT out of Eric's cock and into Danny's butt. And only a second later, Danny erupted again, for the second time within only a few minutes, covering his chest and stomach with his sticky cream. Both boys arched their backs and pushed their hips against each other. Danny tried to sit up, Eric's cock still inside his ass, and they held each other tight for a long while, until both cocks were soft again.

Eventually they got up again, sweaty, covered with sand and cum, but happy that they were alive and in love. They took a quick bath in the ocean, cooling off, and then they put their clothes back on and continued their way around the island, hand in hand again.

Only about fifteen minutes later, they met Chris and Jazz who had walked around the island the other way round. Of course those guys had done a much longer walk, and suspected at once why Danny and Eric had not been faster.

"Hey, what's up guys?" Chris asked. "Where have you been? We should have met you a long while ago. Ok ok, you don't have to tell me, I can guess it. No, I don't want to know what you did, you horny guys."

"Wow, wait a second!" Danny laughed. "Don't play Mr. Innocent here, nobody will believe you. And besides, what about that wet spot on your pants?"

"Uh, er, well, nevermind." Chris blushed. "Anyway, we didn't see anything interesting. This island is just a deserted rock in the ocean. I can only hope that the suction didn't carry us too far away from our route!"

"Don't worry matey, they will find us." Danny said. "Maybe not today, but I'm sure that the SAR will come and get us tomorrow! Think positive!"

"I do, I do! We are all alive, that's all that matters. And we are together, we have something to eat, we have water. I don't have any reason to be worried yet. Now let's go back, I'm getting hungry again. Eric, catch some fish for us!"

"Hehehe, I'll try!" Eric laughed. "And you could swim over to the coast to buy some garlic and a bottle of wine."

When they came back to their little camp on the beach, close to the wreck, the other four friends were already there, fooling around in the water. Screaming sort of a warcry, they stormed in the water for a round of ducking and splashing. Then they teamed up again, sitting on each other's shoulders, pushing each other in the water. One could think that they were playing in a pool in the back yard, and not on a deserted island after a shipwreck.

Eventually they stopped fooling around and went back on the beach. Eric took the fishing rod and climbed on the big rock, determined to get them something to eat. The others built two fires, one smaller campfire to prepare the dinner and to warm them if the night should get cool, and one bigger fire which they could light in order to get the attention of any SAR teams. When they were finished, they only needed to throw a burning piece of wood from the campfire on the big heap when they wanted to light it.

"Woohoo!" Eric yelled suddenly.

"What's up mate?" Danny called back.

"I got one, a nice pal, should be enough for all of us tonight. Get the fire burning, it's almost dinnertime!"

It was really a nice catch. They washed it, cut it in pieces and grilled it on sticks on the open campfire. They had water instead of wine, and beside the fish only some hard bread, but nevertheless they all enjoyed it.

After their dinner, they went back into the water (they didn't quite believe the old tale anymore, that you can die if you don't wait at least one hour after eating before going to swim) and had fun until it got dark and a bit chilly again. Then they put some more boards on the campfire and sat around, cuddled together. They joked a lot, told some stories about school and other students and just laughed a lot. Maybe they did it to encourage each other, for deep inside every one of them was a little bit worried, even if they did not admit it.

But tonight, they couldn't do anything at all, and in the darkness, no SAR helicopter and no ship would be out to look for them. Besides, their folks and the guy where they had rented the ship didn't expect them back before an hour or so ago. So they would only start to worry now.

Holding each other, they fell asleep. Eric did not sleep well, because he had a nightmare about the last night. Again and again he was back in the water, and again and again the rope broke and he was separated from his friends. But in his dreams, he either drowned or he was walking on the beach, looking for his friends, but he never found them.

In the middle of the night, Eric suddenly woke up, a silent cry on his lips. Danny was snoring slightly next to him, and Eric realized that it had only been a nightmare. He calmed down a bit, but for a long while he didn't find any sleep. So he just put an arm around Danny, and the feeling of being close to his boyfriend, feeling his warm body, his breath, his heartbeat, helped him to relax, and eventually he fell back in a dreamless sleep.

In the morning, Eric had another dream. He was back home, back home in Germany, in his grandfather's garden. His grandpa had always kept bees in the garden, and even if Eric had loved the sweet honey, he had always been a bit afraid of the bees, especially when he had been a young kid. And now he was standing in the garden, between the beehives, and hundreds and thousands of bees were buzzing around him.

Eric wanted the honey, only that this honey was white and creamy and smelled like Danny's cum, yet there were just too many bees. He slapped at them, but that only made them wilder, and soon he was surrounded by aggressive bees which tried to sting him with huge stings. The buzzing got louder and louder and the stings got bigger and bigger, and suddenly Eric woke up again.

He sighed because the bees and the stings were gone, but surprisingly the buzzing was still there. A bit puzzled Eric looked around, but there was nothing. No bees. Then he looked up to the sky, and there were no bees either. But there was something else, namely a small airplane which was flying over the island.

'THE FIRE!' Eric thought and jumped up, but he did not have to hurry anymore. Owen was already standing next to the burning heap, and he just put wet boards on it to make it smoke. A red signal cartridge was glowing in the sky. And the others were standing on the beach, waving with their arms, trying to show the pilot where they were.

Eric ran over and joined them, waving, shouting, jumping up and down. And obviously it help. When the airplane flew over them again, the pilot let the wings shack a bit in order to signal them that he had seen them. Then he turned the plane and flew away again.

"Yeah, they found us!" Danny said happily. "Now he'll call the coast guard or the SAR, and soon they will send a ship to pick us up. And this sleepyhead almost missed the show!"

He came over to Eric and hugged him tight, giving him a long kiss. This kiss made Eric forget all his nightmares and worries, and he hugged Danny back and pulled him as close as possible. Both boys were hard again in a second, and they slowly rubbed their hips against each other. But unfortunately they could not do more now, first off all because they were not alone, but second because their 'pick up ship' could arrive every minute.

It took about 20 minutes until they saw the coast guard ship on the horizon. In the meantime, they had packed their few belongings together and sat in the sand, waiting for them too arrive. Then finally two seamen in an air raft came on the beach to take the friends aboard.

"Are you ok kids?" one of the seamen called over.

"Yeah, we're fine!" Owen called back. "Thanks for giving us a ride!"

"No problem kids, jump aboard!"

They all climbed in the big air raft, and the seamen steered back to the coast guard ship. As soon as they were aboard, the captain called at the harbor to tell them that he had accomplished his mission, and that the kids were alright. The seamen gave them blankets and led them down in the mess hall where they got hot chocolate and a little breakfast. The captain came down to talk to them, asked them what had happened and how they had escaped the storm. And he assured them that they did not have to worry about the wrecked ship, because the insurance would pay the damage.

There was a doctor on the ship, and he had a look at them, just to be sure that they were really ok. But beside the bruises and scratches, there was nothing for him to do. He grinned when he told them that they would have to go back to school the next day.

About two hours later, the ship reached the harbor again and the friends left the ship, not before they had thanked the crew again for the rescue. Then they could meet their waiting and worried parents who had all come to welcome them home. Of course they had been informed by the coast guard, but only when they saw their kids they were really relieved.

And only now the friends really realized that they had been really lucky, and that this adventure could have ended much worse. But on the other side, they all agreed that they would go sailing again as soon as possible, only this time they would have the radio on all the time!

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