Eric Down Under
Chapter Four: Feelings

During the next few days, Eric accustomed himself to his new life as a part of the Jackson family. He helped Mandy in the house like the other kids, made some smaller purchases, played video games with Danny and Adam, and hung around a lot with Danny and his friends. It didn't take long and Eric felt like he had spent all his life here in Australia.

He got along great with the family, the friends and the neighbors. He still was deeply in love with Danny, but he was able to hide his feelings and hard-ons so far. Eric jerked off once or twice each day to release himself from the the pressure, but always in the privacy of the bathroom. He didn't dare to do it again in their bedroom at night, because he always feared to wake Danny. He still was not sure if Danny had been awake that first night or if it had been only his imagination.

Now it was Saturday afternoon, and school would start next Monday. Today would be Eric's first party in Australia. He was really looking forward to it. He was no party lion, but he would be together with Danny, Chris, Owen and Trish, and he would probably meet some other nice boys and girls from his new school.

Danny and Eric stood together in front of the bathroom mirror, trying to get ready for the night. They were both just wearing some boxers and Eric had to try hard to keep his eyes from Danny's body and to prevent his dick from jumping out of his pants.

It was not easy though, because every time he looked in the mirror he couldn't avoid to see his buddy's body. Danny's smooth, hairless chest with those yummy little nipples. His flat stomach with that cute belly button. That nice ass in those narrow boxers. The fluff of pubic hair which peered out on the waistband of Danny's boxer. And above all that small bulge on his crotch.

Eric almost got crazy standing next to this adonis, but somehow he managed to keep cool. However, the soft electric shocks when they touched each other with their arms or legs didn't really help.

"Hey Eric!" Danny said. "You have to beware. If you look that hot tonight, all the girls will try to get in your pants. And maybe some of the boys too."

"Ah, c'mon." Eric replied. "You look even hotter, and you have the advantage that the girls already know it. They must be on your heels all the time."

"Yeah, whatever. But none of them caught me so far. The girls here are not just what I'm looking for."

Eric kept silent. He tried to figure out what Danny wanted to say. Did he mean 'the girls HERE', or 'the GIRLS here'. Oh boy, this was really a strange situation. There were some signs that Danny could be gay as well, or at least bi. But what should Eric do, how could he find it out? He would definitely not ask him directly. If he was wrong, that could ruin everything. It would make his life here like hell, and that was the last thing he wanted. He didn't want to break off this year only because he could not control himself and his feelings. No way.
But deep in his heart, he just wanted to drag that gorgeous boy to the floor, rip that last piece of cloth apart and kiss and lick every square inch of that tasty boy meat. He wanted...

"Hey guys, do you want to stay in there for the rest of your life? C'mon, hurry up, I don't have time all night!"

Lin was standing in the bathroom door and smiled. She had agreed to drive Eric and Danny to the party at the other end of the town.

"Don't worry sis, we'll be ready in a minute!" Danny replied.

"Yes, but better give us two, just to be sure!" Eric added.

They went in their room and looked for the right clothes. Eric chose a white jeans and a black shirt, his silver necklace and bracelet. Danny dressed almost the same, but with black jeans, white shirt and golden necklace. Now they really looked like they belonged together.

Outside a horn sounded. Lin was already sitting in her car and waited impatiently.


The boys slowly put their shoes on and went in the bathroom for a last time to put some after shave on.


They walked down the stairs, said bye to Stan and Mandy and listened like good boys to their advice.

"Don't be too late, don't get drunk, don't get in the car of a drunken driver..."


"Sorry mom, Lin will kill us if we let her wait any longer. Bye!"

"Bye Danny, bye Eric, enjoy the party!"

They rushed out of the door and into Lin's car. The girl tried to look angry, but when she saw the boys, she just had to smile. They looked to much like one was the negative of the other. Black and white. So she just looked back on the street and drove down the gateway.

Fifteen minutes later, they reached the party house. Lin stopped and the boys get out.

"Thanks for the ride, sis!" Danny said.

"No sweat, I hope you'll have fun. By the way, how will get home tonight?"

"Oh, we'll see. Either we'll find someone who is still able to drive or we just sleep here."

"Ok, bye!"

"Bye!" "Bye!"

Lin stepped on the accelerator pedal and rushed away. Danny and Eric went to the house, which was brightly illuminated. They could hear music and laughter, obviously the party was already in full swing. Danny had to ring the doorbell twice before somebody opened.

"Hey, Danny, dude! Welcome to the show! And hi stranger, who are you?"

"I'm Eric, exchange student from Germany. Hi!"

They entered the house and the guy led them to the crowded living room. Eric looked around to find a familiar face, but there were too many people in a too small room.

"Ok guys, jump in the turmoil!" their host said. "Food and drinks are in the kitchen. And please stay out of my parent's bed!"

The doorbell rang again and the other boy left them alone. Meanwhile Eric had discovered a 'skunk'. Of course not the animal, but a guy with bleached hair and black stripes in it. It was no other than Chris. He had seen them as well and fought his way through to crowd.

"Hello buddies, you're late!" Chris said. "But you didn't miss a thing, the party just started to be cool when they turned the music on some minutes ago. See you later, I'm looking for something to eat."

"Good idea." Eric replied. "I'll join you."

So they went in the kitchen which looked like a small super market. Sandwiches, salads and many different snacks. Boxes with coke, other soft drinks and beer. Eric filled a plate with some salad and took a sandwich. He grabbed a bottle of coke and wanted to go back in the living room again, but Chris held him back.

"Ah c'mon, dude! Forget the coke for tonight. This is the last party before the daily war starts again. And you're old enough to have a drink, so take a beer and let's have some fun. And we should take some bottles for the rest of the clique, too."

He didn't need to say it twice, and so they both took their plates and bottles and left the kitchen. Back in the party room, they found Danny, Owen and Trish sitting together in a corner. They joined them and shared the drinks.

Danny stood up, held his bottle in the air and said: "I want to propose a toast on the newest member of our clique. Eric, it's good to have you here. Cheers!"

"CHEERS!" the other shouted and clinked with the bottles.

They ate and drank and their mood got better and better. The music was loud and cool, a good mixture of great oldies and up to date hits. The people were nice, no jerks like Kyle and his gang had been invited.

They danced for while and Eric met many people who he would see again at school. It was impossible to remember all the names and faces at once, there were just too many.

After some time, the alcohol showed its first effects. Eric relaxed even more and talked to a lot of people. His head got lighter and his thoughts drifted away a bit. He sat there on a couch, along with Owen and Trish, and watched Danny dance with some girl. He had fixed his eyes on his brother and once again thought about just telling Danny how he felt. Maybe tonight was a good time to be honest.

Then the music changed. The DJ started to play some slower love songs, and the dancing crowd divided into closely dancing couples. Suddenly someone pulled Eric's arm, calling him back from his dreamland. It was Trish, and she dragged Eric on his feet.

"C'mon sweety, let's dance!" Trish said. "This is one of my favorite songs. The theme of Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, with Kevin Costner. 'I Do It For You' from Bryan Adams. Hurry up Eric, I wanna dance with you."

Eric followed Trish and she pulled his body close to her. Eric could feel her small but firm breasts pressing on his chest. Was is only his imagination or were her nipples erect? Her hands wandered down his back and approached his ass. And she tried to push her hips tightly into Eric's.

Oh boy, that girl really tried to give him the come-on. And obviously she succeeded. That close contact, her soft caressing hands and not to forget the alcohol were a bit too much for Eric. He started to get hard, and he had no chance to hide it from Trish. She realized it at once and pressed her body even closer to his.

Trish looked deep into Eric's eyes. Eric tried to look away, but he couldn't. That girl made him crazy, and, more important, she made him horny. He did not feel any love for Trish, but he really liked her. He knew that he was not straight, but maybe he was bi.

Whatever he was, he definitely was close to wet his pants. Trish seemed to know or at least guess it, because she stopped rubbing her hips against his. Instead, she took Eric's hand again, blinked and led him out of the room. Eric followed unresisting. Obviously Trish knew that house very well, because she headed upstairs and went into a room without hesitating.

It was a small bathroom, and Trish locked the door behind them. Eric tried to say something, but he couldn't. Trish sealed his mouth with her lips. She kissed him, and when her tongue pushed against his lips, he let her in and returned the caress. Suddenly her hands were on his jeans. She slowly pulled the zipper down and touched Eric's hard-on through his boxers.

Eric moaned slightly. On the one side, he wanted her to stop. This wasn't right, he only wanted Danny, and this felt a bit like betraying him. But on the other side, it was just what he needed.

So he just let her continue when she opened his belt and pulled his jeans and boxers down to his ankles. He closed his eyes and leaned back against the door. He trembled a bit when her soft lips touched the tip of his cock, but it felt great. This was the first time that his dick was touched by somebody else than himself, and he enjoyed it.

Trish let her tongue play with Eric's head, her teeth carefully gnawed on his foreskin. Then she swallowed the whole shaft as deep as she could, licking up and down and up and down. Eric groaned louder with every strike, and he grabbed her shoulder in order not to fall down. Trish pushed him closer and closer to the edge, he could already feel his boy cream getting ready to shot out.

"Trish, I'm cumming soon, I cannot hold it back any longer!"

Trish slowed down a bit and let Eric's hard-on jump out of her mouth. Then she guided him to the shower and grabbed his boner again from behind to finish the job. Only a few more strikes, and the volcano erupted. Eric almost lost his balance, but he managed to stay on his feet. Wave after wave of cum shot out of his slit and against the wall of the shower. Never before he had felt such a mighty orgasm.
None of them spoke for some seconds while Eric tried to catch his breath again. He readjusted his clothes while Trish removed the signs of their little game in the shower. She just wanted to unlock the door again when Eric held her back.

"Trish, wait a minute. Thank you very much. That was absolutely awesome, really, but..."

"Hey, you don't have to say it. I know it!"

"You know what?" Eric was a bit startled.

"You're gay!"

"But how can you ... I mean ... you did me and ..."

He didn't know what to say, he could only stutter.

"I guessed it from the very first moment when I saw you and Danny some days ago on the street. And the way you looked at him tonight."

"But why did you jerk me off then?"

"That was just the ultimate test. You wanted it and I wanted it. We both enjoyed it. But when I look in your eyes, I see that it's not what you really wanted. Don't worry, I won't tell anybody about this little adventure, or about your sweet little secret. That's a promise!"

"I know that I can trust you. But when you can see that I'm gay at first sight, probably everybody else can see it too. What shall I do?"

"Hey, keep cool dude. It's not written on your forehead. I just knew it, call it female intuition, if you like. But you should talk about it with Danny, he deserves that you tell him the truth! And don't worry about his reaction, he will neither hate nor kill you. I know him long enough, believe me."

"Yeah, I know. I already thought about it, but I need to find the right moment. I'll talk to him soon, though!"

"Ok, then let's go down again, or they'll start searching us."

They went down, just in time. They were only half down the stairs when Danny, Owen and Chris came to meet them.

"Hey, we already thought you got lost." Chris said. "Where have you been?"

"Oh, I only showed Eric the other toilet." Trish answered. "The one downstairs was occupied. And then we played some dirty games in the nuptial bed."

Eric blushed a bit, but nobody noticed it. They all laughed about it and went down together.

"Hey guys!" Owen said. "My dad will come in some minutes to pick me up. Does anybody need a ride?"

They all wanted one. The party had been cool so far, but know the couples had all found some dark corners and most of the singles were pretty drunk. Fun was over now, so they decided to call it a day and go home. They went out and waited for Owen's dad.

About half an hour later, Eric and Danny were home again. The rest of the family was either already in bed or still not at home. So they went in their room, undressed and got ready for bed. Eric went to the bathroom again to brush his teeth and to get lost of some of the beer again. He didn't feel drunk anymore, Trish had blown all the alcohol away.

When he came back, Danny was already snoring. He must have fallen asleep at once, coz he was not even covered with his blanket. Eric wanted to cover his brother when he noticed the growing tent in Danny's boxers. He wanted to touch it, and he almost did. But in the last moment, he decided against it, covered Danny and went in his own bed.

Before he dived into the ocean of sleep, he made a silent promise.

"I'll tell him everything, as soon as I get a chance. I'll tell him and hope that he understands it. I ..."

Eric drifted into dreamscape.

Copyright 1999 by The Wolf