Eric Down Under
Chapter Seven: Make Love, not War

"What the hell is going on here?!?"

Slowly Eric and Danny turned around to face the inevitable. Danny covered their naked bodies as good as possible and looked to the door. Adam stood there, eyes wide open, jaw almost dropped to the ground. Then suddenly he jumped around and wanted to leave. But Danny was faster, and he could grab his younger brothers wrist just before he was out of reach.

"Please don't go, Adam!" Danny said. "I want to explain the situation."

"What do you want to explain?" Adam hissed. "It's quite obvious, you two are just fucking faggots. Now let me go!"

"Adam, please! Don't talk like this. And look into my eyes. Give me a chance, give us a chance!"

Adam hesitated for a moment, then he relaxed a bit and came back in the room, closing the door behind him. In the meantime, Eric had put on his boxers and he threw another pair to Danny. It would be much easier to talk without the view on their red and slippery cocks. Adam sat down on one bed, Danny and Eric on the other. There was an uncomfortable silence for a while, until Danny finally started to speak.

"Adam, brother, " he said, "we did not want you to come to know about us like this. You have to believe me that we wanted to talk to you, to the whole family. When we were ready. But now we made the mistake not to lock the door, and you caught us. Ok, maybe it was a bit ahead of schedule, but that doesn't matter anymore. Yes, we just had sex with each other. I fell in love with Eric, and he fell in love with me. Are we gay? Well, I don't like to be labeled, but I'd say we are at least not straight. I cannot say more now, because I don't know more. Nobody knows what will happen in the future. But I DO know that I love that guy, here and now!"

With that words he turned to Eric again, hugged him closely and gave him a long kiss. Adam looked disgusted for a moment, but then his face lightened up more and more and finally he smiled.

"Ok, ok, I believe you!" Adam said. "You don't have to show me every detail again. Listen guys, I'm sorry for what I said earlier. I always thought to be tolerant against everybody, but when I saw you two in the bed, naked and hard, a fuse blew in my head. There still is a small difference between theory and reality. But I think I can accept and respect your love, as long as you promise me something Eric!"

"Everything dude!" Eric replied. "Just let it out!"

"Please don't hurt Danny, neither physically nor mentally. He's my brother, and I don't want anything bad to happen to him."

"I would never ever hurt him Adam! I swear! I love him so much, I think I would give my life for him. Please, you have to believe me!"

"I do." Adam said. "I just wanted to be sure. Once again sorry for that 'fag' thing. It was only the first shock!"

"No sweat dude!" Danny and Eric said in unison.

"Don't forget to lock the door next time. And you really should tell mom and dad, they deserve to know. And they'll accept it too, I'm sure! Oh, speaking of mom. I came up here to tell you that dinner is ready in about ten minutes. Well, that means it was ready five minutes ago. You should come down, but don't forget to dress."

Adam left the room and headed downstairs again, leaving two relieved boys behind. They hurried to get properly dressed again to join the rest of the family.

"Oh boy," Eric said, "I'm glad that he took it so well. At first I feared he would hate us now, hate me especially."

"No, he wouldn't!" Danny replied. "I know him a bit longer than you. Adam is a hothead, but I just had to look in his eyes to see that he regretted his insults at once. And besides, he liked what he saw!"

"What do you mean?"

"C'mon, didn't you notice it?"

"Notice what? Tell me what you mean, or I'd have to tickle it out of you!"

"Hmm, is that a promise or a threat? Anyway, his thin shorts couldn't hide the growing bulge. Yeah, my little brother had a nice boner in his pants when he saw the two of us naked, smelled the aroma of the sex that still filled the air and thought about what we did earlier in this bed. I'm sure, deep in his heart he would like to try it by himself!"

"You mean Adam is gay as well?"

"I wouldn't go so far. But he's a boy, and boys in his age usually 'do stuff' with their best friends. I would love to know if Adam has such a best friend beside his own hand!"

They laughed about this thought and finally left their room and ran down the stairs to the kitchen.

During dinner, the family chit-chatted as usual about what had happened that day. How was school, do you get along with the teachers, my boss has a new car, guess who's pregnant in the neighborhood. Stuff like that. When they all had finished and Mandy wanted to do the dishes, Danny started to speak.

"Mom, dad, I have to talk to you!" And with a short side glance at Eric, he added: "We have to talk to you!"

"Nothing bad, I hope." Stan said, slightly worried.

"Well, it depends on you, maybe it's something bad for you, I don't know. But I hope you'll take it well."

"C'mon, let it out!" Mandy encouraged him.

"Ok! Mom, dad, Lin, and you too Adam, even if you already know it. I'm gay!"

Two seconds of silence, then Mandy said: "And? Where's the problem?"

Danny was puzzled. He looked at Eric, but his brother in love just shrugged his shoulders. Adam grinned broadly, and the others just smiled.

"Did you get me right? I said that I'm gay!"

"Yeah, we're not deaf." Stan replied laughing. "Did you think we would lose consciousness now, or maybe start to cry or even kick you out of the house. Danny, you are our son, we know you for sixteen years now. I don't say that we knew about your, um, sexual preferences, but we sure guessed it. It's ok, we respect your feelings."

"Your dad is right, honey!" Mandy said. "Did you really think I would never find those magazines with the pictures of, er, slightly naked young men when I cleaned your room? Your dad and I, we talked about it and agreed to wait until you are ready to tell us about you. Lin knew about it, too, she is old enough. We didn't tell Adam, but it looks like you did it earlier on."

"That's true, we did." Eric said. "Well, obviously it's time for everybody to be honest, so I can do it as well. I'm gay too, or at least bisexual. And I'm in love with Danny."

"Hey, now that's a surprise!" Lin shouted. "Danny and Eric, sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

That made them all laugh, and it completely released the tense that Danny and Eric had still felt. They were happy. They would never have thought that it would be so easy. Danny's parents, his brother and sister, they all accepted it. Not only that their son was gay, not only that their guest son was gay, but also that they were a couple.

"Thank you very much folks!" Danny said, almost with tears in his eyes. "This means so much to me, to have your love, to have your support. Thank you for not being mad, or even ripping us apart."

"No sweat, my son!" Mandy said. "We would never do anything to hurt you. Or you Eric. Real love is rare in this world, and nobody has the right to suppress or destroy it. Be happy together, as long as it lasts, hopefully very long. I just ask you for one favor. Don't go out and yell it out, don't tell everybody about you. At least not yet. Tell it only to people you can really trust, if you not already did it. I'm sure your 'clique' knows about it, that's ok. But unfortunately, there are too many intolerant people around. Just think of that poor young man in Wyoming who has been beaten to death. Please promise me not to shout it out loud!"

"We promise!" Eric and Danny said, once again in unison.

Then they went to Mandy and hugged her. Stan hugged all three, and Lin and Adam joined them, too. The secret was out, even if it never had been a real secret, as they knew now. And the family still stuck together.

Later that evening, Danny and Eric lay together in one bed, side to side, arm in arm, feeling the heat and the heart of each other. For a long while they did not move, they were just happy to have each other, they enjoyed their love. But the increasing heat under their blanket, the sweat that wet their bodies and the smell of lust made them soon so hard and horny that they couldn't hold back any longer. Obviously the young love was the strongest.

Danny rolled on top of Eric and ruffled through his lover's hair. Carefully he licked his own lips, which made Eric shiver in anticipated joy. Eric's cock had reached its full hardness now, and it pressed firmly against the not lesser hard member of Danny.

Very slowly Danny bent down until their lips finally met, and his tongue begged for entrance in Eric's mouth. Of course, Eric didn't let him wait for long but let his own tongue make a journey through the no longer unknown depths of Danny's mouth.

And while their tongues played with each other, they rubbed their hips against each other, cock against cock, balls against balls, and a ever growing puddle of precum made their bellies slippery and wet. They groaned now, as far as it was possible with a full mouth, and their movements got faster and more passionate with every grinding circle of the hips.

Eric felt that he was close, very close now. He had spread more precum than ever before, and the flow didn't stop. He did his best to hold his orgasm back as long as possible, tried to built up more pressure to reach a more powerful climax. But as we all know, when we come to the point of no return, it's too late. So it was for Eric now. He bent his back, thrust his hips together with Danny's body in the air and fell over the edge of ecstasy.

He wanted to scream, wanted to shout all his emotions out, while his balls contracted and fired his boy cream out of his piss slit in one long jet. He managed to keep his scream silent, so it would not wake up any other family member. But it was loud enough to give Danny the ultimate push. He let out a long moan, closed his eyes and pressed his body as firm as possible against Eric's.

Mt. Danny, the cum volcano, erupted with a mighty load of burning love juice. Two big puddles of cum became one, and while they kept on rubbing their bodies together, they spread it all over their bellies and chests until it almost reached their chins.

Breathing heavily, Danny rolled back on his back, deeply inhaling the odor of love and sex. He sighed and looked in his lovers eyes.

"I think now I have to clean this mess on you." he said, grinning. "I was a bad boy and have to use my tongue to do it."

But Eric had a better idea. "Why should we waste this special lubricant? We could have better use for it. I want to ride you, my bad boy. Ride you like a wild stallion. I want to tame that maverick now!"

Carefully he collected some of the slippery fluid from his own chest and out of his belly button and began to rub it all over Danny's cock, which came back to his hard life immediately. Then he first climbed on Danny's chest and rubbed his own butt all the way down to that waiting hot piece of meat, collecting cum in his crack. This would be the best possible lubricant on the whole wide world.

Finally Eric lifted his ass a bit and pulled his cheeks apart. Danny aimed his cock with his hand, so that his head pointed exactly toward that lovely pink hole. Eric sat down again, slowly, inch by inch, until he felt the hot tip pressing against his puckering hole, demanding entrance. Then it happened. Danny's boner slid into Eric without any problems, and after a millisecond of pain followed an eternity of pleasure and joy.

Eric lowered his body further until Danny was completely inside him and his own balls lay in Danny's pubic hair. He felt the stimulation of his prostate and experienced feelings he never thought to be possible. He got hard again, and Danny needed no invitation. He reached down and tenderly started to strike Eric's stiff member.

Eric himself moved softly up and down, left and right, back and forth, enjoying the feeling to be filled with Danny's boyhood, the symbol of their love. The sensation continued, the intensity of their feelings increased. Danny was caught in Eric's tight, hot and wet ass, and his hard-on was struck like never before. He tried to wank Eric in the same rhythm, and soon they were absolutely simultaneous in their actions.

When Eric felt his own orgasm coming close again, he rode Danny faster and harder. Danny groaned with pleasure and finally dived into the ocean of emotion. He came with such a power that Eric almost thought the cum would shot up his throat and out of his mouth. He felt his inside getting hot and wet, and at the same moment, his loaded gun fired its load out. The first shot reached Danny's face and a part of it went directly in his mouth. The remaining shots hit Danny's chin and chest and belly, until the rest flew out of the now softening cock.

Both boys were exhausted again. Eric did not want to move and let Danny's cock out, he feared a feeling of emptiness. But they were so slippery now that it jumped out almost by itself. Eric really felt a bit empty at first, but Danny compensated that feeling at once with another long kiss.

They did not know how long this kiss lasted, but when they started to lick each other clean, the cum had already started to dry. Nevertheless, they forgot no square inch of their bodies, and the mere licking almost made them cum again, almost caused a new mess. But they both knew that they had to stop now, as difficult as it may have been. When they continued now, they would never stop this night, and they had to get up early to go to school.

That is why they snuggled up to each other and fell asleep soon, hand in hand, heads together, looking so peaceful and radiating an aura of happiness.

6 am. The cruel *beep beep beep* of the alarm clock ripped Eric and Danny out of their sweet dreams. They opened their eyes and the first thing they saw was each other. Can there be a better first view of the day?

Knowing that they didn't have the time for longer tenderness now, they just kissed and got up. Which wasn't that easy, though, because the remaining cum, sweat and salvia had mixed to sort of a power glue which held their bodies together. There was a funny sound when they parted and their skins were ripped apart. The smiles on their faces got broader again, because this reminded them on last night, all the love and caressing, and of course the awesome sex.

They decided to have a shower together, since they did not have to hide anymore, as their secret was out now. Eric washed Danny's back and received the same treatment. But this was no sexual act at all, they did not get hard again after the usual morning piss hard-ons had vanished. This was just a favor between two lovers.

The mutual drying took very long, but once again it went without getting sexual. Danny and Eric finished their morning toilet and went to their room to get dressed for school. When they were ready and Danny just wanted to get down to breakfast, Eric held him back.

"Danny, wait a second, I want to give you something."

"A present? For me? What is it?"

Eric grabbed in his backpack and took a small box out. He opened the box and there was a Yin Yang in it, a pendant with two thongs.

"You know," Eric said, "some time ago an online friend of mine from California send me this. He told me to share it with my real love as soon as I found it, no matter if it were a he or a she. And now I'm sure that I found my real love!"

And he broke the pendant apart and put Yang, the white part, around Danny's neck. Then he put Yin, the black half, around his own neck.

"Please accept this present Danny. It shall show that we belong together now, like Yin and Yang, night and day, black and white!"

"Oh Eric, I thank you so much. There couldn't be a better way to show our love to each other and those who know about it. Of course I accept it, and I'm proud to wear it. I will never put it away, as long as we are together. Which will be a long while, hopefully!"

He hugged Eric and kissed him again, kissed him long and passionately, until Mandy called them down for breakfast. So they walked down the stairs, hand in hand, their pendants over their shirts, and looking nowhere but in each others eyes. That is why they almost run into Stan, who had to go to work early today and was ready to leave.

"Hey, hold it guys!" Stan said. "They say that love makes blind, and obviously it's true. Bye guys, have a nice day. By the way, nice pendants, they fit to you!"

"Pendants? Which pendants?" Mandy called from the kitchen. "Oh, I see, Chip and Chap or Ming and Mang or something like that. Where did you get them!"

"It's Yin and Yang!" Danny laughed. "And it was a present from Eric, to show that we belong together. What do you say?"

"I say that I'm happy as long as you are happy!" Mandy replied. "I don't want to know what you do when you are alone, but I just have to look into your eyes to know that this is serious. And I think you won't rise suspicion in the wrong people with this Tim and Tom or whatever, that is why I like it!"

"Thank you mom, for everything!"

"No sweat honey! Now hurry up and eat, or you'll be late again."

They ate their breakfast in silence, mostly with one hand, because they had their other hand resting on each others knee. Soon the school bus honked, so they said bye and rushed to school.

Today was another new experience for Eric, his first sports class. In the dressing room, he tried to keep his eyes away from Danny and carefully checked the other guys instead. Sure there were some cuties among them, but in Eric's eyes, none of them could match with Danny. They came not even close to his gorgeous lover.

Fortunately they should play real football today, in some parts of the world called soccer. Eric had played football in Germany, and he was a good left defender. He would play together with his friends in one team. Crazy Chris was the goalie, Danny played midfield and Owen was their best forward.

The bad news were that the jerk gang would play in the other team. Fat Richie was in the goal, and the bully Kyle would be playing directly against Eric.

At first the game was fun. Both teams were pretty equal, and after the first half the score was 1:1. In the second half, Eric and Kyle had their encounter. Eric separated Kyle from the ball in a fair way, but Kyle stumbled over his own feet and landed in the dust. Furiously he jumped up and ran to Eric.

"You bastard, that was a foul!" he shouted.

"Ah, keep cool, it was a fair tackling." Eric replied. "I hit the ball, not your foot."

Kyle wanted to jump on Eric, but in the meantime members from both teams were there to separate them. Furthermore, the coach said them to go on with the game, Eric's actions had been ok. Obviously, Kyle did not think so, and he stared at Eric in rage.

"You're #1 on my list, you Kraut!" he hissed. "I will beat you up soon, I swear, and your silly friends too!"

Eric didn't care about him anymore but concentrated on the game. One minute before the end, Danny played a wonderful pass to Owen, and Owen got along Kevin and made the goal against Richie. Eric's team had won the game, which made Kyle only more furious. He was not a good loser.

And soon he should to prove that fact.

Danny and Eric were on their way home. As usually they walked, and after they had said bye to their friends, they took the shortcut through the woods. They were not in a hurry, they just enjoyed being together in the peace of this surroundings. Slowly they approached each other, their hands heading towards each other. But before their hands could lock, something happened.

Suddenly someone jumped out of the underwood and onto the way. It was Kyle. He had lurked in the shadow of some trees and waited for the boys to arrive. Obviously he wanted revenge. He held a jackknife in his hand, and his eyes said that he was willing to use it.

Eric and Danny turned around and wanted to run, but there were Kevin and Richie. They had come out of the thicket and blocked their escape. Both of them had thick branches, and they wielded them like baseball bats. Not such lethal weapons as Kyle's knife, but nevertheless enough to hurt badly.

The situation seemed hopeless.

Kyle grinned devilishly and said: "Now you're gonna pay ladies!"

And slowly he approached, while the other two jerks closed the gap from behind.

Copyright 1999 by The Wolf