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Tyler Part 3



Tyler's heart was beating rapidly in his chest as he followed Jackson and Joe toward one of the make-shift courts. He hated the feeling of anxiety that kept creeping in, making him feel more than a little paranoid. He tried to keep his feelings hidden, or at least not show them in public, but that old lady at breakfast had seen straight through him. She knew what he was thinking. And what about that wink from Jackson? What did that mean, if anything?


Before he could dwell on it too much he was snapped out of his thoughts by a heavy hand patting him on the back. When he looked up his eyes met Jackson's, who smiled and nodded toward the court. Tyler gasped when he turned his head and saw almost a dozen shirtless hunks gathered on either side of the net ready to start their game, each one, whether large or slim, looked like their muscles had been sculpted out of clay. It was an image of young male perfection.


For the briefest of moments, Tyler thought there was going to be a problem, that his lust and hormones would get the better of him, or that he wouldn't be able to focus on the game because he was surrounded by so many hot bodies and tight asses in skimpy shorts that he would have loved to fuck. But then he saw the ball heading toward him and quickly snatched it out of the air. It was like a switch had been flipped in his brain and all thoughts of sex disappeared, just like they did on the football field. He didn't want to fuck their asses now, he wanted to kick them and prove how good an athlete he was.


"Come on, kid, show us what you've got," one of the guys on the court encouraged him.


Tyler looked around and saw six guys on one side of the net with only four, including Joe, on the other. That was his team. Jackson put a hand on Tyler's shoulder ready to push him onto the court but Tyler brushed it off and stepped forward. He didn't need any help when it came to sports, he knew what he could do and would give all of those college boys a run for their money.


Marching onto the court with the ball in his hands, Tyler was pleasantly surprised to see the serving position open. They really did want to see what he could do. He stepped up behind the boundary line and waited for the signal to start the game once Jackson was in place. When the whistle blew he tossed the ball into the air, leapt up high and smashed it with his fist, sending it flying over the net, sailing over the first two player's heads before dropping swiftly toward the back of the court. The guy nearest the ball, taken by surprise, launched himself forward, barely getting a hand to it, just managing to keep it off the ground. It popped up, quickly taken by another guy before it was punched back across the net. Now the game was on.


Tyler's team won the first two points, meaning he got to serve twice more. He felt like he grew six inches taller with the impressed looks his teammates gave him, like he was a big deal, like a college stud, and it pumped him up even more.


When the first point was dropped, the team switched places so Tyler moved into the next position, settling into the centre of the court as a middle blocker. The rotation put Joe right in front of him and he found himself unable to look at anything else. The muscles across Joe's wide shoulders seemed to pop, wanting to burst out of his skin. They created a deep valley where his spine divided them and flowed seamlessly in a tight curve to his thin waist. A bead of sweat ran down Joe's back, sliding into that crevice, riding it all the way down until it disappeared under the waistband of his shorts, into the crack of his tight bubble butt. Tyler bit his lip, wanting to follow the path of that drop with his tongue right into Joe's ass.


As the opposing team got ready to serve, Joe dropped into position, squatting down, which pulled his shorts tight around his ass, the curves of each cheek and his crack clearly defined. Tyler knew that somewhere in there that drop of sweat was nestled right in where he wanted to be.


He was so engrossed in Joe's ass, staring hard at it, that he barely heard the grunt from the other side of the net. It didn't really register in his mind what that meant until the ball slammed into the side of his face, almost knocking him off his feet. He stumbled backwards watching in a daze, his head spinning and his ears ringing, as a teammate hiked up the ball after it bounced off his face for another guy to slam it home.


Tyler tried to shake the cobwebs off, feeling the burn on his cheek from the contact, which was stinging like a harsh slap. He didn't want to show that he was feeling any pain in front of the guys or give away why he didn't see the ball coming so he simply smiled and tried to laugh it off, motioning for the guys to continue.


"I'm alright," Tyler smiled, getting back into position.


While waiting for the guys on the other side of the court to take up their new positions, Tyler noticed that Jackson was looking at him with his head cocked slightly to the side and a smirk on his face. Tyler held the gaze for a moment and then saw Jackson's eyes shift to the side before returning to him. The next time it happened Tyler followed Jackson's eyes and realized they were looking at Joe's ass.


Oh fuck! Does he know?


Tyler swallowed hard, straightening up instantly. He felt all of the air leave his body and struggled to keep his composure as the game continued around him. It wasn't so much the dread of Jackson knowing what he was feeling for Joe as much as it was that he hated the idea that he was so obvious in his attraction. Was it written on his face? Could others tell too?


Jackson nodded with another grin spread across his handsome face before he turned his attention back to the ball on the other side of the net just as it was served.


With the ball back in play the thoughts and worries were quickly forgotten. It was amazing how sport, how competing, how feeling that energy and adrenaline, even in a simple friendly game, removed all of Tyler's problems and took him to a world where everything else didn't matter between those whistles. It was his escape route. It was his therapy. It was what he loved more than anything else and he couldn't let that be taken away from him by his feelings. He had to be careful.


The game continued, trading points back and forth, until one of Tyler's teammates lost his footing and grabbed onto the net to stop himself from falling, automatically losing the point. With the heat baking down on them and the game drawn at thirteen points each, the guys decided to take a quick break to get a drink of water, wipe the sweat off their hard bodies, and apply more lotion where needed.


Tyler had just finished off a bottle of water that was handed to him by the guy keeping the scores when he felt an arm get thrown over his shoulder. He turned his head to see Jackson smiling at him.


"How's your face?" Jackson grinned.


"It's fine," Tyler replied. "I was just distracted for a second, that's all."


"Yeah, I saw," Jackson smiled. "You've got to be careful. You don't want to get hurt when you take your eyes off the ball."


There was something in Jackson's voice that was almost teasing. He wasn't quite making fun of Tyler but it definitely sounded like he was trying to imply something with those last few words.


Tyler looked into Jackson's deep brown eyes, trying to read his thoughts through them. He got nothing. He wanted to question Jackson, wanted to ask if he was suggesting something, if he knew something. But what if he didn't? What if he was reading too much into it and gave himself away? No, he had to keep calm.


"Um... Yeah..." Tyler stammered.


He cursed himself for sounding like such a nervous kid, not at all like the confident young man he usually felt like.


"Hey, we all get distracted from time to time, just don't let it affect your game," Jackson said, patting Tyler on the back. He started to walk away but then turned around. "Save that for the bedroom later."


What the fuck does that mean?


Jackson had already turned and walked away by the time Tyler had any kind of coherent thought. He couldn't decide if it was all just in his head, sounding worse than it was ever intended to, or if Jackson was letting him know that his secret wasn't a well-kept one.


He started to panic. He could feel his face getting hotter and was sure his cheeks must be glowing red. He looked around, quickly scanning everyone but no one seemed to be paying any attention to him, they were all chatting and joking, laughing with each other, Joe blending right in with the older guys.


Is it all in my head?


He needed some time to breathe, a minute to escape, to think without anything clouding his judgement. He looked around again, this time spotting a toilet block not too far away, near the beach's perimeter and jogged toward it.


When he entered he immediately felt the cool air hit him, embracing his warm skin in a tight hug that felt both reassuring and relaxing. Instead of heading into one of the vacant stalls he went straight to the row of washbasins, turned on the cold water and leant over the sink, placing his hands on either side of it. He looked down at the flowing water and then up into the mirror, staring into his own blue eyes, trying once more to see if he could spot anything different, anything that could give him away.


I don't get it. I can't see anything. I just look like me. What can Jackson and that old lady see?


He felt like crying. He closed his eyes and imagined his whole world crumbling down around him until he was stranded high atop a jagged piece of rock, nothing but dead trees and scavenger birds around him, waiting for him to die so they could feast on his remains.


He bent down and scooped up as much water as he could in his large palms, splashing it on his face. The relief he felt was instant but it did little to calm his nerves.


"Hey, bro, what ya doing?" Joe asked, casually walking into the bathroom, past Tyler to the urinals where he pulled out his cock and started to take a leak.


"Just washing my face," Tyler quickly said. "That sun is getting pretty intense out there."


"Yeah, it is," Joe agreed, turning slightly to look at Tyler while he continued to pee, exposing his entire body and cock, not just to his friend but to anyone who walked through the door. "I've worked up a pretty good sweat. I was just talking with those guys out there. Once we're done with this game we're gonna head out to those slides and play around in the water for a bit. That should cool us down."


Tyler liked that idea and smiled, turning off the tap.


Joe finished and shook the last few drops from his cock before he tucked it back into his shorts. He turned and approached Tyler, throwing his arm around his shoulder. "Come on, bro."


Tyler followed, but he was almost in a trance. He couldn't take his eyes off the hand on his shoulder, so close to his face, close enough for him to stick out his tongue to lick those long fingers that had just been around Joe's dick, those fingers that hadn't been washed, those fingers that would taste...


No! Don't think about that!


He turned his head away, but that only made things worse. Instead of looking at Joe's hand on his shoulder he was looking straight at Joe's body, covered in a sheen of sweat, each drop clinging to the muscles, emphasising the definition, making them look bigger, harder. He had wanted to follow that lone trickle down Joe's back with his tongue and now he wanted to lick every bead from Joe's skin, wanted to bathe his muscles with his tongue, wanted to cover every inch of his body until there was no part of him he hadn't explored and committed to memory.


It took every bit of self-restraint Tyler had to not reach out to run his hands over those firm pecs and hard abs. He wanted to trace the curves and outlines of those muscles with his fingers, not just appreciating how hard Joe worked to keep them that defined and cut but because he had never found another guy's body to be so sexy, so arousing, so perfect.


Tyler was still deep in his thoughts when he felt Joe's finger under his chin, pushing it up. Tyler looked into Joe's incredible brown eyes and held his breath waiting for Joe to talk.


"What are you thinking about?" Joe asked softly.


Suddenly Tyler's belly was filled with butterfly wings flapping wildly inside him. Something about the gesture and the words was so intimate that he almost said what was on his mind, almost told Joe how much he wanted him. Instead, he swallowed hard and held his best friend's gaze.


"I'm just thinking that we're as good and hot as any of those guys out there. Let's go show those college boys that these high school jocks can kick their asses any day of the week and can take all of their girls," Tyler smiled.


Joe laughed and pulled Tyler closer to him in a one armed hug, bringing their heads together so their foreheads touched. It was something they had done since they were young kids instead of a handshake or high five. It wasn't intimate it was just their thing.


As they made their way back toward the court they noticed that a small crowd of girls had gathered on the side-lines waiting for the second half to begin. Tyler also noticed that there were a couple of gay guys amongst them, not because of any kind of feminine features but purely in the way their eyes were following some of the guys, drinking in every detail of their young shirtless bodies. They were so obvious and Tyler only hoped he wasn't that blatant when he was checking guys out or he would definitely be busted.


One of the guys was waving some kind of cloth or scarf, probably to cover his head from the sun since he had it shaved to the bone at the sides with only a thin bleach blond Mohawk on top. Tyler saw it flicker in the corner of his eyes for just a second before Joe pulled it out of the guy's hand, looked him in the eye, and used it to wipe the sweat off his chest and abs. When he was done he tossed it back to the guy, who almost jumped to catch it and held it to his face for a few seconds before one of the girls tried to grab it for herself.


If it was possible Tyler actually felt jealous of a piece of cloth. He also quietly hated the guy and girl fighting over it because he should have been the one getting to smell Joe, having that scent fill his lungs.


He was also kind of surprised. At school Joe sneered at gay guys, wanting to sound tough in front of the older jocks and finding them an easy target. On more than one occasion he had pushed one over in the hall for laughs, something Tyler was guilty of too. But to see Joe actually interact with a gay guy, to openly tease and tempt him was something Tyler never expected. Maybe Joe wouldn't hate him so much after all if the truth came out.


"Come on guys, let's play. Shit is getting hot out here and I want to go get me a swim," one of the guys shouted, tossing the ball back and forth in his big hands.


Tyler had never heard anyone speak like that before and he almost didn't understand it but he was ready to play some more ball.


The second half of their game seemed to last longer than the first. Usually if they played volleyball at school, the sets were quick and they ended up playing a full match, best of five. With these guys it was more relaxed and yet somehow more competitive. Neither team wanted to lose a point leading to long rallies and playful calls across the net, trying to distract someone long enough to win a point.


With the game tied at 23 points each, both teams took a quick time out, knowing they could be within two points of victory. There weren't really strategies or plays discussed, just a little pep talk and a friendly bet that the losing team buys the winners a drink.


The first point back went to the other team. One of the bigger players managed to wrong foot one of Tyler's team mates, sending him the wrong way as he smashed the ball to the ground. The pressure was really on now, losing the next point would lose the game.


Tyler was on the front row this time, squatting down, getting ready to play. It was Jackson's turn to receive the serve, which put Joe right behind Tyler, although Tyler was too engrossed in the game to notice. Usually his position would be as a middle blocker but they agreed to just go for it with anyone who could score a point hitting it home. Tyler was pumped and ready.


The server tossed the ball in the air, jumped up and sent it rocketing over the net. Jackson was ready. He bumped the ball into the air toward Joe, who pushed it forward for the guy on his left to attack, punching it back over the net.


Tyler saw the guy in front of him moving before he even knew where the ball was and his reaction was instant. He jumped forward and sprang into the air just as the ball hit the hand of the guy on the other side. The guy's eyes went wide as he saw Tyler rise up to meet him, having already committed to the shot, but the sight of Tyler's huge body seemingly growing even bigger in front of him made him hesitate just enough so he fumbled, not really hitting the ball so much as bumping it up, pushing it just far enough over the net so it landed on Tyler's waiting fist. Tyler didn't hesitate, instantly making the kill.


His feet were barely back on the ground when he felt a pair of arms throw themselves around him, locking him in a tight embrace. Feeling the strength in those arms, the hard, sweaty pecs with just a hint of hair pressed against him and the warm breath on the back of his neck, made him shiver and melt back against whoever it was. At that moment he didn't care.


"Way to go, Ty," Joe shouted excitedly in Tyler's ear as the rest of the team joined in, throwing their arms around them.


Tyler didn't know what to do. He was happy to have won the point but they were still just tied. He hadn't won the game for them, only saved them from defeat. Still, it felt so good to have Joe pressed up against his back, almost all of their bodies in contact, including the firm bulge Tyler could feel pressed against his ass as another guy behind Joe pushed them closer together.


The contact can't have lasted more than a few seconds, but it seemed so much longer in Tyler's mind, being held so close by Joe, in his arms, their bodies almost as one. He wished they were in the bedroom alone at that moment instead of out in public in the middle of a crowded beach.


Before he even really digested what had happened he was alone again, everyone taking up their new positions as Tyler's team stepped up to serve. Something happened with that point, with the group hug, that bolstered the team. They were fired up. They were pumped. They worked like a team that had been playing together for years, winning the next two points straight to take the set and the match, 26-24.


When the final whistle went, Tyler once again found himself in a group hug, though this time it was less intimate. They formed a circle, arms draped over shoulders or around waists, congratulating each other on a job well done.


Tyler and Joe felt so proud of themselves, not only keeping up with the college guys but being a third of the winning team. It might not have been a big victory but to them it was momentous and would send them home with confidence that would carry them through their senior year and on into college.


After the game, as they were winding down and the losing team held up their end of the bargain by going to get each of the winners a drink, Tyler felt an arm wrap around his waist and jumped at the contact. It was Jackson again.


"Good game, buddy," he said, close to Tyler's ear, almost whispering. "You and Joe are pretty awesome."


"Thanks," Tyler nodded, nervously, not knowing what else to say.

"We're having a party tonight. One of the guy's on the other team is staying in his grandparents' condo and we're all invited. You and Joe are welcome. We're gonna ask all of those girls who crowded around us to come too. Some of the guys are hoping to get lucky."


"That sounds good," Tyler smiled.


"Yeah, we might even invite a couple of those guys for anyone who's in to that," Jackson grinned.


Before Tyler had a chance to reply Jackson patted him on the back and walked away, confusing Tyler even more than before. What did he mean? Was it a general comment? Was he hinting at his own preferences? Or was he trying to get an admission out of Tyler that he just wasn't ready to give?


The rest of the guys soon returned and one of them, who introduced himself as Scott, handed Tyler a drink and shook his hand, congratulating him on a job well done. The rest of the losing team were all doing the same to one of the winners.


After the drinks were finished, a few of the guys decided to head back to their towels to just relax and catch some sun, while the rest of them, including Joe and Tyler, raced toward the sea on a call that the losers had to supply the beer for the party that night.


Joe and Tyler sprinted, beating all but one guy into the ocean. They dived in, loving the feeling of the cool liquid on their warm skin. Treading water, they turned back to see that three of the guys were still on the sand, pushing and shoving each other, grabbing at anything they could to stop themselves being the last one in.


A blond guy whose name Tyler didn't know did a sweeping kick that knocked another guy's legs out from under him. That guy, with dark red hair, landed hard on his back with a thud while the other two dived into the water laughing.


Slowly, the downed guy got to his feet. He looked pissed, glaring at the guy who floored him. Tyler was worried things were about to blow up but a smile broke across the red-head's face and he launched himself into the water after them.


What followed for the next five minutes can only be described as a form of childish wrestling, pushing and shoving, splashing water at faces and trying to dunk each other or hold their opponent's heads underwater in a headlock. Tyler and Joe looked at each other, shrugged and went at it again for round two.


When they were just about exhausted, some finding it more difficult to stay afloat as their feet no longer touched the ground, they swam over to the first of the pontoons, some just holding on and bobbing in the water with it, while others pulled themselves up onto the platform and investigated the slide. It was a steep metal slide that flowed down before rising back up into a little flick. A pump powered by a hidden generator pulled seawater up a pipe that sprayed it down the metal, not only lubricating it but adding pressure as someone went down it, pushing them off the edge, into the air and back down into the water.


The first of the guys climbed up the ladder to the top and looked down at his friends, making sure they were all watching. He bent down, grabbed onto the ledges on either side, and flung himself down the slide, first on his butt before he lay down. It was amazing how quickly he picked up speed, shooting down the slope before hitting the little flick that threw him up into the air. The height he got surprised him, feeling himself momentarily suspended and he tried to turn in mid-air, his arms and legs flailing, before he crashed down into the water, making a huge splash. All of the guys laughed at the sight but agreed that it looked awesome, each one climbing up for a go.


Tyler watched as each guy stepped up and went flying. A couple of them tried to hit a move, like a dive, a summersault or a cannonball, but each one ended up hitting the water just as hard, one landing right on his stomach, making his whole front bright red.


While he was waiting for his turn, Tyler closed his eyes and threw his head back, feeling relaxed as the hot sun warmed his skin, drying up all the water droplets that still clung to him. When he opened his eyes again his stomach tightened and he felt a twitch in his shorts. Joe was standing at the bottom of the ladder, getting ready for his turn. His right foot was up on one of the rungs, his knee pointing away from him, exposing his crotch, his dangling cock and heavy balls were framed by his wet shorts that clung to him like a second skin. If he hadn't already known Joe's cock was cut before he would have now.


That sight alone made Tyler's mouth water but then his eyes continued up, over Joe's hard stomach, each of his six abs toned and defined, sparkling with drops of water, his dark trail matted to his skin. He gazed long and hard at the bulging pecs, temporarily inflated from exertion, biting his lip when he saw those two big nipples. Joe's arm gripped one of the higher rungs, bending at the elbow, flexing his bicep, showing Tyler not only the muscle but the hair in Joe's pit that had never turned him on before but looked so hot and manly now. Then he looked up at Joe's face, lit up with a smile, eyes focused on the guy at the top of the ladder preparing for his descent; he looked so happy, clearly enjoying himself. That now familiar warmth started to spread through Tyler's body.


"You're next after him," a voice whispered in Tyler's ear.


He jumped and spun around to see Jackson behind him yet again, with a smile on his face. Tyler felt slightly unnerved, like Jackson was following him.


"Yeah, it looks fun," Tyler said, swallowing hard, hoping he didn't sound as spooked as he felt.


"The slide or what you were looking at?" Jackson asked, staring straight into Tyler's eyes.


"The slide..." Tyler squeaked, hating how high pitched his voice went.


Jackson laughed a deep laugh that kind of turned Tyler on but also really pissed him off. Was Jackson toying with him now?


"Hey bro, watch this," Joe called as he started climbing the ladder.


Tyler watched, enjoying the view of the amazing body in motion but also loving the sight of his best friend having the time of his life. He felt good, happy that he suggested and organised their trip, even if it was torturing him a little, Joe was happy.


Joe reared back a couple of times, psyching himself up, and then he threw himself down the slide, not feet first like everyone else before him but head first, shooting down the slide like a torpedo. When he reached the bottom and the upward curve his back arched, sending him up into the air, giving him enough time to curl his body to execute a near perfect dive into the water.


When he surfaced, Joe had the biggest smile Tyler had ever seen on his face. "Did you see that?!"


"That was awesome, Joe," Tyler smiled, putting his thumb up.


Their new buddies swam over to Joe, patting him on the back, congratulating him. Tyler beamed with pride, unable to tear his eyes away.


Suddenly Jackson's hand slipped around his waist, resting on his stomach just above his shorts. Tyler glanced around but no one else was looking. He looked down at the hand and realized in that instant that his dick was hard and tenting his shorts.


"You'd better get back in the water before people notice that," Jackson whispered right in Tyler's ear, so close Tyler could feel his breath and possibly even the touch of his lips against his ear. The hand started moving south.


Tyler scrambled away quickly, rushing up the ladder. He didn't take his time at the top like some of the others, not wanting anyone to spot his erection, he just flung himself down on his front, going so quickly he barely had time to think before he was being hurled off the end of the slide and crashed into the water hard, belly first.


The guys around him were all laughing when he came back up to the surface, coughing and spluttering. The pain of hitting the water, like a hundred hands had slapped his chest, made his cock soften in an instant. Joe swam up to him, checking he was okay before they turned to watch Jackson climb to the top.


Jackson's eyes zeroed in on Tyler's. A smirk or maybe even a sneer creased his face and he flexed his biceps, leaning his head over to kiss one. The other guys just thought he was striking a pose, trying to show off, but Tyler thought it was something else, like a message that Jackson knew what Tyler had been looking at, what had made him hard.


He wanted to hate Jackson, he wanted to do something to make him slip and fall, but at the same time, as he looked up at the hot college guy with his hot body and beautiful face, framed against the bright blue sky, he couldn't fight the surge of lust that rose in him, wanting to pay him back by fucking the hell out of him.


"Did you hear about the party tonight?" Joe asked, putting his arm around Tyler's shoulder as they watched Jackson pose some more.


"Yeah, it sounds pretty cool," Tyler said as one of the guys told Jackson to hurry it up.


"I can't wait," Joe smiled. "I just know I'm gonna get laid. I don't even care who it is as long as I get a set of nice warm lips wrapped around my cock."


God, let them be my lips.


The two friends watched as Jackson pushed off on his feet, not running but surfing down the slide. When he reached the bottom he kicked off, spinning in a pirouette before tucking himself up into a spin. When he hit the water everyone cheered apart from Tyler. He felt like there was something sinister about Jackson hidden behind his arrogance and he had a worrying feeling he was going to find out exactly what lay beneath that hot body later on at the party.




To Be Continued...