Eric Down Under
Chapter Six: The Sex Chapter

Eric still had not completely recovered from that shock. He now sat together with Danny in the privacy of their room, the door closed and locked. They just sat there vis-à-vis on the floor and looked each other deep in the eyes, until Eric suddenly broke the silence.

"How long did you know?"

"I didn't know it at all!" Danny replied. "I could only hope and maybe pray. You know, I think I fell in love with you when I first saw the picture you sent us some months ago. That's why I tried to be close to you since you arrived. But I never found the courage to tell you the truth. I tried yesterday, you were right when you guessed that I wanted to say something else. But in the last moment, my courage left me again."

"And then you found my posting in the Shack!"

"Actually, I wanted to do the same you did before. I wanted to ask the Shackers for help. You cannot believe how happy I was when I saw your posting. At first, I wasn't sure if it was really from you, but then I saw the IP and knew it for sure! I think my heart missed more than one beat at that moment."

"So did mine when you suddenly stood behind me. But Danny, does anybody know that you are gay or at least bi?"

"No, not yet. But I think now we should tell it to the family. I mean, of course only if you're ready for your coming out."

"Hmm, yeah, I think I am. We probably won't be able to hide it for long, now that we're finally both sure about our feelings for each other. And besides, Trish already knows about me!"

"Trish knows what?!? When did you tell her? And why?"

"I did not have to tell her, she just knew. Don't ask me how. On that party last Saturday, she, you know, uh, she... ah shit, you deserve the truth. Trish blew me, she sucked my cock and brought me to a mighty orgasm. But it was just her 'ultimate test', as she put it. And she told me that I can tell you everything, that you would understand it. Guess she was right!"

Now Danny started to laugh.

"So she did it again? Dude, that girl is great, I almost could love her. Well, I do love her - as a friend."

"What do you mean, she did it again?" Eric asked.

"I mean it right how I said it. Some months ago, she did the same thing with me. I reckon she wanted to be more than just good friends with me, but she realized very soon that there was no chance. But boy, it sure was fun! Trish was the only one with whom I could talk about everything. I know her as long as I can remember, she's like a sister."

"Danny, I'm so happy, it's indescribable!" Eric said. "I think today was kind of restart, the real beginning of a wonderful year in Australia. It's so..."

"Now stop talking!" Danny said. "Better start kissing me. I waited long enough for this moment, I can't wait any longer, and I don't want to wait any longer. I want to feel you right now and here!"

These should be the last spoken words for what seemed like an eternity.

Slowly their faces closed the gap until their lips met in a long and passionate kiss. Eric pulled Danny close to him and held him tight, his hands rubbing over the back of his former brother and new lover. His tongue pressed against Danny's lips, and Danny opened them willingly to let it in. A second later, Danny's own tongue entered the warm and wet cave of Eric's mouth.

And while their tongues explored the mouths of each other, their hands tried to caress every square inch of their bodies. Eric tenderly stroke through Danny's long silken hair, continued on his back, still covered with a shirt, and finally grabbed his buttocks and kneaded them through the jeans.

Meanwhile Danny had lifted Eric's shirt a bit and caressed his smooth chest and belly. He played with the erect nipples and twisted them carefully, which made Eric shiver in ecstasy.

At last, Danny broke the kiss for a second, but only to pull Eric's shirt over his head and throw it away. Eric quickly did the same with Danny's shirt before their lips joined again for another kiss full of lust and love.

Eric was full of anticipated joy. He was rock hard, as hard as never before in his entire life, and his pants were already soaked with precum which oozed out of his cock. He couldn't wait any longer and directed his hands to Danny's crotch, where he could feel his tool for the first time.

It was like a dream becoming true. All those days since he was here in Australia, Eric's most ardent wish had been to touch Danny's cock, to feel the heat of that boy, to feel the pulsating flesh in his own hand. And now his hands finally rested on the entrance to paradise, and he felt the huge boner. Eric was in the seventh heaven, and for some moments, he did not move at all and just let his hands rest where the were.

But Dan had not been idle in the meantime. He wanted more than just feel Eric through his clothes. That is why he slowly unbuttoned Eric's jeans, opened the zipper and shoved his hands directly in the wet boxers of his brother-in-love. There he found his first prize.

Eric moaned slightly when he felt the smooth touch. He spilled another big drop of precum, and Danny collected it with his fingers. Then Danny broke the kiss again and licked his fingers, because he wanted to taste as much of Eric's cream as possible.

For another ten seconds, they just sat there and looked each other deep into the eyes, until Eric stood up and slowly stripped down the rest of his clothes. Now he was completely naked, but he did not feel uncomfortable at all. Right in the contrary, he felt like he could stay naked for ever and a day.

He did not have to wait for long until Danny was naked too. They were both too excited and horny now, they just couldn't wait any longer.

Danny leaded Eric to his bed and dragged him down next to him. They hugged again, pressing their bodies together as tight as they could. There they lay, chest to chest, belly to belly, cock to cock and balls to balls. Even if they didn't move at all for another long moment, they both oozed wave after wave of precum which made their bellies slippery and wet.
Eric began a kissing journey over Danny's body. He started with the forehead and breathed some sweet angel kisses on it. Then he tenderly nibbled on Danny's earlobe and continued his way across the neck to those two pink nipples which stood erect in joy. He let his tongue circle around the nipples and carefully sucked at them like a baby at his mother's breast.

Then he concentrated his caressing on that cute little belly button in the center of a smooth and flat belly. He almost fucked Danny's belly button with his tongue, until he went deeper and deeper, to the first fluff of pubic hair. At this point, he avoided to touch Danny's cock, because that should be his ultimate and most precious object of desire.

So Eric first licked Danny's leg, all the way down from the hip to the toes, and he sucked each and every toe with ever growing lust and horniness while Danny's delighted moans got louder and louder.

Finally Eric went his way back up the other leg and stopped at that hot steel rod which almost seemed to glow in Eric's eyes. He touched the head with the tip of his tongue and was immediately hit by another shot of sweet precum. Now he could resist any longer. He completely swallowed Danny's cock, so that the balls touched his chin and the pubic hair tickled in his nose.

It tasted heavenly. Eric closed his eyes and let his actions be guided by his instincts. He gnawed at Danny's foreskin, licked around the head again and again, and slightly squeezed the balls with his hands. He sucked Danny with all his horny teenager power, sucked that lovely cock like a lollipop, back and forth and back and forth.

Suddenly Danny started to push his hip faster against Eric's face. He was now very close to his orgasm, and he didn't want to wait any longer. He needed to erupt now, or else he would start to cry. So he fucked Eric's mouth with such a might that his balls slapped against Eric's chin with every thrust.

Then he came. Danny quickly grabbed his pillow and bit in it, because he feared that he would shout out load, shout his lust out to the world and thus risking that his parents would come up to check if anything was wrong. Eric felt how Danny's balls contracted, and he prepared for the impact. He closed his lips tightly around the shaft, coz he didn't want to miss a single drop of the approaching cum.

But he was surprised how much of Danny's boy cum shot out off his cock. Wave after wave filled Eric's hungry mouth, wave after wave of the most delicious cream he ever tasted. He couldn't count the shots, but somehow he managed to gather it all, and to keep it in his mouth without swallowing it at once.

He did not want to keep it all for himself, no, he wanted to share it with his new lover. So he crept up the bed to Danny's face and let the mixture of cum, salvia and sweat slowly trickle into Danny's waiting mouth till his own mouth was empty again. Then they kissed again to swap it again and again from mouth to mouth.

Eric had no time to rest because Danny took the active part now. They played the same game again with different roles. It was Danny's part now to caress Eric, and he did it good. Eric had not known that he was able to experience such amazing feelings. His whole body shivered every time when he was touched by Danny's lips or tongue or fingertips. Waves of prickling electricity flowed through his body and all the little hairs on his arms and legs and neck were erect, just like his nipples and cock.

Danny finally reached Eric's hard-on, and Eric almost fell over the edge by the first touch. But he managed to hold it back while Danny slowed down a bit to make it even better for both of them. He licked Eric's cock one time and stopped for a moment. He sucked again and waited again. Licked and stopped, licked and stopped.

This stop and go game went on for several minutes until Danny saw that Eric was only a second away from the point of no return. Then he swallowed Eric's cock again and sucked it hard while he was face fucked from Eric. This was too much for Eric. He let out one last groan and then he felt such a mighty orgasm that it seemed to be two at the same time. All his muscles contracted and he shot his hot cum deep into Danny's throat.

Danny continued his sucking until Eric's cock was completely empty and softened again. He let it jump out of his mouth, enjoyed the heavenly taste for second and then shared it again with his young lover.

After this first big proof of their love, Danny and Eric were so exhausted that they fell asleep in each others arms, still covered with drips of cum, sweat and salvia.

The next morning, the alarm clock ripped them out of their dreams.

"Hmm, good morning loverboy!" Eric said, kissing Danny on the forehead.

"Morning sweetheart!" Danny replied and returned the kiss.

Once again they got lost in each others eyes for some moments.

"Do you still love me or do you already regret it?" Eric asked.

"How could I regret it! I will love forever, and even longer!"

"That's what I wanted to hear. Now let's get up, or we will be late. What about having a shower together?"

"Oh, I would love to wash your back!" Danny said, smiling. "But I fear we would forget the time again. And we could get caught by the others, and I want to avoid it until we told them everything."

"Ok, then I'll go first."

Eric jumped out of the bed, quickly dressed with some boxers he grabbed from the floor and ran into the bathroom. He finished his morning toilet in a record time and let Danny in, not without giving him a quick but nevertheless passionate kiss when they met at the door.

Some minutes later, the whole family was sitting together in the kitchen, having breakfast. Danny and Eric couldn't prevent from smiling at each other from time to time.

"If I wouldn't know you better, I'd say that you're looking forward for school." Stan said. "But that can't be the reason for those permanent smiles on your faces and those shining eyes."

"Hey, they sure are stoned!" Adam said and laughed.

"Ah, shut up little brother." Danny said. "Don't talk about stuff you don't know."

"Kids, watch your words!" Mandy said, not very successfully trying to sound strict. "And hurry up now, or you'll miss the school bus."

Quickly the four teenagers finished their breakfast and rushed out of the house to catch their bus, waving good bye to Stan and Mandy.

Eric had to try very hard to keep his eyes from Danny during their classes. More than once, he slapped himself in the face in his mind, and he tried to concentrate on the teachers. Unfortunately, Danny was sitting right next to him, so they involuntarily touched from time to time. It always sent shivers through their bodies and made them hard for some minutes. It was a permanent cycle of getting hard and soft.

They both were relieved when the morning classes were over and they sat together with their friends in the cafeteria, having lunch. Under the table, they secretly held hands and touched each other with their legs. They had decided to tell their friends about their sweet secret. After lunch, they had some time before the next class started and they were standing alone in a corner.

"Ahm, Chris, Owen, Trish, we have to tell you something." Danny said. "I hope you won't freak out."

"Huh, sounds serious!" Chris said.

"It is. Ok, listen, I don't want to make a long speech, I'll make it short and clear. Eric and I are a couple!"

There was a moment of silence. Then Trish laughed up.

"Wow, that's cool. I knew that you two would come together sooner or later. Congratulations guys, I'm so happy for you!"

"Hey, wait a minute!" Owen interrupted her. "What do you mean, you're a couple? Do you want to say that..."

"...we're gay!" Eric finished the sentence. "That's right, Danny and I are gay, we fell in love with each other and now we're a couple. Are you shocked now?"

"No, not shocked, just a bit surprised. But don't worry, I don't have a problem with you two being gay, not at all. I wish you all the best."

He gave both Eric and Danny a high five and hugged them. Trish joined the hug, and Chris didn't need a second invitation either.

"The same goes for me!" he said. "I hope you'll be happy together. And we'll always support you, that's what friends are for!"

"That's what we wanted to hear. Thank you all friends, really!"

They went back in their classroom for the afternoon session. Eric looked at his watch every five minutes. He couldn't believe that time went so slow. He just wanted to get out of the school, out of his clothes and into Danny's bed again. And when he looked at Danny, he saw that he was thinking the same.

So came it that they were among the first students who left the building after the final bell had rung. They rushed into their bus and waited impatiently until all other students were in.

At home, they lost no time and immediately headed for their room. They were the first ones to be home, and they would probably have some more time alone before anybody could disturb them.

Danny had hardly closed the door when Eric was on top of him and ripped his clothes from his body. He didn't want to do it slowly again this time, he didn't want to wait. He was as horny as never before in his life. Obviously Danny was feeling exactly the same, because he turned Eric around and undressed him in a record time as well.

When they were both naked again, big boners standing up to their bellies, they jumped on the bed simultaneously and played the knotted tongues game again. For some minutes, they did nothing but playing with each others tongue and pressing their their hips firmly together.

Then they turned into a 69 position. Eric looked in awe at Danny's hard-on for a moment and admired the fire red head with the cute piss slit. Slowly he stuck out his tongue and touched it when he felt how Danny's mouth engulfed his own sensitive cock. Another deep groan came out of his mouth, even if it was now filled with Danny's hot and pumping flesh.

They went on for a while, trying to make it slow in order not to cum to soon, when Danny suddenly stopped his blow job and turned around. Eric looked a bit puzzled, he feared that Danny had changed his mind and didn't want to do it again. But he did not have to worry.

"Eric, please, I want you to fuck me!" Danny said, looking deep into his lover's eyes.

"You're really sure?" Eric asked. "I mean, I would love to do it, but I don't want to hurt you. I just want us to be happy together. Are you sure that you're ready."

"As ready as never before in my life!" Danny replied. "I want to lose my virginity now, and I want to lose it to you, here and now."

He opened a drawer and took a bottle of baby oil out of it. He opened it and handed it to Eric. Then he lay on his back and put a pillow under his butt.

Eric squeezed some of the oil on his palms and rubbed his hands to warm it a bit. He was so happy about Danny's offer, he almost started to cry. Carefully he let his index finger slide through Danny's crack until it rested over that pink little hole. He squeezed some more oil out and spread it carefully until Danny's crack was really slippery. Then he slightly pressed one finger against the hole and slid in without problems.

Danny sharply breathed and Eric stopped immediately.

"No, don't stop!" Danny said. "It didn't hurt at all, I was just a bit surprised about that first feeling. Please, go on loverboy!"

He didn't have to tell it twice. Eric slowly continued his finger fuck, then he added a second and finally a third finger, so Danny could get accustomed to the size. Then he pulled his fingers out of Danny's tight hole which made a funny noise, and they both had to laugh about it.

Eric spread some more of the oil on his own cock, and then he directed his head against the back entrance of his boyfriend. Now was the big moment. He carefully pushed a bit, and the head was in. Danny groaned again, but Eric saw in his face that it was only pleasure, no pain. He pushed further, and inch after inch of his cock vanished in Danny's ass, squeezing it tightly in this warm and living hole.

Eric still couldn't quite believe it. Here he was, fucking the ass of Danny, in his eyes the most gorgeous guy on the face of God's green earth. And it felt so good, so wonderful, so... so right!

Slowly Eric thrust in and out, in and out, while he stroke Danny's cock with his hands. And all the time, they never lost eye contact. They smiled and groaned and sweat and groaned and just loved it. Eric sped up a bit, and his balls slapped against Danny's beautiful round buttocks. He pumped Danny's cock, which was already slippery with precum.

Then it happened. Eric felt like we was about to burst into a million pieces as his orgasm came closer and closer. One final hard thrust and he exploded, shooting his cum deep into his lover's ass. At the same moment, a hot wave erupted out of Danny's volcano cock and hit his face, the second touched his chin, the third his chest. Some more shots flowed out and made a puddle on Danny's belly.

Eric didn't pull his cock out for some more minutes, until he was almost soft again. Both boys were tired and exhausted and happy, they were in love. Eric started to lick the cum from Danny's belly and cock, while Danny cleared Eric's face and chest with his own tongue.

They lay there, hugged closely, eyes closed, just enjoying the memory of this indescribable experience they had shared together. Every now and then they kissed each other, smiled at each other or just looked at each other and admired the beauty of each other.

Danny and Eric were happy. Happy that they were together, and above all happy because they had talked about their feelings and did not have to hide them anymore.

They felt like nothing could happen to them now, when suddenly the door opened. Then Danny realized that they had indeed closed the door, but completely forgot to lock it. And now it was to late. They were lying in one bed, both naked, this could not be misunderstood. He slowly turned around to see who had come in and how he or she reacted, when the person started to speak.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

Copyright 1999 by The Wolf