Ever After



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Chapter 31: Dinner



"DAVIS!"I shouted, "Get off the bed; this has to be just right."


"Why are you obsessing?" Davis asked, getting off my bed, "My parents already like your family."


"My family, not me." I sighed, "To your mom...and probably your dad, it looks like I turned you gay."


Davis sat down and put his arm around my shoulders, "Look, they don't blame you for me being gay." He said quickly, "Besides, a friend of mine from the team is coming to stay for the summer."


"And that's supposed to make me feel good because..." I said.


"I really want you to meet him, he was a really good friend to me when we were apart and he's my best friend on the All-Star team." Davis said, "I think you two would get along."


"Fine." I said, "But we have to be ready, I mean, I've got a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach and it's not going away."


"Great." Davis said, "I'm going to pick him up in a few."


"Before the dinner?" I asked, "Just make sure you're here on time."


Davis kissed my forehead and nodded, "I love you." He smiled.

"I love you too." I smiled as he left.


- - - - - - - - - -

As Hannah sat at the Caleb's Bar, which was unnamed when he found out that the original name wasn't so original, and hoped to see Adaen. She was serious about wanting her friendship back with Adaen. She wasn't the best friend that she used to be, she was older and more prepared for things...and pregnant.

"Hey, Hannah," Caleb said, standing behind the bar, "What're you doing here?"

"I'm looking for your brother, is he going to come tonight?" Hannah asked.

"No, he's at home planning this Dinner thing with the Marchalls." Caleb said, serving a drink, "He's been planning for this all week long and still is."

"Oh, so he doesn't want to be disturbed?" Hannah asked.

"Well I don't know, are you feeling lucky?" Caleb joked.

"Not as of late." Hannah smiled, "How is Harry working out for you?"

"He's doing great." Caleb said, "He's way better at this job than the last guy."

"Good to hear." Hannah smiled. There was a silence as Caleb studied her, "Well, I better go."

"Okay, but don't be a stranger." Caleb smiled as she walked away.

- - - - - - - - - -

As I walked to the kitchen, the doorbell rang and Mom shouted that she'd get it. I shrugged and headed to the kitchen. I wonder if there's French dip. I hurried to the refrigerator and looked through it quickly. I didn't see any, but I saw some salsa and queso and figured that'd be good. As I went into the living room, I stopped when I saw Hannah sitting on the couch next to Kya. My guess was that they were trading pregnancy secrets.


"Adaen," Hannah said, standing, "Hey."


"Hey, Hannah, what're you doing here?" I asked.


Hannah smiled, "I came by to talk to you." She said.


"Oh. Well, we can up to my room." I said.


"Okay." Hannah said, climbing the stairs.


I climbed after her and when I got to the room, she sat on my bed.


"Okay, I know I've done a lot of things to you and you have a new best friend and...well, I'm sorry." Hannah said.


I sighed and sat at my desk, "Hannah, I've alre..."


"I know, but I need you to really forgive me. The kind of forgiving that goes deeper than just saying `okay'. I love you and I never meant any of this." Hannah said.

"It's...I..." I stammered, "I don't know if I can."


"Why not?" Hannah asked.


I sighed and rolled my chair over so that I sat across from her, "You chose him over me! You didn't believe me and that hurt."


"I know." Hannah said.


"No. You don't! You don't understand! I was humiliated...am, I am humiliated. He hit on me until he found out how old I am." I said angrily, "You hurt me and you didn't stop there."


"Okay, I have no idea how you felt, but I am sorry, really, really sorry." Hannah said, "I'm on my knees, really."


"Insert sarcastic, yet funny joke there." I said, looking at her, "Okay. Alright. I forgive thee."


"Thee?" Hannah asked.


"Do you want a hug or not?" I asked. She nodded and flew into my arms, giving me the warmest hug I could muster. It was refreshing.


"So, I hear you're meeting the in-laws." Hannah smiled.


"Yeah. It's overwhelming." I said, "And it doesn't help that Davis isn't helping and he's bringing in another mouth."


"Huh?" Hannah asked.


"He's bringing his friend from All-Star." I said.


"Wait, to your family dinner?" Hannah asked.


"Yes, he's a very dumb jock, but I love the dumb jock." I sighed, "You want to come?"


"No, I'm not dumb...except for the getting pregnant by my mistress-er." Hannah said, confused.


"So, you're really pregnant by Harry?" I asked.


Hannah shrugged, "I still don't know." She said.


"Han, this is from the heart." I said, "You really need to tell Zack. He's almost a senior in college, right?" I asked.


"Yeah." Hannah said, "He is."


"Look, the baby's going to have a blood test in order to be named after Zack, so you have to honest." I said quickly.


"I know." She said jumping, and then looking at her cell phone, "It's Zack. It's our anniversary or something. I should go."


"Yeah, you should." I said, "Try and keep it honest."


"You're right. I'll try." Hannah said softly. She hugged me once again and left as quickly as she had appeared.


-          - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As I waited, Davis' Mom and Dad showed up. My family was in place, but neither Davis nor his new friend, Ryan. I was steamed. I was also nervous, so I snuck to the kitchen to get away. I couldn't go upstairs, that would give me away. As I hit the fridge, my cell phone rang. I looked at it to see Davis' name show up, bold as day.

"Davis, you get your ass here, right now!" I commanded into the phone.

"I'm sorry, we got stopped by security and traffic is bad, we might have to do this a different day." Davis said.

I scoffed, "We can't do this another day because your family is here! I cannot believe you. This has been the plan for a while now!" I said.

"Babe, I'm sorry." Davis sighed, "I..."

Someone spoke in the background, "Tell him I'm really sorry, man." The voice I assumed to be Ryan.

I growled, "You know that thing where you make me upset and I go really ethnic on you?" I asked.

"No, but it sounds like I really don't want to know." Davis said, "I didn't know it was that important to you. I mean, I knew you were freaking out..."

"Oh, he was freaking out, tell him..." Ryan said, "Tell him I'm really sorry."

"Okay, tell him, in the nicest possible way, to shut the hell up." I growled, "Sorry, but this is the one thing I asked you to do and...now I'm stuck with your parents and mine."

"And I said I was sorry." Davis said, and I could tell he was irritated, "If you still want us to come by..."

"No. How about you do your own thing." I said, "For the next few days because I have no idea when I'm going to even feel like speaking to you again."


I hung up and walked back to the living room. Everyone looked up at me expectantly and I smiled, "Umm, dinner's ready and we should start." I said with a nervous smile.

"But what about Davis?" Mrs. Marchall asked.

"He and Ryan got detained at the airport, but they're stuck in traffic right now." I smiled, "So, umm, and this way."

-          - - - - -

"So he didn't show at all?" Hannah asked as we walked down the street.

"No." I said.

"No calls, nothing?" Hannah asked.

"Nope." I sighed, "I mean, I know I was being a little bitch about it, but...it was for him. He's the only reason I wanted it to be perfect. He's an idiot, but I love him. I mean, he's not a meat head or anything...I just, I don't know. What do you think?" I asked.

"I think you're justified." Hannah said, "It was really disrespectful."

"But you thought I was too much of a little bitch about it?" I asked.

"Quit using the words little bitch." Hannah said, "I think you were just too wound up. Didn't you say you told Ryan to shut up?"

"I did." I said, sort of ashamed.

"Well, your relationship is like a rose. It was all bloomy, then there was thorns, and now the petals are opening. You just need a bit more sun." Hannah said.

I looked at her, "That was really weird and makes me feel like a flowery perv." I chuckled.

"Why? Nothing I said was sexual!" Hannah said.

"Okay, but flowers are mostly symbols for vaginas and while I don't like vaginas, vaginas mean sex and sex leads me to Davis." I smiled, "He's like the only guy I haven't slept with."

"Do we even know where Davis is?" Hannah asked.

"Nope." I said.

"Do we care?" Hannah asked.

"Yeah." I said quickly, "I just wish he'd have texted me or something."

Across town...

Davis woke without his underwear and looked over to see his friend, draped across the other side of the bed. Oh shit he thought quickly, looking around and seeing the cups and bottle of whiskey all around, "Oh shit." He uttered quickly.


- - - - - - - - - -


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