Eric Down Under
Chapter Five: New Kid in School

Eric had no chance to keep his promise the next morning. Danny had a pretty bad hangover and thus he was not in the best mood. This was not the time to talk to him about such an important and intimate subject. So Eric decided to wait a few more days until school was business as usual again to reveal his secret to Danny.

In the afternoon, Eric went online for some time. Stan had a pretty fast PC from his work at home, and they all had their own usernames and passwords. Eric first checked his mails, replied to some of his old friends in Germany and some of his online buddies around the world. He checked ICQ to see if one of them was online, but he had no luck. Unfortunately the time difference always made it difficult to catch them.

He just surfed around a bit until he decided to visit one of his favorite places in the net, Comicality's Shack Out Back. He loved the 'New Kid in School' story, it always cheered him up. Tomorrow he would be the new kid in school. He probably wouldn't have as much fun as Ryan, Randy and Tyler, but who knows. Always think positive, he thought to himself.

This time he was lucky. Com had written a new chapter and Eric just swallowed it up. Great, as usual. Before he left, he quickly stopped at the Shack, Comicality's famous message board. They were a big family there, many caring and understanding people. Whoever had a problem could post it, and then he could be sure to get many replies with lots of good advice.

Eric had only been a passive part of the Shack so far, but there is always a first time. He took all his courage together and finally he made his first posting. He described his situation, his feelings and worries and pushed the 'submit' button. Ok, now he had to wait. He hoped that the Shackers would answer and help him, even if he was a complete stranger for them. He would check it again tomorrow.

He continued surfing around through the many great gay, bi and sympathizing homepages and checked Nifty for some new cool stories, until the door opened and Danny came in. Quickly Eric launched his 'panic page', a Star Trek site he had always opened in the background to hide his other activities. He closed all the other windows before Danny had a chance to read the page titles. Just in time.

"Hi Danny." Eric said. "How's your head, better?"

"Yeah, thanks. I reckon the last beer last night must have been bad." Danny replied with a grin. "Hey, I didn't know you're a Trekki."

"Ah, not really. Just wanted to see if there's something new about the DS9 final."

"Oh, I see. Hey, Trish just called. The rest of the clique will be here in a few minutes. We want to hang around a bit , let's say to bury our vacation. Tomorrow the serious part of our lives starts again. Too bad."

"I'm looking forward to it." Eric said. "That's why I'm here. I want to know all parts of Australian life, and that means school as well. I only hope there won't be any stupid initiation rites."

"Don't worry dude!" Danny calmed him. "This is Australia, not the States. We're nice people here. Well, except some jerks, but you already know those guys. You won't have any problems with the rest of the students or the teachers. And as far as I know, there are some more exchange students. Maybe there's even some other guy from Germany."

The doorbell rang. Eric logged off the internet, shut down the computer and followed Danny, who had already opened the door for their friends. As usual, they sat together in the living room and chit chatted about everything and nothing at the same time.
Trish sent Eric a questioning look and silently asked 'Did you?'. Eric only shook his head and whispered back 'No chance today, sorry!'. Trish seemed to understand, at least she didn't ask anymore this day.

They zapped a bit through the music channels on TV, watched three soaps at the same time and finally played some computer games. In the evening, Mandy made them some sandwiches and a big cup of ice tea.

"I guess that's your last meal kids!" Mandy said and smiled.

"Yeah!" Chris replied. "The stuff they give us in school doesn't even deserve the name 'food'."

Time went on, and soon everybody went to his own home. Danny and Eric went to bed early this night, because they wanted to be refreshed the next morning.

Eric thought about yet talking to Danny now, but on the other side, he wanted to wait for the answers from the Shackers. So he just undressed silently, caught another secret look at Danny's naked and, in his eyes, perfect body and lay down in his bed.

"Eric?" Danny asked.

"Yeah, what's up?"

"Listen buddy, I wanted to tell you something, but I don't know how to start. I wanted to say it since the day you arrived here in Australia, but somehow I never found the right moment."

Eric was puzzled. What could Danny talk about. Did he notice Eric's secret looks or his well hidden hard-ons and now was mad with him. Or was it right the contrary, did Danny have similar feelings for him as he had vice versa. Nah, that was very unlikely. It was probably something negligible.

"Just say what's in your mind!" he replied. "Don't hold back anything."

"Ok, first I want to say I'm sorry. On your first evening, when you where under the shower and, you know, masturbated. I shouldn't have opened the door without knocking or something like that. I didn't want to make you feel embarrassed. And later that night, when you finished that interrupted wanking, I pretended to be asleep, even if I heard everything. I shouldn't have done that. Sorry about it!"

Eric was a bit surprised. He hadn't expected that apologize. But on the other side he was relieved that it wasn't something worse.

"Hey, don't worry dude!" he said. "You don't have to apologize. We're both boys, we both know how a cock and a hard-on look, and of course be both know how to jerk off. Remember, we're brothers now, so seeing each other naked and even seeing the other playing with himself should be the most normal thing in the world!"

"Thank you for those words. I think exactly the same, but I wasn't quite sure how you see it before. Now I know we're on the same wavelength. Thanks again, and good night."

"Wait a minute," Eric said, "I think you wanted to say something more."

"Uh, no, that was all I had in my mind."

"C'mon, don't be shy. You said 'first', so there has to be a 'second'. Just let it out!"

"No, really, that was all for now. Good night Eric, sleep well. I'm tired."

Eric could feel that it wasn't all, but he did not want to push Danny. It probably wasn't so important.

"Good night Danny!"

The next morning. Eric woke up early, too early to get up, but not early enough to drift to sleep again. So he just lay there silently, listened to Danny's peaceful breath and thought about life in general.

He could be very happy. He had found many good friends and, most important, a brother with whom he could talk about everything. Everything? Well, yes, he really thought they could talk about everything. And that is why he wouldn't wait much longer to talk about his true feelings. He now was pretty sure that Danny would at least accept, probably even understand it.

Some minutes later he heard a loud yawn. Obviously Danny was awake now too.

"Morning dude, ready for action?" Eric asked.

"Ah! Yes, I'm ready for action, but unfortunately, we have to go to school. Why can't there be a bomb threat or something like that, so that they have to close the whole building. Or the caretaker lost all his keys and we can't get in. Whatever, I think I'll sleep some more minutes."

Eric jumped out of his bed and ran to Danny. He grabbed the blanket and pulled it away.

"Get up, sleepyhead!" he shouted. "Look, it's a wonderful day out there!"

Then he saw the huge bulge in Danny's boxers and grinned broadly.

"Hey, when I look at you, I'd say you're looking forward to school!"

"Huh? Oh, that." Danny replied, slowly getting up. "And I reckon you're just happy to see me, don't you bro?"

Now Eric realized that he had a huge morning hard-on as well. He blushed a bit, but this time didn't try to hide it.

"Well," he said, "I think I first try if it's a piss hard-on. If it's still there when I'm back from the toilet, I'll have to think of another way to get rid of it."

"I know a quite pleasant way." Danny replied, smiling sheepishly. "Maybe I'll show you when you're still hard."

"Is that a threat or a promise?"

"You can see it either way, just like you want!"

Still laughing, Eric went in the bathroom to take a cold shower. After that, he felt very refreshed, but his cock was really small now. He didn't know whether to be happy or sad, because he didn't know if Danny had been joking. There had been something in his voice which made Eric think that Danny's offer had been serious.

But whatever, now it was too late. He went back in their bedroom to let Danny in the bathroom. As he stood there in the middle of the room, he suddenly smelled a special aroma. He hesitated for a moment, then he knew it for sure. It was sweet boy cum, without a doubt. He went to Danny's bed, looked at his night boxers and immediately saw what he was looking for: a dark wet spot. Obviously Danny had jerked off while he was under the shower.

Eric took the boxers and took a deep breath, he wanted to catch as much of this wonderful flavor as possible. Danny's cum! What would he give to taste this heavenly cream in his mouth, to mix it with his own salvia and to share it with Danny in a long passionate kiss.

He sighed deeply and laid the boxers back on the bed before he started to dress. He tried to get the smell out of his nose or at least the thought of it out of his mouth, but he didn't succeed. He couldn't get those pictures out of his head. Danny, lying on his back, stroking his lovable cock, until finally a huge load of white boy cum shots out of his slit.

The pure thought of it made him rock hard again, and he hurried to get dressed before Danny came back. Just in time. Eric had just pulled up his zipper when Danny entered the room, naked and still a bit wet. Once again Eric saw before his inner eye how he licked those pearls of water from Danny's body, how he...

"HEY, ERIC, are you dreaming?" Danny shouted.


"I asked: are you nervous?"

"Oh, sorry, I just thought about something else." Eric replied. "Nervous? Well, maybe a bit. You know, it's always strange to go to a new school, with so many new faces, always being 'the new kid'. But it could be worse. I already know many people, you, Owen, crazy Chris, Trish, and I saw many other on that party on Saturday. I'm sure they'll accept me, and if not, it's their own fault!"

"Wise words, indeed!" Danny said. "They sure will. Beside Kyle and his gang, there are no real jerks on our school. I think you'll like it there. Now let's go down. Mom's 'first day in school' breakfasts are kind of legendary!"

Danny didn't overstate. Mandy was a great cook, and her meals always tasted just awesome, but this breakfast was her masterpiece. Eric wondered that the table didn't collapse under that weight. There was everything he could think of, and even more.

"Morning honeys!" Mandy said.

"Morning!" they called back in unison and gave her a big bear hug.

"Hey, I didn't know that you invited the entire school for breakfast!" Eric said. "I cannot believe that this is all for us alone."
Eric ate until he was completely full. He wondered about himself, he never thought that he could eat that much. And when they had finished eating, there was still enough food for another hungry family on the table.

"Ok guys, let's go!" Stan said. "Since this is the first day, I'll drive you to school! But hurry up now!"

So Eric left the house for his first day in the new school.

The school was huge, compared to schools in Germany. Eric had never seen so many students together in one place. And it seemed as if they all knew each other, because all said hi to each other.

Eric had all his classes together with Danny, as well as the rest of the clique. He was happy about it, because he thought it would be easier for him to make a good start when he was together with his friends. He did not have to worry about it. All other students gave him a very warm welcome. They wanted to know everything about him and his home in Germany, and so Eric spent every free minute of his first day telling about himself, again and again.

And even during classes, the teachers asked him to tell about himself. Eric didn't count, but he thought that he had to tell his story over a dozen times that day.

Fortunately, the first day was no 'real' school day. Lots of organizational stuff, lists of books and stuff like that. So Eric had a lot of time to become acquainted with the other students, the teachers, the rooms and sports facilities and so on. Danny showed him around and told him what he had to know.

During lunchtime, the clique was together again. They had kind of a reserved table in the cafeteria, and only a few other students dared or were allowed to join them there.

Some time during the day, Kyle and his gang suddenly stood in front of them.

"Hey, look what we've got here!" Kyle said. "The German bastard. Better look back from time to time now, you can never now what's in your back!"

"Fuck off Kyle!" Chris said. "I know you cannot count, that's why I tell you that you're outnumbered. Don't risk a fight, you sure don't want to be detained on the first day."

"Shut up you freak!" Richie yelled. "That's none of your business."

"Oh, of course this is our business. Eric is one of us, so if you want to take on him, you have to take on all of us!"

Kyle looked at them with an angry grin, but then he decided that it would be better to go now.

"Don't think that this one is over!" he called back to them. "Well meet again, I'll get you one after another!"

But that was the one and only problem that day. Soon Eric's first day as 'new kid in school' was over, and they took the schoolbus to get back home.

Mandy was already waiting for them. She wanted to know everything, from the minute they left Stan's car until the minute they stepped out of the schoolbus. Of course they didn't tell her about their encounter with the jerks. Mom's don't have to know everything.

Later that evening, Eric looked for an opportunity to check the Shack. He closed the door of Stan's little home office behind hm and connected to the net. After a short look at his e-mails, he quickly surfed to the Shack. There were a lot of new postings there, but finally he found his own question.

Wow, that was far more than he had expected. It looked like each and every member of the Shack family had given him an answer. And they almost all said the same, no matter how the author had expressed himself: 'DO IT'. They told him to tell Danny about his feeling, the sooner the better.

When Eric opened one answer which was signed with 'D', he suddenly froze. It was a pretty short posting, it just said:

'Eric, why don't you just talk to me face to face? You'd be surprised about my reaction! D.'

Eric hesitated. That had to be a joke, yeah, a joke. Danny probably didn't know about the Shack, and even if, when should he have posted it.

"That can't be true!" Eric said to himself.

"IT IS!" Danny said from behind.

Eric quickly turned around. There was Danny standing in the middle of the room. Eric hadn't heard the door open, he hadn't heard Danny coming in. He had been too concentrated on the board and the answers.

"Danny!" Eric gasped. "How did you, I mean, how could you..."

He couldn't speak any further, because Danny sealed his lips with a kiss.

Copyright 1999 by The Wolf