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If you are under 18 or not of legal age in your country, please don't read on. This is a story concerning gay males having an intimate relationship and is FOR ADULTS ONLY. If you really like this stuff, don't tell others.

Like I said, this is a story about gay people having a gay relationship. This story is entirely fictional, none of this is true and never happened. If this story similar to what you had or having, that is purely coincidental.

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This is my second story and hopefully it won't fail like what happened to my first story, "New Things". I hope that those who enjoyed my first story will also like this story.

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Exchange... chapter 1
By: Ryan101

'Who are they?' that's the first thing that came into my mind as I entered the classroom. They were 12 of them, 12 unfamiliar faces in our class. I'm sure, they're not from this school, and definitely from this city. More students filled the room and had the same reaction when they saw the 'aliens'. At last, the bell rang and hopefully, our teacher can answer our questions.

"Class, these 12 young men are students from the land down under or Australia. They were sent here as exchange students to have a feel of new cultures." Murmurs spread in the class as we examined our visitors more inquisitively. "Let's give them a warm welcome." Our teacher told us as to help the visitors to be not embarrassed more.

I really didn't care any shit about these guys or just don't want to care. I drowned myself scribbling in my notebook.

There were a lot of hi's and good morning's, the warmest welcome probably. The boys smiled to us but the fakeness can easily be seen. Well, if I'm in a different place presented to the class, I would be certainly uncomfortable.

"Sit where ever you like, boys." Our teacher instructed the guys. There were lots of extra seats in the class and one of them was beside my seat. I tried to not pay attention to the guy coming to the seat beside me but curiosity won over. I gazed up to see the person beside me and... I saw a vision of perfection.

He was around my height, 5'10 and pretty toned I could say. He has this amazing dirty blond hair, which compliments the pale tone of his face. His eyes were sparkling blue that could catch anyone's attention. And his best asset, his killer smile. One smile and he can create this state of cloud 9 inside me.

He sat beside me, but the shyness got the best out of me. I just couldn't start a conversation with this god... a total first. Well, my pals really see me as this outgoing and extrovert guy, but in this moment... they would really think otherwise. I wasn't even looking in his direction, I steered my body facing away from him and hiding my admiration to his perfect physique.

I was trying hard not to feel the curiosity that I felt earlier when a voice came up. "Hey mate!" Oh my God! His voice was really angelic, soothing to the ear and the accent just makes it the best voice I have ever heard in my whole life.

I turned to his direction and gazed unto him. "Huh?" Way to go! That's how you make a conversation. What's going on in me?

"I'm Jackson and you're..." He asked me. Jackson. What an amazing name and such appeal to it. I just stared blankly to his face. "And you are...?" he repeated.

"Sorry. I'm... I'm Joshua, but call me Josh." I stuttered. He stretched his hand for a handshake and me, trembling in front of this guy. I reluctantly grabbed his hand and gave it a firm handshake. I smiled at him and steered away again.

Until the bell rang, I didn't face Jackson. I just sat there away from him and trying to absorb what our teacher was babbling, but my mind was out there.

"Don't go yet." Our teacher immediately said. "Some of the guys will have to be accompanied throughout their stay here in our school, so I am assigning the person beside you as your sort-of ambassadors for the week. You may leave." Me... and Jackson... together. How will I escape this predicament now?

Readers, what do you think? Continue or end it? It's your call.

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