-By KChenkais.

Chapter One: Sebastian's Last Words

Sebastian didn't even try to control himself, he simply went for it. The moment he closed his eyes, or at least tried to; he was so drunk and curious about how Alan would react that he only managed to close his left eye; he had sensed what was coming for him. The truth is, when we are drunk we have somewhat of an idea of what we are doing, we are not irremediably stupid, we let ourselves go and we get rid of all social blocks and filters but really, we are being faithful to our true selves; the essence of what we do when we are drunk is the essence of all our actions driving us forward in everyday life. Sebastian thought about explaining all that to Alan once the kiss was over, but the punch to his face three seconds later kicked the idea out of his skull.

He determined right away the he had deserved that. Really, that kiss came out of the blue, what were they talking about right before it all started? Sebastian sometimes thought about dropping dead at any moment and every time he thought that he remembered back to the last thing he had said before said thought, imagining those were "his last words". But lately, well, ever since Alan, he started to wonder it even more, especially during conversations with him, but instead of thinking about his own last words, he thought of Alan's, and how unromantic they all sounded. That's probably what drove him to the kiss, the thought of dying and Alan's last words to him being:

"Think about it bro, If Apple is saying that a Samsung is an iPhone with the same ripped off software, but only a larger screen and a faster processor, shouldn't we go for the Samsung?"

As he said he made a gesture so typical of him. A hand on his waist and the other gently caressing the air, as he half closed his eyes and made that goofy smile that made him seem the coolest nerd around. It had been enough for Sebastian after that, he had been tortured to the point of despair by this boy and he was not going to take it anymore.

After that recent realization he considered taking back the thought about deserving the punch; he totally fair and square earned that kiss. He had no regrets at that moment. He knew it wasn't about getting laid or biting those sweet thin lips or feeling his warm breath over his head. It was totally not a carnal thing, this was about so much more; he knew how to play it cool while drunk to pick up guys, even straight guys, but this had been far more imperative, much more overbearing, and much rawer.

So this is the story of everything that came before, so that kiss and that punch can be understood as Sebastian did; as two of the three most shattering climaxes that took place that night; the third most likely a result from the jerk off Sebastian would be performing on his own later that night just remembering that very brief kiss. Seems it was a bit carnal after all.

Sebastian Greather was a young boy of nineteen at the time of that kiss. His life was just getting started, he was just getting on with his studies, he was almost ready to get a place of his own and he had just told his sister he was gay.

"Finally." Was the first thing his sister Lara had blurted out during the middle of the new Community episode, after Sebastian had commented he would be all over Troy. "I can't imagine a worst punishment for a guy than not being able to talk about the people he wants to fuck."

"You've got me all wrong, sis. My friends know, I say stuff like that all the time." Sebastian answered minding for his tone not to drop its basses and come out like a girl squeak. He wanted to come out as the manly homosexual guy he truly was.

"Since when have they known?" Asked Lara with a devious look in her eye as she took a puff from her joint. Sebastian paused.

"Dan since I was fifteen, Kevin sixteen and the rest just last year." He confessed. Lara seemed disappointed.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner stupid? I could've hooked you up with great merchandise. . You must've been an active Izalco these past few years."

"Oh, sis, I haven't exactly remained dormant these past few years." Lara gave her a queer look and offered the joint to his brother.

"I do love an indecent homoerotic anecdote."

Sebastian simply smiled and lighted the joint up in the darkness with one quick inhalation. He remained silent watching the TV show but Lara's stare had not dropped. His brother was familiar with her unrelenting gossiping. It could get abusive if not dealt with prematurely.

"Give me just your first time and I'll get a guy blowing you by Friday night." She said stale.

"Uhh... no, it's okay, you've done plenty for me already." Said Sebastian with a shy smile and a low stare to the floor. Lara was right to be uncomfortable with that sentence.

"What was that supposed to mean?"

It took at least an hour of arguing and two more Community episodes before Sebastian agreed to spill the beans and tell the real story about his first time with a boy.

Ever since Sebastian was four he had been into sports. He played soccer every Sunday for many years consecutively. Soccer was a big thing there in Argentina where Sebastian lived almost his whole life and his father had always steered him towards becoming a very talented soccer player, which included a passionate devotion to one of the local teams, in this case, Racing.

So Sebastian started playing in the Racing Soccer Club ever since he was nine where he developed a great social circle and a vast recognition winning for his team three championships and earning four "Goleador" medals. The captain recognized him as a star player, and told his father that he was in league to being something special. This lead to Sebastian primal focus in life shifting from his primary school to his "soccer career" much to the demise of his mother who resented his husbands' affliction with the "petty sport".

Up until he was twelve everything seemed to be going great for young Sebastian; he was admired, envied and looked up to by all the other kids, but everything changed when puberty stroke. Thing is, puberty stroke lightly on young Sebastian. While in the locker, he gradually noticed the changes his friends were going through as the months went by, their bodies got bigger and more defined, hair grew out of everywhere and they even seemed to be getting taller! It was a nightmare for Sebastian, whose only improvement came with the genitals area, but even though it was a great plus, he was neglected for the time being on the toning of his muscles and his height. By the time he was fourteen, young Sebastian was still 155 centimeters tall, and the only indication he had of facial hair was a milk mustache growing above his red lips.

Thing was, Sebastian was as blond as one could get, just like his mother, and all the hairs on his body seemed to be so white or golden that they were practically invisible. This of course, led to a lot of teasing, but in the eyes of Sebastian all that mattered was that his friends and team players were suddenly getting faster and stronger and he was stuck with a little kid's body. He resented those days, as his self-steam dropped significantly, but he never quit the training, he started going four or five times a week to the club to train, getting into other classes, running, training and playing with other courses, thanks to the coach permission, including the Teenage course.

This is where his life sort of changed. He soon grew to be loved by the 16-19 age demography, and even though he was sometimes teased or tossed around it was all in good spirited fun. He started to like the way the older boys touched him, how they put an arm around his shoulders and jokingly gave him hair stirs. It was in the lockers where most of the fun happened.

Unlike the younger boys, the teens seemed to sweat quite a lot and get really smelly, and because some of them had things to do, like meeting their girlfriends instead of going home to mommy's special baby bath, they sometimes took showered in the club. Sebastian had seen his fellow teammates naked before on one occasion or two, but this was on a whole new level. Soon enough, Sebastian couldn't quit staring at the enormous and hairy pieces of meat most of them had dangling around. And sometimes, if the boys were in a good mood, which was pretty much most of the time, they wrestled with each other or touched each other's cocks as a joker. One day, Sebastian felt bold enough to try something like that, so when he was in the shower and one of them walked past he just extended his hand and grabbed tightly one of the boy's hairy ass cheeks.

"Nice ass, Nic!" Said Sebastian as he laughed, attempting to conceal his dead fright from having just done that.

What followed was heaven materialized.

"NO! You did not just pinch my ass, Seb!"

"You naughty boy!"

"Looks like the kid's horny!"

"You should rape his ass, Nic!"

"Yeah... you're damn right Al, I'm goanna rape this little fucker!"

Immediately afterwards, Nic threw himself over Sebastian. Now, of course, it was all good fun, this wasn't Sebastian's first time, even though it was not so different from the actual thing... but the only thing this led to was a lot of ass grabbing, hair pulling, and playful spanking all done on a hopeless little fourteen year old boy. At first, he was scared, but soon enough he was loving being touched all over and not being able to do anything about it, he loved being helpless, being used, knowing that any of those boys could do anything to him right then and he wouldn't be able to do much. That idea excited him.

The boy's hands were grabbing him from behind, spanking his little bubble butt while laughing at Sebastian's phony cries for help. Eventually, Sebastian's little pecker rose to meet the challenge. The boy crawled back to his shower booth, and wrapped himself around his own arms and legs so no one could see his hard on. He managed to break free from the avenging boy and close the shower's curtain so as to conceal himself. He heard everyone asking how he felt, stating that they were sorry; in short, they thought he had seriously freaked out.

"Yeah, that or he has a hard-on!" Sebastian froze inside his shower under the hot water with one hand firm on his dick as if he could detach it from his body and hid it somewhere else. How had that boy known? Did he have X-Ray vision or something? He was prepared to come clean, sure that the curtain was going to drop at any moment and he would be exposed when Nic answered.

"Shut the fuck up, Al, leave him the fuck alone, we fucked him up enough for today."

He heard everyone returning to their business and Sebastian felt he could breathe freely again. He didn't come out for another three minutes, until his dick had cooled off, and then he just pretended he had been fucking with their heads all alone. Everyone laughed and congratulated him and Nic said he was sorry. Sebastian accepted his apologies even though he wanted to thank him. Eventually that night, Sebastian had one of the best dried climaxes in his life thinking of that moment. Back then, he had no idea that was probably the gayest thing anyone his age could ever imagine, he just thought it was a good wank. But even though he fantasized about what Nic had done to him, Nic was not going to be Sebastian's first. Nic was straight, he got married and had a daughter a few years later; Sebastian's first was Al, the boy that had, in a way, been pulling the strings of that whole situation. The boy whose full name was Alan.





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