Eric Down Under
Chapter Eight: The Ecstasy of Victory

Feverish Eric thought of a way out of this confounded situation, but he didn't see one. It seemed that this day should end in the hospital, or even worse. The mad grin in Kyle's face told him that everything was possible, this guy was completely crazy. Obviously even Kevin realized that this could get more than the usual brawls, he really looked a bit concerned. On the other side, Richie just looked stupid, like he did most of the time.

Slowly Kyle stepped closer, brandishing the long blade of his jackknife which looked more like a short sword. The sharp blade glittered in the sunlight, beautiful, yet so deadly.

"I'm gonna scratch my name in your bellies, you sissies," Kyle hissed, "so you will never ever forget it!"

"Hey Kyle," Danny said, "don't do anything you could regret afterwards. Throw that knife away and let's fight like men, one on one."

"Ah, shut up coward!" Kyle shouted. "I'm gonna show you who's the boss around here. Get them guys!"

Richie and Kevin grabbed Eric and Danny from behind, took them into full Nelsons and used the branches to choke the guys. Eric had no chance against the big and strong Richie, and Kevin was an amateur wrestler and knew how to lock a person. Danny desperately tried to struggle free, but he only succeeded in increasing the pain because Kevin strengthened his hold.

"Yeah, hold them tight!" Kyle said. "I think I'll start with you, you German bastard. I'll show you how we deal with Krauts!"

He approached to Eric and ripped up his shirt with the knife. Eric shivered when he felt the cold steel of the blade on his stomach. Richie's hold was merciless, and so were Kyle's eyes. Kyle touched Eric's belly with the tip of the knife and pushed a bit until the first drip of blood appeared.

"Oh, look at this, the Kraut's blood is as red as ours. Obviously they are no better people than we are. Ok, now I'll teach you how my name is spelled. The first letter is a big K, hehe!"

"Er, Kyle, you really wanna do that?" Kevin asked. "I mean, I thought we'd just scared them a bit, maybe beat the living shit out of them. I think we should not go too far."

"WHAT?" Kyle said. "On whose side are you, you freak? I'm the boss, and you do what I say, or I'll have to deal with you later as well. And now shut up and let me do this little tattoo here!"

Kyle just wanted to continue scratching Eric's skin when suddenly a whizzing sound was to be heard. Richie cried out loud and loosened his hold on Eric. He had a big cut on the forehead and blood was running down his face and into his eyes. Eric reacted quick-witted and trust his knee in Kyle's solar plexus, causing him to drop his knife and sending him to the ground in an embryonic bearing.

Now Eric saw why the odds had so suddenly changed to their advantage. Chris, Owen and Trish had come out of the woods, each of them holding some rocks in their hands. Now they surrounded Kevin, who was still holding Danny. But realizing that he was outnumbered, he quickly let him go and sought safety in flight. They did not pursue him.

On the other side, Kyle and his watch dog Richie did not want to give up so easily. Richie roared like an injured raging bull and stormed directly into the five friends who stood together now. His heavy weight gave him enough impulse and kinetic energy to run them down, even if he probably did not know about this physical background.

Kyle had recovered as well and now he grabbed Trish by her long hair, dragged her on the feet and held his knife against her throat. He still wanted his revenge, by all means necessary, even by attacking a girl. But he had not at all expected Owen's reaction. With his head down, Owen ran towards Kyle and hit him with a shoulder block in his side mid section, tugging him down.

Before Kyle could react, Owen kicked the knife out of his hand and jumped on the bully's belly. He pummeled Kyle, blind with wrath, thrust his fists against Kyle's head, left and right, again and again. Blood shot out of Kyle's broken nose, and his left eye already was swollen and half closed. Owen had the same expression on his face as Kyle had some minutes before, he looked like he was ready to kill.

"Don't you ever dare to touch her again, or you'll regret it for the rest of your life!" Owen hissed.

"Stop it, please, I give up!" Kyle stammered.

But Owen did not stop, he even intensified his attack, until Chris and Eric finally dragged him away from his now beaten enemy. Kyle looked like he had had an involuntarily encounter with a tank, he had been beaten like a dog, and without any further word, he turned around and walked away.

Now the only one left was Richie, and he looked like he did not understand at all what had happened. Until today, he had always been on the winner's side. He was big, he was strong. Maybe he did not know much about physics or history, but he definitely knew how to beat people up. And now he was standing alone, without his friends, and surrounded by five other teenagers.

"You've got the choice butthead!" Chris said. "You can fuck off and spend this night in some pub, or you can stay here and spend the night in the hospital. It's your decision!"

Richie was no genius, but even he realized that there was no way out for him. So he decided to chicken out and walked away with his head down.

When he was finally out of sight, Eric and Danny thanked their friends for their help.

"You are lucky that I'm a baseball crack." Chris said. "But I had to throw that rock to prevent Kyle from using his knife, even if I had to risk to hit you, Eric."

"I felt the draft of air on my temple, it was really close!" Eric admitted. "But nevertheless, you saved my skin. Thank you dude!"

"Hey, no sweat, just a pleasure. This was an apocalyptic victory of good against evil. The clique beats the jerk gang! The others will lose a lot of their respect and fear when they hear about it. I don't think that we'll have problems with them in the next time. He knows when he's beaten!"

"Let's go home guys!" Danny said. "You're all invited for dinner!"

So they slowly walked to the Jackson's house where Mandy would already be waiting for her boys.

Of course Mandy saw the signs of the fight, even if they all had washed and Eric had put on a new shirt. But she was wise enough not to ask. She knew her son, and she was sure that he would talk to her if there were any bigger problems. So she just made the friends a huge pile of sandwiches, gave them some cans of coke and left them alone.

"Guys," Danny said, "we can't thank you enough. This could have ended worse. But I wonder how you knew that we were in trouble."

"Oh, it was pure luck." Trish replied. "After the sports class I was talking with some girls, when the jerks passed by a few meters away. Fortunately they didn't see me among the other girls, but I could hear some of their words. They talked about 'cut off the way' and 'he will pay for it'. And when they ran towards the woods, I was quite sure that they were stalking after you. That's why I told Chris and Owen and we followed you. We came just in time."

"Yeah, not a second too late!" Eric agreed. "When I felt the steel on my belly and looked into Kyle's eyes, I regretted that I ever came to Australia. But then I felt Danny's presence and my love gave me new strength."

"Ah, how sweet!" Chris said. "Look at those love birds. But speaking of new found strength, Owen, where did you take this bodycheck from?"

"Uh, well, er," Owen stammered, "you know, when I saw that Kyle threatened Trish, a fuse burned out in my head. I was in rage, I completely lost my mind. Must have been kind of a blood ecstasy."

"Whatever!" Danny said. "You proved that you are true friends. And we taught the jerks a lesson they won't forget."

After some more chit-chat, TV zapping and computer games, it was time again for Chris, Owen and Trish to say bye and to go home.

Trish and Owen walked alone to the Taylor's house after Chris had left them on the last corner. They walked close without talking, their swinging arms touching from time to time, until they finally held hands without even noticing it. Only when they stood at her doorstep, they realized it and smiled at each other.

"Now that we are alone," Trish started, "you can tell me the truth. Why were you so furious when Kyle had grabbed me?"

"I did not want you to be hurt! I could have never forgiven myself when something had happened to you and I had not tried to prevent it. I... I... Trish, I love you! I've loved you for a long time!"

"Why did you never tell me?"

"I did not want to lose you as a friend. It's hard to find real friends today, that is why I never admitted it. And furthermore, I always thought that you favored Danny. And when you danced with Eric on that party last week, I was sure that you were trying to hit on him."

"But now you know that Danny and Eric are together, and that they are not looking for a girlfriend."

"Yeah, that's true. Maybe I should try to seduce you and to win your heart now."

"Don't try too hard."

"That's what I feared. You like me as a friend, but you will never be able to feel more for me. I better go now."

"Don't you dare to let me stand alone now. You got me completely wrong. You don't need to win my heart anymore, because I already lost it to you. All the flirting with Danny and Eric was nothing serious, those were only tests because I guessed they could be gay. I intended to pander them, but they didn't need my help anymore."

"Does this mean that you have some feelings for me, too?"

"Dude, you are really slow in the uptake today. Of course I love you too, pretty boy. Hey, my parents aren't at home, do you want to come in for a while?"

"Er, do you really think we should do that, I mean, we just..."

"Shut up and come in!"

Trish opened the door and dragged Owen in. She closed the door and pushed the guy against it, never breaking eye contact.

"Now kiss me before I change my mind!"

And Owen followed her order. Their full pink lips met, and for a long time they didn't part again. Both tongues darted out and collided in the no man's land between their opened teeth. Joyfully they let their tongues swirl around each other, advancing further and further into unknown territory.

Finally they had to break their kiss because they had both forgotten to breath. Laughing hysterically they tried to catch their breath again, and then Owen took Trish in a fireman's carry and headed up the stairs to her room, his struggling prey on his shoulders. Inside Trish's bedroom, he closed the door and carefully dropped the girl on her soft bed.

Without hesitating, Owen lay next to Trish on the bed and they locked in another passionate kiss. Trish shuffled through Owen's red hair, while Owen got a bit braver and moved his hands under the girl's shirt. Carefully he stroke her back, and slowly his hands approached the clasp of her bra. Trish did not try to stop him, and thus Owen opened it and moved his hands slowly to the front.

Finally he reached the objects of his first desire. Trish's breasts were small but firm, and her nipples were hard and erect. Owen caressed them tenderly, letting his fingers circle around the nipples, and finally he used both hands to knead them. Obviously he did it good, because Trish started to moan silently.

She did not stay idle but broke the kiss again and pulled Owen's shirt over his head. Then she threw her own shirt and bra away, and Owen saw the first naked breasts in his life which did not belong to his mother or a playmate of the month. For a moment, he just looked at them in awe, but then he remembered the first months of his life and started to suck the nipples of his new girlfriend.

Owen carefully nibbled at the nipples and licked around them. He sucked them passionately, which sent waves of pleasure through Trish's body. Of course he couldn't stay cool anymore now, and his cock was already rock hard and filled his boxers with precum.

Now Trish got tired of playing the passive part, and thus she took the initiative and massaged little big Owen through the denim of his jeans. At once Owen stopped his sucking and licking, and he moaned with pleasure, eyes closed, mouth wide opened.

Trish pushed Owen's upper body back on the bed, and then she opened the button and flyer of his pants. Slowly, inch by inch, she pulled the jeans down, revealing a big wet spot on Owen's boxer. She didn't hesitate a moment and continued with the boxers, and a second later they flew across the room.

Now Owen lay there naked on the bed of the girl who had been only a good friend until less than an hour ago, and who now was his girlfriend. Suddenly he felt slightly uneasy because this went so quick.

"Ah, Trish," he said, "I'm not sure if we're doing the right things here. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love you and I really enjoy it. Man, I even need it. But I don't want us to precipitate it. I don't want to destroy the new level of our relationship before it really started. And besides, I don't have a condom with me, you know, safe sex!"

"Neither do I!" Trish replied silently. "But there are more games to play than the simple sexual intercourse. Use your imagination, and above all, use your mouth and tongue!"

"Aye Ma'am!"

So Owen pulled Trish next to himself again and fumbled on the zipper of her jeans. He was a bit nervous, but finally he managed to regain control over his fingers and opened the entry to the most private part of Trish's body. In order to safe some time, he pulled jeans and slip down together, and once again he sat motionless for some time and just looked at her, in his eyes, perfect body.

The playground lay open in front of him, and while Trish lay on her back, thighs half opened, Owen knelt between her legs. At first, he focused his attention on her breasts again, but soon her started his way down her body. A short licking around her gorgeous belly button, and at last he felt the first pubics tickling on his chin and tongue.

Very carefully and tenderly, Owen sucked and gnawed at the soft and sensitive pussy flesh, looking for this special point he had heard about, this point that brings ultimate joy for the girl. And obviously he had found such a point now, because Trish's groaning got louder and her pussy got wetter and wetter.

Greedily Owen tasted this new juice, and he stuck his tongue as deep in Trish's body as possible. Maybe he could not fuck her in the 'old fashioned' way today, but this tongue fuck felt even better now, because he could directly smell and taste her ecstasy, her lust and her passion.

Owen intensified the speed of his treatment, and now he used both hands as well to strike Trish's smooth skin. His hands traveled from the breasts to the thighs, from the nipples to the pubics, and he wished that he had some more hands to be everywhere at once.

Then it happened. Owen had once read that a woman feels her orgasm twenty times more intense than a man, and it seemed to be true. Trish thrust her hips forward, bent her spine, and her whole body stiffened. Shock waves went through her body and made her shiver, and she tried hard to suppress a loud cry. But she couldn't hold it back for long, and so she let herself fall into the ocean of ecstasy, she cried her joy out and pulled Owen's body tight against her own.

The wave of lucky hormones that flooded through Trish's body let her regain her breath quickly, and she wanted to share all those powerful feelings with her lover. Thus she pulled him further up her body until he was sitting almost on her chest, his rock hard member touching her breast.

Owen got her idea, and he directed his boner between the two lovely hills on Trish's chest, while she pushed her breasts together, firmly engulfing him. Their sweat covered bodies melted to one when Owen started to move rhythmically while Trish supported his movements by massaging her own breasts. When she looked down, she saw the head of Owen's cock pointing towards her face, red and slippery with precum, saw the small slit which oozed a fresh drip every few second, and she waited for his eruption.

She did not have to wait long, Owen was too horny now to hold it back any longer. He felt the pressure increase at the bottom of the shaft, felt his pumping balls which suddenly contracted and were pulled up, and finally he saw an explosion of colors inside his head when the orgasm paralyzed his body.

He opened his mouth for a cry, but it was a silent cry of unlimited pleasure. No sound escape his mouth when he shot his boy cream in six hot waves out of his cock and into the waiting face of Trish. She was able to catch most of it with her tongue and she shuffled it into her mouth.

Completely exhausted Owen collapsed on Trish's chest, spreading the remaining cum and salvia between their bodies until he finally slid down from her and lay on her side. For a long moment, none of them spoke a word, they just relived the memory of this sexual game they had just played. At last, Owen found his voice again.

"That was awesome Trish! I never expected such intense feelings to be possible. I always enjoyed my orgasms when I jerked off, but now they seem so insignificant. Like the shot of a small bore rifle compared to an anti-tank rocket!"

"I know what you mean sweetheart! It's a kind of magic in this, er, game. I felt..."

*honk honk*

A car stopped in the front of the house and the engine died. The door opened, was closed again, *smash*, and footsteps approached the front door.

"Oh my god, that's dad, he's back from work. We spent more time here than I thought. Quick, you have to get dressed and then you have to get out of here before he can see you!"

Owen jumped out of the bed and looked for his clothes which were scattered all over the room, while they could hear a key in the lock as Trish's dad opened the door.

"Where are my boxers?" Owen asked in panic.

"Go without them!" Trish answered. "We have no time!"

Quickly Owen got dressed while Trish tried to put the room in order a bit. She grabbed a towel and wanted to run into the bathroom to pretend that she was taking a shower, but she could not resist to kiss her new boyfriend good bye and good night.

"You better climb out of the window! There is an espalier which will support you, and it can't be seen from the street or our next door neighbors. By the way, it is a good way to secretly enter my bedroom, if you know what I mean. See you in school tomorrow!"

Now Owen hurried to get out of the window and he climbed down the espalier without problems. When he had reached the ground, Trish appeared in the window again, waving his boxers. She deeply inhaled the smell again before she threw them down and vanished in the house. Owen could hear a few word when she talked to her dad, something like 'hi dad ... need a shower ... long day in school ... sports class ... no time'.

With a broad smile on his face and the feeling of ultimate satisfaction, Owen walked home with no hurry.

Later that night in another bedroom, not too far away.

Danny and Eric lay arm in arm in one bed again. They were tired, but on the other side still too excited to sleep. On the one side excited from their fight with the jerks and their glorious victory, on the other side excited from the sexy game they just had played.

"Did you notice the secret looks Trish and Owen threw at each other today?" Eric asked.

"Yeah, they tried their best to hide it, but I noticed them nevertheless. And I recognized them!"

"Me too. You looked at me the same way, and you still do it!"

"I think they looked for each other, and at last they found each other. Now we only have to pander Chris with somebody!"

"Dude or dudette?"

"I'm not sure, I think we'll have to find out. Could be fun!" Danny said laughing.

"It sure will! But now let's change the subject. Kiss me, my gorgeous loverboy!"

And Danny rolled over to start the next round.

Yet another bedroom.

Chris lay awake in his bed, listening to some rock ballads and thinking about life and love. Of course he had noticed the rise of the new relationship between Trish and Owen, as well. If they were not a couple already, they soon would be. And on the other side, Danny and Eric were inseparable. Two couples in their clique. Chris felt a bit like the fifth wheel on the car at the moment.

"Something has to happen!" he said to himself before he turned off the music and finally entered the dreamscape.

Copyright 1999 by The Wolf