Ever After


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As When It Rains by Paramore blared through my room, I paced back and forth. What was I going to do? I had gotten sloppy drunk and kissed Davis' best friend! All this was after Davis and I had made love. Love. That's what it was. We had never put our relationship together in terms of a real relationship. It was an odd thing. I stopped when I turned to see Hope standing at my door.

"You've been up here all day." Hope said.

I nodded, "Yeah, I've been busy." I lied.

"You've been pacing all day." Hope said.

"Where's everybody else?" I asked.

"Your mom and dad are away, Kya took the baby to see its other grandparents, and Eric is down at the club." Hope explained, "So, why the pacing? Did you do something bad?"

How'd she know? Could she see right through me?


"Hey, wanna go and get some ice cream?" I asked.

"I'm not a kid." Hope said angrily.

"So's that a no?" I asked.

"No...I'm just not a kid." She said quickly, "Can I get a double scoop?"

"Sure." I said.

"Triple?" she asked.

"Don't push it." I smiled.

Chapter 36: The Little Things

"So is it one of those grown up things?" Hope asked, licking her cookie dough and strawberry ice cream cone as we walked down the street. She was relentless and determined.

"Yeah." I sighed, "I know you're almost sixteen and everything, but, I don't think you're ready to deal with this type of stuff."


"Because I don't know if I am." I said, "There's just a lot going on."

"Like your friend being pregnant by two guys?" Hope asked.

I looked at her oddly.

"Kids talk." Hope said.

I nodded, "Yeah, Hope, it's things like that."

"So, you hid in your room listening to Paramore because your friend's a giant slut?" Hope asked.

"Something like that." I said, glaring down at her, "There's just a lot."

"Like your boyfriend storming out and your parents fighting?" Hope asked.

"If you know, then why do you even ask me?" I asked.

Hope shrugged, "I need confirmation." She said, "Besides, told ya, I'm not a kid."

"How did you handle your mom and dad splitting?" I asked.

"I came here." Hope said.

"Oh." I said, "So, it was brutal?"

"Beyond." Hope said, "They would fight for hours and not make up, then there was the tension. Oh boy was there tension."

"Miracles happen." I said.

"Meaning?" Hope asked.

"You could go back home and they could be together again." I said optimistically, "Everything can work out."

"Yeah, but most times it all falls to crap." Hope said, licking her ice cream. Just then, she got a text and checked her phone, "Mind if I go to Cynthia's?"

I shrugged, "Be careful." I said.

"Thanks." Hope said, "Be back later." She said, walking off.


Kendall sat in Ryph's, waiting on Robert Kimball, her ex-boyfriend. They hadn't dated at first, just slept together, then she found herself back in New York with Adaen and she and Robert became boyfriend and girlfriend and it lasted until they got back to Hargrove. After they had gotten back to Hargrove, everything changed again and their relationship was tossed aside. She missed her ex-Abercrombie and Fitch model-boyfriend. He was her favorite boyfriend and he was coming all the way to Hargrove to see her, so she dressed in her tightest pants, her skimpiest shirt, and her highest heels, with makeup to boot! Her hair was tossed, so as to look as if she wasn't trying. Before her mind could race through anymore scenarios, like the one with sexy doctor, Robert made his way to the table and sat down. She couldn't help but notice the little goatee he had grown, it suited him and his hair had grown even longer and was just as clean as it ever was.

"Hey." Kendall smiled as she hugged him over the table. She had to hurry and snatch her boob back into her shirt before he noticed. He didn't notice, or if he did, he didn't say anything, "You look great!"

"You too!" Robert said, "So, you excited about college?"

"I am. It's going to be exciting." Kendall smiled.

"Yeah." Robert smiled, "So, I guess you're wondering why I asked you here..."

"A little." Kendall lied, not bothering to mask her happiness.

Robert smiled, then sighed, "I..." he said. It seemed to take him forever to bring the words. Kendall thought it was cute that he was nervous, but nodded, hoping it would help the words come to the surface, "I'm getting married." He said, "To Brandy."

Kendall immediately went into shock, "Huh?" she asked.

"I wanted to tell you before you figured it out." Robert said, "I didn't want you to hear it from anybody but me."

"You're getting married?" Kendall asked.


"To Brandy?" Kendall asked.

Robert nodded.

Kendall gathered her stuff, "I don't believe this." Kendal growled.

"Kendall, I..."

"No, save it! I came back Hargrove and you act like the distance is too big of a problem and you dump me, then you get my hopes up and tell me that you're getting married! How dare you!" Kendall said loudly, "You bastard!"

"Ken!" Robert said, sighing to himself and throwing down his napkin on the table.


"So, you don't know which one of us is the baby's dad?" Zack said, "I thought you were just...lying?"

"That would be you." Hannah said angrily.

"Hey, you weren't sitting home knitting booties your damn self!" Zack said.

"Stop yelling at her!" Harry growled.

"Or what?" Zack asked.

Harry stood, "Or you'll be picking teeth up off the floor!" he said angrily.

Hannah sighed as she stood between them, "You guys, this isn't important. There's a human being growing in my stomach." She said.

"Yeah and it's coming out of your..." Zack started.

"Shut up." Harry said.

"Okay, look, I don't know which of you if the father." Hannah said, "It doesn't matter, cause I'm not keeping it."

"What do you mean?" Harry asked.

"I mean that I'm not keeping it." Hannah said seriously.

"Are you serious?" Harry asked.

"It's my choice and I'm choosing not to have it."

"You can choose to eat your poop too, but that doesn't mean it's a good thing." Harry said, turning to Zack, "Man, tell her."

Zack sighed, "I kind of agree." He said, "I mean, we're all too young to be parents."

"Man, does anything but bullshit come out of your mouth?" Harry asked.

"You guys, look..."

"No, Hannah, you know it's wrong to do that. We did the do, now we have to raise this kid." Harry said.

"I am in no shape to raise a baby." Hannah said quickly.

"Okay, then give it up for adoption." Harry said.

"Look, it's my choice." Hannah said, "I've got to think about it. You guys can go." She said heading to her room. As she made her way to her room, she passed Marco's room.

"So, we can't be together because I'm not Adaen's favorite person." Ryan asked angrily.

Marco sighed, "If Adaen could send you into space, he could and he's been my friend for too long." He said.

"So it doesn't matter what we think?" Ryan asked, "You're going to let that little..."

"Watch it." Marco said.

"Sucks. And I really liked you." Ryan hissed as he turned to leave.

Marco felt terrible. He definitely liked Ryan, but it wasn't worth his who relationship with Adaen.


"What we did was wrong." I said nervously.

"It was." Ballard said, placing his hand on my shoulder. Slowly, he began to caress my shoulders and suddenly I felt his tongue glide across my skin.

I shuddered a little, then moved away from him, "Really wrong." I said quickly.

"It doesn't feel wrong." Ballard said seductively.

"Davis." I said simply.

Ballard sat on a chair opposite the bed, "Now it feels wrong." He said, staring at me.

"See, it's wrong." I said, "We have to tell him."

"What?" Ballard asked, "What, in your history with Davis, tells you that you should tell him?"

I thought about it and he had a point, but that didn't make him right.

"Besides, I don't want to lose my friend over this." Ballard said casually.

"If he's such a friend, then you know he deserves to know the truth." I said.

"Are you really ready to give up everything you worked towards with Davis?" Ballard asked.

"I think you're thinking more about you." I said.

"Okay, maybe I am." Ballard said, "But it also applies to you."

"I don't want to lose him." I said, "If I lie about this, everything I say is just...I've been telling people to tell the truth with major emphasis on the honesty thing and I believe that."

"Look, I think it's a bad idea." Ballard said quickly.

"I know you're a good guy." I said, "I know that you love Davis and you know I love Davis."

"Then why did you kiss me?" Ballard asked.

"I was drunk." I said.

"We both know there's something between us." Ballard said.

I sighed, "It's like talking to a wall." I said, finally giving up.


"And you came to me for help?" Marco asked.

"Yeah," Davis said as they shot basketball, "I mean, you know him better than I do...what's the deal?"

"You want my honest opinion?" Marco asked.

"Yeah, I want you to tell me why I'm not enough for him, why me telling the whole world I'm gay isn't enough for him." Davis said frustratedly. He took a shot and missed, then sighed.

Marco watched, he felt bad for the guy. He knew what it was like to carry that torch and watch it slip away, "It's this thing with his parents, he doesn't know how to deal with it, imagine your parents splitting up." He said, taking a moment to think about it. It would be justice.

"Stop thinking about it." Davis said.

"Fine." Marco said, "But you can see how he can be a little down in the love department, right?"

"He made a freaking list." Davis said, "And slept with me, like break-up sex!"

"Or, maybe he made a choice." Marco said, "I don't see him coming onto me."

"You still in love with him?" Davis asked.

"Aren't you?" Marco asked.

"Maybe you're right." Davis said, "But you come near him and I'll rip you apart."

"I'd expect nothing less." Marco smirked, "We're friends."

"Yeah, I guess...I mean, you are my big brother, so..."

"I meant me and Adaen." Marco said.

"Oh." Davis said.

"But yeah, we are brothers...I guess." Marco said.

"Thanks." Davis said, shooting the ball and making it, "Score."

"So, go and find him." Marco said.

"Bro, why are you doing this?" Davis asked.

"You make him happy." Marco said, "Nuff said."

Davis smirked and nodded, "Cool." He said, leaving.


"I saw what happened." Christina said.

I stopped in my tracks. I had opted not to talk to her when I saw her on the street, barely even a nod, but at her words, I stopped.

"Yeah, I was at the club. Katy Perry...couldn't miss it." Christina explained.

"You were there..." I said.

"Yeah." Christina said, "And I know what happened."

"And you're going to tell Davis? Try and get back on his good side?" I asked angrily.

Christina sighed, "Nope." She said, "I'm not, but you should."

"I should." I said, "You're not going to tell him?" I asked perplexed.

"It's not my business." Christina said, "Besides, he should really hear it from you. He deserves that."

"You want me...wait, you're showing compassion, for someone other than yourself?" I asked, "Who are you?"

"Look, I'm seriously not above underhanded tactics to get the guy...but he was my friend." Christina said quickly.

"And he could be again." I said, "He's a good person and..."

"So are you, which is why you both deserve the truth." Christina said, "Despite me really not liking you, you're a pretty good person and you should tell him."

I looked at her, a little shocked by her. I mean, she was the last person I'd ever take advice from, but she was making so much sense.

"Earth to Adaen." Christina said, "God, were you fantasizing about some guy? Gays!"

"And sluts." I smiled.

"So, you're going to tell him?" Christina asked.

"Is this another ploy to get my boyfriend back?" I asked.

Christina shook her head, "You were right, telling Hannah was the right thing to do." She said.

"See..." I said, "Oh." Realizing that I would really have to tell him, "You're right."

"Really? I helped?" Christina said, "That deserves a drink."

"Tyson's buying." I said.

"Don't..." Christina said, "We're having a good conversation here."

I nodded, "Thanks." I said, leaving.


As I walked into my house, I bumped into suitcases sitting in the hallway. I looked down at the bags and walked around the corner to see my mom and dad sitting on the couch, my mom in tears. Kya and the baby sat on the opposite side in the recliner and Hope stood in the corner by Eric. I could feel the tears in my eyes, but I didn't cry, I just stood there, looking between them.

I took a deep breath, "What's going on?" I asked, trying to make a smile.

Mom sniffed, then wiped her eyes, "Hey, honey, come on in." she said.

"I think I'll stand right here." I said, noticing the tears from Kya.

"Honey..." Mom said.

"What...is going on?" I asked.

Dad stood, "Umm, Adaen, I..." he stammered to a stop.

"Dad's been screwing around." Eric said calmly.

"Her name is Barbara." Dad said, "And she's pregnant."

I clapped my hand over my mouth, then scratched my head, "Huh?" I asked.

"I've known about your father and Barbara for some time, that's why we've gone on trips and...but it turns out Barbara is going to have a baby and I just..." Mom broke into a full cry.

Kya stood, baby in tow, and hugged her.

"So, dad is having another kid...with Barbara?" I asked.

"Yes, son, we're..."

"You bastard!" I shouted, "How could you...do something like that?! He loves you."

"He?" Dad asked.

"She. Mom loves you and you...are bad. You don't deserve hi..er! You...get out." I said quietly.

"Adaen." Eric said.

"Your bags are packed." I said, "Get out."

Dad looked backwards, and then walked past me, grabbing his bags, then he stopped before he got to the door, "I love all of you."

"Then don't go." Hope said, "If you love all of us, then don't go."

"I don't have a choice honey." Dad said.

"It was recent." I said, "Weeks...you've tried to work it out, but she's pregnant?"

"It was recent." Dad said.

Mom sobbed a little harder, and then stopped.

"We don't need you." I said, "You're pathetic."

"Adaen." Eric said.

"You screwed everything up. We were finally all together and happy and..."

"I wasn't happy." Dad said.

"Now you can be happy." I said, "Now you can be gone."

My dad picked up his bags and opened the door.

"Daddy." I said innocently.

He looked back, but only for a second before he left. I clapped my hand over my mouth and I could feel my eyes widen as Eric put his arms around me, but I broke free. I stood there, apart from them. The doorbell rang and I ran to it, hoping that Dad had changed his mind, that he had been kidding. I opened the door to see Davis.

"I have something to tell you." I said slowly.


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