Ever After


Flashbacks are in italics.


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Just then, the door opened and I walked through to find Davis sitting in the living room with my mom. I was shocked and just looked at them for a second.

"Hi." I said quickly.

Davis looked up at me, then away, "Hi." He said.

Mom looked from Davis to me, "I should go check on Hope." She said, standing and walking over, kissing my cheek. She then ascended the stairs.

"I figured I should come here, so we could talk." Davis said, standing.

I nodded, "I looked for you." I said, "It wasn't his fault."

"He's my best friend and he... he..." Davis stopped, frustrated.

"There was hurt. And I was drunk. He was drunk." I explained, "It was a kiss, a kiss that I would take back if I could, but I can't." I explained.

"I'm trying to listen to you and give you the benefit of the doubt, but I don't understand it." Davis said, "We've waited for so long to be together and when we finally do..."

"I screw it up. I got it." I said, sitting down on the couch.

Davis sat beside me, "You don't want to be with me?" he asked.

I looked up at him, "I love you, of course I want to be with you." I said.

Davis sighed and stood, "I love you, but we need to figure this out. Why did you kiss him? Why make a list of pros and cons?" he asked.

I looked up at him, wondering why myself.

"Does this mean we take a break?" Davis asked.

I shrugged, not really knowing what to say.

Chapter 39: How I Could Just Kill A Man

"So, we have a plan?" Kendall asked.

"Umm, no, because I'm not playing the bait!" I objected.

"Oh, come on, he likes you!" Christina said.

"Maybe, but there has to be another way!" I whined.

Davis put his hand on my; Ballard twitched.

"We need you to do this." Davis said.

"Besides, you're pretty good at this, we already know that." Zack smirked.

I laughed a little, "Yeah, that was a good one!" I said, remembering how I used the tape recorder to get him to spill.

"Yeah, the highlight of my life." Hannah sighed.

"So, the question is how." Kendall said, "Because he's going to expect it."

"I got it!" Christina said.

No one stopped to listen to her.

"You guys, seriously!" Christina said loudly.

"What is it, you need to go tinkle?" Marco asked.

"Ha ha!" Christina sneered, "How about we do the opposite! I mean, get Adaen to pretend he's drunk, then start making moves!"

I sighed.

"He's not ugly, keep that in mind." Hannah said.

"Okay, fine, but if I die, I'm telling." I frowned.



"Oh, come on! You don't love me! You love yourself!" I shouted, "And because of us..."

"Us? Us?! I'm trying my best to stay sane when I'm around you, but..."

"If you say you're falling for me, I'll knock every tooth out!" I frowned.

"You going to say you don't feel the same? That you don't feel that connection between us?" Ballard asked.

"Whatever I feel is null and void at this point." I frowned.

"We've been friends since..."

"We're not friends. We shared one memorable event, we survived one crash and that made us buddies? No! I just let the best thing in my life leave it! For you." I said.

"And I'm here." Ballard said, taking my hand, "For you."

I hugged him, "This is scary." I said quickly.

"I know," he said, "But I'm here."


I was sitting in Eric's club, waiting for an appearance by my big bro, but he didn't seem to be in the house that night. I sat watching the lights flash all around me. It was a great night at the club...for them. Since I had been diagnosed with...since I was diagnosed, I felt damned. If it were bad enough that people thought I was a walking AIDS patient, I was crazy. I just figured I was introverted...never really thought about me begin deficient. I know, that's not PC, but it's how I felt. Deficient. Damaged. Not good. Icky.

"Little brother!" Eric said, hugging me on the stool, "Mom said you were back, but I've been so busy..."

"No, it's cool. I've been a little busy myself." I smiled, "I see the club's going great."

"Yeah," he said, walking behind the bar, "Everything's great! I just booked Cassie."

"Cassie? Really?" I asked, "When?"

"In about two weeks." Eric said, handing out drinks, "I met this awesome chick. She's so pretty and she's got the most awesome ra..."

"Gay." I reiterated.

"She's awesome." Eric said, "Her name is Nina."

"Mom know about her?" I asked.

"No." Eric said, "That's beauty of having privacy."

"That's the only reason I miss college." I grinned.

"So, how long you been here?" Eric asked.

"A week or so." I said.

"Well, hey." Brady said, causing us both to look at him.

I turned back to Eric, "Can I please have a drink?" I asked.

Eric made me a drink quickly and handed it to me and I swallowed it in one continuous swallow.

"Damn. Baby brother can take a drink." Brady smiled.

"Brady...nice to see ya, dude." Eric said, shaking his hand, "You don't mind if I jet, right? I have a contract signing."

"Sure." I nodded.

Eric left us there with each other. I turned back to the bar.

"So...we're alone." Brady said, leaning into the bar.

"Just when I was beginning to wonder what that smell was." I frowned.

"You really don't like me?" Brady asked.

"Any reason I should?" I asked.

"There's no reason to not." Brady smirked.

"You're a scumbag." I said quickly.

"I might be a lot of things..." Brady said.

"A pig." I said.

"Maybe, but I'm honestly feeling you, or trying to." Brady said.

I chuckled, "You're funny." I said.

"Wasn't trying to be." Brady said, "What's it going to take for me to get you out of those clothes?"

"A crowbar." I smiled.

"So, you're really not into me?" Brady asked.

I sighed, "You're not ugly." I said.

"That's a start." Brady smiled.



"I can't believe I'm having the baby." Hannah said, looking at the sonogram as she lay in bed. She had just gotten back from the doctor, where he told her to rest and be happy. And she was, ever since she picked Harry. He was all attentive and hard-working and it made her happy to be with him.

"You need anything, baby?" Harry asked, buzzing around the room.

"You have to go to work." Hannah smiled.

"I also have class tomorrow, what's the point?" Harry asked.

"You have to go." Hannah said.

"I don't like your points." Harry said, bending down and kissing her.

"Hey!" Hannah yelled.

"Well, I'll go." Harry said, bending down and kissing her lips, "Call me if you need me."

"Go." Hannah smiled. Hannah heard the door as he left and moved for the remote, which was on the other side of the room. As she got closer to the window, she could hear two voices yelling. She walked to the window to see Harry and Zack arguing. She raced to the front door to break them up, but stopped when she felt a sharp pain in her stomach. She felt the bottom of her skirt and brought her hand up to see blood, "Oh God." She said, "Help! Somebody help!"


"This is your house?" I asked, "Nice."

His house was totally boss! It was mahogany meets new age metallicism! I found myself looking at his loveseat, it was all brown with brass finish. It was crazy cool.

"Nice?" Brady asked, "More than nice."

"Humility isn't your strong point is it?" I asked.

"You can sit." Brady said, disappearing behind the bar.

I looked around and saw the stools at the bar, the dining room chairs, and the sofa and loveseat, "Where?"

"Any place." Brady said.

I sat on the loveseat. Brady came around the bar with drinks.

"Did you spike them?" I asked.

"Only with alcohol."

"Oh, fine then." I said, taking my drink and downing it.

"Wow, you really like alcohol don't you?" Brady asked, watching me.

"You can stop staring at me anytime." I said.

"I like it when you blush." Brady said.

"I'm brown, I don't blush." I smirked.

"You blush." Brady said, "And it turns me on."

"Oh." I said nervously.

Brady began to suck on my neck.

"Oh, yeah." I said, standing, "You're still the bad guy! You sold Chris and Jules those drugs-do you usually sell to kids?"

"What?" Brady asked, "Look, why would you care if I sold some kids? I make money the only way I know how."

"You sound like a whore. And not a good one." I said.

"I may not be proud of some of the stuff that I do, but I'm keeping my head above water, more than some straight and narrow! That's the problem with you, you're judgmental."

"If you weren't so...you can't..." I stammered.

"You're hot, but you're judgmental. It's a real turnoff."

"And you're a jerk." I said, "You're an ass."

"I'm a hustler."

"And when you go to jail, I think I'll do a happy dance." I said.

"What?" Brady asked.

The door broke and the cops swarmed us instantly.

"Oh, I'm gonna kill you." Brady shouted as the cops wrestled him to the floor, "Psycho!"

"You did good, kid, ya did good." One of the officers said.



"So, you going out tonight?" My roommate, Bart, asked as I sat on the bed in my night clothes. My blue muscle tee and matching blue sweat pants.

"It's been a long day, plus I have a project due tomorrow." I smiled up at him, "Have fun for me."

"That'll do." He said, leaving.

When he left, I looked over at his camo bed spread and smirked to myself. It was confusing. I could never bring myself to like him, cause he's my roommate and he's just not my type, but it's something about living so close to someone...and my suitemates were awesome and pretty cute, but not my types. I began to wonder what my type was. College had made me more introverted instead of less. There was a knock at the door and I looked to my forgetful roommate's side of the room, trying to locate his phone or keys, but I didn't see them. I ignored it and walked over to the door and opened it to see my father.

"Adaen, I know you don't want to see me..." Dad said, but immediately latched onto him.

"Daddy." I said quickly.


I sat outside my house, looking out onto the street; The night was the only thing sustaining me, keeping me from crying or laughing. I had just done something that I had voted we do from the beginning and I figured I'd be happy, but, as always, I wasn't. The wind jarred me from my thoughts and on the guy walking up the path to my house. It was Marco.

"Hey." Marco said, "Getting away from the family?"

"What's left of it." I said.

"Yeah, I never got to say how sorry I was for what happened." Marco said.

"Thanks." I said, "Some reason you came by to remind me of my inner demons?"

"Sorry, I..."

"Can't you take a joke, Mr. Jacobs?" I asked.

"Why are you calling me my father's name?" Marco asked.

"Can you keep a secret?" I asked.

"What's going on?" Marco asked, "You can tell me."

"I just feel so scarred, so dead. I keep trying to reconnect with everything, but it all...it crumbles."

"God, who hit you with a hopeless stick?" Marco asked, "You just did the best thing ever, you put away a drug dealer who killed Julie, our friend!"

I looked at him, "It doesn't bring her back and it doesn't make it right." I said, "Nothing in this world is what it is, but in every way, it is. It's cold. It's cruel. It's love and hate. I thought college would be this great time when I make all these friends and have all this fun, but it's...life."

"Adaen..." Marco said, about to touch me.

I recoiled from his touch, "It's all life." I said, standing and walking back into the house, "Later, Marc." I said, shutting the door.



Ballard was in the middle of lighting some candles when there was a knock on his door. He extinguished the flame from the match and looked back to see Ryan. Ballard thought Ryan had left days ago. Ryan was in his underwear, his boxer-briefs, walking towards him.

"What are you doing here?" Ballard asked.

"Was about to leave, hell, Davis thinks I'm gone, but I thought, hey, I never met all my friend's friends." Ryan said, trying to be seductive.

"Well, now you have. Next question, why are you in underwear?" Ballard asked.

"Just thought it was better than those jeans I wear." Ryan said.

"You should leave now, dude." Ballard said.

A look of disappointment flash across his face, but he recovered fast, "Your arms are pretty toned."

"Yeah, I was in a wheelchair. Now get out!" Ballard said.

Ryan tried to kiss him, but he rejected him. It was only then that he saw Adaen, standing there watching.

"Adaen!" Ballard said.

Adaen walked up to him and punched him in the face, "I can't believe you." He said, walking away.


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