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Like I said, this is a story about gay people having a gay relationship. This story is entirely fictional, none of this is true and never happened. If this story similar to what you had or having, that is purely coincidental.

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This is my second story and hopefully it won't fail like what happened to my first story, "The New Things". I hope that those who enjoyed my first story will also like this story.

Hey readers! Well, I'm back with the chapter 2 of Exchange of Hearts. I hope that you'll love this one. I hope that you'll still like the pacing of the story which I think is very slow and quite dragging, but it's really my style. As much as possible I like to capture what Josh was feeling in that instant. What is he thinking when he does this and stuff.

Here, you'll see more characters that can really twist the plot. There's also a glimpse of Josh's life before Jackson showed up and it can come back! And the life of Josh in this school is also presented here.

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Exchange... chapter 2
Pro's and Con's
By: Ryan101

"The person beside you will be your sort-of ambassadors in your stay..." the words of Ms. Donna, my Physics teacher, reverberated in my ear. Jackson and me? Together for a week or so... Jackson and me? Oh my God! How on earth can I survive this now? I have surpassed the pain when I came out to my pals, but this is different. It's very difficult in being someone you like and not be able to touch him.

"So, it's you and me then." The voice of Jackson interrupted my reverie.

"Huh?" I said in a very stupid look. Nice going! That's how you become interesting. "Yeah! Hehehe... Come on. I'll give you my priceless tour of this old dump." I said with a little uncertainty. I gave him a smile and he returned it with more warmth and sincerity. I think I'm gonna like this week with Jackson.

Jackson and I walked out of the room and presented him the real school. "These are the things you ain't gonna see in catalogs." I said to him jokingly as we observed the pandemonium that was happening along the corridors. There were guys fighting, bullying... the usual things that can be seen in a school.

"It's pretty much in our school." Jackson said to me.

I gave him everything he would ever need to know in our school, a short history of this school, the do's and don'ts to survive and a sort-of a tour while nearing our Math room.

Then, I spotted one of my best pals, Tim. Tim is one of my pals who accepted my sexuality, actually, only 3 of them were left from my 8 original pals, but I still thanked them for not giving me hell in class. Back to Tim, he's one of those guys that come to school to just goof off and care for nothing, except for his vanity and friends.

"Tim! Wait up!" I shouted across the sea of students. Tim looked for the person who just called him and when he spotted us, he stopped on his tracks and wait for Jackson and me. "Tim, this is Jackson. Jackson this is Tim. Jackson here is one of the Aussie guys, and Tim here is one of my bestest friends here." I said to both of them. They smiled to each other and exchanged "hi's".

"Josh, you're bragging too much of me... but I like it." Tim said to me with his priceless laugh. "You're one of the Aussie guys that they were mumbling about then?" Tim asked Jackson.

"Yah! We just arrived yesterday." Jackson explained his case to Tim.

Tim looked at me in contempt. "What?" I said loudly to Tim. What on earth did I do now? Tim gave me the look where there is something wrong, but I couldn't tell what he's trying to say.

"Later." Tim said to me. "Dudes, I hate to run but I have to. I have English next." Tim said while he's trying to squeeze in the crowd of students.

"Josh, what's wrong with English?" Jackson asked me.

"Our English teacher is Ms. Feliz, that's wrong. She just hates everything around her, especially students. I often asked how she became a teacher." I explained to my naive Jackson. Jackson listened intently trying to absorb all sorts of information I was feeding him in order to fit in this new environment.

We walked a little longer even if it's just two rooms away. "Students here really love to bum along the corridors that makes it difficult to go through." I said to him explaining the situation. At last, we reached the door of our Math class.

There were only a few students inside already because the bell for the start of the period hasn't rung. We found a place way back of the room so not to disturb the class if we're gonna chat or something.

When the bell rang, Jackson saw the swarm of students go in the room. As our classmates went into the room, I told Jackson bits of information about them, so he won't feel dumb or anything about everything. Of course, the information I gave him was the superficial and basic ones because as far as I'm concern, Jackson here is straight.

The teacher entered the class and spotted Jackson at once. "We have an Aussie here. What's your name, mate?" Mr. David, our teacher said in a fake Australian accent that made the class roared with laughter. Jackson here was a good sport and laugh as well even if it seemed to be an insult to their accent.

"Jackson, sir." Jackson said. For the next 30 minutes of our class, Mr. David interrogated him like a suspect in a crime, which Jackson answered his questions eloquently and directly. Well, that's not a bad thing because it did lessen the time for our class. The inquiry of Mr. David soon ended and started his boring lesson again.

"Does he work with the police? He asks like one?" Jackson whispered to me. I giggled a little and nodded my head 'no'.

"Wait 'til our English class later." I said to Jackson with an evil laugh. Jackson played along with the joke by acting scared or something.

We spent the remaining time chatting about our personal lives. We talked about our favorites, hates, ambitions, and many sorts. With that conversation, my feelings for him deepened more. I could assume then that Jackson here is a perfect guy.

The bell soon rang for lunch. The sea of students soon filled the corridors that all wanted to go to the cafeteria to take their lunch or just bum around there.

"Jackson, let's go! We don't wanna be the last ones to be in the cafeteria." I said to Jackson. He placed all of his things he has in his bag and we walked to the cafeteria talking more about ourselves.

Once we reached the cafeteria, the noise from the students rose to an unbearable extent. I pointed out all of the factions in our school that can be seen from our view at the entrance. There were the jocks, the nerds, the outcasts and many others who proved to be cool or uncool.

"This is a typical day in the cafeteria?" Jackson asked me quizzically.

"Yeah. What do you think?" I asked Jackson. Jackson looked at me and gave his priceless smirk.

"It's pretty much the same in our school." Jackson said.

I spotted Tim and the others near the group of the jocks. I pointed them to Jackson so he would be acquainted with them from afar. We approached them and when they spotted us, they wave hi to us. I wave back to them and pointed Jackson.

"Dudes, I have a gift for you." I said with a laugh. Jackson punched my jokingly at my arm and laughed as well. "Guys, meet Jackson, from Australia. Jackson, you've met Tim earlier, that guy with the school jacket is John and the one with the glasses is Rich." I introduced Jackson to my small circle of friends. They exchange hi's and we sat down.

"How are you finding this old school?" John asked Jackson. John, my jock friend. John is pretty popular here in school and the only one who decided not to sit with his jock mates. Even if he's popular here and treated as a god, he still has that humble heart that everyone loves.

"I'm finding it fine actually." Jackson said with his patented Australian accent.

"You hungry?" I asked Jackson who seemed to be quite pale already because of the combined unbearable heat and the fatigue he must have been feeling from the travel from Australia.

"Frankly, I am a bit hungry." Jackson said.

"Want me to come with you?" I asked him. Deep inside, I did want to come with him 'coz I was enjoying each moment with him. Sad to say, he nodded 'no' and walked away to buy food.

"What do you think about him?" I asked my friends. One of the things that mattered to me was my friends' approval about stuff I do. I don't want to sound too dependent in other's comments, but I guess I want to please everyone.

"I know that look Josh." Tim said to me straight to the eye.

"What look?" I asked playfully. I know that my eyes did glitter and found absolute happiness if I'm with him, but I don't want to be blunt about it.

"Don't play around with us. We know you too well." Rich said. Rich here is the brain. If we have problems about school matters, we just go to Rich and he's willing to be of help anytime.

"Sheesh! Okay, so what if I'm a little infatuated with Jackson." I asked them while getting bits of food from John's tray.

"We're just concerned dude. We don't wanna see you again get hurt." John explained to me. Again. The first time they saw me fall out was with this Steve guy. He's this asshole that I fell head over heels with last year. It's the first time I felt rejection, especially when we had our prom and I saw him with this bitch making out.

"This is different. He's different from Steve. And don't worry, he'll be gone soon." I said to them.

"That's it! He'll be gone soon. And if fall again for him, we don't wanna see you go with that shit again with Steve." Tim said to me. They're totally against this. Actually, they're right. This is inevitably gonna end when it's time for them to return to Australia.

"Hey! I'm back." Jackson said from behind. Jackson sat beside me again and started eating his sandwich. "You're talking about me?" He asked us.

"A little and other stuff." I said to him. Again, I received the stares from all three of them. I was outnumbered about this issue, but they're really telling me the truth. I just hope that I'll not fall for Jackson. But what if I fall for him?

The bell interrupted my mental reverie. It was the end of our lunch period, and the start of the classroom sessions again. Well, it's not that bad because we'll have gym at last period.

Jackson and I waved goodbye to 'our' pals and headed to our next class, the dreaded English. "I'm sorry for you man!" I said to Jackson jokingly. Jackson smiled at me. I could have melted there with his warm smile if it was possible.

Jackson and I entered the room. It was filled with students already and spotted two seats in front... what a great spot! We sat at the available chairs and waited for the teacher, Mrs. Feliz.

After a few minutes, the old hag entered. She went straight to the teacher's table and scanned the faces of the class. Her eyes stopped at Jackson and looked at him like she's gonna eat her alive.

"You're a new face here!" Mrs. Feliz said heartlessly. "Stand up!" She said with a stern voice. Jackson looked at me for help, but what can I do... he's with Mrs. Feliz. Jackson stood up and faced her nemesis. "What's your name?" She asked.

"Jackson Freud ma'am." Jackson stuttered. Jackson really looked nervous. He kept rubbing his hands and his eyes kept moving from side to side.

"Hmmm... you're part of the Aussie group I presume." Mrs. Feliz said knowingly. Jackson just nodded 'yes' reluctantly. "You may sit down Mr. Freud for the moment, but I'm looking forward to hear from you." Mrs. Feliz said. Jackson sat down and looked at me with relief painted on his face.

"I told you so!" I said to Jackson and smiled at him. Jackson giggled a little bit and concentrated with the lesson Mrs. Feliz was talking about.

I couldn't help myself not to gaze at Jackson. Every part of his face just seemed to be perfect, except his eyes, which surpasses perfection. The glitter in his eyes was so true and warm that one can just be drawn to him with just one look. My feelings for him was intensifying every minute, even I know that this is wrong. My feelings again overcame me like in the Steve situation that ended badly.

For the rest of the period, I just sat there beside Jackson and looking at his face. I think I have already created an exact mental picture in my mind that I can use later when I have to jack off. Everything was just disrupted by the ringing sound of the bell.

Now, this is gonna be interesting. We're gonna have gym... and I'll get to see Jackson minus some of his clothes. "Hey Jackson! Come on, we'll have gym next and we DON'T want to be late." I said to him giving emphasis in not being late.

We walked out of the room, and found John standing by the corridors. "What are you doing here?" I asked John quizzically. This is unusually strange because he never did wait for me to go to gym even if that's our same schedule.

"Nothing. Just a change in the routine." John said with a fake laugh. I can't believe him! He's checking on me... maybe guarding me from the inevitable response of my heart to Jackson. I stared at him and he just mouthed 'what'... I can't believe this.

"Come on! We DON'T want to be late!" Jackson said mimicking what I said earlier before we got out of the room. Jackson and John seemed to be cliquing already, they have the same favorites, likes... and those sort of things. Well, this is John, as in straightness personified... he can't steal Jackson from me, if he's mine.

We reached the locker room and started to change. "You have anything to wear for gym?" I asked Jackson. Jackson nodded 'yes' and opened his bag. He brought out a shirt with 'Malvern' printed on it, a green pair of shorts, and playing shoes... he's definitely ready.

I opened my bag and brought out my playing gear, and as for my eyes... it kept looking in the direction of Jackson who was then unbuttoning his shirt. Each button removed brought me closer to a new perspective with Jackson. Little by little, his smooth chest was shown. It was smooth and pretty defined, maybe because of his participation in rugby in Australia. The last two buttons were unbuttoned and his six-pack abs appeared before my eyes. It's one of the best scene I've ever witnessed in my whole life... if I'm gonna die, kill me now.

As Jackson was unbuttoning his pants, John stood up between Jackson and me and blocking my view of Jackson. My feeling of awe was suddenly replaced with irritation as I stared at John. John returned my stare and I looked the other way and started to undress myself. I finished undressing fast as to leave John here.

After I was fully dressed, I stuck my bag in the locker and stormed out of the room. I walked towards the group of students who were just chatting and fooling around. By the far end, I sat down and tried to remember Jackson's perfect body. From his smooth chest to his defined six-pack abs. My cock began to harden, but I couldn't do it here... I am in the school for God's sake. I thought of John's intervention in my affair and started to feel the anger building inside.

John and Jackson walked out of the locker room laughing their hearts out. It's like they've really bonded together... they even looked like a perfect couple. That's a bad thought!

John and Jackson seemed to be trying to look for me, but I still didn't want to be seen by John especially because of his intrusion earlier. Wait, what if this is for the best. Not falling to this Jackson guy because the inevitable will happen, Jackson will leave for Australia and me, left here broken hearted. These thoughts just kept confusing me. The pro's and con's are pretty much even at this moment, but the future is still mysterious.

The future can really be very mysterious. Everything can be filled with coincidences that can lead to either good or bad consequences. It's just a matter of accepting it.

Chapter 3 is in the process already so watch for it... soon...

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