Eric Down Under
Chapter Two: The new family

Eric was bombarded with questions. The Jacksons were talking all at once, so he could hardly understand any full sentence.
"How was the flight?"
"How's the weather in Germany?"
"Are you hungry?"
"Are you tired?"
"Do you have all your baggage?"
"Do you like Australia?"

He had to interrupt them.

"Wow, hold it, one after the other!" Eric said.

He had found his smile again after the first shock, even if he still feared to blush when he looked in Daniel's face. But he had himself under control now, at least for the moment. For now he was just happy that he had reached his destination without problems.

"Ok, I'll try to answer your questions. The flight was pretty cool. Long but comfortable. It's raining in Germany, at least it was the last few days. Yes, I'm hungry, they never have enough to eat in those planes. And no, I'm not tired, I could sleep in the air. I don't have my baggage, coz you carry it for me. And last but not least, of course I like Australia. Why should I be here if I wouldn't? Phew, I hope I didn't forget any question."

"Fine!" Mr. Jackson said. "Then let's go to the car and find you something to eat. What about a pizza? Not quite the typical Australian food, but you'll have enough time to try our specials."

"Yeah, a pizza would be great!" Eric replied. "Thanks Mr. Jackson."

"Hey, hold on, wait a minute!" Mr. Jackson laughed. "Let me make one point clear from the very beginning. My name is Stanley, and everybody calls me Stan. I will never hear any mister again, understand me?"

"Yes sir, Stan, sir!" Eric shouted and saluted.

"That's much better. Ok, and this is my wife Amanda, but you call her Mandy. Or even mom, if you like that better. And of course here we have Melinda, called Lin, Daniel, better known as Danny, and our youngster Adam. His name's short enough, so we don't need to cut it any shorter."

"I think I got it now. Stan and Mandy, Lin, Danny and Adam. No problem with me, and I'm Eric, no nick, just Eric."

"Ok, now that we have settled this, let's go to our favorite pizzeria!"

They left the parking area of the airport and headed south. This drive was totally different from Eric's drive to the airport back home in Germany. They talked, they laughed, and Eric felt already as if he was at home here. Had he really left Germany and his family only yesterday?

Eric hadn't realized how the time had passed, but suddenly the car's engine died and he saw that they were parking in front of a pizzeria. A huge sign over the entrance said 'Alfredo's Pizza', and Eric could feel now that he had not eaten any 'real' food since the airport sandwich, if you can call that stuff food at all. He heard his belly rumble, and obviously he wasn't the only one who heard it, coz the Jackson's burst out laughing.

"It looks like we reached Alfredos's just in time. C'mon, let's go in. We don't want you to starve on your first day."

So they stormed in the pizzeria where Alfredo was already waiting for them. Stan had reserved a table for six persons. He knew that teens were the same all around the world, they all loved pizza. And of course, Eric was not the exception to this unwritten law.

Eric had a short look at the card while the others ordered 'as usual'. But he did not have to search long, he knew what he wanted. Every pizzeria had a special offer that was marked as 'HOT'. Only the names were different, and at Alfredo's, it was #113, called 'Diabolica'. So Eric ordered the #113 and a big coke, which brought him some questioning looks.

"Are you sure, dude?" Danny asked. "This Diabolica is not just hot, it is really HOT. Believe me, I once tried it by myself, and it nearly burned my throat!"

"Don't worry buddy!" Eric replied, smiling. "That's my favorite sort of pizza. The hotter, the better. But of course, it's only for real men!"

Danny hesitated for a moment, then he took the unspoken challenge and also ordered #113 for himself.

Stan laughed and said: "Oh boys, you are already acting like brothers. The one wants to have the same as the other. Eric, I think you really fit well in our family. Once again, welcome down under, welcome in the beautiful continent of Australia. We will do everything to make sure that you will never regret that you decided to come here. That's a promise!"

"Thank you very much Mr. Ja..., eh, I mean, Stan. I'm absolutely sure that it was the right decision. I already love you all!"
"Especially you, brother!" he added in his thoughts, looking at Danny.

They chatted a lot until the food was brought, and they didn't stop chatting while eating. Of course Eric and the Jackson's had wrote some letters during the last few months, but spoken words are better than dead letters. And so they told each other the histories of their lives.

The diabolic pizzas were really hot stuff, and Danny and Eric both ordered some more cokes before they were finished. As a consequence, the two guys soon felt an urgent desire to lighten themselves, and thus they quickly went to the toilets while the rest of the family paid the bill and left the restaurant.

Eric stood at an urinal, opened his zipper and fumbled his cock out. He had almost a piss hard-on, and he hoped that Danny would not step right next to him but choose one of the urinals a little further away. But against his hope, Danny came directly next to him. Involuntarily, Eric's little friend got still a bit harder. He did his best to hide it, but he had no chance.

Danny looked down at Eric's hard-on, smiled and took his own penis out. Eric was surprised to see that his buddy had a boner as well.

"Well, it looks like this pizza has not only been hot, it also makes one hot." Danny said. "Too bad that the others are waiting for us out there. I'm sort of horny now, I could really need to jerk off now. I think you too, dude!"

He grinned widely at Eric, finished pissing, washed his hands and left the toilet. Eric quickly followed him and tried to clear his mind. What should he think of this situation? Had this been an offer? Had Danny tried to come on him? Nah, no chance in hell. It had probably only been the normal guy stuff. You know, something like 'I check you, you check me, we talk about sex, we joke about sex, but we'll definitely never do anything'. Eric sighed silently and they joined the rest of the family to finally go home.

Some minutes later, they reached the Jackson's house.

"Well, Eric," Mandy said, "at last welcome to 'Castle Jackson'. This will be your home for the next twelve months. And always remember, what's ours is yours as well!"

It was a nice house. Not the biggest, but not to small at all. Two floors, with lawn, flowers and some trees around. Yes, this would be a nice place to live in.

"Danny," Mandy said, "would you please show Eric everything he has to know for the moment?"

"Sure, no prob.!" Danny replied. "Hey Eric, c'mon, let's go in. Dad will take care about the baggage, won't you dad?"


So Eric got a little sightseeing tour through his new home. Danny showed him the kitchen with the refrigerator and microwave oven, some of the most important things. The living room with the big screen cable TV. The bathroom with toilet and shower. And of course his own room, which would be Eric's as well. It was big enough for two guys, and it had a second bed, not just a couch or mattress.

"Hey Danny, do you think I could take a shower?" Eric asked. "I've been in these clothes since yesterday. Or was it the day before yesterday? I don't know, that time difference still confuses me a bit."

"Dude, you can take a shower whenever you want. You don't have to ask. Or did you ask at home in Germany if you can?"

"Of course not. But I still have to get used to the fact that I'm a member of the family, and not just a guest."

"You better do. Now go under the shower, I'll get you a towel, 'k!"

"Ok, thanks Danny!"

Eric went into the bathroom and started to undress. At first he wanted to lock the door, but Danny would come soon to bring him a towel. And besides, he was not among strangers, so he did not have to lock himself in.

When he was naked, he stepped under the shower and turned on the hot water. Wow, that was good, just what he needed now. The hot water washed away all the sweat and smell from the long flight, and it brought back some of his life spirits. Especially in his dick. His third hard-on for this day, and now he had a chance to play a bit with it.

So Eric gently started to strike his erection until he was fully hard. He pulled his foreskin back and forth, back and forth, and he slightly started to moan.

He didn't realize when the door opened and Danny came in, not even as he stood in front of the shower. So he was really surprised and quite shocked when Danny opened the door of the shower and peeked in.

"You found the soap?" Danny asked. "I put the towel right here in... oh wow, are you still horny or again? Whatever, I hope you enjoy it!"

He blinked and left the room. Eric stayed back. All the blood left his dick and rushed to his face. He got red as a tomato. Quickly he finished washing, dried himself and went to his room, a towel around the waist.

He prayed that Danny would not be in there, and fortunately for him, the room was empty. Stan had already brought his baggage up here, so Eric got dressed with some fresh underwear, shorts and shirt, and he went back down to the living room, where the others were sitting on couch and stairs and watching TV.

Eric joined them and fell on the couch between Danny and Adam. They zapped a bit through the channels, so Eric could get an impression of what was on Australian TV at the moment. But it didn't take long until Eric started to yawn. And once he had started, he couldn't stop anymore. He yawned and yawned, and finally he decided to call it a day.

"Well, I think I should go to bed now. The long flight, the jet lag and all the excitement were too much for one day. Good night altogether!"

"Hey, wait!" Danny called. "I'll come with you. I could need some sleep, as well."

"Yes, I think it's time for all of us!" Stan said. "We have a whole year together, not just one evening!"

Danny kissed his mom good night, and without thinking much, Eric did the same. Then they said good night to the rest of the family and went to their room.

In their room, Eric and Danny got undressed. Eric tried not to stand front to front with Danny, because he feared to get hard again. That is why he quickly grabbed some boxers out of his baggage, put them on and jumped under his blanket. Not a second to soon. He was hardly lying when he felt his dick growing once again. He really had to do something against it, but he had to wait some time until Danny was asleep.

Danny was no help, for he put on his own boxer very slowly, always facing Eric. He obviously had no problems with showing himself naked. This was probably quite normal for straight guys without ulterior motive, but it was hard for Eric not to look at him.

Finally they both were lying in bed, and Danny turned of the light.

"Good night buddy!" Danny said. "Sleep well and remember: what you dream in the first night in a new house will become true!"

"I hope I'll dream of something nice!" Eric replied. "Good night!"
He added in his thoughts: "I hope I dream of you and me together!"
Eric had to wait some time until he could hear the deep and quiet breath of Danny. He was sure that Danny was asleep now, and he started striking his hard-on again. Slowly and softly at the beginning, but getting harder and faster with every strike. Soon he started to groan, and he put his pillow over his head in order not to wake Danny.

He caressed his forehead, collecting the precum and spreading it all over his cock. It didn't take very long until he reached the point of no return. One final strike, and he sent himself over the edge. A shiver went through his whole body and shot after shot of hot cum oozed out of his dick, wetting his boxers.

Wow, now Eric felt relieved. He sighed silently and took the pillow away from his head. At that moment he heard a movement from the other side of the room. The direction of Danny's bed. It sounded like Danny had quickly jumped back in his bed. But that could be. Danny had been asleep. He couldn't have noticed that Eric had just jerked off. Or should he only have pretended to be asleep. Eric didn't know what to think, but he was too tired now.

So he just laid back and was snoring only seconds after his head had touched his pillow.

Copyright 1999 by The Wolf