Ever After



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"A lot on your mind?" Hannah asked as she stood at Marco's door. He seemed to be in deep thought.


"Yeah." Marco said, gesturing her in, "I'm confused."


"Confused?" Hannah asked.


"You see, there's this guy..." Marco said.


"As in you like?" Hannah asked, a little shocked.


"Yeah." Marco said, "He's really cool and everything, but the more I hang out with him, the closer I get to losing a friend."


"Are you thinking about dating a friend? Because I don't think.."


"No." Marco said quickly, "The friend losing is because of the dating."


"Can you be less vague?" Hannah asked.


"The friend is Adaen and the guy is..."


"Ryan." Hannah said, flopping down beside him on the bed.


"You got it." Marco frowned, "What should I do?"


"Don't let Adaen know, he'll throw a bitchfit." Hannah sighed, standing and walking out of the room.



Chapter 35: E is for Eternal Hope



"Why'd you bring me here?" Hope asked as we sat at a booth at Ryph's, a cool new restaurant downtown.


I sighed, "Despite what you think, I don't hate you, kid." I said, "Plus, I thought that maybe you needed to get out of the house."


"Yeah, your parents fighting all the time, it felt like Hell." Hope said, not showing it, but I detected the sadness in her voice.


"They've been together forever, they fight." I said quickly.


"It's not just the fights." Hope said, "It was like this when my parents split up."


I was speechless. What else could I say? It must have been hard coming to stay with us because her parents split and to be in the middle of...but my parents weren't...they weren't that bad.


"Hello, Earth to Adaen." Hope said, sipping her drink, "So, that's why you brought me here?"


"Sort of." I said, "What, I have to have an ulterior motive for bringing you here?"


"I don't know what that means, but yes." She said quickly, "Shouldn't you be out with your hotty boyfriend or your...do you even have friends these days?"


I thought about the question...did I? I mean, the only person that I really had was...Davis. Yeah, Davis, but I hadn't talked to him in a day or two. Oh gosh, I'm a bad boyfriend, if we're even still together.


"So, why aren't you with Hotty Mcsteam?" Hope asked.


"Why don't you have a boyfriend?" I asked.


"What?" Hope asked.


"I mean, you're a cute girl and no boyfriend?" I asked.


Hope couldn't say anything. It was the first time I had seen her be speechless, which creeped me out a little.


"Look, why are you being so nice to me? You don't even like me!" Hope said angrily, standing and storming away.


"Hope." I said standing. I sighed and threw money on the table, then headed after her. As I made it out the door, I bumped into Marco, who seemed just as surprised as I was, "Hey, Marc, have you seen Hope?"


"You mean the blur that just flew past me?" Marco asked.


"Damn it." I swore.


"Something wrong?" Marco asked.


"Teen angst at its best." I sighed, "I'm really not well liked here."


"I like you." Marco said, walking with me back into Ryph's. We sat down at the same table Hope and I were sitting at, "Having a bad day?"


"No." I frowned, "Typical day."


"Are you alright?" Marco asked.


I sighed, "I think my parents are splitting up." I said before I could catch the words.


The look on Marco's face was one of stun, "Your parents have been together forever, maybe you're just reading too much into a fight...are they fighting?" he asked.


"The question is when aren't they fighting?" I asked, putting my hands on my head, "God, I just tried to get Hope out of that environment."


"So, now wouldn't be the best time to talk?" Marco joked.


I looked up at him, "Marco, look what I did to Hannah." I said.


"What'd you do?" Marco asked.


"I made her husband hurt her." I said.


"You didn't make him screw Christina." Marco frowned, "You told him to do the right thing. And you, along with everyone else, told her not to date the asshole in the first place."


"A part of me knew what it would do to her and that part didn't care." I said, "Underneath it all, I wanted to say I told her so."


"But the best part of you wanted her to know." Marco said.


"What is wrong with me? God, the only thing that's going right in my life is Davis and I'm shutting him out." I said.


Marco just stared at me, "Maybe he's not what you want." He said.


I looked up at him, "How can he not be?" I asked, standing, "Later." I said, leaving.



After my freak out, I went directly home and waited. I didn't know what I was waiting for, but I didn't move until I heard a low whisper outside my door. My parents were fighting again. I decided to make a pro and con list about my relationship with Davis. It seemed sudden, it all did. I mean, there was no question that I loved Davis, but when we were just friends or just in love with each other, we saw each other and we had each other's back, but now things were boring. Davis didn't really call me and I didn't call him. And there was the Dinner from Hell, so our relationship made us boring and conflicted. Con. I love him. Pro. He's a jerk, but so am I. Con. He loves me. Pro. He came out on national tv. Pro. Pro. Pro. He missed the biggest dinner. Con. Con. Con.


"Hey baby." Davis said, walking through the door.

"Hey." I said, sliding the piece of paper under the pillow.


"What's that?" Davis asked, going for the pillow, but I moved in front of it, "What..."


Before he could do anything else, I kissed him, "Lock the door." I said.


For a minute, he just stared at me, then he walked over and locked the door, then returned to me, "You sure?" he asked.


I reached up and grabbed him into a passionate kiss, then began to unbutton his shirt, but settled for ripping it off him to reveal his cut body. He did the same to my shirt and began to lick my chest, then came up and sucked on my neck. I lay back, moaning in ecstasy as he licked and sucked at my neck, then he began to unbuckle my pants. I giggled and he smiled up at me. I unbuttoned his pants and threw the belt across the room. As I slid off my underwear and pants, he began to jack me off. I moaned louder and grabbed a pillow, shoving it on top of my face. Davis removed the pillow and put his mouth on mine.


"I love you." Davis smiled.

"I love you too." I said, kissing him.


"Got any lube?" Davis asked.


"Vaseline." I said, pointing to the middle drawer, "Should be in there."


He pulled out the drawer and grabbed the Vaseline, then bent down and began to lick at my ass. His tongue danced in my hole, making me moan louder, then he began to swirl his tongue and I giggled a little more. Davis pulled me closer and licked at my neck again, then went down to my nipples and began to swirl. He took a condom in his teeth and ripped the top, unraveling it on his 9 inch dick. As he hoisted my legs into the air, I felt the tip of hid dick rub against my hole, then press gently. In a sudden movement, it slid in and he moaned a little, then shuddered and his eyes closed and he threw his head back.


"Oh God, baby, you're so tight!" Davis said, looking back down at me, "Did I mention I love you?"


I smirked and squeezed my asshole. The look on his face was pure ecstasy. He began to thrust in and out of me slowly, picking up speed as he went on. I could feel his vibe, his whole body language and between thrust, I had faint thoughts. Suddenly, it was time and I could feel him pumping away, then he slowed as he slid out, but not before I came all over his chest. He slid the condom off in time to cum all over my chest, then he collapsed on top of me. The next hour or so was just us sleeping, then I slid out of bed to go to the bathroom. I took a shower, singing all the while. When I came back in the room, Davis was sliding back on his pants and getting ready to leave.


"What's going on?" I asked, looking at him.


Davis ignored me, then grabbed a piece of paper off the bed and threw it at me, "So, you listed the pros and cons of us? Thinking about leaving me? What was this, a little goodbye fuck?" he asked.


I took a deep breath, "No. No, Davis, I..." I paused, "Davis don't..."


"No! No! It's clear that you're moving on to better things." Davis raged.


"Davis stop!" I shouted, "That's not fair, I forgave everything that's happened to us and I'm just trying to get the facts down."


"Why don't you put this down." Davis said, slamming the door as he left.



At Eric's club, Katy Perry was onstage singing Hot `N Cold. I made my way to the back of the club where Ballard sat. I had two drinks in my hands and wobbled a little.


"You made a list? Really?" Ballard asked.


I sighed drunkly, "I didn't say it was a good thing to do." I groaned, "Just, this thing with my parents. It's all happening so fast."


"Do you love him?" Ballard asked.


"With my whole heart." I said.


Ballard sighed, "And he loves you." He said, "All this love is making me sick."


"Oh come on, you haven't been in love with anyone before?" I asked.


"Once." He replied.


"What happened there?" I asked.


"Nothing. It was a friend." Ballard said, "And you know what they say, don't shit where you eat."


"Oooh, another friend?" I said.


"I don't have many." Ballard said.


I chuckled, "You were Mr. Popular in high school." I said.


"But they weren't my friends." Ballard said.


"If my parents, who've been together since way before I was born, can't make their relationship work and keep the love between them, then what chance does any love have?" I slurred.


"You're not them." Ballard said.


"Now for my hit, I Kissed A Girl!" Katy said, starting her song.


"Nope. I guess that means I'm in more danger of not finding and/or keeping love." I said, a tear falling from my eye.


Ballard put his hand underneath my chin, lifting it up to eye level, "Don't cry. I hate seeing guys cry." He said, looking into my eyes. In the background, I could hear the song and it was awesome, but all I was focused on was Ballard, who was leaning in. I leaned too and our lips met in the middle. The kiss was slow and sensual at the same time. I loved it.





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