Eric Down Under
Chapter Nine: Jazz Dance

Saturday morning.

Eric and Danny had just finished their breakfast. They wanted to spend the day together with their friends, rollerblading, hiking in the woods, and probably swimming in the clear river.

They just wanted to go to their room to get dressed in some shorts which they could also wear for a swim when somebody knocked at the door. It was Chris. He had his blades with him and was ready to go, but that wasn't the reason why he had come so early. Chris had a local newspaper in his hand and waved it in front of their eyes.

"Did you read it?" he asked excited. "Guys, that's great, I'm sure they'll be away for a long while now! I still cannot believe it!"

"Dude, keep cool!" Danny said. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"You mean you don't know it? Here, read the headline!"

Chris still waved the paper so that they couldn't see what he meant. Finally Danny grabbed it and read the headline on the first page, which said 'Local Teenagers Arrested'. Eric looked over Danny's shoulder, and together they read the article.

Obviously Kyle and Richie had tried to break into a shop, but they had triggered the alarm system and unfortunately for them some cops had been not far away. They had been arrested, and in their houses the police had found many things from previous burglaries. Furthermore, they found some weapons which had been used for a robbery on a gas station some weeks ago, as well as some drugs. This was enough send them behind bars for a long time.

"Wow, I can't believe it!" Eric said. "I though they were just some bruisers, but robbery and drugs... By the way, what about Kevin, did he have something to do with it?"

"No, I don't think so." Chris replied. "He was their hanger-on, but he is not really such a bad guy. If he could find better friends, he could be ok. Let's hope that this brings him back to his senses!"

"Anyway," Danny said, "let's get changed Eric! We'll be back in some minutes Chris. If Owen and Trish should come in the meantime, let them in!"

"Ok, no prob!" Chris said and jumped on a chair.

Danny and Eric ran up the stairs and in their bedroom. They undressed and looked for some swim shorts, but before they could put them on, they first had to look at each others naked body. It didn't take long and they both were rock hard. Eric slowly stepped close to his brother in love and hugged him tight. Their throbbing cocks pressed against each other while their lips locked for a kiss.

Eric took Danny's boner in his hand and slowly started to wank him. Danny would have moaned with pleasure, but his mouth was filled with a second tongue. But of course he was not idle but grabbed Eric's buttocks and pulled him even closer to himself. Now Eric took both cocks between his hands and stroke them simultaneously.

This sensation of feeling their cocks rubbing against each other and at the same time being rubbed by some soft hands made them both oozing their precum, and soon Eric's hands were wet all over. They were not far away from the edge when there was suddenly a knock on the door.

"Eh, guys, I guess I know what you are doing in there, and that is why I don't come in!" Trish's half laughing voice came through the door. "So is there any chance that you come down soon, or shall we order a pizza while we are waiting?"

"We'll be down in a second!" Danny called and sighed.

The boys quickly got dressed, but not before they had licked Eric's hands clean. They tried to arrange their still hard cocks in their pants, grabbed their blades, helmets, elbow and knee pads and rushed down to their waiting friends. Trish, Owen and Chris all grinned broadly when they came into the living room.

"Now look at those horny guys, they still have their heads looking out of their pants!" Owen joked.

They all laughed, and of course the heads were not to be seen, but nevertheless there were two impressive tents. Eric and Danny tried their best to hide it, but that caused only more laughter. Some minutes later they had calmed down enough to get out on the street. So they all put on their rollerblades and protection and left the house.

Owen was the best sportsman of them all, and thus he was faster and more skillful then the rest of the clique. But he didn't brag with it, and they skated pretty slow through the main streets of the town for a while, heading towards the woods and river.

When they had left the busy part of the town behind them and came into the residential sections again, they went faster, tried some tricks and made some races. For a while, they just raced round and round a single block until some people looked out of their windows and shouted at them to go away.

Laughing long and hard, they continued their way towards the river. They just crossed a field path at their right when suddenly a figure shot out between some bushes, also on rollerblades. Before they had a chance to react, the figure collided with Chris and they both fell hard on the ground.

Since Chris wore his pads, he didn't hurt at all, but the other guy had no protection. Chris got up quickly again, and they surrounded the stranger. It was a boy about their age, short brown hair and brown eyes, and with a well developed, sun tanned body. He wore a psychedelic hippie shirt and some tight biker shorts which were now ripped open. He had grazed his knees and elbows, and they were now covered with blood.

Slowly the guy got up again and looked in five slightly concerned faces. He grinned even if his wounds probably hurt.

"Dude, that was an impact!" Chris said. "Do you always come out of nowhere like that? By the way, my name is Chris!"

"Hi!" the guy replied. "My name's Jason, Jason Bowers. But my friends call me Jazz. At least my friends where I lived before. My parents just moved here from Perth because my dad's got a new job. We arrived yesterday, and I wanted to check the new surroundings, but I fear that I lost my way. Can you help me out?"

"Sure, no problem dude!" Chris said and smiled at Jason who wanted to be called Jazz.

They introduced each other and found out that he was 16, and that he would go to their school from next week on. Furthermore, he was almost a next door neighbor to Chris, his family had moved in just a few houses down the street. Since that wasn't too far away and since Jason's wounds needed to be cleaned, Chris offered to show him the way.

"Listen guys," he said to the others, "you go down to the river, and I'll catch you later. Well, we'll catch you later if you don't mind when Jazz joins us. And if you want to join us Jazz!"

"Sure, I'd be happy to come with you!" Jazz replied. "I couldn't hope to find one new friend on my first day here, let alone five. Let's hurry up, the sooner we go, the sooner we can meet you again!"

So Chris and Jazz went back to where they had come again while the rest of the clique proceeded down to the river. On the whole way, Chris could hardly keep his eyes away from Jazz. Somehow that guy fascinated him.

Chris was an open minded guy, and he did not like to be labeled, but he knew that he was not completely straight. But nevertheless he liked girls, so he wasn't gay either. He probably was bi, and at the moment, he was a bit turned on by Jazz with the crazy shirt and the tight shorts which did neither hide the firm buttocks nor the boy's dick. Well, more than a bit, in fact he was turned on pretty much.

They reached Jazz's house, but nobody was at home and Jazz had no keys yet. That is why they went some houses further down the street and Chris led Jazz in his house. They went to the bathroom and Jazz sat down on the bathtub while Chris was looking for some stuff to clean the wounds.

He found some compresses and disinfecting ointment, and he started to wash away the dirt and blood. Chris tried to pull the shorts a bit up to get better access, but those biker shorts were too tight.

"Dude, you better take those shorts off. They are ripped anyhow, you can't wear them anymore. I'll lend you a pair of mine later. C'mon, put them down!"

"Ah, you know," Jazz stammered, "I don't think that's necessary. Just clean it as good as possible."

"Don't be so shy buddy." Chris laughed. "If we don't wash that dirt out, the wounds could inflame, and you sure don't want that!"

"Chris, I can't take my shorts off, I'm not wearing anything underneath!"

"So what? Do you think I never saw a naked guy? You forgot that I'm a guy as well. Hey, there's nothing in your pants which I don't have in mine. Here, you can see it by yourself!"

And Chris pulled his own shorts down, revealing his dick dangling between his legs. Chris just grinned broadly and pulled his shorts back up, but Jazz still looked at his crotch with an open mouth. Since Jazz made not sign to finally undress, Chris decided to take the initiative and yanked the biker shorts down.

Jazz's cock jumped out, not quite soft anymore, but not really hard either. Chris threw the ripped shorts away and continued cleaning the wounds. With his face not far away from the other guy's dick, Chris couldn't help but catching some quick looks. He noticed that Jazz slowly got harder, and he also felt a reaction in his own pants.

When he put some ointment on a cut on the hip, Chris half accidentally touched Jazz's now pretty hard cock, and Jazz almost jumped from the bathtub.

"Hey, keep cool dude!" Chris said apologizing. "Sorry if I'm embarrassing you, that was not my intention. But you don't have to be ashamed, that's quite a normal reaction. I can't count how often I had a hard-on and had to try hard to hide it."

"No, that's not the problem." Jazz replied. "Chris, I think I should tell you something, but I fear you will hate me for it!"

"Why should I hate you?" Chris asked puzzled. "Listen man, we're neighbors now, and I think that we could be good friends. That is why you can talk with me about everything, because that's what friends are for!"

"Ok, I guess you're right, you'd probably find it out soon by yourself. Chris, I'm gay! And to make things worse, it turned me on how you touched me. Sorry, I better go now!"

And he jumped up again and ran out of the bathroom, still naked, his half hard dick dancing in front of him, and tears filling his eyes. At first, Chris was to puzzled to follow him, but then he ran after Jason and he was able to catch him before he could run on the street.

"Jazz, wait, don't run away!" Chris called.

He grabbed the shoulders of the guy and turned him around, looking into his eyes. He wiped the tears out of Jason's face and spoke to him in a calm voice.

"Jazz, you don't have to be ashamed! There's nothing wrong with being gay. And since you told me your secret, I can tell you one too. I don't like all those labels, but if you asked me, I'd say I'm bi. And at the moment, there are some strong feelings rising in me, feelings for a very special guy."

"So you have a boyfriend?" Jazz asked.

He had himself under control again and found the courage to look in Chris' eyes.

"Well, not yet, but maybe soon. I'm talking about you dude! I turned you on? I take this as a compliment, and I have to give the compliment back. On our way home, I always had to look at your tight shorts and perfect body. You could say it was love at first sight, or better first impact. Now let's get some new shorts for you and then we'll join the others before they start to worry."

"Oh man, I'm so relieved now!" Jazz said. "I feared you would hate me, and maybe hurt me. You know, I made some bad experiences back in Perth. My so called friends there were not so open minded. But speaking of friends, what about your friends, what will they say?"

"Dude, you don't have to worry about them. Danny and Eric are a couple. Now close your mouth and don't look so puzzled. It's true, they are gay as well. Trish and Owen are a couple now too, I think, and they don't have any problems at all with Danny and Eric, nor will they have with us. That means, if there will be an 'us'!"

"Well, if you ask me, there already is!" Jazz said and stepped closer.

Without a further word, the boys hugged each other and sealed their new relationship with a long kiss. Jazz was rock hard again and his boner pressed against Chris' own hard-on. But they didn't do more at that time. They just went back into Chris' bedroom and Jazz put on a fresh pair of swim shorts.

Then they left the house and rushed on their rollerblades towards the river to join the rest of the clique.

In the meantime, Trish and the boys had reached the river. It was a quiet spot in the woods that they had found some years ago, and usually no other people came here. There was a small clearing with soft grass and moss, and during the summer, the sun shone in and made it a perfect place for a swim in the clear river.

They had spread some blankets and now they just lay there in the sunshine, dressed in their swim shorts and bath suits respectively. Trish lay on Owen's chest while Eric lay flat on his belly with Danny on his back. They just lay there and enjoyed life, and how much they enjoyed it could be seen on the impressive bulges on the three guy's crotches.

Suddenly a branch cracked in the wood and they all looked up. Danny quickly rolled down from Eric to give the new visitor, whoever it was, no wrong impressions. Well, the impression would probably have been right, but nevertheless they were not yet ready to come out publicly.

But it were just Chris and Jazz who came out of the shadow of the trees. Danny relaxed, but then he was startled a bit when he realized that the boys were holding hands. Before he could say a word, Chris started to speak.

"Hi guys, here we are again! Danny, you can climb back on Eric where you probably have been. No, don't look so puzzled, you don't have to hide in front of Jason. Tell them Jazz!"

"Yeah!" Jazz said. "Chris told me that you guys are a couple. Don't be mad with him, he only told me after I told him my secret. I'm gay too!"

"Oh no!" Owen sighed and played to be disgusted. "Another one. Trish, we're surrounded by fags!"

"Shut up!" Trish said smiling and hit him softly on the head. "Well Jason..."

"Jazz!" Jazz interrupted her.

"Ok, Jazz!" Trish continued. "Welcome in the clique, that means, if you want to be part of it. But when I see how you look at Chris and unless I completely misunderstand why you are holding hands, I'd say that you are already in!"

"I think so." Jazz replied. "Some Cupid must have been around when I ran into Chris earlier on. He's such a cutie. And he has very soft and gentle hands!"

"Uh, I wonder what he is talking about." Danny laughed. "Yeah, welcome in the clique Jazz! But enough talked now, last one in the river is a lame duck!"

Danny jumped on his feet and ran in the river, followed by Eric who immediately ducked his boyfriend. Chris and Jazz shared a short look, let out a war cry and dived in too. Owen wanted to get up quickly as well, but Trish was still lying over his chest, and thus he had to wait till she got down. So it came that Owen King, the best sportsman of them all, was the lame duck this time.

"QUACK, QUACK!" everybody shouted.

"Duck season's opened, let's hunt the duck!" Chris called.

So they all fooled around, ducked each other, dived and pulled each other under water and just had fun. Soon the three couples built three teams. Trish sat on Owen's shoulders, Eric on Danny's and Chris on Jazz', and they started kind of a battle of the titans. Everybody tried to throw the others from their partners in the water.

It didn't take long before Danny felt a nice pressure on the back of his head when the steady rubbing had made Eric hard. Some feet away Jazz felt the same as Chris got hard on his shoulders. He gentle pushed his head back and tried to rub Chris' erection. Chris almost fell in the water when he did this, but in the last moment he could keep his balance and pushed his crotch harder against Jazz' head.

Chris and Jazz now concentrated too much on each other instead of their friends, and thus they soon were overthrown and swallowed a lot of water. But of course they wanted revenge now, and the battle continued, this time under water. Chris dived under Danny, grabbed his shorts and succeeded in pulling them down. Quickly he swam away and waved his prey in the air.

At first Danny was too startled to react, but then he chased Chris through the river. Jazz teamed up with Chris again, and they threw the shorts from one to the other while Danny desperately tried to catch them. Trish, Owen and Eric stood in the water and laughed, for it was too funny to see Danny's naked ass jumping out of the water again and again.

Finally Jazz and Chris stepped out of the river and they took the shorts with them. Danny followed them as far as he could without moving his waist out of the water. While he was still shouting at the boys, Eric sneaked up from behind and hugged his naked boyfriend.

"Forget your shorts brother!" Eric whispered. "Let's swim a bit further down the river, and I'll show you a game for which you don't need any shorts!"

Danny smiled, and the rest of the clique grinned broadly, because they had understood Eric's words. So Danny and Eric swam out of sight of the others and lay on the bank of the river.

They locked their lips in a long and passionate kiss, as if they hadn't kissed for years instead of hours. Their tongues circled around each other, and soon Danny's cock was pointing skywards. Without breaking the kiss, he managed to pull Eric's shorts down and to throw them away a few feet.

Now Eric lay on top of Danny, their hard-ons pressing together, and he moved his hips rhythmically, rubbing them against his lover. Their bodies were still wet from the river, and now their sweat and precum mixed with the water, making them pretty slippery.

Eric lay his head on Danny's shoulder and moaned in the ear of his boyfriend. He moved faster now and pushed his hips harder against Danny. They held their hands locked above their heads now and wanted to reach the climax without using their hand or tongues this time.

Danny embraced Eric with his legs and pulled him as close as he could. Their chests ground against each other, the nipples hard and erect. When Eric felt that he was close, he slowed down a bit to extend this wonderful game. He looked in Danny's half closed eyes and saw that the boy was close too.

So Eric suddenly pushed harder and faster again, causing Danny to cry out with surprise and pleasure. This short kick was enough for both of them, and they came together. Two streams of hot boy cream mixed to a delicious cocktail as Danny and Eric had some powerful orgasms. Eric bent his spine while Danny pushed his hips up, and it seemed as if their orgasms would never end.

For a while, the boys lay there motionless, hugging each other, completely overwhelmed by their love.

In the meantime, Chris and Jazz had gone in the opposite direction to be alone for a while. They found a nice place under some old trees and sat down, side by side. Chris softly stroke Jazz' leg, getting closer and closer to the growing bulge on the crotch.

They didn't have to speak, they felt that they were some soul mates, brought together by destiny.

Jazz bent over for a kiss, and Chris greedily accepted. Their lips met for a second time, and their tongues for the first. They tenderly explored each other's mouth, enjoying the new taste. Soon the rolled over the soft ground, tightly hugged and always kissing.

When a tree stopped them, they finally broke the kiss and Chris started to kiss down Jazz' body. He sucked at the nipples which got hard at once, licked around the belly button and finally reached the waist band of Jazz' shorts. There was a huge tent in those shorts, and Chris sucked at the sensitive head through the wet cloth.

Chris stuck his hands through the legs of the shorts and stroke the balls and pubics of his new boyfriend, while he continued to blow him through the shorts. Jazz groaned louder and louder, and he ruffled through Chris hair, whispering his name again and again. It was the first time for him. When he had moved away from Perth, he had hoped to find his true love in the new town. But he would never have expected to meet him so soon. Thank you sweet lady (or lord) destiny!

Suddenly Jazz felt the sensation in his balls. Like in slow motion, he felt how his balls contracted and how a giant load of cum was collected on the base of his shaft. Slowly this load moved up his penis until it finally shot out in a mighty eruption. At the same time, Jazz was overwhelmed by a such intensive orgasm which he never had felt before during his handwork sessions.

Chris smiled as he saw the ecstasy in Jazz' eyes, and he pumped his cock with his hands, while at the same time he sucked harder to suck the cum through the cloth. He succeeded to get most of it, and it tasted awesome, mixed with the clear and pure water from the river. When he felt that Jazz' cock slowly got soft again, he finished his blowjob and moved his head over Jazz' face.

He opened his mouth and let the cum slowly dribble out, aiming exactly at the guy's mouth. So he gave half of this lovely juice away again and swallowed the rest. Jazz tasted his own cum and was surprised by the taste. Until today, he never had thought about swallowing it.

The sweet and a bit salty taste gave him new energy, and he turned Chris around on his back. Then he yanked his shorts down to his ankles and was rewarded with a nice lollipop which jumped out like a jack-in-the-box. Jazz didn't hesitate any longer and took Chris' waiting boner in his mouth. At first it felt strange and he almost gagged, but soon he got used to it. And when he tasted the first drips of precum, he decided to never let it out again.

Carefully he gnawed at the foreskin and pulled it back and forth with his teeth. Chris moaned with pleasure and oozed more precum. Jazz lay Chris' legs over his shoulders to get better access to his cock and butt. He continued to suck him, and tenderly massaged the firm buttocks.

Very slowly, never taking an eye from Chris' face, he pushed his index finger against the pink hole. Chris smiled broadly and nodded, thus Jazz pushed harder and his finger went in easily. He let the finger circle round and looked for the small but sensitive prostate. The new shot of precum showed him that he had found it.

A second finger went in and Chris groaned louder. Jazz still concentrated his licking on the head only, but combined with the finger play it was enough to push Chris over the edge. Chris whimpered with delight and filled Jason's mouth with gallons of his hot cum. It tasted completely different from his own, a bit stronger and less sweet, but Jazz loved it. He sucked Chris completely dry and let not a single drip escape.

At last, he crawled up to Chris' face like a sneaking animal and kissed the waiting lips. The cum went from mouth to mouth and back, and it mixed with their salvia. Exhausted but happy, they embraced and were happy that they found each other.

Owen and Trish lay in each other's arms and waited for their friends to return.

"Isn't it strange?" Trish said. "We knew Danny and Chris since we were little kids, but we never knew how they are feeling deep inside. Then there come two strangers and make them happy."

"Yeah, and I'm glad that they came!" Owen replied. "I mean, I'm happy when my friends are happy, and above all I'm happy that I have you!"

"Ditto!" Trish said and angel kissed her boyfriend. "By the way, remind me to go to the drug store these days!"

"Why?" Owen asked with an innocent voice.

"Well, I think we could need some condoms..."

Owen just wanted to hug her happily when Eric and Danny returned. Danny was still naked, but Trish threw his shorts to him and Danny got dressed. Some minutes later, Chris and Jason came back too.

The friends lay on their blanket like a star, heads to heads, and looked into the sky which slowly got darker as the sun set. For a while, they just looked at the stars which came out one by one, until they finally collected their stuff and went home.

Copyright 1999 by The Wolf