Escaping Katrina

by Colin Kelly

Chapter 4

I've been real upset at how it took so long for the people in New Orleans who were flooded out by hurricane Katrina then Rita to get taken care of. So I decided to write this story “Escaping Katrina”. See chapter 1 for a longer introduction that explains more about why I decided to write this story. While it is loosely based on these real incidents that I saw on TV in my AP U.S. History class and read in the newspaper, it is a work of fiction. The events I depict did not happen, and the people are completely the product of my imagination.

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“Jeez, Kendal, this is awesome. Where did you get all this stuff? Does anybody know about this?”
“I met a kid when we got here. His name’s Lisle. He showed me this place, and when his folks left to go to Oklahoma to stay with relatives, he said it was mine! It’s totally private, and no one else ever comes here. It’s nice and cool, one of the big air conditioner ducts is up there.” He pointed up to the roof way above our heads. “People can’t see us or hear us. It’s like a perfect hideout”

“What do you do here?”

“Mostly just be by myself. You’re never alone in the Astrodome. It’s spooky always having strangers around. I’ve got some books here, in the locker, and I just lay around mostly.” He grinned at me, and blushed, and looked down at the floor.

“Well, I think it’s totally neat! Thanks for showing me, and sharing your secret place with me!”

Kendal looked up and smiled. I really liked his smile. “You have a great smile, Kendal. And you are really, really cute.” I smiled at him, and I felt myself blushing. I also felt my dick starting to get hard, and that made me blush even more. I wasn’t sure what was going on with me.

“You’re blushing again, Cody. It’s so sexy when you blush.” Kendal got a shocked look on his face. “Um, sorry, I didn’t mean…”

“Thanks” I interrupted. My dick was at full mast. “You’re sexy too. Really sexy.”

Kendal looked at me. “Um, can I ask you something? It’s real personal.”

“Sure. Ask away.”

“Um, Cody, are you gay?”

“Maybe. Uh, probably, I think. You?”

“Uh huh. I’m sure.”

“Um, you ever, uh, mess around with anybody?”

“Yeah, with my friend Miller from school. And here, with Lisle, that was awesome! You?”

“Never have. I wanted to. But I didn’t ‘cause I went to Catholic middle and high schools and you don’t want to be found out that you’re gay. You’d get beat up and harassed all the time.”

Kendal glanced down at my crotch and grinned. Then he looked at me, peering right into my eyes like he was seeing into my brain. “You want to mess around? Now? With me?”

“Uh, yeah, sure!” I grinned. “But I don’t know what to do.”

“Well, let’s start by hugging each other. That always feels good.” Kendal walked over to me and hugged me, and I hugged him. It felt awesome! Then Kendal kissed me, on my cheek, and pulled back so we were looking into each other’s eyes. I leaned forward and quickly kissed him on his lips, smiled, and looked to see his reaction. He leaned in and kissed me, on the lips, and didn’t pull away. I closed my eyes. It was so amazing that it was hard to breathe. I felt Kendal’s tongue touch my lips, and I opened my mouth, I guess it was an automatic reflex or something. He pushed his tongue into my mouth, and my dick got even harder than it had been. I pushed my tongue against his, and my crotch against his. I could feel his boner. I reached down and rubbed his pants, against his boner. Kendal was doing the same to me. He stopped rubbing, and pulled at my belt to get it open.

I whispered in his ear, “Let me do it. You do yours.”

With our belts open we unzipped and our pants dropped to the floor. I reached for his boxers and pulled them open and let them drop as he pulled my briefs down my legs. I tried to step out of my pants and briefs, but they were hung up on my sneakers and I almost fell down. I giggled. Kendal pushed me down on the pile of blankets and pillows, and pulled my sneakers off without even untying them, then my pants and briefs were next. Then he pulled off his.

I looked at him. He was awesome! His boner was thin, and looked like it was at least 7” and stuck straight out from his body. He had a bit of fuzzy hair above his dick. He was beautiful! He grinned, and pulled off his T-shirt, and I sat up and pulled off my polo shirt then lay back down. Kendal lay down facing me, and put one hand on my cheek and the other on my dick. I shut my eyes because the feeling was so intense. This was the first time anyone had ever touched my dick. Except for me, of course!

I began feeling Kendal’s dick. It felt great, really hard on the inside but so soft and silky on the outside. I pulled his face to mine and kissed him, and he kissed back. I kept my eyes open even though I felt like I wanted to close them, just so I could look into his amazing eyes. It was hard to focus so close, but that made it even more special.

Kendal pulled back from the kiss. He stopped feeling my dick and grabbed my wrist. “Stop, Cody, stop!”

I was confused, but I let go of his dick. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing! It feels fabulous! But I was close to cumming, I want to make it last, and I want to show you something. I think you’ll love it!” He moved down and began licking my nipples, first one then the other. I never knew they could feel so fantastic! I moaned, and I could hear Kendal giggling as he licked and sucked on them, and that made the feeling even better!

Then he moved down and licked my stomach, ending up with his tongue in my belly button. That tickled big time! I was laughing, and wiggling, and trying to get him to stop by trying to push him away, but his arms were around my waist and I couldn’t get him off me. Finally he stopped licking and tickling me.

What he did next was to begin licking my boner.

“Oh, shit, oh, fuck! That feels…”

Then he sucked my boner into his mouth, and began rubbing the head with his tongue, then began sucking on it. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven! It was the most intense feeling I’d ever had in my entire life!

“Oooooooooh, fuuuuuuuuck!”

Kendal began to giggle. That made it even more intense!

“Oh, oh, oh, oh! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

Now Kendal started humming, and the feeling on my boner was so much more intense I felt like I was going to faint! Then he began moving his lips up and down on my hard dick, rubbing the head with his tongue every time he pulled back. I could feel my balls pulling up into my crotch.

“I’m gonna cum!”

Kendal pulled his mouth back so only the head of my dick was in his mouth, and he was sucking on it like he wanted to suck out my insides.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

Kendal took my four shots of cum and swallowed them, and kept licking and sucking on my dick trying to get more. Finally I couldn’t stand it any more and I pushed him away. I lay back trying to breathe, sweating like I had run a hundred miles, and with my eyes closed ‘cause I couldn’t open them.

“Like that, Cody?”

“No,” I gasped.


I forced my eyes to open and turned to look at him. He was frowning, and had a kind of frightened and disappointed look on his face. I took a deep breath so I could actually talk. “No, Kendal, I didn’t like it. I LOVED it! It was amazing, it was fantastic, it was awesome, it was brilliant!” I smiled. His frown change to a huge smile, and his eyes, his beautiful eyes, were sparkling.

I looked into his eyes. “Now I want to do it to you!”

“All right!”

We swapped positions. I grabbed his boner in my fist just above his balls, and looked at it real close. He had a foreskin, but the head of his hard dick was about half uncovered. His balls weren’t real big, and were tight below his dick. I licked them all over, and sucked each of them into my mouth, then pulled back and licked the bottom of his dick from his balls up to the head, and slurped his dick head into my mouth. I didn’t know what it would taste like, but it was nice. I sucked on the head, and swirled my tongue around pushing his foreskin all the way down. He was leaking precum, and it tasted real good. I realized that I liked the taste!

“Mmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhh!”

I figured he liked that! I began rubbing his balls with my left hand, and started moving my lips up and down his shaft. He was really long, and I kept trying to go lower to get his entire boner in my mouth. I felt the head starting to touch that little thing that hangs down at the back of my mouth, and I felt like I wanted to gag, but instead I swallowed hard a couple of times and pushed lower on his shaft. I felt his dick sliding down my throat, and his wiry pubes were rubbing against my nose. I swallowed a couple more times.

“Shit, fuck, shit! Oh, Coby, I don’t know what you’re doing but it’s un-fucking-believable!”

I pulled back a little, about an inch or so, then back down, and kept that up for a while. Kendal was moaning all the time. I remembered how awesome it felt when he was giggling and humming while he sucked me, so I started humming.

“Aaaaah! Jeez! I’ve never felt anything like that!”

I hummed louder but had to stop ‘cause my throat was getting sore. I pulled all the way back so only his dick head was still in my mouth, and I rubbed the head with my tongue kinda hard, them began sliding my lips down his shaft again. About half way down I let my teeth rub lightly on his shaft and pulled part way back.

“Uuuuummmmmph! Aaaaaarrrrrrrgh! Oh, wonderful! That feels so absolutely fucking wonderful!”

His balls began to pull up into his body. It was kinda funny, they went all the way inside and there was nothing for me to fondle any more. I figured he was about to cum.

“Cody, I’m gonna shoot, dude! Now!”

And he did. I rubbed his dick head with my tongue, and caught as much of his cum on my tongue as I could to get more of the taste. His cum tasted fantastic. It was kinda creamy and slimy and lumpy. But really, really good. He kept shooting, so I started swallowing and humming In between swallows.

Kendal was crying! I pulled off his dick. “What’s wrong? You OK?”

“Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”

I slurped his boner back in my mouth. It was covered by cum that had oozed out, and I licked and sucked it all off then sucked his dick head trying to get more. Finally he started to get soft.

“Oh, stop, stop! It’s too sensitive!”

I pulled off his dick, and slid up his body until our lips were locked together in a kiss. I opened my mouth and he pushed in his tongue. I still had some of his cum in my mouth and I knew he was tasting it along with my saliva. We finally broke the kiss, and Kendal and I both lay back gasping for breath.

A couple of minutes later I turned to look at Kendal. His head was turned facing me, and he had the biggest smile I had ever seen. It lit up his entire face!

“Cody, you’re the first white boy I’ve ever sucked and that ever sucked me! I fucking didn’t know what I was missing!” Then he burst out laughing.

“Well, I got you one better. You’re the first black boy I’ve ever sucked and been sucked by, but even better you’re the first boy of ANY kind I’ve ever sucked and been sucked by! And you are fabulous!”

We pulled together and we kissed, and rubbed each other’s backs and butts and shoulders and arms, and sides but that tickled both of us so we went back to rubbing our butts and backs.

I leaned back and looked at him. “Why were you crying?”

“I don’t know. It just felt so wonderful that it was you sucking me that way. It made me so happy, and I just started crying ‘cause I was so happy, I guess.”

I pulled him into a hug. “I’m happy too, Kendal.” I buried my face into his neck and closed my eyes.

We must have fallen asleep, because I woke with Kendal shaking my shoulder.

“Wake up Cody! Time to eat!”

I stretched and rolled my shoulders to get out the stiffness.

“I’m full. I drank my lunch a few minutes ago!”

Kendal laughed. “You have any idea how long we’ve been sleeping?”

“I guess like a few minutes?”

“It’s almost six-o-clock-in-the-p-of-m!”

I sat up and looked down at him. “No fuckin’ way!”

“Yes, fuckin’ way! Look!”

He twisted his left wrist so I could see his watch. It read 5:57.

To be continued…

I hope you like this story, and if you have comments, suggestions, or questions, email me!

Colin Kelly