Ever After



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Adaen: Most times in life, you think what everyone is conditioned to think. Sometimes, especially after a big fall or win, there is a moment...just one moment when everything is clear...

I yawned myself awake to see Hope staring at me.

"You have to get up and come downstairs. I'm pretty sure Eric's gonna marry his girlfriend." Hope said.

I rolled over, "Who cares." I mumbled.

"Also, there's some guy to see you." Hope frowned.

"If it's Davis tell him to drop dead." I said, putting a pillow over my head.

"It's Archie."

Chapter 47: What Comes After.

Adaen: There's either denial or extreme happiness. Sometimes, after wins, we figure out that we didn't win anything. Everything's the same, just a little bit different.

I brushed my teeth with super speed and threw on clothes as fast as I could headed downstairs to find the family in the living room. Everyone was there, even Janet and her parents.

"That little bitch." I swore, "She tricked me!"

"No, I didn't." Hope said coming down behind me, "And I'm not a bitch."

"You took so long he had to go and get settled." Kya said.

"Fine, I'm going back to sleep." I said, turning and heading up.

"Get your ass in here now." Eric said.

I walked beside Hope, who had been giving me the evil eye since I called her a bitch. I stood at the doorway.

"So, now that we're all here, there's something we want to announce." Janet smiled.

"After careful deliberation and a few months of living together, we've decided to get married." Eric smiled.

Everyone let out little sounds of glee besides me. I shrugged and headed to the stairs.

"Hey, aren't you going to say something to your brother?" Dad asked.


"God, you don't have to be a dick." Eric frowned.

"Screw you." I frowned.

"Screw me? I'm the one who's been keeping you safe and sticking up for you...but screw me?" Eric asked.

"I don't need you to save me like I'm some kind of baby. You do you and I'll do me." I spat.

"Ungrateful son of a..."

"Eric." Mom warned, "Are you taking your medication?"

"My medication?" I asked.

"I found a full bottle." Mom said.

"You went through my stuff?" I asked.

"I cleaned your room." Mom frowned, "Honey, I'm worried."

"Everyone here needs to mind their own business." I frowned, now heading for the door.

"Adaen." Kya said.

"Screw everybody." I said, leaving.

"I'm sorry. Maybe we should have waited." Janet said.

"No, honey, that wasn't your fault." Mom said, putting an arm around her. She looked to Dad, "He's in trouble."

"Why didn't you tell me things had gotten so bad?" Dad asked.

"None of us knew until the party." Eric said, "And by then it was too late."

"Do you think...maybe he's doing drugs?" Dad asked.

"He seemed lucid." Janet said, "Very lucid."


Adaen: Sometimes after a particularly brutal battle, you find out that everyone is your enemy...

I got out of my car and walked into Ryph's and stopped at the mention of my name.

"We've got to stop him." Christina said.

"We can't let him go back to who he used to be." Hannah said.

"I think we all agree." Marco said, "We can't let him fall. He's our friend."

"Cept I'm not falling." I said, walking around to see the gang minus Davis.

"And here he is, Hurricane Adaen." Ballard said.

"How were you planning on saving me? Destroy me?" I asked.

"We want to help you." Hannah said.

"If it's a fight you want..."

"We don't want to fight with you." Marco said.

"Especially because you play dirty." Christina said.

"We want you to be Adaen." Kendall said.

"You just waged a war." I smirked, "I knew I couldn't trust any of you, but..."

"Wait, war?" Hannah said.

"Can't we talk about this?" Kendall asked.

Christina chuckled, "If you think that's scaring me...you're mistaken." She said, "I'm freakin Christina."

"And I'm officially your worst enemy." I said, turning and walking out of the diner.

"Hey." Marco said, catching me, "What are you doing. Think about what you're doing."

"I just did. Now I'm over it." I said quickly.

"Those are your friends in there! We all care about you." Marco said, "All of us."

"Doesn't make any sense..."

"Maybe but we do love you." Marco said.

"Doesn't make sense because you're officially the enemy." I said, walking away.




Adaen:...and when we figure this out, we're confronted by a bigger question. The question of whether we are right or wrong...

"So, your boyfriend is in town?" Jennifer asked.

"Yes." I smiled, "And I have no clue where he is. You'd figure he'd call me."

"Just showing up is more romantic." Jennifer smiled, "I can't believe you did it."


"Waged war on those lames." Jennifer smirked, "Finally, I never thought you would."

"Finally?" I asked.

"You think I haven't heard about you getting outed and every party since that." She smiled.

I threw a pillow at her, "Shush." I smiled

"To tell you the truth, I'm wondering when the fallout is going to hit." Jennifer said, "You pulled out the major guns."

"Well, I'm fighting a major war." I said, "Besides, she deserved every bit of it."

My phone vibrated.

"Who's...it's Davis." I said quickly.

"I say answer it." Jennifer said, "What's the worst that could happen? He gives you a handjob in his truck."

"You're enjoying this way too much." I chuckled.

A text came through asking me to meet him at the park. I texted back sure.

"You better get going." Jennifer smirked, "You'd better take pictures."


Adaen: Pain is indomitable. She will stop at nothing to make sure you suffer for as long as possible. The easiest solution is to hurt them first...

I walked up to Davis. I had stuff I needed to say and things that need to be done. I walked up with all of it in my head.

"I love you." He said, trying to hug me.

I chuckled.

"I really messed up by not telling you about Ryan and Leslie."


"I was hurt that I saw you kissing Oz." Davis said, "It was stupid. We're meant to be."

"No, we're really not." I smirked.

"Why are you smiling?" Davis asked.

"Because I'm about to tell you where you can stick your apology."

Davis nodded.

"You don't get to just nod your head. You betrayed me far worse than I could have ever betrayed you." I frowned, "You helped start this war."

"War? What war?" Davis asked.

"You will never be with me again. Ever." I said, "You're lower than dirt to me. You're not even at the top of my get list."

Davis looked hurt, but held it in.

"Don't call me, don't drop by my house...this war just got so much more interesting." I said, walking away.

"What war?!" He shouted.

Adaen: Even if they've already hurt you.


Adaen: When the battle gets tough, sometimes you have to think of all the alternatives. Any that could help...even if it hurts someone else...

"So, I think I'm going to lose my revirginity." Christina said, flipping through a magazine.

Kendall and Hannah stopped.

"So much wrong with that statement." Kendall said.

"Says the pseudo-lesbian." Christina smirked, "Besides, celibacy is draining."

"Yeah, I was into it before it was the cool new thing." Hannah said, "That period of life sucked."

"Didn't you lose your virginity to your cousin?" Christina asked.

"Welcome to Deliverance." Kendall smirked.

"Hargrove pre-sixties." Christina said, "We've been so wrapped up in Jennifer and Adaen we completely forgot we've got a lot going on."

"Yeah, I mean, look at Davis." Kendall said.

"Yeah, he's having a rough time." Hannah said, "I feel for him."

"Why?" Kendall asked, "I mean, he tried to ruin Adaen's life."

"Lest we forget Adaen is gunning for us now." Christina said.

"What are we going to do about Adaen and Jennifer?" Kendall asked.

"Mean girl logic would be dictate that we smush him." Christina added.

"We're out of high school." Hannah said.

"Rule number one, Han, you're never out of high school." Christina said quickly, still flipping through the magazine.

"Are you going to rebreak your hymen for the occasion?" Kendall asked.

Hannah and Christina looked to her.

"The sex part."

"My hymen is a once in a lifetime thing." Christina said, "I think we should take the hardcore approach."

Hannah and Kendall looked at her.

"The Adaen thing!" Christina smirked.

"Hardcore?" Hannah asked.

"We hit him with everything he's got."

"But we don't have anything...he's squeaky." Kendall said.

"Nobody is squeaky. We just need the right information." Christina said.

"I don't want to hurt him." Hannah frowned, "It'd be redundant."

"I agree." Kendall said.

"How about defensive? What can we do in defense?" Hannah asked.

"Show him that Jennifer isn't who she should be." Christina said, "We attack her."

"Oh, I'm so down with that." Hannah smiled.


Adaen: Sometimes the battles we fight aren't just with our enemies...they're with the people we love. The people we'd die for. Sometimes all the hurt in the world can't be overshadowed by good intentions.

I walked through the door. I was angry and hurt and not on any kind of medication. This was so beyond my scope of understanding. How could the whole world be against me...against us? I never thought there'd be a day when everything I knew would be taken away.

"We need to talk." Mom said, standing and walking over to me.

"Do we? Ready to give me an intervention?" I asked angrily.


"You said all you needed to." I said, "I'm a traitor because I love my father. I'm against you! Because the world is about you."

"No, because that's how it felt." Mom said, "I didn't see it coming."

"You're a mother, start acting like one." I frowned, "I can't wait until I'm out of this house with all these losers! You're pathetic. You let the only man interested in you cheat on you. It's poetic really. You're selfish and a dummy."

She slapped me.

I grabbed my face, "And violent." I frowned.

Mom walked past me and up the stairs. I was about to turn and go too when someone walked out of the kitchen.

"Hi." Archie said.

"I've been looking for you." I said quickly.

"I've been around." Archie said, "Wondering what I'd say to you. How we'd meet again. Would my heart stop...and it did..."

I smiled.

"...I expected to come back and enamored with Adaen and you're not him." Archie frowned, "The person I loved wouldn't be such an ass. He wouldn't do this to his family...his friends."


"Your family told me how you've been. How you are now. I had to see it for myself." Archie said, "And I'm so disgusted."

"I'm strong."

"By making others weak. I can't be with you anymore." Archie said, "You are pathetic and disgusting to me." He said, walking past me.

I turned to him.

"Don't ever call me or text me. I don't want anything to do with you." He said, grabbing his coat and leaving.

I was in total shock. There was nothing left in me. I stood there, watching the door. I waited for him to come back. The door opened and Dad walked in. Before I could say anything else, Mom and Eric came down packing two suitcases and Hope and Kya were behind them.

"What is this?" I asked.

"This is your choice." Eric said.

"You either get on your medicine and check back into life or..." Dad started.

"Or?" I asked.

"You leave." Mom said, tears flowing from her eyes.

"I have a decision?" I asked.

"Yes. We want you better." Hope said.

"This is my intervention? Lovely." I frowned.

"It's the only way to stay in this house." Dad said.

I nodded and walked to them, grabbing my bags, "I choose whatever isn't you assholes." I said, walking to the door.

"If you walk out of this house..." Mom said sadly.

"I walked out a long time ago." I said, opening the door and disappearing through it.

Adaen typing: When things can't get worse...they usually do. Sometimes it's what happens after a battle that determines the tone of the rest of the war...and sometimes it's what happens after the battle that determines the soul of the person in the battle.


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